Shocking…Dr. Fukino Departs DOH in Hawaii!

By Miss Tickly

No Rhyme, No Reason?

What the Hell is Going On?

[Ed Note: This is rushed, please forgive me, if that’s obvious.]

It is time for the media to report on this–it can be ignored no longer! I sent another UIPA request for records to Dr. Fukino this evening. This request is one of many significant requests that I have sent in the last two weeks. I won’t speak for Dr. Fukino or anyone at the OIP, but these requests have certainly rocked my world in researching and drafting them. And I do NOT mean this in any smug or self-satisfied way, but I was pretty sure they have been rocked in Hawaii, too.

In fact, in my mind, this seal discovery is the secondary story I have going on with Hawaii.  I planned on sharing everything publicly with you on my other blog (–the requests, revelations, evidence–heavy stuff to be sure.  But, I have been waiting until I had responses from the OIP that were on the record, and until the HDOH had finished responding to my several pending requests. I wanted to have ducks in a row. I wanted it to be powerful and wow. It’s wow, but not a good wow.

SEVEN minutes after I sent Dr. Fukino a UIPA request this evening, I got an autoreply that made my stomach sick. It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you that I received this from Dr. Fukino’s former email account:

“From: “Fukino, Chiyome L.”
To: [Redacted]
Sent: Mon, December 6, 2010 8:53:00 PM
Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: UIPA Request – State and National guidelines etc. pertaining to seal

“Out of Office AutoReply: UIPA Request – State and National guidelines etc. pertaining to seal

I am no longer with the Department of Health.  Please send emails to  Thank you.

This was the request it was in response to, for the record:

“Dear Dr. Fukino & HDOH Staff-Please be advised this is a formal UIPA request for government records.

Please provide me an electronic copy of the State and National/Federal guidelines, standards, regulations and rules maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health which were used in the development, design, production, and use of the official HDOH seal, described in §11-1-2, that is applied when issuing of certified copies of birth certificates.

Please also provide me any security guidelines, standards, regulations and rules that may also apply to the official HDOH seal, described in §11-1-2, that is applied when issuing of certified copies of birth certificates, including any that refer to a ‘raised seal.’”

I requested these materials after I noticed my Michigan Birth Certificate and my husband’s Kentucky Birth Certificate had seals that were incredibly similar to each other AND the HDOH seal this evening. This prompted me to look and see if there were any national regulations or guidelines. Immediately,  I found this:

The United States Vital Statistics System: The Role of State and Local Health Departments

Vital record offices are evolving from their original paper-based systems to web-based paperless systems. Vital records certificates for the public still will be printed on paper with a “raised seal” to indicate authenticity for the foreseeable future, but most of the systems that lead up to the paper are changing.”
Where there are dark areas shown–those areas are raised having picked up some pigment from rubbing the seal, for example with a pencil lead on it’s flat edge:
Obama’s seal is not raised.  The seal should appear raised when it’s facing you. Obama’s seal impresses into the paper indicating the raised metal plate which creates the impression is on the top when applied pressing down. The HDOH disclosed a raised seal impression created from a seal having a raised metal plate on the bottom as it is applied pressing up.

And if THIS does not settle the issue and demand that it not be ignored anymore….consider that you cannot get a U.S. Passport without a birth certificate with a raised seal.

Dr. Fukino is gone for a reason that needs investigation. Someone PLEASE, PLEASE blow the whistle on what is going on.

[There will be so much more to come soon, please be patient with me. I will also upload photos of the seal impressions on mine and my husband’s birth certificates shortly. I suggest everyone look at their own. I almost guarantee it will look more like the official Hawaii State Seal than Obama’s, and it probably won’t matter in which state in which you were born.]

[UPDATE 1: I sent Dr. Fukino another UIPA request earlier today. It went through with no autoreply alert.

It took SEVEN minutes for this autoreply. Autoreplies do not take seven minutes. She quit on the spot or something. This is alarming. What kind of pressure was this poor woman under?

The request from earlier today is here.]

[UPDATE 2: What do your seal impressions look like on your own certified birth certificate copy? Below are the seal impressions on the certified birth certificate copies belonging to myself and my husband.

After viewing these impressions this evening and noticing they had more similarities to each other and to the official HDOH seal than Obama’s seal impression from his online COLB, I realized there may be NATIONAL uniform standards for the seals applied to certified copies of birth certificates, and there are they MUST be raised FOR authentication purposes. The seal on Obama’s COLB is not raised. Again, how did he obtain a passport?]





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  1. 12-04-2010
    Governor-Elect Abercrombie Announces Cabinet Appointees

    The ongoing priority is to select directors and deputy directors through this transition process. Gov.-Elect Abercrombie is still interviewing applicants for the directors of the following departments: Health, Attorney General, Defense, Human Services and Transportation.

    It appears that Abercrombie cleared house across many departments.

    But I’m very curious to know what Dr. Fukino is up to now, now that she is no longer the Director of Health…

  2. MissTickly you said obamas b/c has a seal from DOH pre 1988 on his 2007 COLB – correct?

    How’s this for theory?

    Maya! if she worked in a high school program through the state of HI at the DOH she could have had access to these DOH seals.

    Would it not be interesting if –

    1. Maya did have access

    2. One of these seals just happen to be “missing” from that time period!

    (This may have already been brought up? I have been “buzzzy” and haven’t had much time to catch up!)

  3. Lawyers order seals of various designs for corporations all of the time…I had one at one point made special to order, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to have ordered up one, but they failed at getting it to match.

  4. We need them to solve this. Calling on angels:

  5. The website says this:
    “Government exists to serve all the people, and if things are to improve, we must all take responsibility to make it so.”

    The UIPA says something like this:
    “The Hawaii State Legislature enacted the Uniform Information Practices Act (Modified) (the “UIPA”) based upon this premise that a democracy vests the people with the ultimate decisionmaking power and government exists only to aid the people in the exercise of that power.”

    It’s yakkety yak because I was improperly denied disclosure according to the OIP and the Director did not order the HDOH to comply with the law. They sent me some vagueries in a letter that had me confused for over a year.

    Now, I am only 9 months away from the statute of limitations to bring judicial enforcement, I still cannot get an appeal decision, and the OIP did not inform me of my right to seek judicial action.

    I have been denied my rights to due process and equal protection from the law. The public has a right to ‘information that was collected to make information available to the general public’ according to the UIPA. Fukino said she saw his vital records and they say Obama is a natural-born citizen. It’s in the public’s interest to know what that term means according to her statement.

    Therefore, the public qualifies under HRS338-18(b) to receive all of Obama’s vital records.

    For a year and a half I missed a great gift from Ms. Joesting. She said a ‘PROVISION of the UIPA’ applied to my request.

    You know what a provision is?

    Disclosure required.

    Here’s Joesting letter.

    Note how she begins the second paragraph. She says–the HDOH denied my request by citing a provision and statute. But she doesn’t cite which ones. The rest is gobbledook meant to distract me. She says stuff but never says it applies to my request. And she never went on record saying that the OIP upholds the HDOH decision.

    And the OIP never posted this letter or anything pertaining to my appeal on their website with the other appeal decisions from 2009.

    There are no laws or exceptions that change the fact that disclosure is required for records falling under a provision of the UIPA.

    • I am drafting a post on this experience.

      I am going to ask everyone in the public reading it, to send requests like mine to the new HDOH director and we have got to force the HDOH and OIP to comply with the law. If they don’t they need to send us all proper responses, ON THE RECORD, detailing the application of the law to our requests. We all need to expressly insist on legal decisions that can be taken into a court of law and used as evidence, support or precedent material.

      If they deny disclosure on the record, they would be UNDOING the UIPA entirely.

      We can only do this if everyone is wiling to copy, paste and hit a send button.
      They can ignore me, but they cannot ignore America.
      I hope you guys will consider helping in this endeavor.

  6. When I went back and asked Joesting to clarify the records to which I was being denied access, she said she was reluctant to take time away from ehr cases to answer my question.

  7. I did just post an informative piece on the law concerning this seal in Hawaii and it does express my feeling about the latest seal we saw last night…

  8. “Does the new Governor of Hawaii know Obama’s True Past?”
    by Miki Booth

    Neil Abercrombie came out early in support of Obama. He claims he had a personal relationship with Obama Sr. at the University of Hawaii and he’s the only person who puts Sr. together with Stanley Ann Dunham. I think this is manufactured nonsense, and the reason I say so is that I know who Abercrombie is and who he is not.

    With Abercrombie as governor, it will be assured that Obama’s made-up Hawaii story will be documented as fact and anything contrary to their narrative for him will be gone forever.”

  9. I just found an amazing quote implicating Congress in this mess…for anyone interested:

    • Arlen Specter knew he was lying. He is too right on the money. Obviously if he saw the Factcheck photos he saw that there was NO raised text. He is flat out implicating congress in KNOWING.

