Obama’s Huge Fabricated Family, Honeymoon in Vegas Edition (Maya Soetoro-Ng)

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Obama’s Sister

Maya Soetoro and Konrad Ng

were Married in Vegas!!!!

I checked Las Vegas Marriages, Clark County, Nevada where I found Maya Soetoro and Konrad Ng’s marriage license and Marriage certificate.

I’ve placed the Las Vegas, Nevada Marriage information here along with traffic and recorded document information for Maya Soetoro Ng and Konrad Ng……

Clark County Nevada Marriage Look-up results

Instrument # 20030121252006800

Date Issued/Filed
1/21/2003 Time Issued/Filed 12:00:00 AM
Document Type MLIC Remarks

Pages 0
File/ID# D520068

Seq Name
Seq Name

Referenced By
Instrument #
Referenced To
Instrument # 20030121352006800

Date Issued/Filed
1/21/2003 Time Issued/Filed 12:00:00 AM
Document Type MLSSN Remarks

Pages 1
File/ID# D520068

Seq Name
Seq Name

Referenced By
Referenced To

Instrument #20030121252006800


Recorded on 1-23-2003
Maya Soetoro and Konrad Ng
Result Row:
Instrument # Previous Prev 200301230077201 Next Next
Modified Date:
Record Date : 1/23/2003
# of Pages: 1
Book Type: MAR
Book / Page: 0 / 0
Acknowledgement Date: 1/21/2003
Marriage Date 1/21/2003 12:00:00 AM
Marriage Certificate #: D520068
Total Value: 10.00
Parcel ID
Legal Description:
Remarks Deputy: PIK
Future Related Docs:
Previous Related Docs:

Related Documents:
Document History:


Maya is a lousy driver too.

Here is the court index listing Maya Soetoro’s  Traffic Tickets and all five of their print-outs.

See If you can find her Bench Warrant


Court Case Index Results for Maya Soetoro

Judiciary Internet
State of Hawaii Judiciary
eCourt Kōkua
Judiciary Information Management System

5 cases found, displaying 5 cases(s), from 1 to 5. Page 1 / 1
Printable View
@165617 Soetoro, Maya K 1DTI-10-091707 – State v. Maya K Soetoro Defendant 05-APR-2010
@165617 Soetoro, Maya K 1DTI-10-047412 – State v. Maya K Soetoro Defendant 25-MAR-2010
@165617 Soetoro, Maya K 1DTI-08-001073 – State v. Maya K Soetoro Defendant 14-APR-2008
@165617 Soetoro, Maya K 1DTI-06-137562 – State v. Maya K Soetoro Defendant 15-NOV-2006
@165617 Soetoro, Maya K 5633626MO – State v. Maya Soetoro Defendant 03-DEC-2003


Maya Soetoro Traffic Case Print-outs


Search results for criteria: Case Id: 1DTI-10-091707

Case Description

Case ID: 1DTI-10-091707 – State v. Maya K Soetoro -NON JURY-
Type: TI – Traffic Infraction
Status: CLOSEDS – Closed Case-Judgment Satisfied
Filing Date: MONDAY, APRIL 5, 2010
Balance Due: $0.00
Violation Disposition Sentence
No. Code Description Date Code Description Date Code Description
1 HRS 291C-102(a)(1)+17 NONCOMPL W/ SPEED LIMIT 03-APR-2010 JFS Judgment for State 28-APR-2010
Related Cases:  No related cases were found.

Case Event Schedule:  No Case Events were found.

Case Parties

Seq # Assoc Expn Date Type ID Name / Aliases
1 Defendant @165617 Soetoro, Maya K
Soetoro, Maya K
2 Law Enforcement Officer 101100386 Rahe, James Wilson
Docket Entries
Filing Date Description Party Name Monetary
05-APR-2010 09:20:45 Notice of Traffic Infraction
28-APR-2010 09:32:36 Judgment Complete
A Payment of -$142.00 was made on receipt 1DKP10419


Search results for criteria: Case Id: 1DTI-10-047412

Case Description
Case ID: 1DTI-10-047412 – State v. Maya K Soetoro -NON JURY-
Type: TI – Traffic Infraction
Status: CLOSEDS – Closed Case-Judgment Satisfied
Filing Date: THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2010
Balance Due: $0.00
Violation Disposition Sentence
No. Code Description Date Code Description Date Code Description
1 ROH 15-24.23 OPER MV W/MOBILE ELEC DEV 24-MAR-2010 JFS Judgment for State 31-MAR-2010
Related Cases:  No related cases were found.

Case Event Schedule:  No Case Events were found.

Case Parties

Seq # Assoc Expn Date Type ID Name / Aliases
1 Defendant @165617 Soetoro, Maya K
Soetoro, Maya K
2 Law Enforcement Officer 101102483 Copeland, Travis E
Docket Entries
Filing Date Description Party Name Monetary
25-MAR-2010 13:47:00 Notice of Traffic Infraction
31-MAR-2010 14:12:00 Answer to Traffic Infraction
31-MAR-2010 14:15:20 Judgment Complete
A Payment of -$97.00 was made on receipt 1DHN931514.
Search results for criteria: Case Id: 1DTI-08-001073
Case Description

Case ID: 1DTI-08-001073 – State v. Maya K Soetoro -NON JURY-
Type: TI – Traffic Infraction
Status: CLOSEDS – Closed Case-Judgment Satisfied
Filing Date: MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2008
Balance Due: $0.00
Violation Disposition Sentence
No. Code Description Date Code Description Date Code Description
1 HRS 291C-32(a)(3)(A) DISREGARDING RED SIGNAL 07-APR-2008 JFS Judgment for State 07-MAY-2008
Related Cases:  No related cases were found.

Case Event Schedule:  No Case Events were found.

Case Parties

Seq # Assoc Expn Date Type ID Name / Aliases
1 Defendant @165617 Soetoro, Maya K
Soetoro, Maya K
2 Law Enforcement Officer 101100707 Higa, Everett S
Docket Entries
Filing Date Description Party Name Monetary
14-APR-2008 09:54:23 Notice of Traffic Infraction
07-MAY-2008 08:54:25 Answer to Traffic Infraction
07-MAY-2008 08:54:26 Judgment Complete
Search results for criteria: Case Id: 1DTI-06-137562
Case Description
Case ID: 1DTI-06-137562 – State v. Maya K Soetoro -NON JURY-
Type: TI – Traffic Infraction
Status: CLOSEDS – Closed Case-Judgment Satisfied
Filing Date: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2006
Balance Due: $0.00
Violation Disposition Sentence
No. Code Description Date Code Description Date Code Description
1 HRS 291-11.6(a)(1) SEATBLT REQD-DRIVR/PSNGR 8-14 01-NOV-2006 JFS Judgment for State 22-JAN-2007
Related Cases:  No related cases were found.

Case Event Schedule:  No Case Events were found.

Case Parties

Seq # Assoc Expn Date Type ID Name / Aliases
1 Defendant @165617 Soetoro, Maya K
Soetoro, Maya K
2 Law Enforcement Officer 101101873 Ahn, Alan K
Docket Entries
Filing Date Description Party Name Monetary
15-NOV-2006 14:29:02 Notice of Traffic Infraction
11-JAN-2007 13:44:20 Court Letter
22-JAN-2007 17:00:00 Answer to Traffic Infraction
22-JAN-2007 17:00:26 Judgment Complete
A Payment of -$92.00 was made on receipt 1DHN212600.
Search results for criteria: Case Id: 5633626MO

Case Description

Case ID: 5633626MO – State v. Maya Soetoro -NON JURY-
Type: TC – Traffic Crime
Status: REACTIVATE – Reactivated Case
Filing Date: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2003
Balance Due: $0.00
Violation Disposition Sentence
No. Code Description Date Code Description Date Code Description
1 HRS 431:10C-107 NO MOT VEH CARD IN VEHICLE 01-DEC-2003 DPJ Dismissed With Prejudice 10-FEB-2004 *TS Waived Court Costs-BW/PS
Related Cases:  No related cases were found.

