Who Will Stand with TX and Rep. Berman?

By Bridgette

Is the Obama Birth Certificate Issue Getting Ready to Explode?


TX Rep. Leo Berman



In the past week, there were brand new developments regarding Obama’s eligibility or  ineligibility controversy.    In Texas,   PATRIOT, Representative Leo Berman (R) introduced House Bill 295 requiring presidential and vice presidential candidates to file birth certificates in Texas.  These are to be presented and validated by the Secretary of State.  The bill would become effective on Sept. 1, 2011, six months before the state holds its 2012 presidential primaries…if the bill passes and  Gov. Rick Perry signs it into law.

Specifically, Rep. Berman’s bill states:

the secretary of state may not certify the name of a candidate for president or vice-president unless the candidate has presented the original birth certificate indicating that the person is a natural-born United States citizen.”


TX House Bill 295 Presented by Rep. Leo Berman Nov. 2010

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From the Lubbock Avalanche Journal online news:

“This bill is necessary because we have a president whom the American people don’t know whether he was born in Kenya or some other place,” Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, said in reference to President Barack Obama and of House Bill 295. “If you are running for president or vice president, you’ve got to show here in Texas that you were born in the United States and the birth certificate is your proof.”

Last April, Rep. Berman attended  the infamous Glenn Beck’s rally “Taking America Back”  in San Antonio.  It was there that he stated,

“I believe that Barack Obama is God’s punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president.”

The Left immediately started  their true-to-form, normal, expected, and vicious attacks on Rep. Berman when his bill was publicized.   (Well, they also went after him last April for his above comments!)  Huff Po, has an  article,”Leo Berman, Texas State Legislator, Introduces  ‘Birther’ Bill.”    What a surprise to see them using the overused birther term! Richard Connelly,  a leftist blogger for the Houston Press, reports “State Rep Leo Berman: A “Birther” Bill And Oh, So Much More!”

In sync with all the others who received their talking points from Podesta, the Joker, Scott Keyes, another puppet of Soros’ Think Progress, had this to report in his  article, ” Texas Birther Bill.”     (Emphasis is mine.).

“So-called birther bills like Berman’s, which peddle the conspiracy theory that President Obama was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii, have become a staple of the far right. In March 2009, Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) introduced a birther bill in the House that garnered a dozen Republican co-sponsors. The birther paranoia also seeped down to the state level, where right-wingers from Missouri to Arizona to Oklahoma  took up the issue. Though none of the bills have passed, Texas Republicans currently hold the governorship and strong majorities in the both houses of the legislature.

As an afterthought, he added, President Obama released his birth certificate over two years ago.

Who is suffering from paranoia?   Who is suffering from delusions?  He released his birth certificate?  Did you notice any similarities in the left’s titles?  They really should take turns writing an article, and then pass it around to other blogs.   It certainly would save time rewriting. Their articles  represent tired, worn out, broken records.  They use the same repeated sentences over and over.   They were told to make sure “birther bill” is in the title, and they all did as they were told to do.   Let’s get back to important information rather than discussing the radical Marxist pawns.

 This birther constitutionalist, Rep. Berman,   is a principled Republican with staunch conservative values.    Check out his biography!   A retired U.S Army Lt. Colonel (3 Bronze Stars, 9 Air Medals),  Berman  graduated from  Southern Methodist University, and was an  Oil and Gas Executive.   He is a Christian and was awarded the”Fighter for Free Enterprise” award from Texas Association of Business!   Right there you can see he has all the qualifications of  a real loon!   Can we expect the Left to attack him because he also paid his taxes?

Upon examination, these are a few of the “goofy” (Connelly’s term) legislative bills  that he has initiated. Be prepared!  He proposed making English the  official language in Texas!   OMG!  Then he wanted to  crack down on illegal immigrants, and stop the illegal immigration into Texas from across the border.  He even told Gov. Perry he wasn’t doing enough!  Oh my!  He also wanted to have a fee placed on monies sent from the U.S. to Mexico.   He even has had  the audacity to  write a bill that would require Texas voters to show identification before casting a ballot!  How ridiculous can he be?  Just those few examples show him as the deranged man that the “rational”  left says  he is!   Shocking,  just shocking!

