The Fabricated History Continued

Maya Soetoro and Konrad Ng Hawaiian Wedding Photo Edited By “Ducky”

By Renee


This post continues from the original “Obama’s Huge Fabricated Family.”


  1. Here, and in other articles, Mark admits to leaving Africa at age 7. Sometimes he claims it was then that he came to america/boston. I disagree. I contend that they first went to indonesia; ruth then to hawaii; then I don’t know; and perhaps to Nairobi international schools for mark’s junior and senior high school years (according to mark and jeff) — mark gives us conflicting information on all of this — sometimes he claims he came to america at age 7 and stayed in Boston with his mother til he graduated high school, at which time he went off to college and ruth went back to africa.

    **Miri, recall the videos you recently provided, in which mark and jeff? discuss mark going to international school in ?nairobi.
    ***Recall in those same videos, Jeff says that mark was “mark ndesandjo” while growing up in africa. This supports my contention that ruth had already adopted the -jo suffix when mark was a child. (I think I recall, in an article, that mark claims it was while he was being raised in boston that his mother met and married a tanzanian.) **I contend the -jo suffix was added BEFORE mark and ruth went to boston.

    Asterisks are mine — I don’t know how to bold or accent — if one of you wants to clean it up w/o the asterisks, adding the bold or accent, that would be great (the same holds true for anything I post – so I won’t have to repeat myslef each time).

    Many of these which I’m posting, you all have seen before — I am simply trying to lump together a chunk for easier review. If there is a way to connect it all (wtpotus admin) so that the dialogue info runs smoothly, separating the dialogue from the name research, that would be ideal.

    “…When Mark was very young, they divorced. An honor student from Harvard, Ruth runs an upscale daycare center in Nairobi, Kenya….

    … ***Mark’s friends know that he moved to the US after spending the first *seven years* of his life in Kenya.*** He graduated from Brown University with a mathematics and arts degree. Then, he attended Stanford University in Palo Alto, California for a Physics degree. After that, he received an MBA degree from Emory University….”


  2. “… he stayed with his father until he was eight, when his mother left her husband to return to the United States. “The things I’ve said about him are based on what I knew, my own personal experiences. I’m not speaking for anybody else. But I lived with him,” said Mr Ndesandjo….

    … His mother has since returned to Kenya, where she runs a kindergarten in Nairobi, but raised Mr Ndesandjo in Boston, where he took his stepfather’s surname. “It was a huge culture shock for me to go to America. It was very, very difficult because I had no support structure. The only thing I had to pull me through was my mother,” he said….”


  3. In this article, Mark provides a completely different scenario as to where he was raised. Here he claims he was raised in Kenya from year 1965 through high school!

    “…Ndesandjo, who attended Obama’s inauguration as a family guest, declined to discuss his earliest memories of the president or describe their relationship over the years….

    … Nidesand returned with Obama Sr. to his native Kenya in 1965, where Mark and his brother David were born and raised. David later died in a motorcycle accident.

    In Kenya, Obama Sr. had four children with his first wife, Kezia, some of them while he was still married to Nidesand. Nidesand and Obama Sr. eventually divorced amid allegations of domestic abuse. Nidesand returned to the United States and later married a man whose surname Mark Ndesandjo took.

    Obama Sr. died in an automobile accident in 1982, at the age of 46.

    Ndesandjo, who is an American citizen, spent most of his childhood in Kenya before moving to the United States to go to college and work in telecommunications and marketing. He has a bachelor’s degree from Brown University in physics and a master’s degree in the same subject from Stanford University. He also earned an MBA from Emory University in Atlanta, he said.

    “I see myself in many ways as a person who has many places, has feet in many places,” he said.

    Intensely private, Ndesandjo declined to answer several questions about himself. He even refused to give his age, saying only that “I’m younger than Barack.”

    Ndesandjo moved to China after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, when his job was cut in the rocky U.S. economy. He taught English, immersed himself in the study of Chinese culture, and volunteered as a piano teacher at an orphanage.

    He now speaks Mandarin and said he earns a living as a consultant in strategic marketing, though he would not elaborate on his business.

    The author said 15 percent of the book’s proceeds would be donated to charities for children. Closely patterned on Ndesandjo’s own life, the novel depicts David, an American who leaves the U.S. corporate world after the 9/11 attacks to create a new life in China. He falls in love with a Chinese dance instructor and develops a bond with an orphan who is a gifted pianist battling a serious illness.

    In the book, David also writes letters to his American mother asking for details about her failed marriage and his late abusive Kenyan father.

    In one passage, Ndesandjo writes, “David easily remembered the hulking man whose breath reeked of cheap Pilsner beer who had often beaten his mother. He had long searched for good memories of his father but had found none.” Ndesandjo said such passages were drawn from his own experience.

    “I remember situations when I was growing up, and there would be a light coming from our living room, and I could hear thuds,” he said in the interview, tears welling in his eyes. “I could hear thuds and screams, and my father’s voice and my mother shouting. I remember one night when she ran out into the street and she didn’t know where to go.”

    Associated Press Writer Beth Fouhy in Washington, D.C., and Tom Maliti in Nairobi, Kenya, contributed to this report.


    • And yet in this same article, we have contradiction –

      “… Nidesand returned to the United States and later married a man whose surname Mark Ndesandjo took….”

      “…Closely patterned on Ndesandjo’s own life…He falls in love with a Chinese dance instructor and develops a bond with ***an orphan*** who is a gifted pianist battling a serious illness….”

    • Ali, I’ve got to think hard about what you’ve found. Mark came to the US at age 7. So when would that have been? If he was truly born around 1965, then he came at the same time Barry finally came to the US for good. What a coincidence!

      • scenarios
        1) Mark born, as he claims, in Africa, but who knows what year, or
        2) Mark born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 (or earlier).

        I still think he was born around ’57. Mark claims he is younger than o.
        How do we know that sr didn’t come to hawaii earlier than ’59. AND how do we know that ruth didn’t visit Kenya in the late ’50’s/early ’60’s? Is Mark ruth’s biological child, or did she adopt him?

  4. David Obama never existed. This is a composite image like all of the rest:

    When alias Barack Obama returned to Kenya after Obama Sr. died, he was seeking his share of the estate – and that’s when he found out he was not Senior’s son. The villagers who reported seeing him were later told it was Ruth’s son, David, and not Anna’s.

    alias Barack Obama was not born in Kenya. His father was not O’Senior. His mother was not Stanley Ann Dunham – who is also a composite character fraudulently represented by faked photos.

    alias Barack Obama: Portrait of a Presidential fraud

    • Thanks Ron for stopping in! We appreciate your commenting here.

      We are well aware of all of the photo shopped photos and fictitious family members. We have photos listed as photo shopped and show how some are downright silly because they are so blatant in their abnormalities. They are in another thread.



      I just watched your new video. Great job in showing how the trickery is performed. We refer to many of the photos we have seen as being done by “Ducky” who is a rank amateur.

      • Bridgette, hadn’t it been for you and your expertise, I would never have known about ducky’s work — most of the photos looked/look real to me!!!
        A Big Thank You to YOU Bridgette! 🙂

        • Thanks again.

          BTW, Who is Ducky?

          Are you referring to the Ducky field name that appears embedded in the metadata in Photoshop images?

          It is put there when PS files are Saved to Web producing small files with high quality.

          There is also a rubber duck and a personal history that goes together with it.

    • Can’t wait to see what you finally conclude as to who he is. When will you be releasing it?

    • Hello, Dr. Polland. We are indeed honored. Thanks for your input. Do you have any thoughts about exactly when Barry first went to Kenya? We’ve been pondering all the different reports, especially the story about “David’s” death in 1987 (David Opiyo, first of twins) and the father’s death, supposedly in 1982. If David were still alive, then he ought to have “inherited”, too. We, of course, have already been informed by Barry as well as by Mark that the “characters” in their books are composites. Who would have expected that included Barry, Stanley Ann, Mark, Ruth, and David, among all the others?

      • Barry went to Kenya in 1982 to “discover his roots: and to claim Senior’s inheritance. He returned in 1993 with Michele. We believe that Yussuf, who is actually Senior’s brother, wanted to get back his position as tribal elder – and in doing so – took O’bummer over in back of the village and Oyango-Bongo-ed Obama over his head for trying to shut him out of the Old Man Obama’s estate.

        He was wandering around in a bit of a daze – that’s when people reported seeing David – when htey were really seeing Obummer.

        • took O’bummer over in back of the village and Oyango-Bongo-ed Obama over his head for trying to shut him out of the Old Man Obama’s estate.

          In 93 Dr Ron, when he took Michelle there…hummm. so that means that you think the head scar came from then ?
          We never thought of that. We thought the scar from earlier.

          • Rene, et al.

            Have you noticed how differently the left side of his face looks in comparison to his right? It looks similar to what some people experience after suffering a stroke – a spasm in the facial muscles on the opposite side of where the stroke occurs in the brain.

            In Obama’s case, if a spasm on the left side of his face was the result of a clot (or similar obstruction) on the right side of his brain – and he had surgery, that may account for the hockey-stick scar on the right side of his head – as would an obongo to the dome-o.

            Like Elvis, alias Barack Obama had a fat phase and in this one shot of him in Hawaii, he looks more like Fat Albert.

            • Dr Ron, Elvis is in the lineage, and I see that snear-upturned corner of one side of the mouth in Courtney Cox as well as Stanley Ann too. I am going to post something now, not where it goes as a post-maybe but what I think or see. I may be wrong but follow me please. Cox-Nixon in here too. Let me find it all. Just swirl it as a possible for now then we go from there. Obongo to head as well as head injury could cause seizures, neuro damage, hearing or sight loss and jerking. I always think of that. Experimental neuro possibilities-robotics a possible also. Anyway, some things to note coming to you. Others here have seen me post these many times, but let’s go again.

            • Dr Ron, I forgot to mention above. If the right side of brain is damaged, it effects the left side of body, and visa versa. Right head scar= left body damages….

    • Hi, I don’t know how you prefer to be addressed — Dr. Polland, or Ron? Thank you for your input, but now, if possible, I would like more 🙂 . This is great fun, I am glad you are a participant.
      I enjoyed your video, thank you for leaving the link — btw, loved the choice of music.
      Would you please share with me why you say
      1) David never existed. *how do you know this — what info, source?
      2) How do you know, info/source, that he went to Kenya to claim inheritance only to find he was not sr.’s son, but he is ruth’s son – info/source.
      3) “…not born in Kenya..” again, source/info. Do you know where he was born, as well as the father?
      4) Also, are you saying that Ann did not exist AT ALL? That the write-up/photo in the Univ of Manoa publication is complete fabrication? Are you saying that Ann and lolo didn’t exist, or were not part of this package? If not ann and lolo, then who in Indonesia was part of this package?

      • When is it that you will reveal your info re o’s birth?

      • Polarik, I just viewed the videos on your website — great work on both the audio and visuals! Enjoyed watching, thank you –

      • Stanley Ann Dunham, according to Virginia Dunham Goeldner – SAD’s STEP AUNT, died in 1970. Virginia was born to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 2nd wife, after his first wife Ruth Armour died of ptomaine poisoning at Thanksgiving – not suicide as reported in Dreams.

        Someone else took on the identity of SAD after the real one died.

        • Someone else took on the identity of SAD after the real one died.

          And Dr Ron, the real one died when do you think ? What a drama. All actors..More then one identity. Dual lives…we knew.

        • Ann died in 1970. So Barry had an ugly stepmother perhaps? Or that is why he was supposedly living with the grandparents..but that couldn’t be true if he didn’t attend those Hawaiian schools. Lots of fake photos from that school. Lots of years unaccounted for in Barry’s life. Now following the fake Ann to Indonesia makes even less sense. A fake Ann got a degree. Somebody took him under their wing and raised him. No death certificate for Ann. No hospitalization for Ann. Why would the family go along with this charade? $$$$$$

          Ptomaine Poisoning -a term for food poisoning that is no longer used. How many people die of food poisoning? Intentionally poisoned food? Depends on how it is written.

        • Polarik, are you implying that you are in the camp with those who claim Ann, barry, et al were cia?

        • Technically, if Virginia is Stanley’s half-sister, then she’d be Barry’s half-grand-aunt. A “step” relative is related only by marriage, not by blood. But then there is the issue of whether or not Barry is related by blood to ANY of his reported relatives.

          Interesting about ptomaine poisoning at Thanksgiving. How’d that info come to light? I’ve not heard that before. Who cooked that dinner? People, keep food safety in mind when preparing your bird this holiday season. 🙂

      • Thank you, Annette. You can call me, “Dr. Ron,” Dr P.,” or “Hey you!” I’m not fussy.

