By Bridgette

Obama’s Huge Fabricated Family

Obama as a Toddler

Obama’s family is a conglomeration of people living all over the globe. They seem to just come out of the woodwork whenever a new relative is needed to help back up his stories. Well, I shouldn’t say they are all living. Many that could provide direct DNA samples have succumbed to one tragedy or another or cremation.  Except for Ms. Maya.   Yes, he and she could share the same mother or father for that matter, and they might have some matching DNA …but who are their real parents?                                                   

Following are photos of alleged relatives, close, near, and far. We’ll begin with photos of those supposedly closest to him or those that many associate with him as possible relatives.  Because he has refused to show his documentation, we have no idea who he really is.  According to African newspapers he was born in Kenya.   He was born in Kenya until they were most likely bribed to say differently.   A new living room, hot and cold running water, and electricity were payoffs to Grandma Sarah to stay quiet after initially saying he was born there and that she was present for the birth of the One.    She even had a trust fund and a Sarah Obama Foundation put in her name when things were getting hot regarding Obama’s eligibility.

With all of the notarity, the small village in Kenya has put up a monument to Barack Obama, the president, who they say was born there, until he wasn’t.  Bribes work so well in Africa.

Bribes appear to work well in Hawaii also.   No documentation has been released from that state to document Obama’s claims that he was born there.   We know we can’t take his word on anything.   The Hawaiian conspirators should know they are in really hot water!  The Hawaiians  have not erected a monument anywhere in Hawaii saying he was born there.    Neither have the hospitals placed a sign saying ” Obama was born here!”   Why not?

I bet Auntie Zeituni Onyango will not get deported either if she keeps his birth secret.  So far,  she is still living in the USA after her last court date that granted her asylum.    She apparently has learned the pay-to-play game first-hand from the master deceiver, her “nephew.”   See her transformation in clothing and looks after she was discovered living in Boston’s public housing  just prior to the 2008 Election.  One has to wonder how an illegal alien qualified for what only American citizens are supposed to receive…public housing and assistance.  One also wonders who paid for her lawyer’s fees.   Was it a pro bono public defender who happened to be somehow connected to the White House?

The only seemingly legitimate relative  is Dr. Milton R. Wolf, a cousin from Kansas.   Another alleged great uncle, Charles Payne, is circumspect.

Who Obama really is still remains a mystery.   If he was who he says he is and his background was legitimate, the released photographs would not be photo-shopped.    He is the ultimate conman along with those who helped him get to the position he now holds.    May the final photograph of the usurper be one of him in stripes or orange… and if the infamous Sheriff Arpaio gets a hold of him, may he wear pink boxers!

Disclaimer:  Any resemblance of these so-called relatives to Obama is purely accidental and coincidental.

AFRICAN NEWSPAPER ANNOUNCES OBAMA’S BIRTH PLACE AS KENYA IN AUGUST, 2008. Surely it was a misprint, although no retraction was found.

OBAMA WITH HIS REVEALING MOVABLE FACIAL MOLE. It moves from one side of this face to the other. It is no doubt trick photography or the reversing of negatives. Or perhaps he now has two of them. Only one of his doctors knows.  There is also that telltale scar of unknown origins that I believe is a robotic implant.

THE FIRST LADY OF THE USA (FLOTUS) AND WIFE OF OBAMA (POTUS) PREVIOUSLY EMPLOYED AS A BAGMAN FOR MAYOR DALEY, Chicago, IL.  Unfortunately, no it isn’t photo-shopped! Perhaps BO, the wonder dog, OR…did a no no on the WH rug.


The Wedding Day



Stanley Ann is  holding a “Ducky.” Now Stanley Ann has an undiagnosed  pigmentation problem.  Do notice her arms that change colors right near her elbows!   Her neck seems to suffer from the identical problem of a severe discoloration. Of course, it should become clear to you by now, that this is another one of “Ducky’s fabulous creations!”  How ironic.



Another magnificent photo of Obama with his Mom!  If this isn’t the most ridiculous of photos showing the work of an amateur photoshopper who does these  ridiculous photos.  They placed Obama’s head on a body.  It totally distorts when enlarged.   Who is really standing with the woman?



Akuma is supposedly holding her only child, Barack Obama Sr.

Has to be grandmother, not great.

Hussein Onyango Obama had 3 marriages or partners.  (No photograph found of him).   His 1st wife was Helima Obama. They were married between 1920 and 1929 in Zanzibar. They had no known children.

Hussein’s  2nd wife was Sarah Ogwel Obama.  They were married about 1945 in Kenya. Their 4 known children were Omar Obama, Zeituni Onyango, Yusuf Obama and Said Obama.

His 3rd wife was Akumu Nyanjoga. They were married about 1930 in Siaya, Nyanza Province, Kenya.  Their known child was Barack Hussein Obama Sr..

AUMA MARIE OBAMA or Dr. Rita Auma, eldest daughter of Kezia and Barack Obama Sr.  In another photo,  she is identified as a cousin.

Auma Marie (Barack’s cousin) Val

Auma Marie (Barack’s cousin) Val and Barack

Who is Val?








MADELYN PAYNE DUNHAM,  Mother of Stanley Ann Dunham,  Barack’s grandmother.  She died before seeing her grandson elected.   It was reported she had cancer and other ailments.   There was no funeral.  Apparently,   she was put on ice, until Barack could find time to have a family memorial and cremation for her a couple months later.  Caught up in his glory, he finally  went to Hawaii on vacation, where he threw his grandmother’s ashes into the ocean while the paparazzi snapped the photos  for posterity.   Madelyn’s  place in the cemetery next to her husband Stanley remains empty.   Why?   This is an unusual photo of Madelyn for the time period.

GREAT UNCLE CHARLES PAYNE, MADELYN PAYNE DUNHAM’s BROTHER. After receiving an engineering degree from Kansas State University, he moved to Chicago in 1960. Most of his career  was spent working in library science at the University.  Charles Payne, 85, was a private first class in the 89th Infantry Division during World War II. The 89th Infantry participated in the liberation of Ohrdruf, a forced-labor camp that was a satellite of the Buchenwald concentration camp.  He attended the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in France on June 6, 2009 where Michelle sat next to him and totally ignored him as if she didn’t know him.

CHARLES PAYNE IN ANOTHER POORLY PHOTO-SHOPPED IMAGE WITH OBAMA.   Obama’s head doesn’t fit the body in this one.   This is a case of the shrunken head.


ANN DUNHAM’s  2ND HUSBAND LOLO SOETORO, MAYA AND BARACK.  At their home in Jakarta, Indonesia, Ann Dunham poses in this undated photo with her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, their daughter, Maya, and Barack Obama.   (Photo courtesy of Barack Obama and Ducky)

Ann married Lolo Martodihardjo SOETORO  at Molokai, Hawaii on March 15, 1965.  The picturesque Molokai is known for its historical  Leprosy Colony.   The ideal spot for honeymooners!    Another account has her marrying Lolo in Maui.

Barack Obama with childhood friends in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Is the child below the same person?

Lolo Martodihardjo Soetoro

Exchange Student at El Camino High School, CA

Yearbook Photo, Date Unknown

Another photo of Lolo


Obama’s Recently Deceased Unknown Adopted Sister

Lia at age 47

Lia Soetoro Sobah from You Tube

According to interviews with “Lia” she was adopted by Lolo and Ann Soetoro around the age of 7.  She ran away from her home and stayed with the Soetoro’s housekeeper for awhile and through her met the Soetoros.  Later on she said she was adopted by them. She had many childhood memories and a few stories of Obama and her times together.  She died awaiting Obama’s visit to Jakarta.  Her untimely death was due to what sounds like a stroke on February 26, 2010 in Indonesia.  She was 53.   The USA media has not reported anything about Lia.  The family of Barack Obama and Maya say they do not know her?




Dr. Wolf is a practicing radiologist in Kansas.  He is Barack Obama’s second cousin once removed. Obama’s great-great grandfather, Thomas Creekmore McCurry, is Dr. Wolf’s great-grandfather. Dr. Wolf’s mother, Anna Margaret McCurry, was five years older than  Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. The two were childhood friends until the Dunhams moved from Kansas to Seattle in 1955.  Dr. Wolf strongly opposed his cousin’s socialized medicine concept that became known as the Obamacare.



Photo-shopped, of course. Who they are is unknown.



Hussein Onyango OBAMA was born about 1895 and died in 1979. He had several wives.  His third wife was Sarah, the one often referred to by Barack as his “grandmother.” She was the primary caregiver for Barack OBAMA Sr. after his mother, Akuma, left the family when her children were still young. Sarah is the truth teller in the family.  She is the one that  originally said that she was present when Barack Obama Jr. was born in Kenya. In May, 2010  The Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) conferred a honorary Doctorate of Letters on Grandma Sarah.  She is now to be known as Dr. Sarah Obama.

Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama or  Sarah Omar Obama (the elder)  standing in front of her home in Kenya. She is about 86 now.   The name Sarah Omar  was used November 25, 2010

This is the elder Sarah Omar.  When they write of Sarah, we are not sure to whom they are referring, Sarah the younger, or Sarah the elder.  Sarah the elder was 83 years old in 2004, and should be 89 in 2010.  She is doing quite well with all the traveling she does: to Washington.D.C., Libya, and Saudi Arabia.  She meets with heads of state too!  Amazing isn’t it for a poverty stricken family in Kenya to be invited to meet with presidents and Kings.


Grandma Sarah Goes to the US for the Inauguration

Grandma Sarah - the younger or the elder?


Sara and U.S. Ambassador Michael Rannebager




My imagination perhaps, but his head  seems placed on his body and his one arm looks unusually skinny. Watch how Auntie changes from Kenya to Boston where she  now lives in public housing on the US taxpayer’s dollars. See poor, poor Auntie

AUNT ZEITUNI ONYANGO,  Boston, November, 2009 (Tom Pilston- The Times)


AUNT ZEITUNI ONYANGO after her immigration court date on May 17, 2010 in Boston where “surprisingly” an immigration judge granted her US asylum.   Amazing how becoming almost legal can transform a woman.   Don’t let those glasses fool ya!


Auntie Zeituni August 17, 2010 Winter Clothes in HOT August




Saeed  (Said) Hussein Obama, uncle of Barack Obama.  He is related to Grandma Sarah, the elder. He is believed to be her son. A Saudi newspaper says he is “Chairman of a Kenyan petroleum company.” That’s a long way from raising maize, being unemployed,  and being a technician of some sort that was previously stated.

Assumed to be Saeed Hussein Obama  Nov. 27, 2010






Mark lives in China.  Recently,  he took advantage of his relative’s position and wrote a book detailing his abusive, alcoholic father that they share, Barack Obama Sr.   His “Dreams of his Father”  don’t jive with the recollections of his brother. 







Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo and wife. Her name is unknown.


Whether the Ndesandjo brothers were adopted by their stepfather is unknown.  Ruth Nidesand Obama remarried after divorcing Barack Obama Sr.  Reportedly two of the three sons are Obama’s.    There is a Joseph that  lives in San Antonio, TX, but that Joseph in San Antonio says he is not related.  I wonder where the unusually last named real Joseph lives.  Apparently, there are two Joseph’s who share a name only found within this family.   Mighty peculiar.




George lives in a shack in Kenya.   It is said that he has an income of $12 a month.  His half brother Barack hasn’t sent him a penny.  (Barack doesn’t believe in charitable giving.).    George has high aspirations of helping those who can’t help themselves. Sean Hannidy offered to send him $10,000; with that he could live like a king.

George Hussein Obama
(photo Stephen Morrison/epa/Corbis March 31, 2010)


Barack Obama Sr.’s first love, first wife, and BO Jr.’s Stepmother.

RUTH NIDESAND NDESANDJO, 3rd Wife of Barack Obama Sr.

Ruth, a teacher,  and Barack Sr. met when he attended  Harvard.  She followed him back to Kenya.    She divorced Obama after suffering physical and emotional abuse by him during his alcoholic rages.  After divorcing Barack Obama Sr.,  Ruth remarried  a Tanzanian man with the last name of Ndesandjo.   It appears the Obama children took their step-father’s name after the divorce.   Who is Ruth really?  Who was the Tanzanian? Why can’t Ruth’s prominent East Coast family be found in any records?

His Excellence RAILA AMOLO ODINGA, Kenya’s Prime Minister, claims Barack Obama as a cousin.  Obama supposedly denies it.

Barack Obama campaigned for Odinga in Kenya using the slogan of “Change.” Raila Odinga was named Kenyan Prime Minister on April 13, 2008.  His wife is Ida.

A Memorandum of Understanding allegedly contained a pledge by Odinga to make Kenya an Islamic state by re-writing the constitution of Kenya within six months after taking office as president, to recognize the Islamic sharia as the ruling law of the land.

Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement was in opposition to President Mwai Kibaki, who is part of Kenya’s largest tribe, the Kikuyu, while Odinga is part of the second-largest tribe, the Luo, the same tribe as Obama’s relatives.

In a disputed Dec. 27, 2007, election, Kibaki was named president but Odinga charged he was denied winning because of voter fraud, a claim that resulted in widespread fighting that killed more than 1,000 people.    ( The ends justify the means, no doubt.  I wonder where he got the idea of voter fraud and rioting.)

Odinga wanted a power-sharing arrangement where he would be the prime minister in a government where Kibaki was president, with the two factions sharing 50-50 in the cabinet.


Barack Obama in traditional African garb when visiting his non cousin, Odinga in Kenya.





Looks like Mark Davis ….Photo-shopped




The End.

Sherrif Arpaio, Arizona’s Immigration Enforcer.  Not related.     A note  to AUNT ZEITUNI ONYANGO…don’t vacation in Arizona!

A few of Sheriff Arpaio’s Prisoners in uniform.

Any OTHER UNDOCUMENTED family additions are welcome.


UPDATE: Please be sure to check out the following articles:

Compilation of POTUS mug shots


“Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly


UPDATE: Sept. 29, 2010
“U.S. Presidential candidate Barry Soetoro”   – Headlines in January, 2007 Indonesian newspaper.  Printscreen is below.   Right after translating and placing a link to this, the article disappeared.  Luckily, I took the photo before that happened.


Translated article:  https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/one-huge-fabricated-family/comment-page-4/#comment-27165


  1. More names! I don’t have time right now to look/translate the site — hope you guys can do so if/when you have time. Also, can one of you paste the picture? I know I should go to the indo thread as this is too long — I just thought putting in the family thread is the proper place.

    Compass / Budiarto Shambazy / Compass Images

    Sister of President Barack Obama from a single mother, but another father, Maya Soetoro Ng (fourth from left), and Indonesian citizens do reunion in Washington, Thursday (22 / 1).

    Saturday, January 24, 2009 | 1:42 pm
    By Budiarto Shambazy

    The series inaugural event January 18 to 21 very meaningful for a large family Lolo Soetoro, Indonesian man who was married to Stanley Ann Dunham, mother of President Barack H. Obama Junior. Lolo, who died in 1987, is the son of the 9th pair Soewarno Martodihardjo-endowed Djoeminah ten children.

