When Reality Sets In, We Have to Face It

“18 Signs That America Is Rotting RIGht In Front Of Our Eyes”

Posted by Bridgette

This article is absolutely disheartening to read and absorb.   America, we have problems.   Do we see blight and disintegration everywhere or just in the inner cities?  We are Americans and we can fix the problems.  We need the government to get out of the way, and allow American ingenuity to take over.   We are problem solvers.

All the major cities that are running budget deficits are mostly governed by Democrats,  Progressives, Marxists  or whatever flavor of the month they are calling themselves.  Allowing those corrupt people to remain in office, you are guaranteed more of the same.  Citizens need to revolt in their hometowns, and remove those who aren’t doing their jobs.  Rundown neighborhoods, out of control spending,  corrupt government officials, educational malaise, and lackadaisical citizens have allowed this to happen. Who is responsible?  We all are.

Say, “No More.”   Get involved in your hometowns.  Remove the people and their cronies that have allowed your cities to be overrun with decay.   We don’t need further deterioration, and we don’t need to “hire” politicians that can’t get the job done.  If you put up with it, then you are part of the problem.    Get together and establish priorities that you want to happen.  Don’t allow your politicians to do what they want.    Take back your hometowns, cities,  schools, churches, and your government.

If those in power don’t have ears, vote them out or impeach them.  Do whatever it takes.   Your taxes paid for the extras, the police, fire departments, and schools.  Yet they are saying they have to fire those people because they are running deficits?  Schools need to go to 4 days a week because they don’t have the funding?  Where is the money?  Demand to know.

Are union pensions bankrupting your city?  Do something about it.   Take your money back and quit paying dues for nothing.  The unions spend it on politicians and advertising.  How do you want your dues spent?  Didn’t you think that your dues were paying into the pension funds?  Check out how much of your money was spent on electing corrupt politicians and wasn’t put into funds that were to sustain the  workers who supported them.  Your pension plans shouldn’t be in the tank.  The money was to be put into a fund that would be available to you when you retired.  Will it be there?   Ask Andy  Stearns and his cohorts.  Where is our money?  Don’t expect taxpayers to bail out the unions.  It was your responsibility to watch what they were doing with your money.  You say they have your back.  Perhaps they stabbed you in the back instead!  There isn’t anything they do for you that you can’t do for yourself.   They squandered your money, and you lose.   You trusted them, and they betrayed your trust.

The Russians liked the following  article.  They have it on their state run newspaper’s front page, Pravda,  to show their citizens how capitalism is the root of all evil.  Look, see, the USA is becoming a dump!   They love to see what they perceive as the downfall of the U.S.A., their arch competitor.    We need to show them and ourselves, that we are still the greatest nation on earth.  We have got what it takes and we will get the job done.  There is no way we are going to become like  Third World countries.  Pride, honest hard work, ingenuity, and integrity are the ingredients.   We need to say, “No More, We Aren’t Going to Take it Anymore.”  We’ve got the know how,  now let’s get to work!

18 Signs That America Is Rotting Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to quote facts and figures about government debt, unemployment and the trade deficit in order to convey how badly America is decaying.  The truth is that millions of Americans can watch America rotting right in front of their eyes by stepping out on their front porches.  Record numbers of homes have been foreclosed on and in some of the most run down cities as many as a third of all houses have been abandoned.  Unemployment remains at depressingly high levels and the number of Americans on food stamps continues to set new records month after month.  Due to severe budget cuts, class sizes are exploding and school programs are being eliminated.  In some areas of the U.S. schools are even going to four day weeks.  With little to no funding available, bridges are crumbling and street lights are being turned off in many communities.  In some areas, asphalt roads are actually being ground up and turned back into gravel roads because they are less expensive to maintain.  There aren’t even as many police available to patrol America’s decaying cities because budget problems have forced local communities across the U.S. to lay off tens of thousands of officers.

Once upon a time, the American people worked feverishly to construct beautiful, shining communities from coast to coast.  But now we get to watch those communities literally crumble and decay in slow motion.  Nothing lasts forever, but for those of us who truly love America it is an incredibly sad thing to witness what is now happening to the great nation that our forefathers built.