        My time is extremely limited and I’m shooting for an end of January release, so everyone will have to forgive me if I cannot respond to all of your questions.

        This will have to do for the moment. I will drop on by if anything major happens.

        OK…I think that I can best summarize the reasons why I made the statements I did in one response. It will take into account what is the subject of this thread:


        I will expand that to be fabricated biographies, pedigrees, and histories as well.

        Here is my take on all of the photos posted here and elsewhere – or rather – make that “images” because I also include among them the forged COLBs, forged Divorce agreements, forged Passport apps and Passports, forged Social Security apps, forged Selective Service app, forged college transcripts, forged Stanley Ann Dunham Birth Certificate and anything else that had to be forged and fabricated to support these bogus narratives and to hide the real ones.

        (BTW, since there are so many samples of handwriting that tell its own tale of deceit, I am putting a video together on just the handwritten forgeries, and pointing out the specific features in each sample of handwriting that appears on different documents but written by the same hand, and conversely, the same documents but written by different hands.)

        NOW, my overall conclusion is that, if something or someone actually existed, there would be no need to fabricate false documentation and to fake photographic representations.

        The Stanley Ann Dunham that the Obamaton conspirators want you to know only exists in the virtual world, and not the real one.

        In fact, as you are learning here, the chance of finding a legitimate photo of Obama and his families has been slim and none.

        I believe that a real SAD existed but either she died, or was “ghosted,” and someone else hijacked her name.

        Stan and Maddy Dunham are also aliases as are their alleged occupations, but for different reasons.

        It was not the allure of working in another furniture store that took Stanley Armour from Kansas to Oklahoma to Texas to California to Washington.

        Google “B-29 factories” (and also “Stalin B-29” ) to see where I’m going with this one.

        The first edition and reprint of “Dreams” was in 1993 and 1995 – basically after everyone but Madeline was out of the picture, and she had Alzheimers. But, she also was sent to a “better place” the week before the election.

        As for where alias Barack Obama was born, the bigger question is, “For what reason was he born?”

        Think, “Israel.”

        • Thanks for your information Dr. P.

          I think we checked out B-29 factories previously in several areas including TX and OK. I didn’t know MAD had Alzheimers or else I had forgotten. “Sent to a better place” …if she was. I thought they put her on ice for a couple months so they could enjoy and celebrate their victory..she would have wanted that. Conveniently she was cremated. How could everyone be out of the picture.. unless the cousin, Dr. Wolf , Charles Payne, and “step” family are still living? Direct DNA samples now unavailable perhaps?

          • Ali – thank you for your compliments. I appreciate them.
            Renee, you got it right, as in, right-brain -> left face.

            Bridgette, Team Obama have leverage over everyone who is not a willing participant in this conspiracy. Whether it’s skeletons in their closet or just extortion and threats, they do not seem to have anyone spilling the beans – at least not yet.

            I was referring to his primary family members. The fact that they used alias Barack Obama’s PIC (Photographically Interchangeable Cranium) in the “Uncle Payne” shot, and that Maddy and Stan were never married, and that neither they, their daughter, or any of the Dunhams and Paynes have any blood or familial relationship to alias Barack Obama, makes the use of the moniker, “Uncle Payne,” a moot point.

            After this, I’ll be off for a while.

            I actually jumped on here to see if you had seen this story where Obama states that his brother, “Mark,” was O’Senior’s only uncontested heir :


            Oh, and here’s a little video I posted to my Facebook:


          • Yes, Dr. P. We’ve hashed over many times on our blog that article wherein Barry says that Mark was the only uncontested heir. Wondered here (in this thread, I believe) how it can be that David, also Ruth’s son by BHO Sr., who was still living in 1982, was not also an uncontested heir. Ruth should have had the same documentary evidence for David as for Mark. Best quote from the UK news article that Dr. P. cites:

            “That not enough has been written about his family is strange,” wrote columnist Roger Cohen in the New York Times last March, “If nominated, Obama’s family baggage will be pored over.”

            ROFLMAO! That’s precious, isn’t it? His “family baggage will be pored over.” Oh, ha, ha, ha, ha. I can’t take it. 2 years, 4 months later and we’re still waiting for the baggage to be unpacked.

  5. (((renee, BIG KISS to you))) 🙂

  6. At his website, Dr. Ron Polland claims o was born in the Middle East and grew up in Indo.
    Ron/Dr. Polland, how do you know o was born in the Middle East? Parents? Source? Same questions re Indo, Punahou, University, etc… Source? How did you arrive at these conclusions?

    alias Barack Obama: Portrait of a Presidential fraud
    Posted by Polarik on Wednesday, November 03, 2010 10:48:10 AM
    Barack Obama is not the person occupying the White House! He is an imposter – born in the Middle East, grew up in Indonesia, and then sent to the US mainland. His mother is not Stanley Ann Dunham. His father is not Barack Hussein Obama Sr. They never met in Hawaii. He never graduated from Punahou. He never attended Occidental College. He never graduated from Columbia. He spent all of one year at Harvard before landing a job as an attorney.

    His biography is as bogus as is his birth certificate.

    He is the greatest identity fraud in history.


    • From tens of thousands of person-hours of research spanning three countries and more than three years. People. Places. Events. Conspiracies.

      If you watch my videos, then you’ll understand a lot of what has been done to date:


      But the key answers, such as who is his birth family and who engineered his existence will be fully documented in my book – containing nearly 1,000 references and 300 images – coming out by the end of January.

      However, there will be two interim reports and two additional videos produced before then.

      • Dr. Ron, We started back then too. Almost 3 years ago. Do you see connections here to our work with yours ? I can relate to the thousands of hours digging…yes, I certainly can relate indeed.

        • Yes, I can. Especially with the fabricated photos that were made to support his fabricated biography.

          • Dr Ron, I just went through the crazy Ducky post I gave you the link to. You are in there too !

          • Polarik, how is it that you happened to find us here at wtpotus? I thought that we were a small unknown blog.
            Re our research, we’ve uncovered information not known by other bloggers/sites.
            I am interested in hearing details in support of your claims. Would you be willing to share your findings (details) with us here, or are those answers available only through your book?

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  8. Bridgette, Kathy is correct — there is something wrong with this thread. When I clicked on your name/comment on the sidebar, it pulled up page two. I had to click newer comments to get to page three, and then slide down to find your latest comment.

    • I will contact WordPress. Ali, I will have to try whatever you did to see if I can duplicate it. I hadn’t noticed any problems other than the orphan comments that were at the bottom and are now dangling where they shouldn’t be..from Oct. 31. I may have to eliminate those three comments to see if it starts dating correctly again. I think Miri was working on that problem and I don’t know the results. WordPress usually checks on it and tells us the problem so it can be corrected.

      My understanding is that you click on a name and it doesn’t go to that name it goes elsewhere. Correct? I thought Kathy was still referring to that bad link. It could be the weekend glitches.

      I think it is set up to be 50 main comments per page, plus all the replies to those comments. That stops it from loading slowly. I think I only see 14 main comments. I will check on it.

      • Ok I checked it and clicked on different names and a few comments wouldn’t come up. There is a code at the bottom of the page that says what the server is trying to do….the server is showing the code before the word “done” is shown…if it even gets to done or the page you want. “Read !1.ytimg.com” is one message. There was another one that had “s o” in it.

        • I did contact them about this in the past. Basically they told me that (1) they see no problem because to them it looks like it’s working correctly and (2) that it might be Coraline format plus too many nested comments.

  9. This is the photo alleged to be of David and Mark.
    Obviously not.

    BTW, if you want to see how the photos of Stanley Ann and Obummer were fabricated, watch my latest video:

    • Interesting observations in the picture of David and Mark! Some of those I saw, others I did not.

      • Thanks Bridgette. My book will be out in the last wk of Jan – in eBook format first. I’m sure lots of Kindles will be sold along with Ipad’s and Sony’s version.

        I have about 150+annotated images on my Photobucket account. I will have a report coming out in the Post & Email in a few weeks highlighting many of them. I also posted a short video my FaceBookPage

        • Polarik, are you finished with your book, or are you still doing research? Are there any unanswered questions which you are still pondering? If yes, which?

          • Yes, can you tell us what that messy blotch down the side of Mark’s shirt is? Did he spill his milk on himself?

            We’ve commented on several aspects of this bogus photo. For example, the darkness of David’s hand over Mark’s shoulder and how David’s hair is swirled on his left side because perhaps somebody used the smudge tool to eliminate something between them. Not to mention that David’s ear looks suspiciously like Barry’s.

          • Miri,
            Not to mention that David’s ear looks suspiciously like Barry’s….
            smudge between heads ? Like Simese twins ? the way you put that made me think…strange.. head scar…Mark’s scarf on head….
            Miri !

        • I have a great photo of Obama in Africa with his group of new found friends…uh…I mean family. Of course this group are the ones that are also in the family portrait that’s been around forever ,on wickipedia and the like. The photo where several of the family are not identified. I decided to go back and find this photo because I noticed something of interest to me.

          It is the photo where he and, I believe ,three of the men and the lady with the sunglasses and I think one other lady were together in front of what looks to be some sort of photo mat place or maybe a walk in photo studio. you can read some signs inside the building behind them and it says “photo” something. But what caught my eye is a person’s hand and black long sleeve in the left corner who looks as though he has stopped these passerby’s on the street for someone to take this photo. They certainly aren’t posing for this photo . It is only my observance of this photo that these are not people that know O..

          Check it out ;notice the perplexed look on the guys face; the guy with the white shirt on. Then of course there is the guy with a Tennesse races shirt on.He’ d make a great basketball player on scholarship to University Tennessee of which there has been plenty of Africans there. Haven’t checked that out.

          Well anyway I found this photo once so I looked for it again , saved it, to blow it up and to what should my wondering eyes did appear but OBaMA with a double edge photo shop smear. I mean big time like double legged. I mean he has three leggs in the photo. He doesn’t seem to fit in to the photo very well as his gesture with his arm up looks like they took a photo of him and squeezed into this group of people. Perhaps it was then that they paid em to come on into the photo place and become a family.

          I mean in the family photo that probably took place after this one ,where these people are never identified, The lady in front still has her sunglasses in hand and the guy in the back in the white shirt still looks a bit puzzled by it all. But really you must find this photo as it is the biggest photo boo boo I have ever seen.

          I think the first time I saw this picture I certainly never noticed the double body of Obama, so I am thinking their is another photo like this one floating around, but when I went back and nabbed the photo I got the one that they surely didn’t mean to circulate. Too late I have it.If you want this I will see if I can find it. It is not a photo like when someone uses film camera or one of those throw away camera that you have to wind the picture forward, because if it overlapped another photo ;the double edge would not be right in the middle of the picture.

          It is more like they took O’s picture ,grabbed it. moved it over and dropped it into the picture and accidentally put him there twice. They botched it but never fixed it and whoops this one got out by mistake. If I didn’t save it I printed it out to study it, I’ll see if I can send what I printed out.I saved several photos that have mysteriously disappeared or after saving them to my file and opened them later to find some weird photo of something else entirely.

          Also, the photo on the cover of his book of B Sr. on his mothers lap.I saved a photo of it and of course there is the little child’s hand on mother’s arm , maybe another infant holding mother’s arm and the portion to the left of the chair has (had) a certain child with some white garb on , a spear and now I can’t remember what made me know it was another taller child. I know I could tell there was some skinny arms and naked legs. Who knows , there could have been a whole host of people cut out of this photo, but I find this quite interesting to cut out the rest of the family. who knows.

          I hope everyone realizes that this women is certainly not muslim if she is kenyan. She would be a christain, that’s why the white clothes. She is in all probability sitting on a brittish or dutch missionary’s chair or maybe at a hospital. There were many missions to test and oversee people with tuberculosis all through the 1900’s. These white dresses were not pushed on these kenyans. It was the dress they would wear if they had been baptized. Who knows, maybe this is a baptism day. The white bracelets, I can find no tribes that wore this type of bracelet. I am guessing with all my might of course, but it could be if it isn’t tribal it is to commemorate something like showing they had been tested for TB, or vaccinated for something, or it is possible she is a poster lady like the white braceleted people to show the movement to stop poverty in recent years. I don’t know but anyway, I now have only the photo of her without the person clearly to the left of her. Have you seen it?