Case Event Schedule

Event Date Time Room Location Judge
Arraignment and Plea 29-DEC-2003 08:30:00 Honolulu Courtroom 4B HONOLULU DIVISION
Arraignment and Plea 10-FEB-2004 13:30:00 Honolulu Courtroom 4B HONOLULU DIVISION
Case Parties
Seq # Assoc Expn Date Type ID Name / Aliases
1 Defendant @165617 Soetoro, Maya K
Soetoro, Maya K
2 Law Enforcement Officer 101101142 Acosta, Joseph I
Docket Entries
Filing Date Description Party Name Monetary
03-DEC-2003 08:00:00 Accident Minor
REPORT Number: 3481506
29-DEC-2003 08:00:01 Bench Warrant Ordered
BWO 122903 $300.00 (S/AP) SHINMURA O11
12-JAN-2004 08:00:02 Bond – Cash Posted
BP 011204 $300.00 68632 65454 BAIL REC-SELF O11
12-JAN-2004 08:00:03 Bench Warrant Case Rescheduled
BWR 011204 021004PM O11 S/AP-BW SET ASIDE O11
10-FEB-2004 08:00:04 TRAVIS Disposition Code
DSM 021004 VALID/AMD FR 431:10C104 SHINMURA O11
10-FEB-2004 08:00:05 TRAVIS Sentence Type Code
10-FEB-2004 08:00:06 TRAVIS Financial Code
RFD 021004 $300.00 SHINMURA O11
10-FEB-2004 13:30:00 TRAVIS Minutes Code
30-OCT-2005 08:00:00 Zero Bal Indicated-Pls Check

Konrad Ng’s Traffic case print-out


Maya’s Husband, Konrad Ng, has only one 2004 parking ticket in Hawaii that he contested and won!!


Search results for criteria: Case Id: 1227149P1

Case Description

Case ID: 1227149P1 – State v. Konrad Ng -NON JURY-
Type: TP – Traffic Parking
Status: CLOSEDS – Closed Case-Judgment Satisfied
Filing Date: WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 2004
Balance Due: $0.00
Violation Disposition Sentence
No. Code Description Date Code Description Date Code Description
1 ROH 15-14.5 PRKG PROHIB W/IN C&C OF HON 30-JUN-2004 DPJ Dismissed With Prejudice 23-AUG-2004
Related Cases:  No related cases were found.

Case Event Schedule
Event Date Time Room Location Judge
Hearing 23-AUG-2004 08:30:00 Honolulu Courtroom 4A HONOLULU DIVISION
Case Parties
Seq # Assoc Expn Date Type ID Name / Aliases
1 Defendant @578634 Ng, Konrad Gar-Yeu
Ng, Konrad Gar-Yeu
2 Affiliated Party 103002579 Soares, Steven
Docket Entries
Filing Date Description Party Name Monetary
07-JUL-2004 08:00:00 Answer in Writing
13-JUL-2004 08:00:01 TRAVIS Event Type Code
AP 071304 082304AM O11 O11
23-AUG-2004 08:00:02 TRAVIS Disposition Code
23-AUG-2004 08:00:05 Contested
23-AUG-2004 08:30:00 TRAVIS Minutes Code
30-OCT-2005 08:00:00 Zero Bal Indicated-Pls Check

Here is Maya Soetoro and Konrad Ng’s Mortgage information from the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances


Bureau of Conveyances -Official Public Records

Document Number R2005060153

No. of Pages 22 pages
Fee  Fee: Computed at $1.00 per page for documents in the system.
Flat fee will be charged for documents not on the system.
Recording Date  Recording Date: Date instrument recorded. YYYY-MM-DD
Document Category  Document Category: Judgment/Lien
Uniform Commercial Code
Description Unavailable
Grantor  Grantor: Party transferring interest.
Grantee  Grantee: Party acquiring interest.
TMK  TMK: Tax Map Key. Parcel identification, if known.
Used for real property assessments purposes.
Notes  Notes: Brief comments on affected interests.
APT 403 CM 747


114 responses to “Obama’s Huge Fabricated Family, Honeymoon in Vegas Edition (Maya Soetoro-Ng)

  1. Fantastic Finds News!

    Does anyone in this family ever tell the truth? Do Nevada Marriages licenses work in Hawaii? No, I didn’t think so. So sometime in January 2003, they were married in NEVADA…not HAWAII! Isn’t that peculiar. I remember that the fine Hawaiian congressman, Neil Abercrombie, who is running for office in HI now said that he was at their wedding in Hawaii.

    1/21/2003 / January 21, 2003

    Think also of the photo-shopped family wedding photo that shows the whole family with the backdrop of an ocean or lake supposedly in Hawaii. It is the one with a live Granny (Madelyn) in her wheelchair. It was a photoshopped photo.

    Obama in Canada: ‘Uncle Rocky’ and his Burlington family ties
    Wednesday, June 18, 2008 H/T Leza

    Family members who had not been able to attend the Hawaii wedding in late 2003 were invited to attend an event at a Chinese restaurant in Mississauga [Canada].


    • Neil Abercrombie, who is running for office in HI now said that he was at their wedding in Hawaii.

      If we are going to have any chance of getting any documents out of Hawaii, it has to be now, while Lingle is still Governor.

      Neil Abercrombie is the former U.S. Representative from Hawaii who:

      1) Created the fake Obama letter claiming:
      “Kapi’olani Medical Center – the place of my birth”.

      2) Sponsored H.Res 593, the House Resoultion which included the words “Obama was born in Hawaii” and which enabled Fukino’s second news release once the House voted in favor of this resolution.

      Neil Abercrombie is now running for Governor of Hawaii. If he wins, you can count on a Birth Certificate being manufactured for Obama and produced once Abercrombie is in power.

      We know that Tim Adams, who was senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during the 2008 presidential campaign, said that there is no long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama.

      If Obama were born at Kapi’olani Medical Center, then there would be a long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama.

      The contrapositive is that if there is no long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama, then the “Obama birth narrative” is fraudulent.

      We need a member of Congress to ask for the long form Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama NOW, before Neil Abercrombie becomes Governor and gains the opportunity to manufacture one.

  2. Obama’s Canadian connection
    Global News
    February 18, 2009

    He spent several days here in August 2004. An Illinois state senator at the time, Obama traveled to the Toronto area with his family to celebrate the marriage of his sister, Maya Soetoro, to Canadian academic Konrad Ng.

    Obama went to an event held at a restaurant in Mississauga, Ont., for the newlyweds’ family members and friends who couldn’t attend the wedding in Hawaii the year before. Obama stayed at a hotel in Toronto, a city that reminded the politician of Chicago, his adopted hometown.


  3. Obama’s Extended Family: Perfect Diversity
    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    President Barack Obama hugged his half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, at her December 2003 wedding to Konrad Ng, third from right, in Hawaii. From left, his daughters, Sasha and Malia; his grandmother Madelyne Dunham, seated; Konrad’s parents, Joan and Howard Ng, and brother Perry Ng; and Michelle Obama.

    Photo: Maya Soetoro-Ng/IHT
    Click for photo – This photo comes to you from Ducky the photo-shopper!

    This photo and accompanying story in the International Herald Tribune portrays a picture of diversity that is almost one hundred percent perfect.


  4. O/T but about Maya
    Barack, “He Walks Between Worlds”

    Then she [Maya] proceeded to spend some one on one time with whoever. When she was done with that with a few people and she was about to walk out, I approached her and asked her if her name was Hindu. It was. Her previous names were Rani and Kamala. Her father’s side comes from the Hindu tradition. I am no longer Hindu. My family is and I grew up Hindu. I am Buddhist. One year into America and I became a Buddhist.