The following are 18 signs that America is rotting right in front of our eyes….

1 – Due to extreme budget cuts, school systems across the United States are requiring their students to bring more supplies with them than ever this year.  In Moody, Alabama elementary school students are being told to bring paper towels, garbage bags and liquid soap with them to school.  At Pauoa Elementary School in Honolulu, Hawaii all students are being required to show up with a four-pack of toilet paper.

2According to the American Association of School Administrators, 48 percent of all U.S. school districts are reporting budget cuts of 10 percent or less for the upcoming school year, and 30 percent of all U.S. school districts are reporting cuts of 11 to 25 percent.

3 – In Chicago, drastic budget cuts could result in an average class size of 37 students.

4 – The governor of Hawaii has completely shut down that state’s schools on Fridays – moving teachers and students to a four day week.

5 – According to the Federal Highway Administration, approximately a third of America’s major roadways are already in substandard condition.

6 – All over the United States, asphalt roads are being ground up and are being replaced with gravel because it is cheaper to maintain.  The state of South Dakota has transformed over 100 miles of asphalt road into gravel over the past year, and 38 out of the 83 counties in the state of Michigan have now turned some of their asphalt roads into gravel roads.

7 – According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 25 percent of America’s nearly 600,000 bridges need significant repairs or are burdened with more traffic than they were designed to carry.

8 – In a desperate attempt to save money, the city of Colorado Springs turned off a third of its streetlights and put its police helicopters up for auction.

9 – The state of Arizona has eliminated funding for full-day kindergarten and has shut down a number of state parks.

10 – Over the past year, approximately 100 of New York’s state parks and historic sites have had to cut services and reduce hours.

11 – In Georgia, the county of Clayton recently eliminated its entire public bus system in order to save 8 million dollars.

12 – Elsewhere in Georgia, 30,000 people recently turned out to pick up only 13,000 applications for government-subsidized housing.   A near-riot ensued and 62 people were left injured.  The amazing thing is that all of this commotion was just to get on a waiting list.  There are no aid vouchers even available at this time.

13– In the city of Philadelphia, rolling fire station “brown outs” recently cost a 12 year old autistic boy named Frank Marasco his life.

14– Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts says that due to severe budget cuts there are a number of crimes that his department will simply not be able to respond to any longer.  The crimes that the Oakland police will no longer be responding to include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism.

15– The sheriff’s department in Ashtabula County, Ohio has been slashed from 112 to 49 deputies, and there is now just one vehicle remaining to patrol all 720 square miles of the county.

16 – Of 315 municipalities the New Jersey State Policemen’s union recently canvassed, more than half indicated that they were planning to lay off police officers.

17 – Not that the criminals are doing that much better.  Things have gotten so bad in Camden, New Jersey that not even the drug dealers are spending their money anymore.

18 – Almost everyone knows someone who has been severely impacted by this economic downturn.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey has found that 81 percent of American adults know someone who is out of work and looking for a job.

So can’t the states just step up and start spending more money and fix these things?

Well, no.  The truth is that the states are absolutely broke.  Quite a few of the states are actually on the verge of default, and there is no getting around the fact that budget cuts that are much more severe are going to be required in the years ahead.

So can’t the U.S. government step in and bail out the states?

Well, yes, but as we have detailed previously, the U.S. government is literally drowning in a sea of red ink.  The U.S. government is already spending an amount of money equivalent to approximately 25.4 percent of GDP this year.

How much more money can the U.S. government possibly spend?

To get an idea of just how bad things are already, the IMF says that in order to fix the U.S. government budget deficit, taxes need to be doubled on every single U.S. citizen.

Are you ready to pay double the taxes?

No matter how you slice it, the U.S. is in a massive amount of financial trouble and the American people are starting to realize this fact.  In fact, one new poll found that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the U.S. economy will get worse before it gets better.

But unfortunately things are not going to get “better” – at least in the long-term.  The decay and the rot that have already set in are only going to get worse.