    Lolo a single encounter with Dunham, who fondly called “Aunt Ann”, at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA. They both grantee universities located in Manoa is a green hill. At that time, Aunt Ann is a widow who with her parents care for Obama Jr. is still a toddler.

    Aunt Ann and Obama Jr. Barack Hussein Obama Senior abandoned, Kenyan man who throughout his life to marry four women. After officially married Aunt Ann, who is also a Senior Obama grantee University of Hawaii to study the S-3 to Harvard University.

    Lolo-Aunt Ann, who married in Honolulu and brought Obama Jr. moved to Jakarta in the mid-1960s. At that time, Lolo, a graduate of the Faculty of Geography Gadjah Mada University, worked as a civil servant at the Department of the Army Topography. As for Aunt Ann doing research on the economic empowerment of poor women in Central Java.

    Economic conditions improved when they moved Lolo worked as vice president in U.S. oil company, Union Oil. However, just when it happens divorce. Maya, is born in 1971, 1985, his mother moved to Honolulu to stay with Obama Jr. under the care of grandparents.

    I do not know when Obama Jr’s last visit to Indonesia, while the Maya in 2002. In Jakarta, Maya was always staying at the home of one of his uncle, Trisulo, who retired Pertamina, who lived in the area of Menteng. Trisulo, who is now aged 81 years, husband of the deceased who was brother Lolo Soewardinah.

    Maya as a child familiar with the two cousins daughter, Yana Trisulo and Ami Arnscheidt, because they are almost the same age. Unfortunately, Yana reunion can not come to Washington DC to coincide with the inauguration of President Obama because he can not leave her father who require special care.

    Three direct cousin who accepted the invitation of the Mayan family reunion in Washington was with her sister Ami, Haryo Soetendro, and Yana’s brother, Sonny Trisulo. Ami is married to a German and live in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, UK. He also brought his son, Constantine Arnscheidt (13).

    Sonny came with his wife, Lisa Trisulo, and their three children: Love (24), Radit (22), and Keanu (12). While Yana represented by her husband, Muhammad Satriawan Tambunan. Family reunion involving nine large Soetoro was held in Wisma Indonesia on Tilden Street, Washington DC, hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat with his wife, Mrs. Nunung.

    Maya came with her husband, Konrad Ng, a Canadian citizen Malaysian Chinese descent and their daughter Suleiha. Konrad’s parents seem happy to enjoy this reunion complete with a variety of Indonesian cuisine lunch.

    Meet Maya and her family is like meeting a fellow of the Malays. Maya is fluent in Indonesian and the occasional mention in the Java language because the term is often back and forth from Jakarta to Yogyakarta as a child. And, of course, he also often nyeletuk in the dialect of the Betawi children.

    Maya’s voice and Obama are both manifold baritone. They also inherited her mother’s tall and big bones. “Lots! My 14 years in Indonesia, “Maya said when asked what he remembered about Indonesia.

    As a partner teacher (Maya had plans to establish schools in Indonesia), Maya and Konrad figure more visible as an educator who used to protect the people.

    Maya now play a more or less as an “ambassador” who was determined to help the unofficial leadership of President Obama would embrace every nation, class, ethnicity, and religion in the world. He talks a lot about the principles of universality that his brother wanted to put into practice. Now the family of President Obama and Maya blood flow Kenya, USA, Indonesia, and China.

    After over seven years not met, for about four hours of 11 members of the Soetoro family of two generations mingle, reminisce. During this relationship antarmereka only through SMS, telephone and electronic mail only.

    Reunion in Tilden Street will become a regular ritual for the Maya and the family soon moved to Washington DC because Konrad will be given the task by President Obama. We’ll wait.

    (Budiarto Shambazy, from Washington DC)


    • Great find Ali! Soetoro mentioned once, and there are 3 versions of the name.

      Maya’s – “their daughter Suleiha”.

      Ami, Haryo Soetendro, and Yana’s brother, Sonny Trisulo.

      Trisulo, who is now aged 81 years, [b 1927] husband of the deceased who was brother Lolo Soewardinah.

      Family reunion involving nine large Soetoro

      Lolo, who died in 1987, is the son of the 9th pair Soewarno Martodihardjo-endowed Djoeminah ten children.

      • I don’t get how the name changes. Only Soe is common to all of them. Why wouldn’t Trisulo have the same name as his brother Lolo as in Soetoro? Is the answer because Lolo’s surname is really Soewardinah? Why would their father’s surname be Soewarno, or is that his first name?

        By putting the two surnames together does that mean they are married..i.e., Soewarno Martodihardjo (father and mother’s maiden name)

        • I don’t get the naming system at all. Some have “family names”, many do not — they only have one name. And they change their names like they change their kleenex! Seriously, they do.
          I think Lolo takes up a whole thread of his own lol!
          Speaking of, I’d like to address you guys privately — I don’t want it published — so how do I do that? Do I add 5 links so it goes into moderation, or what?


        • Bridgette, Lolo is Soetoro’s nickname. As for the Soewardinah, Soewarno, etc. – I don’t know!! I posted it before I could research because I didn’t want it to disappear. These people have soooo many names, I just about give up lol. I’d love to read Lolo’s autobio with all the family history, would make a good movie too.

          This is the same article Leza posted a few weeks ago.
          If we’re to believe Heri Purmono, Supoyo’s only son, is telling us the truth, then the Martodihardjo + all the additional names we’ve discovered lol — then the Marto…. children are as follows in the quote:

          “… The order of genealogy, the first child Supoyo, then Supomo, Ny Muhsidi Cuk, Sugiyo, Bambang Sugito, Priest Point Sutiknyo, Din Trisulo, Soemitro, Soetoro, and Uki Gunowiyono. “Jadi, kakek saya itu punya 4 putri dan 6 laki-laki,” katanya. “So, my grandfather had 4 girls and 6 boys,” he said….”

          Don’t know whether you guys saw my post a week or so ago, but supposedly we’ve been told that Lolo’s father and eldest brother, Supoyo?, died in 1946 during the indo/dutch war — so how is it that Supoyo and grandpa were alive when o was in jogja — even IF they claim it was the maternal grandparents who were alive, how is it Supoyo was alive in the ’60’s if he died in ’46.
          “…Although the agency in Jakarta, often took Barry Soetoro to Jogjakarta. “They often play to the grandparent’s house. Incidentally father used to live with grandparents. So, I remember very well when Barry running around,” said [Heri] the father of two children. …”

          Not important, nor seeking an answer, but how does Gesang fit in here? One of the many Martodihardjo offspring. The men generally had many wives. Don’t know how many Martodihardjo men existed in 1800/1900 — apparently several.


          • Ali, is this link supposed to be all one rather than two different ones? I can’t get the first paragraph link to work. Do you have the URL for the original, then I assume we could click on translate to get to it. This looks like that other gem that was a page long!

          • Darn — thanks for pointing that out Bridgette! I guess using startpage proxy doesn’t save the links?! Ugh, I wonder how many saved bookmarks of mine are now useless. Here is the original


            I am again experiencing major delayed keystroke reaction — I swear they are tracking me (yes, I know I sound paranoid, but it only happens to me on this page ((&Lia page)) – and sometimes when I’m researching). On the other hand, I do have a really crappy computer lol — maybe it just can’t handle long threads — nah, this is so slow it is painful lol.
            Did you guys hear today that the whitehouse wants a bill to track our internet and email usage (they’re already doing it). It is taking foreeevvveeerrrrr for me to type this little comment!
            Bridgette, could you please erase the bad links for Gesang, and any others? Sorry for the trouble, thank you Bridgette.

            — wish startpage, or someone, would provide an alternative to google translate (lol whatever happened to opposition of monopolies)

            *The latest question nagging me is WHY — why claim that father marto and supoyo died in ’46? Who were they?

            Did you see the article re o’s driver?

        • Combo names- I told you. I read it and posted it. When these royal people marry they combine the last names. I personally think it not only is an ID tag to note the names to others as well as obscures identity as well.

      • Excellent find Ali. looking into the new finds, great job you!

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    • “Sister of President Barack Obama from a single mother, but another father, Maya Soetoro Ng (fourth from left), and Indonesian citizens do reunion in Washington, Thursday (22 / 1).” [January 22, 2009]

      [Article says these are Soetoro family members!]

      Saturday, January 24, 2009 | 1:42 pm

        • The fellow on the far left reminds me of someone, with that cheesy grin. And the ears. Check out those ears. Now who could it be that I’m thinking of?

          What’s the little secret hidden on that BC? A two-timing mama?

          Remember the passport files and how someone at the State Dept. asked about the current status of the wife’s child? Then someone pointed to a technicality describing stepchildren? Hmmmm.

          A technicality based upon whichever father was named on the BC versus the true biological father? Maybe something that was corrected to facilitate a move to Indonesia? Which explains why he’s suddenly a Muslim, an Indonesian citizen, with a Martodihardjo father? Also why he was quoted as saying, “they THINK I’m black?” Surely it would be QUITE “embarrassing” if he’s not. Black, I mean.

          Great finds, Ali. You ought to write a post as a guest author–about his Indonesian family and his little Lord Fauntleroy status as a child. A far cry from the slumdog image he presents to the world.

          • Miri,

            His ears don’t match his face color..why would he have white ears? My gosh, are they photo-shopping ears now? Second boy from the right is having his head screwed on right! Why is this a Black & White photo…who uses that these days?

            Run around mama.. Trying to remember what Dr. Manning called her, and it wasn’t good.

            I checked the photo and it is not a Ducky creation. It does have the same information as others..that have not been identified. “JFIF” is a photo shop program.

            ÿØÿà JFIF 

          • Miri,

            What I find interesting is a while back I came upon an article written in Indonesian that had said when Ann RE-MARRIED Soetoro. I did not save the artical because at the time I dismissed it as an error.

          • Miri, unlike you, I’m a HORRIBLE writer😦 — I wish I could write as well as you and the others. Would you , or anyone, be interested in doing a slumdog fab fam post for us? Perhaps it could also provide as a continuation of this looonnnng fab fam post?

          • WHO IS that guy on the far left?!?? Perhaps coincidental, but to me, the far left fellow resembles a lighter version of o sr .
            You’re right Miri, o’s goose would be cooked should it be revealed he is, for example, melanesian — on second thought, the “brothahs and sistahs” would probably “be kool wid dat” —

            Speaking of two-timing. Don’t know whether you have already seen it on the blog, I was reluctant to post it lol, buuutttt, since you brought it up lol… I’ll provide it at the bottom of the page. This computer is impossible tonight!

            • Putting it here instead. In reading the english version, it doesn’t appear as bad as I had thought. According to this article, sr. met ruth in boston while he was still married to ann — no real surprise there — but I do wonder whether mark was actually born in boston (perhaps while sr. was still married to ann) since mark refuses to reveal his age.



              • Ali, you’re too kind, with your comments about my writing ability. I think it would make a fab post, everything you all have found on this Indonesian angle.

                About that photo of the Indo family: The guy second from left looks like Maya, I think. I do see a family resemblance there.

                I have a theory about Mark and why he won’t tell his age. I do believe, though, that Ruth was in the picture before BHO Sr. went to Boston.

                On another thread, I linked to a story where a French reporter says he was told by some official from Cameroon that Obama is Cameroonian. (It’s in Renee’s most recent thread on Cameroon, too.) Now this is interesting because Cameroon is next to Equatorial Guinea and I swear I remember some paperwork associated with Obama that said he was ethnically from Equatorial Guinea.

              • There is no “reply” next to your latest comment (below) Miri, so I’m placing mine here.

                It is so odd that you mention you think ruth was in the picture before sr went to boston! I’ve thought the same thing but didn’t post it because I dismissed it as my imagination on overdrive — perhaps my imagination is on overdrive and sr did actually meet ruth in boston. But I have this nagging notion in my pea-brain, and it won’t let go lol. For some unexplained reason, I have the feeling that sr met ruth in hawaii! Don’t know why I feel this, but I do. I think back to my childhood and wonder whether ruth could have been my 4th grade teacher, or whether ruth was the woman who taught my friend music lessons — the apartment of the white music teacher was on the next street, just around the corner, in the heart of waikiki, between my residence and frank’s. Probably just my imagination running wild…then again, maybe she was the music teacher????

                I haven’t yet checked out the cameroon page — will do so next. Re equatorial new guinea — that was where “roman obama” resided — remember, roman obama was the guy at lumumba university, soviet union, I think the article stated it was ’91 or ’92? Not sure of the date, would have to pull up the article — here it is, the date is February 1992.


              • No! That ruth/hawaii scenario of mine doesn’t work lol — the dates are wrong — in the late 60’s, early 70’s, ruth and mark would have been in boston, wouldn’t they.

                Wait a minute, ruth said she was married to sr. for seven years. Yet ruth and mark moved back to boston when he was 7 or 8 years old. hmmm, he won’t give his age, and I don’t know of the year they moved back to boston, hmmmm

                News, anyone who knows how to track births, can you check if there is a birth for mark obama in boston? I guess it would already have been found, had it existed — could have been buried along with the rest of the fab fam info.

              • Miri, do divulge your theory re mark — unless it may mess up your research by going public.

              • Miri, Ali, Reading the comments you both make above I thought of this too. Maybe Mark is really older. Maybe by mere minutes is another thought also. I wonder too if Ruth is actually Ruth Ann. The last bit: May be pologomy ? sp ?

        • Ali, very interesting “facts” on that blog. Now the story is that Lolo met “Ann” while playing chess with her father? Lolo was a ladies’ man. That figures. Barry would eat a whole chicken? This comports with the stories of him being FAT while living in Indonesia, but oddly enough, the photos all show us a skinny kid. Did the Indonesian Barry have Prader-Willi syndrome or something? Is this why his mom locked him in the bathroom and sister Lia had to sneak him food? This says that Ann died from uterine and urinary tract cancer? Reading between the lines, it’s apparent that these relatives of Maya’s and Barry’s recognize that Barry pretends they don’t exist but that at least Maya admits her relationship to the huge Martodihardjo clan. Sad. Seems they were looking forward to Barry’s oft-canceled trip to Indonesia.

          • I mis-wrote: I should have said that some photos show a fat kid (look at the earlier ones) while others, which appear photoshopped, show a FAT kid. So what happened? How was he skinny, then fat, then skinny, then fat, now extremely skinny again? Prader Willi syndrome is a disease where children are insatiable–they eat constantly. Their parents, in many cases, have to lock the refrigerator and pantries, to keep the kids from eating everything in sight. It’s the first thing I thought of when I heard about “Ann” locking him in the bathroom and not giving him food. Lia felt sorry for him, so she would sneak him food. It’s a puzzling story. What’s up with that? It sounds true because nobody would make up such weird details. Now this cousin claims that Barry would eat a whole chicken. Sounds like he was quite a piggy little boy.

            • I just noticed another strange thing..look at the photo on the wall..the left side is missing. The guy has an unusual hat on.

              • Is that Sukarno or Suharto? That’s the kind of hat those presidents wore.

              • I thing the “missing” left side may actually be the white part of the flag.
                Re the fez/hat — thats what the muslim men wear. I’ve been checking out Indonesia pics/facebook/etc — they are into the fez — I saw some adorable young boys dressed in their garb with their little fez hats — very cute.
                I think Sukarno has a special place in the marto family.

