Headline: U.S. Presidential Candidate Barry Soetoro – 2007

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Indonesian Headline on January 25, 2007

“U. S. Presidential Candidate Barry Soetoro”

“Barry Soetoro calon Presiden AS”

This is a screen shot of the article in an Indonesian newspaper.  It was originally written in Indonesian, and was translated into English.    It was an interesting headline, so I had a desire to read and share it with our readers.  I finished entering the translated  information as a comment  on our blog, and was checking the link to the article.   Upon clicking the link, Surprise, surprise  the article was gone!   This happened within perhaps 10 minutes!    Why would Google bots be watching Indonesian websites?  Or did the author scrub it?     Following is the translation;  it isn’t a real exciting read.

The important part of this is that Indonesians acknowledge that Obama’s name was Barry Soetoro and his name was changed to Barack Obama!


U.S. Presidential candidate Barry Soetoro
By: Nirina Oraw | 25-Jan-2007, 09:00:08 AM

Who is not familiar with Barack Obama?   He was born in Honolulu on 4 August 1961, the son of Barack Hussein Obama marriage blacks descent Kenya with mother Stanley Dunham Aan white female full-blooded American descent.  His father and mother first met at one of the University in Honolulu and got married.    The marriage ended when Barack Obama was one year old.

After parting with Aan Dunham Barack Hussein Obama, Aan Dunham married a second time with a student named Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia Mangundikardjo who is finishing studies to take a Doctorate in the field of geology.  After completing study, Lolo Soetoro bringing his family to Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Barack Obama is a small elementary school in Assisi Franciscus registered in the name of Barry Soetoro.  Barry lived with his father’s small second Aan Lolo Soetoro and Dunham’s mother in the Menteng area.  As with other small children Barry happy to play and occasionally fight with friends.  Barry known to be quite clever in Indonesian language, the daily school unless he speak Indonesian at home in English.  He had difficulty communicating in just six months.

Barry has a half brother [sister] from his mother’s marriage with the father of   L. Dunham Aan Soetoro yaitu  Maya Kassandra Soetoro.   Now Maya teaching in one of the state of American Universities.. Maya was married Asian descent and married to a man already in karuniai a princess.

Barry Soetoro small now bears the name of the descendants of his father – Barack Obama. Before becoming a senator, Barack Obama became a lecturer at a university in the state of Illinois.  He has been married to American women and had children.   Barack Obama and then appointed by a Democratic stronghold.

Now the United States brought two charismatic senator to go to the White House. .. in addition to Obama, another candidate is Hillary Clinton (59 years).  It would be interesting to see, how the American people will give their support.

Because Barack Obama is not the type of person who easily forget history, as evidenced when he was sworn in as senator, he invited the family of his father from Kenya.  During a disaster stricken Indonesia hit by bird flu again warm warm-discussed, Barack Obama came to Indonesia with all his old memories.


This  adds to the “theory”  that Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, and upon reentry to the U. S.  never was naturalized or changed his name legally to Barack Hussein Obama.   It also lends credence to Obama being a card-carrying , passport carrying, Indonesian citizen who was able to enter Pakistan in 1981 at a time that Americans were not allowed because they were  under military rule.    That trip to Pakistan was one of Obama’s slips that he accidentally divulged during a speech in California.    Additionally, if  he was an Indonesian citizen he didn’t have to register for the U.S. military draft as Americans did.   That requirement  explains the fake selective service registration document that was discovered.  Did his foreign status also allow him to apply and receive grants and funds to attend college?

Like an elephant, Obama never forgets his history, but he forgot he had an adopted sister, Lia Soetoro Sobah.  He also forgot to change his name legally.  Did anyone vote for Barry Soetoro to be the U. S.  President?  Obama, who is your daddy?


UPDATE:   About 6 hours after this post was written, another researcher found a different way to  locate the  Indonesian version of the article.  So the mystery of this appearing, disappearing,  and reappearing is just that..  a strange mystery.   My thanks to her for her help.



