Double Dipping by “PUBLIC” Entities – PBS and NPR

By Bridgette

When the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)  has their week-long pledge-drive specials where requests for donations are made,  did you know that the government was also supporting them?  How about  the National Public Radio (NPR)?    It appears these “publicly supported” companies have been double dipping.    It has recently come to light that when these companies and their outlets   beg for donations to keep them alive , they are also receiving grants from the government … your tax dollars.

What ridiculous governmental agency sponsors these companies and when did it our tax dollars begin to support them?

The government takes our  tax dollars and gives  these monies to these companies, while those companies are also begging  for more dollars from you to keep them on the air.    How often have you heard PBS wail, we can’t keep offering you these programs without your support?  Who is checking out their balance sheets to see if these marketing techniques are a sham or not?   If these companies can’t operate within their budgets, why are they still operating?  These companies are receiving free money to operate..from you directly and indirectly from governmental grants!   Aren’t they operating in a free market society?  Then why aren’t they competing in the private sector against other like public companies?  Are we duped because their names contain the word “Public.”

Is there some public benefit to their offerings?  What are they providing  as a service to us taxpayers?

According to the well-known FOX Commentator,  Bill O’Reilly who was incensed after the firing of Juan Williams from NPR,  did an investigation into NPR and revealed the government sponsorship of these Public corporations.  In Bill’s commentary, it came to light that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will  receive $420 million this year from the government.  This doesn’t include the millions that individual donors will send to keep them alive.

What is NPR feeding our citizens in their broadcasting menus while taking advantage of our free tax dollars?  The answer is Marxist, Progressive ideological commentary.   O’ Reilly stated that the “news-based programming on PBS and NPR is heavily tilted to the left.   In fact, as far as their news analysts are concerned, there are 17 liberal-leaning individuals on the air and one moderate.   There are NO conservative voices” to counterbalance the Left’s voices.   Using the word ” tilted to the left”   to describe their views when the score is 17 – 0  is a joke.    Who wins with this tilt?   It is the Left voices that are permeating the airwaves and broadcasting mediums who are the winners.    While, it is the  conservative, traditional voices that are being muted or silenced and whose voices are not being government sponsored.   This is quite the opposite of what the Left says is true.  The radical Left’s  takeover of the broadcast media (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.) and their constant barraging and twisting of the news  still was unable to  persuade many people to side with their anti-American philosophy  as shown by the mid-term election results.  As the MSM  ratings keep falling because people are turning the channels; these stations vilify  FOX news and their followers instead of recognizing why they are failing.

They are failing to  present the news and information in an unbiased fashion.  That is what people want to hear and see.  Citizens don’t need nor want to be spoon fed propaganda with a one-sided viewpoint.    These media outlets haven’t learned the KISS theory;  Keep it Simple Stupid!   Instead they rely on  “Stupid, we are keeping it  Simple.”   (That made me think of the latest mantra we heard of  “Yes We Can”.  The Progressives kept it simple, it had no meaning, and it was picked up by the  uninformed masses.  Wasn’t that chant a reflection of their beliefs about normal everyday Americans?  The weakest among us, those most easily influenced were  caught up in the web of deception.)

Americans  still want to hear both sides of every story, and before making any decision, they want to hear the people on both  sides of the fence make their pitch.  What could be fairer than that?   It is still our choice to listen to and support those that we want to  hear.  It is NOT our choice to have “them” decide what we must support or hear.

It is time to Silence the Left and remove government funding from these non-“public” companies who are serving the anti-government minority party instead of the established public majority.    If these propaganda spewing companies can’t survive on their own, let them die or force them to compete for the ears of the citizens by supporting themselves.   Don’t get me wrong, I am for free speech, but I don’t want my tax dollars paying and subsidizing broadcasts that are spewing anti-American sentiments.

Who knew that our hard-earned tax dollars were supporting the Left’s take  down of the US and their attempts to move our country toward socialist/communist values.   Not I, and more than likely not you.   It is time to examine the governments books in total to see where our tax dollars are going, and put an end to our sponsorship of  the Leftist’s organizations, and democratic machine organizations like  NPR, PBS, and ACORN.  We must expose them and cut them off from all government funding.

Let the likes of  communist billionaire, George Soros,  subsidize the Left’s propaganda machine organizations  with their  never-ending sources of money.  They don’t need our hard-earned dollars if they are getting radical George’s hand-outs!   How many organizations would fold without good old George?  (George initiated or created over 500 organizations just to beat George Bush in the 2004 primaries.   His money and organizations  didn’t sway the masses to follow the Marxist  nominee’s suggestions and push. George W. Bush won again. ).

Conservative thinkers and leaners are the  majority in this country.  Let’s put a stop to the Liberals having the loudest voices, and demand the never-ending governmental sponsorship of companies and organizations that are being given our tax dollars to support an ideology that doesn’t reflect the majority of people in our nation.

What other companies and organizations do we unwillingly and unknowingly  sponsor that should be exposed and cut-off?

Turn off the government spigot! That alone will put a tiny dent in reducing the governmental deficit that is shown today as:

The Outstanding Public Debt as of Nov. 5, 2010

at 7:09:35 AM GMT


The estimated population of the United States is 309,422,319
so each citizen’s share of this debt is $44,355.20.

Do see the increase that has occurred since this article was written by clicking on the words “Outstanding Public Debt.”

Now, after knowing that we are being duped into supporting the Left’s voices that we don’t agree with,  I wonder what is being espoused on Voice of America (VOA) which, according to Wiki, ” is the official external radio and television broadcasting service of the United Stated Federal Government.  Its oversight entity is the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

VOA provides a wide range of programming for broadcast on radio, TV and the Internet around the world in forty-four languages, promoting a positive view of the United States. The Voice of America is fully funded by the U.S. taxpayer. Congress appropriates funds annually.   The VOA’s budget estimate for 2010  was $206.5 million.

VOA’s parent organization is the presidentially appointed Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).     Interestingly, their broadcasts are “aimed at the ex-communist states and countries under oppressive regimes in Asia.  In recent years, VOA has expanded its television coverage to many areas of the world.”

Exactly whose views are we promoting to other countries about our great America?    What is the tilt of those hundreds of commentators?   Are they talking about life, liberty, and freedom and the ideals of our republic?   Are they talking about the  America we love and our allegiance to our way of Life?  Or is our government now hiring and voicing the words of the communist minority in our U. S. A.?

Wiki states,  “The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), a bipartisan panel of eight private citizens appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate (the U.S. Secretary of State is an ex officio member of the Board),  is the oversight body for official U.S. international broadcasts by both federal agencies and government-funded corporations.”   The  BBG has a Congressionally funded annual $757 million operating budget.