    I gave her my card on which I had written Barackface. “I have a blog dedicated to Barack. I hope you google it up,” I said. Then she walked out. She was out in the corridor for a few minutes before she was gone.


    • Thinking of the Hindu symbol for good luck that Obama carries. I never can remember the name of it. (A monkey God?) We wondered why he carried a Hindu good luck charm.

      If what we think we know that Obama Sr. and Lolo were Muslims and Ann was spiritual…then where does the Hindu background come in? It might be that Maya and Barry are sister and brother, but neither are the real children of the people they say are their relatives. Their real relatives are people that practice the Hindu religion.

  5. Hindu? So this guy’s claiming that Maya told him that Lolo and family were Hindu?

    “Her previous names were Rani and Kamala?” Did she mean in previous lives? What?

    Okay, so now she’s Buddhist, if you believe it. Is it possible they had a Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/Christian wedding in Hawaii and the civil wedding was in Nevada? With the reception in Canada? Certainly pays to be born with a silver spoon, doesn’t it?

    Why do all of these people have multiple names? Maya uses Soetoro-Ng, so why are her traffic violations under the name Soetoro? Is she still married? I do notice that having a brother (?) who’s POTUS didn’t stop her from driving recklessly in 2010 and bringing shame upon the family. Well, now he can fix those tickets for her.

    Newssleuth: I love how you inserted the photos. LOL! You make dry documentary facts lively. As seen on TV News! 🙂

      • Maybe they think they were reincarnated….???????

        Rani Laxmibai

        The first name that comes to mind is that of the famous Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi. Dressed in men’s clothes, she led her soldiers to war against the British. Even her enemies admired her courage and daring. She fought valiantly and although beaten she refused to surrender and fell as a warrior should, fighting the enemy to the last. Her remarkable courage inspired many men and women in India to rise against the alien rule.

        Begum Hazrat Mahal

        Another woman whom we remember in this connection was Begum Hazrat Mahal, the Begaum of Oudh. She took active part in the defence of Lucknow against the British. Although, she was queen and used to a life of luxury, she appeared on the battle-field herself to encourage her troops. Begam Hazrat Mahal held out against the British with all her strength as long as she could. Ultimately she had to give up and take refuge in Nepal.

        During the later half of the 20th century the struggle for freedom gained momentum and more women took leading part in it.

        Kasturba Gandhi

        The life companion of the Father of the Nation contributed her mite to the freedom movement in a subtle manner. As the closest associate of Gandhiji during his epic struggle in South Africa and in India, she suffered in no small measure.

        One simply marvels and wonders how this quiet self-effacing woman underwent countless trails as Gandhiji’s wife, and how gallantly she agreed to the Mahatma’s endless experiments and self-imposed life of poverty and suffering.

        Swarup Rani and Kamala

        The mother of Jawaharlal Nehru, Swarup Rani Nehru cheerfully gave her husband and children to the country’s cause and herself, old and trail entered the pray at its thickest.

        Jawaharlal’s brave wife, Kamala; kept smiling all through the long years of travail of her brief life.

        Kamala Nehru was a flame that flickered briefly in the raging storm of the freedom movement in India. Not everybody knows that she braved lathi-charges, picketed liquor shops and languished in jail for the cause of Indian independence. She influenced her husband Jawaharlal and stood by him in his determination to plunge into the movement started by Mahatma Gandhi, to free the mother Mahatma Gandhi, to free the motherland from the clutches of the British rulers.

        With Jawaharlal away in prison, Kamala took to social work to begin with. She started a dispensary in her house in Allahabad and also started a movement for women’s education and to get them out of purdah.

        As a member of the Rashtriya Stree Sabha which was set up on a Jallianwala Day in 1921, Kamala Nehru worked for the entry of Harijan into temples.

        Kamala Nehru was first among the group of volunteers to sell contraband salt during the Salt Satyagraha. All through the long months of 1930, the Desh Sevika Sangh which she led along with Kusturba Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu, did hard jobs like policing disturbed areas in Bombay. While the men were in jail, they took over.

        The Pandit sisters were very frequent visitors to Hull-Hall House….

  6. This family makes me dizzy — one large fabrication, indeed. So now Maya claims she was raised Hindu! She claimed her fathers side was Hindu — is that before or after they were muslim! The lies, the many many lies…multiple names, multiple dates, multiple deaths…it never ends with this crowd!
    Fantastic work News — waiting on the tutorial 🙂 !! You too Bridgette, great work!
    Yes, I agree Miri — must be nice to be born with a silver spoon in mouth — it appears they missed their serving of integrity

  7. Maya has been stumping for Neil Abercrombie too. I didn’t notice how he was doing in the polls. He is the one that knew BO Sr. and ran around with him in college. If he wins the governorship..BO’s – BC will be destroyed…no doubt.

    Knew you would love the new Hindu names for Maya and her revealing her family’s Hindu religion.

    I added a photo of young Maya and BO to the Mugshots. I wonder whose head hers replaced..or else she had an undersized head for the body..I know you’ve seen this before, but probably didn’t really see it. Check out those biceps for a girl around 9 – 10 yrs old.


    I guess Maya hasn’t had enough time to get her name changed on her driver’s license either.

  8. This was an article that was supposedly written in Maya’s school newsletter.

    “You are warmly invited to help celebrate the marriage of Konrad Gar-Yeu Ng and Maya Kasandra Soetoro,” read the invitation to Ms. Soetoro’s wedding. The wedding and reception was held at Paliku Gardens, Kualoa Ranch.

    “Torches were lit at the entrance, welcoming guests that consisted of many students, fellow faculty members, and family and friends from around the world. The ceremony overlooked the lower part of the ranch and the east coast of Oahu.”

    See page 3 and its continuation on page 10

    Click to access re3.pdf

    • So documents show they were married in Las Vegas on Jan 21, **2003** —
      whereas, one year later, the Rainbow edition January **2004** announces their “wedding of the year” which included the ceremony in Hawaii, dinner, dancing, family, friends…. Perhaps they were having a good time in vegas and thought, why not! – then had the civil ceremony with family/friends later, much later lol — I didn’t see the date of the hawaiian wedding.

      • Why the fake family wedding photo?

        • Is the photo fake? I don’t know, you’re the one who knows this tech stuff lol —
          Perhaps that is a real photo taken when the had a family wedding ceremony in Hawaii — did the “legal” quickie in Vegas, then a family/friend wedding in Hawaii…
          Now if you have determined that the photo is fake (I think I recall you mentioned that), then I have no idea…I can’t figure this family out…nothing is “ordinary” about this family lol

          • Ok, I need some sleep lol. I thought you had determined it was fake lol –I just checked through your comments, and there you are at the top of the page — quack quack, duckys back lol.
            sorry about that bridgette — I thought you had determined it was fake, and you had! Thank you photo wizzard you 🙂

          • Ali, you really can dig up some good stuff! Thanks for that Rainbow edition about the wonderful wedding. Wikipedia says Konrad Ng married Maya “at the end of 2003” in Hawaii. They must have had a do-over, since the Vegas marriage license was issued in Jan. 2003. Can you get a license in Nevada, sit on it for almost a year, and then marry in Hawaii? Is there something in the record Newssleuth found that indicates they married or did they just take out the license?

            • Miri, Not that it realy matters but I belive it was I that found the Rainbow edition wedding doc. about Ng and Soetoro’s wedding. {SIGH}

              • lol yes, it was you, Leza, who found the rainbow edition — but hugs, anyway, to you Miri, for the undeserved compliment lol.

              • Leza, LOL ! I remember the night you found that ! You got so excited ! You stayed up all night to dig that out and had to work in the AM. It is amazing the sleep we do without to find these things. Hat tip to you. Hard work this digging no ? If we only had a dollar for each hour we work for free on this we could take a trip around the world !