45 responses to “Headline: U.S. Presidential Candidate Barry Soetoro – 2007

  1. So the Indonesian press, at least as of January 25, 2007, considered the candidate’s name to be BARRY SOETORO. The same name by which he was known AS a Muslim citizen of Indonesia, when he attended public schools there during the 1960s. The Indonesians also report that Barry Soetoro changed his name at some point, from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama.

    We must keep in mind that non-Indonesian citizens were NOT allowed to attend public schools. They had to PROVE their eligibility to the government, unlike our candidates for POTUS, as we’ve sadly learned over the past few years, or illegal alien aunties who overstay their visa but somehow still manage to get on the US taxpayer dole.

    In school, Barry’s father was listed as Lolo Soetoro M. (Mangunharjo, or Mangundikardjo, or Martodihardjon, Martodihardjo, or Madan–how many names does HE have, btw?). No mother named at all.

    I love how even the Indonesian press, in kneejerk fashion, must repeat the meme that he was born August 4, 1961, in Hawaii. Riiiiiiight.

    What’s up with this? “Maya was married Asian descent and married to a man already in karuniai a princess.” Huh?

    Considering the oddities of gender when we translate Indonesian to English, is Maya Asian or is her husband? Is Maya a princess or is her husband a prince of some kind?

  2. I suppose “Princess” Maya goes with “King” Obama?
    Kkng Obama sidewalk

  3. The other recently found information gave Maya different names too.
    Maya said, “Her previous names were Rani and Kamala. Her father’s side comes from the Hindu tradition. I am no longer Hindu. My family is and I grew up Hindu. I am Buddhist.” And here we thought they were Muslims!

    I wonder which part of her family was Muslim..as Obama himself said his mother was the most spiritual person he ever met, but she didn’t take him to church. I cry she was into Witchcraft! She spawned a devil! Knowing that, she sent him away to Hawaii to protect him.

    Even though married to Conrad Ng, she still uses the surname Soetoro as Newsleuth found on all her driving tickets and her Las Vegas marriage license.


  4. Is it legal for people to obscure their legal names by constantly altering the spelling just a little bit ? I know you can legally change your name through usage, but where is the criminal line ? This is obscuring identity no ?
    We must give all of our details in the census, so I am wondering how that would work out if we all kept changing the spellings of our names all of the time ? And we are not running for any official office. Where is the criminal line here ?

  5. Here’s another good one:

    Choice selections from above link: Dated Jul 11, 2006

    *Originally [Barry] was a Muslim, the faith of his father. But when his parents divorced and his mother re-married, he converted to Christianity.

    *He worked for a year at Business International Corporation (now part of The Economist Group).

    *While in the Palestinian territories, Obama met with the successor to the late Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas [this happened BEFORE 7/11/2006]

    *Barack Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii to Harvard University-educated economist Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a native of Kenya and a Muslim. His mother is Shirley Ann Dunham, of Wichita, Kansas. At the time of Obama’s birth, both his parents were students at the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    *When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced. His father eventually returned to Kenya, and he saw his son only once more before his death in 1982.

    *Ann Obama then married his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro (d. Mar 2, 1993), another East-West Center student (MA Geography 1962) from Indonesia.

    *Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (born August 4, 1961) is the junior U.S. Senator from Illinois. He received international media coverage for his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, delivered while he was still an Illinois State Senator. That same year, he became the first man of African descent to win election to the United States Senate as a Democrat.
    Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) was elected to the US Senate on November 2, 2004, and will next be up for reelection on November 2, 2010. Obama is currently the only African-American US Senator, and only the fifth in US history.

    Can you spot the numerous ERRORS? Or are they errors?

    Key “errors” I see: Queen’s Medical? Both parents students at the East/West Center that didn’t even exist yet? Lolo died in 1993? Lolo got his Masters in 1962? His mother’s name is Shirley? Or is it Ann? His parents divorced when he was 2?

    The only thing that I see that some might think is an error but which I’m positive is fact: He was originally Muslim.

    • I find this alarming.. how would Obama have access to Abbas being a state senator or US senator ? It really depends on the year this occurred. Remember the LA tape that wasn’t released.. Also thinking of Edward Said.

