Pakistani Taliban Operative in the U.S. (Open Thread)

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Terror Threat High Based on Chatter:   New Pakistani Taliban Operative Feared Inside U.S. After Times Square Failure!


NATO supply convoy was attacked by Pakistani Taliban Militants Oct. 4. Getty Images


EXCLUSIVE:  New Pakistani Taliban Operative Feared Inside U.S. After Times Square Failure

Mike Levine & Jennifer Griffin,  FOX News
October 14, 2010   3 hours ago

Senior U.S. officials are concerned over recent intelligence indicating that the Pakistani Taliban, which orchestrated the failed Times Square bombing, may have successfully placed another operative inside the United States to launch a second attack, sources tell Fox News. Authorities, however, know very little about the potential operative or any possible plot.

“[We] don’t know who it is and don’t know where it is,” one source said. “We know the guy’s here, but don’t know anything about him.”

Based on the intelligence, authorities believe the Pakistani Taliban, also known as Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, would have directed the individual to attempt another Times Square-style operation, but not necessarily in New York City.

A senior intelligence official said the threat stream’s lack of specificity makes it nearly impossible for the counter-terrorism community to defend against such an attack. Any possible threat, however, does not seem to be imminent, with a senior  counter-terrorism official saying he was “unaware” of any “imminent threats” against the U.S. homeland.

Nevertheless, the Pakistani Taliban has been looking to make up for its previous failure. Authorities believe the subject of the latest intelligence would use “a similar mechanism” and the “same modus operandi” employed by 31-year-old Faisal Shahzad in May, mostly “because it’s easily accessible here,” as one source put it.

In the months leading up to his attack, Shahzad purchased fertilizer, propane gas, fireworks and other components from stores in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. But the bomb he ultimately built and packed inside a sport utility vehicle did not detonate properly.

If someone successfully set off such a bomb, the effects would be “devastating,” according to federal prosecutors.   In June, FBI agents built and tested a device identical to Shahzad’s, except this time they made sure the bomb actually detonated.

“Had the bombing played out as Shahzad had so carefully planned, the lives of numerous residents and visitors of the city would have been lost and countless others would have been forever traumatized,” federal prosecutors said in court documents filed in the Shahzad case two weeks ago. “This is to say nothing of the significant economic and emotional impact a successful attack would have had on the entire nation.”

Authorities are describing the latest threat as “credible but not specific,” and they are “very nervous,” according to the sources. It’s unclear exactly when or how the intelligence was obtained, but one source said it was “corroborated” by authorities. Others were unable to say the intelligence had been corroborated.

“In many cases, intelligence we get ends up washing out,” said the senior counter-terrorism official, who would not specifically discuss or even confirm the latest intelligence.   It’s also unclear when or how the operative would have entered the United States, but the recent intelligence says he would have been sent from Pakistan’s tribal areas, where only months earlier associates of the Pakistani Taliban trained Shahzad to build and detonate bombs, according to the senior intelligence official.

After living in the United States for a decade and becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen, Shahzad left for Pakistan in late 2009. He spent five months there before returning to Connecticut to prepare his attack.

As for the subject of the latest intelligence, he could be anywhere in the United States, and officials are not convinced he would necessarily target New York City.

“It’s not surprising this day and age that an individual is residing in or traveled to the United States in hopes of pulling off some sort of attack,” the senior counter-terrorism official, speaking generally, said. “We are ‘Target Number One’ for terrorists, and it requires a constant vigilance.”

In particular, federal officials have become increasingly concerned about U.S. citizens who, like Shahzad, “choose to serve as an operative for a foreign terrorist organization,” as federal prosecutors put it.

In court documents filed in the Shahzad case, prosecutors said that “under the cover of their U.S. citizenship” such individuals can “travel freely around the world” and “can remain in the United States undetected.”

In a video released by the Pakistani Taliban two months after the failed Times Square attack, Shahzad said it is “not difficult at all to wage an attack on the West, and specifically in the U.S.”

“Get up and learn from me and make an effort,” he said in the video, recorded eight months before its release. “Nothing is impossible if you just keep in mind that Allah is with  you.”

Still, senior U.S. officials said recently that even failed attacks like the Times Square plot can ultimately be successful in some ways.

“These smaller attacks — even if unsuccessful — may still generate significant publicity and therefore might have both a psychological and an economic impact,” FBI Director Mueller said last week during an intelligence-reform conference organized by the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.

Two weeks earlier, the head of the National Center, Michael Leiter, told a Senate hearing that “additional attempts by Al Qaeda affiliates … to attack the U.S.,  particularly attempts in the homeland, could attract the attention of even more Western recruits, thereby increasing those groups’ threat to the homeland.” And despite
some setbacks for the Pakistani Taliban, he said, the group has “time and time again proven its resilience and remains a very capable and determined enemy.”

The recent intelligence regarding the Pakistani Taliban has no connection to the U.S. State Department’s recent alert urging Americans to use caution when traveling to Europe.

U.S. officials have emphasized that the intelligence leading to the
travel alert did not indicate a direct threat to the U.S. homeland, but
they have been careful not to rule out other threats or to address other
threat information.

In fact, the senior intelligence official said there are five major threat streams — three aimed at Europe and two aimed at the United States — that U.S. authorities are following right now.

Asked about “the current threat environment here in the United States” during a press conference in Washington last week, Attorney General Eric Holder insisted the “threat screening that precipitated the [travel] alert is all directed at Europe.”