              • I’m sorry, Leza, that I misread the messages and congratulated the wrong person. The way things are nested makes it hard to figure out sometimes. I didn’t see this article before and I clicked “reply” to Ali’s message about needing sleep, which bumped everything up out of view so I mistakenly thought it was Ali who found it. If you found it previously, I didn’t see that, either, because I sometimes cannot keep up with all the messages being posted on the numerous threads. In this case, I am 4 days behind in reading the blog comments and was online just a short time last night, trying to catch up. Sorry. It must matter to you, if you wrote a message about it. So, I apologize for applauding Ali instead of you. Sigh.

            • “… Can you get a license in Nevada, sit on it for almost a year, and then marry in Hawaii? Is there something in the record Newssleuth found that indicates they married or did they just take out the license?”

              Newssleuth — do you happen to know the answers to Miri’s questions?

              Great questions Miri — Not sure I have the answer.
              I’m not an attorney. It appears that licenses are valid for the state in which they are issued. If this is the case, it sounds like either Maya and Konrad married in Vegas — OR, they obtained a new license in Hawaii, and married there.
              Wonder who the witness was in Las Vegas…

              “The license is valid for 1 year from the date it is issued. It may be used anywhere within the State of Nevada. ”

              • I up-dated this post with the Marriage Certificate information.

                Recorded on 1-23-2003
                Maya Soetoro and Konrad Ng
                Result Row:
                Instrument # Previous Prev 200301230077201 Next Next
                Modified Date:
                Record Date : 1/23/2003
                # of Pages: 1
                Book Type: MAR
                Book / Page: 0 / 0
                Document Type: (MC) MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE
                Groom: NG, KONRAD GAR-YEU
                Bride: SOETORO, MAYA KASANDRA
                Acknowledgement Date: 1/21/2003
                Marriage Date 1/21/2003 12:00:00 AM
                Marriage Certificate #: D520068
                Total Value: 10.00
                Parcel ID
                Legal Description:
                Remarks Deputy: PIK

              • Leave it to Newssleuth to get the goods!!! Great job Newsleuth! You certainly do live up to your name 🙂 Some day I hope you teach me how to find such records! When I enter the items into “search”, I do not come up with the document 😦 Then again, its nice to look to you for your expertise!

              • Newssleuth, is there any way for us to view the actual marriage certificate? Who was the witness? Wonder whether they were alone in vegas or whether they were there with family and friends.

              • Here’s where you can purchase the Marriage Certificate document but first you must create an account.


              • Miri, I do not want applauding, I just want truth and justice. No apology necessary. I completey understand what you are saying about the nesting of the comments. It is confusing at times especially to people that are new to the blogs with the nested comments format.

              • Thank you Renee. Ya, a trip around the world about 10 times!!

          • I almost forgot: The kid who wrote this story (Guira) is the same one who “mistakenly” reported that Maya told him in an interview that Barry was born at Queen’s hospital. So far as I know, despite that obots claim that Guira is/was just a student and therefore MUST HAVE BEEN MISTAKEN when he said Queen’s, Guira has never said that he WAS mistaken.

            • Many of the older articles state Queens as the birth hospital — then o and co. decided it was Kapiolani instead! Even O once stated, when he was on the campaign trail, that he was born at Queens.

    • Miss Tickly
      If you are lurking, maybe you remember the hospital that was built on the native land…..that may have been the reason for the hospital name change.

      • Queen’s Medical Center… it’s built on Royal land that is technically not the same as the U.S.A. … like an Indian Reservation…

        • Thanks for the info, Red Pill. So if he were born at Queen’s, would it be a problem with regard to eligibility? I remember asking this before: If someone is born on an Indian Reservation, is that person eligible to be POTUS? Does it matter whether or not the person is a member of the tribe or simply a visitor to the reservation? If the person was a member of the tribe, born into the allegiance OF the tribe, a sovereign nation within our nation, is that person eligible? My guess is probably yes.

          However, what if it’s “royal” land in Hawaii? This is a different situation, I believe, especially if the birth was before statehood. Were these royal lands ever part of the territory of Hawaii that was subject to the US or were they always separate?

          Why the switcheroo to Kapiolani, unless there’s an issue there? Other than that it’s likely he wasn’t born in either hospital?

          Has anyone seen the text of that letter from Grassley to one of his constituents where he made an issue of the importance of the 10th amendment and how Hawaii has “decided” to state that Obama was born there so the Feds must respect that? I saw this yesterday but didn’t save the link. That letter may be worth parsing.

          • Miri
            I am certain that an individual born within a sovereign nation is NOT considered a natural born citizen of the. US…
            This would be true of one born on an Indian reservation or on property that is excluded from the sovernty of the US as the royal land in Hawaii….
            (It involves the concept of dual alligiance at birth to another government entity other than the US)
            I am sure we are getting back to some of the original thoughts we had early on….. Just coming full circle….

        • Until June 7th, 2009, United Press International (UPI) and Snopes.com contained statements that Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu. Then, that was scrubbed and changed after a U.S. Representative from Hawaii claimed “Barack Hussein Obama, was born on 4 August 1961 at the Kapiolani Medical Center.” Snopes claims they made the change because Wikipedia made the change.

        • Emma Kaleleonalani left the bulk of her estate, some 13,000 acres of land on the Big Island and in Waikiki on Oahu, in trust for the hospital that honors her.

          I’m not 100% certain that the hospital was built on those lands, but it sure sounds like it to me!

  9. This might answer questions as to so many last names. A search coming into our blog is Maya Soetoro Surabaya. Surabaya is a place. So the Indonesians can add a location’s name to people’s names. Examples below

    Three U.S. Embassy Facebook Fans Win ‘Golden Ticket’ Contest
    June 4, 2010

    JAKARTA – On a nationally-televised show Tuesday evening, “Obama, Kami Datang,” three Facebook fans of the U.S. Embassy Jakarta earned all-expense paid educational trips to the U.S. Baban Sarbana of Bogor, Dimas Novriandi of Jakarta, and Vivi Hasyim of Surabaya will get to visit places in America that had a significant impact on the life of U.S. President Obama.

    The ten finalists were selected by a series of auditions from hundreds of semi-finalists in Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya. During the show, they were asked to answer trivia questions to demonstrate their knowledge of U.S. history and society.

    Lolo Soetoro – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre – [Translate this page]
    Ir para: navegação, pesquisa. Lolo Soetoro (Surabaya, Ilha de Java, c. … Em 1970, Soetoro e Ann Dunham tiveram uma filha, Maya Kassandra Soetoro-Ng. …

  10. Now that they’ve demonstrated their knowledge of US history, can we persuade these uber-smart Indonesian students to turn their brainpower towards solving the puzzle of Stephen Barry Barack Barrack Houssein Hussein Dunham Obama Soetoro Sutoro Soebarkah Obama II?

    Let me guess: One of the questions they were asked was, “Where was the current president of the US born?”

  11. Newssleuth: Great find on the marriage certificate. Thanks for clarifying. I hate to be dense (can’t help it sometimes, as some have pointed out) but does this mean that they really and truly MARRIED in Vegas, not in Hawaii?

    • Yes it does. Maya Kasandra Soetoro and Konrad Gar-Yeu Ng were married in LAS VEGAS, CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA on January 21, 2003 then their Marriage Certificate was recorded on January 23, 2003.

      • Maybe they did marry twice. A fast one in Vegas and a later one in Hawaii w/ family. People do that. Also thought maybe 2 weddings with 2 different sets of names so they have 2 ID’s of marriage licenses. Just a bit different spellings you know or the combo name thing even ?

          • Surabaya is locally believed to derive its name from the words sura or suro (shark) and baya or boyo (crocodile), two creatures which, in a local myth, fought each other in order to gain the title of “the strongest and most powerful animal” in the area according to a Jayabaya prophecy. This prophecy tells of a fight between a giant white shark and a giant white crocodile. Now the two animals are used as the city’s logo, the two facing each other while circling, as depicted in a statue appropriately located near the entrance to the city zoo. This folk etymology, though embraced enthusiastically by city leaders, is unverifiable. Alternate derivations proliferate: from the Javanese sura ing baya, meaning “bravely facing danger”; or from the use of surya to refer to the sun. Some people consider this Jayabaya prophecy as a great war between Surabaya native people and invaders in 1945, while another story is about two heroes that fought each other in order to be the king of the city. The two heroes were Sura and Baya.