Who was appointed to the VOA’s oversight Board (BBG)  by our radical president?   In November 2009, President Obama nominated to the board:

  • Walter Isaacson, Chairman
  • Victor Ashe
  • Michael Lynton
  • Susan McCue
  • Michael Meehan
  • Dennis Mulhaupt, Co-Chair
  • Dana Perino
  • S. Enders Wimbush

Below is a little information about these seven  nominated people and links on their name for further information.

The chairman, Walter Isaacson, was appointed by President Obama to the BBG that runs Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and the other international broadcasts of the U.S. government.  He has been the
Chairman and CEO of CNN and the Managing Editor of TIME.   He is now is the President and CEO of the Aspen Institute.   He is a Harvard graduate.  In December 2007, he was appointed by President George W. Bush  to be the chairman of the U.S.-Palestinian Public-Private Partnership.

Victor Ashe

Victor Henderson Ashe II is the former United States Ambassador to Poland.   For sixteen years, from 1987 to 2003, he was mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee.   Ashe is a Republican.  He is a Yale graduate and was the roommate of  Pres. George W. Bush.

Michael Lynton

Michael Lynton is an American businessman who has led several media related companies including Time Warner, The Walt Disney Company’s Hollywood Pictures and Pearson’s Penguin Group.  Since January 2004, he has been Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures.  Lynton is trilingual in French, English, and Dutch.     He attended Phillips Exeter Academy,    Harvard College, and Harvard Business School.   Lynton was born in England in 1960 after his family escaped Nazi Germany.   He is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and Teach for America and on the board of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, the Jewish Television Network and the Rand Corporation.

Previously, Lynton had worked extensively on internet related matters. He was President, AOL  International, and CEO, AOL Europe starting in 2000, where he was responsible for AOL Europe as well as for AOL operations in Asia and Latin America.  He has stated, “I’m a guy who doesn’t see anything good having come from the Internet, period.”

Susan McCue

Susan McCue is a political strategist and President of Message Global LLC, a
strategic public affairs firm she founded in January 2008 to advance
progressive campaigns, global non-profit advocacy, grassroots activism and corporate social responsibility.

Before taking her top Senate post, McCue was a Communications Director for Harry Reid and was the Press Secretary for Sen. Tom Harkin’s 1996 Iowa Senate race.  She worked at Bozell-Eskew Advertising and served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo.  She also worked on media for Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential campaign.  Prior to her political career, McCue worked in the news library at the Associated Press and as a research assistant for reporters at National Journal and The New York Times.

She was Chief of Staff to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from 1999 to 2006. Before that she held numerous communications positions in government and campaigns.  She is currently Vice Chair of Humanity United and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In August 2007, GQ Magazine named McCue one of the 50 most powerful
people in Washington and in 2006 Washingtonian Magazine named her one of the 100 most powerful women in Washington.

Michael Meehan

Michael Meehan is an expert at communications, national media, message development and implementation, polling and election politics.

From Senate Chief of Staff to top political and communications posts at the
three national Democratic Party Committees (DSCC,  DCCC and DNC), Meehan has held positions of influence in the public policy and media relations arenas.  He has worked in top advisory positions for many U.S. Senators, including Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer. From 2005 thru 2007 he served as Senator Maria Cantwell’s (D-WA) Chief of Staff and chief strategist of her 2006 re-election campaign.

Dennis Mulhaupt

Dennis Mulhaupt is founder and Managing Director of Commonwealth Partners, Inc.,  a firm providing  advisory services to philanthropic institutions and families.  He worked at an investment bank in London and subsequently established the West Coast international political and economic risk advisory department at a major U. S. financial services company.   He was the  Executive Vice President at KCET in Los Angeles, a west-coast flagship public broadcasting and media company.

Dana Perino

Dana Perino is the founder of Dana Perino and Company, a strategic communications firm, a member of the Burson-Marsteller Global Strategy Team, and a Fox News Contributor.    She is best known as the former White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush. She is the creator of Minute Mentoring, a program helping young women entering the workforce, and a member of the ONE Campaign’s Women’s Advisory Board, Mother’s Day Every Day, Running Start, and Pets2Vets.

Ms. Perino served in the U.S. Justice Department, was Director of Communications for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and worked for Representatives Dan Schaefer (R-CO) and Scott McInnis (R-C).  She holds a M.A. in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Illinois Springfield and a B.A. in Mass Communications from Colorado State University – Pueblo.

S. Enders Wimbush

S. Enders Wimbush is Senior Vice President at the Hudson Institute (an American, conservative, non-profit think tank founded in 1961.).  From 1987-93, he served as Director of Radio Liberty in Munich, Germany.  Mr. Wimbush has worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, Science Applications
International Corporation, and the Rand Corporation as a consultant, strategist and analyst of international security issues, and for Runzheimer International as director of communications.   Earlier Mr. Wimbush directed the Society for Central Asian Studies in Oxford, England.  He  studied for a PhD at the University of Chicago, where he received his A.M.  from the Committee on International Relations.  He holds a B.A. in History from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

From 1987 to 1993, Wimbush served on the front lines of America’s strategic communications efforts as director of Radio Liberty in Munich, Germany.  During his tenure, the Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Wimbush had the honor of opening Radio Liberty’s offices in Moscow, Kiev,  and elsewhere in the former USSR.


The investigation is continuing.  The Board may be the overseers of the budget, but who are the people responsible for the hiring of the commentators and for the  programing?    Who is writing their scripts?  Unfortunately, we can’t tune in because  the radio broadcasts are only available to listeners in other countries.  Wouldn’t you like to know what information about our USA is being broadcast overseas?  Wouldn’t you like to know what we are paying  these people to say to others?  What is their tilt?  Are they adding to the anti-American sentiment in other countries?  It would be great to find that all of the commentators who are broadcasting overseas are people who hold America’s  exceptionalism and loyalty in their hearts rather than otherwise.

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  1. Wow! I was a monthly/ annual contributor to the following:

    WXPN Philadelphia 85.5 University of PA radio

    WNJS New Jersey channel 39 PBS

    WHYY Philadelphia PA channel 12 PBS

    BAM (Brooklyn Museum of Art)

    The Hillary Clinton for President

    among many, many other “public” service organizations.

    until 1/9/o9 until I finally got it.

    a rude awakening after many years, with remorse and regret.

    P B S is about right.