          One more scenereo, is she is dressed just like Kenyatta’s wife and other dignitaries wives who were being schooled at some of the early missionary schools. She is not what O. has made her seem.Who Ever this women is…. Hope your work is fruitful and

          now I get who Polarick is. Boy this website …..I read the footage in the Jihad inebriated history of hitler and the Jews, but I did my best to not look at the pictures. I don’t think I can handle the sadness and horror this would bring on me all day.I don’t get these kind of pictures out of mind easily. Thank you anyway. Alfy

          • We can’t check out the photo until you link us to it. I, for one, don’t know what photo you’re talking about.

          • alfy, if BHO Sr.’s mother is dressed as a Christian, that may be because it was said that he was originally Roman Catholic. There are stories somewhere that state what school he and his elder brother Joseph attended before he came to the USA. I can’t remember the name, but you can probably find the story on FR. There’s an “African Colonial” thread that has a lot of photos and information. I haven’t read it completely, but people have linked to it over the years.

        • just needed to add that the women ,O. Srs. mother also is dressed just like christian people of Sierra lione and Papua and the Luo were along with the kikuyu tribes were predominantly christian and first christians in the kenyan area. Alfy

          • We need links to photos to know which ones you are talking about. BO’s Sr.’s mother where he is in her lap is in the photo’s above. The others you are referring to I don’t remember or have never seen.

            If the photo is on the web, give us the URL and I can download the photo.

    • What a great skill you have Polarik — now that you’ve enlarged the david/mark photo, I can actually see it.

      What price do you intend to charge for your book?

  10. Look at the name in this wiki link – Gaudencia Aoko

    Now look at this – Kezia Obama, Also known as Kezia Aoko


    Legio Maria – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Legio Maria (Latin, “Legion of Mary”), also known as Legio Maria of African Church Mission, and Maria Legio, is an African Initiated Church (AIC) or new religious movement initially among the Luo people of western Kenya which incorporates traditional Luo religious customs into a Catholic Christian framework. The movement originated in the early 1960s as a breakaway of the Roman Catholic Church, declared a pope, and asserted that it has replaced the “Church of Rome” as the true Catholic Church for Africa.

    Snip ~

    Origins of the Movement

    According to Legio Maria leaders and researchers, the origins of the movement can be traced to the convergence of at least four separate events: the concealment by the Roman Catholic Church of ‘the third secret of Fatima;’ the death of Gaudencia Aoko’s two children and her subsequent dream in which Mary and Jesus spoke to her; Simeo Ondeto’s experience in which he was taken up to heaven and conversed with Abraham, Jacob and David; and the appearances of the Virgin Mary, Bakira Maria, as an older African woman among the Luo people. Apart from these events, when Gaudencia Aoko and Simeo Ondeto were asked why they started the Legio Maria Church, they claimed that they came to resent the authoritarianism of the Catholic Church and that they “wanted to declare that they were Catholics in Africa, and not in Rome.”[10]


  11. Alijo this one’s for you jojo –

    Luo people of Kenya and Tanzania

    Snip ~

    The Luo probably originated at Wau in southern Sudan, near the confluence of the Meride and Sue Rivers. The Kenya Luo migrated into western Kenya via today’s eastern Uganda, the first wave arriving sometime around 1500 AD. Arrivals came in at least five waves arriving at different times:

    The Joka-Jok (who migrated from Acholiland, the first and largest migration)comprise the JoKarachuonyo, JoKabondo, JoNyakach, JoKanyada, JoKadem among others
    Those migrating from Alur joined the Joka-Jok
    The Jo-K’Owiny (who migrated from Padhola) include JoSakwa, JoUyoma, JoSeme, JoAsembo, JoKajulu, JoKisumo among others
    The Jok’Omolo (perhaps from Pawir) arrived later, including the JoAlego, JoUgenya, JoGem, and JoYimbo.
    The Abasuba (an heterogeneous group in southern Nyanza, with [[Bantu peoples|Bantu] from Buganda and Busoga]) were assimilated into groups such as JoKaksingri, JoKaswanga, JoGwassi, JoKamasengre among others.
    The present day Kenya Luo traditionally consist of 25 sub-groups, each in turn composed of various clans and sub-clans[2] ( “Jo-” indicates “people of”.):

    Jo-Kisumo (Jo-Kisumu)
    Abasuba (Jo-Suna,Jo-Gwassi, Kaksingri, etc.)


  12. Comment –

    That is very good, we are all proud of Obama. Kenya should now move very fast with the new constitution especially about dual citizenship. Just as William said, I still support Williams point: Look Japanese town called Obama are already waiting to make Obama their elder once he visit the town and a citizen of Obama town. They have even decided on that already while Kenya is still, I do not know what they are waiting for? , almost 14 months to go before a new constitution.
    It is time to make being proud of Obama to making progress in Africa out of this opportunity God has given Barack Obama. Look at luos and nilotics sufferings from southern Sudan, Uganda, Congo even upto Kenya today.

    Comment @ Link –


  13. Can you believe this blogger in Chicago? How many people do you think actually believe this?


    Royke, Chicago | Tue, 09/11/2010 – 08:11am

    Please keep President Obama safe. He is Allah’s chosen one, his son and presence on earth.

  14. I didn’t know where to go with this story about Barry’s life in Indonesia:

    This must be background info to honor Indonesia’s favorite son returning to the place of his . . . ?

    My favorite part:
    “Mr. Obama’s family rented the guest house inside a compound belonging to a prominent physician. [They made a habit of this; remember the Lefforges?]There, according to the neighborhood’s longtime residents, the young Obama, who had already experienced differences in class and religion in his short stay in Indonesia, was exposed to another aspect of Jakarta’s diversity. His nanny was an openly gay man [!!!] who, in keeping with Indonesia’s relaxed attitudes toward homosexuality, carried on an affair with a local butcher, longtime residents said. The nanny [if they were poor, why a nanny?] later joined a group of transvestites called Fantastic Dolls, who, like the many transvestites who remain fixtures of Jakarta’s streetscape, entertained people by dancing and playing volleyball. In the compound, Mr. Obama often played with the two sons of the physician’s driver.”

    One can almost imagine this writer trying to debunk items we’ve discovered on this blog: That Lia SOETORO Sobah was his adopted sister AND nanny [conveniently dead, RIP]; that he was driven to school by Lolo’s chauffeur, not the landlord’s; and that his family were wealthly Indonesian elites, not the poor slumdogs Barry wants us to believe.

    Hmmmm. More gays around this boy during his formative years. Illustrative?

    The story repeats the meme about Barry being chubby as a child (to debunk analysis about how he doesn’t appear to be the same person?) as well as his story about wanting to be president even when he was a child. The last line is precious:

    “Then Barry said he would become president and ORDER the soldier to guard him and the businessman TO USE HIS MONEY to build HIM something.”

    This, if nothing else, makes me think that perhaps, indeed, that kid was the person who now is our POTUS. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

    • His nanny was an openly gay man [!!!] who, in keeping with Indonesia’s relaxed attitudes toward homosexuality, carried on an affair with a local butcher, longtime residents said. The nanny [if they were poor, why a nanny?] later joined a group of transvestites called Fantastic Dolls, who, like the many transvestites who remain fixtures of Jakarta’s streetscape, entertained people by dancing and playing volleyball.

      Miri, Sex change-Dr Stanley Barbour…Dil in The Crying Game……etc…remember ? Marci Bowers took Stan’s practice when he died. After Marci bacame a she (sort of)

    • This is a different author than all the others we have covered by reading Indonesian news stories. Anyone else come across this guy or gal? Norimitsu Onishi.

      • Nov 17, 2007
        Norimitsu Onishi, a liar
        This site expands its subject to various kinds of lies about Japan.

        The most influential source of lies is Norimitsu Onishi, the Tokyo bureau chief of NY Times. He was born in 1969 in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, and moved to Canada when he was four. He graduated from Princeton University and joined the Times and covered Africa, Afganistan, and other foreign countries before he came to Japan in 2003.
        Onishi’s articles are laughing matter in Japan.
        He is the first NY Times correspondent who wrote so many stupid articles, which is hurting Times’s reputation seriously.
        His articles about comfort women are much distorted and biased.

        • Comfort women ? Is that the nice term Bridgette for hooker ?
          I thought the comfort women were real WIVES ? Stupid me…Guess I never lived in the world of smut. Lucky me.

          • snips
            “Comfort women is a euphemism for women working in military brothels, especially those women who were forced into prostitution as a form of sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II.

            Around 200,000 [women] are estimated to have been involved, with estimates as low as 20,000 from some Japanese scholars and estimates of up to 410,000 from some Chinese scholars.

            Young women from countries under Japanese Imperial control were reportedly abducted from their homes.”

          • Lovely. Geisha girls…very sad. You know, I just don’t get it, how the ego is not ruined with these male customers. Who would want to have sex with a captive ? Really gross. Who would want someone that they have to pay ? Men that cannot get sex with a consenting female for free. The ugly, smelly, hard up men. That is who. That no one wants to be near. They make me sick.
            I read many times the last few years too of the rich, kinky crowd back in time. They made contracts to be each others slaves for a time period specified in contract.Maybe still do it of course.
            Some people just cannot be normal. Let’s face it. Thay are off a bit.
            Just messed up humans. Comfort women ? It is forced sex. Plain and simple. Slave sex, for the freaks. There is nothing pretty, sexy or erotic about it. It is perverted.

      • Laura Ingraham read this article on her radio program this afternoon. She was laughing at the story. Talking about how we will now have to be subjected to another round of Barry’s fabulous fantasy life stories. She says instead of being inspiring, they are now simply “bizarre” and laughable. Ridiculous! If this writer is a lying, in-the-tank-for-Obama toady (and aren’t they all?), then he just might be writing this crap to debunk TRUTH that’s come out about Barry’s days in Indonesia. Or which might come out in the Indonesian press. Are we ready to start monitoring their news again? What kind of nuggets will we find in their press this week?

  15. Bho on the news was talking about how Jarkarta has changed and said
    “the only bldg when I left there for CHICAGO was Serena”

    what does this mean? Did he go from indonesia to Chicago?

    • Can any of you help in translating the comments left by the women on that post? Not all words were translated by google. african swahili dialect

  16. Even “talkleft” blog was amused with o when speaking about his family history

  17. “The Son of K’Ogelo a.k.a the brown king from Nyang’oma – or for the rest of the world – the US president Barack Obama is just a man, after all…”


  18. Polarik said, at: Dr. Ron Polland | November 10, 2010 at 11:56 am |

    “…neither they, their daughter, or any of the Dunhams and Paynes have any blood or familial relationship to alias Barack Obama…
    I actually jumped on here to see if you had seen this story where Obama states that his brother, “Mark,” was O’Senior’s only uncontested heir …”

    Polarik, you have the benefit of reading our research — would you consider doing the same.
    In your research you have, as stated above, concluded that o is in no way blood-related to the dunhams — would you please share your source/details. You then ask whether we’ve seen the article which states Mark as being the only uncontested heir to sr..
    I’m sure you’ve read our research and realize we have on several occasions discussed that article, and that remark , in particular. Thus, I surmise that you are interested in our opinion/conclusion.
    Also, in one of your prior comments, you mentioned that the locals in kenya know o to be David.
    Add it all up, and we all come to the same conclusion.
    It is, is it not, your opinion that o is david.

    Like you, many have cards held close to the vest. Is your reason purely financial profit, or does another reason exist?

    Oh, what is your facebook address?

  19. Excerpts from page we’ve reviewed in the past

    I didn’t recall that — “black again”

    Seconds: Sister Noon: Barry Naughton, But Good
    “… Sister Nun who was then aged two years older than Barack Obama used to call the employer’s children were close calls with the name of Barry. “Dulu saat baru datang, saya pikir Barry itu perempuan, nggak tahunya anak laki-laki, hitam lagi,” kenangnya. “Last time when recently arrived, I thought Barry was female, not him boys, black again,” he recalls….”

    Seconds: teasing ‘Black Monk’, Barry Laughter
    “one child and the other Caucasian people Papuans.”

    “… Sister Nun only know Obama’s own little neighborhood in Menteng Dalam only have two friends who often play, one child and the other Caucasian people Papuans….

    [ hence the washerwoman and the other maids are also often angry with him,” he explained.]
    “… “A lot of damaged goods at Barry, he often ran-larian also. Naughton really for the size of the children, hence the washerwoman and the other maids are also often angry with him,” he explained….”