      *While in the Palestinian territories, Obama met with the successor to the late Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas [this happened BEFORE 7/11/2006]

      Mahmoud Abbas (born 26 March 1935), also known by the kunya Abu Mazen has been the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) since 11 November 2004 and became President of the Palestinian National Authority on 15 January 2005 on the Fatah ticket.

      US envoy plans more talks with Abbas, Netanyahu
      Sept. 30, 2010


      • “January 2006 trip to the Middle East
        On January 4, 2006 Barack Obama left for his first trip to the Middle East along with a congressional delegation that included Evan Bayh, Kit Bond, and Harold Ford Jr. His trip included visits to Kuwait, Iraq and Israel.

        In Kuwait and Iraq, Obama visited with the troops. While in Iraq Obama stated, “there is not going to be a military solution” and that the challenge of the new government is “figuring out how minority rights are protected.” While in Israel Obama met with Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom. A meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had been cancelled due to his stroke. After meeting with the Foreign Minister, Obama stated “Israel has to figure out what the next steps are, if in fact Prime Minister Sharon does not recover in a way that allows him to move into the government.”

        While in the Gaza Strip, Obama met with the successor to the late Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas. At a meeting with Palestinian students Obama relayed the message to Abbas that the U.S. would never recognize winning Hamas candidates unless the group renounces its fundamental mission to eliminate Israel.[19]”


        “As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama made official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. He met with Mahmoud Abbas before Abbas became President of the Palestinian Authority, and gave a speech at the University of Nairobi condemning corruption within the Kenyan government.[96]”


    • Mazin…
      Why is that name familiar to me ? We found this a few years ago associated with someone’s digs….

  6. Im almost embarrassed to post this find –
    Indonesian to English Translation

    Lolo Soetoro, very pleased with the fighting cock –

    Jakarta – The Story of Barack Obama, aka Barry in Indonesia interesting to explore. After decades left Jakarta and flown to the United States, Barry still remember the chicken coop. Understandably, Barry’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, very pleased with the fighting cock. Barry is currently a U.S. senator from Illinois. Male descendants of US-Kenya is now mentioned as a candidate for U.S. president in 2008. He will compete with Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic Party convention. Before becoming a U.S. senator, Barry never criticize policies of President Bush who invaded Iraq. Barry is also concerned with bird flu that hit Indonesia. One time, Barry had linked the bird flu infections to the habits of the people of Indonesia in raising chickens. He remembered the time lived in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, many of her neighbors who keep chickens in the yard and around the house. Speaking of chicken, Lolo Soetoro was also happy to keep chickens. However, Barry’s second husband’s mother, Ann Dunham, was preferred to maintain a fighting cock. “Once upon a dawn, Mr. Lolo suddenly was hanging out in my backyard. She saw my cock,” said Suwardi, Lolo neighbors while living in the area of Jl. H Ramli, Menteng Dalam, when told
    Barry told AFP on Tuesday (07/11/2006). Chicken Suwardi it was okay, always win if pitted. “Mr. Lolo interested at my cock. Then he took two baboons (hen) to be exchanged with my cock it. I’m happy aja,” said Suwardi who is now 67 years old this. According Suwardi, Lolo was very pleased with fighting cock. In addition to raising chickens happy, Lolo is also pleased to maintain other animals. At his home, Lolo maintain crocodiles, monkeys, and dogs. Barry lived with Lolo on Jl. H Ramli was around 1968-1971. Perhaps he remembered Barry about maintenance of backyard chickens as bird flu is talking about the chickens belong to this Suwardi. At that time, Suwardi did have some chicken cages in the backyard. Suwardi and Lolo’s house next door. Barry would often play to the home Suwardi. About Lolo According Suwardi, Lolo is a good neighbor and gets along with other neighbors. “Mr. Lolo was somewhat squat stature. He just hanging out with the neighbors,” said Suwardi. About the job Lolo, Suwardi not know clearly. “I understand he works at Pertamina, but experts topography (mapping),” said Suwardi. Around the year 1971, with Ann Dunham Lolo divorced, the mother of Barry. After the divorce, Ann Dunham moved house, while Lolo was still in the house in Menteng Dalam that. After getting married again to Mrs. Erna, Lolo moved to Sawangan, Depok. Lolo passed away on March 2, 1993 and was buried in General Cemetery Land coachman, South Jakarta. The story of Lolo Soetoro was also told by Zulfan Adi, a friend of Barry sepermainan that in the 1970’s near Lolo. “Mr. Lolo simple person, not arrogant, and like to joke,” said Adi while talking to AFP. Lolo is also known to be very strong
    to talk and stay up. “If only he knew, it seemed really quiet. But, when it’s near as I can until the morning ngobrolnya,” said Adi. Which was never forgotten by Adi other is like treating eating Lolo. “I was always invited to go eat. No pelitlah,” he said.