            • Compare his photo with Scott Inoue, in 1969, with the photo of him on the couch with Lolo, SAD, and Maya about a year or so later. Skinny then fat. Compare to his photo with SAD and BHO Sr., at Christmas time in Hawaii about 1971–fat. Compare to what’s supposed to be him in 6th grade at Punahou, which would be about 1972. Skinny. Then compare to the photo of him with his basketball buddy John Koliva, in high school, about 1977, fat. It’s ridiculous. Now he’s skinny to the point of emaciated sometimes. What’s the deal? Is this even the same person? The teeth change back and forth, too. Sometimes they’re fixed; sometimes they’re in need of braces or dentures.

            • lol rotflmao You’re right, its true — his friends all mention he is fat, and yet in the photos he is thin! I do recall one of the articles in which one of the friends mentioned “other papuans” who were there in the neighborhood. It was the “other” which caught my attention — implying that o was a papuan — but to them, o would be considered a papuan because they are only familiar with papuans, they are not familiar with black americans nor african americans. I really hate to go down that road because its an easy fix for o and co.. They can produce/manufacture ANYthing/doc they desire. Its much safer to stand firm with Leo — since Leo is 100% correct — natural born citizen = born in u.s. of u.s. citizen parentS — no dual/triple/quadruple lol allegiance.
              lol Although o did claim to his Indian donors in ?San Francisco that he was a “desi” — that would imply allegiance to a country other than the u.s…. in addition to his allegiance to Africa, “standing with the muslims” — the muslim nations???!?(despite his claim, the U.S. is not a muslim nation — although they are working to change that as quickly as they can, aren’t they)….
              Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate diversity (although I now find that I hate that word “diversity” since the dems have turned into filth — lol ugh I was a dem). I’ve lived in other countries in addition to the U.S. — I love the different cultures and languages — but sharia, women stoned — not for me, not civilized as far as I’m concerned — look what they’ve done to europe — no, thank you. I feel bad because I hate to condemn an entire lot of people — thats not how I was raised nor experienced as a child. Then again, I have never lived in a muslim country — perhaps a “moderate” or secular muslim country exists which may be quite pleasant — I don’t know, that’s why I asked RP about Indonesia the other day. I’ve vacationed in Turkey many many years ago — it was nice — didn’t experience any radical muslims…lol well, maybe one sort of bizarre experience — the pretty muslim woman was seated in full black ?hijab garb in the hotel lobby. Her husband was at the front desk taking care of business. When he completed his business, he clapped his hands, she rose from her seat and followed him.

              • edit: since the dems have turned **the word, “diversity”,** into filth

              • one more edit: she rose from her seat and followed *behind* him.

              • p.s. As a child, I was unaware of radical islam and their desire to abolish Israel/the jewish people. In reading some of the indonesian sites, it appears they feel the same towards Israel as the rest of the muslim world — even Lia expressed that sentiment! Not good.

              • Ali, there are several other places where his friends have said things like, they came to Jakarta from Papua. Or that he was teased because he looked like someone from Irian Jaya. In fact, several years ago, I remember reading a story where a friend of his said that he was Papuan or else maybe the friend was implying that they explained away his kinky hair and dark skin by saying he was Papuan, instead of African, so he’d fit in better.

                I forgot all about his “desi” comment. Remember, though, he told us he’s a blank slate. You can say that again. He’s a real nowhere man.

          • Chess Miri ? Fisher ?

            • Bobby Fischer was born at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, Illinois on March 9, 1943.[9] His birth certificate listed his father as Hans-Gerhardt Fischer, a German biophysicist. His mother, Regina Wender Fischer, was an American citizen of Polish Jewish descent,[10] born in Switzerland and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.[9] She later became a teacher, a registered nurse, and a physician.[11] The couple married in 1933 in Moscow, USSR, where Regina was studying medicine at the First Moscow Medical Institute. They divorced in 1945 when Bobby was two years old, and he grew up with his mother and older sister, Joan. In 1948, the family moved to Mobile, Arizona, where Regina taught in an elementary school. The following year they moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she worked as an elementary school teacher and nurse.

              A 2002 article by Peter Nicholas and Clea Benson of The Philadelphia Inquirer argued that Paul Nemenyi, a Hungarian Jewish physicist, was Fischer’s biological father.[12][13][14] The article quoted an FBI report which stated that Regina Fischer returned to the United States in 1939, while Hans-Gerhardt Fischer never entered the United States, having been refused admission by US immigration officials because of alleged Communist sympathies.[12][15][16] Regina and Nemenyi were reported to have had an affair in 1942, and he made monthly child support payments to her, paying for Fischer’s schooling until his death in 1952.[17] Fischer later told the chess player Zita Rajcsanyi that Nemenyi would sometimes show up at his Brooklyn apartment and take him on outings.[14]

              In May 1949, the six-year-old Fischer and his sister learned how to play chess using the instructions from a chess set bought at a candy store below their Brooklyn apartment.[18][19] When the family vacationed at Patchogue, Long Island that summer, Bobby found a book of old chess games, and studied it intensely.[20] On November 14, 1950, his mother sent a postcard to the Brooklyn Eagle, seeking to place an ad inquiring whether other children of Bobby’s age might be interested in playing him. The paper rejected her ad because no one could figure out how to classify it, but forwarded her inquiry to Hermann Helms, the “Dean of American Chess”, who told her that master Max Pavey would be giving a simultaneous exhibition on January 17, 1951.[21][22] Fischer played in the exhibition, losing in 15 minutes. One of the spectators was Carmine Nigro, president of the Brooklyn Chess Club, who introduced him to the club and began teaching him.[23][24] In the summer of 1955, Fischer joined the Manhattan Chess Club, the strongest in the country.[25]

              Regina Fischer protesting on Bobby’s behalf in front of the White House during the Eisenhower Administration[26]In June 1956, Fischer began attending the “Hawthorne Chess Club”, which was actually master John W. Collins’ home. Collins had coached some of the country’s leading players, including Robert and Donald Byrne and William Lombardy. Fischer played thousands of blitz and offhand games with Collins and other strong players, began studying the books in Collins’ large chess library, and ate almost as many dinners at Collins’ home as his own.[27][28][29] Future grandmaster Arnold Denker was also a mentor to young Bobby, often taking him to watch the New York Rangers play hockey at Madison Square Garden. Denker wrote that Bobby enjoyed those treats and never forgot them; the two became lifelong friends.[30] Fischer was also involved with the Log Cabin Chess Club of Orange, New Jersey, which in March 1956 took him on a tour to Cuba, where he gave a 12-board simultaneous exhibition at Havana’s Capablanca Chess Club, winning 10 and drawing 2.[31][32]

              Fischer attended Erasmus Hall High School at the same time as Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond.[33][34] In 1959, its student council awarded him a gold medal for his chess achievements.[35][36] The same year, Fischer dropped out of high school at age 16,[37][38] later explaining to Ralph Ginzburg, “You don’t learn anything in school. It’s just a waste of time.”[39]

              When Fischer was 16, his mother moved out of their apartment to pursue medical training. Her friend Joan Rodker, who had met Regina when the two were “idealistic communists” living in Moscow in the 1930s, believes that Fischer resented his mother for being mostly absent as a mother, a communist activist and an admirer of the Soviet Union, and that this led to his hatred for the Soviet Union. In letters to Rodker, Fischer’s mother states her desire to pursue her own “obsession” of training in medicine and writes that her son would have to live in their Brooklyn apartment without her: “It sounds terrible to leave a 16-year-old to his own devices, but he is probably happier that way.”[40] The apartment was on the edge of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, which had one of the highest homicide and general crime rates in New York.[41] Despite the alienation from her son, Regina in 1960 staged a 5-hour protest in front of the White House (see photo) urging President Eisenhower to send an American team to the chess olympics.[26]

          • OBITUARIES Today for Sunday May 09th, 2010
            COHEN Rozelle Segal Cohen, 86, wife of the late Lewis H ‘Dixie’ Cohen, …. 99, the last survivor of 27 original grand master chess players, …


        • “Because if there was a program I usually Democrat National Convention … I will definitely watch the first era of Ronald Reagan was still president, I remember scolding, scolding Gubernus that mention Texas, Ann Richards, Bush’s family as “borned with a silver spoon on his mouth” I could not understand it means but once asked his American friend turned out to mean “son of tajir” …”

          See, I find Richards name everywhere Ali. I have a theory about Ann Richards also. Amazing that you found this. There is no coincidence here….

      • Is it just me, or does Maya look pregnant? I’m sorry, but that woman in the shawl looks suspiciously like one of the women in that party photo where BHO Sr. is sitting with a group of U of Hawaii friends. Wasn’t her name Ann? An Asian woman? Of course, it can’t be her on account of the age difference, but could she be a relative? I wonder if others of the Martodihardjo family went to U of Hawaii?

  2. I checked Las Vegas Marriages, Clark County, Nevada
    I found Maya’s marriage license.
    I might have found it before but I’m placing the information here:

    Instrument # 20030121252006800

    Date Issued/Filed
    1/21/2003 Time Issued/Filed 12:00:00 AM
    Document Type MLIC Remarks
    Document Desc MARRIAGE LICENSE

    Pages 0
    File/ID# D520068

    Seq Name
    Seq Name

    Referenced By
    Instrument #
    Referenced To
    Instrument # 20030121352006800

    Date Issued/Filed
    1/21/2003 Time Issued/Filed 12:00:00 AM
    Document Type MLSSN Remarks

    Pages 1
    File/ID# D520068

    Seq Name
    Seq Name

    Referenced By
    Referenced To
    Instrument #20030121252006800

    • Maya and Konrad’s Honeymoon In Vegas.
      I can see it now…..

      Honeymoon in Vegas

    • Sleuth, Did you note his area of writing and studies ? Male gender analysis, etc…Tatoo art and male bodies….I posted it this weekend.

      Just more Kahn,Khan,Caan, Cohen, etc….just another lil ole circle.
      Like Kuhn and Loeb…

    • News

      This is a great find! Note that in the Fabricated family that Maya’s wedding was supposedly in Hawaii! The Photo-shopped picture with Granny in the wheelchair! It really occurred in Las Vegas!

      I think we had an article that was written in a newsletter from the school, saying the wedding was in Hawaii too!

      Another farce!

      • yes, excellent find New’s! Here’s another article stating NG / SOETORO were married in Hawaii –

        If you’ve taken the Queen Elizabeth Way from Toronto to Niagara Falls you know what Barack Obama, the potential next leader of the free world, faced in August 2004 when he made the sometimes white-knuckle drive with his wife Michelle.

        Fresh off his rousing keynote address to the Democratic convention in Boston, Obama was in the area to celebrate his Canadian connection.

        The occasion was the wedding dinner for the 2003 marriage of his younger sister Maya Soetoro and Burlington, Ont., native Konrad Ng. Like many tourists visiting southern Ontario, Obama wanted to see Niagara Falls. Snip ~

        Family members who had not been able to attend the Hawaii wedding in late 2003 were invited to attend an event at a Chinese restaurant in Mississauga.


      • I think we had an article that was written in a newsletter from the school, saying the wedding was in Hawaii too!

        We did. Long ago. someone even speculated back then that she marrried in Vegas to avoid a deep look at her papers…Also do not forget that it was noted that this was Maya’s second marriage, not her first. We found that back then too.

  3. In the photo of the Soetoros, does it look like the same picture on both sides of the doorway? Does the man on the left with the big ears and cheesy grin resemble the man in the framed picture? Very interesting!

  4. Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 06/10/10

    MR. GIBBS: Lester.

    Q Thank you very much. First sentence. (Laughter.) WorldNetDaily’s correspondent Dr. Jerome Corsi reports that in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia, a lawsuit has been filed by investigators in Ohio and Colorado concerning the President’s Social Security number. Second sentence —

    Q Birth certificate —

    Q He reports — no, I did not bring up the birth certificate — He reports that investigators Susan Daniels and John Sampson are asking, why the President is using a Social Security numbers reserved for Connecticut applicants. And my question, did you know —

    MR. GIBBS: Hold on, that’s two sentences, Lester. That — I —

    Q That’s two sentences, and my question — (laughter) — do you know of any record that the President ever had a mailing address in Connecticut?

    MR. GIBBS: Lester, I —

    Q That was — I’ve been asked to ask you.

    MR. GIBBS: I know there are faithful readers of your publication that despite —

    Q Including you.

    MR. GIBBS: Oh, well, I don’t know that I would necessarily mark myself down at an avid reader or a faithful reader. I continue to be amazed, Lester, that two years after putting the President’s birth certificate on the Internet —

    Q Without a hospital and without a doctor —

    MR. GIBBS: Do you think the President was born here, Lester?

    Q Beg pardon?

    MR. GIBBS: Do you think the President was born in the United States?

    Q I don’t know. I’d love to get the real birth certificate, wouldn’t you?

    MR. GIBBS: I’ve seen the real birth certificate. I put it on the Internet and I appreciate your —

    Q But you’re not answering this question.

    MR. GIBBS: I appreciate your forthrightness on the birth answer.

    Q Thank you.

    2:33 P.M. EDT

    • Love that exchange lol

    • That was quite masterful how Gibbs led Lester away from his SS# question and into the birth certificate issue, which they’ve already done a good job of obfuscating and making “birthers” look silly when they ask about it. But the SS# remains unanswered and Kinsolving allowed himself to be distracted. Losing the moment, perhaps for all time. Sheer Alinsky genius. There is such a thing as evil genius. Unfortunately.

  5. THE PRESIDENT: By the way, all of the jokes here tonight are brought to you by our friends at Goldman Sachs. (Laughter.) So you don’t have to worry — they make money whether you laugh or not. (Laughter.)

    We do have a number of notable guests in attendance here tonight. Obviously I’m most pleased that Michelle accompanied me. She doesn’t always go to these things. (Applause.) And there are few things in life that are harder to find and more important to keep than love — well, love and a birth certificate. (Laughter.)

    • Goldman Sachs. (Laughter.) So you don’t have to worry — they make money whether you laugh or not.

      Ok, I am not going to say it…thinking it though…ok saying it.
      Maybe they should give a *^$% if we are laughing or not…
      Makes me so sick.

  6. Bridgette!!! Fantastic work! You got us to page 4! Thank you! You are the whiz kid🙂

  7. Ali, I’m thinking twins. And possibly another mother.

    There’s no reply when the comments get nested more than 7 deep, I think. No problem. Just reply at the bottom. I’ll find it eventually.

    • what about the additional possibility that ruth and mark moved to hawaii — that they lived in hawaii in the late 60’s early 70’s?

      • Mark said, when he and his mother moved to the U.S./boston, she was all he had — well that doesn’t make sense — shouldn’t ruth have had family in boston?!