    Olbermann backed co-chair of ‘Marxist-socialist’ bloc
    Congressional group wants to remove socialism’s stigma in eyes of Americans

    Nov. 5 Snips

    NEW YORK – One of three Democrats financially backed by MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is the co-chairman of a Marxist/socialist-founded bloc in Congress. [Grijalva is co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which boasts more than 80 members. ]

    Olbermann made donations of $2,400 each – the legal limit – to three Democrats: U.S. Senate candidate from Kentucky Jack Conway, who eventually lost to Republican Rand Paul; U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz.; and U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.

    The NBC News policy specifically states concern that an employee making such contributions may “jeopardize his or her standing as an impartial journalist” and “may create the appearance of a conflict of interest.” Today, MSNBC President Phil Griffin announced Olbermann had been suspended over the violation.

    Demonstrating the close relationship between the DSA and the Progressive Caucus, two weeks ago WND reported the Democratic chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee was caught on tape meeting with DSA leaders to discuss how the group could cooperate to strengthen President Obama and advance their “one-world” plans.

    Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., who has a long history with the DSA, was recorded promoting a “one-world” government while asking the socialist group to organize against the war in Afghanistan and in support of Obama’s policies.

  3. (just an aside: Carol Mosely Braun – un American commie)
    On topic:

    ~ this article is a PUBLIC Service, unto itself.

    NonProfits are a sham…the reason why we’re going under.

    RIP OFF brought to you by ~ the Boards of Directors.

    Global Warning!!!!!

  4. Hey, did you guys see this? It’s great fun!

  5. Bridge
    BHO is off in India making trade agreements. “creating 50,000 jobs.
    Two questions
    1. Doesn’t he need consent of congress even if it is on the ” fast track”
    2. Jobs for who????? Workers of the world…???

  6. Aone, That’s Obama’s problem. He thinks it’s up to the government to create jobs.

  7. Rosemary Woodhouse

    To be honest, I’m surprised Bill O’Reilly is believed to have”revealed” this. I thought it was common knowledge.

  8. National Public Radio ousted analyst Juan Williams after pressure from Islamist groups ~

    — October 22, 2010 — Twelve years before National Public Radio officials ousted analyst Juan Williams after pressure from Islamist groups, they blacklisted terrorism expert Steven Emerson.

    In an account published on the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s website,, Emerson details how NPR caved in to pressure from a Chicago activist who erroneously claimed that Emerson was an anti-Muslim bigot. Emails obtained by Emerson and others showed how NPR producers and executives placated a sole protester by saying Emerson would no longer be allowed on the radio network.

  9. We all know the Percy Sutton- Obama connection ~

    Percy Sutton and the Inner City Broadcasting Family

    Michael Bloomberg
    David Dinkins
    Hal Jackson
    Basil Paterson
    Charlie Rangel
    Deborah Roberts
    Dana Tyler

    Join in a Golden Mike Salute to Percy Sutton

    Click to access 2005SpringMagazine.pdf

    • Leza, That link locks up my pc. Let me try this.

      Percy Sutton and the Inner City Broadcasting

      It is along way from San Antonio, Texas. “With those words Percy Sutton , his wife of … 11 RearL-R: Keisha Sutton, Mayor Bloomberg, Basil Paterson, and Charles Rangel.

      Click to access 2005SpringMagazine.pdf

        • Keisha Sutton-James, Vice President at ICBC Broadcast Holdings
          Greater New York City Area ???

            • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

              Located in New York City, the Inner City Broadcasting Corporation (“Inner City”) was founded in 1971 by Percy Sutton, former Borough President of Manhattan, and a group of over fifty African-American shareholders seeking to impact media in African-American communities. Among the company’s co-founders included legendary disk jockey Hal Jackson — now the company’s group chairman—and David Dinkins, who succeeded Sutton as borough president and would go on to become New York’s first African-American mayor.

              Through its subsidiary, ICBC Broadcast Holdings, Inc. (“ICBC”), the company is the second largest radio broadcasting company targeting African-Americans. Inner City has also owned a variety of other media assets over the years. These investments included two cable television joint ventures with Time Warner (Queens Inner City Cable System in New York City and Urban Cable Works of Philadelphia d/b/a Wade Cable), the Apollo Theater in Harlem, and the famous live televised It’s Showtime at the Apollo.[1]

              Primarily targeting the urban segment, ICBC’s radio stations include eighteen urban-formatted stations in seven markets – New York, NY; San Francisco, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Columbia, South Carolina; and Jackson, Mississippi. ICBC’s flagship station is WBLS, located in New York City. In August 2004, ICBC redeemed nearly $140 million [2] accreted value of redeemable preferred stock in a recapitalization led by GE Capital and Alta Communications, a Boston-based private equity firm [3].

              By 2006 Inner City had sold or otherwise disposed of the majority of its investments outside of its core radio stations.

              On December 26, 2009, Percy Sutton died. He is survived by his wife, Leatrice Sutton. They were married for 67 years.

              • Harold Baron Jackson (born 3 November 1915) is an American disk jockey and radio personality who broke a number of color barriers in American radio broadcasting.
                [edit] Early years
                Jackson was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in Washington, D.C. where he was educated at Howard University.

                [edit] Career
                Jackson began his broadcasting career as the first African-American radio sports announcer, broadcasting Howard’s home baseball games and local Negro league baseball games.

                In 1939, he became the first African American host at WINX/Washington with The Bronze Review, a nightly interview program. He later hosted talk show, a program of jazz and blues on WOOK-TV.

                Jackson moved to New York in 1954 and became the first radio personality to broadcast three daily shows on three different New York stations. Four million listeners tuned in nightly to hear Jackson’s mix of music and conversations with jazz and show business celebrities.

                In 1971, Jackson and Percy Sutton, a former Manhattan borough president, co-founded the Inner City Broadcasting Corporation (ICBC), which acquired WLIB — becoming the first African-American owned and operated station in New York. The following year, ICBC acquired WLIB-FM, changing its call letters to WBLS (“the total BLack experience in Sound”). Today, ICBC—of which Jackson is group chairman—owns and operates stations in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Fort Lauderdale, Columbia, South Carolina, and Jackson, Mississippi.

                The nonagenarian Jackson continues to host Sunday Classics on WBLS each Sunday from 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. with Debi B. (his wife of 23 years) and Clay Berry.[1]

                In 1990 Hal Jackson was the first minority inducted into the National Association of Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame. Jackson was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1995. He was given a Pioneer Award by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation in 2003. In October 2010 he was named a “Giant in Broadcasting” by the Library of American Broadcasting.

