The Fabricated History Continued

Maya Soetoro and Konrad Ng Hawaiian Wedding Photo Edited By “Ducky”

By Renee


This post continues from the original “Obama’s Huge Fabricated Family.”


  1. in 1987 Jeff was 21 years old


    therefore he was born in 1966
    It seems he was the same age as Mark

  2. Kathy, I did also catch that part about his grandmother. I think he’s talking about Granny Sarah, because she had been working with orphans her whole life, she says. Remember when she said “even the President of the United States passed through my hands?” This was in the same conversation and context of talking about orphans, because she received an award for her charity work.

    Mark has started an orphanage of his own in China. “Giving back.” I don’t know what to make of it.

    He talks about his grandmother, how she inspired him with his music, which he thinks he started (on piano) at about age 12 to 13. Did you notice how he tried to avoid answering questions directly related to certain points in time and certain people? For example, when he began playing piano. Eventually, he said he came home one day and there was a big piano in the house, and his mother started teaching him to play simple songs. He went from there. He’s self-taught, he says. I bet he learned to play in one of those international schools his mother sent him to. But to give such details will mean that people will know where he was and when and will be able to check those “facts”, so he dissembles. For Barry’s sake, I’m sure. It’s interesting to see how he tries not to lie.

    One disappointment for anybody expecting to read Mark’s autobiography. THAT, TOO, is going to be fictionalized. With COMPOSITE characters, including the same protagonist–David, not Mark. It’s going to be about his mother, his father, David (implies himself), and his grandmother (Sarah, I assume). But fictionalized, just like his first book. JUST LIKE perhaps his TRUE first book, Dreams From My Father.

    Why would two brothers BOTH write “autobiographies” that are fictional and which contain composite characters? TO AVOID THE TRUTH. TO AVOID THE DETAILS. But to cash in and promote their careers, nevertheless.

    In Mark’s case, 15% of the proceeds go to charity. I don’t want to diminish the guy. He seems sincere. HE seems real, unlike another that we know. Only towards the end of the 4th video does he start to sound as if he’s telling tall tales. When he talks about Barry’s inauguration and how proud his father would be of how far his family has come. And he repeated that fable about BHO Sr. being a goatherder, yet Wikipedia says even BHO Sr. went to exclusive schools in Maseno. He might have once helped a relative herd goats, be he was in no way a poor goatherder. Remember, too, how Ochieng said that he first met BHO Sr. in NAIROBI, in MBOYA’S office, BEFORE 1955. He was, therefore, a teenager himself when he already was in Nairobi and connected to up and coming labor leader Mboya. Unless they lie about his date of birth, too.

    Did you notice this: Jeff talked about how he himself was in Kogelo when Barry visited to introduce his daughters to the old homestead. Then he talked about how BHO Sr.’s grave is right there outside the doorway to the house. He said something that sounded AS IF he placed the death of BHO Sr. in 1987. He used that date: 1987. As if that’s when the grave was dug and filled. Since 1987. Mark definitely indicated that he didn’t want to talk about that. Quickly changed the subject. Implied it was still too sensitive.

    But what the hey? When exactly DID BHO Sr. die? Could it have been ’87? They have said ’82, but has anyone seen any proof of that? Any news story? Perhaps one by his good friend and journalist Philip Ochieng? Hmmm?

    There’s that discrepancy about when Barry went to Kenya the first time. After David died, but there’s also the discrepancy about when that happened. But Barry went around the time of the death of the father, because Auma was talking about the estate and how only Mark’s mother could prove HIS paternity. Mark was the only one that could (or would) PROVE that BHO Sr. was his father, and so he could inherit. IF David did die in ’87 and IF BHO Sr. died after David, then BHO Sr. couldn’t have died in ’82. Why are there NO FACTS associated with this entire family?

    Jeff Koinange definitely said that he’s the SAME AGE as Mark. Jeff also said, in the first video, that HE never knew anything about any brother named Barry, either. He thinks he first heard about him and that he was Mark’s brother when Obama’s book was published and this was probably after it was re-released, not the first edition that nobody read. He implied that he put Mark and Barry together because of the Obama name.

    Jeff says other strange and interesting things like: “You were Mark Ndesandjo growing up.” Jeff sounded surprised at that! As if he didn’t know Mark as Ndesandjo. (But as Obama?)

    He also said, “Do you paint yourself sometimes?” Paint yourself? As someone else? Please tell me what you think of that comment. At about 2:30 into the first video.

    When he’s talking about Mark going to Kogelo, he asks if anybody “recognized him” or said something like, “so there’s the OTHER brother.” Mark seemed uncomfortable any time Jeff talked specifics.

    Mark says he tried to “shut out” the Obama name. He also said he started writing his first book over 10 years ago. So this would be between the publication of Barry’s first book and before it was reissued and Barry’s second book came out.

    Mark says he hadn’t been to Kogelo for 30 years. That means since about 1980. So he was a teenager when he went there last. Why did he go at that time, in particular? Was this when his father died?

    Since I believe sincerely that that photo of Barry in Kenya, carrying a bag over his shoulder, is photoshopped, as well as the others, especially the one where Granny Sarah is sitting by him, with her hand near his cheek–is it possible that that’s really MARK in the photos, and that they replaced his head with Barry’s?

    They have the same frame. The backs of their heads even look alike. Their hands, their shoulders, their arms, their ears, nearly everything, except Mark has pock marks, perhaps from acne.

    Could many of the photos we see that are supposed to be Barry actually be Mark? It’s written in the book that Ruth brought out the family photo album to show Barry and Auma. Could that be the source of all these pictures?

    How could his grandmother be such an influence on him and his music if he hadn’t been to Kogelo for 30 years?

    Mark says when he was working on his MBA (from Emory) they sent him to places like Thailand and Malaysia. Just little details I gleaned from the vids, which might come in handy to know later.

    • after much thought I am not sure that I believe Jeff is the same age as Mark…..I think that was set up and that they carefully didn’t give any real time frames.
      There are photos of classes at St Mary’s that they refer to and all the classes in the 50’s were all white. I am not sure when they started taking in Black students

    • you may have found your answer

    • and if mark had not been to kenya in “over 30 years”, then o & auma’s story is bs — how could o see mark in kenya, if mark was not in kenya — impossible.

      • He said that he hadn’t been to Kogelo in over 30 years, not Kenya in particular. But he came to the U.S. for college; I assume he stayed here afterward until he left in 2001 for China. The visit with Auma and Barry took place either early 80s or late 80s, depending on what story they’re telling today.

    • Another reporter drinking buddy of BHO Sr.: Mr. Leo Odera Omolo. He was interviewed by Post and Email News and wrote for that Jaluo website. Remember his name, too. btw, found that Obama means “bent or crooked or able to be bent” in Luo. Fits.

      • Now that is a hoot! Bent Obama!

      • http://blog.jaluo.com/?p=1831

        Omolo wrote that story about Mama Sarah. In it, he talks about Sarah’s son Said and his wife Beatrice. At the time of the story, Sarah was 87 and Said was 41. So she had him after Barry was born? When she herself was 46? And she says Barrack Sr’s mother left their common husband in the 1960s? This guy is supposed to be a respected international journalist?

        Omolo claims Sarah said, “I am sure when he [Barry] sees me [at the inauguration] he will be very happy because he will have seen his own blood relative around.”

        His own blood relative? Interesting stuff in the story about Malik and granny Sarah getting into fisticuffs over his squatting on her land and planning to build a mosque. She planned to evict Malik after the US election, so as not to negatively affect Barry’s chances. What a family!

  3. 15 August 2004

    Nairobi — His sudden rise to stardom has stunned many. Analysts toast him as one of the most brilliant and popular black politicians in the United States in recent times.

    Others taunt him as a “skinny kid with a funny name,” whose Kenyan father herded goats and lived in a remote village in Siaya, Nyanza province.

    With his cousin Yusuf Okoth Obama, when he visited his father’s home in Alego, Siaya, 10 years ago. e

    But excited admirers both in Kenya and the US celebrate him as a political superstar and a beacon of hope for his people.

    As a front runner in the United States Illinois Senate campaigns, Barack Obama Jr has raised a cloud of excitement in the international political arena.

    After delivering a well received public speech at the National Democratic Convention in Boston last month, there are some Americans who now believe he is a future candidate for the White House.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as it were, in the sleepy village of Alego-Kogello where Barack Obama Snr grew up, they call the prospective Senator “Wuod Sarah”, Dholuo for “the son of Sarah”, Sarah being his foster grandmother.

    Obama’s real grand mother – the late Habiba Akumu separated with his grandfather, thus forcing Sarah to step in to care for him.

    Agitated villagers are waiting in awe. What if Obama wins the Senate seat in the November 2 elections? Will he return home with bags of dollars? Will the rocky road leading to their village be tarmacked? Will their mud-walled schools where Obama’s father and cousins once schooled be improved?

    As the US senate campaign hots up, Obama mania is sweeping through Alego.

    Villagers here now buy newspapers to read every tidbit they can find about their American kin. The rest have their ears glued to battered transistor radios to keep abreast with the latest information about Obama Jr’s political exploits.

    Everyone you meet in the area wants to be associated either with Obama Jr, his father or even distant relatives.

    Newly-born children and oxen, are being named after him. There are even suggestions that a village path leading to a local market be named after him.

    With his father, the late Barack Obama senior (second left, in glasses), his step mother Keziah (seated, left) and step brothers Malik, Sadik and sister Auma.

    To these simple villagers, news that Obama was causing a political stir in the world’s most powerful country is a miracle. “Ma en hono maduong” (this is a big miracle), says 50-year-old Martin Onyango.

    “Wamor kod wuod Sarah. Otingo’ nying Kenya malo” (We are happy with Sarah’s son, he has elevated Kenya’ name),” says Onyango as he chews sugarcane.

    Some of the people of Alego believe Obama’s rising fortunes will translate into increased employment opportunities, better roads and education opportunities. A few are even optimistic that even the dusty Nyang’oma-Kogello market will be upgraded to a big town

    Continue’s @ link –
    Or @

    • good Lezajo — and hello to all my friendsjo here — aonejo, I see you’ve started our jo family 🙂 — mirijo rpjo bridgettejo sleuthjo et aljo johappy —

      here they say o’s first visit was ’83

      “…A Sunday Nation team that set out to trace Obama’s roots was surprised to find that, unknown to many, Obama has actually been to this village twice. First in 1983, when he had come to mourn his late father, Barack Hussein Obama, who had died in Nairobi in 1982; and again in 1995 when he brought home his young bride to show her his roots….”