These problems did not appear overnight and they are not going to be solved overnight.  Our leaders have been making very bad decisions for decades, and all of those bad decisions are starting to catch up with us.

Get Up and Get Involved!

Problems Won’t Get Fixed Without You!


34 responses to “When Reality Sets In, We Have to Face It

  1. Great post Bridgette !
    Funny, but last month I was reading and looking at pictures of China and other countries.The modern bridges, buildings, etc…beautiful. Then there were pictures of condemned blocks in Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc..and I was horrified. It kind of let you know thisfast that our money was being spent horribly. I agree completely. The city management needs to be replaced, condensed and cleaned up. I love this post !

  2. Rosemary Woodhouse

    It’s been rotting since the mid 60s. It was all downhill from there due to- shall we say- negative influences.

    We need to bring back the manufacturing sector and the ag sector. When we do that, we’ll be fine. We’ll be self sufficient again. We can STOP the – dare I write- incipient apocalypse. We truly can. The question is not can we, but will we?

    • Rose, You know You have me thinking, you are right. The other day I was dwelling…The quality of goods we get imported have become high priced, low quality and quite disposable, say compared to 50 years ago. Think about it. How many washers, pans, toilets, sinks, silverware, toasters, can openers, etc…did your grandparents and parents have ? Mine had one, or 2 and things were strong, well made and lasted forever. Now, new houses are weak, cheaply made, fall apart fast and loose value and use really fast. Clothes and furniture, appliances are very overpriced, made with cheap goods and are marketed well.
      What I am getting at is this all relates to Bridgette’s post here. All of our money has become a fast drain for foreign goods sold to us for maximum profit. To get our other sectors back on track and to improve the job situation we must begin again in our own market with our own money and our own skills. I for one, will not be serving seafood again. If someone in a foreign market now has the angle, as our seafood is now very scary, good luck to them, but not with my money in their pockets. Not another seafood dish for us. I will miss it, but not near as much as I miss our southern shores. It breaks my heart.
      America was formed by colonies-communities and bartering. Local tradesmen. Flea markets and farmers markets is how America begain and endured. How it’s people thrived. Sometimes you must take one step backward to go two steps forward. We need to get back to our basics in every way to get back on track. Too much fast paced business all around. We have to spend our money in our own areas with quality, local business people. We are guilty of not being inventive enough anymore. We let others take the wheel. This has turned out to be an unwise choice for our own people.
      Deteriorating cities in America and Sean Penn crying on the news for Haiti. We have worse buildings here then some in Haiti. Can we have the stars and the wealthy cry on the news for our broken inner cities, bad roads and bridges, abandoned small towns, dated suburbs and our elderly that can barely buy groceries ?
      This post makes you think…

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        We have to STOP their meme of fear, rally together and get back to basics! Sometimes we look for a complicated answer/solution when the most basic will do!

  3. Depressing — thats what it is — depressing 😦
    Our government is sending american tax dollars all over the world, while we’re left in complete disarray. We send how much — millions, billions?! Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestinians, on and on it goes.
    And our anchor babies are getting free university educations + room and board — while the o administration wants to cut medicare funding —

    LOL Notice I am partial, I’m all for keeping Israel on the map.
    And now Iran is starting up their nuclear plant — real good o — thanks 😦
    Smack between the eyes — a bunch of anti-zionists — G-d forbid Israel should be allowed to exist. We’re told that o still has jewish support in america — huh — a bunch of anti-zionists. They want Israel to give up even more of their land — the nerve ….
    Sorry lol, I drifted off topic…

    • Bridgette,
      I apologize for my comment at 11:14 p.m. — I asked renee if she would delete it for me — it was completely o/t.

      • Ali, Where did you want it to be? I can transfer it to another thread.
        It is fine where it is anyway, but if you meant it to be elsewhere, I can do it. No apologies necessary.

    • For example, you’ll see that this “Government of the United States” has its address at:

      “the u.s. capitol

      “Washington, DC 20515-0001”

      Its phone number is “(202) 224-3121”. Business Hours are “24/7”.

