By Bridgette

“Game On Patriots!”

Did You Cast Your Vote?



Hot Election Night Party!

Mid-Term Elections are ONE day away… Tuesday, November 2nd! We have been waiting for two years to rid our government  of many of the  radical elements that have set out to destroy our country!    This is the beginning of that attempt and our non-violent votes are set to put the country back on track by ridding Congress of many Marxists, Socialists, and Communists that have been  elected  to  government positions throughout the country under the guise of “Democrat.”

Throughout the last two long, long years, we have identified those radical people through exposure of their corruption, crimes, and inability to listen to We the People.   We wrote,  we faxed, we mailed, we protested, we called,  we visited, and they didn’t listen.    NOW, WE VOTE!


The polls are leaning toward the Republicans throughout the nation  and our hope is to give the George Soros clan, the Progressives,  Marxists, Communists and all the other “ists”  a real message from We the People.

We are taking our country back!

The Progressive Cleansing won’t be finished with this election, as there are still more weasels to eliminate from city, state, and national government agencies and organizations in the months and years to come. While we had our eyes closed, they have infiltrated our churches, schools, organizations, and government.  They have attempted to erase our history,  culture, heritage,  and traditions and bring our country to the brink of economic disaster.   We the People are standing up and saying, “No Way!  You can take your transformational ideas and Shove It!”

We HOPE to  feel great satisfaction if our feelings and displays of patriotism, life, liberty and freedom have led the country  back to its constitutional roots and rule of law.  That is CHANGE we’ll believe in.  No one has to wonder what those words mean either!

In 2010, every election win is one for the country!

If we don’t oust them this time, we will get them the next time!   That is a promise of WTPOTUS and we intend to keep it!

In the last couple years, I have added new additions to my resume.  I have now claimed and own these titles and aliases.    I am one of Obama’s enemies because  I am  a Tea Party activist and a Constitutionalist.  I am also one of  Janet Napolitano’s right-wing extremists and am,  therefore,  considered a Tea Party terrorist.   Nancy Pelosi called  Tea Partiers “Astroturf”  to indicate our  artificial grassroots.  (Perhaps she misspoke as the demoRats so often do, and actually  meant “Astrotuff”. ).   Joy Blowhard didn’t direct her comments to me, but she  can join others who have identified me as their friend and therefore, a Bitch.     The birther label is another one that we have endured since way before the election in 2008.    The people who originally used it were from Hillary’s camp and were concerned with John McCain’s eligibility.  Then with questions about Obama not being a natural born citizen, the Left  transferred the label  to those citizens wanting to know who the H@#@  Obama really is.   When Obama  is finally exposed, and he will be,   the leftist label of  Birther, will be a badge of perseverance, tenacity,  and pride in bringing him to justice.

Now I have always been associated with endearing names that  described me as loony or crazy  and perhaps a little unhinged or eccentric,  but for the  Left to called me and my associates just plain ” Fringe” was beneath our pay grade!  For that label,  I was totally offended.    Whatever the labels given to those that have opposed this administration’s  radical agenda to destroy the country, we will soon wear those labels with great pride.

As a right-wing extremist, I have been in the business of derailing Obama’s anti-American agenda and exposing his associates and their plans.  I  am very proud of my activities in doing so as I know you are too.    After so much work, whether all of our candidates win or lose, we still need to celebrate and pat ourselves on the back for the outpouring of patriotism and opposition to those who do not share our love of country and want it transformed to their idealic  Utopian Communist nation.

Our American way, our traditions, and our heritage are  being shown to us daily in  so many ways.    We are  Proud to be Americans and that sense of pride fills our hearts and minds.  Those radical minority elements that slithered into our government can’t take that pride away because we won’t let them.

To feel that pride there is a need to celebrate our victories both large and small.   I have planned a Hot Election Night party, and yet  I haven’t had lots of time to do it up right.  I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer  to make this party fun and exciting.    Additionally, we want all of you to post wins and loses from your respective states and to keep us informed of some real “nail biters.”    Many of our  bloggers and our lurkers are invited to share information about races that are important to you, your state, and our nation.    For certain, I will be checking in along with my party guests.

My menu isn’t complete, so perhaps you can help!  What suggestions do you have that will add to the festivities?  I still need more appetizers, entrees, and drinks.   So far, this is what I have planned.