“That does not mean, however, that we’re letting our guard down with regard to the United States,” he added. “We have certainly seen over the past year attempts by Al Qaeda or its affiliates to attack the United States. We saw that in Detroit [with the failed Christmas Day bombing].   We saw that in Times Square.  And so we are mindful of the fact that the threat to our homeland is a continuing one.”

In September, the State Department designated the Pakistani Taliban a foreign terrorist organization, saying the group “draws ideological guidance” from Al Qaeda and is “attempting to extend their bloody reach into the American homeland.” Their primary goals are to topple the Pakistani government, force Pakistani troops out of areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and to establish Islamic law in the region, according to U.S. officials.

In recent years, the Pakistani Taliban has carried out several attacks against U.S. interests overseas, including a deadly attack on a CIA base in Afghanistan, but the Times Square attempt was the group’s first attack outside South Asia.

Last week, after pleading guilty to 10 terrorism-related counts, Shahzad was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the attempted bombing.

An FBI spokesman said he could not offer any information for this article, and spokesmen for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice declined to comment.

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  1. Photo above: Pakistani drivers sit on a burnt out NATO supply oil tanker the morning after an attack on the outskirts of Islamabad on October 4, 2010. Pakistani Taliban militants claimed two fiery attacks on Afghanistan-bound NATO supply convoys in which nearly 60 trucks have been torched in three days — and vowed more to come. At least three people were killed when 20 NATO oil tankers were set ablaze by attackers armed with Molotov cocktails near the Pakistani capital, as a separate blockade of a main land route for NATO supplies continued for a fifth day.

  2. NATO chief apologizes, Pakistani Taliban vow revenge

    Oct 4, 2010 … ISLAMABAD/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – NATO’s chief expressed regret on Monday for the deaths of Pakistani soldiers last week and said he hoped Pakistan’s border would reopen for NATO supplies to Afghanistan as soon as possible.

    Angered by repeated attacks by NATO helicopters on militant targets within its borders, Pakistan blocked one of the supply routes for NATO troops in Afghanistan after a strike killed three Pakistani soldiers in the western Kurram region.

  3. Hi! Sorry, this is off topic, but I didn’t know how to contact you other than comments.

    I just put up a new post with an exclusive YouTube vid-near the bottom of the post. Let me know what you think. It shows a woman at the Honolulu Dept of Health ordering a long form birth certificate.

    • Good work Lady..a brave woman she was! Imagine only $10 for that long form birth certificate. Two million + dollars paid by Obama to attorneys so he doesn’t have to produce a document! Any logical, rational person knows he hasn’t told the truth since this started. I wouldn’t be afraid to out the usurper! It is about time that those in Congress address this issue. Perhaps they plan to do so after the election. The Repubs couldn’t get an investigation through with the Dems dominating Congress, but we will see if it gets done after their wins in in less than 3 weeks!

      Getting rid of Barbara Boxer, Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, would be a giant step forward. Remember that her Senate Ethics Committee cleared Chris Sweetheart Mortgage Dodd, and held up the investigation of Rangel and Waters. She has a problem understanding what the word means. She can’t discern conflicts of interest or real crimes. She also has kept on hold an investigation of Obama when he was accused of violating the Logan Act prior to the elections.

    • Can anyone tell us what the woman said before she asked about the expedited procedure? Before the transcript begins. I can’t hear what she initially requested. Can anyone else?

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    And so close to the all important mid term elections. How….. convenient. October Surprise? Let’s pray not!

    • I thought the exact same thing when I heard it. Martial law is one way to win the elections..and we all worried about whether the election would take place too. Is this a fake threat ..since someone leaked the information yet no one will confirm. Why wouldn’t the WH alert US citizens?

      This matches information that army convoys have been seen all over the US. Also, there was a military guy that said Alerts had gone out to troops for domestic duty. I will try to find that. I think someone posted it at Kate’s. The guy is a vet and still in contact with his buddies who told him. I believe it was the Air Force. He was sending out a warning to have your “To Go” bags packed.

      They were also having terrorist alert training and stopped all traffic around Atlanta. That was reported last week. I believe it was posted on Miri’s Open Thread.

      • Dear Bridgette — I believe that it is “martial” law you are referring to here, as in courts martial, that sort of thing related to the military. Federal Marshalls are the guys who ride on the airplanes, I think they work for the US Attorney General’s office.

        Off topic, but what just about brought up my breakfast this AM was the sight of Her Grace Michelle Obama politicking without shame in a Chicago polling place. The Election Judge should have asked her to cease this conduct and to leave as soon as she was finished voting. If she persisted, they could have called the Sheriff. If there had been any poll watchers they should have noted this activity and reported it to the Board of Elections. I know, I am dreaming. I was out yesterday afternoon with signs for a local candidate for state rep. at a polling place and had to stay ACROSS the street from the building’s front entrance with my sign and literature. Cheers, all.

  5. Gibbs addresses president’s comment on ’shovel-ready’ jobs

    In a press briefing Thursday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs addressed President Obama’s comment in a recent interview with the New York Times regarding the stimulus and “shovel-ready projects.” In the interview, Obama curiously said that he realized too late that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.”

    • .Krauthammer Not Surprised Obama Unaware of Shovel-Ready Jobs: No Shoveling at Harvard Law School.