    Photo Caption: Barry, aged around 10 years while living in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. (Ash /)


    • I wish we had a laugh button to push when we read funny things! There are a couple sentences that are real gems when translated! Some of those sentences.. I won’t touch! Buzzzzzz Buzzzzzzz

      “Barry still remember the chicken coop.”
      Was Suwardi an exhibitionist?
      It sounds like they had their own zoo!

  7. However, Barry’s second husband’s mother, Ann Dunham, was preferred to maintain a fighting cock. “Once upon a dawn, Mr. Lolo suddenly was hanging out in my backyard. She saw my cock,” said Suwardi. “. . . Mr. Lolo interested at my cock.”


    • How about highlighting that one! LMBO

    • As Larry Sinclair would say to Barry and Ann, Why entertain fighting cocks? “You have one here you ain’t whipped yet”. And the cons would confer, “Barry has seen old red and he approves, w/without speaker Nancy or Harry Reid”. Snark-snark. Neverthelesssss what happens in Obama’s backyard should stay in Obama’s backyard even if he does need the exposure. TSK TSK TSK

    • lolrotfl That is absolutely hilarious lol —Where’s Bridgette with her highlighter lol!!!

  8. Im finding in a lot of the old Indonesian articles they also called Barry Soetoro {Barry sepermainan} Pill any ideas what sepermainan may mean in Indonesian?

    • Somebody thinks he’s Superman?

      Just kidding.

      Toggletext translates “sepermainan” as “Team”.

      I’m not really sure why the Indonesian articles would refer to “Team Barry”, unless they were talking about his campaign…

      • cute pic 🙂

      • Too funny pill…I looked into the “Suparman” somemore and found this –

        UPDATE 1-Dubai-controlled KOP buys $250 mln Stein hotels stake

        Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:37am IST
        By Daryl Loo

        SINGAPORE Aug 27 (Reuters) – Singapore-based KOP Capital, controlled by the emirate-owned Dubai Group, will buy half of European hotel chain Stein Group for $250 million, and spend the same amount on new hotels in Asia over the next four years.

        “We have always wanted to acquire an international chain of hotels and resorts, and were looking for a product that we felt was missing from the market. Stein looked like a good strategic fit,” KOP’s managing director Leny Suparman told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

        She said the group expects a boom in leisure and business travel within and to Asia despite the global economic slowdown, as many of these markets continue to see strong growth relatively to Europe and the United States.

        Dubai Group is part of Dubai Holding, which is owned by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

        $500 A NIGHT

        Stein Group founder David Stein, who remains as chairman and chief executive following the acquisition, said the company will look at buying smaller luxury hotels of up to 85 rooms in big Asian cities such as Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

        “We hope to have about 8 to 12 hotels in Asia over the next four years, depending on whether we can buy existing properties,” he said, adding that the firm was also looking at purchases in Europe, which has been hit by a property downturn.

        The firm owns 15 small luxury hotels in European cities including in London, Monte Carlo as well as in Tuscany, where room rates can cost upwards of $500 per night on average, Stein said.

        The group does not compete directly with large global hotel chains such as Marriott International (MAR.N) and InterContinental (IHG.L), but compares most closely with niche hotelier Orient Express (OEH.N), he said.

        “There is an increasing demand by affluent clients for a more exclusive, intimate experience that a smaller hotel can offer. And they will go for a recognised brand because many of our clients can’t afford to have a bad night’s stay.” (Editing by Jan Dahinten)


        • Hummm…..

