How’s The Weather Above Ground These Days ?

By: Leza

This is also known as Leza’s Corner. For bits, stories and updates here. We will start by mentioning current weather, like alot of folks do in a conversation. You know, weather, above ground. A very common subject the weather. Is there any other type of weather we need to update ? Maybe…

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  1. I ran a search on – Al Baraka Banking Group, George Soros and this was one of the articles the search returned. Interesting !

    Could it be that the “people’s revolutions” that are sweeping away dictators and authoritarian governments through out the Islamic World, notably Tunisia and Egypt, are really “banker’s revolutions”?

  2. Rothschild Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt Kill Islamic Banks

    Feb 9, 2011… operating in Egypt: Faisal Islamic Bank, Al Baraka Egypt (Al Ahram Bank) and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank NBD. … Another board member of this group is Zbigniew Brzezinski. George Soros sits on the executive committee. …

    Faisal Islamic Bank
    Feisal Abdul Rauf
    (Faisal – Feisal)

    From the Africa Thread – Leza | April 3, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Feisal Abdul Rauf –

    Born in Kuwait in 1948, Feisal Abdul Rauf is the Imam of Masjid al-Farah, a New York City mosque. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Columbia University. His father was the late Muhammad Abdul Rauf.

    Snip –

    In the summer of 2002, Rauf began lecturing on Islam at the 750-acre campus of Chautauqua Institution, located in western New York State. Around that time, he also befriended Karen Armstrong, who later wrote the foreword for Rauf’s 2008 book, What’s Right with Islam Is What’s Right with America.

    Journalist Andrew McCarthy has revealed that What’s Right with Islam was originally published in 2004 in Malaysia, under a different title: A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-9/11. What’s Right with Islam was a “special, non-commercial edition” of the book and was produced after the original, with Feisal’s cooperation, by the Islamic Society of North America and the International Institute of Islamic Thought. Both of those organizations are American tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood. McCarthy explains the meaning of the term Dawa, from the book’s title:
    “Dawa, whether done from the rubble of the World Trade Center or elsewhere, is the missionary work by which Islam is spread…. [D]awa is proselytism… “The purpose of dawa, like the purpose of jihad, is to implement, spread, and defend sharia. Scholar Robert Spencer incisively refers to dawa practices as ‘stealth jihad,’ the advancement of the sharia agenda through means other than violence and agents other than terrorists. These include extortion, cultivation of sympathizers in the media and the universities, exploitation of our legal system and tradition of religious liberty, infiltration of our political system, and fundraising. This is why Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the world’s most influential Islamic cleric, boldly promises that Islam will ‘conquer America’ and ‘conquer Europe’ through dawa.”


      February 1, 2013

      Reports indicate the Obama administration is holding meetings with Islamic organizations with ties to extremist and terrorist groups and actively recruiting Muslims to work as Foreign Service officers in embassies around the world.

      Moreover, they are sending Feisal Abdul Rauf, of Ground Zero mosque fame, on a “Middle Eastern outreach mission” and trying to teach federal agents to fight terrorism without offending Muslims.

      These initiatives are part of a focused State Department campaign run by Deputy Special Coordinator of Middle East Transition Mark Ward.

      Ward recently “held a 90 minute seminar at a convention sponsored by” the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circe of North America–both of which have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      One of the speakers at the conference, Kifah Mustapha, is a former member of the Holy Land Foundation, a charity which was accused of laundering money for Hamas.

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  4. Research for the above starts here –

    Leza | April 7, 2011 at 12:13 am | Reply

    Financial Sanctions: Al-Qaida and the Taliban – Isle of Man

    Reported to own or control Al Baraka Exchange L.L.C … AL BARAKA EXCHANGE L.L.C. Address: PO Box 20066, Dubai, United Arab Emirates PO Box 3313, Deira, Dubai, United Arab

  5. Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Sharia-friendly investments

    Caroline Glick


    Monday the verdict in the largest terror finance case in US history was read in a Texas courtroom. The case against the Holyland Foundation for Relief and Development and five of its principal leaders – which ended in a mistrial – was predicated on the interconnection between terrorism and international finance. The five men were accused of financing Hamas by transferring millions of dollars to organizations in Judea, Samaria and Gaza that served as distributors of charitable or zakat contributions to Hamas members and entities.