Unfortunately, Berman’s bills have been killed by  Texas House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio),  a democrat dressed as a Republican, who has sided with the TX democrats on  major issues.

Red States’, Erick Erickson,  has put out the word for Texans to “burn up the phone lines” by calling  their representatives in support of Ken Paxton  and not to re-elect Joe Straus as the House Speaker.  His latest article, “Joe Straus is Worried, Keep Up the Pressure” describes  Straus’  anti-conservative record.

The national landslide mid-term victories also gave TX Republicans  a historic 99-51 majority in the House, and because of those wins,  Berman’s bill is expected to pass in the lower chamber.  Now, if a conservative TX House Speaker is chosen, perhaps Rep. Berman’s previously failed “goofy” bills and this Presidential Eligibility Bill will see sunlight!

Rep. Berman, we thank you for your service and for standing up for our Constitution!  You are a Patriot!



No matter what state you are in, please send this  Patriot a Thank You Note!  He’s standing for us, please do the same! It will take about two minutes.  Click on Patriot!

30 responses to “Who Will Stand with TX and Rep. Berman?

  1. Rep. Berman IS a true patriot. I can only hope that there’s a groundswell of similar bills in legislatures across the country. All we need is one! And we must be ready to object when/if his name is put into nomination again.

    The Constitution must be upheld and those who try to do an end run around the LAW, or who have already pulled one off, must be given their just due.

    Imagine making a candidate for POTUS show his original birth certificate! Of course the progressives will object. Remember that irony when you’re being virtually strip-searched at the airport this coming week. What’s next? Body cavity searches in full view of the public? Barry must really be snickering about this one. Nudge, nudge, nudge. Get it?

    Progressives object to every attempt to make people show proof of citizenship in order to vote, solely because they want illegal aliens to vote for them. They ensure that nobody has to show proof of citizenship in order to get into public schools or colleges, to receive social services, to get free health care, courtesy of the taxpayers, to get driver’s licenses, etc. Now they want to make it so that candidates for Commander-in-Chief don’t have prove they’re qualified under the Constitution, unless they’re conservatives.

    And yet they seem awfully quiet about peoples’ rights when Barry’s TSA makes old men drop their drawers, young girls cut off their nipple rings, women and children subject to groping, and those with prosthetic limbs remove them, all in public view. Courtesy of this administration. Where’s the freaking ACLU now? Huh?

    We the People, according to Barry’s TSA, are guilty until proven innocent of being potential terrorists. But Barry is eligible until We the People can prove that he’s not eligible, despite that he’s managed to hide every document that would prove ANYTHING about his past, even his REAL NAME! And every piece of evidence anyone does manage to find is ignored, anyway.



  2. Just contacted TX Rep Leo Berman to offer support and thanks for his initiative to confound little barry soetoro in 2012!

  3. Everytime the left tries to ridicule those who stand up for the BC issue, it backfires in their face. I expect this politician to raise huge amounts of money because of his stand to uphold the constitution. Good for him!

  4. Texas Legislature to Consider Firearms Freedom Act
    by James Heiser
    16 November 2010

    As Texas prepares for the convening of the 82nd Legislature on January 11, several important bills pertaining to the right of Texans to keep and bear arms will come under consideration. Among the gun rights-related bills is HB 145…. If HB 145 becomes law, Texas would become the latest state to join the ranks of those which have adopted a Firearms Freedom Act.

    Following Montana’s lead, the Lone Star State has introduced a bill in the legislature challenging federal authority to regulate guns under the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. Under the proposed legislation, firearms and ammunition produced in Texas for use in the state would be exempt from federal laws and regulation.

    The bill’s sponsors say it is more about defending states’ rights and sovereignty from an over-reaching federal government than about guns. “I think states have got to stand up or else most of their rights are going to be buffaloed by the administration and by Congress,” said Republican Texas state Rep. Leo Berman, one of the bill’s chief sponsors. “It deals with firearms and ammunition, which raises eyebrows, but it’s more of a 10th Amendment bill than a Second Amendment bill,” added Andy Kuchera, his legislative director. “Sovereignty is a big issue right now.”