            Suro-Like Soros ?
            Baya-Like Bayer ?

  12. newssleuth, I clicked the link which you had provided — it said “error” and directed me to the main document search page where I did a search for their names and came up with “0”.

  13. While we’re talking Maya, here’s an article that turned up while I was looking for information about where she went to school:


    Have we discussed this before? Why was Maya “home schooled” until the age of 10? Where the heck was Maya all those years until she popped up at Punahou at age 14?

    Alice Dewey. Another key informant on the fantasy history. Let me guess: Yet another East-West graduate or teacher or both?

    Well, THIS story goes that Maya and her mother lived with Barack and Maya on Poki St. in Honolulu from ’73 to ’76. Then “Dunham [don’t they mean Soetoro?] took young Maya back to Indonesia in 1976 to live with Soetoro’s mother, while Barack moved into his grandparents’ apartment on Beretania Street while he finished his high school years at Punahou. ‘We spent summers with him, we spent winters with him and there were a lot of letters in between,’ Maya said. She, too, was homeschooled by Dunham until 1981, when Maya enrolled at the Jakarta International School and then, at age 14, returned in 1984 to enter Punahou.”

    So this story makes it sound as if Barry was in Honolulu already (was supposed to have returned at age 10), lived with Maya and his mom for 3 years in a separate apartment from the grandparents, then Mom went back to Indonesia, after dumping Barry, age 15, with his Honolulu grandmother and then dumped Maya (age 6) off with Lolo’s mother. (Would they be living in that plush family compound? Check this out: http://www.state.gov/m/a/os/1352.htm
    “In the 2009-2010 school year, the [Jakarta International] School’s income derives from tuition, fees and other local sources. Annual tuition rates are as follows: early childhood 1: $6,700; early childhood 2: $12,600; kindergarten-grade 5: $17,300; and grades 6-12: $19,930. A nonrefundable annual capital fee of $1,000 per student is charged for early childhood 1 and $3,500 per student for early childhood 2 through grade 12. (All fees are quoted in U.S. dollars.)” Hoo, boy! Now that’s some pricey school. It beats Punahou by a long shot. Yet Barry wants us to believe that he and sister and their “single” mother were on food stamps. Poor little RICH BOY. I digress.)

    Did SAD and Maya both live with Lolo’s mom? Not clear. But if SAD did NOT live with Lolo’s mom and Maya, then how could she possibly home school Maya for the 5 years between ’76 and ’81 when Maya entered that exclusive primary school for children of ex-patriots?

    If there WERE any school records for little Maya, either in Hawaii or Jakarta, they’ve probably been disappeared.

    So in 1982, Maya was in Jakarta, not in Hawaii.

    But she did say that she spent summers or winters with Barry and/or vice versa. Wonder what passports the both of them traveled on?

    • According to the Soetoro divorce, Stanley Ann had a 4 bedroom house provided by her employer (USAID) and two full time domestic helpers when she was divorcing Lolo Soetoro, who was living with another woman and wished to remarry.

      Scribd: Soetoro Divorce Papers:

      • You too Newssleuth, great find! First time I’ve seen the “new” documents re child custody. I notice Ann claims Maya as a U.S. citizen — perhaps that is why maya doesn’t mention her “formal” education until 1981 where she attended the Jakarta International school for expats. I think she must have attended an indonesian school in her younger years — otherwise, why would she lie and say she was completely homeschooled til ’81, age 11 –I don’t know, this people are so strange with all of their lies lol. Maybe its something else, after all we all know o attended indo schools, so it would be no big deal for maya to also attend indo schools — so perhaps its something else she is hiding — perhaps she went to a pricey hoity toity lol school she doesn’t want us to know about — I’m at a loss lol. Perhaps she lies because she doesn’t want to reveal that she, too, was/is an indo citizen??? lol Guess they didn’t want american citizens to think we would have an indo (&muslim) family running the whitehouse lol–

        I remember the photo of the house in Hawaii with the nice front yard. This usaid must have great bennies, a house like that in hawaii mid 70’s was pricey. Two domestic servants, no less! Tough life lol.

        I wonder when those new docs re custody were uncovered — do you happen to know newsleuth?

        So had ann always retained her u.s. citizenship? Was it only baby o who became an indo citizen? Do any of you remember indo law at that time? Remember we discussed all of this at TD’s, but I’ve forgotten what the law was re the wife, I only remember that o automatically became an indo citizen and was considered the “natural born child” of Lolo.

        • Plains Radio ordered the Soetoro divorce file from Hawaii then they announced they had the file and charged “membership” fees for their “members” to view the document on their website. They kept the document for awhile so they could get more “members” and, only after they got as many people interested as they could, did they finally release the Soetoro Divorce document to their “members.”

          • Thank you for the info newssleuth. I wonder why orly didn’t disclose those — perhaps she didn’t have them? wonder how plains radio acquired them if orly ?couldn’t???

            • They ordered copies from the court in Hawaii which cost around 50 cents a page.

              • Surely orly must have had those documents — does that mean orly is just an “act” — she never mentioned those pages back then? I haven’t kept up with her in the last year and a half — I checked in a couple weeks ago to see what they were up to over on her site.

        • Ahhh, I’m answering my own question lol. I wonder whether ann had also become an indo citizen when she married lolo. Or was she somehow retaining both citizenships…. If necessary, she could’ve had her papers straightened out when she (and her mother) acquired the connecticut ss# for o jr.. Back at TD’s, when we were trying to figure out why connecticut, Bridgette mentioned the possibility that it was Madelyn’s brother, Charles Payne, who acquired the connecticut ss# for o jr.. Bridgette had discovered that Charles Payne was an attorney who, at one time, lived in connecticut.

          Don’t you guys find it unlikely that a gov. agency would pay for such a nice home plus 2 domestic servants? **2*** domestic servants — really?!

      • Hey. Now this is getting weird. The divorce papers claim that “either or each” party has been continuously present in Hawaii for at least six months and that SAD was present in Honolulu (the Circuit) continuously for at least three months before filing in June 1980, which means that unless she perjured herself, she was in Hawaii from January 1980 to at least June 1980. (Or Lolo was and she was there only 3 months prior.) But somehow she also lived in a USAID-supplied house in Jakarta. Or was the house in Jakarta? The papers don’t say where that house was.

        It’s unlikely to be Lolo who lived in Hawaii for 6 months, since the divorce papers, inexplicably, were sent to HIS EMPLOYER’S address in Jakarta. How strange is that? Was he out in the oil fields somewhere?

        The divorce papers state that the parties had lived apart since 1974 and that Lolo visited Maya on average every three months. So how does any of that match up with the tale told in the newspaper story?

        How could she and Lolo live together in 1973 in Indonesia while at the same time she’s living on Poki St. in Honolulu with Barry and Maya? If they did live in Honolulu from ’73 through ’76, then how did Lolo manage to visit every 3 months? Remember, too, that Lia said that Lolo bought the house where SAD and baby Maya lived and supported them, even though they lived apart.

        Notice the sentence about how the “older child” is away at university. As we discussed at TD’s, why would a divorce mention a child who doesn’t belong to the defendant? UNLESS HE WAS ADOPTED LEGALLY BY LOLO? Why would the papers say that “the parties HAVE 1 CHILD OVER AGE 18,” but one who is still dependent upon the parties for education? If you believe the claims in the divorce papers, this couldn’t have been Lolo who paid for his education, since she claimed Lolo provided NO support to the family since 1974. (I guess Maya living with his mother in ’76 doesn’t count.)