    Snip –

    Islamic clerics tout Shari’a-finance as one of the central components of Islam. But this is untrue. Shari’a economics did not exist until the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood Maulana Abul Ala Mawdudi and Sayyd Qutb invented it them in the 1940s and 1950s. As Alex Alexiev explained in a recent paper on the subject published by the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC, the purpose of Shari’a economics was to mobilize Muslim support for radical Islam by promoting Muslim exclusivity and separatism. That is, the purpose of Shari’a finance is religious and political, not financial.
    Shari’a finance became a significant factor in the Muslim world in the aftermath of the 1973 OPEC oil embargo which raised Arab oil revenues a hundredfold in under a decade. The first Shari’a-compliant banks were established in 1975 with the opening of the Saudi-controlled Islamic Development Bank and the Islamic Bank of Dubai. Today the International Monetary Fund estimates that there are some 300 Shari’a-compliant banks operating in some 75 countries. Arab estimates place the number at 400. Close to a trillion dollars are under Shari’a-compliant management.
    ASIDE FROM these Shari’a-based financial institutions in the Islamic world, the new trend in the West is for Western financial institutions to offer Shari’a-compliant investment opportunities. So excited is Britain, for instance about the financial benefit to be gained by attracting oil-rich Islamic investors that in January Britain’s Treasury Minister Ed Balls announced his government’s intention to turn London into the center of global Islamic finance.
    Given the religious rather than financial aim of Shari’a-compliant investing, it isn’t surprising that Shari’a-compliant investments are little more than a word game. Paying lip service to the Koranic prohibition on interest-based transactions and risky investments, Mawdudi and Qutb invented various means to cover the fact that Shari’a-compliant investments involve both interest payments and risk.
    UNDERSTANDING that Shari’a-compliant investments are the same as regular investments, banking and other financial institutions in the West that are naturally interested in attracting Islamic investors have enthusiastically opened Shari’a-compliant portfolios. Unfortunately, the banks’ enthusiasm is raft with security and perhaps even criminal implications.
    In order for investments to be defined as Shari’a-compliant, they must receive the approval of Shari’a advisors. Only certain Islamic entities are entitled to issue religious rulings or fatwas that can recognize investments as Shari’a-compliant. These entities include the Fiqh Academy in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, which is associated with the Saudi-dominated Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC); the European Council for Fatwa Research, and the Fatwa Council of North America. All of these entities are associated with the radical pro-jihadist Wahabi and Salafi schools of Islam adhered to by groups such as al-Qaida and Hamas.
    Similarly, the groups that these organizations spawned for the express purpose of overseeing Shari’a-compliant investments and the people authorized and recognized as Islamic authorities capable of declaring an investment Shari’a-compliant are identified with political Islam and, in several cases with terror financing and support. For instance, radical cleric and jihad ideologue Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi is recognized as an expert in Shari’a-compliant investments. So is Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani.
    AS ALEXIEV notes, Usmani is a key official at the radical Deobandi madrassa Darul Uloom in Karachi, Pakistan. The madrassa has trained thousands of Taliban and other jihadist cadres. Usmani played a central role in convincing the Pakistani government to declare Ahmadi Muslims apostates. This determination led to the murder of members of the sect. Usmani was quoted in the Times of London on September 7 saying that Muslims in the West “must live in peace” with their societies “until strong enough to wage Jihad” against their fellow citizens. At that point, he said, they must fight “to establish the supremacy of Islam.”
    These radicals, supported by jihad-supporting Islamic institutions constitute an effective cartel in Shari’a-finance. Each serves as a Shari’a advisor to dozens of financial institutions. The main problem here is not their personal enrichment – which is enormous. The problem is that these men determine how to spend the 2.5 percent of revenues that are contributed to charity in fulfillment of the zakat obligation. With a trillion dollars now invested in Shari’a-compliant investments, the amount of money available for zakat is staggering.
    Islamic financial kingpin Sheikh Saleh Kamel, a Saudi multi-billionaire, founder of the Dallah al-Baraka Islamic banking group and alleged terror financier recently suggested – with the full support of Qaradawi – that one central institution be established that will distribute all zakat contributions from Shari’a-compliant financial institutions.