    In short, HB 86 and HB 145 are ultimately about the constitutional rights of Texans. The arguments thus far raised in opposition to such legislation appear to studiously ignore this fundamental point.


  5. English issue not riding into sunset as Texas considers measure
    November 17, 2010

    Texas is following the efforts of their neighbors to the north, [Oklahoma] as House Joint Resolution 38 was pre-filed with the Texas Legislature on November 16, 2010. This Texas two-step mirrors it’s SQ 751 [OK] counterpart, as the measure would make English the official language of the state and would also mandate that government business be done in English.

    State Representative Leo Berman, who filed the measure, said that the proposal would also make all state documents published in English-only. The proposed constitutional amendment would appear on the November 8, 2011 general election ballot if approved by the state legislature. A 2/3rds vote in both chambers of the Texas State Legislature is required to refer an amendment to the ballot. Legislative session begins in January 2011. [1]

    Oklahoma State Representative Randy Terrill stated that the[ir] amendment passed with the largest margin of the 11 state questions that were on the ballot. He pointed this out as proof that the measure is the will of the voters.


    • Yeah Okies!!!!! Go Sooners…..Go Cowboys!!!!

      After the Nov. elections we have both houses of our Legislature as well as our first lady Governer, Mary Fallen, all Republican. If a bill gets proposed for Obummer to have to present his birth certificate before he can get on the 2012 ballot it will sale through the legislature. If it’s brought to a vote of the people. It will be a landslide in favor of it. Were a much smaller state though. Our neighbors to the south, Texas, would really put the hurt on him. He stole that election from Hillary in 2008 with massive voter fraud. Any Texans here? What’s up with those silly caucauses? You need to get those things fixed.

  6. Kerchner v Obama case has activity to
    orrow Nov 23, 2010
    see attorney Apuzzo site

    also note that Orly Taziz presented documents and papers directly to
    Judge Roberts in Ohio after her case disappeared from. The Supreme Court docket .

  7. Did you all see this!!!! I’m keeping an eye on this!!!!


  8. Anderson Cooper 360 “Keeping Them Honest” segment
    AC questions Rep Leo Berman (R-TX) re: Berman’s barry soetorto birth certificate bill (HB 295) introduced on Nov 16.

    As in the past, Cooper talks “facts” that are not facts, such as Factcheck is “nonpartisan”. He misrepresents HI Gov Lingle’s comments about barry being born in Kapiolani. And he still can’t get the name of the “document” correct. He calls it a “CertificATE of Live Birth” (which is the proper name of a birth certificate) when it’s a DIGITAL IMAGE of a CertificATION of Live Birth. And he says it’s all HI sends out – while leaving out two simple facts:
    1-HI has never admitted to sending that COLB to barry.

    2-barry can obtain his original vital recordS at any time.

    Biggest lie: “Birthers are back!”

    See CNN video “Do Birther Arguments Hold water?”

    Way to Go Rep. Berman! He doesn’t let Anderson get the best of him. Berman even mentions the Memo! He knows that Obama has spent millions on his lawsuits! He is informed and questioning!

    Most of the country has moved on from this issue, says Anderson…Oh no, no no, citizens haven’t moved on says Berman! No major media has sent me any facts either and I’d like to see it! Anderson is so condescending. Berman talks about Lt. Larkin, and Apuzzo’s case being at the Supreme Ct.

    Anderson doesn’t have the Memo and he wants information about Obama traveling to Pakistan in 1981 sent to him! Anderson is so full of lies in his “Keeping them Honest.”
    This video should be sent to everyone!


    Full transcript of the conversation:

    • What a joke. “Keeping them honest” and then he uses FactCheck BLOG “facts” for his talking points? Cooper made so many mistakes. Especially falsely claiming (it’s been proven to be a lie) that Hawaii won’t give out long forms anymore. LIE. Also citing Lingle’s comment that she produced a press release stating that Barry was born at Kapiolani. Another LIE, in this case by Lingle, but Cooper didn’t check his “facts” because if he did he’d know the READILY AVAILABLE freaking PRESS release (isn’t CNN the press?) said NOTHING about Kapiolani. Yes, he tried to make Berman look foolish but Berman is a vet and you don’t learn to be a fool in the military. He looked distinguished and like a fighter. He wasn’t cowed. What true AMERICAN patriot and soldier would be cowed by the likes of Anderson Cooper?

