“Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly

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Lia Soetoro Sabah holds a monkey doll Jan.13, 2010


What information was taken to her grave?

You haven’t heard of Lia?  Neither had we.  The unknown, until now, adopted sister of Barack Hussein Obama died unexpectedly February 26, 2010.   The USA media didn’t cover the story of this woman nor was her name found until the last few days.   A competent WTPOTUS sleuth, Leza, and other researchers  uncovered an article about an adopted “kakak” (literally “older sibling”, often translated as “brother”)  in Indonesia, named Lia or Lee.  Following up on a tidbit of information and other clues, more information was uncovered.  Lia was an adopted sister, not a brother.  Two Indonesian obituaries were just found. These tell the final tale of this woman nicknamed Lia, whom Obama called “Mbak Nun”.

UPDATE: Barack’s half-sister Maya called Lia a fraud, but a PDF document from a web site of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm a relationship between Lia and Barack Hussein Obama. Start near the bottom of page 14. It’s in Bahasa Indonesia (the language of Indonesia), but even without translation you can see Lia’s and Barack’s names. Translations of that text can be found in comments to this post.

Below is a tiny photo of Edi Sobat and Lia Soetoro Sobat.                                              Lia Soetoro Sobah and her husband Edi Sobah. January. 2010

Here’s another photo:

Her name was Holiyah Soetoro Sobah, age 53, born in 1957. She was the wife of  Edi Sobah, age 60.  They live in West Java, Indonesia.   They had three children:  Heni;  Marlina, age 27;  and Nova Noni, age 25, and four grandchildren.   In translated articles  Barack Obama is referred to as her “adopted brother” and “foster brother.”  The fact she used the name Soetoro certainly is telling.   It appears that Lolo and Ann adopted Lia, but there is no documentation for that assumption, just her words in an article.   The only knowledge we have about Lia is from one article and her obituaries.

An Indonesian article was written about Lia’s  invitation to the presidential inauguration in 2008.  She was very excited about seeing Barack Obama again.  The last time they saw each other was in 1971 when Lia visited him in Hawaii.  She was 14 at the time, and Barry was 10.

When Lia was leaving Hawaii after her 3 month long visit, Madelyn Dunham gave her a monkey doll and clothes that she is holding in her picture.  The doll brought back so many fond memories that she was planning to give it to him when they met again.

She stated that she received her invitation to the presidential  inauguration in a phone call from a close friend of Maya Soetoro,  Barack Obama’s half sister.  The translation said that a white woman who wears glasses and who she knows by the name of Gelf asked her to attend Obama’s inauguration.  Gelf also asked her to  be prepared to meet with Barry  before hand.  Additionally,  Lia was told that a woman of status and  means would be paying the Rp600.000 for her birth certificate and travel.   After receiving the money, she was  told to wait for further news about the final plans.  Whether Lia came to the USA to attend the festivities in January, 2008 is unknown.

More information from the article said that Lia  stayed at the home of Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s stepfather) and Ann Dunham Soetoro.  If I understood the translation,  one morning in 1966, Lia, age 7,  ran away from home.  She ended up at the house owned by Mrs. Siti Bogor.   It happened that Mrs. Bogor was a maid who worked for Lolo Soetoro and  Stanley Ann Dunham in Jakarta.   At some point, Stanley Ann Dunham asked  Mrs. Bogor if she could adopt Lia. The answer was yes.

She said she called Lolo and Ann,  Mr. and Mrs Lolo Eny.  In return, they  called Lia ” Non”  a  nickname for Nona.   She said, “I was always called Non, but Barry called me Ma’am Non.”   When Lia lived with the Soetoros  Maya hadn’t been born yet, and Barry was living with his grandmother in Hawaii.

After living with Lolo and Ann for awhile, “Eny” [Annie] promised to give her a sister who would keep her company.  Ann told her, ” Stay well, I’ll pick up your brother Barry.”  Two years later,  Barry left Hawaii and went to Indonesia to live with Lolo, his mother, and Lia.  Lia remembered that Obama was four years younger than she. She said that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961. Lia stated that Barry Obama went to school and got a basic education in Jakarta.

According to Lia, she and Barry were always together; they played, slept and bathed together.  They traveled on vacations as a family as well.    Several times they went to the summit, Yogyakarta, Bali, to the Land of Toraja (Sulawesi South), and the Bogor Botanical Gardens.  They loved to travel.

Amazing isn’t it that this adopted sister has remained unknown and not acknowledged as part of Barack Obama’s life story.  Her name was never mentioned in his books or by Maya Soetoro-Nyg.   As far as we know, it appears  Barack Obama didn’t attend his step sister’s funeral in Indonesia.   Lia’s family need not feel bad, he nor Michelle or their children didn’t pay their respects to Grandma Madelyn either. Grandma Madelyn was not surrounded by loving family when she departed this earth, and a proper burial ceremony wasn’t performed. God rest their souls.

More facts may be revealed about Lia’s origins and her adoption by the Soetoro family.   We are left to wonder what happened to her biological parents and why was she adopted by Lolo and Ann?  Why did Lia run away from home?  What happened to Lia after Stanley divorced Lolo?   Who is Gelf?  Who was the wealthy woman that sent money to Lia?  Why has she been kept a secret?   What caused her death?  What secrets did she take to her grave?