    Cont’s @ Link –

  6. I am not sure if this is a secure link, I could not get it to open through Startpage proxy –

    Shariah Finance Watch » Spain

    Shariah Banking Gets Boost in Nigeria; A small group of Shariah-Scholars watch … and associations of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf … Al Baraka et. al. The lawsuit argues that …

  7. This whole link is worth the read – And at this point I have to say, thing’s are clearer than ever to what is happening globally. Obama’s election sealed the fate…. ONE BIG ASS MISTAKE AMERICA !

    Islamic Banking – A Fast-Growing Industry

    September 29, 2006

    Snip –

    Political Support for Islamic Banking

    Support for Islamic banking is also being offered by Western governments. In a speech at the Muslim Council of Britain, Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, declared his ambition to make Britain “the gateway to Islamic finance and trade.” In the same speech, Chancellor Brown said, “As the hadith [teachings] from the prophet Mohammed said, the umma [community of Muslims] is like a body. When one part of the body feels pain, every other part feels pain.” [17] The Financial Times wrote a few months later that Brown opened his speech with the traditional Muslim greeting of “Asalaam aleikum,” enunciating the greeting very slowly “as he feared offending with a mispronunciation.” [18] However, TheIslamic Banker, which also reported the speech, added ominously: “To the militant Muslims, this flirtation between the West and Islamic banking is a way of ‘colonizing’ Muslim money with the banking major acting as willing conduit.” [19]

    In a speech delivered on March 2, 2005 before the “Seminar on Legal Issues in the Islamic Financial Services Industry,” Thomas C. Baxter, Jr., Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, offered a number of interesting remarks. As a general rule, the U.S. law is “broad enough to encompass shari’a compliant structures.” Practitioners can produce products that simultaneously satisfy the demands of secular and religious law. This is so because the U.S. law is silent on matters of religion and because the common law tradition of the Anglo-Saxon legal system is flexible and adaptive. The challenges facing U.S. and Western regulators is to accommodate the free exercise of religion and still carry the secular mandate of fostering safe and sound practices in the banks that they supervise. Mr. Baxter gave a number of examples of a number of U.S. banks which have opened special windows for shari’a-compliant banking activities as a trend for the future.

    • NOTE* BAXTER* Like Flu labs…

    • Motion to dismiss AIG-Shariah lawsuit DENIED

      Sat, May 30, 2009

      Motion to dismiss AIG-Shariah lawsuit DENIED

      US District Ct of Michigan denies USG’s motion to dismiss AIG-Shariah lawsuit

      May 26, 2009

      “In an extremely well-written and soundly analyzed opinion, Judge Lawrence P. Zatkoff of the US District Court for the Eastern District Court of Michigan, has denied the U.S. government’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Kevin Murray. (The full opinion may be downloaded above from this entry’s unique url.) Mr. Murray, who is represented by legal counsel David Yerushalmi and the Thomas More Law Center (Richard Thompson and Robert Muise), filed a federal complaint against the Treasury Secretary, representing the U.S. Treasury, and the Federal Reserve Board alleging that AIG’s promotion of Shariah in its Shariah-compliant insurance products violates the Establishment Clause because the federal government owns and controls 80% of AIG and AIG’s actions have become the government’s.

      The government filed its motion to dismiss making two arguments. One, Mr. Murray, as a former combat Marine, practicing Catholic, and tax payer, did not have standing to even bring this lawsuit. Two, even if he did have standing, the government acted in buying AIG without any intent to promote or become involved in religious questions.

      The Court spent much of its opinion reciting the law on the narrow exception to the no-tax-payer-standing rule. That exception is triggered in a claim of a violation of the Establishment Clause and when there is a specific legislative grant for spending that implicates the First Amendment. The Court carefully reviewed all of the relevant case law and found the argument made by Messrs. Yerushalmi and Muise in their brief persuasive.