      • Leo Berman: Retired Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army (22 years service) – awarded 3 Bronze Star Medals, 9 Air Medals, and other decorations; promoted to colonel in Texas State Guard (2009)

        God bless him and shame on Anderson Cooper.

  9. Two Softball Questions for CNN’s Anderson Cooper
    By Safeguard Staff

    Anderson Cooper, in a recent interview with Texas State Representative Berman, said Obama was born at Hawaii’s Kapi’olani Hospital- can he explain why the hospital won’t verify Obama’s birth there?- and why a letter purportedly from Obama posted on Kapi’olani’s website- was quickly removed after a reporter’s inquiry?

    If Obama was born at Kapi’olani Hospital, can Cooper explain why no ORIGINAL birth record- to include a hospital name and attending physician– has been released?

    Why is Cooper content to rely on verbal assurances from an obscure bureaucrat in Hawaii- who claims to have “personally seen and verified” that there is an original birth certificate on record? (is he thus admitting that the Certification of Live Birth which he repeatedly confuses with an original birth certificate- is NOT the original birth record)?

    Does Cooper believe it is acceptable that the sole arbiter of the President’s Constitutional eligibility under Article II, Section 1, is one Hawaiian bureaucrat- who says “trust me”?

    If there is an original birth record on file– why can’t the American public see this document?– why can’t TX Rep Berman have a copy of this 1961 original birth record?

    One of CNN’s star reporters- Lou Dobbs- left CNN in the wake of a program in which he delved into the eligibility controversy– but a campaign began to oust him because he got too close to the truth:

    If Obama was born in a hospital in Hawaii as claimed– then Cooper should be able to answer these two questions: WHAT BIRTH HOSPITAL? WHAT BIRTH DOCTOR?

  10. Maybe he will stand with them ? What a babe ! I bet his mother is proud !

  11. Ok guys I posted this on another thread also. You have to comment. This is hillarious, but more importantly, NOT BORN IN AMERICA FROM NBC.


  12. LOL Woops, wrong thread, you know which one I meant. Bridget please fix for me. Thanks

  13. Berman’s Agenda Leads Charge from the Right
    February 26, 2011 Snips

    Sitting in his Texas Capitol office, surrounded by pictures of his storied 22-year military career, the seven-term, 75-year-old Representative Leo Berman said in his distinctive New York accent, “I’m very unusual for a legislator.

    Mr. Berman began the session on a wave of national attention for writing a bill that would require future presidential hopefuls to submit their birth certificate to the Texas secretary of state. He acknowledged that it was inspired by his misgivings about President Obama, who Mr. Berman believes was born in Kenya. As a longtime board member of the historically black Texas College, Mr. Berman dismissed accusations that this or any of his bills are motivated by race.

    “I’m just a person who wants to see fact,” he said.

    Though the Obama campaign produced a certificate of live birth from Hawaii, Mr. Berman was not swayed. “The latest rumor I hear, and I don’t know if this is true or not,” he said, “is that he’s used about 25 different Social Security numbers.”

    Mr. Berman said he got his information from e-mail and online video clips. “YouTubes are infallible,” he said.

    The party’s platform supports many of Mr. Berman’s bills. “He’s not swinging by himself,” said Chris Elam, a spokesman for the Republican Party of Texas. “There’s a platform plank out there.” Recent polls indicate that his immigration initiatives have strong support among Texans.


  14. Today’s featured video: State Rep. Leo Berman’s ‘birther’ bill
    Monday, Feb 28, 2011, Thanh Tan (undoubtedly an Obot)

    The president of the United States is a liar while “YouTubes are infallible.”

    That’s the word from state Rep. Leo Berman, and it’s today’s featured video on the Texas Watchdog home page.

    Berman, an archconservative Republican from Tyler, is backing a bill in the legislature this session that would require candidates for president to show their birth certificate to the Texas secretary of state. He doesn’t believe President Barack Obama was really born in the United States, which is a requirement of the U.S. Constitution to be president.