Hours prior to her unexpected demise,  she  was talking to several journalists about Barry’s anticipated arrival to Jakarta, Indonesia.  She was sending messages to her husband’s cell phone about those conversations.  Unfortunately for her, Lia didn’t live to see Barack Obama, her “adopted, foster” brother, again.  Lia died on Friday, February 26, 2010.

Below is the Indonesian to English translation of the article and obituary.  Some of the words are incorrect when translated, i.e., Lia is called a brother, and the he and she’s are mixed up, but you certainly will understand it even if a bit confusing.

Obama’s Adopted Sister Foster Brother and Maid?
Barry Happiness, Happiness Non Mbak
Sriwijaya, Indonesia Post
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
U.S. PRESIDENT elected, Barrack Hussein Obama, was once a four-year stay in Indonesia. Although now widely separated by time and place, many Indonesian people who are made happy with the victory of Obama. One of them is Mbak Lia aka Non, foster brother when Obama was in Indonesia.
“I call him Barry because it’s hard to say Barrack. So, I call him Barry, “said Lia (51), on Tuesday [Jan. 13] at her home, in Kampung Babakan Bantam, Sukasirna Village, District Cibadak, Sukabumi, West Java.

Lia meeting Barry is a coincidence. One morning in 1966, Lia’s new seven-year-old ran away from home. Lia little confused at being dumped into a house owned by Mrs. Siti Bogor. Apparently, Mrs Siti is a maid in the house the couple Lolo Sutoro and Stanley Ann Dunham in Jakarta. When Mrs Dunham Siti pick to return to Jakarta, he asked Allie to be adopted.

Two years after Allie to be adopted Sutoro and Dunham, Sutoro pick Barry from the U.S.. At that time, Sutoro become a manager at PT Pertamina. At first, Lia pleased that means it will have a friend and foster sister. ” “We met, I said to my mother, I am not happy that a black child and could not speak Indonesian,” said Lia.

Mrs Dunham convince Lia that Barry would be a nice sister. After obtaining Indonesian tutoring for seven months, Barry began to communicate with Lia and Siti who are called by Simbok.

Barry called Mbak Lia with a call girl, followed her mother calls. There are many memories in the mind of Barry Lia about the figure. . One of the unforgettable memories that Lia is a hobby Barry’s speech.

Barry very happy listening to Suharto’s speeches on television. “When President Suharto’s speech, Barry wrote it down neatly. After that, he practiced the speech of President Suharto in front of the house, “says Lia.

One time, Barry was President Suharto‘s speech mimicked in an event several times declared Indonesia as a country that Gemah Ripah jinawi loh. ” “He’s very difficult to spell those words, but to impose that sounds funny,” says Lia.

At home, Barry and Lee shared a bedroom, but different beds. Barry and Lia always wanting to sleep and wake up together. When Lia got up earlier and leave Barry, he would be furious. ” “After that, he then tied my hands and arms with a long rope. If one woke up, only allowed to leave the room when he woke the others,” says Lia.

In 1971, Barry returned to Hawaii. Lia joined him and got three months in Hawaii before returning to Indonesia. In Hawaii, Lia often invited Barry to go to the beach or to go shopping. Lia sad when parting with Barry.

By the inauguration of Obama, Lia received notification will be invited by a member of Obama’s successful team.  However, until now there is no certainty. Despite claiming she’d love to meet with his adopted brother, Lia chose her desire to bury deep. Lia was glad her sister is black, filthy, and often annoying it becomes U.S. President.

Raise the U.S. President’s brother dies
Friday, 02/26/2010 – 14:26

SUKABUMI, (PRLM) .- The desire Mrs. Holiyah (53) residents of Kampung Babakan Bantam, Village Sukasirna, Cibadak District, Sukabumi Regency wanted to meet the President of the United States (U.S.), Barrack Hussein Obama is disappeared. Holiyah Soetoro often called Lia, Thursday (25 / 2) died shortly before sunset.

Bodies of mother who has three children and four grandchildren, the Friday (26 / 2) is buried not far from his home. Seen her husband, Ibn [Edi] Sobah not withstand the power of compassion as Lia’s body was buried.

Lia’s death which was judged very suddenly hit her feelings. Several hours before her death her husband,  [Edi]  Ibn Sobah could receive short messages via his mobile telephone. He was interviewed a number of journalists inform the related plan of the arrival of his adopted brother, Barrack Obama to Jakarta.

“He was very nostalgic to see Barry  (Lia’s favorite call to Barack Obama — ed). The news of U.S. President’s arrival plans, had welcomed the coming months the deceased. But what say he died before seeing his adoptive brother, “said suamiya, Ibn Sobah.

This was another suspect death in the family of Barack Obama.   Living relatives should beware.

UPDATE (also mentioned higher above):
The information from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm the connection between Lia and Obama. The information the Consulate General provided about Lia Soetoro and the Soetoro family starts on page 14 of the PDF file.

UPDATE 2: Video of “Lia” is available here.

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  1. I’m going to put something on the administrator’s thread.

  2. obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com Has also linked this article. Many Thanks to them.


  3. More picture’s of “Lia Soetoro” –

  4. Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro Ng, states, “This Lia is definitely a fraud. I have no idea who she is and there’s no stepdaughter and no one was ever adopted into the family formally or informally that I am aware of.”

