POTUS Defends Rights of Wiccans (and Open Thread)

President Obama defends right of Wiccans to practice their religion; supports Christine O’Donnell’s “dabbling” in witchcraft.

 by Miri                                    The Witchhead Nebula

 President Obama, speaking at a pre-Halloween dinner at the White House last night, an event designed to highlight his administration’s continuing pursuit of religious outreach, forcefully defended the right of Christine O’Donnell, Republican Senate candidate from Delaware, to dabble in witchcraft and decried those Americans who would use her former religion as a pejorative or to disqualify her from public office.

 “As a citizen, and as president, “ Obama said, “I believe that Wiccans have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable.” 

Wicca is a “pagan” religion based upon pre-Christian western European religious traditions, which revered the Earth Goddess, a fertility deity, and her consort, the Horned God. In some sects, these deities are seen as “lesser gods” beneath a Supreme Being, the Creator of all. Although some practitioners assert that their religion is relatively new, being a modern recreation of early Celtic religious traditions, others view Wicca as a direct descendant of the faith of the Druids.

In related news, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a rare display of across-the-aisle nonpartisanship, came out to vigorously defend Christine O’Donnell from attacks upon her former religious views, angrily asserting that “Witches most certainly have a place in public life. Being a witch should not be held against any candidate. I’ve been fortunate in my constituency. We in California celebrate diversity, including religious diversity and the RIGHT to be a witch while holding public office. This smacks of sexism, too, may I add?” 

Not surprisingly, Michelle Obama was quick to concur with Pelosi’s views on the absolute requirement to defend witches wherever they are found.  In a similar vein, Mrs. Obama, quoted in a newly published French book, compared being First Lady to consignment to “Hell.” 

WTPOTUS has also learned that a Wiccan coven, the Daughters of O’Donnell, are shopping for a site near Ground Zero in New York City upon which to build a Wiccan Community Henge.  Maab Morgan, leader of the coven, stated that her goal is to build bridges between American society and the wider Wiccan world, so that people will realize that Wicca is not incompatible with other faith traditions. They hope to use the center for interfaith activities, although Morgan admits that, considering light pollution and occlusion by tall buildings, the site will certainly not function as a conventional astronomical observatory. However, they do hope to receive permits from the city for the time-honored Beltaine bonfires as well as to host Samhain (Halloween) activities for children of all faiths.

 Although President Obama declined to comment upon the “wisdom” of building this center so close to Ground Zero, he warned Americans to remember the words of our Founders.

Paraphrasing, Obama said, “ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed . . . with certain unalienable rights.”

We at WTPOTUS can only assume that the president failed to indicate by whom these rights are endowed [“their Creator”] out of his usual respect for the diversity of American beliefs and the panoply of titles that religious “folk” have for the “Creator,” as well as concern about excluding atheists.

Obama did, however, make sure to remind Americans that Wiccans should be equally valued and that due respect and consideration “must” be given to their rights, which include “the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.”

Disclaimer:  The above is parody and satire.


145 responses to “POTUS Defends Rights of Wiccans (and Open Thread)

  1. That man’s death is a real loss to the world.

    “‘Life turned out pretty well for me, but I still work in the same area where I grew up and every day I see people who for whatever reason are down on their luck.’

    The headquarters of Hesco Bastion are a short walk from Mr Heselden’s childhood home.

    Many of his donations relate to the military and Mr Heselden, who was awarded an OBE in 2006, gave £1.5million to the Help For Heroes fund in 2008 when he won a charity auction bid for nine people to fly with the Red Arrows.

    His company also sponsored a recent armed forces charity concert at Twickenham.

    Of his military donations he said; added: ‘We often get thank-you letters from troops, saying how one of our walls saved their lives when a bomb went off and this is our way of showing them how much we appreciate what they do.’
    The company’s latest innovation is the R-House, a new style of temporary housing or shelter that provides protection and comfortable living space for up to eight people in the aftermath of disasters.”