      • oh no-jo!! my comment is in moderation reneejo, or some otherjo, would you please be so kind as to pull my comment out of that deep dark hole called “in moderation”

      • This is an important article. Any idea what happened to the photos?

        “With his father, the late Barack Obama senior (second left, in glasses), his step mother Keziah (seated, left) and step brothers Malik , Sadik and sister Auma.”

        Who is Sadik?

        btw, the Yusuf Okoth Obama mentioned in the article, as Barry’s cousin, can’t be (or shouldn’t be) Joseph Ndesandjo. He’s not an Obama at all, according to Mark. His father was the mysterious Tanzanian friend of Philip Ochieng.

        • When the article was written in August 2004, Sarah had already visited the US “several times”. The article says there are three photo albums of his visit to Kogelo and his wedding.

          The article in another place refers to Sarah as his “foster grandmother.” FOSTER grandmother.

          And this is the infamous article that called Barry’s mother “Anna Toot”.

          • Foster grandmother who dealt in adoptions??? o passed through her hands…in other words, o was adopted

          • So if Barry took Michelle, his FIANCEE, to Kogelo, where both met Sarah before they married, is it possible one of granny Sarah’s trips to the US was to attend that wedding? I bet. Why else would there be three photo albums full of pictures of Kogelo and the wedding? Was Anna Toot at the wedding, too?

        • Might Sadik be Said? Isn’t Said a brother of Auma’s. There is a photo of half brother Malik and a couple of Auma on Fab Family. When I posted those photos, I didn’t know how they were related to O. So I didn’t add any information about them. This is what I believe to be true.

          Sarah Ogwel and Barack Obama Sr.’s Four Children.

          Omar Obama
          Zeituni Onyango
          Said Obama.
          Yusuf Obama (Yusuf referenced below. Middle name Okoth) Interesting.

    • Miri,

      “Wuod Sarah”, Dholuo for “the son of Sarah”, should be added to your list of names for the usurper.

      Interesting translation when Joseph becomes the cousin of BO as Yusuf Okoth Obama, and then BO is the son of Sarah too.

      Who is Joseph/Yusuf?

    • Here’s a new name for Auma: Dr. Rita Auma
      “With the Obama family itself there was a sharp differences between the 88 year old Mama Sarah Obama,the step grandmother of the US President Barack Obama and the President’s STEP brother Mr Malik Abong’s, who is the late Barack Obama Snr eldest son. Abong’o fronted for Mr Joshua Otieno, while Mama Sarah Obama, who is the de facto head of the Obama family had settled on the land which was offered by Mr Patrick Olengo. She insisted that Mr Olengo’s offer meant a good gesture to the family which HAD RAISED HIM while he was a young man.”

      Who is Patrick Olengo? Who else did Mama Sarah raise? Someone who ended up being called “Son of Sarah?” Why do they call Auma and Malik/Roy Barry’s STEP siblings? A half-sibling has common blood. A step-sibling is only related to a person by marriage–no shared ancestry.

      • Squabbling over the spoils! I’d like to know why this village believed their whole town would be subsidized in the first place. Who gave them the idea that they’d have electricity, new roads, or schools if Obama was elected? Perhaps they might hold off for awhile in case their son of the soil goes to jail and causes embarrassment to the village and the Luo tribe. I wonder what they do to those who have betrayed them or caused their 2,000 + family great shame?

        Eldest son with Kezia is Roy supposedly. So is Malik also Roy as in Roy Malik Abong’o Obama? I don’t remember seeing the name Abong’o.

        The Obama Community Center was being financed by “the forthcoming Kshs 100 million promised by the government for the complex” and this became the source of discontent. Are US Taxpayers on the hook for this complex..are we giving Kenya money for the usurper’s memorial in Kenya ? Who would have thought it ?

        I think Sarah was running something like an orphanage and when someone wanted a child, she sold the kid. Where did the kids come from in the first place? Slavery and selling of people
        continued in Africa by Sarah? Patrick might not have been “adopted.” So he could be beholden to Sarah for raising him.

        • “I think Sarah was running something like an orphanage and when someone wanted a child, she sold the kid.”

          Bridgette you could be on to something. Granny Sarah stated that when Onyango Obama was imprisoned she had no way to put food on the table “no mean’s of support”. It is a possibility she started adopting out children of the poor villager’s – ran an orphanage of adoptable children for a means of support.

    • “Obama’s real grand mother – the late Habiba Akumu separated with his grandfather, thus forcing Sarah to step in to care for him.:

      So about whom is this sentence talking? Who is “him”? Who was Sarah forced to step in to care for? There are only two males referred to in this sentence: Barry and his grandfather. Sarah wasn’t forced to step in to care for the grandfather, so this writer must mean that she stepped in to care for BARRY. Why else would BARRY be called, “son of Sarah?”

  4. Nidesand what a(nother) coinkydink; the well-to-do American Jewess’ surname doesn’t even exist. She has to go across the world to meet a Tanzanian named Ndesandjo. voila, and so they marry.

    Yeah, we’re morons.

    Yo Ruth, what’s your birth name? who’s your daddy?


    problem with that bogus passport, Senator?

    • This article refers to Malik as “Dr. Auma’s” REAL brother:

      It also alleges that Dr. Auma is using her clout with Barry in the WH to further her own ends in Kenya. Jeff, the reporter who went to school with Mark Ndesandjo, specifically called Barry Mark’s “half-brother.” He didn’t call them step brothers. So one has to wonder if there is a significant difference to KENYANS between these terms.

      Auma is her personal surname, meaning in Luo, according to Wiki: Born into a prostrate position on the ground. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Luo_surnames

      Her last name, according to Luo custom, ought to be (I think) Hussein. Rita is her “Christian” name.

      Notice that Opiyo, David’s personal surname, does INDEED mean “firstborn of TWINS.” So who is David’s twin and where is he (or she)? Odongo/Adongo means second born of twins.

      Okoth means born during the rainy season. So that’s when Mark was presumably born. There are two rainy seasons in Kenya, one in November, and the longer one from the end of March to the beginning of May.

      Oddly enough, I’ve learned that “ochen” means one of twins in a Ugandan language. Remember Philip Ochieng? Hmmm.

      Wuod does mean “son of”. So why would Barry be called “son of Sarah” as if there’s no male ancestor to be named after?

      • Wuod does mean “son of”. So why would Barry be called “son of Sarah” as if there’s no male ancestor to be named after?


  5. j o

    putting the off in jerk.

  6. And Redpill, They love us there. I hope another American dollar never meets this dump of a place..Who are the swine again ? They love us.


  7. Thank you for sharing those videos, Miri — its the first time I’ve seen them. I agree, it sounds like sr supposedly died in ’87, if at all. Clearly, Mark has no interest in discussing specifics.

    I apologize for “thinking out loud”…wrapping it up.

  8. O/T, but was just wondering who this kenyan tennis player is —

    Richard Ndesandjo

    Didn’t joseph also play tennis in kenya? Joseph’s brother?
    There is also a dennis ochieng — perhaps its philip’s son.

    • Ali,
      Get this –

      International Matches 1997 – Africa

      GABON 2 (Obam Maya 38′ pen, Aurelin Bekogo 87′


      I found the above back in Sept. another Hummmm….

      • leza, where on that page is it? my eyes are killing me lol

      • o/t but isn’t okoth one of their family names as well — its a maze

        06/04/1997, Nairobi, Moi International Sports Centre, 35000
        World Cup Qualifier (Group 1)
        KENYA 4 (Michael Okoth 55′, 75′, 87′, Francis Were 85′

        • Yep! Good one Ali!

          Ancestry of Barack Obama
          Okoth, b. … , d. … m. 33 … , b. … , d … Johann Michael Grünholtz, b. Bischweiler 24 Dec. 1688 … first of Mr. Obama’s paternal ancestors to leave Kenya was Mr. Obama …

          • Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo Barack Obama’s half-brother, son of Ruth

            • Sounds like Oshkosh the kids clothing company…

              • Or ASHcroft…
                Could it be John Ashcroft ? Anyone got wiki on him ?
                I have ASHE, CROFT-KROFT-KRAFT in my digs everywhere !
                Coincidence AGAIN ?

              • lol yes renee, i do think its a coincidence lol

              • John Ashcroft and also note this:

                In office
                February 2, 2001 – February 3, 2005
                President George W. Bush
                Preceded by Janet Reno
                Succeeded by Alberto Gonzales


                United States Senator
                from Missouri
                In office
                January 4, 1995 – January 3, 2001
                Preceded by John C. Danforth
                Succeeded by Jean Carnahan

                Preceded by John C. Danforth
                Danforth…Like Armour founder ?
                Coincidence again ? See Greasy Hot Dogs post.


              • J. Ogden Armour’s dad was J. Ogden Armour’s dad was , a partner in the meat packing company Plakington and Armour. They moved their first company from Milwaukee to Chicago in 1865 where it became Armour and Company. He married Lola (Lolita) Sheldon in 1891 and when his brother, Philip Jr., died in 1900, J. Ogden became president of Armour and Company the next year.

                , a partner in the meat packing company Plakington and Armour. They moved their first company from Milwaukee to Chicago in 1865 where it became Armour and Company. He married Lola (Lolita) Sheldon in 1891 and when his brother, Philip Jr., died in 1900, J. Ogden became president of Armour and Company the next year.

                Phillip D Armour
                The D stands for Danforth….

              • Greasy Hot Dogs | We the People of the United States Renee | October 31, 2010 at 2:33 am | Reply

                Renee | October 31, 2010 at 2:35 am | Reply
                400. Lola SHELDON86 was born in 1869 in Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA.86,130,132 Lola began calling herself Lolita, her daughters name) in the 1900s. (US Census, 1900, 1920, 1930)

                Lola SHELDON and J Ogden ARMOUR were married in 1892 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.86,130 J Ogden ARMOUR86 was born in 1863.86,130 He died in 1927.86,130 J. Ogden Armour became the President of Armour & Company, meat packers, in Chicago.
                Armour met Lola at a party in Chicago in 1891 and followed Lola and her father, Martin, to Mexico and they married in 1892. (Alcorn, Biography of a Town) (Lola/Lolita Sheldon Armour’s death date is not yet determined.)