  8. Indonesian to English translation
    Jumat, 14/07/2006
    Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

    Jakarta – Ann Dunham, Barack Obama, aka Barry’s mother, lived in Jakarta for decades. In Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, Ann often called Auntie Anne’s. Although the Caucasian people, but Anne was like batik. He was very pleased batik robe. “I am often asked to sew negligee Auntie Anne’s. Most of the batik, batik fabric she likes,” said Eti Biodiversity (51), neighbor Anne on 1968-1971 in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. After Anne did not live longer in Menteng Dalam, Anne still remembers with Eti. “Because Auntie Anne know if I could sew, she finally sewn negligee often ask,” said Eti, which until this saait still works as a tailor.

    Anne became regular customers Eti until 1995, before Anne left Indonesia and returned to Hawaii because of illness.

    While living in Menteng Dalam, Eti is six years older than Barry, it’s pretty close to Anne. Eti and Barry also often meet, because Eti’s parents’ house when it became a place to play Barry. “Auntie Anne was also used to play to my home, join social gathering with the neighbors. While Barry playing with my brothers,” he said while talking to AFP.

    Eti quite surprised as well with Barry’s achievement is that a U.S. senator from Illinois and was mentioned as a candidate for U.S. president in 2008. Based on the story Eti, after a divorce by Lolo Soetoro, Anne then moved house. Anne invited Barry and his sister, Maya Soetoro, stay together. But around the year 1971, Anne repatriate Barry to Hawaii to attend a better school. In Hawaii, Barry raised his grandmother, Madelayne Dunnham. While Anne and Maya remain in Jakarta. Anne moved house several times. “At that time, Auntie Anne’s work. To my knowledge he never associated with Kupedes BRI worked,” story of Eti.

    Several years later, Anne also send Maya to Hawaii. Today, the Maya became lecturer at the University of Hawaii. Anne recorded ever stayed at. Dempo, Matraman. Anne also lived in Kebalen, Block S. Women with blond hair and this great body berpostur also lived Jl. Daksa, Kebayoran, and Jl. Senjaya. “But, sometimes not ever look at a house in Menteng Dalam. If fitting nengok home, Auntie Anne stopped by my house,” he said.

    Time flies. Around 1990, it suddenly came to Auntie Anne’s house Eti. “That’s when I first got stitches from Auntie Anne’s orders,” said the woman who now lives in Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta. Eti relationship with Aunt Anne was getting closer. Auntie Anne’s repeatedly asked for custom-made clothes and robe, until 1995’s. “He is most often brought batik cloth. Usually he bought cloth during a visit to Yogyakarta and Pekalongan,” he said.

    Contact Eti with Aunt Anne was interrupted around 1995. At that time, Auntie Anne’s residence on Jl. Senjaya. “At that time, I forget the date, but in 1995, my phone into Jl. Senjaya. From there I got the information that Auntie Anne was sick and was taken to Hawaii,” said Eti. Not long after, Eti heard that Auntie Anne died in Hawaii.

    During the years 1990-1995, when Anne was still living in Jakarta, Eti once again met with Maya. “Maya beautiful person. The Indo hell yes .. He used to come here on vacation. But, if I do not ever see Barry to Indonesia again,” said Eti. Auntie Anne’s in the eyes of Eti is a very good person. Although already divorced by Lolo Soetoro, but Anne was still on good terms with her ex-husband. “When Mr. Lolo sick, Auntie Anne had offered to Mr. Lolo to be treated to Hawaii. Auntie Anne, who bear the costs,” said the wife of Ilham this. But, Eti not know exactly whether Lolo accept the offer or not Anne.

    To be sure, on March 2, 1993, Lolo died at Pertamina Central Hospital in Jakarta. Lolo was buried in the Land TPU driver. When Lolo died, Maya had returned to Indonesia to attend the funeral of her real father was. “When Mr. Lolo died, Maya came here,” said Irma Dewi Sukanti, sepermainan Maya friends while living on H Ramli, Menteng Dalam. While Barry did not participate when it comes to Jakarta.

    Photos: Barack Obama at the age of 9-10 years old while living in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. (Ash /)


    • Photo of Obama from Leza’s Article above. 9- 10 Yrs OLD????

      Detikcom/koleksi Irma Sukanti

      Photos: Barack Obama at the age of 9-10 years old while living in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. (Ash /)


      • He looks like Malcolm X here.

        • It almost looks like he has a hair lip in that picture. Or is it just a large cold sore? His cheek bones also look much diffrent. I wish I could make out the ring on his pinky finger on his right had. It almost looks like it has some sort of emblem on it.

          • Bridge, have you checked to see if that pic has been photoshopped? Look at the shadow behind him. It just doe’s not look right…at all.

            • I lightened it to see his features better off line, but didn’t enlarge it to examine it further. Usually those heavy shadows are to cover something. When you look at his hands..don’t they look weird? Look at the darkness in the RH arms..it is brown..why? The wall behind is white. I see the ring too on his pinky. No, didn’t check for Ducky..but age 9 – 10 is an absolute joke. He looks like he has a mustache too. What poor kid wears a white suit? What 10 year old wears a suit with a tie and pocket hankie?

              That guy is a dude..and has a hot date …so he is posing.
              I checked it! See below…it is a photoshop!

              Here’s the answer on that picture!

              ÿØÿà JFIF  ´ ´ ÿáUExif II* 
                †   Œ      Ÿ   § (   1  ¯ 2  à    i‡  Ø Ä Canon Canon PowerShot G5 ´  ´  Adobe Photoshop 7.0 2006:07:12 00:14:54

              • Thats the same suit he was wearing in his punaho high school photo — remember, the photo of @30 students/class photo/prom photo. He must have visited mom in indonesia when he graduated.

              • I didn’t read your last paragraph Bridgette lol — so it too is photoshopped!
                I do recall, though, an article in which ann’s jakarta friend said o visited his mom in indo every summer and xmas vacation.

              • Why would a digital camera be listed with this metadata? This photograph had to have been taken by a film camera and the developed print scanned. I would think a scanner would be listed, not a camera.

                So strange.

      • He certainly looks older than 9 or 10 years old as stated in the article above and he’s wearing his 1977 era John Travolta “Saturday Night Fever” jacket. That would make him around 16 in the picture.
        Saturday Night Fever John Travolta

      • Detik used that photo of o in at least 2 or 3 of their articles.

        You guys a just rolling today! Whats in the coffee?! I’m saving your President read for tonight🙂

        • Ali, I finding most any photos they use of Barry or his “family” were given to them from o’s messengers. Same goe’s for most information they have on o. Anything released after 2006 is the same information, over and over, word for word almost. Everything staged. I have a question – who started the UN? it was India wasent it. What religion do they parctice, hummm 1-2-3 Hindu is it not. Is this all not starting connect or what !!

          • Honest, Im typing all the letters…they are just not posting : )

          • I say “yes” to “everything is staged”, but “no” to the un/india….
            Yes to, India has a major problem with their muslim population — this does seem to be a recurring theme re muslims, the radical islamic faction. I’m beginning to wonder whether “moderate” muslims truly exist. I’ve tried to be open-minded, thinking surely there must be some “normal” muslims w/in predominately muslim countries — I’m still waiting lol — maybe its best we remain segregated lol — seriously, look what they are already pulling here in America, and it will only get worse — look at europe. If there is a large normal population of muslims, they better start speaking out against their religious bullies. This bit with the Ground Zero Mosque was/is truly outrageous — the selfish, self-centered, insensitivity of the muslims pushing to build the mosque at that location was just too much. And that is nothing compared to what our future appears to hold. I hate to even write such things, we’ve never had these problems re religion, we all get along — its only with the muslims come the problems. I know it sounds horrible what I am saying, I think it sounds horrible as well lol. I had held out hope that Indonesia would also be “normal”.
            Like I said, years ago when I vacationed in Turkey, it was fine — at least it was in the areas I visited. Yes, the prayer played throughout the city everyday — the people were “normal” — normal clothing, normal behavior, friendly, no fanatics, etc.

            We have christians, jews, baptists, lutherans, hindus, buddhists, jehovahs witness, etc — ***none of us are killing other americans in the name of our religion, but they kill americans in the name of islam!!! *** They are insane.

            They work our system, and sue any employer anytime they get a chance. Maybe those “religious” muslims should stay in their own countries — again, I can’t believe I’m even writing this, I’m sure I’ll regret it lol.
            If you guys feel the need to censor/pull this entire comment, I will understand lol.

            “…The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue….”


            “…As per the 2001 census, over 800 million Indians (80.5%) were Hindu. Other religious groups include Muslims (13.4%), Christians (2.3%), Sikhs (1.9%), Buddhists (0.8%), Jains (0.4%), Jews, Zoroastrians and Bahá’ís.[153] Tribals constitute 8.1% of the population.[154] India has the third-highest Muslim population in the world and has the highest population of Muslims for a non-Muslim majority country….”


            • Ali, The link no longer works I get a 404 error message but the title for the link is still there –

              India was a founder member of the UN, I somewhat misquoted.

              As a founder member of the United Nations, India’s commitment to the UN Charter has been second to none. India was present when the United Nations was created even before India became independent.


            • Okay — I regret the statement — *Administration Crew, please feel free to delete it.

      • A book written by Arifin Asydhad..one of the Indonesian writers that wrote many fabricated articles about Obama in detikNews wrote this book in 2008: “Searching for Barack Obama in Jakarta Impressions. Writer and early editor: Arifin Asydhad, Nurul Hidayati” In a book review, a commenter stated the following, and I assume he was talking about the above faked photo. Translated from Indonesian

        But there is one picture that pretty clumsy and need an explanation from the publisher. On page 49 there is a photograph of a young black curly hair who was wearing a white coat. Under the photo was written: “Barack Obama now lives in Jakarta.” Was Barry teenager had lived in Jakarta? If it is him, the photo was taken where? If not him, then that photo who? It became the publisher of homework to explain it, when will this book reprinted.


  9. Indonesian to English translation

    Wednesday, 12/07/2006 13:34
    The Barack Obama Ayah
    Tiri tracks Barry and the Chicken Fight

    Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

    Jakarta – The Story of Barack Obama, aka Barry in Indonesia interesting to explore. After decades left Jakarta and flown to the United States, Barry still remember the chicken coop.

    Understandably, Barry’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, very pleased with the fighting cock. Barry is currently a U.S. senator from Illinois. Male descendants of US-Kenya is now mentioned as a candidate for U.S. president in 2008. He will compete with Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic Party convention.

    Before becoming a U.S. senator, Barry never criticize policies of President Bush who invaded Iraq. Barry is also concerned with bird flu that hit Indonesia. One time, Barry had linked the bird flu infections to the habits of the people of Indonesia in raising chickens. He remembered the time lived in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, many of her neighbors who keep chickens in the yard and around the house.

    Speaking of chicken, Lolo Soetoro was also happy to keep chickens. However, Barry’s second husband’s mother, Ann Dunham, was preferred to maintain a fighting cock. “Once upon a dawn, Mrs. Lolo suddenly was hanging out in my backyard. She saw my cock,” said Suwardi, Lolo neighbors while living in the area of Jl. H Ramli, Menteng Dalam, when told Barry told AFP on Tuesday (07/11/2006). Chicken Suwardi it was okay, always win if pitted. “Mr. Lolo interested at my cock. Then he took two baboons (hen) to be exchanged with my cock it. I’m happy aja,” said Suwardi who is now 67 years old this.

    According Suwardi, Lolo was very pleased with fighting cock. In addition to raising chickens happy, Lolo is also pleased to maintain other animals. At his home, Lolo maintain crocodiles, monkeys, and dogs. Barry lived with Lolo on Jl. H Ramli was around 1968-1971.

    Perhaps he remembered Barry about maintenance of backyard chickens as bird flu is talking about the chickens belong to this Suwardi. At that time, Suwardi did have some chicken cages in the backyard. Suwardi and Lolo’s house next door. Barry would often play to the home Suwardi. About Lolo According Suwardi, Lolo is a good neighbor and gets along with other neighbors. “Mr. Lolo was somewhat squat stature. He just hanging out with the neighbors,” said Suwardi.

    About the job Lolo, Suwardi not know clearly. “I understand he works at Pertamina, but experts topography (mapping),” said Suwardi.

    Around the year 1971, with Ann Dunham Lolo divorced, the mother of Barry. After the divorce, Ann Dunham moved house, while Lolo was still in the house in Menteng Dalam that. After getting married again to Mrs. Erna, Lolo moved to Sawangan, Depok. Lolo passed away on March 2, 1993 and was buried in General Cemetery Land coachman, South Jakarta. The story of Lolo Soetoro was also told by Zulfan Adi, a friend of Barry sepermainan that in the 1970’s near Lolo. “Mr. Lolo simple person, not arrogant, and like to joke,” said Adi while talking to AFP. Lolo is also known to be very strong to talk and stay up. “If only he knew, it seemed really quiet. But, when it’s near as I can until the morning ngobrolnya,” said Adi. Which was never forgotten by Adi other is like treating eating Lolo. “I was always invited to go eat. No pelitlah,” he said.

    Photo Caption: Barry, aged around 10 years while living in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. (Ash /)


    • Same photo as above in this article..must be a stock photo for them.

      He doesn’t look 9 or 10 and I don’t think it looks like him at all.

  10. Indonesian to English translation
    On Friday, 30/06/2006 09:44 WIB
    The tracks of Barack Obama the Memory in the PRIMARY SCHOOL 4
    Besuki Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

    Barack Obama, U.S. senator from the Democratic Party is currently starting touted as a candidate for U.S. President 2008, had attended an elementary school in Jakarta. Search AFP, Barack was educated in elementary school (Trial) 4 Besuki, Menteng. This information was obtained from
    Onny Padmo AFP, comrade Barack as a class in elementary school located at Besuki, Menteng, Keris Gallery behind it. Onny was not much remember about Barry, the Barack call at that time.

    What is clear, Onny who is now a Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Mobil Indonesia (IMI) is to ensure that Barry is a classmate while sitting in class 4 in 1971. Indeed, Onny not so familiar with Barry at the time. However, at least he still recognizes the Barack as a child. In memory of Onny, Barry Besuki elementary school in just one year, in grade 4 was yes. “When I ride the 5th grade, I’ve not see Barry again,” said Onny who now remain in Menteng, Jl precisely in Cianjur, while talking to AFP on Friday (06/30/2006). Onny surprise also to see Barry is currently a U.S. senator. Especially at this time Barry is taken into account as well, because it was mentioned as a candidate for U.S. President 2008. “When I read this news in the AFP, I instantly remember the Barry is my classmate,” said the old man 40s this year. Barry’s face when it’s already much different than 35 years ago. “Last time when elementary school, she was quite plump, her cheeks bulging. The body of the small is already high. But, now look thinner,” said Barry Onny after seeing pictures today.

    Onny also still remember when Barry each way to school. “If schools dibonceng on a motorcycle by the army,” said Onny. Motors used the soldier is the kind of large Honda motorcycle, such as that brought by the postman. However, who the soldiers, Onny not know. Could be, the soldier is Barry’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro Mangundiharjo. Because, as well as a manager at a mining company, Lolo also join the army.

    Sometimes, said Onny, Barry also escorted her mother. “Her mother was a big tall, Caucasian. Her hair was blond. As a child, I and my friends also wonder, why her mother thing, why even the Barry and black curly hair,” said Onny. At that time, Onny and his friends do not know if Barry’s real father comes from Kenya, Africa.