      October 14, 2010

      “Well, that is quite an admission,” Krauthammer said. “A year-and-a-half and half-a-trillion dollars later he says, ‘Well, these things I talk about endlessly don’t exist. It’s not surprising that he doesn’t know a shovel-ready project didn’t exist because having never worked in the private sector he wouldn’t be sure what a project is and there isn’t shoveling in Harvard Law School, so I can understand.”

      Read more:

      • I put a link to a video on the Drain the Swamp thread, which wonderfully explains WHY Obama hasn’t got a clue, even if (which I sincerely doubt) he’s one of the ten smartest people in the world.

        • Renaming him, “No Clue Obama” = NCO Obama. And that he is one of the 10 smartest people in the world is based on what document? We want evidence of his Mensa qualifications! An Einstein he is not.

          I just heard that he is the greatest communicator in the world too! Isn’t he is really best known for his reading ability?

    • President Obama Looks Forward — and Back
      October 13, 2010

      President Obama said that he expected Republicans to offer him more cooperation after November’s elections, no matter the outcome. In an hour-long interview with the Times’s White House correspondent, Peter Baker, Mr. Obama predicted that his political rivals would either be chastened by falling short of their electoral goals or burdened with the new responsibility that comes from achieving them.

      In the magazine article, Mr. Obama reflects on his presidency, admitting that he let himself look too much like “the same old tax-and-spend Democrat,” realized too late that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects” and perhaps should have “let the Republicans insist on the tax cuts” in the stimulus.

  6. BUSTED! Conyers Meets with Marxists –How Democrat Politics REALLY Works
    Oct. 14, 2010

    This may be one of the most important articles New Zeal has ever posted. Please read it. Digest it. Act on it. Snip

    Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-NI) chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee has been caught on tape, meeting with members of the U.S.’s largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America. The tape clearly shows Conyers treating the Marxists as friends. He continually refers to the gathering as “we” as he urges the comrades to rally behind his “beloved 44th president”, Barack Obama.

    Under today’s Democratic Party, much of the legislation they push for is not made by Democrats. It is actually formulated by organizations close to D.S.A. and the Communist Party. It is then infiltrated into Congress by socialist sympathizers like John Conyers and his comrades, in the more than eighty strong, D.S.A. co-founded Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    • Neil Abercrombie is the former U.S. Representative from Hawaii who:

      1) Created the fake Obama letter claiming:
      “Kapi’olani Medical Center – the place of my birth”.

      2) Sponsored H.Res 593, the House Resoultion which included the words “Obama was born in Hawaii” and which enabled Fukino’s second news release once the House voted in favor of this resolution.

      Neil Abercrombie is now running for Governor of Hawaii. If he wins, you can count on a Birth Certificate being manufactured for Obama and produced once Abercrombie is in power.

      We know that Tim Adams, who was senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during the 2008 presidential campaign, said that there is no long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama.

      If Obama were born at Kapi’olani Medical Center, then there would be a long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama.

      The contrapositive is that if there is no long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama, then the “Obama birth narrative” is fraudulent.

      We need a member of Congress to ask for the long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama NOW, before Neil Abercrombie becomes Governor and gains the opportunity to manufacture one.

      • How is Neil doing in the polls?

        This morning’s polls – Rasmussen
        From the polls, a surprise in Hawaii.

        From Rasmussen: “Former Democratic Congressman Neil Abercrombie and Republican Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona are now virtually tied in the race to be Hawaii’s next governor.” Aloha News/MRG has Abercrombie up by only 3.

        Nate Silver had given the Republican only a 18% chance in that race.

        Coupled with the Republican Congressman Charles Djou’s tenacious effort to hold Abercrombie’s old seat — the Hill showed Djou up by 4 points — and you have Blue Hawaii turning a little redder.

        • Karl Rove says that polls need to put any conservative at least 10 pts. ahead in order for him or her to win in certain parts of the country. Left unsaid: That’s how much of a landslide the person needs to overcome endemic vote fraud. I believe he was referencing Illinois, but Hawaii is also one of the MOST corrupt states in the Union. If these past two years haven’t convinced anyone that the law means NOTHING in Hawaii, then I don’t know what will.

  7. Last night on Greta’s, Gov. Brewer said that in the AZ’s lawsuit , the judge is allowing the 10 or so Latin American countries to join the US in their attacks and criticizing AZ’s Immigration Law, and to enter the litigation. Also the judge did not allow AZ to respond to Mexiso’s brief. Unbelievable!

    Brewer Slams Mexico for Legal Brief Criticizing Immigration Law
    October 13, 2010

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has responded in federal court to a friend-of-the-court brief filed by Mexico and 10 other Latin American countries regarding the state’s new immigration law.

    In the filing Wednesday, Brewer says Mexico is interfering with a dispute in the U.S. and has other forums to issue political opinions than federal U.S. court.

    The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave the foreign countries permission to present their viewpoints.

    Brewer’s lawyers told the appeals court that the opinions of foreign countries have no bearing on whether the law is constitutional.

    Mexico was joined in its brief by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru.

  8. This is too good not to share:

    This woman is a major Obot, running for reelection as MO state auditor. Caught on tape SWI–Stumping for campaign cash while intoxicated. You gotta love it. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Do keep us updated on this! Will it be picked up by the mainstream media? Hope it makes the headlines in Missouri. Do keep us updated.

