Indonesian Writer Exposed Obama’s Birthplace!

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The Indonesian writer,  Purba, ” Indonesia Matters,”  gives you a take on their view of the U.S., the 2008  election, Berry Soetoro, and our government.  Additionally, without realizing that by stating the ursurping president’s birthplace as “Nyang’oma Kogelo now in Kenya” they added additional evidence that ” Berry” Soetoro alias Barack Obama is ineligible to be the U.S. President.   Little did the author know that their Indonesian article and statement will join others  spoken by Kenyan government officials, and written in Kenyan newspapers.  Those  also  show that Berry doesn’t meet the  constitutional requirements for a U.S.  president.    This article can be added to the mounting evidence that “Berry” Soetoro is a usurper.   Additionally,  the author also says that Berry was a Muslim, a statement that the Obama campaign denounced.

Whether he is Barry, Berry or Barrack, and wherever he was born, nothing has been proven in a court of law.   No official, verified documentation has been presented nor has Berry Soetoro alias Barack Obama been vetted by anyone.  This was recently revealed in a  Memo from a Congressional attorney that was intended only for internal distribution and not for public consumption.   The court of public opinion is still out, but it is being heavily swayed by mounting evidence that Obama isn’t who he says he is,  and that he wasn’t born in the U.S. as a natural born citizen.   This article will add to it.   Yes, public opinion is escalating and demands for the man that calls himself Barack Hussein Obama prove that he is not  a usurper of the U. S. presidency are getting louder and louder.

We now have  two countries saying Obama was born in Kenya;  Kenya and Indonesia.  Could that Kenyan birth certificate that was entered as evidence in Orly’s lawsuit, and that was sent by Lucas Smith to every member of Congress a couple months ago, be the real document?


The following is a translation from Indonesian to English.  Compared to many of the translations we have read, this is one of the better, more easily understood ones.  The old tired photos of Barry and his photo-shopped family have not been transferred from the article.



Barry Soetoro

Nov 6th, 2008, in IM Posts, Opinion,

by Guest Writer Purba on
Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama’s Indonesian connection.

Former Menteng student now US President

Obama Barack has been democratically elected President of the US.

Quite an about face for the best democracy money can buy, in view of the Bush presidential se-lection.

But of course, corruption, collusion and nepotism is the sole monopoly of the Third World – or so the deluded denizens of the West repeat to themselves as they hug their knees, rocking back and forth – reminding themselves of how they uphold human rights equally across the board, entirely devoid of double-standards and totally oblivious to race, creed or religion.

Barrak Hussein Obama II was born to a white American Ann Dunham and Kenyan Barrak Hussein Obama Snr, in Nyang’oma Kogelo now in Kenya.

Here the Indonesian link starts.

Ann Dunham married in 1967,  Lolo Soetoro, a Javanese, whose own father, in 1946 was killed along with his eldest brother were killed, after which the Dutch army burned down the family’s home.  Soetoro fled with his mother into the countryside to survive. Incidentally,  yet more proof of Dutch war crimes – deliberate destruction of civilian property outside the scope of battle.

Pak Lolo Soetoro was an army geologist then later a government relations consultant for Mobil Oil.  Obama describes Soetoro as well-mannered, even-tempered, and easy with people.

From age 6 to 10, Obama lived in Jakarta.  Age six, Obama attended the Catholic Primary St. Francis di Assisi.  Much was made of the lie he was educated in a Madrassa – or more accurately a pesantren – this of course was totally untrue. Obama Jnr. later attended Model Primary School, Menteng and was registered as a Muslim – as his father was Muslim.

In Obama’s own words:

In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell my mother that I made faces during Koranic studies. My mother wasn’t overly concerned. ‘Be respectful,’ she’d say.  In the Catholic school, when it came time to pray, I would close my eyes, then peek around the room. Nothing happened. No angels descended. Just a parched old nun and 30 brown children, muttering words.