                Jackson is the founder of the Hal Jackson Talented Teens Miss International Competition. The most recent winner is a modern dancer, Jacquelin Harris, 17, from Charlotte, North Carolina.[2]

  10. Her mom’s maiden name was Sutton too ! Wow ! What a coincidence again no ?

    Spicy Stars or Sandcastles Powderpuffs and Stars 13 | We the People of the United States Renee | November 6, 2010 at 2:44 pm | Reply

    Renee | November 6, 2010 at 2:49 pm | Reply
    Muna-Toni’s mom’s maiden name was Sutton. NOTE* Remember Percy Sutton too ?

  11. Good job Renee, doe’s make you wonder if there is a connection there.

  12. Same Jody Evan’s from Code Pink??

    PRX Names Jody Evans as Fundraising Soundbank Curator | Public

    Leading public radio program executive Jody Evans to join PRX as curator of … is regularly requested to advise on national programs by NPR, American Public Media and Public Radio …

  13. Good information, Bridgette. You have to feel for poor Dana Perino. She must be the token conservative, like Hasselbeck on The View.

    Keep all this in mind the next time you hear a pledge drive on PBS–Public B.S. They don’t need any more of our money until they prove they’re fair and balanced. So far, case closed: They’re unfair, unbalanced.

  14. I was unaware until Beck’s show as to how many media outlets were owned by Soros. I don’t know if a list will be provided of his air-wave connected stations, but it will be interesting to see how many are considered or have something like “public” in their name .

    Was the now defunct radio station “Air America” one of his? The reason I think so is from one of the shows listed, “Mother Jones Radio with Angie Coiro (one hour)” and Mother Jones is one of his online internet blog sites.

    Wiki – “Air America (formerly Air America Radio and Air America Media) was an American radio network specializing in progressive or liberal talk programming. It was on the air for a little less than six years, from March 2004 to January 2010. Key people were: Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, Montel, and Lionel.”

    The founder was Sheldon Drobny, Chairman Emeritus of Paradigm Group II, LLC, an investment firm that serves as managing partner of Paradigm Millennium Fund, LP, which entities together are a principal and largest shareholder of the Company. Drobny and his wife, Anita, had conceived the idea of starting a progressive talk radio network to compete with conservative talk radio. Drobny credits President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore in helping Air America Radio get started. Drobny claims Gore introduced him to Al Franken, helping AAR secure Franken as talent.

    Drobny is now also involved in the Fourth Estate Society, which has the stated goal of revitalizing the tradition of independent journalism in the United States. ( Fourth Estate Society? – an organization to do [progressive] investigative journalism)

  15. team in merger talks with CBS/Viacom
    01 Apr 2004

    George Soros, CEO of ltd has begun merger talks with the CBS/Viacom News Network to help bring together the Vibrant Staff of the Independant News Network with the resources and Global Consumer Reach of the CBS news network.

    This follows a meeting of the IMC Board of Directors and key Indymedia shareholders where it was decided that Indymedia needed to branch out from its traditional Liberal readership demographic to encompass more mainstream news interests and readerships….

  16. George Soros and Media Connections

    Many listed with connections by Freepers

  17. Ted Turner, CNN, George Soros, and a Russian TV network?

    Ted Turner confirms Russian television network buy
    Wednesday, April 4, 2001,

    Turner Ventures International, an investment vehicle formed by CNN Founder Ted Turner, confirmed it has reached an agreement with Vladimir Guzinsky, the owner of Russia’s only independent television network, to buy a share of NTV. The Washington Post reported Turner and an investor group that includes international financier George Soros signed a $225 million deal on Tuesday to buy out Gusinsky.

  18. Proposal to Defund NPR Wins GOP Anti-Government Spending Contest …
    Nov 17, 2010

    National Public Radio, under fire ever since it sacked Juan Williams last month, is now the latest target of YouCut, the anti-government spending program started by House Republicans earlier this year.……/proposal-defund-npr-wins-gop-anti-government-spending-contest/

  19. House G.O.P. Plans To Force NPR Defunding Vote
    Nov. 18, 2010 (4 hours ago)

    ..the House Republicans promise to force a vote on the proposed spending cut on the floor of Congress.

    The current Congress, with a Democratic majority, is very unlikely to defund NPR, but Republicans take over the majority next year. At the same time, Sen. JIM DEMINT (R-SC) has indicated that he will introduce an NPR defunding bill in the Senate, which will remain under Democratic control.

  20. Senator Rockefeller, you swore this oath:

    The Congressional Oath of Office:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    Senator Rockefeller, allow me to refresh your memory on two sections of the U.S. Constitution, which you swore to support and defend…

    The First Amendment:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment:

    No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

    Senator Rockefeller, it appears to me that you have made yourself ineligible to remain a Senator unless a vote of two-thirds of each House removes the disability you have brought upon yourself by rebelling against the first amendment of the United States Constitution.

    Unless 67 Senators and 290 Representatives in the House vote in favor of Rockefeller remaining a Senator, he should be promptly removed from office.

    Yes, I am absolutely serious.

    Rockefeller has broken his oath of office and attacked the Constitution, rather than defending it, by saying:

    There’s a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, “Out. Off. End. Goodbye.” It’d be a big favor to political discourse, our ability to do our work here in Congress…

  21. Senators Support Taxpayer Defunding of Public Broadcasting
    Dec. 3, 2010

    This year alone, American taxpayers spent $420 million to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Due to the downswing of the economy, CPB has requested $604 million for Fiscal Year 2013.

    “Businesses and families have been forced to cut their budgets because of the poor economy, CPB should too,” said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner stating his support for defunding CPB. This is not a new agenda for Capitol Hill.

    In June, Rep. Lamborn introduced H.R. 5538, which would effectively prohibit federal funding for CPB after FY 2012.

    “In fact, 87 percent of their money [CPB] comes from sources other than the U.S. taxpayer. So why should we, in days of $1 trillion annual deficits, give money to a corporation or any company that can fund itself.”

    CPB is a nonprofit that receives about 13 percent of its funding from the federal government—meaning taxpayers.

    ALG and other fiscally conservative organizations strongly support Rep. Lamborn’s legislation and were pleased to hear through various sources that Sens. DeMint and Tom Coburn (R-OK) are planning to introduce similar legislation in the Senate.

    “I think in this current environment in the United States the original intent behind public broadcasting is no longer relevant,” says Bill Wilson, president of ALG. “Public broadcasting was originally enacted when there were three network television channels and limited access to news and information.

    “Both National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service claim only a small portion of their overall budget comes from the taxpayer. That means they should be able to do without taxpayer support,” he said in the Washington Examiner op-ed.