    “***According to the Daily Mail, Barack Hussein remarried women
    The third, who met just when she was still home with mom Barack
    Obama.*** A nephew of Barack Hussein told the daily
    said that polygamy is part of African culture. No entirely true that Barack Obama’s parents divorce solely because of differences in skin color, like the narrative of Obama….
    … Obama’s father returned to Kenya and met a family with two children. He then worked as a government employee in the administration of President Jomo Kenyatta. Jomo Kenyatta. Obama Senior then married a third time before went to Kenya. With a big salary, luxurious car, wife
    Ruth, three named Ruth, a US-born white teachers, participated
    with him to Kenya. Ruth was known Obama Senior at Harvard and married
    despite the fact that Obama Senior was still married to Kezia and bound
    Ann. He also had children with Ruth….”

    http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2008/12 … tem_a.html tem_a.html
    Folo to Politico’s Smith item about Obama Indonesia trip Folo to Politico’s Smith item about Obama’s Indonesia trip

    By Lynn Sweet
    on December 4, 2008 7:54 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)

    “Actually ironically I have more of a Childhood Than I do in Kenya.”


    • Forgot to add from that same above link:
      “…Two years later, Obama’s Parents separated and he moved to a small village outside Jakarta, Indonesia, with his mother, an anthropologist. There, he spent his boyhood playing with the sons and daughters of rice farmers and rickshaw drivers, attending an Indonesian-speaking school, where he had little contact with Americans.
      After six years in Indonesia, Obama was sent back to the United States to live with his maternal Grandparents in Hawaii in preparation for college….”

      That scenario sounds a bit similar timewise to the article which I read years ago while at td’s. I’m referring to an article which I assume has disappeared as I have never again been able to find it. The article stated that o’s mother spent a couple(?) years in kenya and then moved to indonesia.

      • Okay, delete that last entry, and preferably all my entries — (lol I know I make you guys crazy — Leza is probably blowing a gasket at this point lol)

        *Note to readers:
        Please do not take anything I state on this blog to be factually correct. I have no idea as to what the “truth” is, nor do I know that any of the sources are factually correct.

        This part of the puzzle is no longer fun — I still have more articles to post, but I find myself reluctant to do so. I question whether what I’m doing is “the right thing to do”. When I viewed it as a game, a puzzle to be solved, I was okay with it — but now, I don’t know. Its too close.
        Initially, when we started this a few years ago, I was stunned and scared as to what I was witnessing re our govt.;
        our elections — the democratic primary — I was a “hillary” supporter, and then a PUMA;
        our media which became pure propaganda;
        our country;
        our Constitution.

        It was frightening to watch unadulterated corruption take place without fear of repurcussion/reaction from the american citizens. Perhaps it has always been like this, and I had just never realized it — it had never, in my memory, been so blatant.

        Turning to the courts and our elected officials proved fruitless. Trying to figure out what happened, and address our grievance, we turned to each other. Who was this crowd, this “gang of thugs”? And so it was as we began our journey to unravel the mystery of o.
        But now I question myself. Is one crowd, one “gang of thugs”, any better than the other?

        lol But I still have articles to post lol.

    • Ali, Post & Email News has a story about this today: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/03/12/did-mike-huckabee-really-misspeak/
      They cite a March 5, 2011 article here: http://nobarack08.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/illinois-state-senator-obama-admits-childhood-in-kenya/

      Here’s the story from 2006: http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2006/09/obama_africa_lessons_look_ahea.html

      I guess you could say you scooped at least those two blogs. 🙂 Good going, Ali.

  20. Ok, this is a more comfortable distance.

    Interesting that mabel hefty, o’s 5th grade punahou teacher was part of us aid — she spent much time teaching in kenya. She died in 1995. Could one of you do your bang-up bio/ancestry research on her?

    Also Madelyn connection to Punahou —

    “Hefty’s daughter, Carolyn Whorff, a retired teacher who lives in Oakhurst, Calif., said she teared up to hear that Obama considered Mrs. Hefty his favorite teacher. Obama’s name had come up as her mother was dying of cancer, before he went into politics, Whorff said.

    “I know he’s going to be somebody,'” Hefty told her daughter. “You probably will hear about him. If you do, look him up.”

    … Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Feb. 2, 1915, Hefty earned her bachelor’s from San Francisco State College in 1935 and started teaching at Punahou in 1947. She was a veteran fifth-grade teacher by the time Barack Obama entered her class in the fall of 1971, hoping to fit in like any other kid.

    Hefty had recently completed a sabbatical in Kenya, where she taught as part of an educational advisory team appointed by the U.S. Agency for International Development….

    …Later, to Barry’s dismay, Hefty invited his father to give a talk to the class during a visit to Hawaii. But the senior Obama’s stories of tribal life and Kenyans’ struggle to free themselves of colonial rule entranced the students, replacing their early derision with admiration….”





    “…I knew his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who sadly passed away just two days before the election. Madelyn was a vice president at the Bank of Hawaii. She was a very competent, accurate, and no-nonsense woman who handled several escrow closings on real estate transactions with which I was involved. No matter how complicated the deal was, I always knew that if Madelyn handled the escrow details, everything would be in order.

    Madelyn’s boss was the bank’s CEO, Frank Manaut, who served with me as a trustee of Punahou School. It seems likely that Madelyn’s connection with Frank played a role in Barack’s enrollment at Punahou with a scholarship.

    At Punahou, Barack had the good fortune to be assigned to the fifth-grade class of a marvelous teacher named Mabel Hefty. My wife Linda, a former Punahou elementary school teacher, knew her well. She recalls that Mabel was an exceptional educator and human being who knew how to combine just the right amount of enthusiasm, laughter, love, high expectations, and discipline to get the most out of each and every student.

    Mabel made a big difference in the life of my son, Dr. Chuck Kelley (Punahou `76), when he was in her class a few years before Barack.

    Another well-known figure in Hawaii, Hokule‘a navigator and Kamehameha Schools trustee Nainoa Thompson (Punahou `72), also credits Mabel Hefty with giving him confidence in school and heading him in the right direction.

    In Nanyuki, Kenya with Mabel Hefty 1978. From left: David Carey, Linda Jane Kelley, Chuck Kelley, Colleen Kelley, Kathy Carey, Bitsy Kelley, Debbie Cooke, Mabel Hefty, Linda VG Kelley, and Richard R. Kelley
    Mabel had a special interest in the people of Africa. She went to Kenya several times during her summers and on her sabbatical leave to teach in the public schools of Nanyuki, a small village near Mt. Kenya. There, the classrooms were often open spaces under a thatched roof with a dirt floor and sparse, if any, furniture, textbooks, or supplies. Linda and I helped Mabel by shipping some of Punahou’s discarded textbooks and supplies to the schools in advance of her teaching visits. We also visited the schools with Mabel when she accompanied my family, Linda, and me on a photographic safari in East Africa in 1978.

    I feel sure that Mabel’s knowledge and understanding of Kenya was a factor in how she approached “Barry” Obama, as he was called during his Punahou days. He was one of a very few who were admitted to the fifth grade that year, and he was probably considered an “outsider.” Most of the students in his class had started together either in kindergarten or first grade and had already established close friendships. And although his classmates represented a variety of races or often were hapa, a mixture of races, a look at his class photo reveals that Obama’s skin and hair were, indeed, somewhat different from everyone else’s.

    Writing in the Punahou Bulletin, Carlyn Tani described Obama’s first days in his new school: “Teacher Mabel Hefty played an important role in buffering the way for her new pupil. She had just completed a sabbatical teaching in Kenya and sought to nurture Obama’s interest in his father’s homeland. She shared her collection of Kenyan art with her students; she would sometimes pull Barry aside after class and tell him stories about her experiences in Kenya.

    “That December, Barack’s father returned for a month-long visit and was invited by Mabel to address Barack’s class. A commanding figure, the elder Obama spoke in mesmerizing terms of Luo tribal customs and the country’s struggle against British colonial rule. ‘And he told us of Kenya’s struggle to be free,’ Obama writes (in his autobiography Dreams From My Father), ‘… How many had been enslaved only because of the color of their skin, just as they had in America; but that Kenyans, like all of us in the room, longed to be free and develop themselves through hard work and sacrifice.’”

    It is not surprising, after he became a presidential candidate in 2007, that when asked on national television to name his favorite teacher, Obama chose Mabel Hefty, citing her power to make “every single child feel special.”

    Barack Obama’s Ninth Grade Class 1976. Barack Obama is fourth from right in the front row.
    Since then, Punahou School has been deluged with requests for information about Obama’s student days. The office of the school’s president has told me one person is assigned almost full time to answer those inquiries.

    That led Punahou to search for old photos, and one day they called Dr. Chuck Kelley and said, “You were once the photographer for The Oahuan (the school’s yearbook). Is there any possibility you have some old prints or negatives around that include Barack Obama?” Chuck looked through a number of stored boxes, and sure enough, he did have a negative containing Obama’s 9th grade class photo. He donated the negative to the school for its records…”


    • “I know he’s going to be somebody,’” Hefty told her daughter. “You probably will hear about him. If you do, look him up.”

      OMG. Do they teach this in some class at Punahou: Making up far-fetched tales, 101?

      Doesn’t this remind you too much of the ridiculous tale told by that other Punahou teacher, Barbara Nelson?

      “I remember Dr. West saying ‘Barack Hussein Obama, now that’s a musical name,’” said Nelson, who grew up in Kenmore [New York, near Buffalo] and went to Hawaii IN 1959 to be in Jo-Anne’s wedding party[this is supposedly Jo-Anne West, Dr. West’s daughter, who Nelson went to college with]. When Nelson was offered a JOB AS A NEWSPAPER REPORTER AND PHOTOGRAPHER at her friend’s wedding reception, it led to her living in Hawaii for 47 years. She returned to Kenmore in 2006.

      Ten years after that memorable birth announcement, Nelson would hear the Obama name again. This time, the father, now a Kenyan government official, was coming to speak at the Punahou School in Honolulu where Nelson was teaching and where his 10-year-old son was a newly enrolled fifth-grader.

      “Dr. Obama had this lovely, attentive manner,” she said. “When he answered the children’s questions, he would do it as a story, which is the way they do it in Kenya.

      “His son, whom he hadn’t seen in eight years, seemed as fascinated as we all were,” said Nelson, who went on to be a high school principal, a harpist, a watercolor artist and poet. ”

      So Nelson taught at Punahou elementary when Barry was in 5th grade. She was there, too, for BHO Sr.’s command performance in speaking to that class. She was a PHOTOGRAPHER . Perhaps someone now adept at photoshopping? Or someone with, perhaps, access to the archives of the newspapers for which she once, perhaps, worked? Nelson taught Barry in high school and also watched him play basketball.

      Now, if Babs Nelson went to college with Jo-Anne West, then it’s likely Northwestern or UCLA. Gee, CHICAGO and LA again. Here’s Jo-Anne’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Anne-West-Lewis/1055744324#!/profile.php?id=1055744324 She was in Northwestern class of ’58. Her husband’s name is Donald Lewis. She was in the Punahou class of ’54.


      • Miri, Nanyuki is 100 miles north of Nairobi. I’m still trying to figure out if Hefty is ruth, or whether they were just kindred souls. You saw my statement re Hefty retiring punahou @ 1980, around the same time ruth opened her nairobi kindergarten.

        • Yep. It’s interesting. The parallels. Ruth from NY. Mabel from NY. She did have a daughter Carolyn Hefty Whorff, not much older than SADOS. Punahou class of ’56, I believe. She looks like her mother. The coincidences are amazing. Mabel died in Sacramento. I wonder if she possibly went to Kenya after retirement. All we need now is to find a link to the East-West center for Hefty and Nelson. There has to be one. There always is. 🙂

  21. photos of mabel hefty

    • That kid is not barky. When did he grow those flappy dumBO ears?

      And that lady, Mabel…is that a mole on the side of her nostril?

      Oh goody, all of sudden the drunken bigamist comes to Bring Your Favorite Estranged Commie To School Day… how come barky and numerous stories state he only saw his child once (Airport) ~ oh and on what page is the event in barky’s bullography describing Big African Daddy’s visit to class? Was Bill Ayres on the bong and forgot that priceless piece or did I miss it?

    • The names were changed….
      By the way, has anyone else picked up on the tidbit of Neil Diamond’s new CD ? It is called “DREAMS”

      Do they pick a theme every year and plaster us with it or something ?

  22. Put sandy shoulder length hair on a younger version of this face=ruth who, regardless of what is placed on the internet, was not teaching at Punahou ’69/’70. But we’ll never get an honest account of the actual years she spent there teaching nor what years she took off for “sabbaticals”.
    As I said last night, what a truly fascinating life — I am sincere, I think its a wonderful life (minus, of course, the beatings by sr — if that part of the story is even true).