      You can click the “map” link and see a graphic indicating that this “Government” is located on “Capitol Hill” (same place as Congress) in Washington DC.

      None of that seems particularly surprising (other than the idea that our “Government” might be a “company” and/or a conglomerate of “companies”). But the Manta.com report does begin to seem a little strange under the heading “About Government Of The United States” where we read:

      “government, owner archbishop deric r. mccloud of basilica shrine michigan and 4th ne street washington,dc”.

      Say whut? Does that abbreviated text really indicate that the owner of the “Government Of The United States” is an archbishop named Deric R. McCloud? Who could be dumb enough to think (or even mistakenly write) that the “Government of the United States” was owned by an archbishop?

      A: Apparently, Dunn & Bradstreet was dumb enough.


      tdr, What do you think this means ? Anyone have any ideas ? humph…

  4. Right on, Bridgette. The most rotten of all is this anti American less than third world rate administration whoes president is at a 100% total loss of direction without an Alinsky road map to guide him. It should be as obvious as the noses on the faces of his commrades by now that his Quran is as useless as the teets on a boar hog for any guidance on how to govern a nation that still has a Christian majority population. Obama is out of his league with his Alinsky and Quran instruction manuals, not to mention his brain(s) or lack there-of.

    Ali: The Jewish support Obama has here in America is that very same Jewish support Judea had from the Politico/Religious Legalistc Party that brought about the destruction of the Jewish Nation in AD 70. Those “so called Jews” were the same people that were stoneing women to death in AD 1 that are stoneing women to death in AD 2010.
    The Bible book of Revelation speaks of them, saying, “—–; I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but they are a synagogue of Satan”. (Rev 2:9) & “Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say theare Jews and are not, but lie——“. (Rev 3:9).
    You know who those legalistic people were/are–past and present. Matthew 23:29-35 & Luke 11:44-51 says their father (progenitor) was Cain, seeing as how it was Cain that killed Abel, his brother, who was a prophet.

  5. This is Reality and this Reality Is Good News! This is the only deterioration worth noting. Let’s get rid of the trash and the garbage.

    Bad Econ News Spurs Obama Disapproval Upward

    Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010 03:18 SNIPS

    WASHINGTON – More Americans now disapprove of President Barack Obama than approve of him as high unemployment and government spending scare voters ahead of November’s midterm elections, Reuters/Ipsos poll found on Tuesday.

    Obama’s disapproval rating was 52 percent in Tuesday’s poll, overtaking his approval rating for the first time in an Ipsos poll. Only 45 percent of people said they approved of the president’s performance, down from 48 percent last month.

    That number, coupled with a hearty 62 percent who think the country is going in the wrong direction, could spell trouble for Democrats, who control both chambers of Congress and the White House.

    House Republican leader John Boehner called for a fresh start on the economy. In a campaign-style speech, he urged Obama’s top economic advisers to resign, saying, “It’s time to put grown-ups in charge.”

    PATIENCE WITH OBAMA HAS ‘VANISHED’ [What took them so long??? I guess they don’t read WTPOTUS!]

    “The economy is really catching up to Obama and his administration,” said Ipsos pollster Cliff Young. “For a time, voters gave him the benefit of the doubt. He inherited a very dicey economic situation and they were willing to give him time,” Young said. “Patience has … basically vanished.”


  6. “Why Wont Any Republicans Condemn The “Obama Is A Muslim” Myth?”
    asks CBS News.

    Maybe it is because the Republicans do not think it is a myth, that it is the truth, especially since Obama is a lobbyist for any and everything Islamic. The Cordoba House is a good example. Just like all the democrat socialists think that anyone who is opposed to Obama’s policies is a racists. Why don’t the democrat socialists condemn that ? probabely because that too has its roots in Obama policy. It is the Alinsky way.

  7. Latest information and spin from the WH is taking hold.. Obama doesn’t want a second term. Oh darn it all. Do you think that old birth certificate problem might be a major issue the second time around? Doesn’t want the power and the perks? Oh sure, I believe that. Is that the reason for all the vacations? Take them while you can and when someone else is paying? More Reality in the making. Our undocumented worker is spending the heck out of our money so he has done what he was sent to do.