    Soetoro-Ng’s comment might prompt some to wonder what Obama’s status was in the Soetoro family. Was he not “formally or informally adopted?” Was he just a house guest?

    • It’s worth noting that at the time Maya was not born. She came to the US when still a toddler. When she was in Indonesia, later on, iirc, she was at a boarding school. Would she even KNOW who lived in the Soetoro residence?

      As I said, it almost sounds as if S. Ann married for convenience to facilitate the collection of a brood of multi-ethnic children (a la Jolie and Farrow). Notice how Lia used the word “pick” when describing how S. Ann adopted her. Then, later on, she says S. Ann promised her a little brother and went to “pick” him in Hawaii, where he was born. Pick. As in choose? As in adopt? It sounds as if Lia herself was not wanted by her own parents. One story says she lived with her grandfather. Perhaps she “ran away” to live with him. He died. He had been living with the Soetoro housekeeper. At that time, S. Ann adopted Lia. Then, if I can decipher this Indonesian translation, S. Ann MOVED TO Jakarta from wherever they had been living previously, taking Lia with her. Lia also disputes that they EVER lived in that other area. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but it sounds as if S. Ann lived in an upscale place while Lolo stayed behind in Menteng Dalam. They separated not long after marrying. Very confusing. By design.

  5. Picture’s of “Lia Soetoro” –



  6. Lia’s monkey doll is a gorilla

  7. I added a picture of Lia to the Fabricated Family article. I think she should be there.


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  9. I wondered how much the “wealthy lady” was going to give to Lia for her to get her birth certificate. It was Rp600.000. I went to currency exchange and it is about US $67.13. Someone that can pay a whole $67 is considered wealthy by her standards.

    Indonesian Rupiah 600.000 = US $67.13
    Rp 10000 = USD $ 1.12
    Rp 25000 = USD $ 2.80
    Rp 50000 = USD $ 5.59
    Rp 100000 =USD $11.19
    Rp 500000 =USD $ 55.94


    O/T At the same time, I found an article about how much money the Indonesians make working for the Nike Company..shoes. Very informative. I wonder if Lia’s breeding of her goats (called tails) is as “lucrative”.

    JUNE 9, 2010: WHAT CAN YOU BUY FOR RP1.100.000?
    June 16th, 2010

    The current basic monthly salary for a Nike worker here is Rp1.100.000 ($114 USD). Here are some average major monthly expenses that all workers have….

    Isn’t that crazy? You are producing the real wealth for a company that posted $1,500,000,000.00 USD in profits last year and you cannot afford two meals, a
    bottle of iced tea AND a snack.


  10. Is this guy a member of the Jounolist? We need a listing of those obotic robots! Soetoro is the top google search and he thinks someone is trying to slam and scam Google. He points to prison planet and Alex Jones as the problem. Great investigating there Ron. He is getting paid how much to not do his job? He should try searching Soetoro and see if he finds anything of interest!

    Barry Soetoro’s Identity and Relationship to the Name Barack Obama a Hot Topic
    Ron Hart
    August 09, 2010 Snips

    So somebody is manipulating something here. Prisonplanet.com proclaims that Barack Obama is actually Barry Soetoro and is ineligible as President of the United States. In doing so, could it also be manipulating things in order to call attention to the name Barry Soetoro and ultimately its website?


  11. Good sleuthing. I never heard of her which tells you all you need about our weak tea press. Even the Blogs didn’t pick this up till now it seems.
    I wonder what else we miss out in the News, or about people?
    Forgotten for some political agenda the MSM agrees should disappear.
    After all “Reporters are our superiors.

  12. Corsi at WND finally picked it up…

    Previously unknown Obama stepsister dies -Raises question of whether president adopted by Indonesian stepfather –


  13. Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily has picked up this story and given credit where credit is due…

    Previously unknown Obama stepsister dies
    Raises question of whether president adopted by Indonesian stepfather

    Posted: August 11, 2010
    11:20 pm Eastern

    By Jerome R. Corsi
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah (Source: We the People of the United States)

    A previously unknown stepsister of Barack Obama died unexpectedly earlier this year.

    Internet researchers made the link between the president and his previously undisclosed stepsister, Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah, after translating from obituaries published in Indonesia. She died Feb. 26.


    • I posted this comment before I saw the comments from “ObamaRelease YourRecords” that were awaiting moderation…

      Thank you for elevating awareness.

    • If you have come here from World Net Daily, and find this post eye-opening, please also read the next post:

      Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain was not “Tone Deaf”, it was Pitch-Perfect…

      … to Marxists and Islamists …

    • Isn’t that something! We should all be proud! I just read the WND version and they say it is a World Net Daily Exclusive. Excuse me, it is a WTPOTUS Exclusive!

      • I have mixed feelings about WND’s use of “Exclusive”…
        This definitely was found by the excellent sleuths here at WTPOTUS… (HUGE hat tip to Leza for the intial find, and to Bridgetteb for writing this post, with contributions from several others in the comments).

        But if your frame of reference is “News organizations who have a representative in the White House Press Corps”, then yes, WND was the first of that group to pick up this story, and it is an “Exclusive” for them from that perspective.