      Does this alarm anyone else?

      “…The website investigated the matter and provided high-resolution photos taken at multiple angles that revealed the raised text and the seal on the back of the document. … Accordingly, it has been concluded that President Obama has met the constitutional qualifications to be President of the United States.“

      – Sen. Arlen Specter

      • Tickle, You never told me how the raised parts on the back were a tell..I still cannot figure it out. I guessed a bit so help me understand what that means. What do you think ? They had only one form and stamped with the stamp upside down ? By mistake ?

        • If you are talking about Obama’s COLB seal impression, it isn’t raised, it’s incised (or recessed into the paper)

          Arlen Specter says it should have raised text
          Hawaii law and regulations say it should be raised
          Federal guidelines say it should be raised
          AND the image of the seal that the HDOH sent me shows a raised seal.

          Obama’s seal does not have a raised emblem, it’s incised. Therefore it’s bogus.

          • But you told me I could figure out why raised was on back. Is that why ? because they had the stamp maker turned backwards when they pressed and it became raised on back by mistake ?

          • No, it was certified on the back unlike most birth certificates I have seen that have a certifier’s statement on the front with the info and the seal faces forward and is raised.

            Obama’s COLB is certified on the back, the seal is on the back and in cised so that the reverse side, which appears on the front of his COLB is raised.

            Does that help?

          • I mean to say his seal is ‘incised.’ I’ve learned the term for it finally=)

          • Yes but why ? If he wanted a fake bc why would it be reversed unless the fraud bc makers WANTED him to get caught with a fake…

          • Why? Because it is is illegal to try to duplicate the State DOH seal with any attempt to pass it off as the real official stamp.

            So since the posted regulations say Hawaii has a raised stamp, he could do what he did and it not be ‘criminal.’

            But should be.

          • Seriously, since the seal IS the device used to emboss, it is illegal to have one made in an attempt to pass it off as the real seal.

            I saw some statute(s) on that at one time. I’ll have to go back to locate them again…

          • He said the raised text and the SEAL on the back. I have never seen a photo of the back of the document. How did he know the raised text and seal were on the back?

          • Forgive me if this has already been asked and answered (I may have missed it).

            Do we know whether or not other people’s COLBs from HI have a raised seal vs. an incised seal?

            Are all documents produced by the HDOH out of compliance with the law?

            Or, are documents produced by the HDOH done correctly, and it’s only the Soetoro/Obama fraudulent COLB that is out of compliance with the law?

            Has anyone authorized the State of Hawaii to release their COLB directly to you, MissTickly? That would help answer the question above.

          • Miri-

            Factcheck provided photos of the back of the COLB and the emblem and text are not raised, even though Specter stated the photos showed raised text and the seal on the back.

            I have put out an offer twice to have someone authorize release in of the following types of certificates according to the following instructions. Both people backed out after given the details.

            In fact, one was willing to show me their unredacted birth certificate themselves–but to have it sent by certified mail, redacted except for the Certificate file number so that I could have a notary authenticate them did not seem to sit well with them:

            • Print out an application online from the HDOH website here:

            • Have it in front of you and be ready to take notes; then contact the HDOH staff by phone to ask the best way to order every style, type form of certificate (standard, abbreviated), certification, verification, verification letter, non-certified copy that the State of Hawaii issues each with any and every seal used–official and non official.

            • Also, ask for a copy that is identical in form and certification–seal, signature, ‘Certification of Live Birth,’ paper and border to Obama’s online.

            • Ask that they staple or attach a receipt to each one noting what kind of copy of a record it is.

            • Ask that they use a Sharpie to redact any information AFTER it is printed and certified (because if you ask it to be produced redacted–it won’t be a standard long form)–but they need to leave the certificate number intact–I promise to not allow anyone to ever view it and your identity cannot be obtained from it.

            • Tell the HDOH that you authorize this release to a person using my email address (I will provide it for you after you ‘Contact Me’ through my blog) and let the HDOH know I will contact them with my mailing address and instructions for having it delivered by certified mail.

            • Tell them to provide me the total cost, as well because I am willing to pay for it.

            • When I get the records, I will then take them to a notary who authenticates birth certificates and have them certify the records are authentic, valid and legal.

            • Be sure to ask that they provide you contact info for every office authorized to issue certified copies of birth certificates in the state

            • And, you probably may as well be upfront and tell them we are trying to figure out their uniform procedures because they won’t answer questions about them and we would like to discern the authenticity of the certification on Obama’s COLB and the and validity of the information it contains.

            • So, it would also behoove the situation to ask that they provide an image of the impression left by this ‘incised seal,’ the black & white drawing for illustrative purposes, and the description as well as rules and regulations governing it’s use.

            • I have put out an offer twice to have someone authorize release in of the following types of certificates according to the following instructions. Both people backed out after given the details.

              Just to be fair, the people who backed out aren’t necessarily frauds. They could be honest people, with legitimate documents, but while they are willing to show those documents to you privately, they are afraid of exposing themselves to a vindictive administration. They don’t want the Obama administration to know that they are actively trying to “discern the authenticity of the certification on Obama’s COLB and the and validity of the information it contains”.

              Fear is a strong disincentive.

          • I agree fear is a reasonable reason to back out. That’s why I didn’t pressure them or attack them for it. I just stated the conclusion for the record.

        • PA photo I posted a few days ago?????

        • “Are all documents produced by the HDOH out of compliance with the law?”


          Since Hawaii does not answer straightforward questions like yours, we can only assume they have the laws and rules and regulations for a reason. And it happens that the state rules and regulations conform to national standards.

          It is the law that all certified copies shall bear a ‘raised seal.’ It is the ONLY regulation governing the use of that seal…so come on….you know?

          I have requests out for an image of this ‘incised seal.’ If they can give me one seal (the official one), they have to give the other through the UIPA. SO far, I haven’t heard anything back, but it’s only been five days.

          • I have requests out for an image of this ‘incised seal.’

            That’s a brilliant idea! So simple, yet so brilliant.

            If they do not have an ‘incised seal’, they MUST tell you that, and we would INSTANTLY have proof that the Soetoro/Obama “COLB” is fraudulent!

            If they Do have an ‘incised seal’, then why the h*ll aren’t they following their own regulations that require a ‘raised’ seal?

          • For what it’s worth, the State of Hawaii sent this certificate and this certificate directly to Congress, but I don’t see any evidence of any raised seal at all. There is the State seal on the letterhead, but is that sufficient? Shouldn’t there be a raised seal, too?

            I think the envelope itself may have been “under seal”. I don’t know if that means the old wax style seal or not.

          • “For what it’s worth, the State of Hawaii sent this certificate and this certificate directly to Congress, but I don’t see any evidence of any raised seal at all. There is the State seal on the letterhead, but is that sufficient? Shouldn’t there be a raised seal, too?”

            The color image of the State Seal although printed, may actually be embossed or raised, at the same time.

            I have no idea on the regulations around these kinds of records either, though…

      • It still bothers me that they relied on photos on the website (ANNENBERG Political Fact Check website) instead of demanding that an original, initial Birth Certificate be sent to them, under seal, directly from the State of Hawaii.

        Congress inspected two certificates that were sent to them, under seal, directly from the State of Hawaii. But neither of those was a Birth Certificate.

        Hawaii Sent Two Certificates to Congress, Won’t Send the Third

  10. Miss Tickly, It does not seem that ps has anything to offer you after all for a “true” comparison, so we will move this along. ps please direct future questions to Miss Tickly at her blog. I am sure she will find the time later to do comments again or questions when she can slow down on her work long enough to catch up.
    Thank you for your understanding ps.

  11. Tickly, Does a notary seal press down into the paper from the front ?
    Could this have been done with a seal like that ?

  12. Obama’s ‘birth-certificate’ guardian out of job
    Hawaiian health-department chief key player in eligibility saga

    December 08, 2010 Snips

    The primary gatekeeper for those who would like to explore President Obama’s original birth documentation on file with the state of Hawaii has left her post. The Hawaii Department of Health today confirmed to WND that the term for department Director Chiyome Fukino, M.D., ended on Dec. 6 and that she no longer is serving at her previous position, in what is being described as a normal change of command as Gov. Neil Abercrombe takes office.

    Gov. Neil Abercrombie has asked Keith Ridley to serve as the state’s acting director of health to perform the duties of the director of the department until the vacancy in office is filled by an interim appointment, the state senate confirms someone to serve as the director for the remainder of the governor’s term, or Feb. 4, 2011, whichever comes first,” Janice Okubo, a spokesman for the Hawaii Department of Health..

    Abercrombie, a close friend and associate of President Obama in Hawaii, has been closely tied to the Marxist-oriented Democratic Socialists of America. … Abercrombie was at the center of a controversy over a letter President Obama supposedly sent to Kapi’olani Medical Center on Jan. 24, 2009, claiming Kapi’olani was the hospital where President Obama was born; the letter originally published by Kapi’olani turned out to be a digital image displayed on the hospital’s website, not the image of an actual paper letter.