    UK Paper: Does Barack Obama Want Re-election?
    Monday, 23 Aug 2010 08:17 AM

    President Barack Obama, a self-styled “citizen of the world,” who seems more comfortable in his overseas speeches than at the pragmatics of governing, may just be what his aides say: “unconcerned with re-election,” according to Toby Harnden writing in the U.K.’s Telegraph.

    “It seems highly unlikely that Obama will decide not to run in 2012. But he might well be calculating that a embarking post-presidential role as the leading global thinker in the post-American world as a Republican successor enters office is more attractive than being sullied by the political compromises and manoeuvrings necessary to win,” argues Harnden.

    Bottom line: Few Americans consider themselves bigger than the presidency but Obama might be one of them. The man in the Oval Office, maintains Harnden, may already be preparing for a role as a post-president in a post-American world.



    • “sullied by the political compromises and manoeuvrings necessary to win?”

      OMG! That’s rich. Don’t make me laugh. This guy hasn’t a clue. He actually believes the myth. Drinks the Kool-Aid. What does a Brit know of Chicago THUGS?

      Obama MIGHT think he’s bigger than the presidency. Might? He believes he’s THE ONE. Excuse me, Mr. Harnden, tool, this is what narcissistic megalomaniacal sociopaths do.

      Sir Harnden is getting on my last nerve with his comment about “post-American”. How about the post-British-Empire world? Sorry to bring that up, Mr. Harnden. Some of y’all never will get over it, will you? We whupped a**, didn’t We the People? Ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Get ready for the second round.

  8. Darn that Reality …Rain! The “rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.” Why, no photo ops of the pres in the ocean for us to gawk at? Taking a hit on the mosque/Muslim issue? Mo’s trip to Spain another bruise on this couple? Another vacation ..but who is counting? Resting up for another vacation? Will that be before or after he tackles the Iranian threat or the calls from Israel? Will that next vacation be before he takes on some responsibility for the economy..priority number what?

    Rain Drenches Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Holiday
    23 Aug 2010 06:45 PM Snips

    He may be leader of the free world, but President Barack Obama isn’t exempt from a summer rainstorm like the one that blew across New England on Monday, swamping his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

    On the fifth day of a planned 10-day holiday here, Obama was once again mostly out of the public eye.

    Obama has avoided being conspicuous on Martha’s Vineyard.


    • There was one photo of him swimming in the Gulf, supposedly, with Sasha. The press was sequestered in the hotel for 3 hours. Not allowed to watch him go swimming. The photo was released and supposedly taken by the WH photog that day. I have my doubts. There was nothing in the background to indicate where they were. Just a very tight shot of him and Sasha in the water. They might have been at a water park somewhere.

      Every Ramadan, he takes his “vacation” and remains in seclusion. The press is always kept far away. There was a staged photo of him shopping for books the other day. He came out of the bookstore with a book called “Freedom” which is about anything but.

      Of course, it contains political overtones– slamming Dick Cheney, capitalists, the military/industrial complex, Halliburton, and Bush’s Iraq war. What else could possibly appeal to Obama? He’s probably looking for some blame tidbits he hasn’t spouted yet.

      Here’s a review: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/08/24/AR2010082405326_2.html?sid=ST2010082405421

      The second page has this: “But far too often, Franzen uses Walter’s [book character] environmental work to arrest the story, turn toward the audience and hector us about the loss of wildlife, particularly the extinction of songbirds. In the unlikely event that some strip-mining, ocean-dumping, panda-hunting rube [RUBE. But of course, this reviewer buys into the gun-toting, religion-clinging meme; and we aren’t literate to boot] stumbles onto this novel, he’ll get his comeuppance for sure, but everybody else will probably use these cranky public service announcements as a chance to stretch their legs. Same for the book’s worn-out satire of Republicans and the Iraq war, which hangs on the wholly unbelievable involvement of Walter’s son with a corrupt Halliburtonesque corporation. Oddly discordant with the story’s sophistication, these corny bits are like watching Dick Cheney shoot fish in the face in a barrel.”