  23. babs appears to be loaded yet I didn’t see that she donates to punahou — at least not on that list


    • Miri, how did you get all that info on babs? Did you actually friend her facebook account lol

      • Most of the information is in the story at Free Republic. It was instructive to read it again after so long because I suddenly noticed that she was a newspaper reporter as well as a photographer. And she went to school with Jo-Anne West, the daughter of the man she CLAIMED was SADOS’s OB and delivered the messiah. However, as we learned long ago, Dr. West, war hero, retired from obstetrics years before Barry was supposedly born. Unless, of course, he’s lying about his date of birth. Yet, doctors did sometimes deliver children for relatives, as a courtesy. So . . .

        btw, I’m putting some photos on Bridgette’s new family thread. Look for them there.

    • Neither did Barry, if you notice.

  24. “Problems Facing Our Socialism” by Barack Obama, Sr (PDF)

    Here is a sampling of what Obama senior believed and what Obama so ardently admires –

    Obama,Sr. stakes out the following positions in his attacks on the white paper produced by Mboya’s Ministry of Economic Planning and Development:

    1. Obama advocated the communal ownership of land and the forced confiscation of privately controlled land, as part of a forced “development plan”, an important element of his attack on the government’s advocacy of private ownership, land titles, and property registration. (p. 29)

    2. Obama advocated the nationalization of “European” and “Asian” owned enterprises, including hotels, with the control of these operations handed over to the “indigenous” black population. (pp. 32 -33)

    3. Obama advocated dramatically increasing taxation on “the rich” even up to the 100% level, arguing that, “there is no limit to taxation if the benefits derived from public services by society measure up to the cost in taxation which they have to pay” (p. 30) and that, “Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.” (p. 31)

    4. Obama contrasts the ill-defined and weak-tea notion of “African Socialism” negatively with the well-defined ideology of “scientific socialism”, i.e. communism. Obama views “African Socialism” pioneers like Nkrumah, Nyerere, and Toure as having diverted only “a little” from the capitalist system. (p. 26)

    5. Obama advocates an “active” rather than a “passive” program to achieve a classless society through the removal of economic disparities between black Africans and Asian and Europeans. (p. 28) “While we welcome the idea of a prevention [of class problems], we should try to cure what has slipped in .. we .. need to eliminate power structures that have been built through excessive accumulation so that not only a few individuals shall control a vast magnitude of resources as is the case now .. so long as we maintain free enterprise one cannot deny that some will accumulate more than others .. ” (pp. 29-30)

    6. Obama advocates price controls on hotels and the tourist industry, so that the middle class and not only the rich can afford to come to Kenya as tourists. (p. 33)

    7. Obama advocates government owned and operated “model farms” as a means of teaching modern farming techniques to farmers. (p. 33)

    8. Obama strongly supports the governments assertion of a “non-aligned” status in the contest between Western nations and communist nations aligned with the Soviet Union and China. (p. 26)

    It gets worse than that, so read it all.

    “Problems Facing Our Socialism” by Barack Obama, Sr


    • In his published book, Dreams From My Father, Obama clearly states that he wishes to fulfill his fathers dreams. But few people are aware of what those dreams were and the political consequences upon this nation if those dreams are realized.

  25. Kenyans celebrate Obama Victory

    June 5th, 2008
    Posted 5th June 2008
    Kenneth Oduor, Nairobi

    KENYA, Nairobi June 4 ( Garowe Online)- A mood of joy and jubilation gripped various parts of Kenya following the news that Senator Barrack Obama had clinched the Democratic Party nomination for the US Presidential race.

    Barrack Obama has strong linkages with the Kenyan people since his father hailed from Kenya before moving to the United States where he got married to a white mother.

    Snip ~

    Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga who has also been rumored to have blood relations with Obama also congratulated the Illinois senator for his victory saying it would act as a source of inspiration to many Kenyans to look at leadership beyond ethnic and religious considerations.

    “His success will break ethnic shackles in determining political leadership”, Raila said in his statement.

    >The Muslim community in Kenya also congratulated Obama’s victory saying even though he was not strict Muslim, his respect for the religion and humanity would be instrumental in his future leadership.“We call upon Obama to unite the world and the United States if he finally becomes the president”, said Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa who is also the Secretary of the Council of Imams and Preacher of Kenya.<

    Source: Garowe Online


    • 09-03-2008 18:48:29


      United States pledges $15m towards Kenyan reconstruction

      APA-Nairobi (Kenya) The United States government on Sunday pledged to give more than 1 billion shillings($15 million) towards the implementation of the coalition accord, as well as advancing reconciliation and reconstruction efforts.

      Speaking in Nairobi, US Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger, said the funds would be used to promote dialogue and reunion among Kenya’s different communities.

      The funds will also be used to facilitate the return of displaced people to their homes and for youth programs.

      He added that the money would also contribute to the establishment of the new office of the Prime Minister.

      The envoy urged both President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, to move fast and implement the terms agreed in the power-sharing deal brokered last month by fomer United Nations Secretary General, Koffi Annan.


      • 27-06-2008 04:20:09


        US gives Kenya $75 million in support of coalition government

        APA-Nairobi (Kenya) United States will give Kenya $75 million in support of the grand coalition government formed between President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga in February, US ambassador to Michael Ranneberger said on Thursday.

        Addressing a press conference in Nairobi, he said the money will be granted to Kenya after the US Congress approves the funds.

        He said the funds will be used for key reforms key including electoral, constitutional and land reforms.

        Ranneberger said the funds are in addition to the $25 million already granted to resettle over 300,000 displaced persons left homeless following the post-poll violence triggered by December 27 presidential elections.

        He said the US government is confident the coalition government will work, downplaying suggestions there is a split in the government over an amnesty debate.

        Odinga\’s Orange Democratic Movement party has been calling for amnesty for arrested perpetrators of the election violence that left more than 1000 people dead, while the Kibaki\’s Party of National Unity has argued that the perpetrators should face the full wrath of the law.

        \”The coalition has shown remarkable unity and I urge Kenyans to listen to both Kibaki and Odinga,\” said Ranneberger, adding that his talks with both leaders have indicated that they are working together.


  26. Kenyans salute Obama

    Posted in June 4th, 2008
    by Editor in Kenya

    By Standard Team

    Snip ~

    Vice-President, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, hailed the victory as historic, saying Obama had won the nomination with dignity. [barf]

    “Indeed, he may make history as the first American president with African roots,” said Kalonzo in Nairobi.

    US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, said Obama’s win would have tremendous impact on Kenya.

    Snip ~

    >“His global leadership is cut out for him,”>In Mombasa, the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya Organising Secretary, Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa, urged Obama to stick to his manifesto which has earned him wide support<“Apart from being close to Africa, we expect Obama to move away from confrontational policies and unite the US and the rest of the worldODM-Kenya nominated MP, Ms Shakila Abdalla, said Obama’s victory was an achievement for Kenyans and Africa.“Because Obama has roots in Kenya, we expect the US and Kenya to forge close ties.< We are praying for his victory in the presidential poll,” Shakila said.


    • The most corrupt democratic primary I’ve ever experienced in my life.

      “…In Nairobi, ODM congratulated Obama for clinching the Democratic presidential nominations. Secretary-General, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, said the primaries were free and fair and Obama won convincingly….”

    • I don’t know how to copy pictures in here. Whould someone please copy the photo on the first link of Obama and Sara. Could she be his mother? Look at her mouth.

    • That one story “Day Obama slept on the floor…” seems like it was written to verify those fake photos of him in front of Sara’s house ..where he is holding the huge sack or bag.

    • Ogembo says by the time of his migration from Karachuonyo, Onyango Obama had already lost his wife, Akumu Nyanjoga, the mother to Barack Obama Snr and married Sarah Ogwel � the now famous grandmother.

  27. Obama’s dad and his many loves

    Posted on 21 November 2008

    By John Oywa and George Olwenya

    He loved style and elegance. A tobacco pipe, a parted hairdo, and generosity were some of his conspicuous trademarks.

    A Harvard-educated economist, Barack Hussein Obama Snr, was as charming as he was intelligent. He lived big, inspired many of his peers and “died thoroughly” in a freak road accident in Nairobi.

    Snip ~

    He drove the latest car models, wore the best suits, and drank the most expensive whisky brands.

    Known as Barry “Wuod Akumu Nyanjoga” (the son of Akumu daughter of Njoga), Obama Sr towered over his peers with authority. He was a man of the people and always spoke of big dreams.

    The seed he planted in 1961, in America, is today the toast of the world.

    A beneficiary of the famous airlifts to the US, organised by the then Planning Minister Tom Mboya in 1959, Obama Sr went to America, saw and conquered. By the time he returned in 1964, his son with an American college mate, Ms Ann Dunham, was bubbling with energy.


    Obama Sr wined and dined with both the lowly and the mighty. By the time of his death, names of his friends read like who was who in the Government.

    President Kibaki was among the top politicians who topped in Obama Sr’s list of friends.

    Snip ~

    The 75-year-old adds he knew Obama Sr when he worked for BP/Shell in Nairobi.

    “One of his friends was President Kibaki. One day when I was walking with him in Nairobi, Kibaki, then the Minister for Finance stopped his car next to us and offered him a lift,” says Tolo.

    He adds: “The President rode with him to his office and I am told that was the day he got a job in the Treasury as an economist.”

    Kibaki was to later come to Obama Sr’s rescue when he was sacked for allegedly protesting the assassination of his mentor — Tom Mboya — in July 1969.

    Snip ~

    Hundreds of senior politicians and friends attended his emotional burial in 1982. Luo leaders present were the former Foreign Affairs Minister, the late Robert Ouko and former Education Minister Oloo Aringo, among others.

    A former political detainee and a long time aide to the late opposition leader Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Mr Odungi Randa, who met Obama Sr on many occasions, says the economist, was cut for bigger things.

    “Obama Sr did not realise some of his dreams but his son has made him proud in death,” says Randa.

    Snip ~

    “Mboya took Obama Sr to America. His son is now the US President. Jaramogi took Raila Odinga and others to Germany, Russia and other Eastern block countries. Raila is the Prime Minister,” he says.

    But no one has fonder memories of Obama Sr than Mzee Sebastian Peter Okoda; a former senior Government official, who shared his residential house in Nairobi with him for a year.

    Okoda and Obama Sr stayed in the same flat at Dolphin Court Flats near Caledonian Shopping Centre.

    He says that when he joined the Treasury in December 1974, he was given a Government house where he stayed with his wife.

    He and Obama worked together and could occasionally interact since they both hailed from Alego in Siaya District.

    Obama, one of the leading economists by then, was a senior officer in the planning department. Okoda was an assistant secretary at the fiscal and monitoring department.

    The 70-year-old says one evening; Obama asked him if they could put up together because he had not got a house.

    “I did not bother to know where he had been staying, but I obliged. We stayed together for more than a year,” he says.

    The duo lived together from 1976 to February 1977 in Flat 5; a three-bed room house reserved for senior Government officers.

    “I gave him one of the bedrooms. When my wife came from the village she cooked and we could eat together when we were not visiting friends,” recalls Okoda.

    The old man says he was 45 then and they were age-mates and he never bothered to discuss about their marital background, but he knew Obama had more than one wife.

    He can remember Obama’s first wife Kezia and eldest son Abong’o Malik visited them at the residence. “Kezia visited us once and she even spent a night.”

    Okoda says Obama had access to top civil servants and business executives who treated him as one of their own.

    Always neat in his dressing and sometimes sporting a brown leather jacket, he says Obama, whom they referred to as Barry, would go for the best drinks and finest brands of cigarettes.

    “If people could be made and cut out for anything in particular then one could say that Obama (Sr) was actually made for the best, he would go for nothing short of that,” says Okoda.

    Adding: “He loved the bottle but was very choosy. He would only touch whiskies such as Johnnie Walker and Vat 69. For cigarettes, Barry smoked 555, State Express and Rex.”

    And his orders came in double tots, a characteristic that earned him the name “Double Double” from his friends.

    His taste for the very best was not restricted to smoke and drinks, Okoda says.

    “Executives would call on us at our residence and we could go out for business lunches and entertainment,” he says.

    Among his friends, the old man remembers, was former Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott, who was then Personal Assistant to the VP and now retired President Moi.


    He also remembers Mr Joseph Kipsanai, the then under-secretary, fiscal and monitoring division at the Treasury and Mr J B Omondi, the then deputy secretary at the External Aid department in the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

    “They were so many and it is now a long time since I retired in 1980 and left the city. I cannot remember some of them since many have also died,” says Okoda.

    And because Obama enjoyed some of the best places in the city Okoda says they could find themselves at the Nairobi Serena Hotel, and Hotel Boulevard among others.