    Onny also claimed to have attended Barry’s birthday that was held at his home. Barry’s house was located on Jl Dempo, Matraman, in the vicinity of Taman Amir Hamzah. Formerly, this area is still fairly quiet, well compared to the current situation. Unfortunately, Onny not remember how meriahnya anniversary of Barry. Although the new kid in class 4 and not the people of Indonesia, according to Onny, Barry smart enough to speak Indonesian. Barry talked to her friends with the Indonesian language. One of the things that are still remembered well by Onny Barry is left-handed. “He’s left-handed. If you write with my left hand,” he said. Onny not remember if Barry at school, including a child smart or not. However, Barry is no different from other children, who still love to play. What do Onny when suddenly met Barry at the moment? “I will bring him to SD Besuki, together let us remember,” said Onny laugh. Currently, four school buildings Besuki is still standing. When Barry came to Indonesia and went to school, memories of Berry also will carry over into 35 years ago. Frankly, Onny said, he had never heard of information on Barry after Onny not visible at grade 5. So, quite surprised as well if Barry is now a famous person in the U.S.. Success, for Barry! (Ash /)


    • Sometimes, said Onny, Barry also escorted her mother. “Her mother was a big tall, Caucasian. Her hair was blond.

      Leza, She was pale, but had DARK BROWN Hair…FAR from blonde.

      • I know Renee, isn’t that strange. Also in many of the articles they said Barry was blonde also. Just not make any sense unless they were trying to hide their real appearance.

        • I noticed that too — don’t know whether its the bots playing with the text to confuse us or what??

        • Leza, I’m just now reading your findings on this.

          Blonde hair? It could be relative, when you’re amongst a bunch of dark-haired people, but every photo of SAD shows her with very dark brown hair. No way was it blonde. I can’t imagine Indonesians calling her hair blonde.

          But Ruth was blonde, wasn’t she? It doesn’t make sense. Was SAD tall? Ruth is relatively tall. I never thought SAD looked tall.

          Remember SAD’s friend, who said she saw SAD in Seattle in August, 1961, when Barry was only a few weeks old? She said the baby was “pink”. Pink. He’s supposed to be African-American. His father (?) was VERY dark.

          How likely is it that, in the sixties, a girl shows up with a mixed-race baby and her friend describes this baby as “pink?”

        • Just a thought: Remember those very old photos that were supposed to be Stanley Ann as a toddler and then about 5 or 6, in Texas, iirc? She had blonde hair then. Suddenly, at about age 12, her once fine, blonde hair becomes a kinky, thick, dark helmet-like mess.

          • I think those pictures came out of Vernon, TX or nearby when she was in elementary school. I will look for them. I had them once.

    • So Onny wanted to accompany Barry back to their school and talk about old memories.. is Onny still living? Barry would have no memories. Lia was the one with memories.

      • What is your theory — this stuff is making me crazy lol. The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about Miri’s remark re twins, different mother. What do you guys think?

        • I think there could be twins also. That started when I read Lame Cherry and he posted two pictures of Obama and his club hand and one with his skinny hand. Those pictures were very dark as most are of Obama and family. It is like they want them that way. I lightened those photos so the hands can be seen. There appear to be two different bodies too. One is a thicker version, and the other guy skinnier. It is the same phenomenon we see in the child photos of the persons that are supposed to represent Obama.

          I posted those hands in Photos up above.

  11. Indonesian to English translation

    Senin, 03/07/2006 11:02 WIB
    The tracks of Barack Obama Barry, viewed the School Please!
    Ahmad Dani – detikNews


    It is no document of 1971 students in elementary Besuki, Menteng. Longest data stored in the school who is now the Southeast Asia Regional Coalition SD is just the last 10 years students. Barack Obama’s name was not written.

    Even so, the teachers hope that Barack Obama never looked this school. Purwanto, a teacher who has served in this school since 1983, does not recognize Barry, Barack Obama calls while still in school at that place. Even so, Purwanto, who now has an 50-year-old was admitted happy when there is a former elementary school student who became the top in the United States (U.S.). “I am proud that a former elementary school student here in the United States nominate officials. If it is true it is done, I expect him to come to Indonesia and to the school is to ask for your blessings. We are ready to be supporting Barack Obama,” said the teacher who teaches the class 4 when found’m reading at this elementary school building, Jl. Besuki, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday (6/30/2006) ago.

    Barry had attended this school in 1971. However, he was only a year studying at this school. At that time he entered fourth grade. In 1972, Barry left Indonesia and returned to Hawaii, the region of origin his mother, Ann Dunham. Although only a year in elementary school this Besuki, Barry perpetuate his memory in Jakarta was in his autobiography entitled: ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. After continuing her life in Hawaii, now Barry became the top in the U.S.. Since early 2005, he became a U.S. senator from Illinois. Now, he was mentioned as a candidate for U.S. president, 2008. Parents of students in elementary Besuki also supports if Barry would visit the school that became this cultural heritage. “If it is true there is a famous former student in the U.S., I also pingin know,” said one of the parents when found AFP on Friday (06/30/2006) and on the sidelines in this school report card acceptance.

    Sutarmiyati, Besuki elementary school teacher who had taught in 1971, also pleaded not know Barry. “I do not know. Because I was in 1971, teaching grades 1,” said retired teacher who now are elderly when asked about Barry. Even so, Sutarmiyati confirmed when it was still foreign students who attend the school. Most foreign students coming into the school entrance in high grade, 4, 5 or 6. Rarely foreigners who entered school from grade 1. According Sutarmiyati, when did Barry go in grade 4, the possibility that knew him is Hendri Sunardi. “In the past Mr Hendy who taught grade 4. But now he is dead,” he said.

    Head of SD at the time, Mother Kasim probably also know Barry. “But, now Mrs. Eunuch also was dead,” said Sutarmiyati. Currently, there are other teachers who taught in 1971 are still alive, Mr. Jasim and Mrs. Tine. However, they now could not be contacted.

    Information that Barry had attended a primary school has been obtained from Onny Padmo AFP. In 1971, Onny one class with Barry. Onny who is currently Deputy Secretary General of Association of Motor Indonesia (IMI) is still remembered glimpse of Barry. Section archive elementary school, elementary school students Juwita recognize data that is stored in the document is only pupil last 10 years. Student data in 1971 was gone. Student data stored in computer files only pupil from 2000.

    Photo Caption: One scene in SD Besuki. (Ash /)


  12. Indonesian to English translation

    Rabu, 05/07/2006 09:56 WIB

    The tracks of Barack Obama
    Oh.. The Negroid Child

    Arifin Asydhad– detikNews

    Jakarta – The old retired teacher in elementary school (Trial) 4 Besuki, Menteng, Central Jakarta, difficulty recognizing when Barack Obama attended the school in 1971 for 1 year.

    However, one of his teachers ever remember it. Oh boy …. nigger. Tine Ahyari, former head of the school and four elementary school teachers Besuki, claimed never heard the name Barack Obama or it could be called Barry. Tine who is now 77-year-old really have never heard the name of Barry. Understandably, in 1971, Tine teach grade 1. While Barry was sitting in class 4. “Maybe Mrs. Karim who recognize it, because it was she who became head of school,” Tine said that despite old age, but still fresh and communicate it fluently. But, when reminded of what he had seen little nigger boy, curly-haired and dark-skinned, straight Tine remember it. “Oh, the nigger …. yes yes I’ve seen,” Tine said when contacted by AFP on Wednesday (05/07/2006). Tine just never seen it, but never talked to Barry. “The teaching grade 4 at the time Mr. Hendra. But, now deceased,” said the grandmother who taught at the elementary school since 1958.

    That way, Tine who was appointed as head of the school in 1972 also did not know Barry’s achievement. Were Barry including a bright child or just mediocre. To be sure, at this time Barry has become famous in the U.S.. Since early 2005, Barry was sworn in as U.S. senator from Illinois. Certainly remarkable achievement. He became the third black U.S. senator. Moreover, at this time, Barry
    already mentioned as a candidate for U.S. President 2008. In the Democratic convention, predicted Barry will get serious rival of Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. About Barry’s achievement is, of course participate Tine proud. “It certainly honor and pride,” said Tine, who retired from elementary schools since 1989.

    Another elderly teacher, Jasim, also pleaded not know Barry. Jasim is a new 65-year-old was assigned to teach at this school in 1972. “Maybe I went into the school, Barry fitting out,” said Jasim. Information from Onny Padmo, Barry’s classmate in the 4th grade, Barry was only in elementary school Besuki for 1 year, in 1971. While rising to the 5th grade, Barry was not seen again participate in school. (Ash /)


  13. Indonesian to English translation
    Rabu, 05/07/2006 10:46 WIB
    The Barack Obama tracks 2 years in Menteng In
    Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

    Jakarta – Traces the U.S. senator who is now mentioned as a candidate for U.S. President 2008, Barack Obama, in Indonesia during his childhood began to light.

    Before studying in primary schools (pilot) 04 Besuki, negro boy who usually called Barry had been also studied at the elementary Franciscus Asisia, located on Jl. Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. Barry studied at the school, known as ‘SD Assisi’ from the years 1969-1970. He was sitting in class two and three. Barry schooled in this school, because this is the only primary school near his home.

    At that time, Barry lived with his biological mother, Ann Dunham and his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, in a house in Menteng Dalam.

    Information about the trail Barry was delivered Rony Amir told AFP on Wednesday (05/07/2006). Ron who now works at Bank Mandiri is Barry playmate while living in Menteng Dalam. Ron and Barry’s house is only about 20 meters. “At that time, Barry’s best house among other houses.

    Mr. stepfather, Lolo Soetoro sir, I believe, is a colonel who worked at Pertamina,” said Ron. In addition to being friends sepermainan, Ron and Barry are also school friends. However, Ron is not the same class with Barry. Ron’s brother Barry grade one level. Ron can not be sure at what grade in elementary school Barry Asisia it. However, the possibility of class two and three. “As I recall, class two and three. Year 1969-1970-lah. But, I kinda forgot, too,” said Ron. Currently, the school building is still standing strong, even undergoing renovation. The process of teaching and learning in primary schools is also still ongoing.

    Ron also still remember well the little face Barry. “His body was huge. Her [His] hair was curly, but not too dark skin. If I see his picture now, I still remember it’s Barry,” he said. Just as children sebanyanya, Barry was also happy to play. Ron remembered, from before Barry was gregarious. “It quickly hang him, although the Indonesian language was broken. Naturally, if he’s now become politicians in the U.S.,” he said.

    Despite often playing with Barry, but Ron never entered into the Barry’s parents’ house. “His house was the biggest, most good. But, it’s always closed. The house was indeed owned by Mr. Lolo,” he said. Currently, Lolo’s house is still standing, but reportedly has been sold to someone else. Ron Barry lost around the year 1971. “Suddenly he’s gone just like that, do not know where. After that, I’ve never met,” he said.

    By moving Barry, Ron who was then aged 10 years and also heard that Barry and Lolo’s mother divorced. But such certainty what, Ron did not know. Could be, after leaving the house in Menteng Dalam, Barry and his mother moved into a house on Jl. Dempo, Amir Hamzah Park area, Matraman. After moving into a new home, Barry’s possible move to the elementary school (Experiment) 04 Besuki, Menteng. (Ash /)


  14. Indonesian to English translation

    Kamis, 06/07/2006 09:21 WIB
    The Barack Obama Bersarung tracks to the prayer room, Funny Deh!
    Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

    Jakarta – Barack Obama small still remembered by his friends in Jakarta sepermainannya. Barry, the Barack call during a small, sociable and jaunty. In addition to playing marbles and football, Barry also often with his friends to musala. “We used too often to ask him to musala close to home. If you wear gloves, deh funny,” said Rony Amir, Barry sepermainan friends while living on Jl. H. Ramli, when the story about the memories with Barry told AFP on Wednesday (05/07/2006).

    Actually, without wearing gloves, Berry also looks funny. This was because he was quite fat and tall, and blond curls. Ronny when remembering memories with Barry always laughed. “It’s funny anyway,” he said with a chuckle. Barry had always been Muslim. His biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Muslim economist from Kenya. Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama was married to a Kenyan descendants have 7 children. All sebapak brother Barry was Muslim.

    But, this time Barry has moved the Christian religion. He lives happily with his wife, Michelle, with two daughters. Since elected as U.S. senator from Illinois, Barry’s name more famous. In fact, today he was mentioned as a candidate for U.S. President 2008, which will fight in the Democratic Party Convention against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Although already a famous person, but Barry still maintain good relations with his brothers from Kenya. Information from the poet Ikranagara, when Barry was sworn in as U.S. senator in Washington DC in early January 2005, Barry brothers from Kenya also came. One of them named, H Joseph.

    About Barry’s football exploits in the U.S., Rony Amir also feel proud. According to Ron, since small, Barry did like to hang out. Perhaps that is the capital for Barry, so that a politician who was well respected in the U.S.. Ron also quite surprised when I heard Barry became the top in the U.S.. In fact, since small, Barry did not vary with children who like playing Menteng Dalam marbles and soccer. “What distinguishes us is, when it was his great height,” said Ron who now works at Bank Mandiri this. When Barry came to Indonesia, Rony tenty just wish I could meet him.

    Photo Caption: Barry happy with his family (ash /)


  15. Translation from Indonesian to English

    Jumat, 07/07/2006 10:26 WIB

    The tracks of Barack Obama were registered as Barry Soetoro

    Indra Subagja – detikNews

    Jakarta –

    Naturally when his friends in Jakarta do not know Barack Obama. They are more familiar with Barry. When you get to Francis of Assisi elementary school in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, Barack listed as ‘Barry Soetoro’. Documents obtained AFP on Friday (07/07/2006), Barry went into this school with serial number 203.

    In his report card, Barry written born in Honolulu, August 4, 1961. In the document, Barry written as a citizen of Indonesia. Barry entered the SD Francis of Assisi on January 1, 1968 and sat in class 1B. Barry’s religion was written in the document that is Islam. While his father named L. Soetoro MA, who worked as an employee of Geography Department of the Army Topographic Directorate (AD).

    Barry went to Assisi Elementary School because it is very near his home. Barry’s house located on Jl. H Ramli, who is behind the school. In the house, Barry lived with his biological mother, Ann Dunham, stepfather Lolo Soetoro, and his sister Maya Soetoro. Barry including the second generation in this Assisi elementary school. Therefore, this Catholic school founded in 1967, while Barry signed in 1968.

    When Barry entered,this school there are only two classrooms, the base was still sand and roof sekolak without plasterboard. Barry was sitting in class 1 B. Elementary school that houses Barry is up to now still standing. In fact, today the school has flourished from kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, and CMS. “In Catholic school entry level C From the first until now the school is usually to the middle to the top,” said Maryadi (63) teachers who teach this school since 1970.

    Barry’s only three years in elementary school Assisi. Barry only studied up to grade 3. In 1970, Barry moved to SD Besuki Experiment 04, Menteng, Central Jakarta. When moving to SD Besuki, Barry also moved to Jl. Dempo, Matraman, Jakarta.

