Baroque Obama

By Dale, Out of Order, the Blog, featuring Daletoons
Posted by Newssleuth

A life of public service is its own reward, besides, there are a precious few that can pull off wearing ermine in August. Instead of grumbling about the first family being out of touch, let’s try to vicariously enjoy the high life that the Fun-in-the-Sun King and Michelle Antoinette are so selflessly living on our behalf.

The government… can never be in danger of degenerating into a monarchy, and oligarchy, an aristocracy, or any other despotic or oppressive form so long as there shall remain any virtue in the body of the people. – George Washington

27 responses to “Baroque Obama

  1. I want his ermine stole to replace my leopard print Snuggie!!

    • Leopard skin snuggie is better. You can wash it, so it won’t get smelly Sleuth, plus leopard skin snuggies are scary when you need clout ! Grrrrrr…

    • Great post, Newssleuth. The artwork is priceless. The artiste is inspired. My fav is Voodoo Mama Moo-chelle. And the gold golfclubs. 🙂 Fabulous. Nothing works as well as ridicule, especially against someone who can’t take the least amount of criticism.

    • And keep your snuggies handy. I sense a change in the weather.

  2. Hey Sleuth, Missed You! Yeah, don’t give up your Snuggie!

    That picture is a riot. That is how that guy envisions himself too. He is going to go down in history… and the writing is on the wall. Thinking TWAP! Thinking a real tool. I think history will show he was unbalanced and mentally defective. I hope to be alive when those that support and surround him tell us the real nitty gritty.

    People should take notice of his “Yes” men/women. How can I tell them? They have picked up his Uhhs and Ahhhs. That means they emulate or admire him? “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” They might have tried imitating his smile instead, it would be less aggravating. Axelrod is the worse one and Gibbs isn’t far behind. I haven’t kept track of the others, but will now.

    • Bridgette: Did you notice that, too? I saw Axelrod on teevee the other day and he DID speak exactly like he who shall not be named. Exact inflection. Exact phrasing. Maybe the same implant? TOTAL mind control? Soros on the other end, pulling the strings?

  3. I showed this video to my mom who has dementia. Her comment was, “My God, they better worry about the Constitution!”

    • She was in her right state of mind when she said that!

      News, what does it say at the top of the picture? I can’t make it out.

  4. “The Worst High Season since the Great Depression”

  5. Since its inception one year ago, The Post & Email has worked around the clock to uncover the truth about the origins of Barack Hussein Obama. Because of his claim of being born in Hawaii after many African newspapers had stated that he was born in Kenya or Tanzania, and because his place of birth is one important factor as to whether or not he is eligible to hold the office of president, we have sought the truth from the Hawaii Department of Health, which has obfuscated, delayed, and failed to even respond to legitimate requests for information for the last 18 months, whether the requests were in regard to Obama or simply general procedural questions. Through donations to our Legal Fund, we have uncovered the fact that Department of Health employees were “checking out” requesters on the internet before providing responses to their requests. The federal government has recently been outed by the Associated Press as having committed the same egregious violation of requesters’ civil rights.

    Much research has been compiled, and a report will be released shortly on our discoveries. However, there is one more step to the investigation, the results of which will aid us in finding the final answer as to whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii as well as whether or not crimes have been committed by public officials there, possibly including the governor and Health Department director. There is also the question of how much the members of the Hawaii legislature knew as well as Hawaii elections officials, as reported by Mr. Tim Adams, who had been employed in the Elections Office during the 2008 campaign.

    To finish this investigation, The Post & Email needs to raise $800. As a donor to the Legal Fund, you will receive pre-release information in the form of a newsletter before the news is published on the website. We appreciate all of the funding we have received to date, much of which went to purchase UIPA requests which led to the above revelation of citizens’ backgrounds being checked by DOH staff.

    Thank you for your continued support for our work.

    Sharon Rondeau
    The Post & Email, Inc.

    • Kathy, is there something up with the P&E website? Where, for example, are the comments for the Soebarkah thread? There used to be comments, then they disappeared, then they reappeared, now they disappeared again. Are they under attack by hackers?

  6. Did you see this latest farce?

    Supposed to be a photo of Obama’s passport. Check out the red star right on his little forehead. Suitable for framing along with the family’s matching commie black and red outfits on election day. What do you think of this latest? Play the video at this link, about 56 seconds in, a story about the passport begins. In about a minute, they show the passport, with blurred redactions.
    Hyping the issue again. Another distraction? Trying to change the subject from the mosque to “birthers” again? Asshats.

    • Miri, Is it a drumroll for a fake to emerge now ? All ripe and cured paper and ink ?
      Waiting for next act of the play.

    • Miri,

      He turned in his Senator’s passport to get a brand spankin’ new one that says he is pResident. He didn’t have to show any other documents to get it like a BC. It was just a renewal with an address change. Look at it.. I don’t know about your passport, but mine says I was born in city, state, county and USA. Perhaps new passports only show the state and USA these days! Or they show what they want them to show! Really, what does that prove and why does the author of the article think that showing that passport is so great? Does he think everything is now proven about his Natural Born Status? The author shows that the definition of natural born citizen is way above his pay grade.

      I’ll put a copy of that passport here, if I can get the formula right. No need for us to dissect it any further. Once a fraud, always a fraud. This is the link to the passport, but using the formula it was huge. I don’t know how to make it smaller.

      • They’re doing a great job of dissecting at FR. I’m with Bridgette: It’s a fraud like every other piece of paper associated with him. Here’s the link, if anybody cares to read what freepers have to say:

        I’m not going to even bother to pull out my own passport. I think this is a distraction from the mosque incident. They put it out there for some reason. It’s OBVIOUSLY fake. Just like the COLB. Alinsky tactics 101.


    In a Purdue University government class, they were discussing the
    qualifications to be President of the United States . It was pretty simple; the candidate must be a natural born citizen of at least 35 years of age.

    However, one girl in the class immediately started in on how unfair was the requirement to be a natural born citizen. In short, her opinion was that this prevented many capable individuals from becoming president.

    The class was taking it all in and letting her rant, but everyone’s jaw hit the floor when she wrapped up her argument by stating, “What makes a natural born citizen any more qualified to lead this country than one born by C-section..????”

    Yep, these are the same 18-year-olds that elected the new President of the United States . Now we know why…..And don’t forget, they walk among us!”

    • That is so funny. I remember reading it a long time ago..still it hits my funny bone. Purdue has its work cut out with that gal. Frightening isn’t it that they voted, not knowing who or what they were voting for. They got totally caught up in the hype. I would assume the Dems will try the identical campaign strategy again in 2012, if he lives that long.

  8. I love the words to this ! And it shows We the People too.

    American Heart by Jon David

    I’m American made. I’ve got American parts. I’ve got American faith in America’s heart.

    Go on raise the flag. I’ve got stars in my eyes. I’m in love with Her and I won’t apologize.

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