      Bottoms up!

      • Margarator Margarita Machine, Model# HSB-590 The Helman Group. In Stock.

        Helman again ? like Mayo too ?

      • That’s so funny, isn’t it? Did you see how tipsy she is? She can’t even talk. It’s so bad it looks like an act, like Red Skelton used to do; but it can’t be because what person running for office would act that way?

        • Miri, A new scam out now. While pumping gas, they come and give you a business card with a chemical on it. It gets on one’s fingers and puts the subject into an immediate drugged state. When subject has to pull over they appear drunk or over dosed and perps take car, money, purse, keys and even victim. Police reporting this online. Just saying…Didn’t someone say Beck out of it too a couple of weeks ago ?
          It seems like a show Miri. So odd.

    • Miri, Montee, Like Del Monte ? hummm….

  9. A soldier testified that his NCO ordered him to DELETE cell phone video of the Fort Hood Islamic-terrorist massacre. Uh, excuse me but isn’t THAT a court martial offense? Destroying evidence in a murder/terrorism case? Who ordered him to destroy the tape and WHY? For what possible reason?

    • Miri, My reply to you just went above yours !

      • Which one, Renee? I wrote to the tech support and they want me to send an example. I have one, but if you have another, that might help. Which comment is out of place?

        • Miri, Too odd. it is where it is supposed to be now. I am hoping I looked in the wrong place and was mistaken. If not, clueless here.
          It is happening again though and I will note it for you when I see it.

  10. Wow,
    More of the story you don’t hear on the news:


    Blasts hit secret Iranian missile launching-pad for US, Israeli targets
    DEBKAfile Special Report October 15, 2010, 1:12 PM (GMT+02:00)
    Tags: Imam Ali Base Iran Shehab-3
    Aerial view of Imam Ali base with tunnel opening

    A top-secret Iranian military installation was struck by a triple blast Tues. Oct. 12 the day before Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Lebanon. debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report the site held most of the Shehab-3 medium-range missile launchers Iran had stocked for striking US forces in Iraq and Israel in the event of war – some set to deliver triple warheads (tri-conic nosecones).

    The 18 soldiers officially reported killed in the blasts and 14 injured belonged to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) main missile arm, the Al-Hadid Brigades.
    The Imam Ali Base where the explosion occurred is situated in lofty Zagros mountain country near the town of Khorramabad in the western Iranian province of Lorestan. This site was selected for an altitude which eases precise targeting and the difficulty of reaching it for air or ground attack. It lies 400 kilometers from Baghdad and primary American bases in central Iraq and 1,250 kilometers from Tel Aviv and central Israel. Both are well within the Shehab-3 missile’s 1,800-2,500-kilometer operational range.

    Our Iranian sources report that Tehran spent hundreds of millions to build one of the largest subterranean missile launching facilities of its kind in the Middle East or Europe. Burrowed under the Imam Ali Base is a whole network of wide tunnels deep underground. Somehow, a mysterious hand rigged three blasts in quick succession deep inside those tunnels, destroying a large number of launchers and causing enough damage to render the facility unfit for use.
    In its official statement on the incident, Tehran denied it was the result of “a terrorist attack” and claimed the explosion “was caused by a nearby fire that spread to the munitions storage area of the base.” In the same way, the regime went to great lengths to cover up the ravages wrought to their nuclear and military control systems by the Stuxnet virus – which is still at work.
    In actual fact, debkafile’s military sources report, Iran’s missile arsenal and the Revolutionary Guards have also suffered a devastating blow. Worst of all, all their experts are a loss to account for the assailants’ ability to penetrate one of Iran’s most closely guarded bases and reach deep underground to blow up the missile launchers.

    The number of casualties is believed to be greater than the figure given out by Tehran.

    The soldiers’ funerals took place Thursday, Oct. 14, as the same time as Ahmadinejad declared in South Lebanon that Israel was destined to “disappear.” A few later, he ended his contentious two-day visit to Lebanon.

    This week, Aviation Week discovered that the new intermediate-range BM-25 Musudan ballistic missile exhibited at the North Korean military parade Sunday Oct. 10 – at which Kim Jong-II also paraded his son and heir – bore a strong resemblance to the Iranian Shehab-3.

    It is therefore possible that the explosions at the IRGC base in Lorestan Tuesday also sabotaged secret models of the Iran’s latest road-mobile, liquid-fuel version of the Shehab-3 ballistic missile.

  11. Hi Renee

    Who is doing it?

    It is not Obama,
    I am sure of that.

    • How are you Davem, working too many hours still ? Relax and play this weekend. It is a nice time of year. All that global warming cooling down for winter….imagine…actual cooling..Global cooling. It used to be called Autumn..happens every year…Same bat time, and bat channel. Amazing discovery huh ?

  12. I’m better now,

    here’s a big deal story, also not yet on the news;

    By Steve Cooper
    The Conservative

    The Conservative Monster is the first site to report about this. This has not even been on Fox News yet….

    Iran taking control of OPEC is a threat to national security, because they will most likely attempt to manipulate the prices and hold the world hostage and it must not be allowed to happen. The Obama goons demonize big oil companies, but you never hear them demonize the Muslim thugs that are using oil to raise funds to sponsor their global Jihad.