        Jerome Corsi did give credit (and a link) back here, so I don’t interpret this as them trying to take credit for what we found first.

        It would certainly be interesting for WND’s White House correspondent to ask about this… what do you think Gibbs will say?

        • If Lester asks, Gibbs will laugh and dismiss him as usual. Lester is a thorn in their side, but he doesn’t give up.

          Gibbs is getting it from both sides right now..lots of stories out there and they are saying he is getting a little paranoid. I bet there is lots of pressure at the WH..nothing is going the way they wanted. They are on the defense and starting their revolting campaigns of spitting venom at everyone. It is going to be a long 3 months.

          • He should be paranoid. But just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that nobody’s out to get you. Poor Gibbles. 🙂

    • Thank you WND, you have helped us in making Lia Soetoro’s story of her life with Barack Obama go national. You have written an excellent article into WTPOTUS’s research on Lia Soetoro. We here at WTPOTUS very much appreciate your article on this research.

    • Yes, which they don’t do very often!

  14. Jerome Corsi also posted this on FreeRepublic, and a commenter there said:

    Maya + Lia = Malia

    13 posted on Thursday, August 12, 2010 12:31:15 AM by Selene

    Wow. I think that’s quite plausible.

  15. Is all of this just based on the word of Lia and whoever wrote her obituaries, or has this stuff been proven? Sometimes people tell tall tales. Every once in a while you’ll read a news story coming out of countries like this about some woman who’s supposedly 140 years old and a couple relatives say it’s true. Later on you find out they made it up. That danger exists, that she was a member of his extended family but fibbed or some such thing. Have the people researching this gotten past that point yet, and have some corroborating evidence?

    • Michael L.,

      Thank you for your comment here and excellent question. If you read my comment’s at the top of this thread I myself was not sure until I came across the pdf file linked above @ Leza | August 7, 2010 at 12:01 pm. The PDF file is from – http://www.kjri-melbourne.org which is the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. The information the Consulate General has provided about Lia Soetoro and the Soetoro family start’s on page 14 of the PDF file.

      • Leza,

        First off, thank you for using your world-class investigative skills to find this information. This is a very significant find.

        Second, you (bridgetteb or I) may want to update the original post to indicate that information from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm the connection between Lia and Obama. This is significant, as many people will ask, “Why should I trust what Lia said?”

    • Michael, Michael, Michael. Welcome. We do deal in facts here. We report, you decide. We’re linking to news stories. ANY news story can be suspect, especially when you consider the recently exposed JournoList. That these are news stories from foreign sources doesn’t mean that they are any more or less truthful than domestic sources. That the US media doesn’t pick up these stories, well that’s another story. And it may be just the reason why that trip to Indonesia was canceled–so the WH press didn’t encounter Ms. Lia and the Indonesia press, which would likely have told them ABOUT Ms. Lia.

      Answer this question: Is ANYTHING “proven” about Obama? Where are any verifiable documents that prove anything about him? School records, passport records (sanitized), college transcripts, “original vital records” (plural), on and on.

      “Is all of this just based on the word of Lia and whoever wrote her obituaries, or has this stuff been proven?”

      Is all this just based on the word of OBAMA and whoever wrote his books (Ayers?) or has this stuff been proven? Let me answer: NOTHING about Obama’s biography has been proven.

      “That danger exists, that she was a member of his extended family but fibbed or some such thing.”

      How about that HE was a member of some kind of fabricated, conglomerated, extended family but fibbed about a sh**load of such things?

      Do we have ANY corroborating evidence, for example, about his birth? A witness? A doctor who will go on the record? A hospital? Nothing except unprovenanced, photoshopped digital images on partisan BLOGS and campaign websites.

      Thanks for asking and thanks for reading and thanks for keeping an open mind. Consider the evidence. That’s all we ask. If you can find ANY evidence.

  16. Congrats!!! You guy’s are great!!!
    I think you should research the property that Lia said Lolo bought in one article. Great work!

    • Thank you Kathy, every once in awhile we enjoy a pat on the back 🙂
      Your comment – I think you should research the property that Lia said Lolo bought. If we can you bet we will……. : )

  17. Love you all!!! Found you WND

  18. We need to get your guys info out to the American people. How can I help? I’m not that computor savy but have been posting this site on facebook. I hope you don’t mind.

  19. Speaking of translations to/from English and Bahasa Indonesia…

    Let us remember how An American Expat in Southeast Asia tried to warn us three years ago…

    27 August 2007
    Jihad: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse

    When I first saw the recently released Indonesian translation of Barack Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream”, over here in Southeast Asia I was completely taken aback not only by the violent imagery in new title of the book, “Menerjang Harapan: Dari Jakarta Menuju Gedung Putih”, but by the fact that it was not really a translation at all, but rather a completely different title than the original book.

    A correct translation of the title of Obama’s book would have been “Keberanian Harapan: Pemikiran Untuk Meraih Kembali Impian America” which translates into “Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream”. However, the title for the Indonesian translation of Barack Obama’s book is “Menerjang Harapan: Dari Jakarta Menuju Gedung Putih” which translates into “Assault Hope: From Jakarta to the White House”.