                Lola SHELDON and J Ogden ARMOUR had the following children:

                Lolita ARMOUR.

                MOWLL family…

                Like MOLE ?
                By the way, Shirley Graham DuBois went by the name LOLA….

                MOLE sauce is spicy….
                MOORE family is spicy and paint alot too….

        • Ali !!

          Moi International Sports Centre,

          Moore ?

    • well, there is also a luke, francis and edmond ochieng — but no luck with brother? richard ndesandjo

      • Ali,
        Mix up the name’s say –
        richard ndesandjo + Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo + Kenya
        Sometime’s you will get better results.

  9. OOPS! Reneejo, or someotherjo, so sorry to bother you but I am seeing doubles (and I have not been drinking, I tell you lol).

    • Alijo, It’s Halloweenjo ! Trickjo or treatjo !
      Tennis…it is a hot spot Alijo…dig there….
      cheers !

      • the bag is empty! looks like a trick, not a treat. I think richard MAY be another brother…but i cannot find anything on him besides those short mentions in the african paper re tennis. not even a picture 😦

  10. joseph was cute

  11. Interesting…

    “He is from the Karouth clan – kings that came south to Kenya from Sudan. Now he’s going to be king of the world.”

    The gathering in the yard outside Senator Obama school acted as a window both on people’s enthusiasm and confusion over what if anything this will mean. A huge hand-painted collage of US politicians showed Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter rising above George Bush, Dick Cheney and Colin Powell. But there in the top row alongside Obama was Britain’s Queen Elizabeth – a personal favourite of Granny Sarah.

    Greene Okoth, whose mother had been at school with Obama’s father, said the rain had been a sign of coming victory in local Luo culture and there was no way the son would neglect his roots. “He is one of our own, he’s not going to forget us,” she said. “He is from the Karouth clan – kings that came south to Kenya from Sudan. Now he’s going to be king of the world.”

    http://www.independent.co.uk/ news/ world/ africa/ kenya-celebrates-obamas-success-994898.html

    • Kenya celebrates Obama’s success
      Villagers celebrate victory for ‘son of the soil’
      By Daniel Howden in Kogelo, Kenya
      Thursday, 6 November 2008

      Dawn broke in this tropical hamlet to the news that “one of their own” had completed the incredible journey from rural Kenya all the way to the White House. The partying hordes had never contemplated defeat, but now it was all over and the son of Barack Obama Snr had won.

      The Obamas emerged from their night-long vigil at the family homestead led by Sarah Onyango, the President-elect’s surviving grandmother.

      “It’s unbelievable,” shouted Obama’s half-brother Malik,


      • Malik is the son of whom? How many children did Kezia and BO Sr. have?

        1. Roy first son of BO and Kezia
        2. Auma 2nd child of BO and Kezia – daughter

        Malik Obama, half brother, Mother Kezia?
        George Hussein Obama, half brother, Mother Kezia?

        Grandma Sarah’s name is? Sarah Ogwel Obama and Sarah Onyango

        • Sarah Ogwel


        • Malik Obama ~
          Barack Obama’s half-brother, also known as Abongo or Roy, born c. March, 1958,[82] son of Barack Obama, Sr. with his first wife, Kezia.[86] Malik Obama was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya

          Bridge, I think they want everyone constantly in a state of confusion with everything concerning the Obama family.

          Goverment’s work much in the same way. That way people don’t fight the system, they give up and accept the way the system is….

          These people new what they were doing, and just how they were going to do it…

    • yes, they’re not kidding. So the $50 BILLION DOLLARs in aid for africa wasn’t enough!!

    • Karouth

    • “…Educated at international schools in Nairobi, Ndesandjo, an American citizen, moved to the U.S. after high school, where he earned physics degrees from Stanford and Brown as well as an executive M.B.A. from Emory University…”

      Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1939695,00.html#ixzz13vI2Mk8q

    • …Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, a 43-year-old businessman and musician, has lived in southern China for seven years,…”


      • “…The novel at one point gives away that Ndesandjo is writing about himself. On Page 81, when David enters a restaurant, a friend says, “Oh, Hi, Mark” — an author’s error that psychologists might call a Freudian slip.

        “What’s the identification between an author and his subjects?” Ndesandjo said in the interview. “Where does an author end and a character begin?”

        He added: “You want to give authenticity to your character. And the character you best know is yourself….””


        • Something of an oddity, isn’t it, that Barack Hussein Obama the elder, who converted to Islam, had 4 wives, married a Jewish woman? And she married him, happy to become one of his co-wives? That sounds perfectly likely, doesn’t it?

          • I haven’t been able to figure that one out. Are we missing a huge piece of the puzzle? You’re correct, it doesn’t make sense. hmmmmm

            • I don’t know about Kezia, I suspect its possible she was his “first teenage love”/”teenage wife”.
              I actually think Ruth was his first/second wife — Ruth was the first wife IF the Kezia story is false.
              If Kezia actually was sr.’s first love, THEN I think Ruth was the second wife. If Ruth met sr in the u.s./hawaii, its is possible she did not know about Kezia. I don’t see Ruth as one who would share her husband with another woman — of course, I could be wrong about that. It has been written that ruth and sr would fight when she questioned his late night escapades. To me, that sounds like a wife who keeps a short leash on her husband, it does not sound like one who shares her husband. As for the muslim/jewish conflict — I don’t know. Was sr religious, maybe, maybe not. Its written that he had leftist leanings, many “far lefties” are agnostics if not atheists. Now if he were a religious muslim who “hated” jews, well, logic flies out the window. We also don’t know whether Ruth was a religious jew. If neither were particularly religious, ie. secular, then it may not have been an issue with them. I’m not familiar with muslim africa — perhaps in the ’60’s, african muslims were not fanatics — I have absolutely no knowledge on the subject re africa.
              I’m not sure as to when sr was first in the u.s./hawaii. I know its “reported” he came in ’59. Regardless, if she had the means to get out (financially), I don’t think ruth spent much more than a year in africa with a man who beat her (in addition to sleeping with Kezia). Either of those is a dealbreaker.
              I wish we had an (honest) autobiography re Ruth. I’d love to know her familial background…what it was that led her down the path she took…a jewish girl falling in love with an african muslim…then choosing to settle in Africa/Nairobi…she appears to have an affinity for africa and africans — now that actually sounds like a sentence from o’s book. I haven’t read any of his books, but I have read a few sentences shared on freepers, via miri lol, at td’s, etc.. Remember that sentence in which o expresses his disgust re his mother’s attraction to dark skinned men.

              “lol I’m here writing about “lefties” — you guys do know I’m from the PUMA faction — now I’m an independent — not that any of it matters anymore. I’ve become such a cynic.

              • I forgot to add that ruth being the 2nd wife obviously doesn’t fit with the story and timeline we’re given soooooo…I have to plead ignorance…somehow, ann is squeezed into the story/history…

              • If its true sr and ann were married — it must be true, otherwise the divorce documents would not exist — then perhaps he was married to both ruth and ann at the same time.

          • They will their wives when they die…like a couch…maybe she got willed…like the couch too…

            • If its true sr and ann were married — it must be true, otherwise the divorce documents would not exist —

              No court to my knowledge research’s (even more so back in the 60’s) a prior marriage, they just grant you a divorce on the paper’s / info. you file with the court. Another word’s, where it say’s – I swear under “perjury” and then sign your name….get it?

              • Leza, if you’re thinking along the lines of falsified/fabricated docs — I agree that is a possibility — those docs could have even been fabricated within the last few years…to fit a story…don’t know…

          • Didn’t he have 3 wives? Have I missed who number 4 is? Agreed, another part that makes no sense. How many Muslims will marry their enemies, the Jews? Do the Muslims in Africa hate the Jews too or is it just the Middle Eastern Muslims?

            1. Kenzia, he married when BO sr. was 18, tribal wedding. She was a dowry of 14 cattle to begin their empire.

            2. Stanley Ann, unknown if married, yet she filed for a divorce.

            3. Ruth Unknown uses alias , USA Citizen, married and divorced.

            4. Unknown paramour that he planned to marry supposedly before he was killed in an alleged car crash.

            • I’m sorry. I mis-wrote. Yep. Three wives that we know of, possibly only one (Ruth) since Kezia’s and SADOS’s kids apparently couldn’t prove paternity. Why would that be unless no official documents proved a legal marriage and documented the births? Yes, he was planning to marry the fourth wife (Jael? I forgot her name.) when he was killed. That’s the story, anyway.

      • This was also in the Chicago tribune article. You decide: see the marto picture in “Photos” Tag at the top of the page…
        Mark truly does seem like a nice person — but he is playing with the facts to keep w/in the o story. I find, in this case, the “truth” to be more intriguing. Okay, lets say they kept the one big bad secret, but told the truth with the remainder of their life story. I think it would be easier on them — much easier for them to remember rather than getting caught in their web of lies….

        “…Family ties
        President Barack Obama and his half brother Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo did not know each other as children. They have met as adults. Ndesandjo attended Obama’s inauguration and said he expects to meet with the president during his trip to China this month.”

        • Well, lol it may have to be two or three big secrets lol

          • Yes Ali. This is probably correct. You have a good theory here.

            President Barack Obama and his half brother Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo did not know each other as children. They have met as adults. Ndesandjo attended Obama’s inauguration and said he expects to meet with the president during his trip to China this month.”

        • So you think the lie is that they didn’t know each other as children? Or that it’s true, but the reason why is the answer? Such as, separated at birth?

          • Miri, Good point. Think of those twin studies. The ones where they seperate them and then note the differences and same traits as adults. Where do those kids come from ?

          • Yes, I think they may have been/were together at least as children — they have similarities in speech which also leads me to think they spent time together. I also think the hanging head/marto family pic is Mark .

      • Really? Did that reporter just pull his age out of her butt? 🙂

    • I should have prefaced this section, re Mark, by saying that none of the published information is conclusive, rather, we’ve been given much conflicting and false information — doubt we’ll ever know the “truth” unless they decide to share it with us. As I’ve said many a time, it would be a great read, and movie — the “truth”, that is.
      Will be back to add some of the conflicting info.