  22. In a way, this is related news:

    This is their plan to regulate radio and tv broadcast stations without Congressional input, if Congress doesn’t stop them. They want to force stations to prove their value every 4 years. They want to give more station licenses to “minorities” (read, friends of Barry). They think they can force stations to reveal the identities of all political advertisers; I guess even if there’s no law to require it. They want to force more local programming, in other words, to get rid of syndicated CONSERVATIVE talk shows like Limbaugh, Beck, Ingraham, Hannity, under the guise of serving the “community”. They play these games to target certain viewpoints, unfairly, because they know liberals won’t be affected: liberals can’t get the audience that conservatives do. Nobody wants to listen to their stupidity.

    I bet the PBS stations won’t be forced to drop or balance their “Some Leftist Things Considered” programming. We MUST stop these people from this illegal, unconstitutional incrementalism. They think they’re sneaky and that we’re too stupid to see through them.

    “Homogenized music and entertainment from huge conglomerates constrains creativity, suppresses local talent, and detracts from the great tapestry of our nation’s cultural diversity,” the FCC commissioner says.

    Is that the job of the government? Where in the Constitution does it say the FEDERAL government is supposed to preserve the “great tapestry of our nation’s cultural diversity?” In fact, if anything, the Founders would want the government to ensure ONE NATION, under GOD, INDIVISIBLE, with LIBERTY and justice for all. In other words, ONE culture. ONE allegiance. AMERICA.

  23. James O’Keefe or his Project Veritas (PV)
    Now You Know Why I Call NPR, “National Palestinian Radio”
    March 8, 2011, – 3:18 pm
    By Debbie Schlussel snip

    For years, I and my late father called it, “National Palestinian Radio,” a joke that I’ve repeated on this site many times and which is used in this video. And now you know why. NPR execs Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley basically nodded in agreement to all the anti-Christian and anti-Semitic “Zionist” and “the JOOOS” comments. And this bigot, Schiller, called Evangelical Christians “weird.” But, don’t worry, you won’t hear any new words–like Evangeliphobia–coined or spread across national news for them. Christians and Jews don’t deserve our sympathy. Just Muslims. And that’s not exclusive to NPR. It’s universal. This disgusting pandering to Muslim anti-Semites, Christian-haters, and terrorism supporters goes on every day by top media execs, government officials, Hollywood, and corporate execs, and I’ve repeatedly complained about it on this site and everywhere else over the last few decades. You must watch the whole video which is just stellar work by PV and the actors in the piece. Kudos to them. I can’t wait for Part Two.

    • NPR Muslim Brotherhood Investigation Part I

      They Pretended to Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

      Senior Executives at NPR meet with Muslim Brotherhood Front Group to solicit $5mm and discuss their federal funding, Fanatical Christians, Zionists in the media, Tea Partiers, Republicans, Uneducated Americans and Juan Williams.

      Speaking is Ron Schiller, President, NPR Foundation, Senior VP, Development.

      • Send a copy to your Senator and Reps! Perhaps they will think twice about funding NPR and PBS!

        James O’Keefe…Job well done again! Doing the work that the media won’t and doesn’t!

  24. From Sen. Jim DeMint who is pushing through legislation to defund National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting.

    The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which funds NPR and PBS, was originally incorporated as a private, non-profit corporation in 1967, and its first taxpayer subsidy was $5 million. Last year CPB got $420 million from taxpayers and President Obama recently asked for an increase to $451 million.

    This is money that should be used to reduce our nation’s debt. Instead it’s being used to pick winners and losers in a highly competitive media environment. It’s also being used to pay lavish salaries.

    According to 2009 tax forms, PBS President Paula Kerger received $632,233 in compensation that year while NPR President Emeritus, Kevin Klose, received more than $1.2 million in compensation.

    NPR boasts that it only gets 2 percent of its funding from taxpayers and PBS gets about 15 percent, so these programs should be able to find a way to stand on their own.

    A new undercover video of outgoing NPR Foundation president, Ron Schiller, surfaced yesterday that has it on the ropes. Besides calling the members of the Tea Party Movement “uneducated” and “racist”, he also admitted that NPR did not need taxpayer money.

    [DeMint doesn’t say in his email that Schiller was meeting with members of an alleged Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist) front organization for a $5 million donation to fund them. I guess NPR will take money wherever they can get it..even from designated terrorist organizations. Schiller’s leftist bias was appalling in the video.]

  25. Schiller vs. Schiller: Contrasting answers from the top at NPR

    Video showcasing the top executive’s statements regarding NPR.

    • It’s not a good time to be a shill-er.

      (I know, bad pun, but hey, the ‘c’ in Schiller is silent!)

    • OMG. The Tea Party is involved in people’s personal lives? Since when? And it’s a fundamentalist Christian group? Where the hell has this guy been? What a jerk. Oh, and we’re “anti-intellectual”. Please. What a dork. Is he an example of what passes for an intellectual these days? LIBERALS are more educated and fair and balanced? In his dreams. ELITIST. Is there any other word? Maybe self-satisfied would fit, too.

      And Schiller thinks that we have a 44-year “investment” in NPR. Please, it’s time to cut our losses.

      I’m sorry I put the NPR news on the open thread. I just wanted to get it out there. I forgot there’s a post about the subject.

      Sheesh. Seventh time is the charm. Took me that many tries to get this comment in the right place.

  26. Undercover sting catches NPR talking about Obama birth story
    ‘To run for president you have to be born in the U.S.’

    March 08, 2011

    A top officer for National Public Radio has confirmed that many Americans still question whether Barack Obama is eligible to be president, but that the tax-supported organization just isn’t reporting on it.

    It was Betsy Liley, NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, who was meeting with another NPR executive, senior Vice President Ron Schiller, when an undercover recorder was running.

    In the recording, the two executives discuss how a donor wanted to contribute to coverage of climate change, but only if just one side of the story – the side promoting man-made climate change as fact – is reported. Liley calls it “complicated.” “There’s a political question, and there is a scientific question, and we were talking to him about supporting the science desk. And so we’ve gone back to the science editor and asked how have you planned to cover this?” She said the science desk appears to cover climate change as established science but noted that the political desk in Washington may move into other areas.

    “So it’s more complicated than saying, ‘Where was Obama born? In Hawaii or not? Is he an American citizen or not?'” she explains. “There’s still a question about whether he is and that is a fact,” she said. “But I think the challenge in our society now is questioning facts. It’s not opinions that we’re debating. It’s what are the facts? Is the world flat? I mean is that the next question we’re going to debate?”

    As the Washington Times put it, Liley spilled “the birther beans during an undercover sting.” “We’re not covering the birthers. We are not covering them,” Liley said. “There’s a whole movement within the conservative group about questioning something that Obama has said as fact, ‘I was born in Hawaii, when it was a United States state.’ The group that questions this, some of whom are commentators … I don’t know any who are Democrats, but they are primarily conservative commentators and people who follow them question if Obama is [a natural-born citizen].”

