Who Wants to Pluck this Turkey? (Open Thread)

What’s Your Choice?

Roasted, Smoked, or Deep Fried?


Gobble, gobble, Uhhh…   Gobble, gobble, Uhhh..


We the People at WTPOTUS wish you and yours a

Happy Thanksgiving!


Blessings to  all our men and women in the  armed forces who are fighting to keep our country save from our enemies.   May God watch over you and keep you safe from harm.  Our prayers are with you today and always.

Thanks to all of our U.S.A. Patriots who are working day and night to keep our Republic a democracy that is safe from those who wish to destroy us, take away our liberties, remove our freedoms, rewrite our history, negate or diminish the importance of our cherished traditions, and silence our opposition to  their anti- American ideology.  Remember, Our God is stronger and mightier than their no God.

By the way, We Aren’t Pardoning This Turkey!


86 responses to “Who Wants to Pluck this Turkey? (Open Thread)

  1. New open thread.

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