One of  “Berry’s” childhood friends was Adi who often visited “Berry’s” 16 Jalan Haji Ramli house.  Speaking volumes of Dutch “development” at the time the road was of this established middle-class neighbourhood was a dirt lane where Obama used to wile away the hours kicking a soccer ball.

Adi recalled Obama and his friends wore plastic bags over their shoes to walk through the muddy street during the rainy seasons.

Neighborhood Muslims worshiped in a nearby house, which has since been replaced by a larger mosque.   Sometimes, when the muezzin sounded the call to prayer,  Lolo and Barry would walk to the makeshift mosque together, Adi said.

His mother often went to the church, but Barry was Muslim.  He went to the mosque,” Adi said. “I remember him wearing a sarong.”

Obama spent most his spare time hanging out with Adi and other friends at the home of Yunaldi Askiar, a classmate. They used to play a kind of fencing game using sticks, kick a ball up and down the narrow dirt lanes or go swimming in the river behind the school, said Askiar, 42, a car mechanic.

Obama was taller and better dressed than most kids in classes where shoes and socks were still luxuries, so he stood out from the start. As an African American, and the only foreigner, he suffered racial taunts and teasing but never turned to violence.

“At first, everybody felt it was weird to have him here,” Israella Dharmawan, his first grade teacher said. “But also they were curious about him, so wherever he went, the kids were following him.”

His friends enjoyed playing tricks on Berry:    Harmon Aski recalled,

“Sometimes we’d say, ‘Barry, do you want a chocolate?’ And we’d give him a chocolate. The next day we’d give him a chocolate again. The third time we’d give him terasi (fermented shrimp paste) wrapped up like chocolate. Obama didn’t get mad. He would laugh it off.”

Ann Soetoro moved to Yogyakarta, while Obama Jnr.  studied in Jakarta. She was inspired by Jogja village industries, which became the basis of her 1992 doctoral dissertation.

“She loved living in Java,” said Dr. Dewey, who recalled accompanying Ms. Soetoro to a metalworking village. “People said:    ‘Hi! How are you?’ She said: ‘How’s your wife? Did your daughter have the baby?’ They were friends. Then she’d whip out her notebook and she’d say: ‘How many of you have electricity? Are you having trouble getting iron?’ ”

Dunham-Soetoro became a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development on setting up a village credit program, then a Ford Foundation program officer in Jakarta specializing in women’s work. Later, she was a consultant in Pakistan, then joined Indonesia’s oldest bank to work on what is described as the world’s largest sustainable microfinance program, creating services like credit and savings for the poor.

Obama in Hawaii with Maya and Ann and maternal grand-father, shortly after leaving Indonesia.   (PHOTO)

In his tellingly-titled Memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama describes his Indonesian interlude as “one long adventure, the bounty of a young boy’s life.”   But he also recalls being troubled by the poverty around him: “the empty look on the faces of farmers the year the rains never came,” and the desperation of the disabled beggars who came to the family’s door.

“The world was violent, I was learning, unpredictable and often cruel,” he writes.  Obama and his mother thus we were very well acquainted with the harsh realities of indigenous Indonesians.

Fermina Katarina Sinaga, recalled yojhng Obama in her class:   in the common task of class to write an essay titled “My dream: What I want to be in the future.” Obama “wrote ‘I want to be a president,’ ” she said. During a later writing assignment on family, he wrote, “My father is my idol.

The Indonesian connection for Obama and all that shaped him proving once again all things Javanese and indigenous Indonesian the bedrock for the towering monuments built on the foundations of a great civilisation.