    Obama and his environmental fascists will love that oil prices will sky rocket, because high gas prices will cause massive inflation on food prices as well. That is how they want to control the people…via the food supply and energy. This is how they will impose their communism and tyranny onto the American people. It will strangle the economy and families, causing a huge rise in government dependence.

    I have been waiting and watching for this. I was wondering several weeks ago how they will spike up the oil and gas prices. Plus an Israeli strike on Iran would jack them up as well, so there are several scenarios. Lets just wait and see….

    It is time to flatten Iran, then arrest all of the left wing terrorists (Libertarians, Anarchists and Marxists) when they riot in the streets, because they are just puppets and propagandists for our enemies anyway. It is time to clean house or die. That is your choice.

    This is all over the head of the average tea party patriot standing there with a flag in their hand. You are all to late, because the enemy is inside the gate and the tea party leadership has already been infiltrated as well. They make sure that the topic stays on the economy rather than terrorism or the Obama eligibility issue for a reason folks. Many of them will not even use the word socialism or communism at a rally.


    • That is how they want to control the people…via the food supply and energy.
      Absolutely true – This administration is in-acting law’s that we cannot legally grow gardens in our back yard’s and all livestock must be tagged / chipped. How many people are actually aware of this? Not many –

      Mandatory Electronic Cattle Tracking (USDA-NAIS)
      A few talking points of major concern:
      Implementation of an animal ID system is an enormous, and possibly an unachievable task. The United States has 100 million cattle and calves owned by more than one million producers, 60 million hogs, six million sheep and lambs, unknown millions of horses, and more than 700 million chickens and turkeys. Many issues related to a national animal ID program are still unresolved. However, it appears that the USDA is going to impose the system and enforce compliance no matter what the consequence.

      • Where I live, trying to keep people from growing tomatoes in their backyards might be a hangin’ offense. 🙂

        Holder’s threatening (right!) to act against California if they legalize marijuana, but “experts” say there’s no way they could possibly hire enough federales to enforce the law against growing it. So imagine them trying to enforce not having a backyard garden. This is just more Obama magical thinking.

  13. 2nd big deal story of the weekend,

    crossing that red line,


    Iran may get Russian S-300 interceptors after all – via Venezuela
    DEBKAfile Special Report October 16, 2010, 5:24 PM (GMT+02:00)
    Tags: Hugo Chavez Iran Russian S-300
    Russian-Venezuelan deal recoups $800 m lost on cancelled missile sale to Iran

    Russia appears ready to sell Venezuela the same five advanced S-300PMU-1 air defense missile battalions it withheld from Iran because of international sanctions. debkafile’s military sources report Venezuela’s ruler Hugo Chavez, offered to buy them when he met Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow Thursday, Oct. 14. Israel immediately turned to Washington to try and block the transaction. Clearly, the highly-sophisticated interceptors are bound for their original client, Iran, through its good friend Chavez.

    This time, the deal will be much harder to stop.

    Our military sources stress that Iran needs the S-300 as the key to the effective defense of its nuclear and strategic sites against air or missile attack – even by cruise missiles – and to raising the risk to the assailants of heavy casualties. That said, the Israeli Air Force has spent the last two years training intensively in tactics for countering those very Russian interceptors. In September, Israel and Greece carried out joint practice strikes against the S-300 missiles Athens had purchased from Moscow.

    Chavez began his Moscow visit by voicing interest in “buying different types of Russian-made air defense systems to create a multilayered air defense network.”

    The day after his offer, Russia cautiously tested the water in Washington to find how the Obama administration reacted to the prospect of ballistic missile interceptors being deployed not only in Iran but in the United States’ Latin American backyard.

    Igor Korotchenko, head of a Moscow think tank on the international arms trade, revealed: “Russia is looking for a buyer for five battalions of S-300PMU-1 defense systems ordered by Iran and Venezuela could become such a buyer.”

    He knew enough about the deal to disclose that Caracas was prepared to pay the asking price of $800 million in cash to expedite the deal although it asked Moscow for several loans to cover previous arms transactions, including the recent $2.2 billion purchase of 92 Russian T-72 tanks and the Smerch multiple launch rocket systems.

    Our sources add Iran rather than Venezuela is in a hurry to get hold of the missiles and install them around its most vulnerable sites. There should be no delay once they reach Tehran because special units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had finished training on the weapon’s operation in Russia.

    debkafile’s sources note that hardly a month has gone by since Sept. 22 when Medvedev publicly announced the S-300 missile system sale to Iran was cancelled – to wide acclaim from the US and Israeli media. Moscow lost no time in finding a neat stratagem for bypassing the UN sanctions barring arms sales to Iran with impunity. Even the Russian offer to return the $166.8 million Iran advanced for the deal can be covered by Caracas as intermediate customer.

  14. I incompetently pasted the story about Iran and Opec,

    Here is the essential fact,

    Iran will hold the presidency of Opec from Jan 1,

    that should make us scared, I think so

  15. Here’s an interesting story:

    A guy takes his car in for an oil change and his mechanic discovers a GPS device on it. They remove it and then the FBI shows up, asking for their property back.

    Imho, they can surveil all they want, but I would draw the line at actually attaching equipment to private property without a warrant. Talk about Big Brother!