    Decades do not meet, friends Barry Elementary School in Jakarta finally miss him. Initially, they did not know Barack Obama. But after they saw his picture, they just understand that the black curly hair that is Barry.

    Irma Dewi Sukanti, Barry neighbors while living in Jl. H Ramli, Menteng Dalam, also claimed to only know Barry. Irma is a friend sepermainan Maya Soetoro, Barry’s sister. Irma’s house adjacent to Barry’s house. “I know Barry. But, one time I ever saw him write on the wall with the words ‘Barack’. Oh, it turns out his real name Barack Obama,” said Irma are already tens of years is not met Barry and Maya.

    Barry is currently a U.S. senator from the Democratic Party. At this time, Barry was mentioned as a candidate for U.S. President 2008. In the Democratic convention, Barry is expected to get a strong rival of Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. (Ash /)


  16. Indonesian to English translation

    Selasa, 11/07/2006 08:15 WIB
    The tracks of Barack Obama Barry to Hawaii, Ann Dunham Jadi Konsultan BR
    Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

    rural areas in Indonesia. In some sources, Ann called to join the Women’s World Banking (WWB) in February 1993, as coordinator of policy and research. Ann also has 15 years experience in the development of small enterprises and rural banking, especially in Asia.

    Eti Hayati (51), one of the women who are often associated with Ann Dunham told, with his work, Ann is often out of regions in Indonesia. “He [She] used to Semarang, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, Bali, and others. Often go-go,” said Eti, who was a neighbor Ann in the area of Jl. KH Ramli, Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, around 1968-1971.

    According Eti, Ann’s house in Jakarta also moved around a lot. In memory of Eti, Ann is frequently called by ‘Auntie Anne’ was once lived in Kebalen, Block S, South Jakarta. Ann also lived at Jl. Senjaya. Finally, Eti know Ann lives in Jl. Daksa, Kebayoran Baru. “I last met Auntie Anne around 1995. After that, Auntie Anne was sick and was rushed to hospital in Hawaii. A few moments later, my phone goes back to his house, and apparently had died in Hawaii,” said Eti who now live in the area of Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta was when found AFP on Sunday (09/07/2006).

    While Dijasinur Sirait, one reader AFP confirmed that Ann Dunham who was often called himself by the name ‘Ann Soetoro’ once lived in the New Temple, Semarang. Ann lives in Semarang, between the years 1979-1981. According Djasinur, Ann was in Hyderabad for USAID assistance project. (Ash /)


  17. Bridgette, is that photo of o with sr at the airport in hawaii photoshopped? And what about the one with o with his monkey necklace? Lastly, what about the indo photo of “o” lying on the ground with his indo friends?

  18. Oh! I see above you’ve already labeled the bench/monkey necklace photo as photoshopped. I didn’t realize the wedding photo with ann was also photoshopped! Sheesh lol, maybe its easier to ask which are not photoshopped lol.
    I guess the one with the kids on the ground may be real since it doesn’t look like its o lol.

  19. Indonesian to English translation

    Tuesday, 04/07/2006 9:54 pm
    Barack Obama Impressions
    Lost Houses Dempo
    Ahmad Dani – detikNews

    Jakarta – Rounding out the story of U.S. senators, Barack Obama, in Indonesia. In his childhood, Barack is believed to live in a house on Jl. Dempo in Amir Hamzah Park area, Central Jakarta. However, now the occupants of houses in this area do not know Barack or Barry. Quite difficult to track the presence of U.S. senators while living in Indonesia.

    The only information that is strong enough I’m reading obtained from Onny Padmo, Barry’s classmate at school in 4th grade Besuki, Menteng, Central Jakarta in 1971 ago. Onny claimed to have attended Barry’s birthday party at her house at that time. Barry’s house located on Jl. Dempo, near Taman Amir Hamzah. However, the exact address, Onny do not remember. Understandably, the memories 35 years ago.

    AFP have been searching the area on Monday (07/03/2006). However, some residents who had lived long enough in this area do not know the name of Barack or Barry. They also do not hear the name Lolo Soetoro, Ann Dunham, or Maya Kassandra Soetoro. Lolo Soetoro was Ann’s husband and stepfather Barry. Ann is a U.S. citizen, Barry’s mother. While the Maya are the sons of my mother’s brother Barry, the fruit of love between Ann and Lolo. And, in fact shared Barry’s mother and stepfather It had lived in Indonesia for a long time.

    Although known in elementary school Barry 4 Besuki only 1 year, sitting in class 4, but the information from Maya Soetoro, Barry lived in Indonesia between 1968-1973. However, where only the address of Barry’s home for 5 years, it is not clear. To be sure, according to Onny, Barry has lived at Jl. Dempo. “I had never attended Barry’s birthday in the house. Not far from Taman Amir Hamzah,” said Onny, a friend of Barry School in 1971. Currently, Jl. Dempo still maintained. This road is not far from Taman Amir Hamzah, although not right in front. This road is closer to Masjid Amir Hamza is quite famous in those days.

    One of the residents who had long lived in the area of Amir Hamzah Park, the Ari (55), when found AFP said he did not know Barack Obama or Barry. He also did not know the name of Lolo Soetoro. “As I recall, in the 1960s in this region many Dutch people. If there is a negro boy, I really do not know,” he said.

    Besides the Dutch, in this region are also many people of Ambon Dutch descent. While the RT, Hj Mamiati, who lived in this area since the 1950’s also said he did not know Ann Dunham, Lolo Soetoro or Barry. He admitted in Amir Hamzah Park area, in the 1960’s many foreigners out. Mamiati indeed never saw a curly-haired black child who had lived at Jl. Dempo number 2 around the 1970’s. However, he said, the first negro child was referred to as the people of Papua. “There is a negro child, but first he said of Irian,” he said. Could be, nigger boy in question Mamiati is Barry. However, it is difficult to ascertain.

    Until now, the house on Jl. Dempo number 2 is still visible architecture of the Dutch period, has not been renovated. Now, this old house used as a practice of a dentist. While other houses on Jl. Dempo has changed the face with a new building. (Ash /)


  20. January 16, 2008

    “…Another thing Mrs Is could recall is Barry’s lunchbox at school. “He always brought bread to school. It was rare enough to have bread those days,” she said.

    Just like Ceacilia, Mrs Is also admitted that Barry attended Catholic lessons at school. “It was compulsory for every student. However, he also often went to a musalla (Islamic room set aside for prayers) near his house as Barry’s (step)father was a Muslim,” she added (Barry’s house was also located in Hj Ramli Street, where Assisi Primary was).

    Barry Soetoro enrolled in that school for only two years. Then, he was transferred by both his parents, Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro, to Trial Primary (SD Percobaan), Besuki Street, Menteng (now 1st Menteng Public Primary School, or SDN 1 Menteng). In the public school (1970-1971 until his middle of 5th grade), Barry was registered as a pupil of Muslim religion.

    Regarding the religion that Barry adheres to, Anis bin Hajj Asmari, 48, the man who had been mandated by Erna, the wife of Lolo Soetoro after his divorce with Ann Dunham, to sell the house they had occupied in the Inner Menteng vicinity, admitted how well acquainted he is with the Soetoro family.

    “Barry always went to the neighbourhood musalla every afternoon. Yep, around 4 to 5 pm. Then he always hurried home after that,” he said.

    According to Anis, the Lolo Soetoro’s family discipline is very strict. Apart from the tall gate, the house was surrounded by a 2.5 metre high wall. “However, Mr Lolo was a very down-to-earth kind of guy. As an oil expert, he often went out of town. But whenever he’s home, he often went out with us and join the neighbourhood night patrol,” he said.

    According to Anis, the house that was occupied by the Soetoros was sold for Rp 400 million (1980 currency). The price had included the land and garden with an area of 268 m². She also added that Maya Kassandra Soetoro, Barack Obama’s stepsister who now resides in USA also obtained portion from that amount of money. “When we managed the selling, I faxed her several times,” she said.

    Barack Obama also had several friends who are now eminent persons in Indonesia. One of them is Emirsyah Sattar, the Chief Director of Garuda Indonesia, the main Indonesian airline. Emir was a student in Trial Primary, Besuki Street, in 1968-1972. “I still remember (Barry) that time, although vaguely,” he said when contacted by this daily.

    Apart from Emir, there is also Junino Yahya. The man who is now the Deputy of Internal Supervisory and Public Complaint of Corruption Watch Commission was his senior. “Barry loved to attend the boy scouts activities,” he said.(*)”


    • Just like Ceacilia

      Ceacilia ? Who is that ?

    • Nice to have friends in high places…Junino Yahya..Deputy of Internal Supervisory and Public Complaint of Corruption Watch Commission.

      Should we send Junino a letter voicing corruption regarding BO? Another joke, but not on us.

  21. “After her separation with Barack Husein Obama, Ann Dunham had her second marriage with an Indonesian postgraduate student named Lolo Soetoro Mangundikardjo from Indonesia who was taking his doctorate in Geology. After finishing his studies, Lolo Soetoro brought his family back to Indonesia….”


  22. “Houses belonging Mangunharjo Lolo Soetoro, his adopted father, was addressed at Jl. KH”

    Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s adopted father !!!

    Monday, 07/10/2006 13:52 pm
    Barack Obama Impressions
    U.S. presidential candidate from Narrow Alley
    Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

    Indonesian to English translation

    Jakarta – The name of Barack Obama moncer in the U.S.. While in Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, Barack was known by the name Barry. Once, years 1968-1970, the streets in the area of Jl. KH Ramli, Menteng Dalam – an area inhabited by Barry – is still not paved. Barry’s house was located in an alley. For about 3 years, 1968-1970, Barry lived in a pretty nice house berluas about 300 square meters of land. Houses belonging Mangunharjo Lolo Soetoro, his adopted father, was addressed at Jl. KH Middle Ramli number 16 RT 011/16. Until now, this house is still standing strong.

    Barry is currently a U.S. senator from Illinois. He who had attended elementary school in Jakarta for four years (3 years in Assisi Elementary School, 1 year in SD 04 Besuki) is now mentioned as a candidate for U.S. president in 2008. He will compete with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party Convention.

    According Zulfan Adi, a former neighbor and friend Barry sepermainan, area Jl. KH Ramli in that year is still busy as now. Currently, this area was incredible dense. Access road too narrow this region, fitting for two cars as they passed. In fact, the road to Barry’s house is more narrow again, only fit for one car. “This gang has always yes like this, no change nothing until now. The difference is, once a dirt road, now paved,” he said when met Adi Zulfan AFP on Sunday (07/09/2006).

    Adi is very familiar with Barry. Adi’s house to within about 20 yards from the house of Barry. Until now, Adi was still living in his old house occupied since 1968 was with his biological mother. Adi remember about Barry is still very small. “We used to play and joke,” said Adi who currently manage internet cafes (cafe) in Menteng In this. “He used to have a crocodile. We often teased him with a turtle,” recalled Adi. According to Adi, himself with Rony Amir (now employees of Bank Mandiri) is very often played with Barry. “I used here is still quiet. So, my friends at that time still a bit yes.’s Friends sepermainan yes those of us alone, “said Adi, who had become Chairman of this RT 011/16.

    At that time, the area Jl. KH Ramli has not filled the house as it is now. First is still a lot of vacant land. What often done Barry and friends at It is playing at war. The term ‘forest of Assisi’ which was known to friends sepermainan yes terrain in this region. However, the current terrain that made this playground has never looked back. Rony Amir confessed, in a play, Barry is very disciplined. “If you play only the evening only. After school, he did not directly play, “said Ron who reminisce with Adi about The Barry.

    When told, the two friends Barry is sometimes laugh because remember the story of little Barry.” Before his big, curly hair. For us, this kid wrote a strange, funny. Rarely do people like that, “said Adi. Both Adi and Ron, never entered the house of Barry. “Never. We are reluctant, because his mother Caucasian,” said Adi.

    Even so, according to Adi and Ronny, Barry’s house is still not much changed. Only the floors are already replaced by new homeowners. Barry’s house relics are now changing hands. This house was not owned by Lolo Soetoro, but belonged to Ivan. We met AFP, Ivan confessed bought this house in 2004 from second wife Lolo, Mrs Erna. “I have not changed the shape of the house. I just replace the floor. The walls were still original from the beginning, not changed at all,” said Ivan. Adi and Ron also confirmed that the house once occupied Barry does not change shape at all. “The shape is still not changed. Pagar house is also still like before,” said Ron, pointing at the fence was painted dark brown. Barry fence is made of iron. Building a two-story house at the rear.

    Photo Description: This is the road to Barry’s house. It is now paved (above). The interior of the Barry home. The building is still original, there has been no change (down).


  23. http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/10/the_real_roots_of_obamas_rage.html

    The above link goes to an article by Jack Cashill, the guy who believes that Bill Ayers wrote Barry’s mythological life story, Dreams from My Father. He’s taking on Dinesh D’Souza because his own new book depends upon Barry having written the “auto”biography in the first place as well as Barry having BHO Sr. for his biological father. Both facts not yet in evidence.

  24. Punahou School HI – Fortunately Barack qualified for a scholarship.

    Founded in 1841, Punahou School (pronounced “poo-na-hoe”) which translates as “new spring” was originally established to educate the children of New England missionaries. This allowed them to stay in Hawaii with their families, rather than sailing thousands of miles away to attend a school on the Mainland.

    Long an icon in the community, Obama described Punahou as “an incubator for the island elites”. In the local lexicon it’s synonymous with privilege and influence. Families with modest means will scrimp and save to send their send their children there (if the child is lucky enough to be admitted) and the Dunham family was no different. Fortunately Barack qualified for a scholarship.

    Obama has often acknowledged the profound impact this institution had on his life. In a May 21, 2008 Sports Illustrated interview he said, “Punahou gave me a great foundation so that when I got older, and wiser, I knew what it was to work hard and strive for excellence. I think it instills that in a lot of kids.”

    Known for its academic excellence and superb sports program, Punahou provided the future President of the United States with a first class education, a rich educational environment and a chance to play for an all-state basketball team.

    In 1971 he entered Punahou as a fifth grader. During a 2004 speech to Punahou students, he commented on his first days at school: “One of the challenges for a 10-year-old boy coming to a new place is to figure out how you fit in. And it was a challenge for me, partly because I was one of the few African Americans in the school, partly because I was new and a lot of the students had been together since kindergarten.”

    Pal Eldredge, Obama’s math and science teacher in 1971, said in a piece published in the Punahou Bulletin that, “Barry was a happy kid. He had a good sense of humor and was smiling all the time. He was a rascal too – he had a little spunk to him.”

    There were other times, he has written, that he felt like a fish out of water. As a young man from a family of humble origins, he was surrounded by the sons and daughters of Hawaii’s upper class. He was acutely aware that his schoolmates lived in large homes.One former classmate said, “Barack was the only person I knew of who lived in an apartment. The rest of us had homes.” In addition to class distinctions, there were only a handful of African Americans at Punahou, which was overwhelmingly white and Asian. He commented on his search for identity in a piece in the Punahou Bulletin.