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  1. “Could that Kenyan birth certificate that was entered as evidence in Orly’s lawsuit, and that was sent by Lucas Smith to every member of Congress a couple months ago, be the real document?” –

    Yes! The certified copy of the August 4, 1961 Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya birth certificate obtained directly from the birth hospital by Lucas Smith is becoming increasingly accepted as Obama’s only valid birth document. A high resolution copy of the birth certificate and several other important documents are available for free download at

    (btw – It is my understanding that the CPGH Birth Certificate was not entered as “evidence” in Orly’s court case but was instead submitted for consideration by the court along with an affidavit signed by Mr. Smith describing how he obtained the document)

    • Indeed. In fact, according to that memo that was sent around to the Congress, this Kenyan BC would have more validity than the COLB on the Web. It was at least entered into a case and Smith signed an affidavit. To date, I know of NO person who has EVER stated, especially under pain of perjury, that the online digital image of Obama’s alleged COLB is a TRUE, AUTHENTIC, UNALTERED copy of a CERTIFIED, AUTHENTIC, UNALTERED document that was produced and sent to Obama’s campaign by the HDOH. If obots accept a digital image on a blog as his COLB, then they ought to give equal weight to this evidence.

  2. THIS IS AN OBOT WRITING THIS CRAP BELOW. I think they say the same lies so often they believe it themselves. WE COULD RIP each sentence apart, but why bother? They insult our intelligence by their ignorance. BB

    INDEED, Bridgette. They cut and paste their bloviating stupidity We have, in fact, warned this very obot before. How she got through moderation is anyone’s guess. MIRI .

    This is an excellent example of why Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter all call birthers CRAZY. Big deal, Indonesian writers can be wrong, just as WND is.

    If a person were born in Kenya, she or he would need a US travel document to get to the USA. That would be either a US visa on a foreign passport or the change to his mother’s US passport to include him. One or the other would have had to have been applied for at a US Consulate in Kenya and granted before the child would be allowed to enter the USA.

    If such a document existed, it would be easy to find because the records of the application for the visa or for the change to the mother’s passport would still be in the files of the US State Department, filed under applications for visas and applications for changes to passports in Kenya in 1961. The Republicans were in charge of the US State Department until January 2009. No such document has been found. No such document exists.

    Obama was not born in Kenya. He was born in Hawaii, as his official birth certificate from Hawaii shows, and the facts on it were repeatedly confirmed by the officials in Hawaii. Obama has already posted a copy of the official birth certificate, the Certification of Live Birth, which is the only birth document that Hawaii has been sending out since 2001. Hawaii no longer sends out copies of the original birth certificate, only of the official birth certificate: The Certification of Live Birth.

    Hawaii does not now, and certainly did not in 1961, allow a birth certificate or a birth document of any kind to lie about the place of birth. It would not allow a document to be issued that said on it “born in Honolulu” unless there was proof that the child actually was born in Honolulu. Obama’s published birth certificate says on it that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and that is the fact that the officials and the Republican governor of Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed.

    Obama’s Kenyan grandmother NEVER said that he was born in Kenya. She said repeatedly in the taped interview that he was born in Hawaii, where his father was studying, and she said in another interview that the first that her family in Kenya had heard of Obama’s birth was in a letter from Hawaii.

  3. Hawaii does not now, and certainly did not in 1961, allow a birth certificate or a birth document of any kind to lie about the place of birth. It would not allow a document to be issued that said on it “born in Honolulu” unless there was proof that the child actually was born in Honolulu. Obama’s published birth certificate says on it that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and that is the fact that the officials and the Republican governor of Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed.

    No officially certified vital record has ever been released directly from the state of Hawaii for Barack Hussein Obama II.

    You accept a URL to .jpg pictures as an acceptable substitute to having Obama authorize the release of an original, initial vital record of his birth directly from the State of Hawaii. What was produced at and by the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago is not sufficient documentation for an I-9 form, which, by law, Obama was required to submit when he started his new job as Senator, and again when he started his new job as “pResident”.

    There is no reason to trust .JPGs on a web page.

    Forget about claims of “Obama’s published birth certificate”, and ask for an authentic document to be released by the State of Hawaii NOW, before Neil Abercrombie (the infamous creator of the phony letter from “Obama” to the hospital) takes over as Governor of Hawaii and manufactures documents.