          Javanese Name – Media : Kosmix
          Media related to Javanese Name from the best sources on the Web … Bub Suparman is quite a popular name among the Javanese, those with strong Javanese tradition and accent, …

        • Singapore-based KOP Capital, controlled by the emirate-owned Dubai Group,

          ,” KOP’s managing director Leny Suparman told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

          Dubai Group is part of Dubai Holding, which is owned by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

          Stein Group founder David Stein, who remains as chairman and chief executive following the acquisition, said the company will look at buying smaller luxury hotels of up to 85 rooms in big Asian cities such as Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

  9. I still think Barry/Barack’s biological father is Frank Marshall Davis, and this is the ace up BHO’s sleeve. Yes, it would be embarassing to reveal his bastardy/paternity at this time, BUT it would grant him natural born American citizenship without question. He could sit down in front of all the network television cameras, even Fox News, and decide to “come clean.” I have a horrible sinking feeling that his poll numbers would skyrocket and a large number of Americans would feel sorry for the clown, telling the rest of us to go take a hike. I just think that the whole Obama/Kenya tale of his origins hangs by a thread. My main problem with it is that he in no way physically looks like BHO Sr. If they have discovered the Tsar of Russia and his murdered family’s DNA, and likewise overturned the phoney “Anastasia,” I think we Americans are owed a DNA swab from our President. Maybe Montel Williams or Morey Povich could provide a proper forum for this spectacle!

    • There was also the idea floated that since Grand-pa Dunham and Frank frequented the bordellos in Honolulu that Obama-aka Barry, might be a product of the the bordellos and Ann being the good daughter she was decided to rear her Bros. But nof course that is all speculation. Ahem!

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        That would certainly suit the times, but why would Madelyn have gone along w/ it?

        So many theories. Unseal the records!

      • Skeeter, I read a bit once…it talked of a white, major union leader in Hawaii, and his white wife that went slumming in a seedy area of Hawaii too…seems she ended up expecting shortly thereafter and delivered a very dark child. I read that she shortly left for the mainland over here and a fast divorce followed….Hawaii thread has a labor leader Skeeter…Ahem !

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      If that were the case, Dreams from my Father would take on a whole new meaning!

    • Mark also doesn’t look like sr

    • Yankee,

      If they have discovered the Tsar of Russia and his murdered family’s DNA, and likewise overturned the phoney “Anastasia,” I think we Americans are owed a DNA swab from our President. Maybe Montel Williams or Morey Povich could provide a proper forum for this spectacle!

      What if she was not really a fraud Yankee ? See, I read this book when I was quite young on her. It said the soldier that saved her or the man she supposedly married was a black soldier from Russia. She lived on the east coast when elderly with an Anderson…I have my doubts she was a fake…Political theater was dicey back then..it was NOT in the Queen of England’s favor then to acknowledge her.
      She has been another of my reading subjects through my life. I was always very interested in her, her family and this story. I think it started when I saw Omar Shariff and all of that snow. After that, I studied the architecture of Russia and Euro alot. I found it very beautiful.

  10. Great post Bridgette! That headline is priceless.

  11. Indonesians picked up a US Blog and its discussion. Translated from Indonesian to English. See the one sentence about known ease of fraud.

    This school file (school record), which states Barack Obama, Islam and Berry Soetoro Indonesian citizen.

    Dec 7th, 2008
    Copy of Obama’s School Record in Indonesia.

    This is Barack Obama’s school file that menyebababkan controversy about religion president-elect Barack Obama. From this data, stating Berry Muslim Indonesian citizen as well, so maybe just the small time Berry Soetoro is Muslim, according to the religion of his father (?). Since he entered the catholic school, cook her religion declared Islam? How about the citizens? The debate about the status of religion is still going on until now. If this is considered a fault, then this shows how weak our administrative systems, Indonesia. This error often we find, especially how easy someone make ID card with a false identity for the purpose of fraud.