  2. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/jad_monster_ball_Z7Km37ydJJJHSxgrxPtfbJ

    I’m-a-Nutjob had a private meeting with Screwy Louie when he was here last week.

    “President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s six nights in New York featured a secret sit-down with militant minister Louis Farrakhan, heckling in a hotel bar, and a fear of being rubbed out that bordered on paranoia.

    The president shared a hush-hush meal with Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party Tuesday at the Warwick Hotel on West 54th Street.

    The meeting of the podium smackers took place in a banquet room, where the fiery leaders presumably exchanged theories on what’s wrong with the world.”

    • Miri, you make me laugh with your descriptive adjectives! Sure is easier to remember than the spelling of his last name! Forever to be referred to as Screwy!

      Screwy Louie is ‘granted’ an interview, and Obama gets zip! Why are US citizens meeting with enemies? When will these people be called out for what they are..terrorist sympathizers? In other words they are enemies of the US.

      I think we need to reinstitute the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Enough is enough..these traitors need to be investigated and prosecuted. Let the rats go back to their sewers …they have done enough damage in the last two years. To H@#@ with being politically correct..I am ready for Americans being correct.

      With a corrupt Justice Department, do we even know whose side the FBI or CIA is on anymore?


    • Miri,

      Beck is talking about Screwy Louie! Also the nut job met with the Black Panthers too!

  3. Where does she get her dresses? From a 1950s vintage consignment shop? Gotta love Chantal’s hair. Talk about being upstaged.

    • Another lovely frock!

      • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315114/Pictured-Michelle-Obamas-hair-raising-encounter-First-Lady-Cameroon.html

        That’s the source of the photo. Now what’s interesting is that Chantal Biya is first lady of Cameroon. So this morning, I ran across this old story:


        Translated from French:
        “The other day I was talking with a representative of Cameroon to Paris. Then we discussed the U.S. presidential campaign marked by the triumph of the candidate Barack Obama. Suddenly, taking a particularly cheerful and reassuring tone, he informs me that the Senator from Illinois is a Cameroonian. Knowing his general culture and knowing that he is used to update his knowledge, I dare not insult me by launching into an explanation of the origins of the probable future President of the United States. Besides, he knows that I know and I also know that he knows that Barack Obama is Kenyan by his father.

        When the Cameroonian personality tells me that Obama is from Cameroon, although I do not want to offend, I do not even miss even eyebrows. So he insists and says: ‘But I tell you he is Cameroonian. It should even be there around Yaoundé. Remember the professor Jean Baptiste Obama,’ he said. Professor Jean Baptiste Obama is a brilliant historian Cameroon to the memory of an elephant who has since taken her to know the depths of a tomb, as did his younger brother recently, anthropologist Cecil Abéga Severin. ”

        Jean Baptiste Obama? Cameroon? Anthropologist?

        The ladies do look chummy. In the first story I linked, there’s even a pic of them air kissing.

        • Another place of origin Miri! Cameroon! Holy cow! Well, at least it is on the African continent. I wonder if they put up a sign there to welcome visitors to Obama’s birthplace?

          Translation please!

          Professor Jean Baptiste Obama is a brilliant historian Cameroon to the memory of an elephant who has since taken her to know the depths of a tomb, as did his younger brother recently, anthropologist Cecil Abéga Severin. ”

      • The first lady is such a great entertainer! The dignitaries travel from around the world and she takes them to a farm. Yes, indeed a farm. Later they can dine on veggies from the farm and the WH garden. (I read the grounds of the WH and the garden were in disarray..someone reported that recently.).

        Stone Barns
        Non-profit farm, educational center and restaurant designed to promote sustainable, community-based food production.

  4. Iran’s first nuke power station’s computers were hit was a cyber worm! Who did it? The US, Israel, or Germany? Pentagon not commenting.