    He talks with the Texas Tribune’s Thanh Tan about being dubbed a “birther,” and dismisses both the Obama birth certificate that the state of Hawaii has verified, as well as the newspaper birth announcement published at the time of Obama’s birth.

    TX House Bill 295

  15. Says the Hawaii governor “can’t find anything that says (President Barack Obama) was born in Hawaii.”

    Leo Berman on Monday, February 14th, 2011 in a news article
    State Rep. Leo Berman says Hawaii governor can’t find anything that says Obama was born in Hawaii

    CORRECTION, 9:38 a.m. Feb. 27, 2011:

    Our initial posted article had an incorrect first reference to the fact-checking entity that reviewed the birth certificate aired by Barack Obama’s campaign. That research was done by FactCheck.org. The text is correct below.

    State Rep. Leo Berman says that his proposed bill to require presidential candidates to show their birth certificates to the Texas secretary of state reflects doubts about President Barack Obama’s birthplace.

    “We don’t think the president was vetted, and it’s just that simple,” Berman, R-Tyler, is quoted as saying in a Feb. 14 Politico article about similar proposals pending in some other states. “I read different things that say he was born in Hawaii, and then I read the governor (of Hawaii) can’t find anything that says he was born in Hawaii.”

    A subset of Obama critics, dubbed “birthers,” doubt that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen, a requirement to serve as president, and question the validity of his Hawaii birth document. That’s an old claim, shot down by PolitiFact National and FactCheck.org, which concluded that that a document aired by Obama’s campaign is authentic. We won’t revisit that question.

    Still, Berman’s claim that Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie couldn’t vouch for Obama’s birth in the Aloha State was a new one to us.

    When we asked Berman about it, he replied: “I just listen to the news, I don’t write it down. It’s been on several news stations that he (Abercrombie) said he was going to resolve this once and for all and when he tried to … he couldn’t find anything.”

    Berman’s public comments have previously put him in “birther” company.

    In a Nov. 17 Lubbock Avalanche-Journal news article, Berman said his proposal was necessary “because we have a president whom the American people don’t know whether he was born in Kenya or some other place.” It’s undisputed, as posted on the White House website, that Obama’s late father was born in Kenya.

    But back to Hawaii: In 2008, in response to questions about Obama’s birthplace, his campaign released a copy of his “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii and posted it online. The document states that Barack Hussein Obama II was born on at 7:24 p.m. Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu to parents Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama.

    Birthers, though, said the posted document was a shortened version of a birth certificate, questioning why the original, “long form” documentation of birth was not released.

    According to a Dec. 24 New York Times news article, Abercrombie, who was elected Hawaii’s governor in November, was angered by the persistent skepticism that Obama was born in the United States and planned to seek ways to release additional proof that his birthplace was Hawaii. “It’s an insult to his mother and to his father, and I knew his mother and father; they were my friends, and I have an emotional interest in that,” Abercrombie told the Times.

    Next, we searched for the reports that Berman mentioned. Online, we found numerous Web pages with the headline “Hawaii Governor Can’t Find Obama’s Birth Certificate.” Many linked to a Jan. 18 article by the conservative WorldNetDaily.com, a locomotive on the birther train, that was based on comments that Abercrombie made to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

    The WorldNetDaily story begins: “Abercrombie suggested in an interview published today that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health.”

    The story continues: “Abercrombie did not report to the newspaper that he or the Hawaii Department of Health had found Obama’s long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate. The governor only suggested his investigations to date had identified an unspecified listing or notation of Obama’s birth that someone had made in the state archives.”

    In the Star-Advertiser’s Jan. 18 published interview with Abercrombie, the governor was asked about his plan to release more information regarding Obama’s birth certificate. He responded that he wants to use information from the state archives about Obama’s birth. “This is what our investigation is showing, it actually exists in the archives, written down,” Abercrombie said.

    We called and e-mailed Abercrombie’s office about this and did not hear back.

    Meanwhile, we found another report that Abercrombie couldn’t find proof that Obama was born in Hawaii. On Minnesota’s KQRS-FM radio Jan. 20, Hollywood reporter Mike Evans, claiming to be a longtime friend of Abercrombie’s, said the governor had told him that he had searched “everywhere” at Hawaii hospitals and that “there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii. Absolutely no proof at all that he was born in Hawaii.”
    The same day, Evans made the claim on Austin’s KLBJ-AM.