      Sophistication. Ha, ha, ha. Isn’t he just SO clever? Not. Would this guy call the book sophisticated if he didn’t know Obama was reading it?

      If he is. If he can read anything but TOTUS.

      • Hold on to this one for posterity, “Would this guy call the book sophisticated if he didn’t know Obama was reading it? If he is. If he can read anything but TOTUS.”

        • 🙂 You know, I’m not sure he does read TOTUS. I think there’s input direct from TOTUS into that brain implant. The one that left the scars.

          I’m feeling awfully fey today. A poem fer ya.

  9. Gov. Perry Slams Obama As Bullets Fly
    Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010 08:13 AM

    Texas Governor Rick Perry has accused President Barack Obama of “gambling with American lives” after a bullet believed to be from a gun battle in Mexico hit a building in the US state.

    “For the second time in two months, bullets from a gun battle in the escalating drug war in Juarez have struck a building in El Paso,” Perry said.

    Borderzine.com, a website belonging to the University of Texas in El Paso, said the incident occurred Saturday and a single bullet hit a building belonging to the university.

    No injuries were reported, but Perry said the federal government’s failure to reinforce the border with Mexico was endangering US lives.

    “It’s time for Washington to stop the rhetoric and immediately deploy a significance force of personnel and resources to the border.”


  10. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Article 4! Section 4! Impeach!

  11. Welcome to the post-racial world. Beat Whitey Night at the IOWA State Fair:


    Is this like beat up a haole day in Hawaii? Following their messiah’s lead.

    IOWA. Of all places. Is there no semblance of civilization left to us?

    • A comment left at the above link:

      “Submitted by Sharp Shtik on Tue, 2010-08-24 22:28.Violence is genetic, learned &/or incited. Countless Democrats drill dishonest hate speech propaganda into minorities they are victims oppressed by Caucasians, America, free-enterprise & Republicans to keep them rounded up for votes. The result is a toxic mixture of violent disposition inflamed by hate speech, which explains why Democrat minorities commit the vast majority of violent crime according to state, FBI and DOJ statistics. Democrat leaders will do anything to “fundamentally transform” America so expect Democrat minority violence to continue & increase racial tensions. The FBI, DOJ & other officials try to hide the violent racism of minority Democrats. There may be other honest analyses of facts, but here is one source with analyses of crime statistics from 1999 & 2005: http://www.nc-f.org/colorofcrime/colorofcrime1999.pdf & colorofcrime2005.pdf. The first step to solving a problem is admitting the problem exists. Only dishonest people can deny it. There should be a massive backlash by all Americans against Democrats’ politically motivated racist hate speech being translated by minority Democrats into murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries and aggravated assaults of Caucasians little different from what Mugabe incited against whites in Zimbabwe.”

      • And yet another comment from the same link —
        “Submitted by ithappensalot on Tue, 2010-08-24 17:06.A BIG thank you for reporting this story. This exact same thing happened in Milwaukee on July 7th 2002. The race-riot occurred at Milwaukee’s Summerfest (the world’s larges music festival) just two evenings before the MLB All Star game was to be played at Miller Park. With the “eyes of the nation” on Milwaukee, the cover-up of this story was unprecedented. It happened just before closing time. A large, organized group of black youth began beating anyone solely based on the color (white) of their skin. It got so bad that the security and police stopped intervening because they were so grossly outnumbered. There were a minimum of 150 security guards and policemen on the scene just to give you a glimpse of the size of the mob. What happened afterward was sickening. Police reports filed by victims just plain vanished and World Festival Incorporated demanded the security and employees of Summerfest tow the company line: “Deny any of it ever happened.” Sadly the lemmings (Media and police included) agreed….”

  12. Ground Zero imam pushes ‘eradication’ of Jewish state. Hear Islamic leader propose plan Israel says will bring about its disintegration
    August 24, 2010 by Brenda J. Elliott


    • The Ground Zero Imam claims that his writings were the source for Obama’s wonderful speech to Muslims in Cairo. (Is he accusing the TOTUS (aka Barry Obama) of plagiarism?)