    He recalls Obama was a generous man and would always give gifts to friends and the needy.

    He remembers one day in 1976 when Obama got his allowances ready to travel abroad on official duties while still at the Treasury.

    Obama, he says, was to fly out at night and was paid Sh7,000 pocket money.

    Countinues @ link –

    Archived here –

  28. I saw this thread on Free Republic this morning –

    The media’s “omerta” (code of silence) on Obama’s past

    The media’s “omerta” (code of silence) on Obama’s past
    coachisright.com ^ | NOVEMBER 21ST, 2010 | Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

    Posted on Sunday, November 21, 2010 7:59:26 AM by jmaroneps37

    In 2010, a donation of $450 was given to Democrat causes by one person, David Obama, according to the Huffington Post’s Fundrace website. He is President Barack Obama’s half brother by Barack Obama, Sr. and third wife Ruth.

    Fundrace reveals five people having an Obama surname gave $11,399 to Democrats, namely Michelle, Barack, Susan, Martha, and Kenneth, a “university professor.” Nevertheless, this total differs from the total arrived at by adding: $450 from David Obama; $6,900 identified as last name Obama donors; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Barack Obama; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Michelle Obama. These numbers add up to $11,950.


    I saved it to read later and now the article is gone from the website. I did go to The Huffington Post’s FundRace and it does show as follows –

    $450 was given by people who identified their last name as “Obama” and first name as “David”.


    $450 to
    From 1 person
    An exact match on that address wasn’t found. Displaying all results for zip code:
    David Obama

    Olney, MD
    $200 donation to gray for mayor
    David Obama
    Donation of $200 to gray for mayor
    David Obama

    Olney, MD
    $100 donation to gray for mayor
    David Obama
    Donation of $100 to gray for mayor
    David Obama
    self employed
    Olney, MD
    $100 donation to dnc services corp./dem. nat’l co
    David Obama
    Donation of $100 to dnc services corp./dem. nat’l co
    David Obama

    Olney, MD
    $50 donation to gray for mayor


    If David Obama is dead why would he / how could he be contributing to Obama’s champaign and the democratic party….just who is Susan, Martha, and Kenneth Obama? Seem’s we have “another” case of fraud and fabrication going on within the Obama family.

    • on the subject of David, I found him in Olney back and forth in addresses in Wa. d.c. and virginia but in Maryland he and another person had an ambulance service. Another time I find him as a disc jockey. If I can find what I have done with that info. I’ll try and post it. He also had a company that sold medical supplies(fictictiously maybe). But the latest place I find David obama He is listed as owner of Accessible Home Health Care of Montgomery county…..with Josepha Edjoa and Lucy Eyombo.

      I haven’t looked into it enough yet, but The Eyomo name and ms. Edjoa seem to be members of something relating to Mulutu in Kenya where a group is sending supplies to build up a hospital. As I see they have sent wheel chairs back to kenya.They are active in this group whatever they are doing I don’t know yet…….But in another exhausting search I have been looking for all things MADARI and did come acros a Madari Mulutu.Supposedly not much is known about this missionary. I will have to look further into this. Iam looking for Madari because…..Why would Ruth or someone name their kindergarten “Madari”? Madari can mean several things. In the muslim world it can be talking about monkeys , magic, or it is plural for Madrasa. It is also used extensively in Kenya describing Madrasa(islamic) type teaching. There are Madari teachers in Kenya and Madari teaching is being pushed and incorperated into the other ciriculums. Anyway, is the kindergarten named after a person Madari somebody…..Ndesandjo or Judson Madari in california or J. madari in Pennsylvania or New Jersey?

      This is all new avenues I am persuing that maybe lead to nowhere, but it would be nice to know Why and How Mark and David and Joseph got there names and how Madari came to be. Seems all the land around Lavington and riverside dr. , The land where St. Mary’s School is was owned by The St. Austin Holy Ghost Fathers. How did this property become the property of Mrs. Ndesandjo that she claims this ghost person with no name gave her?

      I’m going to jump around a bit but it’s three in the morning. This might sound better tomorrow, but I may not have time to share this stuff and I want to get it out so someone can help me out. I do not believe Mrs. ndesandjo existed in Kenya as long as she says. In her first and only interview that is repeated over and over she says ,”no questions about my age or personal life” (like Mark) but makes a point to say ” I’ve been here for 44 years and this kindergarten my Tanzanian husband built for me” (something to this affect). Well, first of all she vehemently stated the number of years she’d been in Kenya, so Marks story that his mother left kenya and went back to Boston is shot unless the story gets changed again that she sent him to live with her mother and that is where he learned how to play the Piano.

      Only problem is if this is the story then When Jeff Koinange, on AllAfrica all the Time, says in his interview (there are four or five interviews with Jeff and I could spend hours telling you about the koinange family i. e. gov.) he and Mark grew up together and He played soccer at St. Mary’s while Mark liked music there. Well so far someone is lying…..more like all of them are lying for the cause. And there is not just the effort to support Barack, but there is a huge effort to build up Mark in case you haven’t followed him.

      But back to Mrs. Ndesandjo: If you have been to her Madari website you will see this very nice building with no one around , no students out front no nothing. On almost any other school website shots of a school for their cover page are bustling places with students mingling or entering the school. But this school seems to be empty and so private that you can’t find it on google . Yet, you can find all other existing schools listed and showing on googlel map , and it is more often than not , not listed with all the other kindergartens or schools in the entire area. Seemed strange.

      The most important FACT OF ALL is that when Mrs. Ndesandjo on her website gives her credentials she never mentions any Harvard education, or any education for that matter. She just says she has been a teacher for the last 20some years……whatever time the kindergarten has supposedly been there. It seemed odd that a person with any real credentials as a teacher wouldn’t lavish a little on her alma mater or say what experience she had before Madari kindergarten.Why would a woman wherever she was educated not tell a most important vital to her very proper website to support her teaching credentials is beyond weird. Then of course there are the stories from parents so sappy to support her and the kindergarten.

      Now I have to tell everyone that I first checked this out when the first story aired via wickapedia on the entired saga of the obamas. Seems dates were always included to make a point to place people where they needed to be in their story right from the start, yet Obama, in his book makes a point of telling us right from it’s begining that times and dates are out of sinque.

      As we can all see it is not neccessary to get caught up in the fact that in Obamas book that Mark was the only contested heir. Why try to figure out if David was still alive.Why get worked up over their mistake in their own story. They can’t get it right , how could you get it right. It is quite hard to make up such a maze and crazy quilt of a story as they have and have us match up or copy the pattern is all I guess I am trying to say. Every time there is another storu added to the saga to support the origianl story it gets more and more unstabel. It is like trying to support a table with too many legs. It simply never gets level. you then have to try and cut the legs off over and over to get them to ever get right.

      I meant to finish what I was going to say about Mrs. Ndesandjo. The first time I went to her website it appeared just like it does now,only when I checked out the captions about the school the part about parenting tips or some title like that was a shocker. I did not have time to read it all as my computor said something about a VIRUS and it shut me out of the site. It was something to do with family planning, abortion, spousal abuse,domestic issues and beating your husband.. I am not making this up. I was scared to go back to the site for awhile. Later after various other incedents in sites trying to find info about her I had similar computor problems with any site having to do with her. Now those sites are gone. At that time ,remember she was Ruth NIdes, Shirley Nides ( which quickly vanished), Shirley Nidesand, and Ruth Nidesand. For a good while she was Ruth B. Nides which has been quite illuminating. By the way, I did find one person carolyn nides that no one knows where she is .Well anyway, her website never gave up that first information to me ever again, and I have tried my darndest to find her in other settings. Of course I do find her at her possibly real son’s wedding. I guess everybody has seen that.

      Did anyone notice the only black people in the intire huge catholic wedding ceremony was the little meek fellow that escorted Mrs. Ndesandjo .She had now changed her hair and it had grown out quite a bit, and Mark’s black wife , mother in law, and a child, and of course Mark if you really think he is black. It is rare to see a black many with legs and arms as hairy as his. Notice he shaves his entire neck, and I am just guessing one reason he shaves his head is so we can’t tell that an afro ,as barack said he had back in the day, is probably not possible if you get my drift.

      As for Joseph, Ive got pictures of him with lots of hair and it looks stiff and course before he started losing it. Here’s a doozie for you. .See what you can do with this. You can take a picture of Joseph Ndesandjo and drop it in the place our lady Czar from the Evironmental Protection agency and you can’t tell one from the other. They have the same expressions, same eyes, coloring, smile. They could be twins. Try it. Seems the EPA lady (I’ll think of her name later) was adopted from Brooklyn 1961 at two weeks old and whisked off to New Orleans to live in 1961 with adoptive parents spanish seeming family.She is supposedly afro american. Her parents of course we don’t know and her adoptive father we don’t know either, just like the judge Sotomeyor, her real father is not in the picture. Sound familiar? Seems the women’s movement has come to fruition. There is a reason we are not to know these peoples’ real families .

      Back to Mark , Ok, so he says he is Jewish because his mother Ruth is supposedly jewish at least if you buy the fictitious name she is using, whose other son Joseph is jewish who just married a catholic in a big, catholic way, And Marks wife in China is potentially a Uhygar from the Hennan province, and Barack is well sort of muslim, christian in a Trinity church sort of way, whose parents were Unitarian/Babtist/Methodist/communist depending on whose story you read, and his mother was a mystic, who read all the various religions, maybe to expose baby Bar to all of them so he’d be ready with the right religion at the right time.

      Have any of you found Obama Buckner in Palou Honolullu? Well of course he is dead now as everyone is so conveniently dead. First I found , I think Buckner Obama… then an obituary. Next time I checked him out I found Obama Kugenga Buckner …. then an obituary….that says he was born in Indiana and took the name Obama after meeting this religious figure from Kenya. .

      I think it will be a long time before we know much more about Mrs. Ndesandjo as she is purposely not mentioned much . She is not to be persued. Yet Mark is busy as a beaver making up a knew story and must be at home practicing his biography because he has disappeared from the radar. O I think he has various names he uses but not one we could be privy to so he could still be on the internet doing who knows what. Seems that he has privy to some Hamas figures .

      I have a feeling there is some competition going on between he a Barack. If you study it closely you will detect it. His book must be a flop as you can buy it now for $1.50 a copy. Oh there are still a few sites that sell it for more but I don’t think other than China he has made much of a splash. Harley Seyedin is helping to promote him. That is a story in itself. It is also creepy that his initials now spell M ark O koth O bama N desandjo ……MOON. And twice he says his wife was simply over the MOON about meeting Obama. Weird or is it? Don’t worry , I won’t frequent this site with long winded messages , it is just that for over three years I have never posted any comment any where ;not one and as any of you should imagine that is a lot of time never to even ask a question. I have searched trying to substantiate what I think to be true all by my lonesome. That is hard to do. And there are a couple Things I think that no one has a clue about, but until I know I am safe I won’t utter a word….. bye

      • alfy, you’ve found some interesting information. I’m particularly interested in “Shirley Nides”, and anything about Mark’s Chloe. If you wish to share info without publishing it, then use the “contact us” box on the O Timeline at the top of the blog heading.

        I believe that it’s totally worthwhile to plot out the permutations and inconsistencies in all of these various stories because this is how anybody (including a cross-examining attorney) impeaches witness testimony. “Yeah, that’s the ticket!” doesn’t pass the smell test when stories evolve over time, as more facts come out to disprove the previous tale. Note the evolving roll out of the real, authentic, certified COLB. First, stonewall Politifact. Then give out a clearly unbelievable “scan”, but only to partisan blogs. Then, when HDOH officials admit that they NEVER send out COLBs in electronic form only, rig up a “visit” by representatives of a partisan blog to see the “real” paper document that no actual reporter, including reporter Hollyfield, has ever seen in 3-D form. (One has to wonder why, since she asked for the document, she wasn’t the person who was invited to visit it. Is it perhaps because she might actually have a bit of journalistic integrity, and they knew it?)

        Logic, despite that Barry coyly admits that things don’t add up in his fictional memoirs that contain composite characters, would seem to dictate that this man is a fraud and a prevaricator. Proving it by parsing his ever-changing tales adds new straws to the proverbial camel’s back.

        Notice that when he speaks about his history, he doesn’t add any disclaimer to indicate to listeners that the Kansas-born white mother, among others, is a fictional character.