Invited for an “Election Night Results”  Party were both Tea Party and like minded friends as well as  Obotic friends  and relatives.   The invitation states a “Night of Tea and Glee” and it contained a tea bag that has to be returned to the hostess for entrance to the party.    If the invitees were unable to attend the party, they were invited over for a nice, hot cup of  “Constant Comment” Tea at a later date.  I will be the one making the constant comments and that is a guarantee!

I have removed  the two autumn wreaths of harvested dry Indian corn from my front door.  They are  being  replaced by two giant tea bags made from tissue paper.   I still need a label to show its manufacturer.  Instead of Lipton,    I was thinking about “WE DID IT,  Made in the USA,”  or   “WTPOTUS,  Produced By NBC’s in the USA.”     Or perhaps this statement might work even if it  could be construed as a little premature and arrogant, but “WE WON!” might send the best message.

Since this is a patriotic occasion, I didn’t think long and hard about the color scheme for decorations, tablecloths, and party goods.  Red, white and blue will do just fine.  A couple stuffed elephants and donkeys pulled out of my daughter’s room will be the perfect touch for adding a patriotic, two-party spirit to the buffet table.   So far I have only located the elephants, and if I can’t find the donkeys, the Obots will come as they are.

Tea bags attached to hanging red, white and blue streamers, will be strewn from wall to wall.   I requested that my Obot friends bring some of their extra ballots that we can cut and make into little O circle ring streamers as well.   I think that would be a great touch of reality.

While waiting for election results from throughout the country, plan to play Presidential or Congressional Charades.   Start with an easy one to get everyone in the mood.   For the presidential version, start with one word.  Indicate its a little word. Then show it is a one syllable word.   “Uh” is word!  “Ahhhh,”   might get the same reaction.    A snake’s sssss sound might be more difficult.    Slithering along on the carpet while moving your head side to side and  sticking your tongue in an out might produce an answer though.   How many could get these clues?  Oh, such fun!  Or if you have serious history buffs among your guests, a game of Government Trivia would be appropriate.  A betting pool for projected winners of certain races would certainly add to the entertainment.   Hopefully, the unemployed among us will win the pot!

For a centerpiece, I purchased  a large circle (O) of dead wood,   a few boxes of large screws,  packages of  multiple sized screws, and some various nuts and bolts.  The different  sized screws were screwed into the wood at different heights.  They are very visible sticking out of the wooden  O.   The message, “Screw You” will be understood, don’t you think?

The central area of the  “O”  is sprinkled with some dead leaves (not the bright cheery autumn ones) and held in place using a hot glue gun.  Then a few large nails were pounded into the wood around the O frame to represent, “You were nailed!”   Rising above and centered between the screws, nails, and dead leaves a large USA Flag was placed…so that it totally overpowers the insignificant O.   Large and small tea bags are prominently  placed around the leaves.    The centerpiece was lightly sprayed with a light adhesive.  After spraying, a few tea bags were quickly opened and their  contents were sprinkled all around the centerpiece.    Next, some nuts and bolts and tea bags were tossed all along the long, red, white and blue runner.   They represent the nut jobs that voted for Obama’s  cronies or those that agree with his policies.    Additionally,  I added the initials of VOA for some added oomph.   (VOA stands for Voice of America, in case you didn’t remember.).    It’s all in the symbolism, you know.  This is indeed my pride and joy on display!

A bunch of arugula was ordered from the White House and will take the place of plain old parsley to accent and decorate  prepared  foods.  ( I was assured the package should arrive  via Fed Ex on Tuesday… unless another terrorist plot is uncovered on Election Day to silence the election coverage. Well, I just can’t worry about that right now.   Arugula or parsley, what is the difference?..they are both green. ).   In addition,  Lipton’s Family Style Tea bags  (large) will be strategically placed in and around every dish that is served for the greatest effect.

A couple of gallons of Texas sun-brewed iced tea will be served iced,  plain, with or without lemon or sugar.  Ingredients will be  added for those potent   Long Island Iced Teas if preferred.    There will be many hot tea choices from which to choose as well as some Arizona Tea.   Some that  are available are:    Ketepa Blend Kenyan Blackmail Tea,  Peet’s English Gift Breakfast Tea, China Black Tea,  Russian Earl Grey Tea,  Cameroom Yellow Tea and Green Tea,  and Chamomile Herbal Tea to calm the Obots after the results start coming in.