    News now reporting that Iran is setting up an attack on someone for this worm attack. Sabotage …This is super cyber weapon! They could use Hamas or Hezbollah to initiate attacks on whomever they suspect did this.

  5. Filmmaker to release movie about Obama’s fraud and ineligibility

    To be released in the spring of 2011.

    Barack and Michelle Obama sit on the Board of Directors of almost every major media outlet in this country, including “Entertainment Tonight,” “Active Hollywood,” and “People” magazines, plus a lot more trade magazines that are putting them out in a particular light. So it’s this whole corporation-scam-type thing which is denying people the truth.


    I didn’t know they sat on the Boards…are they allowed to do this?

    • That’s really interesting, if it’s true. About them sitting on media boards. Wonder if he has some corroboration? Would seem to be a huge scoop and would explain MUCH! This should be a good film. Wish he’d release it sooner.

      • Great news about film ! While watching a forum on CSpan several months ago (not sure if it was Heritage Fndtn. or ??) but an older Jewish gentleman who described himself as a major filmmaker from Horrowood (they never showed his face); stood up and wanted to tell those there and everyone watching that they could be assured that not everyone in the industry was blind and that soon there would be things to come out that would show that the true citizens of this Nation would not stand for the abuse of our Constitution ! Wish it would be released tomorrow. Can’t come soon enough for We the People ! Thanks for the news, Bridge!!!

      • Mayer-Mayor
        Gold- Gould-Winn
        BELO (Bell Lowe maybe ?)
        just for starters Miri…

    • Speaking of the Obamas and boards….

      Northern Trust offered the super jumbo loan to the Obamas in anticipation of entering “long-term financial relationships” with the successful couple. The FEC refused to call the Obamas’ mortgage deal an illegal corporate contribution, but it was an obvious act of favor-trading. Northern Trust employees had contributed $71,000 to Obama since 1990.

      Look at the board members of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

      Michelle Obama
      First Lady of the United States

      William A. Osborn
      Chairman of the Board, Northern Trust Corporation

      Others have noted how Michelle Obama’s salary increased dramatically when Barack was elected Senator.

      Both Michelle and her boss at the time were/are board members of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

      Michelle’s former job description (before becoming first lady):

      Michelle Obama
      Vice President for Community and External Affairs, The University of Chicago Hospitals

      … and her boss…

      Robert J. Zimmer
      President and Trustee, The University of Chicago

      • Redpill,

        William A. Osborn
        Chairman of the Board, Northern Trust Corporation

        Amazing Redpill. Amazing…

      • Mayor Richard M. Daley is brother to William M. Daley, former United States Secretary of Commerce under President Bill Clinton (Chicago Council on Global Affairs) , and John P. Daley, a commissioner on the Cook County Board of Commissioners who also serves as its finance chairman.

        Wiki doesn’t connect William to his brothers.

  6. Professor: Obama has Caused ‘Irreparable harm’ to Gulf Coast Economy

    Obama administration policies have caused “irreparable harm” to the Gulf Coast economy, stifling the energy sector and culling employment within it to a degree previously underestimated by the administration itself.

    According to Dr. Mason, that report understated the ban’s impact on job losses by as much as 60 percent.

    Mason criticized the administration’s methodology for calculating the economic effects of the ban, and said the administration used inflated, flawed logic to calculate its valuation of economic offsets—such as unemployment wages—and their counter effects on the economic downturn.


    • Not to worry. I heard on this morning’s news that Obama has appointed yet another panel to investigate his own administration’s response to the Gulf disaster. Investigation of ourselves shows nothing. We’re fabulous, as a matter of fact.

      Read the stories about Venezuela’s recent election. Sounds like what’s been going on here.


      From that story:
      The legislative body has been overwhelmingly controlled by Chavez’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela–the PSUV– since opposition forces boycotted the 2005 vote over what they considered unconstitutional interfering by the controversial president.