    Note Source – No longer valid: http://countusout.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/barry-soetoro-indonesian-citizenreligion-muslim/?referer=sphere_related_content/

  12. TAITZ v OBAMA (QUO WARRANTO) – 36 – REPLY to opposition to motion – gov.uscourts.dcd.140567.36.0 September 23, 2010

    As a federal judge Your Honor surely resided over some matters dealing with immigration from South -Easian countries, where names are often combined.

    For example, a couple where the wife’s name is Ranga and the husband’s name is Raj, would take a last name Rangaraj. Ann Dunham believed in some type of smorgasbord of religions and cultures. It looks like she followed the Eastern tradition and combined the name of her second husband: Soetoro, Obama’s step father and the name of his biological father – Barack Obama and came up with the name Soebarkah which she originally listed and later excluded from her 1968 passport application.

    Page 13 and 14

    • Yep, there it is again…those lovely, misleading,combo names…Like a new identity, each and EVERY marriage…how convenient. Just like I said. Like Nidesandjo.

      Nidel or Nide

      Jo can be Ho maybe ? Like J and H in Spanish ?
      Tiny bubbles was a swinger remember ?…..

  13. OT but thought I would post:


    The Iowa man who has claimed responsibility for publicizing a bogus Kenyan birth certificate of President Barack Obama is now publishing excerpts from a letter authored by U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley online that he says shows the Iowa Republican shares his belief that the president is foreign born.

    But the excerpts chosen misconstrue Grassley’s views on Obama’s birth.

    Lucas Smith — who swore in a court affadavit that he obtained the alleged birth certificate in Kenya after paying a cash “consideration” to a military officer — originally attempted to sell the document on the online auction site eBay. He later teamed up with Orly Taitz as a part of one of her attempts to prove in court that Obama was foreign born and, therefore, ineligible to serve as president.

  14. http://iowaindependent.com/44545/birther-cherry-picks-from-grassley-letter

    The link is dead, tdr, so I can’t verify that it says,
    “The Iowa man who has claimed responsibility for publicizing a bogus Kenyan birth certificate…”

    Did I miss something? Was the Kenyan BC officially debunked? Or is this more trash talk disguised as serious research?

    The only potential problem I see with it is the embossed seal. I have not yet seen a seal on another verified authentic Kenyan BC with which to compare this one.

    The other arguments are spurious:

    “unlike official Kenya BC’s,” but those are government records and the Smith BC is a hospital record.

    “the zero in 47044 is actually the letter O” – false. Besides, that number is on the government record.
    The actual No. is 47644, as you can see a little more plainly in this negative image of the government BC.

    http://americangrandjury.org/article_photos/kenya_real_1.jpg .

    “’47’ was Mr. Obama’s age in 2008, ‘big O’ stands for ‘Obama’, and ’44’ is the President number” – so what?

    “‘E. F. Lavender’ is a laundry detergent” – the original BC (before Obot PhotoShopping, hacking of orlytaitz.esq , and swapping) had either “G. K. Lavender” or “E. K. Lavouder”.

    “the Kenya BC form was a copy of the South Australia BC form” – that could well be, since both Kenya and Australia were British Protectorates in 1961. But the Kenya government BC form does match other contemporaneous BC forms issued by the Kenyan government.

    “Mombassa was part of Zanzibar” – true, it was at one time. But Mombasa was part of Kenya in 1961.

    “Kenya was not an independent country in 1961” – true, but the Kenyan government BC is a certified copy issued on Feb. 17, 1964. Kenya gained independence and declared itself the “Republic of Kenya” on Dec. 12, 1963.

    Besides, the Lucas Smith BC was the Coast Province General HOSPITAL form.

    • very good reserching here, also just wanted to say a Woman that was about to give Birth was not allowed to fly on a public airliner, the air line company would not allow pregnant Woman fly until five to seven days after the giving birth to a baby. and the baby was not allowed to fly for two months after birth. The Boy was born in Kenya not in Hawaii as his Mother said he was. His Kenyan Grandmother cared for him in Kenya until he was two months old and was allowed on the airplane to safely fly to his Grandparents home in Hawaii. then Obama became an Indonesian and never applied for an American citizenship. Mr. obama in an Imposter in our white house. he needs to be kicked out of our white house. he is not qualified to be our Commander-In-Chief. (President)….

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