      On the second issue, the Court put together all of the facts as presented by the Plaintiff’s brief and concluded:


      “In this case, the fact that AIG is largely a secular entity is not dispositive: “The question in an as-applied challenge is not whether the entity is of a religious character, but how it spends its grant.” Kendrick, 487 U.S. at 624–25 (Kennedy J., concurring). The circumstances of this case are historic, and the pressure upon the government to navigate this financial crisis is unfathomable. Times of crisis, however, do not justify departure from the Constitution. In this case, the United States government has a majority interest in AIG. AIG utilizes consolidated financing whereby all funds flow through a single port to support all of its activities, including Sharia-compliant financing. Pursuant to the EESA, the government has injected AIG with tens of billions of dollars, without restricting or tracking how this considerable sum of money is spent. At least two of AIG’s subsidiary companies practice Sharia-compliant financing, one of which was unveiled after the influx of government cash. After using the $40 billion from the government to pay down the $85 billion credit facility, the credit facility retained $60 billion in available credit, suggesting that AIG did not use all $40 billion consistent with its press release. Finally, after the government acquired a majority interest in AIG and contributed substantial funds to AIG for operational purposes, the government co-sponsored a forum entitled “Islamic Finance 101.” These facts, taken together, raise a question of whether the government’s involvement with AIG has created the effect of promoting religion and sufficiently raise Plaintiff’s claim beyond the speculative level, warranting dismissal inappropriate at this stage in the proceedings.”
      end quote

      We reached out to Messrs. Yerushalmi and Muise in a conference call. They both were quite obviously pleased by the well-reasoned opinion. They also said, almost in perfect unison: “There is not a fact in the complaint we cannot prove.” Mr. Yerushalmi added, “This case is going to send a loud and reverberating alarm in Washington and in the financial world which is now running full speed and blindly to embrace Shariah-compliant finance.”

      (Cont’s in next comment)

      • When the case was first filed, arm-chair First Amendment lawyers
        (meaning law professors who opine while gathering wood splinters writing arcane law review articles and shotgun blog entries) almost unanimously concluded this case had zero chance to survive a motion to dismiss. Turns out they were wrong. Way wrong.

        Indeed, Thomas C. Baxter, Jr., the legal counsel to the New York Federal Reserve, was a participant in a day-long conference at Fordham University’s law school entitled, “Islamic Law and Financial Symposium,” on February 23, 2009. After he gave the standard rah-rah Shariah finance is a win-win, someone from the audience asked him about the lawsuit. His answer: “While I will not comment on pending litigation, what I can say is that we are absolutely certain that the court will dispense with it very expeditiously.”


        Maybe it is time for Mr. Baxter and the other government lawyers to enroll in Mr. Yerushalmi’s newly published on line continuing legal education (CLE) course designed for financial institution compliance officers, SEC lawyers, Treasury officials, and investors, on the civil liability and criminal exposure risks associated with Shariah-compliant finance (available here.) Maybe then the Baxters of the world could offer their learned opinions rather than just the standard arrogant hot air of a government bureaucrat who insists the government can do no wrong.”

        • Hugging Shari’a Finance at the Fed

          How tough is Obama’s new economic tough guy?

          By Alyssa A. Lappen

          FrontPageMagazine | Dec. 10, 2008

          The first market day after President-elect Obama announced plans to appoint Federal Reserve Bank of New York president Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, U.S. equities rose 6.5%. Pundits praised his experience handling crises and understanding of the troubled economy. But possibly, the market hoopla was premature, or even unwarranted. Some analysts seek his retirement.

          As turmoil built, Geithner criticized Wall Street’s self-regulatory system, negative incentives and market forces, sought tighter supervision and berated insufficient “derivative securities” regulation and “credit-default” swaps allowing investors to “insure” against loses—only to fail. The Treasury Department’s former attaché to the International Monetary Fund had overseen U.S. responses to the 1990s Mexican, Indonesian and Korean bailouts. But at the Fed, Geithner did not use regulatory powers to check abuses, or advocate for more regulation, impartial supervision or new laws. He even concluded that markets were improving—and after Bear Stearns’ collapse confessed, nobody “understands [the causes] yet.”