      The move backfired on the coalition of Chavez opponents who have watched on the side lines for the past 5 years as the Chavista-controlled Asamblea rubber-stamped the president’s socialist laws. Opposition candidates say that 2010 is their opportunity to rectify the mistakes of 2005, and fight back against a government that they describe as taking away the constitutional rights and personal liberties of the Venezuelan people.

      “Fear has been sowed in the hearts of many Venezuelans,” says Maria Corina Machado, the telegenic, and charismatic congressional candidate, who has been the face of the opposition during this election cycle. “A degree of intimidation of political terror has been put in every single citizen.We need to fight and give Venezuelans the reasons and the emotions to believe that together we can overcome a government that has been taking away our freedoms.”

      Machado especially singles out the millions of government workers, some of whom have told her privately, that even though they disagree with the Venezuelan president they have been politically bullied into supporting the Chavez agenda.

      “These citizens, men and women, have been told expressly by the government and the political party…that everything they do or say against the government will carry a punishment,” Machado said to FOX in an interview at her campaign headquarters. “They are truly scared to vote, and express what they want, what they dream, what they believe for their country, because they will be punished.”

      • But Miri…he gave out thousands of Chinese made refrigerators…to cool their ire! The people there allowed Chavez in by not voting during that 2005 election. Here they got caught up in a media blitz..now we are all paying for starry eyed voters.

  7. OMG!

    FBI Escorts Known Hamas Operative Through Top-Secret National
    Counterterrorism Center as “Outreach” to Muslim Community
    Sep 27th 2010

    A known Hamas operative and unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history – Kifah Mustapha – was recently escorted into the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center and other secure government facilities, including the FBI’s training center at Quantico, during a six-week “Citizen’s Academy” hosted by the FBI as part of its “outreach” to the Muslim Community.

    Sheik Kifah Mustapha, who runs the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, asked some of the most pointed questions during the six week FBI Citizens’ Academy and trip to Washington. He pushed agents to fully explain everything from the bureau’s use of deadly force policy to racial and ethnic profiling. “I saw a very interesting side of what the FBI does and I wanted to know more,” Sheik Mustapha explained after returning from D.C.

    Yes, I bet he wanted to know everything about the FBI’s policies.


  8. Deal has lengthy political résumé
    Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010

    ATLANTA — Nathan Deal has been building the résumé to run for governor his whole life.

    The former lawmaker hails from one of the more conservative districts in the country, and it shows. Last year, he called on President Obama to produce his birth certificate, although he said that he now believes the matter is settled. Deal also pushed for an end to automatic citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants born in this country, and he has advocated eliminating the federal income tax in favor of a consumption tax, or so-called fair tax.


    How was it settled? Did he get a letter that answered his questions? If he did, why don’t we know about it? Or did he get a threat to silence him?

    • Bridgette, the silence is deafening here !!! CREW and other dims and their counterparts are working overtime to trash Nathan Deal with everything they can dig up!!! Sure, he has made some deals along the way. Who in govt. hasn’t at some point??? They are now all over every financial transaction he’s ever made, including helping his daughter with a business. The AJC (Atl. Jrnl. Con.) seems to be the banner that waves too far left. A true shame that we cannot rely on the media to give us the real news and stand for what is truly best for our State and our Country !! I posted about his demand for BC back when he first requested it; no one wants to touch it in fear of being labeled that so over used term, that “er” effect! Deal’s opponent has already been Gov. of our State and he was lousy and made promises that he immediately broke as soon as he was elected…i.e., our Confederate Flag, etc. The BC issue is toooo touchy around these parts to question or speak about; but the people of Georgia KNOW !!!!!

      Deal is Real!

      • That article says he put his name on the loans for his kid’s business..and now he is responsible since they went belly-up. I hope he makes it out of the mess. I thought Georgia was a Republican state? Will they see through the trash being thrown against him. The Left is pulling out all the stops.

        Is his opponent a Marxist? Is it being used against him in ads?

  9. New open thread. This one is getting dog-eared. 🙂

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