  12. For you Miri – Barack Hussein OBAMA was born on 4 August 1961 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Ancestry of Barack Obama

    Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Kenyan father and an American mother. According to the U.S. Senate Historical Office, he is the fifth African American Senator in U.S. history and is one of the Democratic candidates for President in 2008.

    First Generation:

    1. Barack Hussein OBAMA was born on 4 August 1961 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr. of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann DUNHAM of Wichita, Kansas. His parents met while both were attending the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father was enrolled as a foreign student. When Barack Obama was two years old, his parents divorced and his father moved to Connecticut to continue his education before returning to Kenya.

    Also @

    The Senate Historical Office

    Serving as the Senate’s institutional memory, the Historical Office collects and provides information on important events, precedents, dates, statistics, and historical comparisons of current and past Senate activities for use by members and staff, the media, scholars, and the general public. The office advises senators and committees on cost-effective disposition of their non-current office files, assists researchers seeking access to Senate records, and maintains automated information data bases detailing locations of former members’ papers.

    http://www.senate.gov/ artandhistory/history/common/generic/ Senate_Historical_Office.htm –

    • Oh my… at least the senate decided to go with queens… and then sr moved to connecticut…ssssssssssssss…
      Leza, was this the result of that resolution in which they announced o was born in hawaii? I believe RP has a post on the subject –
      Interesting — well I do hope they are, in spirit and in deed, just as generous with us 🙂

    • Interesting that there is also a Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, England


      • Org. info. on Wiki for Barack H. Obama –


        More about Barack Obama:

        Barack Hussein OBAMA was born on 4 August 1961 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr. of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann DUNHAM of Wichita, Kansas. His parents met while both were attending the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father was enrolled as a foreign student. When Barack Obama was two years old, his parents divorced and his father moved to Connecticut to continue his education before returning to Kenya.When Obama was six, his mother married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian oil manager. In 1967, when Soetoro’s student visa was revoked because of political unrest in Indonesia, Dunham and Barack, then in first grade, accompanied him to Jakarta, Indonesia. Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born after the family moved to Indonesia. Four years later she sent him back to the United States to live with his maternal grandmother.

        Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he met his future wife, Michelle Robinson. They have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

        Same link to Wiki, but info. changed to read –


        Obama was born August 4, 1961, at Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.[5][6] His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born in Wichita, Kansas, of mostly English, some German, [7][8][9] and Irish descent. His great-great-great grandfather hailed from County Offaly.[10] His father, Barack Obama, Sr., was a Luo from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Nyanza Province, Kenya. Obama is the first President to have been born in Hawaii.[11][12] Obama’s parents met in 1960 in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, where his father was a foreign student on scholarship.[13][14] The couple married on February 2, 1961,[15] but separated when Obama Sr. went to Harvard University on scholarship, and divorced in 1964.[14] Obama Sr. remarried and returned to Kenya, visiting Barack in Hawaii only once, in 1971. He died in an automobile accident in 1982.[16]


        Oh Lordy Barry, who’s your mama who’s your daddy……

    • Leza, that senate link doesn’t work for me. Can you repeat it?

    • Miri,
      They break the link’s..Why, I don’t know.

      Senate Link –


  13. Revealed: Britain’s torture of Obama’s grandfather

    Hussein Onyango Obama, a British soldier in the second world war, was locked up as a Mau Mau rebel in Kenya

    The past usually finds a way of catching up with us. Could Britain’s colonial sins pose a risk to our relationship with the soon-to-be most powerful person on Earth?

    According to the Times, Barack Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned and tortured by the British during Kenya’s Mau Mau uprising.

    The claim is spread across three pages of the newspaper and illustrated with black and white photographs of detention camps operated by British soldiers in the 1950s.

    Hussein Onyango Obama, the president-elect’s paternal grandfather, had served with the British army in Burma during the second world war and later found work back in Kenya as a military cook.

    Like many army veterans, he returned to Africa hoping to win greater freedoms. But his aspirations soon turned to resentment of the occupying British.

    He became involved in the Mau Mau independence movement and was arrested as early as 1949, probably on charges of membership of a banned organisation.


    Barack Obama is anti-British says grandmother

    Published Saturday, June 19, 2010, 7:05 AM

    The British media have been adamant that President Obama has revealed his anti-British side in recent weeks over the Gulf Oil Spill, and a new report claims he might have good reason for doing so.

    An interview in the Daily Mail with Obama’s grandfather’s wife reveals how she told him about the way the British tortured his grandfather during the Mau Mau rebellion in the early 1950s.

    Sarah Onyango was Hussein Onyango’s third wife. At 89 years old, she is still hale and hearty and Obama calls her Granny Sarah.

    “There were beatings and torture. That was the time we realized that the British were actually not friends but, instead, enemies. My husband had worked so diligently for them, only to be arrested and detained. He called the British ‘beasts and traitors in human skin’. ‘Oe. They say British soldiers used torture in an effort to get him to reveal rebel secrets.

    “I narrated the whole story to Barack one evening to help him understand our family’s past. He wasn’t amused at all. He expressed quite a lot of concern about why the British had to punish his grandfather ‘on his own soil’.

    “He said the whole act sounded barbaric. He wondered why the British never respected African culture. The arrest, he said, was outrageous.”

    She said “Generally, my grandson has never believed the British do anything for a common good, rather than their selfish interests.”


    • Snip~

      Did British soldiers really torture President Obama’s grandfather? As we will see, some elements of this highly emotive story have been twisted through the passage of time.

      But whatever the truth, these bitter tales form part of the Obama family folklore, and seem to have left the U.S. President with a vehemently anti-British outlook.


      • She says: ‘His job as cook to a British officer made him a useful informer for the secret “oathing” movement which would later form the Mau Mau rebellion.’

        The oaths to kill white settlers were used by Mau Mau as part of their initiation ceremony. It is believed Hussein Obama was tried in a magistrates’ court on charges of political sedition or membership of an illegal organisation, but the records have not survived.

        Professor David Anderson, director of the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, says: ‘To arrest a Luo ex-soldier, who must have been a senior figure in the community, is pretty serious. They must have had some damn good evidence.’

        • Frantz Fanon ~

          Frantz Omar Fanon (July 20, 1925 – December 6, 1961) was a French psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and author, born in Martinique. His work remains influential in the fields of post-colonial studies and critical theory. Fanon is known as a radical humanist[1] thinker on the issue of decolonization and the psychopathology of colonization.[2] His works have incited and inspired anti-colonial liberation movements for more than four decades.[3]

          Snip ~
          Barack Obama references Fanon in his book, Dreams From My Father.[12]


          Wasen’t Frantz Fanon a close friend of Barack H. Obama Sr.
          Renee? I belive I’ve read that he was.

          • Stokely Carmichael ~

            Snip ~

            In 1965, working as a SNCC activist in Lowndes County, Alabama, Carmichael helped to increase the number of registered black voters from 70 to 2,600 — 300 more than the number of registered white voters.[2] Black residents and voters organized and widely supported the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, a party that had the black panther as its mascot, over the white dominated local Democratic Party, whose mascot was a white rooster. Although black residents and voters outnumber whites in Lowndes, they lost the county wide election of 1965.

            Carmichael became chairman of SNCC later in 1966, taking over from John Lewis. A few weeks after Carmichael took office, James Meredith was attacked with a shotgun during his solitary “March Against Fear”. Carmichael joined Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Floyd McKissick, Cleveland Sellers and others to continue Meredith’s march. He was arrested once again during the march and, upon his release, he gave his first “Black Power” speech, using the phrase to urge black pride and socio-economic independence:

            “ It is a call for black people in this country to unite, to recognize their heritage, to build a sense of community. It is a call for black people to define their own goals, to lead their own organizations. ”

            While Black Power was not a new concept, Carmichael’s speech brought it into the spotlight and it became a rallying cry for young African Americans across the country. According to Stokely Carmichael : “Black Power meant black people coming together to form a political force and either electing representatives or forcing their representatives to speak their needs [rather than relying on established parties][10] Heavily influenced by the work of Frantz Fanon and his landmark book Wretched of the Earth, along with others such as Malcolm X, under Carmichael’s leadership SNCC gradually became more radical and focused on Black Power as its core goal and ideology.


            • Stokes. That would be the Frankenstein guy too.

            • snip ~

              Kenya to Hawaii

              1959 Malcolm X travels to Middle East and Africa including Kenya. Malcolm X meets with Jomo Kenyatta (recently released from prison following his conviction on leading the Mau Mau Rebellion), Tom Mboya, and may have met Barack Hussein Obama Sr, who was Mboya’s close confident and fellow Luo tribesman both from Lake Victoria.

              Due to a program offering Western educational opportunities to outstanding Kenyan students that was organized by nationalist leader Tom Mboya, Obama Sr. was awarded a scholarship in economics, and at the age of 23 (1959) he enrolled at the University of Hawaii. Initial financial supporters of the program included Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, and Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, a literacy advocate who provided most of the financial support for Obama Senior’s early years in the United States.

              Elizabeth Mooney Kirk worked in Kenya and in concert with Jomo Kenyatta and Tom Mboya. Kirk and Malcolm X, both New Yorkers, would have certainly met in Kenya. Kirk co-authored many books with Frank Charles Laubach, founder of LLI.

              Aside: Contrary to Obama’s claims in speeches in January at American University and in Selma last year, the Kennedy family did not provide the funding for a September 1959 airlift of 81 Kenyan students to the United States that included Obama’s father.


              Alot more info. on the Mau Mau connection here ~


  14. SNCC and Shirley’s husband,

    Kenytta and Russia’s father, Charles:


    • Exactly Princess Papooski.

    • I have Sherwood and Schwartz names everywhere. I think connected to Baum and Merrill names. I have forgotten, but I think so. I think I was digging into Schieffer-Schiff, Wells-Welles and someone else but I cannot remember the other names right now. Shirley is a last name alot. I found the Shirley family in England also that did a theatre based on satire of royals.