          Worst of all, since Nov. 2003, Geithner let dangerous new Islamic and shari’a-based securities, markets and financial institutions gain business currency—despite the Fed’s role in U.S. monetary policy, currency distribution, government securities markets, legal supervision, regulatory enforcement, bank and capital markets investigation, foreign accounts and a payments mechanism handling over $4 trillion daily in funds and securities transfers. Not to mention Fed officials’ admitted lack of understanding.

          On July 1, 2004, eight months after Geithner assumed command, the New York Fed hosted Asim Ghanfoor (sic), AG Group founder and managing director, to address its Seventh Annual Global Economic Forum on “ABCs of Islamic Financing” and Islam’s increasing global financial role. A month later, Senators Charles Grassley and John Kyl identified Ghafoor as a representative of Boston’s terror-funding Boston’s Care International, the Global Relief Foundation (GRF) and the Al Harimain Islamic Foundation, which the U.S. Treasury specially designated a terrorist organization in September 2004 and again in June 2008. Given Ghafoor’s connections, how could the Fed have featured him, much less warmly accepted Islamic finance?

          In fairness, the New York Fed began authorizing obscure shari’a banking institutions, structured shari’a issues, and opaque Islamic securities trading long before Geithner arrived. “Islamic bankers have been quite ingenious in developing financial transactions that suit their needs,” New York Fed first vice president Ernest T. Patrikis told an Islamic Finance conference in May 1996. “We bank supervisors, too, can be ingenious and will want to work with any of you should you decide that you want to engage in Islamic banking” in the U.S.

          The dangers of Islamic finance should have been apparent. From 1996 on, all 12 Federal Reserve banks received, and were charged to enforce many Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control circulars designating Islamic groups and banks as terrorist-financing institutions, organizations and individuals. In 1998, OFAC warned the Fed against transactions with Osama bin Laden and his affiliates, in 1999 froze Taliban assets, in 2002 reminded banks to check customers against known terrorist lists and in 2003 warned against trading with any unnamed counter-party.

          Meanwhile, had the Fed only noticed, there were warning signs elsewhere too. In 1999, Saudi scholar Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi proposed at Harvard that banning interest would “cure the ills of contemporary finance,” “create a safer, saner financial world,” incorporate the “institution of waqf [Islamic trust]” in economics and create “morally inspired” behavior. In 2001, Siddiqi openly labeled shari’a finance a revolution-driver—an “universal endeavor” to replace “excesses of capitalism.”

          Shari’a banking, though, had far fewer regulatory and accounting protections than sub-prime mortgages—and like “portfolio insurance” in 1987, mortgage-backed bonds in 1994, and sub-prime mortgages in 2008, could also cause huge market declines. Islamic banking purveyors admitted shari’a regulations could “override commercial decisions;” didn’t “standardize” documentation; and used complex “inter-creditor agreements” and “off-balance sheet financing.”

          Even hosting hosting Islamic financier Asim Ghafoor, a representative to three terror-funding organizations, on July 1, 2004 apparently gave no one inside Geithner’s Fed reason to pause from its rush to further accommodate shari’a banking.

          In March 2005, New York Fed general counsel Thomas C. Baxter Jr. asserted the Constitutional “wall of separation between church and state” Thomas Jefferson had described was “not absolute.” Chief Justice Warren Burger had in 1984 suggested that the Constitution “affirmatively mandates accommodation, not merely tolerance, of all religions,” Baxter told an Islamic financial industry “Legal Issues” seminar. “[S]ecular law should … accommodate differing religious practices,” he indicated, apparently even if that meant specially excepting Islamic banking from secular laws and regulations.

          In April 2005, New York Fed executive vice president William Rutledge admitted that the bank was “in no position to take a stance on shari’a interpretation.” He also claimed the bank would hold Islamic finance to “the same high licensing and supervision standards” as conventional banks.