    The letter surfaced when then-Congressman Abercrombie, a Democrat, read the letter aloud at Kapi’olani’s centennial dinner that took place on the evening of Jan. 24, 2009.

    See Fukino’s statement on Oct. 31, 2008 screen print. Obama’s letter about being born at Kapiolani Hospital.

    • what is being described as a normal change of command as Gov. Neil Abercrombe takes office.

      Is this normal ? Do they change all the personnel like this with a new Governor ?

  13. RP:
    “…Fear is a strong disincentive.”

    Yes, it is.

  14. Neil Abercrombe is a proud card carrying communist with a capital C.

    Red through and through.

    Looks like we’re back to 48 States with California going belly up. Maybe even 47 with Tennessee being run by a pack of extortionists. Geez, maybe 46 with McCain in Arizona… I’d better stop thinking. – 1 Illinois; – i New BloombergYork…

  15. Just a most interesting FYI (mostly for Red Pill)

    The HDOH wrote this to me last night in response to my nagging about them sending me ‘Exhibit A,’ the black and white drawing of the official HDOH Seal (the one they provided me an impression of) which is referred to and attached to the original administrative rules:

    “Aloha [redacted]:

    The originals of all Administrative Rules are maintained in the Lieutenant Governor’s office. They conducted an extensive search for exhibit A of HAR 11-1, and were not able to provide the page you requested. Therefore, we have no records responsive to your request.

    Hawaii Department of Health
    Public Information Office staff”

    Now why would someone want to take/remove/STEAL a single page from the 37 page Administrative Rules showing what the official HDOH seal looks like???

    Geee? I wonder….Any ideas who or why guys???

  16. It occurs to me to wonder whether or not Native Hawaiian COLBs would look different from others and whether or not the HDOH handles people who are HANAI ADOPTEES differently, too. Do they have special, rewritten birth certificates for hanai adoptees? Do they lose their biological parents and get a new birth certificate specifying the adoptive parents as the “parents”? We may have looked into this before, but I don’t remember our findings and this puts it in a new light. Perhaps incised seal versus embossed? What say u?

    • You know, I asked that person ‘ps’ if hers was a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth rather than a Standard Certificate of Birth. I believe that’s what you are referring to. She said no and claims to have the ‘incised seal.’ (Although se did not want to authorize the HDOH to disclose it to me even with it entirely redacted except for the certificate number).

      As far as adoption, the state would handle any adoption birth records in a uniform way. If they have the original, it’s sealed and put in a special file kept by the Department of Health (not the State Registrar) to be opened under court order only. Then the ‘supplemental’ birth certificate (the new one with adopted parents) is issued by the state registrar as being the information ON RECORD. The place of birth remains unchanged no matter where the child’s original birth record is held.

      It’s unclear to me how or if they handle requests for certified copies that list information other than that from the original copy. However, if Obama had presented us a COLB with info from a certificate filed before an adopted certificate was filed from a sealed file, the State Registrar would not certify it, instead, the Director of the Department of Health would certify it as the ‘custodian’ of the original sealed record. If they certify such copies at all that is. Anyway, that would be how the regulations explain it.

      Hopefully that explains what you are asking for!


        “It’s unclear to me how or if they handle requests for certified copies that list information FROM the original copy….”

        strike this part: “other than that”

  17. Sorry. It’s not clear. My head is spinning. 🙂

    If he got a supplemental bc on account of an adoption, wouldn’t that be indicated on any COLB as an “amended” bc? OR is adoption handled differently from other changes?

    I guess what I want to know is: IF there’s a “hanai” adoption, is this adoption formalized somehow via Certificates of Hawaiian Birth or any other type of birth certificate other than the initial one that would show birth parents? Or is it the custom that the hanai adoption is simply an informal affair? Or could it be that it’s formalized via a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth but NOT a standard birth certificate? It would sure help if Hawaii didn’t have multiple types of birth records.

    So if, say, Barry was a hanai-adoptee, and if he had an initial bc naming people other than SAD and BHO Sr. as his parents, would we be able to tell that from looking at a newly produced COLB from Hawaii, if it were possible to get them to cough one up?

    I would like to know if ps had more information for us about this issue, since she was born in Hawaii before it was a state. I’m guessing she’s a Native Hawaiian, of Hawaiian ancestry, I mean. Yes, it would help to know what type of certificate she had. I wish I had saved the image she uploaded. Did anyone?

    I really can’t blame her for not wanting to post personally identifying documents online or pass them to someone she knows only via a blog. But I would welcome her input, in case she’s lurking. She can use the contact form on the header, if she wants to give me information privately. “On background,” as the press says. 🙂

    • “If he got a supplemental bc on account of an adoption, wouldn’t that be indicated on any COLB as an “amended” bc? OR is adoption handled differently from other changes? ”

      In the case of an adoption, I am not sure how a certified copy is marked so as to remain private in a closed adoption, HOWEVER, I don’t think Obama has shown a certified copy of anything but some cherrypicked information in a verification which is *ahem* ‘certification’ that the events are as they are stated. As in maybe, ‘Certification’ of Live Birth? Read (b) in the statute below:

      A verification will only show the facts you ask it to show.

      I have no idea if they issue birth certificates for hanai adoptions. I have not run into anything about them…

      No, I also don’t fault someone for not wanting to get involved in this garbage out of fear either. It’s a very reasonable excuse, IMO.

    • I meant to post this here:

      “I would like to know if ps had more information for us about this issue, since she was born in Hawaii before it was a state. I’m guessing she’s a Native Hawaiian, of Hawaiian ancestry, I mean. Yes, it would help to know what type of certificate she had. I wish I had saved the image she uploaded. Did anyone?”

      BTW, she said she had a standard certificate of live birth…I asked her.

  18. Wow. Listen to the video I posted on the open thread, with Gen. McInerny about Lt. Col. Lakin. He compares it to the Dreyfus case and says if they send him to prison, he will be, in essence, a political prisoner.
    He says “history will judge him well.”

  19. “I would like to know if ps had more information for us about this issue, since she was born in Hawaii before it was a state. I’m guessing she’s a Native Hawaiian, of Hawaiian ancestry, I mean. Yes, it would help to know what type of certificate she had. I wish I had saved the image she uploaded. Did anyone?”

    BTW, she said she had a standard certificate of live birth…I asked her.

  20. MT, they should be able to tell you which attorney drafted the document for them containing Exibit A. They WILL HAVE EXIBIT A unless they want to risk their license and be part of the COVER-UP. I’m guessing that this is why the language was changed in Hawaii’s certification of Obummer.

  21. Moved from another thread

    misstickly | December 13, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    I hope you don’t mind if I leave a link to my latest post here…it’s fitting with the theme of security…

  22. Verrrry interesting info, Miss Tickly!! Praying for a breakthrough for you!!
    You have alot of support for what you have uncovered!

  23. Supreme Court to possibly crack down on FOIA failures
    12/10/2010 SNIPS

    Here’s what you won’t hear in the White House’s aggressive castigation of Julian Assange and Wikileaks: The Australian activist is doing the U.S. government’s job better than the U.S. government. The success of Wikileaks is a harsh reminder that while a small group of rogue hackers can destabilize international diplomatic relations, the federal government still cannot — or in some cases, refuses to — release non-classified documents to the public upon request.

    In March, the Associated Press reported that FOIA exemptions rose during Obama’s first year in office. In October, we reported on a survey that found many federal workers tasked with responding to FOIA requests don’t know how to do their jobs, and that their bosses don’t either. More recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation uncovered arbitrary and conflicting redactions in identical sets of FOIA documents.


  24. This entire conversation is being moved from another thread to keep Tickly’s information and comments in one place. It would be appreciated if you have comments or questions for her that you ask on this thread. This thread was well advertised, so people come to this spot to see recent comments. Thanks.

    Kathy | December 16, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Hi Tickly. How are things going for you in Hawaii?

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 9:51 am

    They are actually going just fine – thank you for asking – but as always, that means two steps forward, one step back. However, I am moving forward, none-the-less.

    I have a lot of things brewing: requests for records about this ‘other seal’ which if it ever even existed, it will never explain why called the back of Obama’s seal the “Raised Seal”

    I also have requests for records on the exact ‘form of certification.’ The HDOH regulations state that the registrar’s signature is to be photographed or entered mechanically. It’s rubber stamped on Obama’s COLB so I asked for records about the method of application. Black’s Law makes a distinction between a photographed signature, a mechanical signature and a rubber stamp signature–so perhaps they mean different things. So i am trying to find out how Hawaii defines those terms.