For appetizers and munchies,  in addition to nuts and  candy,  White Crackers, and various cheeses will be served.

Black Bean Salsa is always a winning appetizer with Taco  Chips and various veggies for dipping.

Instead of Chicago Hot Dogs, I prefer to make BBQ ‘d  Barney Franks. They will be served with sauerkraut and onions.

Chicken Enchiladas are easy to make and can be prepared in advance of arriving company.

It’s getting a little chilly at nights now, so perhaps a large bowl of steaming hot  Crow Soup might hit the spot.    Let them eat Crow!   Tee hee.

I must  remind myself not to forget the coffee since it’s going to be a late, late night!    A special blend of Indonesian Express-O  will be served.  Also, the pots for both Decaf and Regular brews will  have little signs that read,       ” We woke up and smelled the coffee.”

If  you are planning a small  or large  Election Night  Get-Together, please feel free to adopt any of my ideas!

Oh, and just in case the party gets out of hand, there are some additional uses for those leftover teabags.  In case of an emergency, i.e.,  Did someone say the wrong thing and get a black eye?  Don’t worry.  Have them lay down and put a couple hot teabags over their black eye for 30 minutes.  If they do that for a few days, you can tell them they will be as good as new by the weekend!

Tea bags can also reduce puffy eyes to reduce the swelling from excessive tears and crying.  Just dip the teabags in hot water, let them cool and put them over  their eyes for 10-15 minutes. If the crying continues after the elections, dark circles may result thereby announcing their party affiliation to others.  Remind them that this tea bag remedy also will reduce those tell-tale dark circles.

Now as you can see, I am a little short on the food menu and could use your recipes and ideas if you have a moment or two.

Until then, Party Hardy Patriots!

In just two days, we can say those infamous words


Whoooo Hoooo!


  1. I got greasy hot dog snacks. Pigs in a blanket. Anyone want one ?

  2. FOX is projecting that the Republicans will take over the house by 60+ seats!

    Goooooooood BYE NANCY!!!!

  3. Alaska’s KTVA Completes Inquiry into Newsroom Recording and Fired the Two Reporters involved in the Joe Miller Smear Talk!

    • ooooohhhhhh burn…..that will mess up a resume for sure, for sure….May that be a lesson to press playing with America….

    • Truly? Good news. I saw somewhere that they were defending them today. Guess something (a tidal wave? a tsunami?) made them change their minds.

  4. Fox News: Daniel Webster wins over the idiot Alan Grayson – the lowest of the low class Democrats from Florida.

    • Oh, I know. This is really great news. I just washed my hair with VO-5 TEA THERAPY.

      Great stuff for washing those fascists right outta your hair!

  5. DANG IT!

    Barney Frank wins his 16th term 63%
    over Sean Belat’s 35%

  6. Barney has 63% in Mass..that is a new project then…must be another way to handle this thief and liar….

  7. What a great party! Thanks for the wonderful post, comments and excellent links! 🙂

  8. Marco Rubio (R) a Cuban-American wins the Senate seat in Florida!

    Governor Crist, former Republican, then an Independent, and then asked the Democrats for help walks away tanned and tearing. He only proved how really flexible he is.

    Meek the Democrat didn’t get any help from Bill Clinton.

    • He’s a rock star! I’m so happy he beat that jerk turncoat Crist. His numbers were good enough to beat all opponents, put together.

      Barry’s friend Giannoulias is winning in IL, so far. 😦

      • I just saw that one! Illinois remains in the hands of the corrupt machine.

        • To defeat any of those favored by the machine, an opponent needs to be up by 20 pts. to account for vote fraud. It’s sickening.

          I’m still shaking my head over the asshats in Massachusetts voting for Barney Frank–the guy who single-handedly destroyed the housing market. WTF is wrong with them?

          Some “moderate” Dems are going down, too. Byron Dorgan and Ike Skelton. Some of this is inexplicable.

          Gateway Pundit reports that Christine O’Donnell took a huge amount of the Independent vote but not enough Republican votes to win. Thanks, Karl Rove. Thanks a lot. We’ll be watching you, big guy. Just try your tricks on Sarah. You’re gonna lose, big time. RINOs are an endangered species. Didn’t you get the word?