    The problem with direct translations is that often times they never make sense. The words “menerjang” (assault or attack) and “harapan” (hope or expectation) make sense when used separately, but used together, the term “menerjang harapan” makes no sense in Indonesian. But while the term makes no sense, it does however present a mental picture to the native Indonesian speaker, the imagery of a “hopeful assault” a “struggle for victory” or to put it more bluntly, a “jihad”, or as the Indonesians see it, Obama’s “jihad” for the Whitehouse. For the native Indonesian speaker, this figurative language creates a mental image whereas the translation of the book’s title can actually come to mean “Jihad: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse”.

    Why would the publishers drastically change the title of the book for the Indonesian translation and make use of such figurative language? Your guess is as good as mine, but it would seem that Barack Obama is quite interested with promoting himself in Southeast Asia as a crusader for the cause of Indonesia’s Muslims.

  20. Notice that in all of the pictures of Lia, she is wearing the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women, the “hijab”.

    It’s fair to assume that she was a practicing Muslim.

    I wonder what she could tell us about Barack’s spiritual upbringing, if she were still alive to tell us…

    Barack has said that he has never been a Muslim.

    Would Lia have told us otherwise?

  21. Holiyah is Liah.

  22. so I guess the question is did barack obama have his sister killed?

  23. Interesting at how all the people around obama’s family are ‘suddently’ dying…. was obama afraid that they would accidently blurt out more information about his questionable presidency? oh well…. by the way, you didn’t tell us what she suddenly die of? We want to know.

  24. Isn’t it curious that America’s “first black President” & America’s first half-black President have so many mysterious skeletons in their closets- un-acknowledged half-kin, mysterious deaths, missing documents, etc. It’s downright dangerous to be kin to a Democrat President these days, & that’s just from his people & not the other side!

  25. didnt obama bull have a half brother in africa that didnt want the us to know about him because he was so poor he made i think it was 50 cents aday it was on the news later part of 2008 or early 2009 ?

  26. Hey I haven’t had access to a computor for 2 days. I can not remember which link locked up my computor from ITOOKTHEREDPILL but, I’ll be much more observant next time. I’ll be sending your website and info out again tonight. Anything good happen since I’ve been gone? Give me some JUICY info I can get out. MAN I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  27. Thanks to you all for your help!

  28. I clicked on every link that Red Pill provided. No problems with any of them. Greg, are you sure the link that caused problems was here? Did you go to Red Pill’s blog? Could it have been another website linked from here, but from which you went elsewhere?

  29. It was this one. Can you all check it out
    CNN Edits Governor Lingle’s Words to Conceal her Lie and Create their own Lie.
    It gives me a security warning that I’m afraid to click on

  30. Wow – keep digging. Every tidbit that is found and shared gets us closer to the truth. Something is rotten in Denmark Washington.

  31. Miri, was the link to this bad? If not, I’d like to have it. Please post it again. Thanks

    CNN Edits Governor Lingle’s Words to Conceal her Lie and Create their own Lie

  32. dup comment

  33. out damned spot out

    I have tried to look up in Spanish papers the death notice of the Dr’s husband that supposedly Moochelle O. went to visit . Supposedly the woman Michelle visited was a Dr. so I’ve been looking in the Spanish papers for his death notice. Something about her name seems to link to the Gelf ya’ll been talking about here.? But I cannot recall.

    I got your link fromVision to America. I am glad to read that someone other than me felt the horrific feelings in Obama’s book (American expat I think). It felt like an assault to me to read the little that I did and I could not finish reading it.I never voted for him. Saw him in ATL news and he was nothing like was reported being elegant speech maker. What I kept asking in the campaign was all the time he kept smiling no matter what. When others were under direct questioning or pressure.

    Have you checked into the death of the ass’t pastor of the Methodist church that O was supposed to have had an homosexual affair with? The manner of the man’s death has never been confirmed.

    After the way he treated his children about making them wait to get the dog I wondered too myself just how abused was this man? The only known to me reason of abuse was getting up at 4 am to read English until I read your thread here.

    And WOW thank you very much for your research. I intend to go to some of the listed links and I do wonder if the poster has a point.

    If the kid barry walked w/a limp could this guy pot have possibly taken over the identity of the real barry? I am going to try to find some info on leuwiliang vil.and perhaps his college buddys (hayden) at occidental maybe substituted the impostor here and that’s why he left Occ. to go to harvard after only 2 years at occ?

    • Out,
      You mentioned a couple things that I removed at your request. Could you direct us to where you found the info? Also I hadn’t seen that MO saw a doctor. Are you referring to her friend from Chicago? Her friend’s father died I think. Apparently you read Spanish? That is good to know. You have asked many of the questions that we have tried to answer. Any help is appreciated.

  34. out damned spot out

    Well this explains why the POTUS chose Indonesia to give our rocket space technology to and send Mr. Bolton (head of NASA) over there with our very secrets. The x-head of NASA or retired head has come out very angry about this. However I think Bolton went to a school there and it could be checked for something linked to BS.

    • out damned spot out are you talking about Ex-NASA chief Sean O’Keefe? Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens died August 10, 2010 in plane crash, ex-NASA chief Sean O’Keefe was also on board the aircraft.


      • Connection maybe?