    Also, from reading the Model Vital Stat act that Hawaii’s laws are based on, it appears that Hawaii should have many security features on every certified copy the issue. Stuff like consecutive numbering of each sheet of certificate paper and backgrounds that have patterns that cannot be photoshopped, or copied…many security features and none of the alleged Hawaiian COLBs online show any.

    I went back to look at my son’s COLB from May of 2007 (not in Hawaii though) and sure enough–tons of security features and his even states some of them on the front. For example, it says on the front that the back has a watermark and it also states that it has a colored background presumably because the background doesn’t copy or is very hard to ‘photoshop.’ It is a complicated background made with replicating images of the state seal. His sheet of certificate paper also has a consecutive number printed on it besides his state certificate file number.

    It’s my understanding from the NAPHSIS website that there is a list of MINIMUM security features required for issuance of certified copies. It seems possible that neither Obama’s nor most of these COLBs online look anything like they should if they are authentic certified copies.

    And I get the feeling it’s a violation of some law or law(s) to post some kinds of copies of birth certificates. My sister’s kids and her husband all have the same COLB as my son. Yet, I don’t see any images of this kind of COLB online – only older versions from our state that don’t look like the COLBs they issue anymore or birth certificates for very old or deceased people.

    I also have two other interesting records requests pending but I’ll save those details for later….

    Kathy | December 16, 2010 at 9:56 am

    Did the birth certificates that the OK lady posted have the required information? Sorry, I can’t remember her name.

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 10:04 am

    What OK lady? The poster I ran into on this blog? ps?

    If you are talking about ps, I never saw the front of her COLB. And she had second thoughts about authorizing Hawaii to release hers saying she was ‘afraid’ to get involved in this kind of scandal–which is fine, I told her I completely understood.

    But, in all fairness to me who did opt to get involved–she bailed after i requested the only item of info she not have redacted was her certificate number so that I could have the records authenticated and also that I would be arranging for Hawaii to send them to me by certified mail.

    Take all that for what you will. But I couldn’t have gotten any identifying info from just her certificate number so I think it’s worth noting.

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Oh, and also, the security requirements that I found were tied to the Model Act changes made in 1999 (as I recall). I think ps’s COLB was allegedly issued in 1993.

    Also, Alvin Onaka spearheads much of the national work on the model standards and guidelines. He is an active and awarded member of NAPHSIS.

    It’s completely out of character that he would certify such kindergarten COLBs made with crayola. And with a rubber stamp? I guess it’s possible, but the National guidelines say the signature should be applied in a way that they cannot be removed. Surely you could erase a rubberstamp signature that doesn’t even bleed through like the one on Obama’s. Anyway, it all just seems so unprofessional for a state agency under Onaka–that’s why I have requested more info on the exact policy and procedures. The signature on my son’s COLB looks to have been written with a mechanical autopen or preprinted in very high resolution. It’s crisp, dark and clear as can be. It looks like a professional state agency certified it and took it seriously.

    Renee | December 16, 2010 at 10:41 am

    Tickle, What was your gut instinct on the Lakin ordeal ? Gut instinct…

    Kathy | December 16, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Look at this link. This is the person I was talking about. I bet if you contacted her, that she would help you.

    (Feb. 10, 2010) — Miki Booth, a native Hawaiian and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the State of Oklahoma, shocked and awed supporters of Barack Hussein Obama during the recent Tea Party Nation convention in Memphis, TN, when she publicly disclosed the Certificate of Live Birth for her son, Alan Paliko Booth, born on Nov. 24, 1981, at 7:55 AM, at Kapiolani Children’s Medical Center, the same hospital that Obama has claimed to be his own place of birth,nearly 20 years before.

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 11:10 am


    I love to answer questions on my instincts–thank you–I welcome any chance to just say what I am thinking. My instincts are that none of the lawyers working on any of this are working for their clients. Inadvertently, I think my blog is leading up to this point and not because I know anything about any of the lawyers working on any of this–including Lakin’s attorneys–but because this should have all been very easy to settle from Day 1—by any lawyer.

    If I can provide you guys the full account of what I have coming and if I can bring you the simple observation that the back of an incised seal was mislabeled as a ‘raised seal’, why couldn’t a lawyer? Surely they know what to look for in authentic documents. If I could accomplish this much as a graphic designer working from my couch, why hasn’t a paid lawyer gotten as far as me?

    The appeals I made to the OIP a year and a half ago, and the two letters they issued me in reply are bold evidence that Obama’s vital records are authorized by three laws to be released to the public and that should have been evident to ANY competent lawyer reading them. Actually, reading HRS338-18(a) should have made it clear to any lawyer interested in viewing Obama’s vital records. I just cannot believe this blatant evidence was simply and honestly overlooked for a year and a half. What I finally have now is the good faith guidance from the OIP Director proving it. If she follows through on the guidance she gave me and put in writing, then this woman is the woman my instincts says she is, one of character. The only lawyer working on anything pertaining to this that I believe may have any integrity. But we will just have to wait a bit longer to see.

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 11:25 am

    I understand what you are getting at with this person’s COLB. But it doesn’t appear to be the correct seal and I have given up on look to any COLBs online for evidence of the Hawaii Department of Health’s uniform practices, policies and procedures.

    The UIPA specifically says the HDOH must disclose all this information directly when it’s requested. So I am going that route from now on:

    §92F-12 Disclosure required. (a) Any other provision in this chapter to the contrary notwithstanding, each agency shall make available for public inspection and duplication during regular business hours:

    (1) Rules of procedure, substantive rules of general applicability, statements of general policy, and interpretations of general applicability adopted by the agency;


    The only more recent COLB (1991) from Hawaii that appears to be authentic at all is on page 6 of this pdf and you cannot see the seal:

    Click to access pbkjr_vol5_p32.pdf

    And even it appears to have more security features than Obama’s 2007 COLB, including what appears to be a much more professional and possibly intaglio printed border.

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    You guys never really comment on my lengthy comments…please say it’s not because I come off as a long-winded blathering fool with poor typing skills?

    itooktheredpill | December 16, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    I have always appreciated your contributions, but I don’t always have the time to respond. Please keep up the good work! You are the one who realized the connection between H.Res.593 and Dr. Fukino’s second News Release. You are the one who realized that the “seal” on the “COLB” is incised, not raised, and therefore not a legal seal.

    Question: Now that Dr. Fukino is no longer in her former role, what is she up to now? Is there any way for you to contact her to see if she’d be willing to talk to you? I know that’ a long shot, but still worth trying….

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 2:05 pm


    I don’t think I could contact Fukino now that she no longer works at the HDOH–I feel like I’d be crossing a line.

    But, yes, it would be great to have a candid talk with her.=)

    BTW, did you guys know that the Hawaii Department of Health has jurisdiction over one county in Hawaii? Kalawao County. They literally make the law and employ the sheriff, etc…

    It’s the Hansen’s disease area on the same Island that Lolo and Ann were supposedly married: Molokai

    Just thought it was an interesting tidbit.

    Miri | December 16, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    I believe the records state that their marriage took place on Molokai but in the county of Maui. Maui County includes Kahoolawe, Lanai, Maui, and Molokai, but Kalawao County occupies a small portion of Molokai.

    misstickly | December 16, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Thanks Miri, I figured you guys would know if that was relevant or not..

  25. Hi everyone. I just visited the Obama’s Garden site and it is really impressive. I will have to spend some time reading all the latest research. I think MT and all the other bloggers like Butterdezillion and ladysforest have done some incredible work.

    I have not seen too much posted about the refusal of the supreme court to hear Mario’s case. I was just wondering if anyone here feels that the trial occurred in 2008 when BHO spoke with the justices? What I mean is that when you look back everything was so orchestrated, the senate resolution, the responses from congress, as if eveyone knew the truth and they were all in on the secret. Well what could it be? What I think and have always thought was that he was born abroad to two US citizen parents, same as McCain. Remember the senate resolution. He was tried in no court but in chambers and back rooms. I wont get into the other issues such as indonesia for now. I am just curious if anyone also believes this to be true? Am i really being naive?

    • tdr, if I had to guess, I would say that either he was born in Kenya to BHO Sr. and Ruth Nidesand OR that he was born in Hawaii, but not to the two “parents” he claims in his bogus, ghostwritten biography. IF SAD was his “mother”, she adopted or fostered him. He won’t show the documents because they prove one of two things: He is ineligible for the presidency or he’s not who he said he is, and his entire election was based upon that bogus life story that brought him so many African-American votes. I wonder if he even is African-American. There are many other ethnic groups that share physical traits. Such as, Papua New Guineans (Barry did live in Indonesia). Such as, Native Hawaiians. (Barry did live in Hawaii.) He’s hiding something important and he’s not the only member of his family who hides a life history. Ruth “Nidesand” being one.