    Hawaii Sent Two Certificates to Congress, Won’t Send the Third

    • Yes Redpill, Good old Neil…Found him in the clan upon digging too. Does the family that does fraud together stay together ?
      Matching cells maybe ? O’Neil, Neal….hummm…

  4. It must really get the obots’ goat when they realize how MANY articles told the truth about their messiah before he got the power to scrubbadubdub the Internet. Too bad, obots. The truth is out there. TRUTH will out, as it always does. You must truly be worried if you bother to monitor our blog and show up with your cut-and-pasted talking points. You really need to ask Soros and Podesta for a raise. Don’t ya think?

  5. Doesn’t this mean that the Indonesia Gov is racist. I mean anyone here in the USD that says this kinda thing is called all kinds of names.
    Has anyone notified the MSM that Indonesia is saying these kinda things????? 🙂

    • What’s interesting is that the lawyer who wrote the memo for Congress supposedly thoroughly researched the issue. Well, how’d he miss all these news stories that were out there, ready and able to be used as evidence? His memo states that there’s no evidence brought forward contesting Obama’s claim of a Hawaiian birth. It also cites newspaper birth announcements as evidence of the birth, but fails to mention that the announcements in no way identify the POTUS as the UNNAMED “son”, nor the identity of the mother. Since BHO Sr. was known at that time to have one wife already, if not two or even three, those announcements, even if authentic, are evidence of nothing with regard to the man sitting in the WH. Mrs. BHO Sr. could have been Kezia, Ruth, SADOS, or any other yet-to-be-identified wife. Perhaps one of the blondes that he “dated” while in Hawaii, but left behind. Be that as it may, the lawyer cites these newspaper announcements as evidence, yet completely overlooks the many other NEWSPAPER articles (aka evidence) that (prior to 2008) stated that Obama was born in Kenya.

  6. 37th Congress 2nd Session House of Representatives 1862

    Who are natural born citizens?

    All persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentlemen can find no exception to this statement touching natural born citizens except what is said in the Constitution in relation to Indians. The reason that exception was made in the Constitution is apparent to everybody.

  7. Legendary Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story -34 yrs on the High Court, “Father of Harvard Law”~

    Persons who are born in a country, are generally deemed to be citizens and subjects of that country. A reasonable qualification of the rule would seem to be, that it should not apply to the children of parents, who were in itinere in the country, or who were abiding there for temporary purposes….” –Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws (1834)Ch.III

    Barry v Mercein 46 U. S.(1847) Case Footnote: The plaintiff in error being of legeance to the crown of England,his child, though born in the United States during his father’s temporary residence therein–22 months & 20 days – not withstanding its mother be an American citizen, is not a citizen of the United States. It is incapacitate by its infancy from making any present election, follows the legeance of its father, partus sequitur patrem, and is a British subject.
    Story’s Conflict Laws 30

  8. Here is another oldie from In the comment section tminu provided a link to a video I’ve never before seen. Now I’m wondering whether the pics on that vid are real or photoshopped. Check out the video at 1:02 and 1:05 for pics of “ruth”, mark and baby 0. Ruth looks very very young. How old would you guys guess ruth is in this video shot? She doesn’t look old enough to be a teacher. Is that a photoshopped pic, is that ruth? And she is not at all unattractive (which really shouldn’t matter, I hate that we are judged liked that) — really turned me off when I heard sr. implied he married her for her money, not her looks — ugh, he sounds like a major jerk (I want to say “pig”, but I know its not civil of me), bleeeeccchhh.

    • Thanks Ali. I did not remember seeing the photos? I wonder if Mark and Obama could be fraternal twins. David sure looks like Obama. I have not done much research on the teachers. Is it possible that they could be sisters or mother/daughter? Please have Bridget post these pictures as well, if she can.

      • Thats funny, you and I are cross-posting the same thoughts 🙂 .
        Thats a good question you ask re relationship of teachers, unless mabel is ruth and ms j. I don’t know the answer. But if you read the distraction post, I mentioned that mabel retired from Punahou @ 1980, the same period in which ruth started her kindergarten in Nairobi.
        I agree — baby barry baby david = baby barrydavid — absolutely adorable baby.