    • Charles Sherrod was a key civil rights leader in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) whose leadership led to the Albany Movement in southwest Georgia. Born in extreme poverty to his fourteen-year old mother in 1937 in St. Petersburg, Virginia, he worked to help support six younger children. Sherrod worked his way through Virginia Union College, receiving a B.A. in 1958 and a Bachelors of Divinity in 1961. He joined SNCC in 1960, participating in the organization’s first demonstrations and voter registration drives.

      In October 1961, Sherrod became the first field secretary and SNCC director of southwest Georgia. He and Cordell Reagon opened an SNCC office near the all-black Albany State College. On November 1, they launched a student sit-in at the bus terminal station to test the recently enacted law desegregating bus and train terminals. When local law enforcement officials blocked the demonstrators, the single protest became the two-year Albany campaign. It eventually led to multiple protests by thousands of students as well as the involvement of Dr. Martin Luther King, a public plea from President John F. Kennedy to city officials, and resolution of the issue by local black leaders to resolve the issue. Ultimately the civil rights activists organized by Charles Sherrod would prevail.
      Developing local leadership was a strong point in Sherrod’s leadership and was an important element in SNCC’s organizational model. Rather than the SNCC or some other organization fighting for the “helpless” black community, the community organized itself with SNCC leaders facilitating that organization.

      Sherrod also enlisted white workers to help with voter registration. Five of the 11 workers on SNCC’s local staff were white Northerners. By using interracial voter registration workers, Sherrod intended to show white Southerners that whites were equals, not superiors.

      In August 1964, the all-white Democratic National Convention refused to give more than a few token positions to African Americans despite the efforts of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) in coalition with the SNCC. Sherrod traveled to Atlantic City, the site of the Convention to support MFDP. He urged them to refuse the compromise offered by Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, and other leaders of the Democratic Party.

      In 1966, SNCC changed direction – electing Stokely Carmichael as chairman, embracing the philosophy of black power, and expelling white members. Sherrod left the organization and in 1967 received his Doctor of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He returned to Albany, formed the Southwest Georgia Independent Voters Project, and began the agricultural cooperative New Communities Inc. In 1976, Sherrod was elected to the Albany City Council, serving until 1990. In 1996, he ran unsuccessfully for Georgia State Senate, his last attempt at political office. Sherrod continues to live in Albany.

      Clayborne Carson, In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening of the 1960s (New York: Harvard UP, 1981); Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience (New York: Basic Civitas Books, 1999); http://www.pbs.org/thisfarbyfaith/witnesses/charles_sherrod.html

      • http://www.sncc50thanniversary.org/program.html

        Panel 10: Southwest Georgia: “Do You Want To be Free?”

        Donald Harris, Moderator, SNCC field secretary Southwest Georgia
        Penny Patch, SNCC field secretary, Southwest Georgia, Mississippi
        Charles Sherrod, SNCC project director Southwest Georgia
        Rutha Harris, SNCC field secretary Southwest Georgia
        Sam Mahone, SNCC field secretary Southwest Georgia
        John Perdew, SNCC field secretary Southwest Georgia

        Some of the Movement’s most stirring music was found in Albany and Southwest Georgia. It is where the “original” SNCC freedom singers were organized. So Rutha Harris opens this panel and captures the room with a powerful rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.” The Southwest Georgia project was one of SNCC’s earliest and most significant. Project director Charles Sherrod was the first of the college students to leave school to work full-time for SNCC. He points out emphatically that this project “was a Southwest Georgia project not just an Albany, Georgia project” and gives a vivid description of dealing with fear in rural terrain that was as vicious and violent as any place in Mississippi. “The movement is not dead,” says Sherrod who invites his wife Shirley to describe the ultimately victorious efforts to win compensation for black farmers long discriminated against by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

        wow, a really nice community park for Kenyatta and Russia Sherrod:


  15. Found this when entering ruth soetoro into google search…but the link does not work

    Mark Nidesand
    Geos meeting as wikipedia + ruth kennedy html Meet his mom ruth soetoro 1970- zeituni onyango 1953- 27, 2008 three months pregnant with obama sr use html …


  16. Barry Johnson ~

    Grandpa Obama died in 1975 at the age of 105. He toyed with Christianity, and briefly changed his name to Johnson.

    Would Barack Hussein Obama be more, or less electable as “Barry Johnson”?



      you have to love the irony,

      obama to johnson

      dunham to obama

      Maybe they should the rewrite Roots. “dreams of my half, step, psuedograndson , barky, and the usurpation of the american constiution, its people and military; its treasury, its terrain and traditions.

      he’s a fake shell. new evidence at obama release your records. No # under the black strip on the phony COLB.

  17. Ali,
    Can you just link part’s of the article and we can go from there. Maybe I can go from that and help you out a little more.

    I’ve try’ed searching ~ ruth soetoro 1970- zeituni…
    and havent found anything your describing…yet.

    • just enter into google with the quotation marks
      “ruth soetoro”

      you will see the link

      • Ali, when I try to click on this link, Notorn Utilities stops me saying that this site is unsafe.

        Mark Nidesand
        Geos meeting as wikipedia + ruth kennedy html Meet his mom ruth soetoro 1970- zeituni onyango 1953- 27, 2008 three months pregnant with obama sr use html …

      • Anyone else have an issue with this link. When I click on it, Notron utilities stops me and says that it is unsafe. What you can see is starteling. I have always thought that there was a Kennedy connection because all of the sudden Caroline got involved in politics.

        • It is not listed as bad site. I clicked on it and all that comes up is the word OK in large letters. We can assume it was scrubbed.

          • When I had initially found that link, and tried to click on it, it took me to some type of generic page full of advertisement links — so if you receive a page with “ok” in large letters, then they have changed it hmmm.

              • With the exception of family members and a handful of public figures, Barack Obama is open in the preface about using changed names for privacy reasons and composite characters to expedite the narrative flow.[11] Some of the characters have publicly admitted their real names and various researchers have made suggestions to some characters’ real names:

                Real life person Referred in the book as
                Salim Al Nurridin Rafiq[12]
                Margaret Bagby Mona[13]
                Hasan Chandoo Hasan[14]
                Earl Chew Marcus[15]
                Frank Davis Frank[16]
                Joella Edwards Coretta[17]
                Pal Eldredge Mr. Eldredge[18]
                Mabel Hefty Miss Hefty[19]
                Loretta Herron Angela[20]
                Emil Jones Old Ward Boss[21]
                Keith Kakugawa Ray[22]
                Jerry Kellman Marty Kaufman[23]
                Yvonne Lloyd Shirley[24]
                Ronald Loui Frederick[25]
                Wilfred Mitsuji Oka Freddy[26]
                Greg Orme Scott[27]
                Johnnie Owens Johnnie[28]
                Sohale Siddiqi Sadik[14]
                Mike Ramos Jeff[29]
                Wally Whaley Smitty[30]

                  • Hon. Virginia Yvonne Lloyd Mostyn
                    F, #63883, b. 24 March 1946

                    Hon. Virginia Yvonne Lloyd Mostyn|b. 24 Mar 1946|p6389.htm#i63883|Captain Roger Edward Lloyd Mostyn, 5th Baron Mostyn|b. 17 Apr 1920|p6161.htm#i61605|Yvonne Margaret Johnson||p6161.htm#i61604|Edward L. R. L. Mostyn, 4th Baron Mostyn|b. 16 Mar 1885\nd. 1965|p5982.htm#i59817|Constance M. Reynolds||p6390.htm#i63899|A. S. Johnson||p6161.htm#i61609||||

                    Last Edited=16 Jan 2004
                    Hon. Virginia Yvonne Lloyd Mostyn was born on 24 March 1946. She is the daughter of Captain Roger Edward Lloyd Mostyn, 5th Baron Mostyn and Yvonne Margaret Johnson

                • AOne, Look here…

      • Ruth E.Kennedy Kathy ? Dark Shadows, Burnt Offerings etc..?


  18. Alijo, The Freddie Krugerjo had you stuck back there with too much porn ! It is all posted now I think.

  19. Anna Maureen Cecily Whitworth1
    F, #170321, b. 6 April 1945

    Anna Maureen Cecily Whitworth|b. 6 Apr 1945|p17033.htm#i170321|Robin Aymer Whitworth|d. 27 Jul 1996|p17032.htm#i170319|Cecily Maud Helen Blunt|b. 12 May 1910\nd. 2000|p17032.htm#i170318|Geoffrey A. Whitworth||p17032.htm#i170320||||Sir John H. Blunt, 9th Bt.|b. 30 Jul 1872\nd. 11 Jul 1938|p17027.htm#i170270|Maud J. Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons|d. 24 Dec 1935|p17031.htm#i170301|

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005
    Anna Maureen Cecily Whitworth was born on 6 April 1945.1 She is the daughter of Robin Aymer Whitworth and Cecily Maud Helen Blunt.1
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt1
    F, #170322, b. 4 June 1916, d. 10 June 1997

    Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt|b. 4 Jun 1916\nd. 10 Jun 1997|p17033.htm#i170322|Sir John Harvey Blunt, 9th Bt.|b. 30 Jul 1872\nd. 11 Jul 1938|p17027.htm#i170270|Maud Julia Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons|d. 24 Dec 1935|p17031.htm#i170301|Sir John H. Blunt, 8th Bt.|b. 1 Jan 1839\nd. 26 Jan 1922|p17026.htm#i170251|Susan Hoad|d. 1 Apr 1917|p17027.htm#i170268|Sir David L. Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons, 2nd Bt.|b. 28 Jan 1851|p17031.htm#i170302|Laura de Stern||p21353.htm#i213528|

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005
    Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt was born on 4 June 1916.1 She was the daughter of Sir John Harvey Blunt, 9th Bt. and Maud Julia Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons.1 She married Major Frederick William Kennedy, son of Frederick William Kennedy, on 9 April 1945.1 She died on 10 June 1997 at age 81.1
    From 9 April 1945, her married name became Kennedy.1
    Children of Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt and Major Frederick William Kennedy
    Amber Julia Kennedy1 b. 19 Oct 1946
    Susan Anne Kennedy+1 b. 18 Jul 1948
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Major Frederick William Kennedy1
    M, #170323, d. 1972

    Major Frederick William Kennedy|d. 1972|p17033.htm#i170323|Frederick William Kennedy||p17033.htm#i170324||||||||||||||||