  16. The Ship Breaks Up

    (reference at end)

    Home » Politics » US Politics » White House Insider: Pelosi and Obama at War
    White House Insider: Pelosi and Obama at War
    Published by Ulsterman on October 7, 2010 in US Politics
    Tags: government, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Politics, President Obama, White House Insider
    Article Tools

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    Our White House Insider reveals shocking revelations of an ongoing battle between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Obama White House, as well as an enraged Michelle Obama taking on former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and Hillary Clinton keeping Obama guessing.

    Author’s Note: As our many readers know, our last discussion with our Washington D.C. Insider source revealed that the media was about to release speculative reports of a Hillary Clinton Vice Presidential offer from the Obama White House. Within 48 hours of publication, such noted media outlets as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and Drudge were all reporting on that very topic. While not the first time the Insider proved accurate in their predictions, it was certainly the most notable to date.


    Nice to see you again – so you indicated you were given the “green light” to shed some more personal details regarding past events involving members of the White House and Congress. Who gave you that green light? I won’t say anything more on that specifically beyond simply stating that this individual is no longer burdened by the requirements of their position at the White House. So yes, I was told I could speak more freely now, and that is what I intend to do. I’m happy to do it in fact. And I’m happy to see some more people quietly coming forward also.
    Read more in US Politics
    « Pakistan Betrays Us and Nato Troops
    Nigeria @50 »

    Well, you do realize that what you are describing points a very possible finger at Rahm Emanuel, right? He has just left his position at the White House. That is your position, not mine – and don’t expect me to clarify it.

    So Rahm Emanuel is not the one that gave you the go ahead to speak more freely? No comment on that. But I do have a lot of information I am prepared to share with you if you wish to hear it.

    Ok…do you have any details on former Chief of Staff Emanuel’s departure? Sure. (long pause)

    Well go ahead – what… (interrupts) Rahm Emanuel left the White House willingly, but he was also under strong suggestion to leave. He has not been a dominant figure in the West Wing for some time now.

    He was the White House Chief of Staff – how could he not have been a dominant figure? He has been marginalized. Pushed aside. Even his direct access to the president was reduced more recently. It happens. There is always an ongoing fight to gain the ear of the president. Rahm lost that fight, and now he is gone. If he hadn’t left, I am certain he would have been forced out, which would have been no easy task because the guy is a fighter.

    Who marginalized him? Good question.

    Thank you – but do you have the answer? Sure… (clears throat) It was mainly three people. Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod, and Michelle Obama.

    The First Lady? Michelle Obama wanted Rahm Emanual out as Chief of Staff? Why? Why? From what I was told, she never trusted Rahm. Not totally anyways. And when Rahm voiced his opinion in opposition of moving on health care, she and Jarret were apparently offended. Those two were the primary opposition against Emanuel, with Axelrod acting as the go between. Eventually, Axelrod sided with Jarret and the First Lady, and Rahm was left standing on his own- especially after Larry left. There was apparently an open fight between the two at one point.

    Between Rahm Emanuel and Michelle Obama? Yes. A loud shouting match. She stood over Rahm and told him to shut the -expletive- up. Pointed her finger right into his face and told him to shut the -expletive- up.

    You heard this yourself? No-no. It was told to me by…someone who was there. Very close to the situation. Very close.

    Was the president there? Yes, he was standing nearby. He heard the exchange.

    What did he do? Nothing. He apparently ignored it.

    You mean to say that the First Lady and the White House Chief of Staff are shouting at each other, and the President of the United States stood there and did nothing? Yes – that is correct. It is my understanding Obama did nothing. Rahm stormed back to his office and that was that. At least until David came to him the next day and said the president told him it might be time for Rahm to move on from the White House.

    David – David Axelrod? Yeah – Axelrod. He came to the Chief of Staff and informed him the president was considering replacing him, though no concrete decision had been made yet. It was obviously to allow Rahm a way out on his own. To save face. I think that was Axelrod’s gesture, not the president’s. I don’t believe the president was really concerned about it one way or the other. It was politics, staff, procedure – all things President Obama cares little for. I don’t believe he’s terribly comfortable with the one-one-one thing. No script. No approving audience. No Obama…

    So the president didn’t speak to Rahm himself on the subject? Not a word about it. As I said, President Obama doesn’t appear to care about those things. And even for the White House Chief of Staff access to the president was becoming a bit more…tedious.

    Axelrod was limiting access to the president? Not so much Axelrod, but Jarret. Some already consider her the de facto White House Chief of Staff, and have for some time now. She is very close to the Obamas. Very protective – as is Michelle Obama of her.

    Ok, so we have conflict between Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarret and Michelle Obama. You also told me you had information about what you described as a “war” between the White House and Nancy Pelosi. Go ahead and tell us what that is all about. Sure-sure. As I have indicated in earlier interviews, Pelosi feels she went to bat for the White House over health care, right? And she did. She pushed and prodded and got the votes. But she was also promised by the White House political cover for those who voted. The kind of cover that would allow Democrats to keep Congress after the midterms, and for Pelosi to keep her position as Speaker. The White House failed to do so and as time went on Pelosi has become more and more upset. Initially she and Rahm were in opposition on this issue you know. Rahm didn’t want to push for healthcare, but Pelosi, and others in the White House, were for it. Pelosi wanted it to be her legacy vote, right? Her shining moment as Speaker. Well, she got her vote, but it came at great cost, and now her legacy is being tarnished partly by a White House who sold her on unkept promises. And she’s extremely upset about it. Rahm had warned her that she and the Democrats could end up paying a high price for that healthcare vote but she ignored those warnings. Following the vote, as time went on, she came to realize how right Rahm was.