    Liley also cites a “stunning” study revealing that “51 percent of Americans now believe that Obama was not born in the United States.”

    • Ha, ha, Bridge. We were writing about the same thing at the same time. I bet you did a better job of it. I see I’m really going to have to find 11 minutes to watch that O’Keefe video. I wish it were easier to understand. Or that some kind soul would make a transcript. 🙂

      Not you! I didn’t mean to sound like I was making an assignment. I know you kindly transcribed the Lolo passports. I was hoping somebody already did the transcript and maybe somebody has a link?

    • LILEY

      • Welcome to Foundation Search Canada – Client Advisory Board
        Elizabeth E. Liley
        Director of University Foundation Relations
        Purdue University

        Betsy Liley is the director of University Foundation Relations for Purdue University, a world-class research university with 40,000 students and more than 300,000 living alumni. Purdue will complete a $1.6 billion campaign in June 2007. Betsy has worked in development for the past eight years, in K-12 and higher education systems in New England and the Midwest. Two of the projects she managed in Vermont have won national recognition from US EPA and United Way of America. Betsy also taught journalism, public relations and business for six years at two small liberal arts colleges in Vermont. Previously, Betsy helped to lead public relations group at an advertising, public relations, interactive and market research firm with offices in Vermont, Boston, Montreal and New York. While there, she worked with clients in higher education, textbook publishing, online educational content providers, workforce development and other clients. She also was a print journalist covering government and politics at the state and national level as well as an editor in the Midwest and in New England.

    • I don’t even comprehend her comment about questioning facts. Do you?

      She says, “It’s what are the facts?” Yes, maam. That’s the question. What ARE the facts? Isn’t that what NPR is supposed to do? Find FACTS?

      She seems to put the “fact” of Barry’s birth in Hawaii when it was a state on the same level as the “fact” that the Earth is round. So in her mind, if you question the unproven allegation that Barry WAS born in Hawaii when it was a state, that’s the same as questioning the KNOWN FACT that the Earth is round? WTF?!!! I cannot even begin to comprehend these people or how their minds work. Did they take every statement made by GWB at FACE VALUE without verifying the truth of it? Hell no.

      • The thing is that these people were burned so badly by bloggers who proved that the bogus documents presented by Dan Rather as “fact” were forged, that they’re hell bent on IGNORING all the evidence that proves that Barry’s COLB is similarly bogus and forged. Think about it.

        Maybe Journolist existed way back then, and Rather was part of it. Was he totally innocent? Did he know the source of that fake document that was intended to deep six GWB’s campaign and put Kerry in the WH? Kerry, who was the progressives’ and Soros’s first choice for infiltration? Then bloggers blew that one up in their faces. That was a huge blow to the progressives AND to their complicit friends in the lamestream.

        So now we have the bogus COLB. It’s similarly been debunked by bloggers as forged, fake, inauthentic, and obviously useless as evidence because it’s a freaking digital image on a blog. But they were burned once. Their plan was ruined by bloggers. This time, they have dug in. They’re not going to let bloggers ruin their progressive Marxist plan this time. That’s what the deal is. That’s why they won’t even TRY to verify the COLB.

        They don’t CARE if it’s bogus. All they care about is getting into power the people who will promote their goals. They don’t care about freedom. They don’t care about the Republic. They don’t care about democracy. They don’t care about the will of the majority of the people. Because in their minds the majority of the people are stupid, WHITE, racist, xenophobic idiots who need elitists like them to run the country, for their own good.

        • Good analysis and comparison of the eligibility question and Dan Rather’s career ending fact reporting. I hadn’t thought of that, but it sure makes sense. Again this time, it is the Left again who is putting out bogus information and even though they have been caught time and time again, they won’t admit it. The Left may have the megaphone, but the Right’s message is still getting out. Their power is diminishing and they are upping the ante in all arenas as expected. Look at the unions ..that message is being seen nationwide and their leaders associations with the Marxist, revolutionaries, Muslims, and radicals is now being broadcast. They are losing..and crying like babies.

          The Left is doing a great job of showing themselves to be the abnormal and minority group of “thinkers”, anti-American, ideologically driven roaches in the U.S. That JournOlist is a hummin’ these days to try to drive their message..even they were outed!

          • I do hope that they’re losing and I similarly hope that it’s true that 51% now question if Barry was born in the USA. btw, WND seems to say in another article that the SCOTUS did another funky thing with their docket and that SCOTUS won’t answer the question whether or not Sotomayor or Kagan recused themselves from the eligibility conference. Here’s the link again, in case it’s already been linked:

            I don’t know if it has because I’m way behind on my reading today.

    • I want to know if Betsy Liley is fired as well as the two execs!

  27. NPR officers compare deniers of climate change to birthers and flat earth believers
    March 8, 2011

    The video below is where the Obama eligibility is talked about.

    NPR Officers: Climate change deniers will only be covered as a political story not a scientific one

    • Repeating here a comment I made at Michelle Malkin’s site yesterday

      Unbiased bonus from the same video: Climate change deniers compared to birthers and flat earthers.

      I say to the NPR exec…

      1) We don’t deny that the climate changes. We deny that man-made CO2 is the cause and that we must allow the leftists to redistribute the wealth in order to avert a crisis. It’s the sun, stupid. We deny Gore-Bull Warming.

      2) We’re not “birthers”, we are “Constitutional Republicans”. We support and defend the Constitution and the rule of law.

      The issue of… whether a person born with dual allegiance is eligible to be Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces has been discussed at numerous times in our nation’s history. It’s not like it was just made up by people who do not support Obama.

      Back in 1896, the issue of whether a citizen – who was not born of US citizen parents – could be President of the United States was discussed in the Tribune (aka New York Tribune) during that Presidential campaign. Here is the full text of the story

      3) Show me an example of a modern-day “flat earther”. I think they are like sasquatch. They are spoken of, but do not exist. The fact that the NPR exec thinks they exist shows you that he himself is no Mensa member.

      • Oh, those are great points, Red Pill.

        They slipped this one by, didn’t they? “Climate change deniers”

        I challenge NPR to find even ONE person who denies climate change. That person would be a fool, which is why they try to reframe the argument and even the words and definitions used, because they want to make it seem as if those who doubt MAN-CAUSED global climate change are fools. Only a fool would believe that climate doesn’t change. Intelligent people, however, WOULD and DO question whether or not our actions have caused climate change, especially since it’s been shown that so-called “scientists” fudged their data for political reasons. “Global Warming” or whatever they call it now (climate instability?) is nothing more than a POLITICAL ploy to justify redistribution of global resources, in order to institute world-wide socialism.