      I would more likely suggest blackmail by someone evil as an explanation for why the Roberts court declined the cases and why the media is so complicit and why the Congress also declined to investigate. butterdezillion’s Soros theory is compelling (see the current Lakin thread at Free Republic). It is certainly suspicious the way the economy crashed to change the entire dynamic of the election. It’s possible, however, that he was born to two citizens who are not the persons he names as his parents. IF, however, his LEGAL father is BHO Sr., he’s still not eligible. IF his parents are NOT SAD and BHO Sr., he’s a complete fraud. I cannot imagine why Congress, the media, and the Supreme Court would go along with such a fraud, if they knew about it. Has not one of them an ounce of integrity? The entire Democratic Party would go along, risking each and every one’s personal career, and not at least try to persuade him to drop out, to come clean? Or at least LEAK the truth to Wikileaks?

      • Speaking of dems that lost their careers over this Miri….
        I bet that they are very mad….I would be. To loose one’s job and career and have to deal with that ? over all of this ? Not a good thing to happen to anyone. Not fair either.

      • If the United States can be blackmailed we are in real trouble.

      • Thanks for your input but I am wondering about the statement:

        “IF SAD was his “mother”, she adopted or fostered him. ”
        I have heard other people discuss this but I just cant imagine why anyone at that age would do such a thing…and why go to washington and then back to hawaii. there were many articles that posted them suddenly leaving washington. my feelings were that an earlier pregnancy in washington and then a flee to hawaii and then back to washington to be with the real father. when it was a no go, it was back to hawaii again. maybe i am only thinking about what i would do in that circumstance and it is hard to imagine another scenario.

        • Do you remember the early, off-the-cuff statement by one of her high school friends, where SAD told her friends that she didn’t have to get married to have children, she could adopt? There’s speculation that she was older than claimed, that perhaps they are fibbing about what years she attended Mercer HS, if she actually did attend school there. The fact that she WAS indeed enrolled in college in Washington State, shortly after supposedly giving birth to what would have been her first child, a child she didn’t even know how to diaper when he was already 3 weeks old, is quite interesting. Don’t you think? There’s also the original story told by the babysitter, which changed after certain discrepancies in her statements about Barry’s age versus her own child’s age were questioned.

          • btw, we all here clearly remember how, when Barry first burst into our consciousnesses and we began to read and investigate, his “mother’s” date of birth was given plus or minus a few years from what’s now put forth as the date–Nov. 1942. In addition, early stories called her “Shirley Ann Dunham”. I remember how we discussed these oddities at TD’s blog. There’s no explanation, and most of the stories with the discrepancies have been, as so much else, scrubbed.

          • Those stories given by the “friends”, “babysitter”, “Jacobs” and all his nurses, dr, et al, babs … its all b.s..

            I’m disappointed o would let this happen to lakin — had o been in lakin’s shoes, I bet o would have done the same thing.

      • southeast asia/pacific islander

      • Miri, please refresh my memory. Who was it o was speaking with while driving in the car — was it blitzer who said to o, “they think you’re black”… and o replied, “they think so”.

      • A couple of examples of children in Southeast Asia and Papua, New Guinea

        Papua, New Guinea

        Semo, Fiji

  26. I am posting my ‘Call to Action’ here where it belongs. I hope everyone reading it will please act on it! Thank you!

    • Thanks for tipping us to your new post, misstickly. A good summary.

      I have a question that so far nobody has been able to answer for me. Looking at that image of the COLB, where it’s on its side, flare of light in the background, rotated to show the reverse of the incised seal: Look into the flare of light. Look above and below the crease that runs through the seal. You can clearly see the black blotches for the foreshortened words above the fold, ending right above the fold with two black splotches for “MOTHER’S RACE” and “CAUCASIAN”. Now look below the fold. You will see four dark splotches, not counting the dark areas at the border of the document. Those blotches, counting up from the bottom represent “August 8, 1961”, “DATE FILED BY REGISTRAR”, “AFRICAN” and “FATHER’S RACE”.

      But wait! Something’s missing. Immediately below the crease there should be TWO OTHER DARK BLOTCHES to represent “FATHER’S NAME” and “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA”. WHERE ARE THEY?

      The last name of the father should extend far across towards the seal. It should BEGIN where the end of “REGISTRAR” appears. It SHOULD extend further than do the splotches for “STANLEY ANN DUNHAM” and thus SHOULD BE EASILY SEEN. And yet, WHERE IS THE NAME “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA”? It’s not there.

      I see that you lightened the photo so that the background is more easily visible. When these photos were placed on the FactCheck website, I downloaded them (but unfortunately only after they reduced the size of the photos). The fact that they reduced the size and resolution of these photos and removed all exif data as soon as they became aware that photographers and others familiar with digital images were questioning their authenticity is itself quite curious, imho.

      In any case, I played around with that photo to change the contrast, lighting, gamma, resolution, histogram, etc. There’s nothing I can do to bring forth the blotches for father’s name that should be there, but are not. Try it yourself with a copy of the image. Focus on any of the dark blotches. Change the contrast, brightness, etc., however necessary to make them darker and make them stand out more from the background. Then look for the blotches that ought to be right at and below the crease, representing the heading “FATHER’S NAME” and the name “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA”. They should be easily seen, if on that paper.

      I believe that they photographed the document exactly as they did, rotated and with a flare of light at the end, in order to obscure the fact that there’s no father’s name on that particular document, or at least it wasn’t there when they photographed the seal.

      So what can we conclude? That perhaps they did have a COLB or several. That perhaps one had no father’s name on it, for whatever reason. That perhaps that document had an incised seal because it was requested as an informational copy, in order to see what was on file in Hawaii. That perhaps at some point they added the father’s name to that document or created another with all information as they wanted it to appear. At some point, such as when he went to Hawaii in August 2008, he amended what was on file in Hawaii originally, via an affidavit from his grandmother, who he visited for a sum total of about 45 mins., as I recall. Then, after that was done, these photos were released, purporting to have been taken shortly before they were published, something IMPLIED by the story, but NEVER directly stated. They said only, “recently.”

      Why do they NOT show the entire backside of the document? If the HDOH indicates somehow that a copy is for informational purposes, is not a certified copy, or is amended, where on the document do they place that information?

      It doesn’t hurt at this point to remind everybody, yet again, that according to the scrubbed exif data, those photos were taken at Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters in March, 2008, only days before John O. Brennan’s employee illegally accessed Barry’s passport files at the Dept. of State, allegedly to “cauterize” the records of “embarrassing” information (according to Newsmax reporter Ken Timmerman, based upon an interview with an anonymous person who had knowledge of the subsequent investigation). It’s also important to note that, inexplicably because it seems a non sequitur, FactCheck’s story went out of its way to emphasize that his alleged authentic, certified COLB contains all information required by the State Dept. to obtain a passport. Remember also that the campaign did not release to FactCheck or Daily Kos that original questionable “scan” of the COLB until June, when people starting questioning his place of birth.

      To recap:
      *photos taked in March 2008,
      *passport files sanitized in March 2008 [Was a COLB “scan” inserted and another removed? Replaced by one that contains everything the State Dept. requires for a passport, but fixes “embarrassing” information?],
      *a questionable “scan” of a COLB released in June 2008,
      *a visit by Barry to Hawaii in August 2008,
      *a release of the March 2008 photos in August 2008.

      Update to my comment: I forgot to add that John O. Brennan’s workers had access to that State Dept. database because his company had a contract to SCAN INTO the database paper records that were going to be sent to the dustbin of history, doubtless stored at the National Archives, where perhaps the originals have already been disposed of (cauterized) by being spirited out in somebody’s pants, a la Sandy Berger.

    • Another question for misstickly:
      You posted a link to another COLB which you consider valid:

      Click to access pbkjr_vol5_p32.pdf

      Why does this valid document contain Onaka’s stamp and the date of production on the front? Obama’s is on the back. The borders are different, and where’re the criss-cross lines on the security paper? I see no creases, either, indicating that the document was ever folded.

  27. These particular details are ingrained in my memory because we’ve been screaming about them, Cassandra-like, for over 2 years. But to show that my memory for details is sometimes sketchy, there are other contemporaneous coincidences having to do with the COLB and curious statements made by one Robert Gibbs. Give me time and I will try to find them and add them to this. I probably should put some of this into the eligibility timeline.

  28. Miri:

    I said that I would be back if something important turned up – it did, and it is about the Seal.

    Back on November 22, 2008, I published my final research report on Obama’s COLB. The 160-page, 210 image report, Obama’s Born Conspiracy, which appears on Free Republic and my blog, dealt in depth about the actual Seals that appear on all known, genuine COLBS from 2001 to 2009, minus 2004 and 2005. I have in my possession genuine COLBs for 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

    From 2009 to 2010, I published several updates to the report correcting a few errors in the report and adding additional evidence along with other topics related to Hawaii and the bogus fact checkers of the liberal media – including new discoveries about Factcheck’s photos.