    Are you saying Pelosi and Rahm became allies? That might be too strong a term. Let’s just say they developed a mutual appreciation for just how difficult it was to trust some within this White House. Here is something I found interesting when it was shared with me. You want to know what Pelosi thinks of Barack Obama? The phrase that was forwarded to me that is said to have come from her?

    Absolutely. Now I’m paraphrasing here a bit, but this is the gist of it. “If the president wants a war then that is what he is going to get. I’m done playing patsy to this -expletive- White House. If that -expletive- wants to throw me under his -expletive- bus, then bring it on.

    A war? There is a war between Pelosi and Obama? Yes. As extreme as that sounds, that pretty much sums up the situation now between the Speaker and the White House. They are certainly not on friendly terms. Did you notice how there was almost no public comments coming from Pelosi for weeks? She went quiet. Apparently she was directed by White House staff to minimize her public comments in the final months prior to the midterms because she had become such a political liability. That is how she was described by the White House – a liability. White House staff told that to her face. And you know what? The speaker went along with it. It had to be tough, because she is as proud a woman as you will find, but she conceded to the White House’s request that she remain quiet. At least for a while. Now she is speaking out again, and if you read her words carefully, you can see them being directed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as well as her own Democrats in Congress. She is now reasserting herself as the leader of the party, no longer trusting the White House to deliver an effective message to voters. I believe the lame duck session following the midterms is going to prove extremely…interesting.

    You sound like you respect her for that. Absolutely. I am not necessarily a big fan of Speaker Pelosi on a personal level, but she has done everything this White House has asked of her, and then some. And for that she was told to be quiet? To stay out of the way? I’m appalled that the White House treated her in such a way. I’m appalled at how this White House has treated so many Democrats. It is simply unacceptable. So if Speaker Pelosi finally decides to fight back and fight for Democrats against the Obama White House, yeah – I respect that. I respect it a lot. Good for her. I sure as hell don’t blame her.

    Shifting gears back to our last conversation – do you still feel Hillary Clinton will either be Obama’s next Vice President or run against him in 2012? Yes – and yes. (laughs) As I said, it is either one or the other. I am absolutely certain of it. ABSOLUTELY 100% certain. And the Obama White House is hoping Secretary Clinton accepts the offer of Vice President, because they certainly don’t want to face the battle that would be the primary between Clinton and Obama. Some Clinton supporters have quietly initiated a number of state to state internals recently that show a very positive trend in her favor if such a primary battle were to be waged. Very favorable.

    Internals? Internal polling. Very tactical stuff. And it’s looking good for Hillary Clinton right now. That could change of course – drastically change, if the economy were to improve even marginally prior to the 2012 elections.

    If the polling is so favorable to Hillary Clinton, why haven’t they went ahead and published that polling? Great question! The answer is simple. If she were to approve publishing such polls, it would be an open declaration of intent, and at this point, it appears Hillary Clinton is playing a very well executed game with President Obama. She has him guessing at every nuance of every word she utters. I told you some time ago that Obama truly fears Hillary Clinton. That fear has only grown in recent weeks. So much so that they are now offering the position of Vice President to her to keep her under some semblance of control. It will be fascinating to see what her next step is. I can guarantee you this – she is leaving Obama guessing, and likely enjoying a lot of satisfaction at being able to do so. I know I’m enjoying it!

    So no specific ideas yet on which of those two choices Hillary Clinton will ultimately take? Oh, I have my ideas. Absolutely! I really think she’s still 50/50 though. It all depends on how badly the midterms turn out for the Democrats. I knew the media was going to release some speculative “Hillary as Vice President” stories because I was told first hand by someone directly involved in the publication of one of those stories. But guess who told them? (brief pause) The White House.

    The White House wanted the media to report on the possibility of Hillary becoming Vice President? Why? To get the story out there before the midterms. To test it with supporters, to see if it was something viable for 2012, and to get ahead of it before someone in the Clinton camp did so themselves. The Obama White House is trying to regain control of the situation, but I think they played right into Hillary’s hands on this one. You know what the majority of politicos are saying about Hillary as Vice President?

    What? Why would she want to be Vice President when she could be President – in 2012? There is a growing number who are thinking if she wants it, it’s hers to have IF the economy does not improve.

    And you agree with that sentiment?

    Yes – yes I do.

    REFERENCE: White House Insider: Obama Offering Hillary Clinton Vice President Position

    • Miri, found a vid on this same thing earlier. I hope I saved it. Scary.

          • The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is the cathedral church (Duomo) of Florence, Italy, begun in 1296 in the Gothic style to the design of Arnolfo di Cambio and completed structurally in 1436.

            The cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence, whose archbishop is currently Giuseppe Betori.

            On last Monday night a Muslim jumped up and danced on the alter of the Florence cathedral. Here are the exclusive pictures of the tgt sensational incident Monday, 11 October morning in the Duomo of Florence. Check this video out. More news out of Italy here.

            Here’s the google translation of the news article: (hat tip Paolo)

            In the barracks he never stopped reciting a prayer in Arabic

            ….this morning reached the altar of the Duomo in Florence and we rose above. Then he made a sort of dance. The stranger, who escaped the vigilance of the keepers of the cathedral, was blocked by the police station Uffizi.