    Six days later, though, FoxNews.com quoted Evans as saying that he had misspoken. According to FoxNews.com, Evans said that he called Abercrombie’s office after reading online reports that the governor couldn’t find Obama’s birth certificate but that Abercrombie did not return his call. “I haven’t talked to Neil since he’s been governor,” Evans said.

    Meanwhile, The Associated Press reported that Abercrombie’s office had ended its effort to make public more information about Obama’s birth. The story does not say that Abercrombie had failed to find evidence of Obama’s birthplace, but that the state’s attorney general had told the governor that he can’t disclose birth documentation without the person’s consent. “There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document,” Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said.

    We wondered whether Abercrombie sought Obama’s permission to obtain more proof of his birth. The White House wouldn’t comment, but Abercrombie told CNN on Dec. 27 that “we haven’t had any of those discussions.”

    Per the authenticity of the document posted online by Obama, our colleagues at PolitiFact National pointed out July 1, 2009, that FactCheck.org, a respected fact-checking unit at the University of Pennsylvania, had traveled to Chicago to examine the document and concluded that it’s legitimate.

    Janice Okubo, a spokeswoman for the Hawaii Department of Health, told our colleagues that too much was being made of the difference between the so-called “long” and “short” forms. “When you request a birth certificate, the one you get looks exactly like the one posted on his site,” she said. “That’s the birth certificate.”

    According to a Nov. 1, 2008, FactCheck.org article, the “long” form is created by the hospital while the “short” form is printed by the state and draws from a database with less information. FactCheck.org also noted that the state’s birth record request form does not have an option for requesting a long-form birth certificate.

    The Hawaii Health Department maintains a Web page devoted to questions about Obama’s “vital records.” It says that copies of vital records — which pertain to birth, death, marriage, etc. — can only be obtained by someone with a “direct and tangible interest” in the record. However, the public can view “index data” based on those records in a department office in Honolulu or request it by mail.

    The page says that “the index data regarding President Obama is: Birth Index // Obama II, Barack Hussein // Male.”

    Rewind: Berman didn’t pinpoint where he heard or read that Hawaii’s governor couldn’t find proof of Obama’s birthplace. We combed published reports, finding no proof Abercrombie said that. We rate Berman’s statement False.


    • Obots at work to attack the only Rep that is standing on his word and filing legislation to make sure that presidential nominees file their long form, vaulted BC with the Sec. of State in TX. They were sent to ” clarify the information” and make the necessary “Corrections” so they can declare Rep. Berman’s words and opinions false.

      We are now considered a subset of birthers! Posted in total since they have changed it once already.

  16. We the People rate Politifact’s statements False.

    Lies. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s too blunt. Maybe they’re just POLITI-cal OBFUSCATORS. Sycophants. Partisans. Obots.

    So their colleagues decided that the document was authentic. What they don’t say, however, is that their ANONYMOUS colleagues have absolutely NO EXPERTISE in document vetting.

    Why wouldn’t legitimate factcheckers simply ask the Obama campaign to authorize Hawaii to release a certified copy directly to them? We’ve hashed and rehashed this too many times already. But one thing stands out: They “report” that our objection to the COLB is that it’s a short-form. No, it’s that, first of all, it’s BOGUS. Second of all, it’s a freaking digital image, that’s been photoshopped, shrunk, and redacted, and as such is proof of NOTHING.

    It says right on its face that it’s null and void, because it’s been modified. It’s not a short-form certification of live birth. It’s not a REAL DOCUMENT. It’s a collection of magnetic bits.

    Obama had NOT, has NEVER, released ANYTHING that certifies the facts of his birth. NOTHING.

    They further obfuscate when they say that a request form for a COLB doesn’t give an option for a copy of the long form. That may be correct, yet it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible for someone to get a copy of his or her actual long-form birth certificate. That’s because it IS possible, as has been proved already by other citizen researchers. Obama COULD get a copy, if one exists (which it doesn’t) and if he would simply authorize Hawaii to release it. But he won’t, because it doesn’t exist.