        Shortly after the divorce, Maya’s off to Jakarta to the ex-pat school in Indonesia. I remembered last night seeing an article with a photo of SAD teaching at some elementary school in Jakarta. English lessons. Maya supposedly attended that school and Barry sometimes came, too. This was supposed to be 1976. Does that count as “home schooling?”

        Nothing adds up with these people.

        • Miri, Another puzzle too. h/t AOne.
          Miri, AOne, I find these forms Interesting also. Note the actual names on these forms. Names I have in my digs again? No way this is a coincidence.


          • Can you guys verify the names on these forms for me please ? I find interesting connections here and I want to make sure I am seeing the correct names I think they are. Just second guess me if you will and tell me the names that you see. This is just too odd.

        • Good observation re the 6 month residency requirement, Miri — you’re correct, she must have lied.
          I believe the Hawaii divorce/custody papers were referring to the house/servants in Hawaii — it wouldn’t make sense that they would be referring to a house in Jakarta (that would disqualify her from the hawaii 6 month residency requirement). Wasn’t she implying that she had been living with the child(ren) in Hawaii?
          Again, good observation Miri — she could not be living in two places at the same time — supposedly she was in Hawaii in ’73 -’76.
          As for the house, mentioned by Lia, purchased by Lolo for Ann and children — Lia said it was in ?jakarta (it was on Java, I just don’t remember which city — but I believe it was Jakarta — maybe they lived there when maya when to the expat school in Jakarta).
          Re the “older child” — I never doubted it was o jr who was lolo’s adopted child. By indonesian law at that time, o jr. was automatically considered to be lolo’s “natural born child”. The law was that children (from spouse’s other marriages, etc) age 5 and under, at the time of the present marriage, were automatically considered to be “the natural born child” of the new father. So between the foreign-student scholarships, and lolo, o jr. obtained his u.s. university education.

    • Great finds Miri! I hadn’t seen that article nor the info on the very exclusive and expensive Jakarta school– its the first time I’ve seen mention that Maya (and Ann) lived with Lolo’s mother in Indonesia. From what I’ve read, it sounds like Lolo was a good guy.
      The bit about Maya being home schooled til age 11 in Indonesia doesn’t ring true to me — maybe she was, but I don’t buy it, although I don’t see a reason to lie about it — yes, ann may have been teaching her in addition to her indo school — just doesn’t make sense that she would be 100% homeschooled til age 11 — additionally, wasn’t ann working full-time…
      LOL– You’re right Miri, I guess they would have been living at the plush family compound.

  14. I forgot to mention that that story also says SAD fell in love with Lolo, a masters candidate. Well, I cited a story on another thread, the other day, that said Lolo got his masters in 1962. Hmm. So he was a candidate when SAD fell in love with him. Well, I know. The problem is that there’s no such thing as journalism anymore. Facts aren’t facts anymore. Plausible deniability–we’re all so bad at our jobs that “mistakes” happen.

    • Wasn’t SAD in Pakistan around that time?
      Remember the articles early on about that international school in Lebanon where Some say that SAD went to ( picture on that school uniform).
      Just thinking…….

      • AOne, I searched there a long time ago. That U in LEBANON too. Alumni were looking for a Stan Allen. That is when I then begain finding Allen and Watson names there w/ IBM. Funny you mention it. I went back later for the page again but it was then gone. I posted it all at TD.

      • College Notre Dame de Jamhour in east Lebanon.

        • These initials are on SAD’s jumper in that picture with her parents. Sleuth, I looked into this alot at TD remember ? It is not a dead end. I traced to the University there also and the name Allen. Stan Allen.
          One of you or more worked this information with me but I forgot who. Maybe my old friend Diss, remember her ? Allen goes to IBM.
          Now Lebanon back in the news now and it is coincidence again ? Right. Miri loves those coincidences….

        • Sleuth, This is where I traced the missing Stanley Allen. This University.


          • AUB – AUB Home – Research – Centers and Institutes Centers and Institutes

            The Anis Makdisi Program in Literature (AMPL)
            Agricultural Research and Education Center (AREC)
            Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS)
            Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR)
            Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)
            Center for Behavioral Research (CBR)
            Center for Research on Population and Health (CRPH)
            Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
            Collaborative IT Program for Education and Research (CITPER)
            Digital Signal Processing and Adaptive Filtering Group
            Ecosystem Management
            Energy Research Group (ERG)
            Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU)
            Institute of Financial Economics (IFE)
            Ibsar – Nature Conservation Center for Sustainable Futures
            Industrial Technology Initiative (ITI)
            Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI)
            Kamal A. Shair Central Research Science Laboratory (CRSL)
            Science and Mathematics Education Center (SMEC)
            University Research Board (URB)

              • Saree Makdisi (1964- )[1] is an American literary critic of Palestinian and Lebanese descent, specializing in eighteenth and nineteenth century British literature. He also writes on contemporary Arab politics and culture. Makdisi currently holds the title of Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UCLA.

                Makdisi was born in the United States (Washington). His father, Samir Makdisi, is a Lebanese professor of Economics at the American University of Beirut and his mother, Jean Said Makdisi, is a Palestinian independent scholar (formerly of Beirut University College). He is also the grandson of Anis K. Makdisi, a professor of Arabic at American University of Beirut and the nephew of the late literary scholar, Edward Said.[5] In 2009, Makdisi gave the Edward Said Memorial lecture at Adelaide University.

                He spent his early years in the United States, moving to Lebanon at the age of eight. While he grew up in a Christian family, they lived in a “largely Muslim neighborhood in Beirut.” Makdisi returned to the United States for his final year in high school and also attended college there.[3] He received his B.A. from Wesleyan University in 1987, Ph.D. from Duke University in 1993, and taught for a decade as an Assistant Professor, then an Associate Professor, of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago before joining UCLA in 2003.

                Selected publications
                Romantic Imperialism: Universal Empire and the Culture of Modernity (New York and Cambridge, Eng.: Cambridge University Press, 1998)
                William Blake and the Impossible History of the 1790s (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003)
                Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation (WW Norton, 2008; revised and updated, with a new foreword by Alice Walker, 2010)[7]
                [edit] Articles and interviews
                “Domesticating Exoticism: Transformatons of Britain’s Orient, 1785-1835” from Romantic Imperialism (Cambridge University Press, 1998).
                January 2009 radio interview about Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation on KPFA.
                [edit] Awards
                2009 Arab American Book Award, Honorable Mention:Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation[8]
                [edit] Notes
                ^ Excavating Memory in Jerusalem
                ^ “Citations search: “Saree Makdisi'” (Google Books)”. http://books.google.com/books?q=%27%27Saree+Makdisi%27%27&btnG=Search+Books. Retrieved 2010-04-18.
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                ^ 2009 Arab American Book Awards

        • Sleuth, right here please. Everyone, I just remembered a major connection from old research Sleuth has just been working on also. Right here is something that connects. Let me see..I will find it..

          • Sleuth, I found this family back then too. The Nike, Levi, everything family over there. Jad went to that same school also. This is a very large family.


              • It means Blacksmith ! LOL !

                Haddad or Hadad (Semitic: “blacksmith”) is a common family name and personal name. Hadad was also a Semitic storm-god.[1]

                The original Haddad (Aramaicܚܕܕ or ܚܕܐܕ ) name means janitor in ancient Semitic. The Haddad name dates back to the Phoenician era of the Eastern Mediterranean. People who have the last name of Haddad are typically Christian. Haddad is the most commonly used Christian surname in the Eastern Mediterranean and Arab World. The Haddad Christians live in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey (Turabdin, southeastern Turkey. Haddad families have been primarily identified as Arabs. In the Aramaic-Turoyo dialect they are also known as “Hadodo ܚܕܕܐ” – but after the prohibition of the use of non-Turkish names 1934 [2] they took Turkish names. Haddad is the most common surname in Lebanon, with about 2.42% or 96,800 people having the surname in Lebanon alone.