      • In Swahili, “madari” means terraces. The man named Madari Mulutu translated the Bible into African language. The website for Ruth’s school has multiple mentions of Christmas and even Halloween events. Nothing Islamic, although all could be for show. Mark and his brother Joseph are not Muslim, so far as I can tell. Mark is probably not “Jewish” in the sense that he follows the religion. If anything, he’s probably Buddhist. Joseph married in the Catholic Church, from all appearances. Unless something has changed radically, that means he probably converted to Roman Catholicism. If they went to St. Mary’s school in Nairobi, that’s a Catholic school. It’s Jewish tradition that Jewish identity comes from one’s mother, so that’s probably why Mark said he’s “Jewish”. David, on the other hand, has been said to have become Muslim, under the mentorship of his elder half-brother Roy, with whom he lived after having a falling out with his mother and “running away” from home and school. IF you believe the stories. Roy is most definitely Muslim.

        • my , you are smug, excuse me Renee, my glasses stay a bit smudgy.

          • Alfy, I played music for you. Any interesting stories for us today ?

          • Renee, where is the music? I missed it.

          • Africa post Kathy.

          • Renee, could you post a link? I cannot find the thread.

            Just a thought….I don’t know if it’s possible, but…..Would it be possible to creat an index of all of the threads?….with links?….There are soooo many now, that it is hard to keep up with and I think we are missing information and possible clues…….It would be nice to have an index of threads with recent activity…..We could then keep up with daily comments…..Thanks…..Just a wish list….

            • Kathy, you can add a few of your links to the tab above. It would be links of ones you use most often.
              The categories on the sidebar might help.

        • Thanks Miri, Swahili for Madari being terraces is possible as the place does appear to sit on a hill and it could terrace down in the back or somewhere there. Didn’t know that. However I was not entirely trying to imply this is a madrassa, I have been trying to see if The name Madari had been given the place by Ruth for what reason.I know about the Madari Mulutu fellow. I’ve plugged various Madari names in various context to see If Ruth’s Tanzanian husband could possibly had Madari in his name. ; you know, like Madari Ndesandjo. What you say could be very likely, so good. As for the wedding, it just seemed odd to me that this friendly looking African American male who has lived in Texas for some time and gone to college in Texas (I am speaking of Joseph N.) would have had some school buddies or some friend at this large wedding that was of the same race. Except for Mark, the man exscorting Ruth, and Mark’s extranged family there is not one black or even slightly black person in this huge congregation of people. I feel like he is and has been catholic and I can’t tell you why right now,but trust me.
          As for Mark being jewish, yes I get that . I just think it is incredibly interesting that he even thought it necessary to make the point. Seems they all need to make the point what religion they are and I doubt that Mark realizes that even being jewish thru his mom’s birth is not the same as jewish by faith. How many interviews have you guys seen with Mark. I will give you a heads up, He is working towards an ambassadorship, maybe an African ambasador to China or something. The heads up is three years ago there was no such hint that you would have probably found, but only because of the constant making himself out to be this thoughtful philanthropic orphan loving, family loving ,peace loving ,Gandhi like fellow, I told my husband it was in the works. Then I began to see who looked to be handling Marks interviews and affairs who said he had no idea that Mark was kin to B. O.. Well, just last year the province he lives in has made him some kind of local ambassador. Believe me, when it happens you heard it here first. Did you ever listen to the interview with Larry King. A first, and it was pitiful. He was supposed to be on speaking to the subject of domestic violence, but he could never make one point. You should watch it over and think what he was really trying to do. It was so bad, so what does he do,…the next interview is a scripted one and he does much better, the one where he still won’t answer pertinent questions,but he waxes eloquently in Chinese.then he goes to Africa with Jeff Koinange who is, by the way an alumni of St. Mary’s but Mark is not there , neither is Joseph. If they are it will have been put there recently.Now he adds along with making people aware of domestic violence, he wants to tell us about volunteerism. Jeff is his Kikuyu buddy and I am sure they know whats going on. Jeff is Kenya’s boy toy. And tell me why he speaks about China and it’s love for family while he sits in an orpanage where I guess these are the lucky ones that escaped China’s abortion policies. Orphans in China are lucky they weren’t exterminated. For a good while you could by yourself some Chinese children. My friends have several as well as Russian children.Mark acts poor, yet he owned a shipping enterprise created out of florida. It was still active after he left for China. He was able to buy a $499,000.oo house in Georgia, and he owns , not one , but a chain of restaurants already. Not bad for a minority guy with little income. I found a site that I have never been able to get again and it junked my computor , but Ndesandjo Enterprises LLc was listed in a shipping schedule ,shipping from or to Venezuela to or from New york. Said it was furniture. Hmmm. Maybe that was when Chesa Boudin moved to Venezuela. Who knows . Woops, my bad for spewing too long . Seems this guy lived on Rucker Rd. in Georgia at one time as well. Well Georgia had a big stink about the Mosque that was trying to expand their church on Rucker Rd. about a block from Marks’ address but you can’t find where Mark’s place exists. Tell me if you know.

        • Miri, There is a real fallacy with the story that David ran away from home to live with Roy. By the 1980’s , at least from Obama’s book ,Roy would have already been living in the states. Further more There is a facebook blog where several of the obama kids are mentioned (even though I think the facebook blog is a ruse, a girl answers someone asking when David graduated from St. Mary’s and she says David was in her graduating class of 1986, but he died in 1984; not 1987 when Obama says he died. Which is it , we will never know. In this facebook blog these students set out to tell where each of the Ndesandjo kids graduated, says Mark graduated 1987 with Jeff(like they tell you in Jeff’s allAfrica video) and you can find Jeff at St. Mary’s in his soccer uniform, but no pictures for Kenneth Ndesandjo, Joseph Ndesandjo,David Ndesandjo, Mark Ndesandjo, or a Steven Ndesandjo. I can tell you there is also a Richard Ndesandjo in Nairobi and either Richard or Steve went to Cornell and plays Tennis somewhere on a league in Nairobi.Now Ruth didn’t have all these kids but the blog states them as if they are all brothers and they even ask where is Obama now, as if they had no idea.One guy says Mark is helping his brother Barak in China, then laughs. Guess you may have also found Eleshi(spelling , cant’t remember) who grew up in Tanzania whose father died when she was very young with several brothers and sisters. Seems she followed Ann Dunhams path in a myriad of ways. Again, there is no father with a name to substantiate anything.There is also another Steve or Steven Ndesandjo who would be older than most of these individuals who was a sound or recording manager in the music industry back in the 60’s. Can’t find much about him,But there is a guy with a recording business in the slums that has been around for years named Ndesanjo without the “d” most the time and also a famous musician back in the 60’s popular in Nairobi whose name is the same as Joseph Kamuru’s (that is Joseph’s middle name). Hope something was of some help.

  29. I am new so bear with me. After checking out this website and having noticed Renee for two years, I never wanted to intrude, but would check by from time to time and see if I could garner anything new. I it ashamed that there is not much more ever written or found on ” O Holy One” after all this time. Often the info shared is distorted (as it is hard I realize) so it makes it even harder to distinguish fact from the fictictious fiction. For now I have only a couple things to add, but belive me I have been on to some curious info of my own for sometime now and i won’t be sharing it till I see where you guys are really going.

    I have carefully scrutinized many blogs to see if someone was just fishing to see what people have found for purposes of further obfuscating the truth. Hope you get my drift.

    I checked out Dr. Ron’s photo shop videos…..and was impressed, but please tell me this. In the photo with B Sr. and son at the airport, it is not the photo shopped faces that always perplexed me,but the background…..mainly to the right of B. Jr.. Also the background with B Sr. and Ann at the airport is different yet they are standing in the same location. In doing your video did you change any thing in the background?

    In one photo I finally have figured out what I am seeing. There are peoples backs at a counter or something and it is repeated in the top of the screen. Elsewhere on the bottom and even the shadow you point out is made using the color from the shirt pattern in the background. In Ann’s photo with B Sr. The background is different with the back of these two people way off in the background. There is much more to notice there but you should check it out again.

    Another thing is you guys should quit trying to put another face on Ruth. Mark Ndesandjo has done that for you. In one of his Chinese video interviews where he says ,as he looks down , he is Jewish (nottttt!) He produces a photo of that photo of Ruth with B Sr. and the two children. She is in a trench coat with one in her arms and the other standing between she and B. Great photo, only the first pictures of Ms. Ndesandjo in Kenya early on ,that all the newspapers and all the sites, wickipedia,Obamas media Nazis and blogs use (There are only three other photos of Ms. Ndesandjo) is not the same women…..Plain and simple…..No photoshopping, just simply not the same person. Her hair is similar howeve, I am quite certain this lady is perhaps a missionary or teacher at some missionary school.

    This is entirely what Kenya consisted of way before , during the 60’s, and even way after. Just looking at the photo my assumption would be that while O. Sr. had something to do with transportation at one time he has just brought Ms. “Who Ever She is” back from somewhere and she is greeting these children. Notice the kids are barefoot in their shorts , B is in his usual , and this lady is wearing her coat with her pocket book. I think she has just arrived back from somewhere and the orphans or diplomats extended children, or kept children are glad to see her

    Who takes all these photos in 1960’s… and this would have to be at least 1969 or 70 since supposedly David and Mark both look to be at least 4 years old, who knows how old. The Lady in two other photos , when it was just learned that there was a Mark and a Ruth and the rest of the crowd, is not the same lady period. I know much more, but lets see first what you have to say. Hope I don’t sound antagonistic but check it out for yourself . Find the videos of Mark . Also Mark is mentioned twice in a Magazine at Guoidetta business school in Georgia….Its part of Emory but separate. Perhaps he wasn’t exactly enrolled at Emory, or the mention of him in this mag. is maybe just a way for them to post somewhere to substantiate more bull. Says a tidbit of news congratulating Mark on his new Chinese wife in 2006 or o7. Only thing again is somewhere there is info out there that he was also married to a Chloe while at Emory…. what is the straight story on that? anybody know?

    • alfy, we’ve seen and discussed the CNN videos on this blog. We took note that the photos of Ruth don’t resemble the trenchcoat lady. IF a person were to glance at that photo and make a guess as to what they were seeing, it might look as if the black gentleman were a chauffeur, the woman his employer, and the children, as you suggest, perhaps orphans. If you notice, Mark does not state that it’s a photo of his mother, his father, or even of himself and brother. I don’t think the younger boy looks like David. They are careful always to imply, never to state. That way, if anyone proves otherwise, they can say you simply misunderstood. And besides, it all depends upon what the meaning of is, is.