        This is of a piece with how they reframe and lie about what eligibility questioners (Constitutional Republicans) believe. We don’t think he’s not a citizen (now). We don’t think he was born in Kenya.

        We don’t say one way or another because NOBODY KNOWS (except Barry and his inner circle) WHERE he was born or WHEN he was born or TO WHOM he was born. And NOBODY knows (same exceptions) when he received citizenship or whether he’s a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, for the same reasons: NOBODY knows (same exceptions) WHEN, WHERE, TO WHOM. Only a FOOL would accept his statements at face value, especially given that in his own fictional, ghost-written autobiography, he admits that the facts are NOT facts. He admits it’s FICTION. A FANTASY. A LIE.

        However, one thing that we DO know: He’s NOT a NBC within the meaning of the phrase as used by the Founders and codified in the Constitution, based upon who he CLAIMS that his parents were.

        What we have here is a failure to communicate. Why? Maybe because these people who think they are so freaking intelligent are actually simple-minded. They are used to seconds-long sound bites and accepted spin. They can’t grok any complicated issue, that takes more than a few seconds to explain and which involves many factors. Is that the answer? Somehow I think not, although I do believe that they are intellectually challenged. Most closed-minded people are.

      • I don’t like to toot our own horn (well, maybe I do) but I will certainly toot Bridgette’s horn on her behalf. Perhaps you’d like to cross post this at Leo’s blog:

        Remember this? Our own author Bridgette, who rounded up many old news articles to show what the meaning of “natural born citizen” was in the late 1880s, close on the same timeframe that Leo addresses.

        • Toot Toot !

        • Thanks Miri for the Toot!

          I just finished reading Leo’s post and wondered if I had referenced the case he cited before, but from a different newspaper because the situation and information seemed familiar to me.

          • I didn’t see the Tribune piece in your article which is odd considering you did SO MUCH research. It’s curious that it didn’t turn up in your research. I wonder, truly, if Leo read your post. If he didn’t, then he needs to. We read his, avidly, after all. 🙂

            Toot! Toot! You deserve the accolades. The scoop is here.

      • Thanks for posting Leo’s new article. I hadn’t read it. I remember reading about Johannes Schurman previously. I wonder if I used the example in a post once.

        • That name sounded familiar to me, too, and I bet it was somewhere in that post you wrote or maybe in the comments.

  28. Now the Anti-Defamation League is after NPR for Ron Schiller’s anti-semitic remarks:

  29. Okay, so I’m currently viewing the 11-minute expose by James O’Keefe and his wonderful citizen journalists who do the jobs that “real” journalists refuse to do. Here are some excerpts and my thoughts:

    1. They set up a website for their fake Muslim Brotherhood-supported foundation, MEAC. On it, they admitted that one of their goals is spreading SHARIA in AMERICA.

    2. They said they wanted to donate $5 million to NPR to counteract Republican defunding. That one-ups Soros!

    3. NPR execs were given a ride to lunch at a tony restaurant in a stretch limo, provided by the fake MB front group.

    4. Schiller says we need “Muslim voices” in schools and on the air, in the same way we once needed, “as a nation,” female voices.

    5. Can anybody explain what’s wrong with “white, middle-America, gun-toting” people? I thought these folks valued diversity. Where are the “white, middle-America, gun-toting” VOICES on NPR?

    6. Schiller nods his head and takes “credit” for putting Rashid Khalidi, Hamas, and Hezbollah on NPR/PBS to give their views.

    7. In answer to a question about what Schiller thinks about the situation in Egypt, he says that what’s most disappointing to him is that the “educated ELITE” in this country are TOO FEW. Let me guess that he counts himself and Liley among those select few. It’s the “uneducated part of the population” in America that “carries these ideas” about Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s “about anti-intellectualism.” He says a university “by definition” is “liberal” because it’s “intellectual.” Subtext: The usual meme–conservatism by definition is stupidity. To be an intellectual requires being “liberal”. Ergo, conservatism equals stupid equals these dolts NEED to be RULED by the “educated elite”, including, I suppose, the Muslim Brotherhood. What a complete and total ass. This is in regard to the Tea Party, too, and “birthers”, no doubt. Would he be surprised at the number of degree-holding authors on the many Tea Party-supporting and Constitutional Republican blogs? I should say so.

    8. He says, “traditionally” the Democrats have supported and funded the “pursuit of knowledge” but the Republicans have not. That’s probably news to a whole lot of Republicans. Especially home schoolers who want to be SURE their kids pursue knowledge, which they certainly do. In fact, they wipe up the floor with public-schooled kids, who are “educated” by NEA unionized “educators”.

    9. NPR would be better off without federal funding because then they could keep their “independence.” Meaning, I suppose, their liberal bias.

    10. Schiller didn’t seem particularly agreeable with the comments about Jews controlling the media (I guess with regard to NPR) and the joke about National Palestinian Radio, but Liley said, “Oh, really? I like that.”

    11. Schiller does say the Zionist influence is obviously there with those who own newspapers. Then when the phony Muslim says “what Israel does can’t be excused, frequently,” Schiller nods his head knowingly.

    12. Liley, with regard to the fake Muslim saying that the MB is “demonized” and viewed as “terrible people,” says that “I know; exactly (or sadly). … Sadly our history as Americans (or from the record), as a very young society, has shown that we’ve done this before. We put Japanese Americans in camps in World War II.” OMG, I am speechless on that one.

    13. They all agreed they HAD TO fire Juan Williams. There’s still no understanding of WHY that was wrong. Schiller’s “very proud” of what they did. In their minds, expressing any thought that is COMMON to most Americans (learned and logical fear when we see Muslim-garbed guys, praying to Allah and getting on a plane)–well, that’s a fire-able offense. Thought police. Feelings police. You MUST conform. You WILL practice right think (except it’s left think).

    14. Hoist on his own petard and sentenced by his own jury: He said if anybody expresses his own opinion (that’s not PC), then he’s “compromised as a journalist”. Gotcha! This is too delicious to be believed. (Of course, he’s not a journalist, per se; but it’s good anyway.) Lost yer job, didn’t ya, Ron?

    15. Schiller said Williams couldn’t “report to the Muslim community” after his statement, so he lost all credibility. Can NPR report to the Tea Party or conservatives or the white middle-American, gun-toting community and be believed? I think not.

    OF COURSE, already the lamestream media has pulled out the “heavily edited” card. Just as with Sherrod and ACORN.

  30. btw, this video says part 1. Is part 2 out already?