    “As an African American teenager in a school with few African Americans, I probably questioned my identity a bit harder than most. As a kid from a broken home and a family of relatively modest means, I nursed more resentments than my circumstances justified, and didn’t always channel those resentments in particularly constructive ways.”

    What brought great joy into his life was participating in Punahou’s vaunted basketball program. His family, friends and former teachers seemed to agree that Barry’s happiest moments at Punahou were spent on the hardwood court of the gym or on the outside courts, mixing it up with his best friends and whomever he could get to play against him.”

    In the 2008 SI interview Obama said, “… basketball was a refuge, a place where I made a lot of my closest friends, and picked up a lot of my sense of competition and fair play. It was very important to me all the way through my teenage years.”

    Former classmate Dean Ando, who spent many hours on the basketball court with Obama and knew him since the fifth grade, says that Punahou was probably the best possible place for Obama in Hawaii. Though an exclusive school it was egalitarian in the sense that anyone with academic skills, regardless of ethnicity, would be respected for their accomplishments.

    Indeed his friends observed that there was more to Obama than just sports. He had an intellectual side. In a comment published in the Punahou Bulletin, his classmate, Greg Orme said, “He had a worldly view. He would talk about people in Pakistan and was a lot more aware of Middle East politics than anybody I knew. He was following conflicts around the world and talked about it all the time. He read a lot on his own, too — books on philosophy. So we’d talk about world politics or existentialism.”

    Of his experience in Punahou Obama said, “There was something about this school that embraced me, gave me support and encouragement, and allowed me to grow and prosper. I am extraordinarily grateful.”

    Indeed there is still a warm place in his heart for his alma mater. Over the years Obama has been a guest speaker at the school and when he visited Hawaii during his 2008 summer vacation, the basketball court at the gym was opened especially for him and former classmates. It’s fair to say that this will not be the last time he will have the same opportunity.

    Punahou & Educational Factoids:

    Years Attended

    1971: (5th grade) to 1979 (12th grade)
    Extra Curricular Activities

    1975: Plays intermediate football at Punahou as an eighth-grader.
    1976: Sings in the Punahou Boys’ Chorus One – 9th grade
    1977: Sings in the Punahou Concert Choir as a 10th-grader; plays junior varsity basketball
    1978: Makes the Punahou varsity basketball team as a junior
    1979: Plays on the state championship basketball team as the only left-hander; writes for Ka Wai Ola, Punahou’s high school literary journal

    1979: Graduates from Punahou

    Pauahi Hall
    Site of Barry Obama’s homeroom
    “KING OBAMA” in Cement

    There are two versions of how “OBAMA” appeared on a patch of cement near a popular gathering spot on campus. One is that a friend of Barry’s was responsible. The other, perhaps more plausible according to a reliable source, is that Obama did the deed himself. Perhaps that’s a question for a future press conference.


    Obama’s Neighborhood – Barack Obama Resources, Hawaii History, Punahou
    … ” Pal Eldredge, Obama’s math and science teacher in 1971, said in a piece published in the Punahou Bulletin that, “Barry was a happy kid. He had a good sense of humor and was smiling all the time. He was a rascal too – he had a little spunk to him.

    • Thank you for your submission. Your request to archive the content of


      has been entered into the archival queue. An archive of this page should shortly be available at


    • The King Obama etching at Punahou. Ducky is still tracking Obama.

      ÿØÿà JFIF  d d ÿì Ducky   P ÿî Adobe dÀ ÿÛ „

      • Bridgette, Wouldn’t Punahou have to have a record of who took this picture? “Ducky” would have had to sign into enter the campus of Punahou right? Or could “Ducky” be one Ng that is a professional at “film”.

        • Dr. Ng teaches courses in the Critical Studies track of the ACM curriculum. His current research and teaching
          interests include: the aesthetics, history, philosophy and politics of cinema and digital media; Asian and Asian
          American/Canadian film and digital media cultures; film festival and film industry culture.

          Dr. Ng received his PhD from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) in Political Science where his research explored diasporic formations of Chinese cultural identity in narrative and experimental film and video. Dr. Ng has taught several courses on film and digital media at UHM and run workshops on undergraduate Asian Studies film curriculum at the East-West Center (EWC). Prior to joining the ACM, Dr. Ng was the Curator of Film and Video at the Honolulu Academy of Arts where he managed the museum’s acclaimed art house film program.

          Dr. Ng was also a film programmer for the Hawaii International Film Festival and the Program Manager for the UHM/EWC International Cultural Studies Graduate Certificate Program, an advanced course of study in the dynamics of global popular culture. He has published scholarly and popular articles on film, politics and culture and served as a juror for international film festivals. Dr. Ng serves on the Board of Directors for the Global Film Initiative and the Center for Asian American Media and in Fall 2009, he was a scholar-in-residence at the
          Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program. Dr. Ng holds a M.A. in Cultural, Social and Political Thought from the University of Victoria and a B.A. in Philosophy from McGill University.


          • Some professor let him slide through a course on photo-shopping..because he doesn’t pass Photo-shopping 101!

          • Leza, It is posted somewhere. He does tatoo body pics. Into gender study also. HENNA Leza. Ink again..

            Henna, Greek Mythology…Lawson name connects way back then too…

        • I was thinking the same thing just now…who else would be traveling around the world and seem to end up in places that Maya was? Need to check and see if photography is his hobby!

      • Can you explain quickly how you find that connection to Ducky? I don’t know how to look at that embedded information. Thanks.

        • I hope I understand the question. I think you are asking how to find the information about a photograph and who took the picture? You save a photo (jpg) on your computer from anywhere. Then click on it to open it. Your computer should ask what program do you want to use to open it. You click on Notepad. Notepad opens. There will be 100’s of lines of gobblegook. Usually within the first few lines (up to 10) the information will appear. There is your answer. You can compare your results with a photo that you have done yourself and see the difference between a photo of yours and one known to be a Ducky photo from all the mugshots.

          AP photos usually say AP and the name of the photographer. Try it on a few photos you have saved of your own. Some will say the name of the company that developed the film too.

          The words stand out between the peculiar symbols that separate the words.

    • So Barry “would talk about people in Pakistan and was a lot more aware of Middle East politics than anybody I knew. He was following conflicts around the world and talked about it all the time. ”

      We’re supposed to believe that while at Punahou, graduating in 1979, Barry was talking about “people in Pakistan?” What was going on in Pahk-ee-stahn in 1979 and why would a half-white, half-black son of an African goatherder and a Kansas-born anthropologist care about Pakistan?

      Now shortly thereafter, he’s attending Occidental. Isn’t this where he first lived with Sohale Siddiqi (coincidentally, check out the name of Maya’s daughter)?

      With which of his Pakistani roommates did he travel to Pakistan in the early ’80s? It’s said that he lived with Siddiqi in NYC when he went to Columbia, but oddly enough only Siddiqi shows up in public records associated with that apartment.

      Back at Punahou, BEFORE Occidental, BEFORE he started rooming with several especially-chosen Pakistanis, he’s talking to fellow students in Hawaii about Pakistan? He’s focused on events in Pakistan, before he graduates in 1979? WHY?

      Guess what happened in Pakistan circa 1979: Sharia law was instituted, after the assassination of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who interestingly enough attended college at UC Berkeley right around the same time that Stanley Armour Dunham supposedly attended some classes there on the GI Bill. Ali Bhutto would qualify as a “desi”, wouldn’t he? Where was Stanley Ann in 1979?


      From the above link:
      On December 2, 1978, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq delivered a nationwide address on the occasion of the first day of the Hijra calendar. He did this in order to usher in an Islamic system to Pakistan. In the speech, he accused politicians of exploiting the name of Islam, saying that “many a ruler did what they pleased in the name of Islam.”

      After assuming power the task that the government set to was its public commitment to enforce Nizam-e-Mustafa (Islamic System) a 180 degree turn from Pakistan’s predominantly Common Law. As a preliminary measure to establish an Islamic society in Pakistan, General Zia announced the establishment of Sharia Benches. Speaking about the jurisdiction of the Sharia Benches, he remarked, “Every citizen will have the right to present any law enforced by the government before the ‘Sharia Bench’ and obtain its verdict whether the law is wholly or partly Islamic or un-Islamic.”

  25. Another oddity/lie — both Ann and Lolo were age 52 upon death! Sure!

  26. Did you view the Maya Time Line tab above? Which one should be next?

  27. I just noticed that these two are almost identical in the identification of the last two photos above, the house and the cement picture. . The second one has a P yi and the first only a yi. I hadn’t compared them before.

    ÿØÿà JFIF  d d ÿì Ducky    ÿî Adobe dÀ ÿÛ „   

    ÿØÿà JFIF  d d ÿì Ducky   P ÿî Adobe dÀ ÿÛ „

  28. My other thought, that Maya and Ng “had to” get married..since they show no date for the older child’s birth year. So peculiar to show the birth year of one child and not the other.

  29. These Reporters from Detik News are the ones that wrote most of the articles being translated from that outlet. Only one reporter seems even close to reliable and that is Ahmad Dani. That person seemed to honestly say they didn’t find anyone that knew Barry.

    Arifin Asydhad goes by two names, adding a first name Besuki Arifin Asydhad in other articles when doing a search. A background bio on Arifin hasn’t been found yet. Is he living in the US and writing for the detikNews? Who really employs him or her whatever the case may be.

    Note that the days and month may be reversed from the US style of month, day, year. Instead they are written day, month, year, unless the translation reversed them. Would have to check original article.

    All articles by these authors are above in comments.
    Ahmad Dani – detikNews Seemed to investigate

    Indra Subagja – detikNews

    Arifin Asydhad – detikNews or Besuki Arifin Asydhad
    05/07/2006 yes, two different articles published the same day.
    July 14, 2006

  30. Check out fat hands of Obama by Susan Benay in the gallery…Obama’s weird hand and mark below bracelet. (right hand open face palm toward camera There are four or five hand photos. Skinny black and white photo with watch.


    She is in the article that was mentioned above with the fake home pictures by Ducky. Her bio states, “The digital camera medium affords me the possibility to keep pace with those changes. Snap! Got it. I can then import the image into the digital darkroom of my Mac G5 computer and play with the aesthetics and technology to enrich and deepen the dimension of the image.”

    • O has a big scar on his left arm near his elbow. See the black and white photo with palm trees and O facing away from the camera.

      • See the different shaped hands too..just like Lame Cherry had shown once. Fat and skinny hands. I can’t download that picture with the tattoo or whatever it is in the one photo. They are trying to sell them, so no access to enhancing it. I didn’t see the arm scar..will check it out.

      • Probably is Ruth’s David that is said died in crash. Maybe someone actually put him back together again and he never died… Just morphed into “Heavy metal” inserted, reprogrammed version. Like transformers ….sort of.

        • Like this maybe Sleuth? Or something a bit smaller? Like it?

          • Something smaller for you Sleuth..Like it ?

            • Maybe something even more compact for you Sleuth..Then we go around the circle again to Marvel Comics and Stan LEE. Like Madelyn LEE Payne Dunham again… Lee name is on the list too…. Want to dance with me Newssleuth ? Like it ?

        • Probably. Look at the only person in his universe of family that resembles him in any way whatsoever.

          Renee | December 27, 2009 at 3:46 pm | Reply

          Minority Tech Firm of the Year
          Joesph Ndesandjo
          Owner and President, DHS Security, LLC

          Joseph Ndesandjo is President and Owner of DHS Security, LLC, a leading security systems integrator based here in San Antonio. The core business for DHS is enterprise level surveillance, alarm and access control implementation and service. Under Joseph’s leadership and assistance from the UTSA – MBEC, DHS has successfully earned SBA 8(a), HUB and SCTRCA certification. He has however successfully implemented sales strategies and tactics, developed with UTSA – MBEC consultation assistance, to have established a well diversified base of public and private sector clients.

          Joseph was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He represented Kenya across Africa as a member of the Junior National Tennis Team. In 1997, he came to the United States as a freshmen enrolled at Trinity University.

          In 2001 his team won the NCAA Intercollegiate National Championships and he graduated Cum Laude in Economics. Joseph is a graduate of the Minority Business Enterprise, Executive Education Program of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Joseph recently wed the beautiful Dora Zepeda. He is currently the youngest San Antonio member of the International Entrepreneurs Organization. DHS has experienced significant and consistent growth in sales and customer acquisition over the previous three years and is poised to exceed its own revenue projections for 2007. Through hard work and dedication, Joseph Ndesandjo has earned recognition as one of San Antonio’s best and brightest, minority business entrepreneurs.

          All of Ruth’s sons did well for themselves. Playing the American Dream for Foreigners Game, for years on end.

          • who do they think they are kidding? Joseph obamayoumean.

            Ndesandjo is a made up name anyway. It’s Nidesan, a NY surname with a banjo on its knee. That guy’s last name is not ndesandjo. That is not his father’s name. It’s his mother’s surname.

            No relation, said Jake Tapper of ABC news. Liar.

    • There is another one of him with one peculiar hand clutching his chest while the left hand is up in the air pointing at something..and the shirt collar several sizes to large. Apparently someone chopped off his thumb.

      Another one of him holding the microphone and half of his neck is white! what the heck..

      I don’t see the one you are talking about News..is it one of Susan’s photos? There are two galleries of photos. One starts off with King Obama in the cement and is followed by the normal photo-shopped ones, and the other are photos that are Susan’s.

      See the one of him giving the long horn hand signal..his pinky is white and long. His finger is in line with the roof line. (Susan’s)


  31. Susan od’d on the kool-aid here or she works for Asselrod.

    ObamasNeighborhood.com is proud to feature the work of Susan Benay, a Honolulu-based photographer. Susan, who received her MFA from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, first photographed the future President when he spoke briefly at a rally in Honolulu at Kehei Lagoon Beach Park on August 7, 2008.

    Something magical happened that afternoon. When “Obama began to speak” said Benay, “I looked carefully at him and began taking photographs…It struck me that the play of equatorial light and shadow illumined him in a way that revealed an extraordinarily intimate glimpse of who he was…The noonday brilliance made him seem to me at once young, freshly grown, idealistic as well as ancient, wise, and mythological; a transcendent icon of humanity and a living work of art.”

    She scored a second opportunity to photograph Barak Obama in December of 2008, when he spent his vacation in Kaneohe (reportedly at a home belonging to Oprah Winfry). Call it good luck or good karma, she happened to be one of his closest neighbors. Again, out came the camera.

  32. Please see the new addition to the Fab Family… one of Ann holding a duck. Leza’s URL for the neighborhood is where the photo was located by her. I lightened it, and hopefully you can see it. Yes, it was a Ducky fabrication.

    Personally, I want her babushka. She is such a role model for other sewer rats to follow! This con family has it all over those famous bank robbers, Bonnie and Clyde. I don’t know if they will go down in history as the Obama Crime Family or the Infamous Crime Family of Unknowns.

    For a refresher see the following URL. Ducky Where Are You?

    newssleuth | February 15, 2010 at 12:28 pm | Reply | Edit
    See DefendUSx – Explanations

    All Photoshop edited images have the “JFIF” coding extension (at least for JPG) files.

    Note that Philip T. Duck of ‘The Daily Kos’ goes by the handle “Ducky“.