      • They may even be identical twins. They have enough features in common. Take away Mark’s pockmarks and his teeth, and he resembles Barry very much. Environment has an effect on identical twins such that certain variables change then over time. They diverge. Some do not, but remain so similar that they can’t be distinguished. But separate two and you might see quite a difference. I went to school with identical twin girls who were easy to differentiate from each other, yet they were identical twins. In the video, Mark calls Barry his big brother. David Opiyo, firstborn of twins.

        Do you notice how when they ask Mark a question, he answers with , “what I can say is . . . ?” What he CAN say. What he’s allowed to say? I’d like to know what he CAN’T say.

        • There is also such a thing as mirror twins. Did you notice the mole on the right side of Mark’s nose, which sort of corresponds with the one on the left side of Barry’s nose?

    • Bridgette, is it possible for you to grab those video shots and post them on the photo page?

    • I wonder if this is the article that disappeared then reappeared in Indonesia Matters? I knew there was one that was scrubbed. The one above was in their archives, so there might be an additional one. I asked a couple people if they remembered, but didn’t get a response. It appears that it got lost in the hoopla after the election and during the Obotic scrubbing campaign that continues to this day.

      The Post said, “An Indonesian online newspaper, Indonesia Matters, had stated directly after the 2008 presidential election that Obama had been born in Kenya. In 2009 the article was scrubbed from the internet, although it has reappeared along with a Facebook page with a link to it which refers to Obama as “Barry Soetoro.”

      • That was my first impression Bridgette, that this was the scrubbed article.
        Bridgette please give me your impressions re the video shots of young ruth?, mark and baby o.

        • Since these were scrubbed, do you think the photo’s may be Ann? This is an off the wall thought, but what if in the divorce, he took one and she took one. She took the lighter one and he the darker. A real life Parent Trap movie.

          • Very good Kathy. Ruth kept Mark because he was the older child and would remember his mommy. Baby o was a baby, so baby o wouldn’t remember that his bio mom was ruth.

          • Correction: Baby o was a baby, so he wouldn’t remember his mother was ruth — whether ruth gave birth to baby o, or adopted baby o is still a question to be answered. From our research it sounds like ruth and sr. adopted baby o, and baby o was then again adopted by his second mom/and lolo.
            Or are you suggesting it may be the other way around?
            I’m puzzled by the dark hair on ruth. Was that her natural color or was the sandy brown her natural color? If it is Ann in the video and not ruth, then that looks like a different ann/person than the ann dunham who has been plastered across msm and internet.

    • Given that Ruth was attractive (looked quite attractive at Joseph’s wedding) but that BHO Sr. says he didn’t marry her for her looks, then one MUST wonder what he married SAD for. She was never as pretty as Ruth and certainly, if we believe her son, not ever as wealthy as Ruth. So, what did she have? Good finds Ali. Thanks.

    • Ruth looks about 17 or 18 in that photo, imo.

    • Ali, She resembles Lauren Hutton in the second picture with short hair holding the baby. Just my opinion.

  9. I’m going to ask a stupid question from some of you who are in bi-racial families. If both of these children are from these two parents, is if possible for them to have such different skin color? It dosen’t look like the child standing has any of her coloring at all. I’m thinking maybe they have different mothers.

    • lol we are cross-posting thoughts again. If the standing child is supposed to be mark, then he does look darker than the present mark — so that confuses me.

    • Or more likely, now that I think about it, different fathers. Hence the estate controversy.

      • I don’t even think the women in the photos in this video are the same. Look at their eyes. I think the family photo is a fake.

        • I agree with you Kathy — they look like two different women.

          • I looks like what’s supposed to be Sr. is in medical clothing. Possibly someone on a medical mission trip? Hmmm…..

          • picking ’em up at the orphanage — i don’t know — you’re correct re “sr’s” top, it does look like a medical shirt.
            I think you’re right — it’s probably all photoshopped.

          • Ali, what thread are the photos of Hefty and Nidesandjo?