      • Miri, that is the photo I am referring to and yes that is O. sr. . You could be right . He could be her cheuffeur/minister of transportation and the lady could be a nurse /teacher/missionary, but in a video interview, I think where a chinese interviewer is asking Mark about his mother, he pulls out a nice fresh copy of this picture and the camera zooms up on it as the interviewer says and your mother is Jewish is that right, and while still holding the photo the interviewer asks him,” and does that mean that you are jewish”, and he says ” yes I’m jewish” as he puts the picture away. I mean that whole part is without a doubt infering this is his family. The two kids of course, look like older versions of the two little dark and lighter skins boys sitting arm in arm that is supposed to be he and his brother. It also shows the photo of the dark haired younger version of this lady(at least infering again this is the same lady) holding an infant. I see you asked me about Chole and Shirley…….I will go thru my huge stack to see what it was I found on Chloe. I haven’t given her loads of time, but I have noticed a couple other places where someone else has found her and didn’t know much about her either and they ask, who is This Chloe person so in a couple places I checked out some things .Some one also says he also calls the chinese girlfried/new wife Chloe. I doubt this is correct though. I tried to see if she existed in US by several intelleus type methods and tried several last names and combinations . I did find some stuff of interest, but of course she doesn’t have the last name of Mark now so how could I prove I have found his Chloe? I think this stufff is not buried too far down. I have had no sleep so I will be better at this a little later. Please check back as I don’t like to leave someone hanging. As for Shirley Nides I can’t say that she is anything other than a another mistake on bloggers and miscontrued names asscociated with STanley Ann. Sorry I only referenced to her figuring you all seen this early on. Could be As Shirley is most definately a name that Ms. Stanley used, and Kelly Ann. It works for Stanley Anne as the name Shirley doesn’t change her initials for whatever purpose. It may even be the Storey tellers had not quite settled on a proper name for Mrs. Nides, Nidesand, Ndesandjo. I am sorry if I led you astray,but there was a Shirley Nides and by the way I am going to give you a big hint here but it probably won’t be obvious for some time where this goes and really I am not trying to be evasive but if you find it for yourself I will feel more comfortable. Just take Ndesandjo …….add an “i” between the N and D . Whata you got? well I have seen simpler things than this hit the jackpot before. Of course I did not use the computor to tell me who to look for as I have lots of the old discarded books from various libraries. Funny lots of these discarded books are of great value as they are mostly old books from the 1950’s and 6o’s. Now the name I came up with may even be wrong but when I used it (this is in the very beginning before any body ever even heard of Barak hardly) I got a hit so close to anything I have found since. It blew my mind and I kept telling myself this was merely coincidental but how could it be so I began the search just like you people . I have to say if it weren’t for people like you all adding tidbits here and there even when the info was wrong or misguided, it was beneficial. It has helped enable me to think of things to explore that I was stumped on or forced me to realize where I may be confused. One thing is certain, you can’t tell me you haven’t woke up first thing and had a knew hunch or new aprroach. When all of his life is a riddle and when it becomes your riddle too long it is not healthy. That’s when I read some cool history or something more invigorating. I mean I have delved thru sites of lists pages and pages and what I think should be there is not there. But I have come very near to some things that have a real ring to them. Like how does Ralph Bunch play into this. Why. Why does Barack Claim to Be a Melungeon thru the Bunch line. I never even thought to check it out till a relative by marriage responded to my comment that Barack says his grandfather onyango took up with some white person of some stature and married and that he took the Last name johnson for a while. My relative said well Maybe he’s melugeon jokingly. I had no idea what that was . Needless to say I have not continued that persuit because there is a myriad of ways to go with that. But why was it important to inject this into the story? To make himself more complicated or just for fun, or maybe to seem like just more of a mut which he touted a acouple times. Does this help him really accross the finish line to homogenize himself with everyone even further or so he could somehow connect himself to the Ralph Bunche family. There was a book written around the time he wrote his first book , on the melungeons. Seems it suddently bacame the rage to exlore this on the internet now. It made mention of a melungeon who kept trying to wash the black off the back of his neck to see if it would finally become whiter. Who ever wrote Baracks story must have read this story as he makes such a similar analogy. That’s why it didn’t come from Look or Life magazine as he claimed,so as to obfuscate his half pledgerisms. The Story of Henry Mortan Stanley and his life or I should say the orphan part of his life before he became the great explorer to find David livingston and then explorer for the Belgium of the Congo even has a tant of overlay to the Barack Obama saga. Henry MORton was adopted by a merchant named Stanley who had always wanted a boy of his own.His father was a drunk and so on…… Any way you can see I have produced no pictures or real help as of yet but I will. I think on Intellius white pages I found some correlating names for Chloe by using The last name Falls. It is another too looooong a story why I used that name, but one is I had luck with that name before. Too complicated but that is how I got to Marina Ndesandjo and I think Sheila and Mary and I think another one(can’t remember) was by a long process using Bertrand as first name(this won’t make any sense) and another process I got Falls and there was Marina Falls /Marina Ndeandjo In Georgia for sure in several areas like lawrenceville,Merietta, and several other cities. Also she is listed in Texas and funny there are some other last names she probably has. Again only God knows why.I have found mark in Brittish columbia one time. You would be surprised how I came up with the name buckner obama and at this point I would surprise myself. I can hardly remember, but He has been around for some time. Only now I find two obits for him. OK all take care and thanks for letting me rant a little bit. I promise I will be back with some Real Suff you can look at if I can figure out to do it I am new to this and posting stuff.

        • All I can say at this moment is that after BHO Sr. criticized the regime, he was transferred to the tourism dept., about the time Mark was supposedly born. If you want to send privately, use the Contact Us box on the O Timeline tab. For example, a link to a photo.

        • Alfy, did you find this Buckner home yet ?


          • yes Renee, I picked through them for a long time. This site you have here is a new one . There are many avenues to them and their history. Seems nowa days they are in the big leagues in other countries. I can’t remember the Buckner family member that is still involved with this but there was some interesting connections. There is also a Buckner who was a fine old gentleman and a slave raiser. HE was black himself and there is a name for this practice. Can’t remember.

            Anyway I wish I could remember what prompted me to look for Buckners but i don’t right now, but soon as I tried buckner Obama to find one in Hawaii was a highlight . I just knew my hunches weren’t always for naught. What he has to do with anything or This Buckner orphanage has to do with anything I am not sure,but I’ve just had a feeling. I don’t know why, but think about it.

            Mark comes upon an orphanage. Mark’s possible Mother runs a kindergarten,we have children that we can match not real fathers to,we have Joseph Ndesandjo and Dorah, his wife who have something to do with helping children in Kenya and partnered with some group that has to do with disadvantaged or orphaned children(I’ll look it up) . Joseph belongs to some mentoring program. Auma is seen at some orphanage on some project possibly with her connection to the UN project Hope or Care; which is it. And Now Keshia or mama Sarah is heading up and getting fundingfor a group of her own orhans in Nairobi. I probably have left someone out. … Oh, and of course Stanley Ann was possibly adopting kids, we don’t know that for sure, but she was helping the poor somewhere and none of these people are truly with any of their own children. I mean what is this scenerio for are they just reallly that philanthropic or are they creating a new army (joke intended) to rise up and conquer this world of all it’s inhumaness.

            Are they out to save the world or are all the children conduits for something else, some goal I haven’t really fathomed, but the children and the underpriviledged seem to be their mascots. and whose money are they patting themselves on the back with? Not their own any of them. There is just something not right with this picture. buckner orphanage might have a connection , I don’t know…..Now in the scheme of it all they may be really doing some good …..but at what expense to the soul …what is the motive and whose motive?Here is the address for one of the articles about the last Buckner I found seems he died 2001. the Other obit. for Buckner was more recent. I don’t know how to post it, sorry but I’ll write it and try maybe if you copy and paste it it will work.

            • We’re hardly a new site. We’ve been at this for a long time, alfy, as you should know if you really have been following our blog.

            • link doesn’t work; is this it?

              OBAMA “O.B.” KUJENGA BUCKNER, 63, of Pahoa, Hawai’i, died Oct. 24, 2001. Born in Greencastle, Ind. A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration meteorologist technician. Survived by wife, Paula; daughter, Katherine; sisters, Mary Wilson, Laverta Terry and Catherine Mason; brothers, Dr. William Buckner Jr. and James Reynolds; mother, Mary; granddaughter. Visitation 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at Dodo Mortuary-Hilo; service 7 p.m. Casual attire.

              Obama is also a Japanese name.

    • Alfy, Nice to meet you. I am currently working on a new post or bits of information. Many things you mention perk up my ears. Connect in to our work here. We have no way to answer you on where we are going with this, as we here, like many,many other people are just trying to put facts together. How can we even make an educated opinion of anything without all of the facts ? We here have no “agenda” We here met almost 3 years ago looking for the same answers you are. Once we know the true bits then hopefully we can then have good opinions based on solid information. Until then, we are stuck. Stick around. We are glad to have you here. Welcome to our little, never ending, conversation.Pull up a seat, and bring your mug of coffee or tea.

  30. That IS a blast from the past. Imagine that there were obots way back then, already spouting the talking points! If that’s not indicative, I don’t know what is.

    To my missing twin sister: “Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday, who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day, still I’m gonna miss you.” I’d love to say, “Hello, Ruby Tuesday!”

  31. Love the Sapphire Sunday, you know. Its a brilliant thing.

    these articles are from 2008…they were shoved in the closet with Granny and whoops! they fell out…j
    ust lookin’ for my mittens, can I get ya cookie?

    we didn’t hear word one from the chinese one til about Oct / Nov 2009 when he was pushing his version of the fairy tale.

    that kid in Texas is a real deal. I see it and I don’t even need a microscope or an optic fiber… they are all in it together… the Texan has a thing for women’s affairs in 3rd world countries, too.

    Ruby 😉

  32. “Hello, hello. I don’t know why you say goodbye; I say hello!”

    Where ya been, sis? WE IS a brilliant thing. Like Lucy in the Sky. With DIAMONDS. (But not conflict diamonds. No, nevah!)

    I think WTPOTUS found that Mark Ndesandjo story recently because I remember the valiant krewe discussing the discrepancies therein. The number of children? Eight? I still don’t know how many kids that man supposedly sired.

    Your sis, Sapphire. Together, again! I wonder how our other sis, Ruby Begonia, is doing? 🙂

  33. Sunday and Ruby…

    One of those links led to the original seal on the Certification of Birth put out by Daily Kos etc. Check it out. Where is the serpent?

    Seal of the state of Hawaii appears in a low-resolution, second-generation black and white image inconsistent with the rest of the document (Photicon blog)

    Validation for the authenticity of the image is provided by a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times, who reportedly emailed the image and got a confirmation from an official in the Hawaiian Department of Health. “It’s a valid Hawaii state birth certificate,” spokesman Janice Okubo is quoted as telling the reporter.

    Israel Insider is checking into this report and will report back on its findings.


    • I think that close up is of the stamped state seal at the top of the COLB, not the embossed seal that has the serpent on it. (Or should have.) This is certainly another blast from the past! Read the story about Okubo. I didn’t realize that all of Israeli Insider’s stories about this topic are still available. Remember Hollyfield at Politifact(less)? Israeli Insider’s story points out that she TRIED to get the birth certificate from Obama’s campaign but was refused. I went back to parse her original story and sure enough she wrote, “The ultimate document we sought was Obama’s birth certificate. Unlike the other documents, Hawaii birth certificates aren’t public record. Only family members can request copies, so when the campaign declined to give us one, we were stalled.” Later on, she writes, “At PolitiFact.com, we’re all about original sources. We don’t take anyone at their word or take the reporting of other media organizations as proof. We go to the heart of the story, the source of the truth — original, corroborating documents.

      AND YET: They took other media organizations in the form of the partisan blog FactCheck.org, also partisan blog DailyKos, as well as the Obama campaign’s political ADVERTISEMENT “as proof” because they NEVER received even one “original, corroborating” document that answered questions about Obama’s religion, place of birth, date of birth, parentage. NOT ONE DOCUMENT.

      Let me add that the Israeli Insider staff wrote, “We have published the highest resolution available and there is no trace of embossed seal or signature,” although Okubo pretended that someone else in her office might have seen traces.

      • Let me also say that I remain distressed that the White House during this confirmation process, which overall went smoothly, failed to provide critical documents as part of the record that could have provided us with a better basis to make our judgment with respect to the nomination. This White House continues to stymie efforts on the part of the Senate to do its job.

        Remarks of Senator Barack Obama on the Confirmation of Judge John Roberts

      • Miri, are there two seals? One for the imprint or stamped version and the other for embossing. That makes no sense to me. But you have studied this and would know.

        • There’s a seal printed in black on the green background, at the very top of the COLB. It’s the seal of the State of Hawaii. There’s another seal that gets pressed into the paper of the COLB via an embosser, like notaries use. It doesn’t make a black image or any color image. It makes a raised or incised impression of the seal on the paper. This second “raised seal” is the seal of the Dept. of Health–that’s the one with the staff and snakes twined around it–a symbol of medicine or health.

          • The snakes wrapped around the sword is the Caduseus.

            The Hawaii DOH uses a machine called an electronic transcript validator to automatically stamp the date, registrar’s signature block, and the embossed Seal onto the back of the security paper at the same time.

            It is the reason why these certification elements look the same on just about every one they produce in a given year.

            Some of the field offices that offer same-day service on vital records still emboss and stamp it by hand since they get nowhere near the volume that the main office gets.

          • Hi Dr Ron. How are you doing ?

          • Thanks, Dr. P. That explains why placement of these elements is so exact from document to document. Sometimes.

            So there’s an actual machine that embosses and stamps at the same time? That also explains why the embossed seal is reversed on the front of the document. If it’s not, then that’s one of the exceptions, stamped/embossed at a field office? What is an example of a field office?

    • why, mygosh it appears to be Emerald Friday.

      it won’t be long before a ball is being spun and balanced on its nose, I think.

      everybody clap!

  34. what or who is Tanzanite Thursday and Wavellite wednesday.

    • It’s an inside joke, alfy. We used to have a commenter named Ruby Tuesday. She shows up occasionally. In response, her twin sister, SapphireSunday came over, too. She comments at Citizen Wells, occasionally. So we started to make up gemstone names for the other days of the week. It snowballed from there. I invented Tanzanite Thursday and Wavellite Wednesday yesterday. Those people don’t really exist. We’re just playing around. Sometimes, we even put on tutus and twirl around with various items flying off our bums. 🙂

    • Poor Alfy ! They are nuts Alfy ! They are playing ! By the way Alfy, the names you note, I have found before, but if you read us this long you know that. Also (winking) we relate to the part about waking up to look for something we found….happens every day to us here…You hit that nail right on the head.

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