            . The man does not speak Italian, but prayed all the time even in the Arabic of owner where the investigations were conducted. For the police would have said to live in a country in Scandinavia.

            The military has not challenged any crime. The refugee, dressed in sneakers, jeans, shirt and jacket, is confused between the faithful and visitors who crowded the basilica, then escaping the supervision of the guards, reached the altar, and there rose above a sort of starting ritual dance.

        • Nice, huh? Unbelievable. This reminds me of kids in our inner cities–no jobs, no future, gangs. These kids worry about “honour”; ours worry about “being dissed,” as if that’s the worst that can happen to a person in this world. Same old story.

          But over there, add in Muslim radicalism and it becomes a tinderbox. This is what comes from the Germans tippy-toeing around because they were SO afraid of being called racists, especially on account of their horrible history (need I say it, the Holocaust?).

          This will happen here, if we don’t wake the eff up: This is what is going to happen here if people don’t put aside their stupid self-defeating political correctness and realize that NO society can stand for long unless it IS a society. A UNITED society. A homogenous, integrated, assimilated society. I’m not saying that we all need to be of the same ethnicity, the same religion, the same ideology, but I am saying that we all have to be, first and foremost, AMERICANS. First loyalty TO America. Above all else.

  17. ***$2 BILLION DOLLARS MORE of American TaxPayer money going to Pakistan!!! Isn’t it time to take the nukes away from Pakistan…

    U.S. finalizing aid package to help Pakistan fight extremists

    Washington – The Obama administration is putting the final touches on a security assistance package totaling as much as $2 billion over five years to help Pakistan fight extremists on its border with Afghanistan, senior U.S. officials and diplomatic sources tell CNN. The aid is expected to be announced later this week when Pakistani officials are in Washington to hold high-level talks. The package aims to address Pakistan’s insistence it does not have the capability to go after terrorists and needs more support from the United States, the sources said. The aid will help the Pakistanis purchase helicopters, weapons systems …
    I got it off Lucianee — orig article is cnn

  18. I don’t get a chance to read through all of the posts — so if you guys don’t get an answer from me, its because I haven’t seen your comment/question. The other day I was skimming one of them when I saw a note from either Aone or Newssleuth — don’t remember which one of you it was. You were asking about a paper by ann re population study. I recall we came across that paper at TD’s — I have not been able to find it.

  19. Earlier this week I was talking about how people who belong to unions end up getting better benefits and higher salaries on the backs of those not in the unions. Case in point: Boeing has announced that their NON-union employees will have to pay more for their health insurance on account of Obamacare. You can bet that they’ll be paying FAR more for their healthcare because they will have to carry on their backs the added cost of extending Obamacare benefits to the UNION people, who won’t pay more on account of special deals they get due to contracts and lobbyists who wrote the bill to favor Obama’s union cronies, e.g. SEIU and UAW. So the non-union folks might pay many times more what they would have, if the union people also had to bear the brunt of Obama’s “change”. Is this fair? Is this equitable? Is this redistributing their wealth? Hardly.

    In the same vein, I saw Nancy Pelosi talking about how unfair it is that the wealthy just keep getting wealthier and that more people are falling out of the middle class (thanks to her policies).

    She also talked a lot about fairness, in particular OWNERSHIP fairness. So what she wants and what Obama wants, like true Marxists, is to TAKE wealth from those they decide have too much and GIVE it to those they favor, who they think have too little. No matter whether these people earned it or deserve it or not.

    What I want to see, ASAP, is redistribution of NANCY PELOSI’S wealth. Of BARACK OBAMA’S wealth.

    From Wikipedia:
    “The Pelosi family has a net worth of nearly $12.5 million as of 2008, largely from investments. In addition to their large portfolio of jointly owned San Francisco Bay Area real estate, the couple also owns a vineyard in St. Helena, California, valued between $5 million and $25 million. Pelosi’s husband also owns stock, including $1 million in Apple Inc., and is the owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League. Pelosi continues to be among the richest members of Congress.”

    AMONG THE RICHEST MEMBERS OF CONGRESS!!! I want a part of that wealth, Nance. Live by your own rules. When you are living in a little house like mine, then maybe I will subscribe to your Marxist tenets. I want part of that vineyard, Nancy. I’d love to hang out in CA, sitting on the terrace, looking over my vineyards, drinking the fruit of my vines. It’s ONLY FAIR. Give it to me. I deserve it. I want it. I don’t have a vineyard, so give it to me. NOW. My husband would love a sports team of his own, too.

    Obama is also a millionaire, who owns a nice house in Hyde Park. I want a part of that, too. Give it to us. Share the wealth, Barry. We’ll all meet you in Chi-town so you can give us the keys to the manse. Ok?

  20. “It’s ONLY FAIR. Give it to me. I deserve it. I want it. I don’t have a vineyard, so give it to me….Obama is also a millionaire, who owns a nice house in Hyde Park. I want a part of that, too. Give it to us. Share the wealth, Barry.”
    LOL I’m standing in line right behind you Miri lol
    I had typed up my long rant re the anchor babies and their free college educations on the backs of the american taxpayers who struggle to survive and yet have to incur great debt because they must pay full price for their educations, yada yada yada —
    So the rich get theirs, the “poor”, or those of the correct hue, get theirs, the union members get theirs, the rest of us get stuffed — we, too, want a piece of the pie, I’m hungry, now now now, I want it now lol Ok enough of my silliness.

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