    Last June, I was interviewed by Sharon Rondeau of the Post and Email, “THAT’S NOT A GENUINE SCAN” where I discuss my research.

    Needless to say, as someone who knows more about COLBs than even its “undearly departed” Director, I am a bit perplexed by the recent observations made of the COLB Seal.

    First of all, I need to note that there are two different official Seals (one larger than the other) that have been used on COLBs between 2001 and 2007 (although I have not seen a change in Seals for 2008 and 2009, I only have four actual paper COLBs for 2008 and one for 2009).

    Secondly, all Seals are impressions made from a reverse-facing metal die applied to the back of the COLB. The Seal is indented and right-reading on the reverse side where the other certification elements are placed – the Registrar’s signature block and the date stamp of that certification.

    What is misleading to the reader of Factcheck’s Born in the USA story is the phrase “It has a raised Seal” juxtapositioned with the phrase “a signature stamp and a date stamp.” It makes the reader think that the Seal viewed from the reverse side has “raised features”

    To be accurate, the phrase should have been, “Seal impression,” which makes it irrelevant whether one is looking at the indentations on the back or the ridges on the front.

    Here’s the link to an overlay showing a comparison of the Seal on the COLB back to the Seal on the COLB front, but in reverse, i.e., flipped horizontally:

    I originally said in my final report that “if you take the photo of the Seal (photo #7) and flip it horizontally, so that the Seal is right-reading, copy it, increase its transparency, and then overlay it on top of the Seal in photo #6, you will have a perfect match between them.”

    However, the caveat is that the top 1/3 of the Seal on the reverse side was deliberately cropped out of the photo – one of seven photos taken of it but only two were used in the article. In fact, Factcheck took a total of sixteen photos, not nine (using the internal image numbering contained in the metadata).

    Photo #1 was taken in the daytime of a COLB that was different from the one shown in #2 through #6 because it was a prototype – actually, a botched fabrication. If you watched my videos – or read my August 2009 entry in Free Republic, then you would know that I found the real smoking gun proving that the COLB document was fabricated out of laser-printed transparent film sandwiched to a blank sheet of security paper –


    I detailed how all of this was done by duplicating the procedures used – from creating a new Photoshop forgery of Obama’s “COLB,” to printing it on the special heat-resistant film, to pasting it on the security paper, and capturing all of it on videotape.

    Then, using the same camera as Factcheck used, I replicated the photos as closely as possible to their angles and lighting.

    Photo #1 was illuminated by indirect daylight AND a pen light aimed across the Seal from top to bottom. Photos #2 through #8 were shot at night under iincandescent lighting. Photo #9 was illuminated by indirect daylight with no additional lighting.

    ALL of the odd things you see – and don’t see – are a result of using that transparent film.

    It took me a few tries to get it right, with no air bubbles in between the paper and the film. If you’ve ever put tinted film on windows, then you know the frustrations of not getting it to lay flat on the surface.

    You may be right that FATHER’S NAME and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA are missing, but do consider that the trasparent film is also reflective when viewed at an angle and illuminated from a bright light.

    Here is a negative image made from Photo #1 to illustrate some oddities in the middle of the COLB:

    What looks like scratches or streaks of light running from top to bottom are actually both – that pen light produced the streaks of light and the person who assembled the COLB mockup left scratches on the film, which is very soft, from either fingernails or some other blunt instrument.

    They were inadvertently produced by trying to press the film down to make it stick on top of the embossed Seal.

    In other words, they did it ass-backwards. The Seal has to be applied after the film-on-paper composite has been assembled.

    Also, looking at the original Photo #1, you will see a lot of what looks like bumps. The out-of-focus text – or blotches, I think they were called here – were intentionally made that way by taking advantage of the film’s reflectivity and the camera ‘s shortened focal length in tight macro shots.

    They hid their big boo-boos made by the bumps, lumps, and bubbles in the film.

    The photos of the reverse side (#7 – #9) were taken of a real COLB ( I mentioned who’s COLB was used in my videos) and not the fabricated COLB mockup that Factcheck’s Jess Henig allegedly photographed.

    Because a real COLB was used for the photos of the reverse side, its Seal did not match the one used in the COLB mockup. That Seal had several defects – the most serious being the “N” (in DEPARTMENT) that is missing the slash “\” in the middle, and making the letter looks like two “I’s” Another anomaly was in the “F” in “OF.”

    One factor is due to an optical illusion that causes a raised Seal to look like an indented Seal, and vice-versa, just by changing the direction or angle of the light. The reason you see anything at all is because the shadows produced by the indentations (back) or, conversely, the ridges (front).

    Our brains have to resolve the impressions left by the Seal as either being raised or indented. It cannot be both at the same time.

    However, in reality, we can be looking at the same, exact impression and think that it is raised on one occasion and indented on another. The key is the angle of the light and what our brains are doing at the time of recognition.

    It gets even more confusing with the embossed text. These letters are composed of a series of straight lines of different lengths stacked vertically, one on top of another, and with sight variations to the right or the left.

    Where it gets really confusing is the existence of “Palindromes” (which are not the sayings of Sarah).

    A palindrome is a word that looks the same whether read from the right or the left. The word, “STATE” in the Seal actually appears to look the same whether viewed from the back (right-reading) or the front (reverse-reading) because the letters, “TAT” are factually identical going in either direction, and the “S” and “E” are made from the same number and size of lines arranged vertically.

    The word, “HAWAII,” has the “AWA” – similar to the “TAT” in STATE – and the “H” and double “I’s” are made from the same number and size of lines arranged vertically.

    The only exception is the very short, horizontal line that should appear in the middle of the “H” I say, “should,” because that line is either missing or so small – even in close-ups – as to be nonexistent.

    Essentially “HAWAII” becomes “II” plus “AWA” and another “II”

    To sum up, the words “STATE” and “HAWAII” in the Seal do appear to look the same when viewed from either side.

    Just remember that back of the Seal always contains right-reading indentations and text- the front of the Seal always contains reverse-reading ridges and text.

    In most all image editors there is an effect called, “embossing,” which converts a color picture to grayscale, and allows for changing the perceived angle of illumination from 0 to 360 degrees, usually in steps of eight to twelve angles. In effect, you are changing the shading of the impressions: one half of which is brightened and the other half is darkened producing what looks like shadows.

    Of course, the easiest way out of this conundrum is to look at a real, certified paper COLB instead of an image of one, real or fabricated.

    • Thanks for your input, Dr. P. Always interesting. I do remember your video about the transparent film. Convincing and impressive. Likely how it was done, imo.

      As for the missing “FATHER’S NAME” and “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA”, I don’t believe it’s because the film is reflective and the light was bright. I can see remnants of the green crosshatching in that area and, as I said above, part of the name ought to extend far out towards the seal, which is clearly visible, despite the light (especially with a little tinkering).

      It’s possible, perhaps, that the light totally obscured the father’s name, but only if the name wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama, which would be visible as a dark blotch, relatively close to the seal. Perhaps it said “unknown” and that shorter word was obscured by reflection. Or perhaps they hadn’t yet finished the document, but were excited to photograph how wonderful the seal looked.

      That you believe that image 1 was of a different document than the rest, conforms with my theory that image 1 either had no name on it at all, or it had something other than “Barack Hussein Obama”.

      As I speculated, it was perhaps an informational copy received from Hawaii, but it didn’t read as they hoped, so had to be “fixed”. In which case, that document had no film over it, although I realize that in your theory, it did.

      So bottom line: You disagree with Miss Tickly, who believes that the embossed seal should be on the front, RAISED on the front, and able to be READ from the front. You say it’s intended to be read from the back and is incised on the back.

      I must say that none of my official documents have a reverse-image seal on the front. Is this simply an oddity of the way they do business in Hawaii? If so, why don’t their policies indicate this? Have you posted anywhere the COLB images that you know for certain are authentic?

      I’ve already asked Miss Tickly why the little boy’s COLB, linked above, has the date stamp and Onaka’s name on the front.

      Thanks again for your comment. Waiting on Miss Tickly for her take on this topic.


  29. Hi Miri–

    I am sorry I have not answered you until now I missed your questions – I have the flu and am in an out of bed.

    But, here’s what I think, take it for what you will: I don’t believe you can put any faith into any of the photos. They show a seal that is not the official seal of the HDOH. The HDOH does not claim the seal in those photos is a Hawaii Department of Health seal or that it is an official seal – it’s completely bogus. Therefore, I have no opinion about the anomaly you spotted because the whole record is probably as bogus as the seal.

    And I refuse to acknowledge any of the bogus COLBs floating around online put into circulation by Dr. Ron Polland or Polarik or whatever his name is. The HDOH does not have any other HDOH official seals outside of the official one they sent me on December 3.