          • “Distraction, Open Thread”
            Kathy, while you are there, would you please check out one of my last comments at the end of that thread where I ask the opinion of all of you to please look at the link/photo of the older Mabel retirement pic with the blanket. Compare her face to the previous page where Miri posted snapshot pictures of ruth and a younger Mabel. Do you think they are the same people, different people, or even as you suggested, siblings (that would still mean different people lol).
            Signing off 🙂

          • Problem Ali, My computer has started asking me on this site if I want to open only content that was delivered securely. When I say yes, those photos don’t load. Does anyone know if it’s safe to say no to that question?

          • Never mind. I think it had something to do with my e-mail. I shut my computer down and now it’s fine.

    • I wish we could get someone to do that fancy age progression computer stuff on these photos. I wonder who they really are.

    • My friend has biracial children. Both were very pale at birth. The oldest remained much lighter, and the younger one became darker as growing up. Usually the oldest can pass as white alot of the time. It just seems to happen like that. I do not know why. They both are really nice looking kids. Neither one of them resemble my blonde friend much though. They must look like their dad which I never met. He was in another state.

    • Genes are a funny thing. Traits can skip generations, so a child might look more like a great-grandparent than either of the parents. In the case of skin color, that’s a changeable thing. You can’t judge by what you see in photos, unless the person strips. Even dark-skinned people tan and they were living in Kenya. Mark may now be paler than he was as a child, if he spends less time in the sun.

      What strikes me is the hairline. Mark has a “widow’s peak” which is not evident so much in that earlier photo of him with Ruth. In the photo with both boys, it’s visible, but the younger boy doesn’t look like David and he’s not 4 years younger, as he’s said to be. Her hairstyle is interesting in the photo where she’s with both boys. Reminds me a little of a fad during the early 60s, but also like Mia Farrow’s hair in the late 60s, circa 1968. In the earlier photo, her hair is long. This second photo would be about 4 years later, so she’d be in her early 20s. But we don’t know when she was born. The hairstyle with the wide, soft headband–that can be dated, too. Those headbands were popular around ’62. That photo does look like the Ruth of today. They’ve used that headband trick before, to obscure/change hair. See the photo of Lolo, SADOS, Barry, and Maya shrunken-head on the couch. Roll down to see a model with a soft headband, in 1962.

      I’m not so sure about the woman with the two boys and BHO Sr. Her chin looks shorter. Where are the dark eyebrows visible on the earlier photo? That coat looks expensive. Designer model. Wish I knew somebody who could place it.

      • Check out Mark’s hairline in that video – fairly smooth — so perhaps his hair has a bit of a cowlick when its longer, thus appearing like a widow’s peak?

        Agreed, the woman with the two boys looks like a different woman — who is she?

  10. I have to crop them and will be back.

  11. Well, maybe I can wait to sign off until I get your feedback Kathy — unless you don’t see this comment right away.

  12. Is he the bouncer of this class or just the one with a head 3 times larger then the others ? He is a giant no ? Like an inserted person in there no ?

  13. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!! At around two minutes into the CNN video, Barry says he JUST MET MARK a “couple of years ago.” The video is from Nov. 2009. One year ago. A couple of years ago, would be, at best, 2006. No earlier. Yet in his book, he talks about meeting Mark in Kenya, at Ruth’s house, where he and Auma went to visit. He went to lunch with Mark, which is when they had their long conversation about Kenyan identity and the “old man.” How can he “forget” this experience that he had and which he wrote about in detail in his book? Oh, wait. I forget. Ayers wrote the book, and it’s fictional, anyway.

  14. Dean M is over at TD’s claiming Malcolm X is o’s bio father. Dean doesn’t say who the bio mother is. I think Dean is spinning a tale — he’s trying to create the nbc history. Hmmmm, wouldn’t that be bizarre if true?!!

    • Oh my, this is rich lol! I just had a thought while I was blowing my diet — You guys are familiar with Dean M, the bot from TD’s, he’s the one who kept covering for o claiming cia cover blah blah blah. Well, at TD’s, he left a comment pushing the cia cover, BUT ALSO he is pushing nbc status via none other than Malcolm X lol!!! I wonder if that is what o is going to claim if push comes to shove — what a show that will be…

      • oops, meant to leave that comment on the “Distraction, Open Thread” post.