          Despite the New York Fed’s role as a legal supervisor of Islamic banking, neither Rutledge nor Geithner noticed, however, that shari’a banking, a 20th century “tradition” invented by the Muslim Brotherhood, can’t be severed from Islamic law—statutes that Mohammed initiated, which caliphs, scholars and jurists developed over the last 1,400 years. They hold that shari’a grants Muslims (the ummah) supremacy over all others—along with all land and property to hold in trust for Allah. Thus as Fannoun effectively told the Fed in Nov. 2002, land or property, once conquered or acquired by Muslims (or for Allah), can’t generally revert to their original owners. Shari’a commands Muslims to wage jihad warfare until they subdue all “infidels” under universal Muslim rule, as Ibn Khaldun avowed in the Muqaddimah (trans., Franz Rosenthal, Princeton Univ. Press, 9th printing, 1989, p. 183).

          Confiscating possessions from non-believers exacts “revenge,” wrote jurist Abul Hasan al Mawardi (d. 1058). Qur’an 57:2 argued, “To Him belongs all dominions of the heavens and earth.” Qur’an 59:7 echoed, “That which Allah giveth as spoil [war booty] unto his Messenger…” Allah authorized 2nd Islamic Caliph, Umar Ibn Khattab, to confiscate property by force, fulfilling an Islamic trust, or ruling under Allah’s law. It was thereby just to take anything from nonbelievers, (The Laws of Islamic Governance, Taha Publishing, 1996, pp. 207-251) including all territories Islam ever controlled.

          Perhaps Treasury Secretary-designate Geithner seriously meant to keep Rutledge’s promise to grant Islamic financiers no special favors. But allowing shari’a finance to exist at all is itself a special favor.

          Moreover, on November 23, 2008 Geithner, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke agreed to add another $20 billion taxpayer-gilded bailout to Citibank’s previous $25 billion bailout—and offer $306 billion in new loans to cover Citi’s losses on soured real estate debts and securities.

          Only three days earlier Citigroup uber-shareolder Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a godfather of Islamic finance, had announced plans to up his stake in America’s largest (failing and “underpriced”) bank from 4% to 5%. On March 20, 2006, the Saudi Kingdom Holding Co. CEO was “honored for humanitarian contribution to Islam” at a “glittering gala to celebrate excellence in Islamic Finance” that also featured terror-financier and Dallah al-Baraka founder and president Saleh Abdullah Kamel.

          • So it appears that Sharia was brought into our Federal banking system in 1996 – when Bill Clinton was president (1993 – 2001). It was under his corrupt watchful eyes that Islamic finance got a foothold in our financial sector. He is also a huge sponsor of micro-financing – another way to bilk third world countries. I also believe that it is a way they are laundering money through the banks that do micro-financing. The Left in their ultimate wisdom got the US into bed with our enemies.

          • Bingo Bridgette! this all connects to what we were discussing yesterday also, but I think you realize that.

          • Thanks so much Bill. Bill should have stuck with soiled Gap dresses maybe ?

          • Saleh Abdullah Kamel also posted @

            WASHINGTON, 18 December 2006 — A significant decision by a New York judge last Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against Saleh Kamel and Albaraka Investment Bank.

            The accusations alleged they had been involved in support of the Al-Qaeda group suspected of backing the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

            Khaled Al-Nahdi, assistant to CEO of Dallah Albaraka Group, said in a statement on Friday that Judge Richard Conway Casey, of the Federal Court of South New York, had dismissed the case raised by a number of insurance companies on Dec. 14, 2006, against Saleh Kamel and Albaraka Investment & Development Company. Abdul Qader Hashim, a legal adviser of Dallah Albaraka, and also in charge of the case stated that Judge Richard Casey had dismissed a similar case earlier (Burnet vs. Albaraka Inv. & Dev. Co.) raised by the families of the victims in the same incident against Saleh Kamel and Albaraka Investment & Development Company.
            Snip ~

            Judge Richard Conway Casey

            Richard C. Casey
            Judge Richard Conway Casey, with his guide dog.
            Judge Richard Conway Casey, with his guide dog.