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005
    Major Frederick William Kennedy was the son of Frederick William Kennedy.1 He married Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt, daughter of Sir John Harvey Blunt, 9th Bt. and Maud Julia Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons, on 9 April 1945.1 He died in 1972.1
    Major Frederick William Kennedy gained the rank of Major in the service of the Probyn’s Horse, Indian Army.1
    Children of Major Frederick William Kennedy and Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt
    Amber Julia Kennedy1 b. 19 Oct 1946
    Susan Anne Kennedy+1 b. 18 Jul 1948
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Frederick William Kennedy1
    M, #170324

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005

    Frederick William Kennedy lived at County Limerick, Ireland.1
    Child of Frederick William Kennedy
    Major Frederick William Kennedy+1 d. 1972
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Amber Julia Kennedy1
    F, #170325, b. 19 October 1946

    Amber Julia Kennedy|b. 19 Oct 1946|p17033.htm#i170325|Major Frederick William Kennedy|d. 1972|p17033.htm#i170323|Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt|b. 4 Jun 1916\nd. 10 Jun 1997|p17033.htm#i170322|Frederick W. Kennedy||p17033.htm#i170324||||Sir John H. Blunt, 9th Bt.|b. 30 Jul 1872\nd. 11 Jul 1938|p17027.htm#i170270|Maud J. Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons|d. 24 Dec 1935|p17031.htm#i170301|

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005
    Amber Julia Kennedy was born on 19 October 1946.1 She is the daughter of Major Frederick William Kennedy and Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt.1 She married, firstly, Rodger A. Brooks in 1972.1 She and Rodger A. Brooks were divorced in 1984.1 She married, secondly, David Sinclair in 1985.1
    From 1972, her married name became Brooks.1 From 1985, her married name became Sinclair.1 She lived in 2003 at 27 Allée des Platanes, Théza, France.1
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.

    Rodger A. Brooks1
    M, #170326

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005
    Rodger A. Brooks married Amber Julia Kennedy, daughter of Major Frederick William Kennedy and Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt, in 1972.1 He and Amber Julia Kennedy were divorced in 1984.1
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    David Sinclair1
    M, #170327

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005
    David Sinclair married Amber Julia Kennedy, daughter of Major Frederick William Kennedy and Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt, in 1985.1
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Susan Anne Kennedy1
    F, #170328, b. 18 July 1948

    Susan Anne Kennedy|b. 18 Jul 1948|p17033.htm#i170328|Major Frederick William Kennedy|d. 1972|p17033.htm#i170323|Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt|b. 4 Jun 1916\nd. 10 Jun 1997|p17033.htm#i170322|Frederick W. Kennedy||p17033.htm#i170324||||Sir John H. Blunt, 9th Bt.|b. 30 Jul 1872\nd. 11 Jul 1938|p17027.htm#i170270|Maud J. Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons|d. 24 Dec 1935|p17031.htm#i170301|

    Last Edited=9 Jun 2008
    Susan Anne Kennedy was born on 18 July 1948.1 She is the daughter of Major Frederick William Kennedy and Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt.1 She married Patrick McSwiney in 1976.1
    From 1976, her married name became McSwiney.1
    Children of Susan Anne Kennedy and Patrick McSwiney
    Zoe Julia McSwiney1
    Luke Frederick Patrick McSwiney1 b. 1984
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Patrick McSwiney1
    M, #170329

    Last Edited=13 Oct 2005
    Patrick McSwiney married Susan Anne Kennedy, daughter of Major Frederick William Kennedy and Doris Ruth Julia Sybil Blunt, in 1976.1
    Children of Patrick McSwiney and Susan Anne Kennedy
    Zoe Julia McSwiney1
    Luke Frederick Patrick McSwiney1 b. 1984
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Luke Frederick Patrick McSwiney1
    M, #170330, b. 1984

    Luke Frederick Patrick McSwiney|b. 1984|p17033.htm#i170330|Patrick McSwiney||p17033.htm#i170329|Susan Anne Kennedy|b. 18 Jul 1948|p17033.htm#i170328|||||||Major Frederick W. Kennedy|d. 1972|p17033.htm#i170323|Doris R. J. S. Blunt|b. 4 Jun 1916\nd. 10 Jun 1997|p17033.htm#i170322|

    Last Edited=16 Jun 2008
    Luke Frederick Patrick McSwiney was born in 1984.1 He is the son of Patrick McSwiney and Susan Anne Kennedy.1
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 411. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.

  20. we didn’t have ANY trick or treaters!!! 🙂
    No cute little children in costumes 🙂
    I absolutely cannot eat anymore of this candy, ugh

    did you guys have any trick or treaters? where have all the children gone?

  21. CSAgov.org – Offical Confederate States of America Government Website
    … as it relates to my citizenship to the country of Kenya. 40. I am an attorney who specializes in Constitutional Law. … they collected donations on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama for his Presidential campaign. 21 The DNC admits plaintiff and Democratic …


    Note : Of course the above link no longer works

  22. August 08, 2008

    More About Obama and the 1998 Bombings

    Regarding Obama’s failure to acknowledge yesterday’s anniversary of the 1998 al Qaeda attacks on the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania: I don’t think that people are grasping what an enormous oversight this is on Obama’s part.

    First of all, he wants to be president of the United States—the person who pledges to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. Well, ten years ago one of our enemies foreign launched preemptive strikes against America and two of its allies, Kenya and Tanzania, with the allies taking the brunt of the attacks. It was clearly a prelude and build-up to 9/11. Second of all, Obama is descended from a citizen of Kenya.

    But the acknowledgment “slipped his mind.”


        • Leza, Link not working but this name….looking..I have seen before.

          • Unbeliveable Renee, already gone poof and woulden’t even let the webcitation collect and save. I saved it, here it is –
            Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani ~

            Updated: Oct. 13, 2010

            Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani is accused of playing a role in Al Qaeda’s deadly 1998 bombings of American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. He was captured in 2004, held in secret prisons run by the Central Intelligence Agency and transferred in 2006 to the naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

            Mr. Ghailani, a Tanzanian, went on trial in federal court in New York in October 2010, making him the first Guantánamo detainee to be tried in an American civilian court. He has pleaded not guilty to federal conspiracy charges and could face the death penalty. The bombings left 224 people dead and thousands wounded.

            His case would be a test of the Obama administration’s belief that it can try at least some terrorism suspects outside of military tribunals, which are viewed with suspicion in many countries, despite the potential hurdles set by the higher standards of evidence that apply in civilian court.

            In opening arguments, a prosecutor said that Mr. Ghailani participated in the attack “because he and his accomplices were committed to Al Qaeda’s overriding goal, killing Americans.” Mr. Ghailani helped to buy the truck used to bomb the embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and also about 20 large gas tanks that were packed inside the truck to increase the force of the blast and kill more people, the prosecutor said.

            One of Mr. Ghailani’s lawyers told jurors that the defendant was innocent at the time of the attacks, an immature, trusting, naïve “creature of his surroundings” who enjoyed watching cartoons and had been duped by a group of men who turned out to be part of the East Africa terrorism cell.

            The prosecution received a serious setback just days before the trial was set to open when the judge in the case barred it from calling a major witness, who the government had acknowledged it learned about from Mr. Ghailani while he was being interrogated in a secret overseas jail run by the C.I.A.

            Read More…

            Prosecutors say the witness, Hussein Abebe, sold Mr. Ghailani the TNT that was used to blow up the Embassy in Dar es Salaam. They say Mr. Abebe agreed voluntarily to testify against Mr. Ghailani, and that his decision to cooperate was only remotely linked with the interrogation. But the judge ruled that “the government has failed to prove that Abebe’s testimony is sufficiently attenuated from Ghailani’s coerced statements to permit its receipt in evidence.”

            Other rulings have gone the government’s way. In July 2010 the judge rejected Mr. Ghailani’s claim that he had been deprived of a speedy trial after spending nearly five years in detention.

            Testimony by Mr. Ghailani, who speaks English and Swahili, in earlier proceedings have offered an especially close view on the question of whether terrorism suspects should be tried in civilian or military courts. He has appeared before judges at Guantánamo Bay as well as in the federal court in Manhattan, and he was candid about his preference, saying the civilian system offered him more expansive rights and is fairer. Still, he longed for the looser atmosphere at the Cuban naval base, where prisoners could mingle and pray together.

            In 2009, Mr. Ghailani became the first detainee moved from Guantánamo into the civilian system, as President Obama declared his intention to try terrorism suspects in federal court whenever feasible.

            The president’s effort has stalled with the controversy over moving detainees like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed into civilian court. But Mr. Ghailani has now entered the discussion, expressing strong opinions on the merits of each system and his preference for the rules of civilian justice, as part of 16 hours of discussion with a psychiatrist who evaluated him in the spring of 2010 and quoted him extensively in a report.

            In addition to his own experiences, Mr. Ghailani freely credits another, surprising source for his more than working knowledge of how the legal system operates — numerous John Grisham novels he has read and one that he has seen as a movie: “A Time to Kill.”

            Mr. Ghailani, who is facing trial on charges he conspired in the two bombings, has been accused of helping to get explosives and a truck for the attack on the embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and assisting with other logistics. The authorities have said that he later trained with Al Qaeda and worked as a bodyguard and a document forger for Osama bin Laden.

            Although he is the first detainee to be tried, Mr. Ghailani is the second under the Obama administration to be shifted to the civilian court system. Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, who was moved from a South Carolina brig to Illinois, pled guilty in April 2009. eliminating the need for a trial.

            In 2007, Mr. Ghailani, believed to be in his mid-30s, appeared before a military review panel at Guantánamo. He claimed ignorance about plans for the attacks on the embassies, and issued an apology. “It was without my knowledge what they were doing, but I helped them,” he said, according to a transcript. “I’m sorry for what happened to those families who lost, who lost their friends and their beloved ones.”

            Mr. Ghailani did acknowledge meeting Osama bin Laden, and also Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the senior Al Qaeda planner held at Guantánamo. The suspect faces charges that include murder, attacking civilians, destruction of property and conspiracy, as well as providing material support to terrorism.