  9. So sad. Robin Carnahan goes down in defeat. Beat by Roy Blunt for MO Senate. I wonder if she’ll hold on to her MO Sec. of State seat next time around, considering the poor job she did overseeing this election.

  10. Senator John McCain wins over Rodney Glassman in AZ!

    • Can I smile and frown at the same time? He’s gonna get on my last nerve if he starts up his RINO “comprehensive immigration reform” crap again.

      Fox News is reporting that Sharron Angle filed a voter intimidation complaint against Reid and Harrah’s because his campaign coordinated with Harrah’s to pressure their employees to get out to vote for Reid. They even were told to use spreadsheets to track which employees voted and which didn’t.

      Rep. Fallin wins in OK to become their first female governor.

  11. Michelle Bachmann looks like she is winning in Minnesota! The Democrats went all out to take her out… Yet, it appears she is prevailing!

    Michelle 50% to Clark 43%

  12. Sestak and Toomey are both at 50 % in PA.

  13. I am so proud tonight of our team here.We have worked endlessly for almost 3 years. For not one dollar in pay. Cheers to all of you here tonight. Our work is far from done, but I believe in my heart that all have made a difference. Keep the brooms near, as we still need them, but we have roared.
    Again to all of you, writers, artists, commenters and all…
    CHEERS ! A toast to Lady Liberty too. I love America, and it shows that all here do also. Thank you to each and every one of you from WTPOTUS.

  14. Boozman ousted incumbent Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas Senate race. Giannoulias and Kirk are nearly tied. It all depends on the precincts that reported already. Upstate IL is blue; downstate (God’s country) is red.

  15. Drudge is saying that Russ Feingold is out! That’s one I won’t be missing. Too bad they didn’t get rid of Chuckie Schumer.

  16. More shenanigans? A power outage in Nevada caused one polling station to remain open and no results will be posted until all polls close. Or until the required number of votes are rigged up to cause Prince Harry to win.

    • Polls in Nevada are all delayed. Power Outages in multiple areas and long lines were held up in their ability to vote.

      Who handles the power grids? Pretty peculiar to have a power outages with all the casinos that are no longer operating or open. Power usage should be way, way down. I wonder how often those occur?

      Imagine with the lights out, then ballot boxes can be switched unless those boxes are attached to people’s legs.

  17. Oh, my gosh; it’s a nail biter. Now Kirk has pulled ahead of Giannoulias by 1%.

  18. No one here has needed tea bags on their eyes so far..but it is still early and the Long Islands are taking effect. The big boozers errr losers aren’t laughing quite as much.

  19. Per Drudge




  20. ABC News projects Nikki Haley to win SC governorship.

  21. Carley lost.

  22. Fox just projected Jerry Brown will win over Meg.

    Also predicted that Boxer will win over Fiorina

    Stomping my feet here! California is still holding on to their idiots.

    • Cali is like mystery meat patties….you never know how they think it tastes real….

    • The funny thing is that exit polls had Fiorina winning. Shenanigans? I can’t figure out CA, either.

    • Thanks to the immigrants and the progressives of Cali. Belive me Bridge stomping my feet as well. When their car’s fall into the pot holes because the state is bankrupt maybe then they will get it…naw, then they will claim because they were an immigrant it was against their civil rights Ca. did not maintain and fill in the pot holes and sue the state…more FREE MONEY!

  23. You know what’s going to be so disgusting? They’ll be doing recounts in many of these races. Lawyers, etc. Count every illegal vote. Just like with Franken, who’s sitting there now but who really LOST the damned election, had they subtracted the illegal votes by felons. Toomey’s ahead now. So’s Kirk. But they’ll try to steal it on the recount. And there’re always the absentee ballots they can play around with. Five more seats and the Repubs have taken the House!

  24. California shows 47 % for both Jerry Brown and how can they call it?
    That looks like a tie to me.

  25. In Illinois, Kirk is 48% and Alexi is 47%

  26. Brought you all some music from Kate’s place. Fitting no ?

  27. I really hate all these close races because that’s all they need to work the voter fraud in the absentee ballots and the recounts. It’s the same old story. They’ve been pulling this for years. It has to stop. Why doesn’t Jimmy Carter watch the elections in his own country for a change? Because he doesn’t want fair elections here.