        • Sean O’Keefe (born January 27, 1956) is the CEO of EADS North America, a subsidiary of the European aerospace firm EADS.[1][2] He is also a former Administrator of NASA, leading the space agency from December 2001 to February 2005. His tenure was marked by a mix of triumph and tragedy, ranging from the tremendous success of the Mars Exploration Rovers to the Space Shuttle Columbia accident.

          On February 21, 2005, after resigning from NASA, O’Keefe replaced Mark Emmert as chancellor of Louisiana State University (LSU).[3] O’Keefe is also a former member of the board of directors of DuPont. He resigned from LSU on January 16, 2008.[4]

          Asteroid 78905 Seanokeefe was named after him in honor of his time as NASA Administrator.[5]

          O’Keefe, along with his teenage son, were among 4 survivors of a plane crash on August 9, 2010 near Aleknagik, Alaska, sustaining serious injuries.[6][7] The crash of the de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter seaplane killed former United States Senator Ted Stevens and 4 others


          • Wiki link is disabled.

            Education and family
            O’Keefe was the son of a naval officer who worked on nuclear submarines. He graduated from Wheeler High School in North Stonington, Connecticut. He then went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts in 1977 from Loyola University New Orleans, Louisiana, and his Master of Public Administration degree in 1978 from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.[11] His wife Laura and children Lindsey, Jonathan and Kevin, reside in northern Virginia.

            [edit] Career before NASA
            After receiving his master’s, he began his career as a budget analyst for the Department of Defense. He served on the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations staff for eight years, and was Staff Director of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. O’Keefe became Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Defense in 1989. O’Keefe served as acting United States Secretary of the Navy from 1992–1993 under President George H. W. Bush.[11]

            After Bush left office, O’Keefe was Professor of Business Administration and Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School at Pennsylvania State University. He next became the Louis A. Bantle Professor of Business and Government Policy, an endowed chair at the Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. [Professor of Business Administration and Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School at Pennsylvania State University.[11]

            Joining the George W. Bush administration, O’Keefe served as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget from January to December 2001, a job that strengthened his reputation as a “bean counter” — someone who counts every penny.[12]

            [edit] Tenure as NASA Administrator
            Sean O’Keefe became NASA administrator on December 21, 2001 after his nomination by President George W. Bush was confirmed by the Senate. Sean O’Keefe’s tenure at NASA can be divided into roughly three equal periods, each marked by a single problem or event of overriding importance:

            December 2001 through January 2003: Sean O’Keefe eliminated a $5 billion cost overrun in the construction of the International Space Station.
            February 2003 through December 2003: Sean O’Keefe helped NASA to cope with the trauma of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident and its aftermath.
            January 2004 through February 2005: Sean O’Keefe re-organized NASA to start working on President George W. Bush’s newly announced plan to send humans to the Moon and Mars.
            Sean O’Keefe came to NASA with a background as a former Secretary of the Navy and Director of UN. As was the case with a well-respected prior NASA administrator, James Webb, O’Keefe had no formal training in science or engineering. As with Webb, his deputy and senior staff were aeronautics and space experts.[11]

            One of Sean O’Keefe’s most controversial decisions occurred in January 2004, when he cancelled an upcoming mission by the space shuttle to service the aging Hubble Space Telescope.[13][14][15] O’Keefe claimed that, in light of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, the mission would be too risky, especially since if the shuttle was damaged while visiting the Hubble, the shuttle would not have enough fuel to dock with the space station as a “safe haven.” While supported by members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) this decision was assailed by numerous astronomers, who felt that the Hubble telescope was valuable enough to merit the risk.[16][17] In late October 2006, O’Keefe’s successor, Michael Griffin, reversed the decision, regarding the mission to Hubble, after several years of study. After several delays, the final Hubble mission, STS-125 was successfully completed in May 2009.[18]

            In 2004, Sean O’Keefe drew some criticism for openly campaigning for a gubernatorial candidate (Riley, AL-R) and a member of Congress (O’Keefe’s commercial flight was grounded due to weather and he never attended the event). He defended his action by saying that he was campaigning as a private citizen.[citation needed]

            O’Keefe responded to President Bush’s Vision for Exploration by hiring retired Navy Admiral Craig E. Steidle who had previously led development of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) as an associate administrator in charge of a new office – Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD). A mission architecture for lunar exploration was developed based on four launches of medium-lift vehicles and four space rendezvous per mission. This mission architecture was immediately scrapped by Michael Griffin upon his arrival at NASA. NASA started over with the Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESAS), sixteen months after the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE) had been announced by President Bush. That architecture led to the Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles and the Orion Crew Exploration vehicle which are now under development by NASA.