      He says TOTUS’s speech was based upon his own book–“the Arabic version of Feisal Abdul Rauf’s book was published in Malaysia titled ‘A CALL TO PRAYER, FROM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER RUBBLE: ISLAMIC DAWA (SUMMONS TO ISLAM) IN THE HEART OF AMERICA POST-9/11.'”

      Some moderate. If you accept dhimmitude, then he will be moderate with you.

      “Rauf later stated that his goal was ‘To establish an American style Islam in the United States’ in which he explains his aspiration of spreading Islam in America by using flexibility and molding Islam to become palatable to the American culture while preserving the integrity of Islamic ideology. . . . ‘If we look how Islam was spread from Hijaz (Arabia) to Morocco then Turkey, we note that Islam was shaped by the culture and society, hence showing a Muslim version of the architecture and culture and the arts, but with preservation of the framework of belief and worship. We need to provide a GLOBAL ISLAM in accordance with the nature of each society.’”

      This is called syncretism and was used by the Catholic Church to spread Catholicism among the “heathens” of the Western Hemisphere and Africa. It is widely criticized among the literati, when done by Christians. Prosyletizing.

      Where is their outrage when not only does this Islamist Imam engage in stealth Islamicization cum conquest (on our dime) of America, but their own TOTUS does so, too, albeit in very non-transparent fashion? How can anyone question to what religion the TOTUS belongs? He’s OBVIOUSLY a ______. Fill in the blank.

      Someone said that the NY Times ran an article recently in which they admitted that stoning of women does happen in Muslim societies, yes, but only “isolated incidents.” Whoo, boy. That must be a comfort to the horrendously murdered souls. Isolated incident. Like 9/11.

    • ugh, I meant to place this on the “Ground Zero Mosque” post —

  13. Since when did christian presidents become activists in rebuilding Islamic religious sites? Obama is no longer just a lobbyist for Islam, he is in the business of restoring their holy sites. http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/USNYCMosqueState/2010/08/24/id/368302
    The answer to the above question is, since under the rule of the Quranic al-Taqiyya our multicultural president is also a multi-religion prez, both Muslim and christian.

  14. Broke City Breaking Employee Contracts
    “State of fiscal urgency” giving Miami officials some financial outs

    “The city of Miami is so broke it’s forcing employees to take pay cuts, even though they’re under contract….
    “…It’s either that or we layoff 1,000 employees or we raise taxes to the max, and we’re not raising taxes to the max,” the mayor said….
    …Miami’s police officers, firefighters and other union workers are all expected to choke down cuts. One police union official said the Fraternal Order of Police will sue the city if the cuts are imposed….”


  15. Now this is frightening.

    EXCLUSIVE: Tests find sickened family has 50.3 ppm of Corexit’s 2-butoxyethanol in swimming pool — JUST ONE HOUR NORTH OF TAMPA (lab report included)
    August 30 SNIPS..

    “Our heads are still swimming,” stated Barbara Schebler of Homosassa, Florida, who received word last Friday that test results on the water from her family’s swimming pool showed 50.3 ppm of 2-butoxyethanol, a marker for the dispersant Corexit 9527A used to break up and sink BP’s oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

    A July letter from four top scientists noted, “Corexit 9527A contains 2-BTE (2-butoxyethanol), a toxic solvent that ruptures red blood cells, causing hemolysis (bleeding) and liver and kidney damage (Johanson and Bowman, 1991, Nalco, 2010).”

    The question remains, how did this chemical find its way into the Schebler’s pool in such a high concentration?

    At night we would hear very low aircraft, including helicopters. We figured they were just heading to help out in the Gulf,” and Mrs. Schebler added that she was told, “The prevailing winds from the Gulf are easterly — and when they spray, it is airborne — and that we are right in the path of those winds.”

    There is no way to be sure at this point. Though she stated, “Friends a few miles away… are having [a] similar situation. They are now thinking of getting their water tested.”


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