            In a major address on national security in 2009, Mr. Obama referred directly to the Ghailani case, arguing that using federal courts to try suspected terrorists was a sensible and tested approach. He said the judicial process had successfully prosecuted Ramzi Yousef, who tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, and Zaccarias Moussaoui, sometimes referred to as the “20th 9/11 hijacker.”


  23. March 17, 2008
    Turkish to English translation

    All the lineage of Muslim grandmother, uncle and still Obamalar
    March 17, 2008 19:26
    Laurel BARAK

    Democratic U.S. presidential elections
    Barack Obama is the favorite candidate for “Or are you a Muslim” polemic, found the answer first hand. Hürriyet “Hussein” Obama’s belly Living in a village in Kenya, visited the family. Grandmother, uncle and still Obamalar, “We are Muslims, but it is not Barack, they said.

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, during his visit to Somalia two years ago. Although dressed in uniforms photos of the local Muslim, American conservatives “frightened.” Republicans in the U.S. before, and then Obama’s rival Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party camp “Weak stomach” to
    see in his political material, “In fact, the Muslim” claims, “Hussein,” the Democratic senator’s belly in Kenya in his country, was brought to life span by the nearest relatives.

    Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Kenya city of Kisumu in Kenya with Freedom to the team, last month’s clashes between tribes destroyed The city, near the border with Uganda, has passed the village of Kogola. Kogola in his hometown of Barack Obama’s father, grandfather Ogola’nın and still bears the name, is home to many members of the family of Mr Obama.

    ‘FIRST grandmother’ CANDIDATE

    U.S. press is already legendary, and America’s first Muslim “First grandma” have to be prepared in the house of Sarah Obama, Barack’s uncle Said, his cousin and aunt of Nicholas Rajula Marsat there. 86-year-old Sara, this poor African village, cows milk, chicken sağıp fostering a quiet life in progress. But on the other hand “Read the man his father was like,” said his grandson Barack
    Follows the adventures of the U.S. presidency. The door has a curtain instead, the walls unpainted Sara’s house to meet us, bearing its name, Barack diploma hanging on the wall to show his father, “The first black student at Harvard,” he says. Father Barack Obama’s tomb, next to his home village.

    In another photograph on the wall, U.S. President Barack to be prepared, in 1987, that is, before marriage, the present rate of return to the village to introduce his family viewed his wife, Michelle. A week in the village said the prospective bride love, Sara “Good one. Barack’s obviously is in love with” using the phrase.

    OUT inauguration ceremony

    His mother, who died in 1999, Barack Obama, in Kenya since the 1980s grandmother in constant contact. She visited the U.S. in 1990, great-grandson of the rise of poor African village, the U.S. Congress gururlanmış obvious. Obama’s just like his father “a very conscious and passionate” stating that she, for that many years ago, the patient fails to Barack’s wedding, Selecting the case with the U.S. President would visit halasıyla during the swearing-in, he says.

    After much debate in recent days, “Barack Obama is a secret Muslim”
    We could ask the question and the last photo with the world press event. Hala and cousin uprising, “he çekilmedi photo here,” he says. Grandmother she puts an end to the controversy: “That’s right, Obama’s family are Muslim. My husband is Muslim. I am a Muslim.His uncle and aunt, also a Muslim. Obama’s father, our family, so Barack Hussein had given the name, but he was not religious. Christian married woman. Children of Michelle and Barack on their wedding. The order of Christians I know are doing. Senator Barack, Christian.
    Within a family may be more than one religion. ”

    He is calling on the American voters still Marsat: “Barack would like you to select the president, because he changes halkınıza bring a single person. Please America, do the president of my nephew. He very industrious and your economy improves. ”

    Barack Fertile

    In the city of Kisumu in Kenya, which produces sugar cane molasses machine technician in the factory of the uncle Said, the father of Barack Obama dynasty, more than most men, including married women, relationship with them which says that so many family members and adds: “We are a family of 2000 people. So are tribal.But we are all one big grandfather, the village during that period KogelloThe descendant of warlord Ogello’nun come. ”

    Very rare did not know the meaning of last names, but Barack’s name, “the blessing of God, his ability” (fertile)

    Said means stating that Obama “more than 40 languages are spoken here. Barack is one of the multicultural. Such is the root of so much of a modest As far as can appeal to people kutsamış it is really God, “he says.

    Information note

    Barack Obama’s election campaign team, in this interview with Hürriyet. After searching his home village in Kenya, a further written permission of the family.


    • sheesh lol — thats a tough translation — did you understand it all? I didn’t

      • Indeed it is a tough one…that is an understatement!

        The descendant of warlord Ogello’nun come? We are a family of 2,000 people. So are tribal. Who is that leader?

        His mother, who died in 1999, Barack Obama, in Kenya since the 1980s grandmother in constant contact. She visited the U.S. in 1990.

        Grandma Sarah visited the U.S. in 1990? Why and who paid? BO went to Kenya in the 1980’s. Stanley Ann died in 1999. Grandma Sarah in constant contact with BO..through letters, phone calls? She added plumbing and electricity and a new living room to her house after Obama was elected. So are we to believe the contact was by phone? Share those letters of your alleged grandson Sarah.

        “Please America, do the president of my nephew. He very industrious and your economy improves.” What a joke! Our economy hasn’t improved. And Kenya’s must have with all of the additional aid and blackmail money that has been sent Obama’s agents.
        Laurel Barak. Interesting name for the author.

        Father Barack Obama’s tomb, next to his home village. I thought it was outside Grandma Sarah’s house.

    • Good find, Leza. So now we have another year that Barry was reported to be in Kenya: 1987. This is the one they want us to believe and not the one in ’83, for some reason.

      Now this sounds like it’s the visit with Michelle, his fiancee. I also noticed that part about Sarah being in the US in 1990. So would that be for the wedding? I forget when they supposedly married. He couldn’t have been in Kenya in ’87 with MO, though, could he? He didn’t meet her yet. Supposedly. I also noticed that boo-boo about when SADOS died. Very curious how certain “facts” get repeated ad nauseum throughout the meme-o-sphere, yet other “facts” are perpetually in conflict.

  24. This is most likely not related, but I found it interesting the comparison, Look what Wiki says about Taiwan’s President, Ma Ying-jeou.

    Controversy over birthplace

    On December 11, 2008, DPP legislator Chai Trong-rong called a press conference and produced a document that alleges Ma’s birthplace to be contrary to what is officially reported. On this document, the birth certificate[12] for one of Ma’s daughters, Ma fills out “Shengchin” [sic] as his own birthplace, contradictory to his officially-reported birthplace of “Hong Kong”.

    Chai also noted that First Lady Christine Chow’s birthplace was listed as “Nanking, China” even though she is listed as also being born in Hong Kong.

    Chai continues and charges that since Ma was born after 1949 and in Shenzhen, then Ma legally is a citizen of the People’s Republic of China. Presidential Spokesperson Yu-chi Wang (王郁琦) responded to Legislator Chai’s charges by reaffirming that all information from the President’s Office regarding the President’s birth is accurate.

    Wang also informed that Ma, on his December 11 visit to Hong Kong, was able to obtain records of his birth at Kowloon’s Kwong-Wah Hospital and Ma also keeps the original of his birth certificate issued by the Registrar General of Hong Kong,[3] thereby confirming once again his birth in the former British crown colony.

    Copies of Ma’s birth certificate have also been previously shown to the public.[13] Wang also dispelled rumors that Ma had received affirmative action in his applications to Jianguo High School (建國高級中學) and the National Taiwan University with an “overseas Chinese” status.[14]

    • Kathy,

      It surely must be a coincidence. I wonder why the controversy in Taiwan. Does their constitution also require that the President be born in a specific place or be a NBC of the country?

      What is the chance of another president doing the same thing Obama has done or having the identical problems? Hospital, affirmative action, foreign scholarships, birth certificate, and more peculiar that “Chai continues and charges that since Ma was born after 1949 and in Shenzhen.” Shenzhen where Mark Ndesanjo went to live? An official from the President’s office declaring that the president was telling the truth.

      Again what are the chances?

      Chinese upbringing to be spies? Mao followers?

      • I was wondering the same thing. I found it by accident googling for ma. As in O-ba-ma as possible combined names.

      • There has to be something to this. Bridgett/Renee or anyone – Do you know how to find out information on his Harvard years? I wonder if anyone can remember him either? He met his wife at Harvard also. I wonder if that bank and law firm that he worked for were CIA fronts like Obamas?

        Ma earned his LL.B. from National Taiwan University in 1972. He pursued further studies in the United States, first earning an LL.M. from New York University Law School in 1976 and then an S.J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1981.

        After receiving his LL.M., Ma worked as an associate for a Wall Street law firm in New York and as a legal consultant for a major bank in Massachusetts before completing his doctoral studies.[6] In 1981, Ma returned to Taiwan and started working for President Chiang Ching-kuo.

        Ma is married to Christine Chow, and the couple has two daughters. Lesley (Ma Wei-chung, 馬唯中) was born in 1981 in New York when Ma was attending Harvard. She completed her undergraduate studies in life sciences at Harvard University and then her graduate studies at New York University[7][8]. Ma’s younger daughter is Kelly (Ma Yuan-chung, 馬元中), who was born in Taiwan and completed her undergraduate studies at Brown University in Rhode Island.[7][9]

        • Kelly and Leslie are family names I have found a million times…Maybe they did not just mix up those babies for adoption / Maybe more has been mixed….See it is the mid east decor in the WH too…smells…..Kelly is a Clinton family name also. This stinks..

          Leslie name goes to the Crane family also. Think Cranes for oil dericks, as well as plumbing, Plum… I did all of this at TD.