            [edit] Tenure as Louisiana State University Chancellor
            O’Keefe has been credited with the establishment of the Louisiana State University endowment through the Forever LSU fund raising campaign – his second campaign as LSU’s Chancellor. The first, known as “Welcome to the Now (Evo Devo),” was not as successful. He became popular among students for his ability to interact with them, especially during Chats with the Chancellor, that occur across the campus periodically throughout the semesters, as well as his encouraging emails. He announced on January 16, 2008, that February 1, 2008 was his last day as chancellor.[4]

            O’Keefe lightly discussed his membership in the exclusive Bohemian Club to the Louisiana State University student newspaper The Daily Reveille. As a member of the Wayside Log camp, O’Keefe traveled during July 2005, to visit the famous Bohemian Grove near San Francisco, California.[19]

            [edit] CEO of EADS
            In October 2009, O’Keefe was brought in as CEO of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company. O’Keefe’s Washington connections were noted at a time when EADS was trying to secure a $35 billion dollar contract for U.S. Air Force in-air refueling planes in a competition with Boeing.[1]

            [edit] References
            ^ a b c “EADS taps government vet” Politico 10-22-09
            ^ a b “EADS North America names Sean O’Keefe as Chief Executive Officer”. EADS. October 20, 2009. http://www.eadsnorthamerica.com/1024/en/breaking_news/2009%20Press%20Releases/2009_10_20_Sean_OKeefe_named_CEO.html. Retrieved 2009-11-16.
            ^ History of LSU, Louisiana State University, January 15, 2010
            ^ a b O’Keefe resigns as LSU Chancellor
            ^ NASA JPL. “78905 Seanokeefe (2003 SK85)”. JPL Small-Body Database. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=78905+Seanokeefe. Retrieved May 24, 2009.
            ^ By the CNN Wire Staff. “Former NASA chief’s condition improves as investigation continues – CNN.com”. Us.cnn.com. http://us.cnn.com/2010/US/08/13/alaska.crash.okeefe/index.html. Retrieved 2010-08-13.
            ^ “Ex-NASA chief O’Keefe survives Alaska crash that killed”. USA Today. 10 August 2010. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2010/08/ex-nasa-chief-okeefe-survives-alaska-crash-that-killed-stevens/1.
            ^ “Former Senator Ted Stevens Is in Plane Crash”. The New York Times. August 10, 2010. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/11/us/11crash.html?hp.
            ^ Robbins, Liz (10 August 2010). “EADS North America CEO in Alaska plane crash”. MarketWatch. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/eads-north-america-ceo-in-alaska-plane-crash-2010-08-10.
            ^ “Ex-Nasa head and Stevens feared on crashed Alaska plane”. BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-10928024. Retrieved 10 August 2010.
            ^ a b c d Leadership and Change at NASA:Sean O’Keefe as Administrator, W. Henry Lambright, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs Syracuse University
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            ^ STScI. “Servicing Mission 4 Cancelled”. Space Telescope Science Institute. http://www.stsci.edu/resources/sm4meeting.html. Retrieved May 24, 2009.
            ^ Jonathan Bagger. “Future Hubble Servicing Missions Cancelled”. The Johns Hopkins University. http://acs.pha.jhu.edu/general/press-releases/SM4/. Retrieved May 26, 2009.
            ^ NASA (January 16, 2004). “Hubble Servicing Mission SM4 Cancelled by NASA Headquarters (Internal Memos)”. Spaceref.com. http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewsr.html?pid=11540. Retrieved May 26, 2009.
            ^ Robert Roy Britt (March 10, 2004). “Decision to cancel Hubble criticized”. CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/space/03/10/cancel.hubble/index.html. Retrieved May 24, 2009.
            ^ Jeff Foust (March 7, 2005). “Hubble slips away”. The Space Review. http://www.thespacereview.com/article/336/1. Retrieved May 24, 2009.
            ^ William Harwood for CBS News (May 20, 2009). “President Obama hails successful Hubble repair”. Spaceflightnow.com. http://www.spaceflightnow.com/shuttle/sts125/090520fd10/index4.html. Retrieved May 21, 2009.

  35. out damned spot out

    Why did SAD die so young? And with that the mother of SAD may not have recognized her grandson when he came back from college and never came to their midwestern home until she was too old to recognize him. What connection does the grandmother dying and the Dr. friend of Moochelle’s have (that M.O. visited in Spain) could it be that this Dr. friend of Michelle’s had a hand in the death of the grandmother?

  36. I was reading through comments at Free. One person talked about Obama’s bad leg/foot. Haven’t noticed he walks with a limp..but perhaps the real fat boy, Barack, did. Without looking it up I think it resulted from the comments about the mango tree. Anyone know where this was written?

    Lia’s remembrance of his bent foot would be considered an “identifying mark.” If Lia had an encounter with the POTUS, would she recognize him as Barry Soetoro? Would he remember the anecdotes and incidents from their shared childhood? Would he be able to fake it? How long before she’d come to the conclusion that he cannot be the same person she knew as Barry Soetoro? We’ll never know now. Because Lia is conveniently dead.

    That moment, Barry asks himself can follow, but do not be given by permit by its stepfather to be brought by to USA.

    ” Barry was crying that moment for a while. Of course after split-ups equal father, Barry, Virtual and his mother lives in Jackfruit Gangway, Ciputat some old, “ she reasserted.
    It sounds to me as if Barry wanted to go back to Hawaii with SAD but Lolo had the authority to say no, which he did, which is why Barry was crying. I wonder if this is the point in time when Barry left the Catholic school and went to the Muslim one. Did his mother leave him behind in Indonesia with Lolo? Is that why Soebarkah was excluded from his mother’s passport in 1968?