    Know what I think? The sum total of Abercrombie’s investigation was to go to the HDOH, have them enter Barry’s name on the computer screen, and voila! Up came that “index data.” Based upon that, he made the CLAIM (jumped to the false conclusion) that IF Barry’s name appears in the computerized, HACK-able database, then the record in the database was entered by someone whose job it was to transcribe data from an actual, original long-form birth certificate (and/or amendments) into the database.

    This would be the ORDINARY route for a record to appear in that computerized database index. For every person with a long-form birth certificate on file in Hawaii, there should be one record in the database for that person.

    HOWEVER, that’s not the ONLY way a record can exist in that database. (Keep in mind that the State Dept. passport files are also a computer database. How secure were those records? Ask John O. Brennan. He knows.)

    Anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of databases and with access, however fleeting, to a computer terminal with add/update/delete authorization could enter a record for Obama based upon NOTHING REAL. It may be as fictional, as bogus, as the COLB, not to mention those announcements.

    Abercrombie, perhaps in good faith, made that leap of faith about there being something written down in the archives about Barry’s birth, because that’s the usual course of events. A birth, a birth certificate, a transcription of the information into a database record in the computerized online index, pointing back to the actual paper document “on file” in the archives.

    Guess what probably happened next? Somebody went looking in the archives for those underlying documents and found that they don’t exist. And that’s why nobody had that “discussion” with Barry about simply authorizing Abercrombie to release the documents.

    Barry won’t authorize that because there IS NO LONG-FORM BC, as the former HDOH clerk swore. They won’t have that discussion with Barry because they know it’s useless. There is no document to release. So why bother to ask him to authorize release of a nonexistent record? They wouldn’t do it in any case because they support him and don’t care that he’s ineligible.

    • Miri,

      Wasn’t it Politifact’s reporter that originally put out the false BC information that was on that Israeli website? They were asked for verification of their facts and couldn’t produce them then or now.

  17. If I remember correctly, Politifact is associated with a Florida newspaper. Their reporter was the first to “report” on the COLB. Oh, yeah. Here we go: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2008/jun/27/obamas-birth-certificate-part-ii/

    Parsed and re-parsed too many times to count. Amy Hollyfield, ace obot reporter and Obama apologist. Debunking that which has not been claimed whilst obfuscating the real issues–the true objections to this ridiculous, blatantly obvious charade. He’s ineligible and they KNOW IT.

    By the way, We the People are an award-winning journalistic endeavor. So our word is as good as theirs. In fact, we are far better fact checkers than they. At least we can tell facts from emissions from Barry’s bum.

    • Quotes from the [choke] independent, nonpartisan newspaper. They were determined a joke then and still are!

      “All the independent fact-checking sources, some of which did extensive original research on the issue, conclude that Obama is a natural born citizen, having been born on American soil in Honolulu, and is thus eligible to be president.” [This from a blog or a newspaper source! Journalistic integrity is non existent!]

      PolitiFact.com reports that it had a staff member bring in her own Hawaii birth certificate and it was identical in form to Obama’s. PolitiFact is an independent, nonpartisan project of the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly. [Boy, that proved Obama’s was real!]

      As PolitiFact.com states, “there is not one shred of evidence to support allegations that the birth certificate that Obama released isn’t authentic.” [There is not one shred of evidence that the COLB is authentic! We haven’t seen the birth certificate, but good try at blurring the information.]


  18. Yes, the key is that they are SELF-PROCLAIMED, “independent”, “non-partisan” factcheckers.

    Well, we are self-proclaimed, independent, nonpartisan FACT checkers and we say, bull feathers. Their “facts” are anything but.

    When someone presents a item for perusal, claiming that it proves something, it’s the business of the media to make sure that the document does indeed prove what it purports to prove. However, since this isn’t a DOCUMENT, it proves nothing.

    Journalists are supposed to be all about original research. In fact, they’re supposed to have 2 or more sources for their evidence, not anonymous partisans who tell them about something they have seen, but which has never been seen by the journalist.

    I challenge them to name ANY person who has SEEN the underlying document IN PERSON and who will swear publicly that they KNOW for a fact that it’s authentic and WAS sent to the Obama campaign from the HDOH and was certified by the State of Hawaii as accurately reflecting the FACTS of Obama’s birth.