    • Did you notice the bottle on the floor next to Ann with ducky? What was she drinking? Airline liquor? Or is that medication?

      • You have amazing eyesight! I had to strain to see what you were talking about — it does look like a mini airline liquor bottle lol

  33. I’ve provided both links (translated and original) in case the translated link doesn’t work. This may be nothing – could just be odd translation — I’ve provided here the toggle and google version of the last sentence in this article. Do you guys read this as saying o’s mother died last september — or is it odd translation — or is it another lie — or what? This was posted on Nov 9, 2008.

    “…Kismardhani that married Dr Roni Naning and dikarunia 3 Putra Adit (SMAN 3 Yogyakarta), Nisa (SMPN 4 Yogyakarta), and Nindi (the Ungaran PRIMARY SCHOOL) said the possibility of Barack Obama available photographs was still being dilemari his mother who died last September. He did not yet dare to open the cupboard that the possibility was still having Barack Obama photographs, apart from because of not yet having the agreement from the extended family, he also felt he was not yet ready because warned to his mother.”

    “… Kismardhani who is married to Dr. Roni Naning and endowed with 3 sons Aditya (SMAN 3 Yogyakarta), Nisa (SMPN 4 Yogyakarta), and Nindi (SD Ungaran) said the possibility of the photographs that there is still no dilemari Barack Obama’s mother who died last September. Ia belum berani membuka lemari yang kemungkinan masih ada foto-foto Barack Obama, selain karena belum ada persetujuan dari keluarga besar, ia juga merasa belum siap karena mengingatkan pada ibunya. He has not dared to open the cupboard that the possibility still photos of Barack Obama, but because there is no consent from a large family, he also was not ready because it is reminiscent of her mother.”



    • It may be the dr.’s mother who died last september — perhaps they were his mother’s photographs?

      • Strange — the dr said o was uncomfortable to have his picture taken with ann! Wish we could see those photos hidden in his cupboard. Why would a child try to avoid having his photo taken with his “mother”?

    • I translated the article using stars and it is also difficult to understand. I will put it here in total. I have noticed that a few words don’t translate when using a full paragraph, but do when translated by themselves. I also saw that the article was originally written November 9, 2008 and updated on Feb. 3, 2009. I think Dik Barry is a correct translation!

      Obama Ever Lived in Yogyakarta

      Monday, 02 February 2009 18:49

      RUMAH E-mail was painted white numbered D-7 in the region UGM Bulaksumur of the lecturer’s housing became the mute witness, when dozens of years set Barry playing in the place.

      Barry, that at this time more was known as Barack Hussein Obama, United States President Elect (the USA) had played and made this house environment the world of the small size. In this place Barack Obama small often rose the tree jambu and reaped cherries or talok.

      Barry his person was really active. For example every day always sweated, there are those that was carried out, previously in this house had the tree jambu and the cherries tree, like the child most that liked him manjat, said Dr. Kismardhani S-Roni SpPKK.

      Not without because if Dr Kismardhani mentioned Barack Obama with the call Dik (the brother), his matter of Lolo Soetoro Martodihardjo, the stepfather Barack Obama his uncle or his mother’s full brother, NY the Priest’s Point Sutiknyo.

      Saya and Dik Barry seumuran, his birth year also same 1961, so if going on holiday in Yogyakarta, I was the friend play, the doctor’s pathological words clinical in RSUP. Dr. Sardjito that originally did not suspect Barack Obama of being Barry Soetoro, the child that if joking liked grab his hair and poked his eyes.

      The house Bulaksumur D-7, as the Kismardhani acknowledgment, often did not change since dozens of years set. Kismardhani showed the photograph of the family in front of the house D-7, in this photograph although being seen by the mother Barack Obama, Ann Dunham, Barack Obama small was not seen. “Dia that most was difficult if being asked the photograph together, always had his reason to dodge,” Kismardhani words.

      He also showed one other photograph, where Barry Soetoro appeared to bow xNP seem like ogah was photographed when being taken the picture by his mother, Ann Dunham in the Jayeng Prawiran region, the house grandparent (eyang) him or parents Lolo Soetoro.

      According to Kismardhani, Barry Soetoro usually comes to Yogyakarta during the school holiday or Lebaran. That most was remembered by Kismardhani was the hobby of Barry Soetoro that liked to eat the chicken baceman. It was not half-hearted, Barry usually asks for one intact chicken for himself. At that time was physical Barry, said Kismardhani quite big, with the puffy cheek and hair kriwil. (curly?)

      “Maka him I did not suppose if Barry Barack Obama, in the 2000’s indeed was heard by me Barry became the senator in Illinois, but not ngeh if he Barack Obama that afterwards nominated itself was the US presidential candidate, just knew after relatives in Jakarta inform,” Kismardhani words that still contact with Maya Kasandra Soetoro, the brother Barack Obama that was acknowledged as one of the people who really played a role in the team of the success by Barack Obama.

      According to Kismardhani, his nearness with Maya, because at that time Ann Dunham often left Maya at his family’s house Bulaksumur D-7. At that time although, relations between Ann Dunham parted and Lolo Soetoro and afterwards was separated. However the nearness with the Martodihardjo extended family continued to be awakened.

      During Ann Dunham blusukan in DIY and Central Java to complete his thesis, Maya Soetoro more often was sent to his family. “Saya already the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL at that time, for example I could the task by Auntie Ann to take care of Maya,” Kismardhani said. words.

      After Barry or Barack Obama became the US president, Kismardhani like the Martodihardjotentu extended family hoped Barack Obama could become the just and wise leader. “Kalau had time yes, could to Yogya to berinagurasi together with kami,” Kismardhani words laughed. If having the invitation to come to meet Barack Obama in the USA, Kismardhani claimed really did not object. Same that was asked for by his children if at one time was invited to the USA, they must go along.

      Kismardhani that married Dr. Roni Naning and dikarunia 3 Putra Adit (SMAN 3 Yogyakarta), Nisa (SMPN 4 Yogyakarta), and Nindi (the Ungaran PRIMARY SCHOOL) said the possibility of available Barack Obama photographs was still being dilemari his/her mother who died last September.

      He did not yet dare to open the cupboard that the possibility was still having Barack Obama photographs, apart from because of not yet having the agreement from the extended family, he also felt he was not yet ready because warned to his mother.



      • Does it sound to you as if this man is saying that there may be more photos of Barry in Indonesia, but he needs permission from the extended family (why?) and that he was WARNED about exposing photos to the media? Warned? Why and by whom and for what reason do they want to censor photos?

        • Warned to his mother ? By his mother or warned about his mother ? Hidden people again ? odd…

        • Yes Miri, you read that correctly. His family must have warned him not to post those photos because, if they are with that pale-boy, they are not the present day “o”. One big conspiracy!

        • Miri, Like people that are hidden..fake deaths to cool a trail maybe ? I wonder if this is what happened with others also. Polish Prez, victims of Amy Bishop, Joe Stack, etc… maybe a new ID thus low profile?
          Like a made for TV story..just too much disinformation. Too many lies.

    • Ali, I checked out his photos of Indonesians very carefully, one particular item stuck out: Those amazing moles. They seem to be everywhere. Is this a racial characteristic? Odd that Barry has a similar mole–a “migrating” one, as Bridgette pointed out. One other item stuck out: Why a photo of Geert Wilders?

      • Re the photo of Geert lol — probably did an anti-geert/dutch article — since the indonesians are all pro-muslim anti-israel anti-semitic anti-geert. As you know, Geert seems to be the only one with cahones in Europe/Netherlands — actually trying to harness the muslim “takeover” of the Netherlands. Many indonesians live in the Netherlands — recall Indonesia was under dutch control until independence.
        Re the moles — lol migrating moles — hadn’t really thought about it. I have ’em (freckles,moles) all over my body — hate it lol. I’ll keep a lookout for the moles🙂

        • The moles just kinda go with my other theory that perhaps Soebarkah is really Lolo’s son. Two-timin’ mama, I mean.

          • ??? “Two-timin’ mama, I mean.”???
            Ok lol, call me stupid — what are you saying? Do you mean Ann, or some woman in indo (BEFORE Ann, or DURING Ann) had a melanesian lover on the side while wed to lolo? Hmmm that would make a spicy indo tale — or perhaps o had a melanesian/papuan lover? I have no idea.

    • Nothing new except that the photo is reversed. Why would that be?

      And then there’s this:
      “But, in interviews, friends and colleagues of Soetoro shed light on a side of her that is less well known. ‘She was a very, very big thinker,’ said Nancy Barry, a former president of Women’s World Banking, an international network of micro-finance providers, WHERE SOETORO WORKED IN NEW YORK CITY IN THE EARLY 1990s. ‘I think she was not at all personally ambitious, I think she cared about the core issues and I think she was not afraid to speak truth to power.’”

      Did we know this? That SAD worked in NYC in the early 1990s? Wasn’t it Maya who was teaching in NYC around that time? La, I can’t keep all this stuff straight.

      “After her diagnosis, Soetoro spent the last months of her life in Hawaii, near her mother. (Her father had died.) ”

      Implication: SAD died in Hawaii.

      • We knew ann worked for the ford foundation in New York early ’90’s — remember, she helped o edit his book during that period. Re Women’s World Banking — that may be a new one — I don’t recall whether that julia surakywhatever her name is mentioned the women’s world banking.

        • Oh, yeah. You’re right. I remember that now. How in the world to keep this stuff straight? Ha! Just what we need: more names to research. 🙂

  34. Hmmmm — this RRI Bandung article contains some similar language with Dr Kismardhani as the previous article BUT this article mentions playing at father martodihardjo’s house — this , I believe, is the same father who, along with eldest brother ?supoyo, died in ’46 — yet they were both alive in the 60’s when o lived in indo — recall I mentioned this with ayu’s email in which heri, only son of supoyo, said his father, supoyo, lived at his grandfather’s house (father martodihardjo), when barry played there???? Are any of you keeping up with this family?! Am I just confused lol — maybe.
    Are they saying that the D7 houses are part of the Martodihardjo compound in which they lived? It sounds like the dr is o’s “cousin”? Perhaps you guys can better decipher the translations.


  35. Bridgette! We have a picture for you to blow up/play with!
    This is the same language as the other articles but this one includes a different spelling “martodihardjotentu” BUT leaves out the part about the grandfather.


    • The child in the picture is too light — looks more like mark’s coloring than o’s — and the child is skinny — not fat! Is it mark?! Could ruth have gone with mark to indonesia instead of boston? Or was o just a very light skinny kid who suddenly got darker and fatter??! And where are his curls?

    • We now have it archive @

      Thank you for your submission. Your request to archive the content of


      has been entered into the archival queue. An archive of this page should shortly be available at


    • Ali and Leza et al,

      Photo lightened of the Indonesian “related” family with Obama. I added it to a page called Photos on the tab above the header.

      • Bridgette, is it a ducky photo? I don’t think it looks like o.

        • It only has the information JFIF…and according to that, it is a photo shop program. I didn’t look closely at it yet, but it appeared more authentic than the usual ones. The kid with his head down could be anybody. The article is written “around” the photo, rather than writing an article and then inserting it.

      • Miri, the other day you mentioned the possibility of twins. I’m not sure what is going on — whether he has a circle in indo who are covering for him or what?! I do not think the light boy in that photo is “o”.

        • Ali, I’m late joining you all on this topic, and I don’t have much more time online today. So quickly,

          I’ve turned it over in my head that either David never existed or he’s Obama’s twin or he’s Mark’s twin and one or the other is a changeling. It’s bizarre, but there it is.

          Isn’t David in that photo of the two brothers lighter skinned? And doesn’t that photo that’s supposed to be of an older David show him relatively lighter skinned, too? Whoever that boy is, he looks like that chubby toddler with the diaper on–the one who’s standing next to a white building with a padlock and what looks like a washtub on stilts. I hope you know the picture I mean. He doesn’t have anything else on but a diaper. No shirt. He’s holding something in his left hand, but I can’t tell what it is. I’ll try to be more specific tomorrow.

          • Chris Snow. A character in a book I read long ago I loved his character. He had a skin abnormality. Had to avoid sunlight and only go out at night.
            Another thought. A neighbor I had long ago. The mom was a red head. Freckles and white skin.VERY, VERY WHITE. The dad was black. The kids looked like that. Red or white hair and very pale skin. Translucent, odd eyes. They looked just like the blonde boy in the picture.

          • Too funny. I just noticed that the photo I’m talking about is the same one that Bridgette leads with on this post. Sorry.

            But look. Doesn’t that toddler look like the kid in the “new” Indonesian photo? Compare the boy in that photo to the other photos that are SUPPOSED to be Barry in Indonesia. In the other photos, he’s fatter. His nose is much smaller/narrower/more “delicate”, if you will. In the “new” photo his nose is wider. Hair lighter in color. He’s thinner.

            What age would you guess he’s supposed to be in that photo? About what grade in school?

            • I don’t know — I’d guess 5th or 6th grade for the broad-nosed pale-skinned albino child. I agree with you 100% — they are not the same people — and they are not o.
              Re the lead diaper baby photo — yes, I see a similarity between the baby photo and “albino” (easy label) photo.
              The hawaii baby/toddler photos look similar to the albino ambonese whatever photo — including the beach photo where o is straddling grandpa dunham’s shoulders while gramps is laying in tide on the beach.
              lol I am confused

              • Two different boys. One has a smaller nose, the other a wider one. If you compare the nose and mouth on that diaper baby, as well as the shape of his head, to the kid in the Indonesian photo, they look similar. Look at the boy in the photo with Mark, the one who’s supposed to be David. First of all, I think he’s been photoshopped, especially the upper lip. But his nose is wider and his skin is lighter. He has a pudgy belly, just like that diaper baby. I think the diaper baby and the boy in the photo with Mark are one and the same, although that diaper baby is alleged to be Barry, not David.

                The other boy’s head is altogether thinner, except the forehead bulges out in front. Compare to the photo of SAD holding him up next to a fence. Buck teeth, even when little. See him riding his tricycle. Smaller nose, buck teeth. This boy more closely resembles that boy who’s on the ground with his school chums in Jakarta. The darker skinned, darker haired boy. Some of these days, I’m going to have to put together a photo montage to demonstrate these oddities. Many of these photos are in Bridgette’s POTUS mugshots post.

              • I see what you are saying

  36. Referencing the same events – meeting at whitehouse with o and yogyakarta house — however has additional details — mentions “the old man” in picture referring to either lolo, grandfather martodihardjo or ???


  37. A yogyakarta photographer, heri purwata, posted that yogyakarta family photo with the head-down light skinned boy they claim is “o”. Here a several links relating to heri puwata, etc..
    Interesting that I find heri purwata’s picture of himself to look more like the young boy, supposedly “o”, in the photo. I wonder whether heri purwata is related to the marto clan or simply on their payroll. Heri’s wife is also a journalist.
    Also, heri labeled that pale-boy family clan photo in his collection as “Obama (far right front) with family in Yogyakarta Lolo Suntoro” — yet another version “suntoro”.



  38. Admin: I have a comment in “moderation” — would you please post it for me — thank you

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