    • Not that I can find..if I recall, O’Keefe likes to let the first ones sink in before he releases the next ones. Bigger bang ..and this video is being spread far and wide. Anyone read the Left’s comments on it yet or are they ignoring it? Are they pretending this didn’t happen?

    • The second part is supposed to be released tomorrow.

  31. NPR Muslim Brotherhood Investigation Part II

    Senior Director of NPR Betsy Liley says she may be able to shield from a govt audit a $5 million donation from a reporter posing as a donor from Muslim Brotherhood front group! They can keep the donation Anonymous.

    • BetsyLiley talked about Purdue University and their donors and why they didn’t accept certain donations . One was a convicted felon, Michael Milkin. She talked about how donor’s backgrounds were scrutinized, and if how they wanted their money used would hurt or hinder the university or its students in any way. She used names of donors as well, this will not sit well with her former employer, Purdue Univ.

      She talks about the Soros donation from Open Society for $1.8 million that was given last year. She also states that they received $14 M from the McArthur Foundation in 2003 and $1 M each year thereafter for 10 years. She dropped Bill Gates name as a donor too.

      They talk about the Muslim Education Action Center’s donation remaining anonymous and how that is done and who would know about it. He questions whether there is a government audit and how their name would be hidden from them (the government wouldn’t see that database).

      Betsy wanted a general Letter of Understanding that their lawyers would draw up stating how the Muslim group would want their money used by NPR.

      Betsy never asked where the money was coming from, who the donors were, and did not ask for any information about the background of this group. She visited their website for information. [On the website, it says the group wants the US to comply with Sharia Law, and Betsy read this and apparently it didn’t matter to NPR.]

      Not releasing the name of the group and designating them as anonymous was important to him, and she believed this could be done.

      By, Bye Betsy!

  32. Like NPR, PBS Met With Fictional Donors
    March 9, 2011, 3:31 pm

    NPR was not the only media organization duped by the Republican provocateur James O’Keefe.

    PBS confirmed Wednesday that, like NPR, one of its executives attended a lunch with people who posed as members of the Muslim Education Action Center Trust, a fictional group. When those people had lunch with NPR executives, they falsely claimed that they wanted to donate up to $5 million to public media. The NPR executives were secretly videotaped at the lunch.

    Anne Bentley, a PBS spokeswoman, said PBS’s senior vice president for development, Brian Reddington, attended a lunch with the fake donors in February. She said she had “no sense at all” of whether Mr. Reddington was taped during that lunch; when asked if PBS was concerned about a possible tape surfacing, she declined to comment.

    Ms. Bentley said that Mr. Reddington came back from the lunch with “profound concerns about the organization” and began what she called a routine vetting process “when there is an appearance of a conflict of interest and to ensure they meet requirements of transparency and openness.”

    “Attempts to confirm the credentials of the organization proved unsatisfactory and communication was halted by PBS,” she said.

    • Guess we will see if another video surfaces either proving or disproving PBS’ statement that they vetted the organization.

  33. TheDC Exclusive: O’Keefe contests NPR’s e-mails prove media outlet did not want to accept Muslim Brotherhood money
    Mar. 10 Sn ips

    NPR spokeswoman Anna Christopher told the left-wing Talking Points Memo that the now-known-to-be anonymous gift “never got beyond the internal drafting stage — and was never sent. Period.” She backed up her new claims by sending TPM four pages of e-mails TPM says show NPR “refused” the donation.

    But, in an exclusive e-mail to The Daily Caller, O’Keefe says not so fast. “If you look closely at the e-mails they don’t constitute a refusal,” O’Keefe told TheDC. “There is plenty more material on the way.”

    In fact, the internal e-mails show the senior NPR executives were seriously considering taking a large donation from what they believed to be a Muslim Brotherhood front group…The e-mails also show that the only thing that scared the NPR brass about the donation was the organization’s 501c3 tax status. Their internal communications didn’t show any concern about accepting money from an organization that was purportedly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  34. Secretly recorded phone calls cast NPR fundraiser in unflattering light
    March 10, 2011; 10:38 PM Snips

    An NPR fundraising executive said her organization would be willing to shield a would-be donor from a government audit by keeping the donor’s name anonymous, according to a series of surreptitiously recorded phone calls released Thursday by a conservative activist.

    In a lengthy follow-up phone call with Liley after the lunch, an O’Keefe associate posing as “Ibrahim Kasaam” of the Muslim Education Action Center (a fictitious entity) expressed concerns that NPR, which receives government funding, would be subject to government audits or would have to disclose the source of its donations.

    Liley responded, “If you were concerned about that, you might want to be an anonymous donor and we would certainly, if that was your interest, we would want to shield you from that.”

    At another point, Kasaam asked Liley, “It sounded like you’re saying that NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit, is that correct?”

    “I think that is the case, especially if you were anonymous, and I can inquire about that,” Liley said. She later informed Kasaam via e-mail that NPR’s management had cleared an anonymous donation from his group.

    NPR had previously said, in the wake of the luncheon video, that it had “repeatedly refused” to accept donations from the organization.

    NPR put Liley on administrative leave as a result of the video.

    the issue appears to be how far would NPR have gone to protect the anonymity of a potentially unsavory donor – one that might have connections to interests hostile to the United States.
    [Muslim Brotherhood front organization]

  35. Breitbart on NPR/Muslim Brotherhood Donation: ‘In Another Era They Would Call This Treason’
    Mar. 18

  36. Jihad TV: PBS Airs Al Jazeera Television: Demand Investigative Hearings
    April 1, 2011

    Today I was the keynote speaker at a conference at the National Press Club to expose the covert expansion of Al Jazeera into the United States. Pamela Hall was there, and she’ll have video and pics posted this weekend.

    Your taxpayer dollars at work. Al Jazeera is being broadcast on MHz Networks, a division of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting, which receives over three million in taxpayer dollars. Would we have subsidized Tokyo Rose or the Mufti Al Husseini’s radio broadcasts during World War II? Well, that’s exactly what we are doing now.

    Commonwealth Public Broadcasting is a “public supported charity” exempt from federal income tax. A complaint has been filed with the FCC. This is in violation. Contact Peter King’s office and demand hearings.

    Al Jazeera is totally owned and paid for by the Emir of Qatar, whose net worth is upwards of two billion dollars, and yet we are subsidizing his Muslim Brotherhood propaganda.

    How our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can describe Al Jazeera as giving real news is beyond the pale.

    Al Jazeera’s target is clear — to enable and assist jihadi groups to overthrow the US-allied regimes. Al Jazeera’s role in Egypt reminds Jerry Kenney of the arsonist who wants credit for the ferocity of the fire and destruction.

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