    Persons familiar with Indonesian culture and laws at that time seem to agree that Muslim men ruled the roost and that included anybody living in the household. In addition, it seems that in order for SAD and Barry to live in Indonesia indefinitely, both would have had to convert to Islam and become Indonesian citizens. If Barry was an Indonesian citizen, then in all probability SAD couldn’t take him out of the country without Lolo’s permission. If Lolo adopted him under Indonesian law, then Lolo’s rights supercede hers, even though she’s the biological mother and Lolo may or may not have been. Upon adoption, under Indonesian law, the child becomes AS IF he or she were the biological child of the father.

    The part about “after split-ups equal father,” sounds to me as if equal father means legal father.


    The above link seems to dispute whether Obama knew what he was talking about when he spoke about where he lived in Indonesia.

    Mon. Aug 9

    • Bridgette, do you remember the photo of Barry on the couch with Lolo and his mother, who’s holding baby Maya?

      Look at his knees. All skinned up. I’ve always been puzzled HOW in the world that stocky boy could grow up to be the skinny twerp we see today. Usually, a person’s “frame” stays with them for life. How is it he went from having those sturdy, heavy-boned knees to the bird legs we see today? In that photo, he does resemble Lolo, in body type. IMHO. His purported father, BHO Sr., was also somewhat short and stocky. Usually, a person who grows up to look like our imPOTUS, was thin as a rail, tall, and lanky as a child. I’m just sayin’. If those scars on his knees are the ones Lia’s referring to, then they ought to still be there. Ditto for the long scar he’s supposed to have on his arm, but which I’ve never seen. Have you? Do you think this is why he didn’t allow media to watch him and Sasha supposedly go swimming in the Gulf yesterday?

      • He was referred to as fat also. Then I finally found the sentence about his foot.

        ” I want meets to him, more than anything else I hear he wants to become President USA. I miss get if meeting, I remember to the mischief. President cancel to also I want meets, more than anything else Maya, his sister, “ Mbak Nun flux also by confesses sure Barack Obama recognizes with himself, because she knows in left foot bent Obama is hurt ex- fall to got at the time of climbing mango tree.

        That photo has to be photo-shopped. I think it is in the Family article. Ann’s hands look fake. She looks like a ghost in a way. Somehow I remember that the picture was supplied by Maya, but I could be wrong.

        I kept one of the pictures from Leza’s find above and put it into the Family. I can’t add it here because “the formula” doesn’t work for it. I lightened it and you can see him better, it is the one where Leza or Ali said he was wearing the same shirt. He wasn’t, one is plaid, the other checkered. If you look at the photo, it looks like he is leaning over the guy on the left’s leg. Was the head also attached to the body? The photo didn’t have Ducky’s web prints. It says LEAD Technologies Inc. I added it to both articles below.

        In the family article I put it close to the picture you are showing so you can see the difference in the faces, one slender and long, and the other full faced and chubby.

        A Compilation of POTUS Mug Shots

        One Huge Fabricated Family

  37. Redpill,
    Do you still have the link to the article listed below? If so, I would like to have it. Thanks

    CNN Edits Governor Lingle’s Words to Conceal her Lie and Create their own Lie

  38. To: Itooktheredpill
    I went to that link on firefox and had no problems. You are correct. This is what happens when Google jumped in bed with Gov.
    Thanks! I love this website!

  39. An Obituary translation from Bali
    Friday, February 26, 2010

    Obituary : We express our profound condolences on the passing of Lia Sutoro

    Sukabumi (AFP) – U.S. President Barack Obama ‘s reportedly adopted sister, Holiah (53) alias Lia Sutoro who lived in Kampung Babakan Banten RT 03 / RW 09 Sukasirna village, Cibadak Subdistrict, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, passed away on Thursday evening (25 / 2).

    Non mbak , little Obama used to call her, was buried not far from their home on Friday morning at around 09.00 am. Lia died of heart attack on Thursday afternoon at around 17:45. [5:45 pm]

    Before her death, Lia was scheduled to meet with Barack Obama who will visit Indonesia in March next month.

    ” This Thursday (25 / 2) My wife should have been in Jakarta for a meeting to prepare Barry’s visit (Barack Obama’s bosom nickname) at LCC Menteng, Dalem, Central Jakarta,” said Lia’s husband, Eddie Sobah (60) in Sukabumi, Friday.

    Edi disclosed, prior to her last puff, Lia was interviewed by a radio station in Jakarta. However, soon afterwards Lia complained of a headache.

    ” my wife got sick and based on a doctor’s examination, the blood vessels in the brain rupture and she should be taken to the hospital,” he said, his eyes brimming with tears. And, he added, as she was about to be taken to the hospital, she had her last breath.

    According to him, Lia has long complained of lingering illnesses, and based on health examination at Bukit Duri Health Center, Jakarta, Lia suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol.

    “Before she died, Lia hoped to meet with American President. However, before her request was granted, Lia died,” he said.

    Edi hopes her memories with Barry as a child, can be taken by Barack Obama himself during his visit to Indonesia, in the form of two cups, bed sheets and a monkey doll.

    “It is my hope as well as my wife, so that Barry could see the things that memorable,” he said.

    One of Lia’s grandchildren, Yudha, admitted, her grandmother once said to him, that he must be a smart and good guy, like Barack Obama who has become President of the United States.

    “She also talked about Barack Obama who has successfully become the President, as he used to dream ” he said.

    Posted by translator in Bali at 12:59 AM Friday, February 26, 2010

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