          • Bill Clinton – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            Sometime in my sixteenth year, I decided I wanted to be in public life as an elected official. I loved music and thought I could be very good, but I knew I would never be John Coltrane or Stan Getz. I was interested in medicine and thought I could be a fine doctor, but I knew I would never be Michael DeBakey. But I knew I could be great in public service.[18]
            In 1963, two influential moments in Clinton’s life contributed to his decision to become a public figure. One was his visit as a Boys Nation senator to the White House to meet President John F. Kennedy.[18][19] The other was listening to Martin Luther King’s 1963 I Have a Dream speech (he memorized Dr. King’s words).[20]

            With the aid of scholarships, Clinton attended the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., receiving a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (B.S.) degree in 1968. He spent the summer of 1967, the summer before his senior year, interning for Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright.[18] While in college, he became a brother of Alpha Phi Omega and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Clinton was also a member of the Order of DeMolay, a youth group affiliated with Freemasonry, but he never became a Freemason.[21] He is a member of Kappa Kappa Psi’s National Honorary Band Fraternity, Inc.[22]

            Upon graduation, he won a Rhodes Scholarship to University College, Oxford where he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics, though as a result of switching programs and leaving early for Yale, he did not obtain a degree there.[19][23] He developed an interest in rugby union, playing at Oxford[24] and later for the Little Rock Rugby club in Arkansas. While at Oxford he also participated in Vietnam War protests, including organizing an October 1969 Moratorium event.[18] In later life, he admitted to smoking cannabis at the university, but famously said that he “never inhaled”.[18][19] He was a contemporary of many well-known figures, including Christopher Hitchens; Robert Jackson; William Waldegrave; Edwina Currie; Stephen Milligan; John Scarlett; William Blair; John Redwood, and Gyles Brandreth.[25]

            • Virginia Kelley (June 6, 1923 – January 6, 1994), born Virginia Dell Cassidy, was the mother of former United States President Bill Clinton and his half-brother, Roger Clinton, Jr.

              [edit] Biography
              Virginia Kelley was born in 1923, the daughter of James Eldridge Cassidy (1898-1957), the town iceman (later a grocer), and Edith Cassidy (née Grisham; 1901-1968), a nurse anesthetist. During her high school years, she worked as a waitress at a local restaurant.

              Following her graduation from high school, Virginia Kelley moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, to study to be a nurse anesthetist like her mother. During her training in Shreveport, she met her first husband, Bill Blythe, whom she married in a civil ceremony in 1943, just before he shipped out for World War II military duty. Upon completion of her training, she returned to Hope. When her husband was discharged, he picked her up and they moved for four months to Chicago, Illinois. She moved back to her parents while she and William were in the process of getting a new home in the Hope area. It was while William was on his way back to Hope that he was killed in an automobile accident, three months before Bill’s birth.

              In 1950, Virginia Kelley married Roger Clinton the father of her second son Roger, Jr. Clinton was an alcoholic and was physically and mentally abusive to Virginia and the boys. He did not adopt Bill but Bill took his surname legally in 1962 at his own request. He told his mother that it would be easier if they all had the same last name. Roger and Virginia divorced in 1962, but remarried a few months later.

              Following Roger’s death from cancer in 1967, Virginia Kelley married hairdresser Jeff Dwire in 1969; he subsequently died of complications of diabetes in 1974. On January 17, 1982, she married Richard Kelley, an executive at a food distribution brokerage firm. Their marriage lasted until her death from complications of breast cancer, at the age of 70, at her home in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She is buried alongside her first husband at Rose Hill Cemetery in Hope, Arkansas.

    • There has to be something to this..it is mind boggling! My mouth is still open in disbelief. Similarities .

    • That is a bizarre finding Kathy.

    • Obama lies about UPS bomb?, UPS denies bomb found, BBC confirms no explosive traces

      Increasingly, the story about a bomb found on a UPS flight appears to be fake, a ploy by Obama to appear strong on terrorism before the coming election. What is the truth about this story?

      From Fox News October 31, 2010.

      “White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said Sunday that explosives discovered on two airplanes could have been detonated en route to the United States, as he warned that more bombs may be out there as part of the same plot.

      Brennan, speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” said the plot had “all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda.” He would not confirm how many other potential mail bombs, if any, could be on the loose, but said officials are in a “full-court press” to stop Al Qaeda from attacking the homeland.

      “We cannot presume, though, that there are (no) others that are out there, and so we are looking at all the packages that are originating in Yemen,” Brennan said. “The threat is certainly ongoing.”

      Though the packages armed with explosives, pulled Friday from planes in England and the United Arab Emirates, were addressed to Chicago-area synagogues, Brennan appeared to lend credence to British claims that they were designed to potentially detonate in mid-air.

      “This was something that could have been detonated en route here to the United States, or at the destination,” he said, calling them “self-contained devices” which didn’t require anybody to press a syringe or any other kind of external detonator. “It seems as though that these devices were designed to at least be capable to be detonated on the aircraft.””

      “According to sources, intelligence officials were tipped off to a pair of explosive packages on planes in England and the United Arab Emirates early Friday morning. After a six-hour sweep of cargo at the East Midlands airport in central England, Leicestershire police came up empty and removed the security perimeter they had set up, British aviation safety consultant Chris Yates said.

      But when officials in Dubai said they had discovered a bomb disguised as a computer printer cartridge, authorities urged the British to look again, a U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter.

      “As a direct consequence, they put the cordon back up again and looked again and found the explosives,” said Yates, relying on a report given to him by an eyewitness to the searches.”

      Read more:


      From Fox News Insider October 29, 2010.

      “We’ve just learned that UPS is denying claims that an ink toner cartridge converted into a bomb was found aboard a United Parcel Service flight traveling to Chicago from Yemen on Friday.

      Earlier reports claimed the bomb was discovered when the plane was stopped at London’s Heathrow Airport en route to its final destination. UPS officials have since issued a statement that these claims were cleared as unfounded.”

      Read more:


      “Obama lies about the Bomb at Midlands UK airport”

      Ordinarily I would give the resident of the Oval Office the benefit of the doubt. In this instance, given the lack of credibility and the history of lies and deception of Obama, that is almost impossible to do. We are in the midst of the constitutional crisis predicted by Philip J. Berg in 2008.

  25. You guys may be wondering about the qualifiers/notices I’m posting. Well, I’ve received, this week (including today), out of area phonecalls with nobody on the other end… and earlier, my keyboard was doing that delayed reaction while I was on this page…. those phonecalls rattled me….
    Better safe than sorry…hope so…
    I don’t know what the viewership is re this blog — I’ve assumed it consisted of those participating and perhaps a couple lurkers

    • Ali,

      The Constitution – First and Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution –

      First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Guarantees us the right to free speech.

      Second Amendment to the United States Constitution – Guarantees us the right to bear arms.

      I for one refuse to live in a state of any kind of fear. If anyone want’s to bring down my Country they will have to bring me down with it.

      Buy a gun…take classes learn to shoot it, you may need to use it for protection one day.

      Are ya sure it isen’t an old boyfriend breathin into the phone? The computer thingy……clean your cookies! I keep telling ya!!

  26. New Photos were added of Madelyn Dunham, Mark Ndesandjo, Auma Marie Obama. Others were lightened so their faces are better seen, i.e. Aunti Zeituni and George Hussein Obama.

    Miri found the photo of Madelyn Dunham.


  27. Alert: New Photos were added of Madelyn Dunham, Mark Ndesandjo, Auma Marie Obama. Others were lightened so their faces are better seen, i.e. Aunti Zeituni and George Hussein Obama.

    Miri found the photo of Madelyn Dunham.


  28. “…Ndesandjo’s mother, Ruth, is a white American, nee Nidesand (she became the elder Obama’s third wife and moved with him to Kenya, where she still lives). After high school in Nairobi, where he attended international schools, Ndesandjo moved to the U.S., where he attended Brown and Stanford. He also cites his maternal grandmother, a Lithuanian immigrant who inspired his love of classical piano, as a major influence in his life.

    As noted in a description of Ndesandjo’s novel (via Amazon) he, like his brother, has grappled at length with issues of race, family and identity:

    The protagonist, upon arriving in China in the wake of 911 and the onset of a terrifying global war, is forced to confront his early experiences in Kenya and the United States as a result of his growing love for a beautiful Chinese woman and a young orphan. Parallels between his own upbringing and the potential family that lies before him lead to questions about his true identity, the complexities of his multi-racial family and the relationship he had known with his father….”


  29. “…He uses the surname of his mother, Ruth, the third wife of his father, Barack Obama, Sr., who died in 1982. He was born in Kenya and moved to the United States when he was a child….”


  30. “…About his name: Ndesandjo is his stepfather’s surname. He added “Okoth”, a Kenyan word meaning “born in the rain”.

    Education: He attended international schools in Nairobi up to highschool level, then moved to the US….”


  31. asterisks are mine

    “…Obama Sr. and his third wife had two sons, Mark and David, before their bitter divorce. Their American mother then married an affluent and genial man who had moved to Kenya from a different African country, had *sons* of their own, and all the boys were educated at a prestigious international school in Nairobi.

    Mark absorbed his mother’s values, but the younger boy, David, rebelled as a teenager against his mother’s Western ways. Obama wrote: “He told her he was an African, and started calling himself Obama.” David, who was Mark’s full brother, ran away from home. Months later, the Senator’s hard-drinking half-brother Roy (Obama Sr.’s first son by his Kenyan first wife — Roy later took up the name Abongo when he became an Afrocentric teetotaling Muslim) happened to see David begging on the streets. Roy took him in.

    One night, not long before Obama’s 1987 visit to Kenya, Roy and young David went out drinking on Roy’s motorcycle. Roy got into a drunken brawl and was jailed, so he lent the boy the key to his motorcycle. David crashed it and died.

    Roy/Abongo’s complicity in the death of Mark’s full brother David left relations between Keiza’s family and Ruth’s family even frostier than before. Upon his visit in 1987, Obama spent almost all his time with Keiza’s relations, such as his half-siblings Roy/Obongo and Auma….”


  32. What happened to the rest of this article –
    Can’t make Mark feel too good if david was EVERYBODYS FAVORITE —

    ‘Everybody’s favorite’


    • EXACTLY what they said about Barry. When the Kogelo family first got to know him, he became their favorite, especially of Granny Sarah (whose hands he apparently passed through previously).

  33. Obama, however, refers to him simply as “my brother” and says he was the only uncontested heir after their father, a Kenyan, died in a car crash in 1982


  34. He also devoted himself to classical piano, inspired by his grandmother, a Lithuanian immigrant whose love of the arts left a mark on him. “The thing that kept me going were the strong women in my life,” he said….
    … “No half brothers,” he said. “He’s my brother.”


  35. I don’t have time right now to complete this chunk on Mark — will do so later today. Renee, I’ll be adding some more links today which I would like to keep together with these (easier to contrast/compare when all of them are together).

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