    Secondly, about the certification on the front of the Kema COLB and the more professional looking border: I have requests into the HDOH for a list of the minimum security features mandated to appear on the certified copies of vital records they issue. I tend to think that they are supposed to be certified on the front with the information presented–but we’ll have to wait and see what the HDOH says. All the other BCs I’ve ever seen have been certified on the front with the information.

    It also appears that the Kema COLB has perhaps an intaglio border or a security border that has some kind of color or ink that does not photocopy. You can see that the border blows out to white in a repetitive pattern on the photocopy of the Kema COLB. It appears from the word ‘VOID’ and the border on the Kema COLB, that Hawaii has some security features on their certified copies rather than NONE like the Obama COLB suggests and the other bogus ones online suggest.

    Anyway, that’s my take. My take is that Dr. Ron Polland (Polarik) is full of it.

    I am headed back to bed to rest up for Christmas. Please understand if I don’t get back to you very quickly. I feel pretty miserable though…

    Sorry again for not answering you sooner.

    • misstickly, I’m sorry you’re sick. It’s going around. I hope you get well soon enough to have a merry Christmas with your family.

      You said, “I don’t believe you can put any faith into any of the photos. . . . Therefore, I have no opinion about the anomaly you spotted because the whole record is probably as bogus as the seal.”

      So let me get this straight. You create a new blog, where you collect money but don’t take comments (most of the time).

      You then write multiple posts ABOUT those very same FactCheck photos that you expect ME to ignore as bogus.

      Anomalies you spot are “groundbreaking” but anomalies anybody else spots are not worth an opinion because they’re irrelevant.

      You then come to other blogs to publicize your blogs, where you don’t take comments; but you hold court on those other blogs, where you take comments and distract readers from the well-researched posts that authors on those blogs spent a lot of time writing with the hope that their readers would READ them and comment about them.

      You profess to be a graphics designer, iirc, with over 15 years experience. So I asked one simple question, related to the very documents you yourself were analyzing:

      How do you explain the fact there is no “FATHER’S NAME” heading or the words “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” on image #1, which is one of the very images you refer to often in your own analyses?

      But you have no opinion. At least Dr. P. addressed the question, although to accept his explanation, one must first accept his contention that the words on that image exist on a transparent film that was placed over the security paper beneath.

      Dr. P. is highly educated with a lot of experience, too. In fact, it’s easier to check his credentials than it is to check yours.

      We try to keep an open mind and accept comments and opinions (expert or otherwise) from anyone who cares to opine, with the exception of known obots who do not engage but merely repeat their cut-and-paste talking points.

      I asked this question on the 17th, over 3 days ago. Yesterday, Dr. P., with whom you vehemently disagree, weighed in, so forgive me for thinking that you came here more to poke him than to respond to my simple question.

      And then, when you finally responded, you merely tell me that you’re not going to give an opinion about an anomaly I spotted, although you give many opinions about anomalies you spot.

      If that’s not enough, you repeat to me the very admonition others have given you. To whit:

      “Cabby – AZ | December 19, 2010 at 9:35 pm | Old Salt 7:45 PM
      You said to Miss Tickly, ‘So why the hell worry if the Seal is genuine on a PHONEY document. That makes no sense to me. All you do is chase tiny facts that have no relative meaning. You only determine if the seal is valid for the period of time which is suggested by the date of birth on the document. [I, Miri, say: which, btw, is incorrect. DOB is not the point. Date of printing is.]’
      Frankly, Old Salt, you have spoken my sentiments precisely. Obama’s COLBS have already been proven to be fraudulent, so what real difference does it make about the details of the seal?”

      You spent a good deal of time on the 19th on our friend Citizen Wells’s blog, where I read these comments. That was two days after I asked a question of you here. You also posted a new article on your own blog in the meantime. So forgive me for thinking that perhaps, for some reason, you planned to simply blow off my question, as so many others have done; and you came back here only to verbally spar with Polarik. But it would be awkward for you to do so without at least acknowledging my questions.

      I believe, but this only MY opinion, which I dare say is worth as much as anybody else’s, that it IS important if there’s no father’s name on that image at FactCheck because these images are the reason why so many have accepted Obama’s eligibility–including the representatives of We the People. These very same representatives who were misled, perhaps willingly, into accepting FactCheck’s claim that they vetted the COLB and found it to be authentic.

      You have pointed out an important, as yet unexplained anomaly: The seal is raised on the wrong side. It does not appear to be an authentic seal. I have pointed out another anomaly: The lack of a father’s name. All anomalies add another straw to the camel’s back, imho.

      I can’t speak for the other authors on this blog, but I think we do agree that, as I said, all are welcome to weigh in here, so long as they are respectful of others, keep an OPEN mind, and debate honestly and forthrightly.

      You have done valuable work and many are grateful for your efforts. I don’t know what else to say but that I am disappointed that you will not venture an opinion as to why that document apparently had no father’s name on it.

      Either it is a real document, sent to the Obama campaign by the HDOH, or it is not. IF it is real, then where is the father’s name? IF it is not real, then why is the father’s name missing? Because, perhaps, it was a work in progress?

      • “You then write multiple posts ABOUT those very same FactCheck photos that you expect ME to ignore as bogus.

        Anomalies you spot are “groundbreaking” but anomalies anybody else spots are not worth an opinion because they’re irrelevant.”

        Of course not, Miri. I don’t expect you to take them as bogus, I said I do. I said take my opinion for what you will. I see the anomaly you spotted, and I agree it’s evident.

        I don’t expect anyone to adopt my opinion just because I give it or because I have one. I thought you were asking me for it.

        And you don’t have to think anything i have done is groundbreaking. I was just sharing what I found.

        I have no way of making Hawaii release BHO’s vital records and will refrain from commenting here in the future because I never intended that anyone here adopt my opinion, nor did I intend to sleight you your opinion either…or anyone.

        Have a Merry Christmas, wtpotus….

        • Wow. That was quick. Interesting, in and of itself.

          You said, “I don’t believe YOU (that is, ME) can place any faith into any of the photos.” Then you contradicted yourself by saying, “Of course not, Miri. I don’t expect you to take them as bogus.” Yet you clearly said that you don’t believe that I (Miri) CAN PLACE ANY FAITH in them. So, of course, you did expect me to take them as bogus. Which, btw, I do. My contention is merely that you analyze them for anomalies you notice, but blow off analyses of anomalies that anyone else notices. Curious.

          I didn’t say that what you’ve done is groundbreaking. I was quoting Bob STRAUSS from CW who called it “groundbreaking,” which quote you repeated and then added, “Oh, I so much agree with you on this.” Then, instead of groundbreaking, you used the word, “huge”.

          I asked your expert opinion on the anomaly: Why is the father’s name missing? You didn’t answer, which is your prerogative. As is the fact that upon being challenged, you decided to bow out.

          Readers can draw their own conclusions. We report; you decide.

          • Miri, then I totally miscommunicated and that is my fault.

            Again, I apologize. I do think what I found is groundbreaking, but you don’t have to.

            I see what you are saying about the father’s name being missing. My opinion, and only mine, is that I may see a greyish blur in the direct light in the spot you are referring to. But I could not say with any certainty if that is the father’s name or not. But that is just my very insignificant opinion.

            Please just disregard anything I have written prior to my last two comments. Feel free to delete them or whatever.

            I did not come here to belittle you or your opinion or anyone’s. Anything I may have written that can in anyway be taken as belittling or dismissive, I retract. Because it was not my intent. So I apologize profusely.

            I will respond to any questions or comments you or anyone has for me here. But I won’t leave any comments outside of a response here from now on.

            Again, I apologize PROFUSELY.

            • Thank you. I see a very dim, grey blur, too; but it’s far too short to be “Barack Hussein Obama”. I’m sorry if I was too blunt. I’m not feeling well myself and everybody’s busy with Christmas preps. No harm; no foul. Merry Christmas.

          • “I did not come here to belittle you or your opinion or anyone’s.”

            Let me clarify this: I meant I did not come here to belittle you or any of the blog administrators here…

            Hopefully this answers everything you asked. I did not and don’t intend to bow out of anything.

          • I hear you, Miri. No apologies necessary–no harm, no foul. Just know I meant no disrespect.

            Have a wonderful Christmas!

            • For the record, I said to misstickly, “You have pointed out an important, as yet unexplained anomaly: The seal is raised on the wrong side. It does not appear to be an authentic seal.” So it is an important anomaly, and so far as I know, misstickly was the first to note it.

        • You walk away when challenged? If you can’t answer a question, why not say so? Or why not say that is a good question, I hadn’t thought of that or I hadn’t noticed that!

          Now you agree with Miri, that her point is evident. Perhaps you might look into her observations further.

          None of us are blind and we can see and analyze information that we are given. It is up to each of us to question each other’s analysis and research. This is another scam operation by the Democrats/Marxists or whomever and is just as corrupt as global warming, or worse. We appreciate all the work by the many people that are working in multiple directions to expose O and his regime.