      • This was right around the time that BHO Sr. supposedly died. And then Barry traveled to Pakistan around that same time, as he admitted, but I’m not sure the date was ever pinned down. But others say that SAD and Barry not only traveled to Pakistan, they also went to Kenya. She worked in Pakistan at some point. When? I can’t remember if I ever knew.

        If SAD went to that school in Lebanon, it was when she was around 12. Would be then about 1954, only a few years before it’s said they moved to Mercer Island in ’56 so she could attend the “new” high school there.

      • I never bought that Lebanese school suggestion — I still don’t.

    • Am also putting this at the fab fam page.
      Miri, I also have seen some many different versions re the whole fab fam/lolo’s ed/etc-
      The other day, one of the family said lolo was doing his postgrad/doctorate work in Hawaii when he met ann — this article says the same

      “After her separation with Barack Husein Obama, Ann Dunham had her second marriage with an Indonesian postgraduate student named Lolo Soetoro Mangundikardjo from Indonesia who was taking his doctorate in Geology. After finishing his studies, Lolo Soetoro brought his family back to Indonesia….”


  15. Odd how Maya chooses to answer the reporter’s question re Ann’s death.

    “[Reporter, Deborah Solomon, asks Maya re Ann]
    She died at only 52, from ovarian cancer ?

    [Maya answers]
    Today, more than anything, I wish all the women in Barack’s life — our mother, his wife and daughters, my daughter, our grandmother, his Kenyan half-sister — I wish we could all sit together and gaze at the moon.


    • And this.
      You were ahead of the multicultural curve.

      That’s one of the things our mother taught us. It can all belong to you. If you have sufficient love and respect for a part of the world, it can be a meaningful part of who you are, even if it wasn’t delivered at birth.

    • That is a truly bizarre way to react to a question about when your mother died and from what. (I’ve seen ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and urinary tract cancer offered as cause of death.)

      It seems as if Maya either was avoiding the topic altogether or else the interview was edited to remove something she said that perhaps didn’t fit with the ever-evolving fable.

    • Well, they have the name Wolf in the family.Maybe they look at the moon and howl…Maybe they look at the moon with Moonies too…
      Very odd statement.

  16. I think Lolo was a very loving father to o — it seems to me, that lolo sacrificed much for o.

    You guys, I know I sound like a paranoid nut, but I won’t even take the chance of posting everything because I don’t want to end up like Lia.

    • Wimp!!
      I couldn’t resist.

    • Okay, maybe that statement was a bit melodramatic.
      I do wonder what Lia knew….
      The theory that o is a replacement conflicts with the claim by his jakarta school chum that their group and o have maintained contact (verbal and physical) for the last 40 years.

  17. New Time Line for Maya. See it and add your comments to this thread!
    It is located above the Header by the Home Tab. It was developed to make it easier to identify fictional information, and to have a reference point for information.

    If you have a basic outline for any other person, please let us know. Everyone’s help is appreciated in identifying and making corrections.

  18. Note this: From that Divorce Decree. Page 5. Yet I thought Maya said she was born in Indonesia. How could she be a US citizen at the time Stanley Ann applied for a divorce? Look at her statement.

    What other activity of yours make you feel your having custody would be in the best interest of your children?

    Child has resided with mother since date of informal separation (1974) both mother and child are U.S. Citizens while father an Indonesian citizen.

    S. Ann Dunham Soetoro, June 15, 1980

    • I think there is something off with those papers, too. Look at the last page of the Soetoro divorce decree.

      I feel like that the giant white space between the end of the decree with item (d) and the signatures and seal is odd. You don’t see that kind of space left open above a signature on legal docs too often, for obvious reasons. I would expect the stamp and seal to come immediately at the end of the type–even overlapping it a bit.

      And a close inspection of item (d) shows that type doesn’t quite align vertically with the rest of the typewriter text on that page. It’s off just enough to know for sure–it doesn’t fit. All the type should align vertically because kerning is fixed on a typewriter. Even the typed names at the bottom are consistent with (a), (b), and (c).

      I wonder what else that decree said.

  19. Good question. I meant to bring that up yesterday, when somebody else asked what citizenship Maya had. She was most certainly an INDONESIAN citizen. She was born in Indonesia to an Indonesian father.

    We’ve been told multiple times that Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship, while discussing Barry’s status. But Maya’s status is a whole new ballgame. She was most definitely BORN INTO the allegiance of Indonesia.

    Did the US recognize dual citizenship in 1970 (or ’71) when Maya was born? We need our own lawyer here, but even if we had one, we’d probably get opposing opinions, just like with the definition of Natural Born Citizen.

    So, yeah. How the heck was Maya a U.S. citizen to the exclusion of her Indonesian citizenship? Was this a lie or at least an attempt to mislead the court?

    They admitted that Lolo was an Indonesian citizen. To say Maya was an American citizen (but not the likely truth–at the very least a dual citizen) implies that she was born in the U.S. to a U.S. citizen mother and therefore Indonesian law with regard to divorce and custody ought not be considered. Obviously, this is another case of SAD playing fast and loose with the truth.

    It’s interesting that they talked about that USAID-supplied house, but there’s no address listed. She swore that she lived in Hawaii CONTINOUSLY from January through June 1980, when she filed for the divorce. So if “child has resided with mother since” 1974, and that was mostly in INDONESIA, why wouldn’t the judge be looking at and respecting Indonesian law?

    Did SAD bring Maya to the U.S. in 1980 and naturalize her, or would that be necessary? If I remember correctly, people have argued that if a child is born in another country that does not recognize dual citizenship, then the US does not recognize that child as a U.S. citizen, so the child would have to be naturalized to become a U.S. citizen, even if one parent was already a U.S. citizen.

    At this point, it’s questionable whether SAD herself was still a U.S. citizen since she intended all along to move to and remain in Indonesia after her marriage to Lolo (which she actually did). I read somewhere that Indonesia would have required her to become an Indonesian citizen in order to marry Lolo and move there permanently.

    So Maya’s naturalization papers should be included among the divorce papers. If Maya was a U.S. citizen and not an Indonesian citizen, then how could she travel back and forth so blithely? Right after the divorce, Maya trucked on back to Jakarta to attend that expensive school. That is, if she wasn’t there in Jakarta the entire time, living in that USAID-supplied house with her mom and their servants, while mom’s lawyer effected that divorce in Hawaii.

    • It worked once with Obama, so why not with Maya, duping the officials in Hawaii. I thought someone asked for the FOI on Maya from Hawaii and they said they had nothing in her name…so did she get a Certification of Birth as a foreigner just like Obama did?

      Didn’t someone, one of the forensic guys, think that the original of Obama’s fake Certification belonged to Maya?

      Ms. Tickly was here today, perhaps she can remember if it was someone in her group that requested information about Maya. They were asking for index information. She is posting her information on a different open thread, will leave a note there.

      • I am almost certain it was Leo Donofrio. He said he asked and got no index data for Maya Soetoro.

        • Thanks, that is what I thought that Leo or your group had requested information on Maya. Yet, I also thought that the fake COLB was supposed to have belonged to her. Although it could have if mom also said Maya was born in the US, and that is why a real one BC was never issued, because she didn’t submit documentation to prove it. Perhaps she used her divorce record as proof, as it was signed by Lolo stating that Maya was a US citizen. Why Ann declared Maya was a US citizen is beyond me. More falsification ..so what is new.

          • ‘Techdude’ came up with the theory that he claimed was based on genuine analysis, proving that the COLB came from Maya’s. I know that Pamela Gellar vouches for ‘Techdude’s’ credentials, but either I never understood how he came to the ‘Maya’ conclusion or I just didn’t buy it.

            His theory as I recall, involved old school ink washing of the paper certificate and then forgery on the scrubbed paper. I could be oversimplifying but that’s what I recall.

            Uh. Please.

            And then there is Polarik/Dr. Polland.

            I noticed that he falsified evidence that he used in his “Final Report: Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy” on FR, and I suspect his whole raison d’etre is just to distract people from something right in front of their noses.