        • nice try by dean…but from what i understand your father is who you claim him to be (ref jbjd site?? will have to check)…i would have believed it previously but in all the discussions on this site with his extended family and the pictures it does appear that bho senior’s mixed race children are fair skinned. and they do resemble each other…but then maybe they are all malcolm x’s lol….

      • Mea culpa — that was unnecessarily petty on my part — I apologize.

        *Note to readers:
        Please do not take anything I state on this blog to be factually correct. I have no idea as to what the “truth” is, nor do I know that any of the sources are factually correct.

    • Could be Ali. See Royal Little of Textron.

  15. To obots, and they know who they are because Bridgette has outed them many times:

    The COLB has no status as evidence because there is no proof that it exists. It’s a freaking photoshopped image on a partisan blog. It has no official seal on the back because it’s a freaking photoshopped image on a partisan blog. As such, it HAS NO BACK.

    An “official seal” is a three-dimensional imprint on a three-dimensional document that is capable of being authenticated.

    Officials in Hawaii have NEVER confirmed that anything seen on that digital image of a COLB is accurate. In fact, they have refused to address the issue of that digital image and one of them stated that she cannot say WHAT IT REPRESENTS.

    It is a complete and total obot LIE to say that the State of Hawaii will not ever again produce a certified copy of an original long-form birth certificate.

    butterdezillion and ladysforest, at their blogs, have provided evidence that this is an obot lie. The HDOH WILL provide certified copies of long-form birth certificates, upon request and payment of the nominal fee. Citizens have been documented recently receiving such copies from the HDOH. So, yet another lie debunked. You’ll have to remove that one from your cut-and-paste talking points.

    The POTUS CAN get a certified copy of his original vital records to present to the American people, his employers; but he chooses not to. WHY, obots? WHY?

    The original birth certificate that is alleged to be “on file” in Hawaii for this man could be from anywhere on Earth, or it could be nothing more than an incomplete certificate filed upon submission of a statement by a person with knowledge of a birth.

    The statement by the HDOH concerning vital records that “verify” his birth in Hawaii is not a statement that these OFFICIALS verify that as fact. They carefully state that they have seen VITAL RECORDS (plural) that purport to VERIFY his birth there. THE DOCUMENTS themselves “verify” this; the officials do not.

    Verify, used in the legal sense, refers to a statement or affidavit swearing to a particular fact. In this case, the vital records may be nothing more than an affidavit in which some unnamed person swore that Obama was born in Hawaii. It could have been Maya, attesting to the “fact” that her mother told her that Barry was born in Hawaii. Or it could have been Barry himself, as an adult, swearing the same. They don’t say WHAT these vital records consist of, when they were created, when they were filed, or whether they were ever accepted as legitimate and thus would withstand authentification.

    These officials have never said that they have investigated and determined that these vital records state the TRUTH.

    Why the carefully parsed statements? Why not just release the freaking vital records? WHY NOT, obots?

    Some obots claim that “Hawaii has never allowed the DOH to issue a birth document of any kind that says on it that anyone was born in Hawaii unless there was proof that the child was born in Hawaii.”

    This is also a LIE because Phil, at the Right Side of Life, has proof that at least one person, who was born in ASIA, received a birth certificate alleging that he was born in Hawaii. All it takes is one case to refute this lie because obot in question says, “never.”

    All the aforementioned websites can be found on our blogroll, except for ladysforest’s, which is

    IF you care to educate yourselves and CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!

    Some obots say that Gov. Lingle claimed that Obama was born at Kapiolani Hospital. What’s hilarious about this particular claim is that Lingle also claimed that they issued a news release to that effect. Well, no they didn’t. The news release said NOTHING about Kapiolani hospital, so this shows you how much Lingle knows.

    The hospital itself will not confirm his birth there, even though he himself has made the claim, so there’s no privacy issued involved.

    One would think they’d be more than happy to tout themselves as the birth place of a president. In fact, imagine what that might do for fundraising. But wait!