  28. Whooo hooo. Doing my happy dance. ABC puts Republican seats in the House at 218 (and counting)! Pelousy, you’re history!

    • They are way ahead of Fox.

      They must be making early projections.

      Fox has the Dems at 121 and Repubs at 184

      • Nancy is history anyway! Good bye to her Gulfsteam ride. I wonder how she will like being the Minority Leader if she is even chosen. I am not sure if she gets that automatically or if they vote for her for the new position.
        Is she running otherwise? I haven’t seen her name.

        I guess we won’t know anything about Hawaii until tomorrow to see if Abercrombie wins.

        • Oh, yeah. She’s running again. Issa is, too. I just saw Chris Matthews insulting Michele Bachmann. It was a clip on one of the websites I’m watching. Didn’t seek him out, the asshat. Michele told him something like the tingle mustn’t be so tingly for him tonight. 🙂

  29. John Boehner (R-OH) the new House Speaker is speaking !

    “It is a win for our citizens, the American people.”

    • I love Boehner. He does seem like a good man that loves our country. I almost cried watching him. I got good, clean vibes from him all around.

  30. Oh my gosh, he broke down when he said, “I have spent my whole life going after the American dream.” He is just overtaken with emotion. He was more upset when he was talking about seeing what was happening to America.

  31. I didn’t see it Bridgette, but I imagine they’ll replay it tomorrow. He sounds like a patriot. I hope they stick to what they’ve promised. No more RINOs. They have to man up, like Sarah says. Or else Sarah will. 🙂

    Toomey declared the winner over Sestak by ABC.

  32. I cannot understand why we didn’t flip the Senate, too. Still waiting on Kirk’s win. 🙂

    • They aren’t all counted yet. The Dems are at 48 and Repubs at 45.

      Daniel Inouye of Hawaii was just projected as the winner.

  33. Don’t you wonder what Obama’s speech writers are coming up with tonight? Perhaps they wrote it ahead of time. If they didn’t, his talk to the nation might not occur at 1 pm EST tomorrow. I can’t wait to watch him..knowing his power is being diminished and he has to face the disrespect of the voters after he sees the results of all the states. The arrogant SOB.

    • Oh, I know. Another speech. I don’t listen to him, anyway. I can’t even imagine what the TOTUS will have to say to us tomorrow. Sayonara?

    • I bet he comes out and says it’s up to the Republicans to work with him, meaning they should knuckle under and agree to everything he wants or else. He’s not going to back off. He’ll be defiant. Wait until the first investigation. Subpoena power. Whoo Hoo!

  34. Well, Inouye is an institution. Didn’t expect them to kick him out. I hope they don’t elect Abercrombie. How can they project a winner when no votes are in yet?

    • I don’t know how they do that..from percentages of the votes in from major cities?

      • I don’t know. They have zero percent reporting but then they check the winner. Makes no sense. I’m really irritated at the Reid/Angle race. She was up by at least 3% in the polls and now they have her at 44% to his 51%. Like she said, he planned to steal it if he couldn’t win it. I’m not holding my breath that there will be any justice on her complaint about voter intimidation by Harrah’s. The answer to that? Boycott Harrah’s.

        • Perhaps these races were more fair by eliminating the ACORN faction. I surely didn’t think Mark Kirk would win in Illinois. That is a huge, huge, upset!

          FOX just stated that Harry Reid won by 51% to Sharron Angle at 44% . I don’t believe those percentages either. Power outages etc., are all questionable. Unions involved in the machines, the machines spouting out pre-filled ballots for Harry. Who will look into that race and the shenanigans?

        • Not just boycott Harrah’s, investigate this illegal strong arm-bully tactic and get him out too. Illegal is illegal but the Kirk win is the best of the night for me !

  35. Rory Reid (Harry’s son) lost to Brian Sandoval (R) for the Governor of Nevada!

    PA Pat Tommey (R) is the projected winner over Joe Sestak (D)

  36. ABC has projected Kirk as the winner in IL!!!!!

  37. Fox says that Mark Kirk will win…48% ; and Alexi is at 46%. Mark Kirk will be installed immediately as a Senator taking Senator Burris’ seat.


    A Republican takes his seat…OBAMA REBUKED in his old seat!


  38. REFUDIATED!!!!!!!

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