            Here’s just one obvious example I found of his fraud:
            Open the following two images in another window and zoom in on them. Polarik used this [image of a] COLB and the accompanying close-up for comparison to Obama’s.

            Hello?? This close-up of the ‘Hour of Birth’ could not possibly be from that same certificate. The background basket weave pattern doesn’t align at all. It’s not even close.

            Anyway, here’s the complete article: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/bloggers/2084512/posts

            AND, the cruel irony is that he wrote the following text just below this COLB about another “researcher.”:

            “Here was a genuine 2007 COLB, with a border similar to the Obama COLB, that Obama supporters could triumphantly claim was proof that the Obama COLB was genuine. It was also a death knell for another researcher who had based his work on his claim that 2007 COLBs had the same border as 2008 COLBs (as shown above). Needless to say, I was also aware of other fabricated evidence that he produced, but I had pledged to a friend that I would keep the revelations to myself.”

      by Sharon Rondeau

      Commonwealth of Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed the first lawsuit against government-mandated health care
      (Oct. 8, 2010) — Last March The Post & Email reported on an “Admission of Ineligibility” declared by a Florida man after he charged Barack Hussein Obama with “negligence” for failing to answer his request that Obama prove he is a natural born Citizen and therefore qualified to hold the office of President of the United States.

      Mr. W. Spencer Connerat III, the author of the document which he deemed a “confession,” had originally sent it to the attorneys general of Florida and Virginia last March in the likely event that either or both of them decided to file a lawsuit over the impending passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Some have referred to the legislation as “Obamacare,” and its constitutionality has been debated since long before its passage.

      Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, filed suit against Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius directly after the legislation was passed by Congress on March 23, 2010. A group of more than 20 states filed a similar lawsuit led by Attorney General Bill McCollum of Florida.

      Regarding Obama’s constitutional qualifications for office, Cuccinelli has acceded to the possibility that Obama might have been born in a foreign country, but has also said that he “believes” that Obama was born in the United States.

      Just today, Sebelius announced that “the government is giving $727 million to 143 community health centers across the country.”

      On July 2, 2010, Judge Henry Hudson denied the federal government’s request to dismiss the Commonwealth of Virginia’s lawsuit over the PPACA, ruling that the Commonwealth had “standing” to sue because of its passage of a law protecting its citizens from being forced to purchase a government-mandated health care program.

      On September 21, 2010, Judge Hudson granted Mr. Connerat’s motion to file an Amicus Curiae brief to be included in the Virginia lawsuit along with many others filed by interested parties, including Physician Hospitals of America, former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III, and the American Civil Rights Union.

      More at the link above .

  20. I know we have read this information before, but a refresher.

    Friday, April 22, 2011 Snips
    The Israel Insider report said the two analysts it interviewed both have been “able to independently discern the name ‘Maya Kassandra Soetoro’ from artifacts left behind in the process of forging a new fake document for Barack from an image of Maya’s original document.” Maya is Obama’s younger half-sister.

    If Obama Was Born In America: What Happened When Obama Was Adopted In the World’s Most Populous Muslim Nation By Lolo Soetoro? Maya Have A Clue?

    Israel Insider [2008] is reporting that analysts working separately have determined the birth certificate posted on the Daily Kos website and later on Sen. Barack Obama’s “Fight the Smears” campaign website is fraudulent, and now two different actions have been launched to try and obtain the truth about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s birth.

    The report follows a posting from another researcher, identified by the news publication as Techdude, that the birth certificate is a forgery because it originally documented the birth of a woman in the 1970s.

    Besides being the Putative First Sister Maya has a Hawaii Certification of Live Birth (COLB) despite be born in Jakarta Indonesia. Supposedly this certificate was used by the Daily Kos to forge an Obama version. Anyone find it odd that Maya, undisputedly born in Indonesia, would have the same type of document as Barack Obama to forge?



  21. I want all of these people sued when Obama is finally exposed. Liars all.

    First family of writers grows by one
    Sun Apr 17 2011

    When Soetoro-Ng’s book, Ladder to the Moon, hit bookshelves, it added to a growing Obama family literary canon. Obama, whose first two books earned millions, recently published a children’s book. His wife, Michelle, just signed a contract with Crown Publishing for a book on the White House garden. The first lady’s brother, the college basketball coach Craig Robinson, published a memoir last year. The president’s half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo, published a semi-autobiographical novel in 2009. Even the president’s mother has become a published author.


  22. Both Barack and I owe Mom a lot’
    By Merissa Richards
    April 21, 2011 Snips

    Barack Obama’s sister, author Maya Soetoro-Ng, reveals impact their mother had on their lives. Maya Soetoro-Ng, who shares the same mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, with Obama, has now published a children’s book, Ladder to the Moon.

    The 40-year-old mother of two pursued her dream of writing a children’s book in Barack Obama’s Chicago home, as she helped him with his presidential campaign.

    The Indonesian-born writer and educator, who now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, said she was inspired to write because her six-year-old daughter, Suhaila, wanted to know her grandmother, the late [Ann] Dunham, who died 10 years before she was born.

    Writing was part of confronting the “intense grief” that came with knowing that her mother and daughter would never meet, Soetoro-Ng said. “She [Dunham] really wanted to be a grandparent, and I’m very sad that she didn’t experience that, but I’m sure that she’ll be happy that her voice and touch will not be forgotten,” said Soetoro-Ng, an assistant professor of education at the University of Hawaii.

    In Ladder to the Moon, Suhalia travels to the moon to be wrapped up in the arms of her wise ‘Grandma Annie’, who teaches her about suffering in the world.

    “Ladder to the Moon connects a young girl to her grandmother, and Barack and I had the fortune of living in the same place with her [their grandmother] for the last eight years of her life,” Soetoro-Ng said. “It was during that period that I grew to understand what a fascinating person my grandmother was. She was a vice president and she was very good at what she did. “When she passed away, I received a lot of letters from people all over the island who wanted to share memories of her with me. A lot of them said the same thing, which was that she was formidable and they learnt a lot from her. She displayed strength and dignity and was very exacting…“There was something very grand about her. She wasn’t really the snugly cookie baking sort, but she loved us very much.”

    Soetoro-Ng said the book shows the importance of remembering we are all inter-connected. It also describes the traditions and heritage that came from their free-spirited mother, and how the moon provided a constant source of connection for them wherever they travelled. “To my brother and I, she was many things. My mother was an anthropologist. She was very brave and she wrote a rather remarkable dissertation, and I found that she was challenging some of the most prominent anthologists in her field… She was intellectually very brave and that was matched only by her sweetness,” she said.


  23. ‘Extra’s’ First Interview with Obama’s Sister Maya
    April 13, 2011 VIDEO SNIPS

    President Barack Obama’s maternal half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, talked to “Extra” about their late mother, Ann Dunham, Donald Trump, and revealed an ironic family moment.

    Maya believes that Ann, who died of uterine cancer in 1995, would be pleased with the accomplishments of her children. “I think she would love that I’m a teacher because she was a teacher. I think she would be very proud of my brother.”

    Soetoro-Ng also spoke about Donald Trump’s questioning of her brother’s birthplace. “My brother was born in Hawaii in 1961, his birth certificate has been not only produced, but authenticated.”

    Maya said her older brother advised his family on the matter. “He [Obama] said to us that we should not take it personally — that we should remain steady. [I BET..THINK JAIL!]

    When they were youngsters, Maya said Dunham used an ironic nickname for Barack. “She would jokingly call him Mr. President when he got, you know, kind of bossy or excessively self-assured for someone so young.” [So IRONIC and SO STAGED!}


    • What about the interview where he said he wanted to be Prime Minister ?
      (in the new interview)
      Prime Minister ? We have none of those across the pond here so that would be a Brit thing right ?
      Like kids that are BRITISH SUBJECTS would want to be when they grow up ?……….A real telling statement….

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