          We certainly know that you nor anyone can make Hawaii release the records we want to see and there are many people in the wings trying to get them to substantiate anything. We also realize that every step taken is a step closer. Thus far all anyone has done is debunk all the lies that we have encountered and been fed. One thing means nothing, but put together, they are adding up to verification of fraud in multiple ways.

          As I see it, the team wins and it isn’t one individual that will have brought this chaos to an end. All the parts coming together will win.

          • “As I see it, the team wins and it isn’t one individual that will have brought this chaos to an end. All the parts coming together will win.”

            I agree and thought I had answered Miri’s questions. I have not given up in two years and won’t be giving up anytime soon.

            Let me know if I have still failed somehow to answer something.

            • MissTickly, I just sent this to you via your “contact me” page, but I’ll repeat it here…

              I have both something to share with you as well as a request of you.

              The something to share is that it does appear that Rep. Darrell Issa, the Ranking Member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, believes that H.Res. 593 is legally binding and and establishes legal precedent that Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States.

              FACT: A Congressional Resolution honoring Hawaii’s 50th anniversary that passed on a 378-0 vote on July 27, 2009 recognized President Obama as a natural born citizen of the state, which is legally binding. In the text of the bill, it reads: “Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.” H.Res. 593 establishes legal precedent that Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States.


              I have long suspected that the legal basis for Dr. Fukino’s second press release was not Obama’s original, initial birth certificate, but rather H.Res.593, and Issa’s statement appears to confirm that! That is new news to me… the statement itself is not brand new, but this is the first time I have come across it (which I found by doing a bing search on “natural born citizen”

              Now, for my request…
              You have likely read my post:
              Which Government Organization Was The First To Say, “Obama was born in Hawaii”?

              Well, a central part of that post is a link back to your post at your old blog regarding the emails you received from the Hawaiian officials.

              That post is no longer available:

              … although it is referenced from FreeRepublic here:

              The timing of the emails you received proves that the passage of H.Res.593 came first, and Dr. Fukino’s 2nd News Release came hours later.

              Since this is so critical, and you are the only person with the original info, would you be willing to reconstruct that post here on your new blog? I would greatly appreciate it if you would do so, and I would update my link to point to your new post.

          • Thanks, Bridgette. I agree totally. We are (or all should be) on the same side. Every straw on the camel’s back helps to prove that FactCheck is an oxymoron. They have no facts and they check nothing, except their honesty and integrity at the door.

            (Is MO the camel? That was cruel. I’m sorry.)

          • Red Pill, I read that article that you linked to on the oversight committee website. The problem is that there’s no author named on that article. Who wrote it? WHO considers that the House resolution MADE Obama a natural born citizen? How can it be legally binding when it’s only a resolution? It’s not a law. It may be a precedent, but it resembles that resolution they passed for McCain. No natural born citizenship CAN be created by a law or a resolution. You’re either born with it or you’re not. Only a Constitutional amendment can change requirements of the Constitution. While Issa may or may not BELIEVE that a House resolution is legally binding, he’s no lawyer (I looked it up; he’s not a lawyer) and his beliefs do not make it so. IF a person has to have his citizenship status determined by a law (or even a much weaker House resolution) that person is not, by definition, a natural born citizen. Because the status does not come from Congress. It comes from NATURAL law and the Constitution.

            Even so, it’s a good catch on your part: They are hiding the truth. Prevaricating. Deliberately “avoiding” the issue, just like Judge Thomas says. And you are proved corrrect that Hawaii waited for and depended upon that resolution, no doubt, as the underpinnings for their claim of natural born citizenship for Barry. HOWEVER, they still have NEVER said that he undoubtedly was born in Hawaii. They say only that “vital records” claim that he was, and those vital records (plural) most probably consist of affidavits without PROOF, because the legal meaning of the term they used (to verify) means to affirm by affidavit or sworn statement. Whose statement? We don’t know. It may be only a “person with knowledge of a birth”, yet that person can, by their own policies, be a relative and not necessarily a physician, although their same laws state that the evidence must be confirmed and “accepted.”

            I hope I got all that right. It’s from memory, after looking into this issue for over two years.


    A story that might make misstickly LOL.

    “For example, some requests ask the state to provide a copy of the seal used on Obama’s certificate of live birth, said Cathy Takase, an Office of Information Practices attorney. The Health Department has responded by sending a pencil shading of the embossment, rather than the seal, which officials say could be misused for fraudulent purposes.

    Takase said many questions about the seal come from one blogger with several aliases. This month the blogger asked the office to hold off on some of her requests because she was going to send a new request to the new Health Department director, Takase said.

    ‘If you look at all the cases that we had, they were really only a handful of people, but they just made a lot of requests and very lengthy and ongoing kinds of requests,’ Takase said.”

    • I guess Miss Tickly would be a vexatious person in their eyes! Gosh they wrote a special law to cover her and some others. I would order up a copy and have that law framed. Would that cover Leo, Sharon and Butter too?

      I find it funny that they get about 19 requests a day and spend a whole hour on those requests. That is a tough work load especially when you have to confer with someone on how to answer each one of them. If they were truthful answers, it wouldn’t take long. It didn’t take long to say, we can’t answer that or click on the box in their preferred form to say you aren’t eligible to get that information.



    Ms. Takase’s comment is clear confirmation that the official HDOH seal that I received on December 3, is the one and only official seal and should be found on Obama’s alleged COLB and it should be raised. This is straight from a Hawaii state worker who would know for a fact. This can be corroborated in context of the above email. And the seal found on Obama’s alleged COLB looks nothing like it.

    **And, in my opinion, Ms. Takase happens to be very smart, very competent and very professional.**

    • hmmm – impressive!

    • It is quite curious that Takase says they sent misstickly a pencil rubbing of the raised seal. Everyone should take note of the fact that the rubbing shows that the seal is raised on the same side from which one can read the words correctly. In other words, the letters on the raised seal are not reversed. If the letters are reversed, then on the official seal, they’re incised. The “die” that creates the seal has raised letters on it. When the paper is pressed over the die, then the letters are legible and the letters are raised on the paper. So, since the COLB at FactCheck has incised letters on the legible side of the seal, it’s not an official seal. There has to be a reason WHY that COLB had to be rigged up. If they could simply get a certified, official COLB from Hawaii, they would have done so. They didn’t or else if they did, they couldn’t show that COLB “as is”. Why? Because first it had to be “cauterized” of “embarrassing” information.

  32. An editorial from World Net Daily’s Managing Editor David Kupelian. Interesting since they won’t publish Tickly’s work on the seal unless they have her name. A newspaper that won’t investigate on their own to see if the information is correct? They don’t take tips from anonymous leakers? How often have we read about journalists going to jail to protect their sources..but WND won’t publish real information that is easily seen?

    In short, we’re not politically correct and we have no sacred cows. Instead, our team of experienced, professional journalists strives to do one thing – to tell the truth that Americans desperately need and deserve to hear.

    Oh do they? Their Obama story has been a cash cow. Don’t they think that exposing corruption in the WH would give them stories upon stories ?

  33. Obama campaign claims suspect “birth certificate” as genuine item
    By Israel Insider staff June 21, 2008

    The original seal on the Certification of Birth put out by Daily Kos etc. in 2008. Check it out. No Serpent.

    Seal of the state of Hawaii appears in a low-resolution, second-generation black and white image inconsistent with the rest of the document (Photicon blog)

    Validation for the authenticity of the image is provided by a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times, who reportedly emailed the image and got a confirmation from an official in the Hawaiian Department of Health. “It’s a valid Hawaii state birth certificate,” spokesman Janice Okubo is quoted as telling the reporter.

    Israel Insider is checking into this report and will report back on its findings.

  34. Forget the Birth Certificate. There Are More Relevant Records.
    June 26, 2008 8:45 A.M.
    By Jim Geraghty

    …this article from a publication called the Israel Insider, particularly a section which suggests a Hawaiian state official has doubts about the birth certificate posted on Daily Kos and Obama’s StopTheSmears site:

    Janice Okubo, Director of Communications of the State of Hawaii Department of Health, told Israel Insider: “At this time there are no circumstances in which the State of Hawaii Department of Health would issue a birth certification or certification of live birth only electronically.” And, she added, “In the State of Hawaii all certified copies of certificates of live birth have the embossed seal and registrar signature on the back of the document.”

    The “embossed seal” in question is, she said, probably on the back of the document provided to Daily Kos, but not visible (as in another certificate posted on Israel Insider for contrast). She thinks the difference in visibility can be attributed to the pressure used when applying the seal.

    • This is probably the article that forced them to pretend there was a visit with an actual document by the FactCheck “representatives,” although as Israeli Insider correctly points out, the photos were magically taken almost 6 months before they were released, and exactly two days before somebody “cauterized” Barry’s passport files.

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