    In the video Bridgette linked this morning (11:45 a.m., above), a Democrat ridicules “birthers” by saying that some people believe in Bigfoot, too, although they’ve never seen Bigfoot. This is such an unfortunate analogy. I would tell this Democratic obot, “Some people BELIEVE in Obama’s birth certificate, although they’ve never seen it.”

    And they have never seen it. They haven’t a CLUE what it says. They don’t know who his LEGAL parents are. Or what their names are, as recorded on his birth certificate (provided he has one).

    That writer from Jacksonville says he was born on “American soil” in Honolulu and somehow that makes him a NBC. But does it?

    Was it American soil? McCain was born on American soil, too. In Panama. Central AMERICA. American soil.

    Do they know for a FACT, beyond a shadow of a doubt, WHEN he was born? They do NOT because NOBODY has seen ANY proof whatsoever of his date of birth.

    Could he have been born in Honolulu before statehood? Yes.

    Could he have been born on land that was not part of U.S. territory? Yes.

    They base their claim that he was born in Honolulu on a bogus, void digital image and his say so. Where is their proof that he WAS born in Honolulu? It doesn’t exist. That writer ends with this ridiculous statement, “The lack of proof … now, that’s a fact.”

    She’s referring to a lack of proof that the COLB is bogus. Yet THIS analogy is more apt for a “journalist” like herself. The lack of PROOF that Barry was born in Honolulu, on U.S. soil, to the parents he claims, and on that date he claims–now that’s a FACT. There IS NO PROOF that he is a NBC. NONE.

    Compare her blind acceptance of the authenticity of the COLB to her analysis of the Kenyan BC:

    We the People rate Carole Fader’s statements False

    • Miri, such an excellent summery..you put all that we (I) think into word’s. You have to remember so many of these journalist and news outlets are socialist / communist, they are messing with the minds of the people until the people give in and accept what they say is truth. (isen’t going to happen, can’t program the unwilling) I was reading an old Congress file last night from 1952 – 1960, investigations into supporters of communism / act’s against the constitution. Even back then investigations found many in the investigative news media were communist. One was out of FL not sure if it was the one listed above, another was (like we diden’t already know) the LA…….Times

      Here’s the link – They are listed about 3/4 the way down..list’s also many of the Unions also such as the SEIU, another “big” surprise, sarc!


      • Wow, Leza. That’s some document. I applaud your tenacity, if you read that whole thing. They certainly were diligent about compiling all those connections.

        WTPOTUS is like a new un-American activities research group. 🙂

        Maybe the House needs to revive this committee.

        • I think in a way, Rep. Pete King (R- NY) is reviving the committee. It is specifically targeted. He is investigating the radical Muslims..and of course, they are loudly protesting . There are planned hearings by King, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, on the “radicalization of the American Muslim Community. ”

          I do think it has to go further than that, but with this administration and all of their traitorous connections, it might not get as far. I would be looking at all of the Code Pink personalities, and other subversive organizations. So many organizations are out of the closet now that it wouldn’t be difficult to list them. They are advertising their networks for all to see because they have White House cover. Voters put an anti-American into the WH and this is what we get… a coup that people didn’t recognize until it was to late.

          Glenn Beck made a list of just Soros’ organizations. The names were written on a scroll of paper and it was laid out in his studio. It went from room to room to room.

          I would be thrilled if they revived the Committee..its time has come. Let them start with the Obama administration and its czars and his political appointees.

          Muslims protest outside NY Rep King’s office
          Feb. 22

          • have you ever gone to the New World Foundation site? At one time Wade Rathke was listed on their board. I found him there when Acorn was in their crux of problems. I went back to the site recently and the site looks different, but I guarantee he’s still with them. Thing is a George Soros org. is partnering with the New World Foundation. This foundation has been around since the 1950’s and it is where there are bucoups of journalist ,organizer types all furthering the social justice agenda, that is now global. Founded with McCormick money. Partnering is the new vogue these days. Their address is 666 West End Ave. N.Y.,N.Y. Can you believe that address? Anyway type in Soros or one of his foundations along with this foundation and see what you get.

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