    When it was publicized that indeed they did try to use this issue for fundraising, they quickly scrubbed that off their fundraising webpage. Why? Perhaps because it’s against the law to use a false claim to solicit money? In other words, it’s fraud.

    Besides which, prior to Obama’s election, multiple stories were published citing Queen’s Medical Center as his place of birth. An entirely different hospital! Now, we know he’s supposed to be far above mere mortals, but even the messiah can’t be born in two places at the same time, unless he can skip from alternate universe to alternate universe. If so, I wish he’d exit, stage left, and take all his minions with him.

    Some obots even stoop to citing the infamous Babs Nelson’s bogus story, which she quickly backtracked upon when light was shone upon how ridiculous her story was.

    IF obots care to educate themselves, then can search our blog for the evidence against Ms. Nelson’s claims. In fact, we were discussing Babs only yesterday. Check out this thread:

    Be sure to back up to read about Mabel Hefty, another teacher and friend of Babs’s, and then check out the thread at Free Republic.


  16. Here’s something interesting. The Obot named “Granite” mentioned a “Buffalo News” link from January 2009 that uses double hearsay as “evidence” of Hawaiian birth for Obama. Such “evidence” would never be accepted for an I-9 form, and shouldn’t be accepted for the Presidency.

    But here’s what’s intriguing… the “Buffalo News” article that was originally published on January 20, 2009, 8:17 AM was UPDATED on August 20, 2010, 8:01 PM

    Now… why was an update necessary?

    I have been unable to get a pre-update version to compare to the current version, but I have archived the current version in case it changes again.

    has been entered into the archival queue. An archive of this page should shortly be available at

    Why the update? Why was a 19 month-old story updated?

  17. A response to two Obots:

    rrichardson said:

    This is all lies. NONE of it is true. Obama was born in Hawaii, and he has proven it by showing the birth certificate, and the facts on the birth certificate were confirmed by the officials in Hawaii and the governor of Hawaii.

    As I explained above, what Governor Lingle said was demonstrably false. Not true. A lie, whether intentional or not. She claimed that the news release said things that it did not say. There is audio of Lingle’s words, and the publicly available news release does not say what Lingle claimed it said.

    As to documents, what has been “shown” to the public and members of Congress is nothing more than JPG images on HTML pages. Sorry, but URLs and JPGs are not sufficient documentation for an I-9 form. You can’t use a JPG to prove identity or eligibility.

    Produce the hard copy document(s) for members of Congress and the general public to inspect. Release the document(s) directly from the State of Hawaii, and deliver them under seal, just as was done for two other certificates that were sent from the State of Hawaii to Congress under seal.

    granite44 said:

    Re: “No officially certified vital record has ever been released directly from the state of Hawaii for Barack Hussein Obama II. ”

    Actually, you are wrong.

    Actually, I’m right. Show me where an officially certified vital record has ever been released directly from the state of Hawaii, to members of Congress, for Barack Hussein Obama II. You can’t, because it hasn’t happened. Those who have sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and who have a Constitutional obligation to ensure that the President and Vice-President qualify to hold the office (see section 3 of the 20th Amendment), have never done the due diligence to inspect an officially certified vital record delivered to them under seal directly from the state of Hawaii (for Obama) nor the state of Delaware (for Biden).

    They all outsourced their Constitutional responsibility to an unelected, unaccountable third party which has connections to Obama (Annenberg Political Fact Check, and Obama has connections via his role with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge).

    If the “Obama birth narrative” is true, then there is a long-form initial birth certificate from the Hospital to prove it.

    The Contrapositive is that if the long-form initial birth certificate does not exist, then the “Obama birth narrative” is fraudulent.

    • From section 3 of the 20th Amendment:

      if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

      It is the responsibility of Congress, the Legislative Branch, to ensure that the individuals elected to the Executive Branch offices of President and Vice-President have qualified to do so.

      Show me where members of Congress fulfilled their Constitutional duty to qualify the President and Vice-President.

      They didn’t. They violated the Constitution and outsourced this responsibility.

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