            Richard Conway Casey (b. 1933) is a United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York. He was nominated by President Bill Clinton on July 16, 1997 to a seat vacated by Charles S. Haight, Jr., confirmed by the Senate on October 21, and commissioned on October 24 of the same year. He gained national notoreity for his unusual personal circumstances — he is completely blind — and for his aggressive questioning during a 2004 trial considering the constitutionality of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003.
            comment 6 @ link

            Judge Casey

            *Nominated by President Bill Clinton

            *Dismissed a lawsuit against Saleh Kamel and Albaraka Investment Bank

            *On August 26, 2004, Casey entered a judgment[5] declaring the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act unconstitutional, in deference to Supreme Court precedent

            All a coincidence?

            From the same link –

            “All these allegations including the ‘Golden Chain’ myth were dismissed on the grounds that the bank and Saleh Kamel do not constitute, nor take any responsibility of any unconventional banking transactions. Moreover, holding of shares in bounds is not a violation of law,” a lawyer said on background.

            The “Golden Chain” terminology dates back to March 2002, when authorities in Bosnia and Sarajevo raided the offices of the Benevolence International Foundation (BIF) suspecting it was funding Al-Qaeda. The raid uncovered a handwritten list containing the names of 20 wealthy donors allegedly thought to be sympathetic to Al-Qaeda. The list, referred to as “The Golden Chain,” allegedly contained the names of both donors and recipients.

            ‘Golden Chain’ myth seems to be anything but a myth

            Islamic Charity Director Charged With Lying About Ties to Bin Laden

            Published May 01, 2002

            CHICAGO – The federal government charged the executive director of an Islamic charity with perjury Tuesday, saying he lied about his longtime ties to Usama bin Laden.

            The government also charged that the charity, Benevolence International Foundation, sponsored associates of bin Laden who tried to obtain nuclear and chemical weapons for the Al Qaeda terror organization and also plotted to assassinate Pope John Paul II.

            Officials said Benevolence International Foundation had links to bin Laden going back decades and gave sizable amounts of cash to his group as well as to charitable causes. Enaam M. Arnaout, 39, the head of the charity based in south suburban Palos Hills, was arrested Tuesday at his home in nearby Justice.

            An FBI affidavit does not accuse him or the organization of involvement in those plots. But it alleges that they lied about their ties to terrorists who were involved.

            The FBI charged in its affidavit that the charity had links to individuals involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, a plot to bomb U.S. airlines and a plan to assassinate the pope.

            “This complaint alleges Benevolence International Foundation was supporting violence secretly,” U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said.

            Arnaout, a Syrian-born naturalized American, appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Ian Levin to hear the charges against him. Prosecutors said they would seek to have Arnaout held without bail; the judge ordered him held until a detention hearing May 7.

            Benevolence attorney Matthew Piers did not immediately return a telephone call Tuesday after the charges were filed.

            Benevolence International Foundation is one of two Chicago-area Islamic charities whose assets were frozen on Dec. 14, with officials saying they were suspected of supporting terrorism. Federal agents also raided their offices that day.

            The government is also detaining the co-founder of Global Relief Foundation, the other organization, on an immigration violation.

            Both groups have sued the federal government, denying that they have anything to do with terrorism and asking that their assets be released. The Justice Department has been seeking to use secret evidence against both groups.

            Benevolence was founded in the 1980s by a Saudi sheik named Adil Abdul Galil Batargy, another bin Laden associate, the document said. The affidavit said control of the group was later given to Arnaout.

            Several unnamed cooperating witnesses have said that Al Qaeda members have held positions within Benevolence and the group was used by bin Laden in the early 1990s to transfer money, the affidavit said.

            It quoted an unnamed witness as saying that while Arnaout lived in Pakistan in 1989, he picked up one of bin Laden’s wives at an airport and allowed her to live in his apartment for a week. It said that bin Laden and his bodyguards arrived a week later to collect the wife.

            It said the incident was a sign that bin Laden trusted Arnaout.

            The document said that a March 19, 2002, raid on BIF offices in Bosnia turned up firearms, a ski mask, military manuals and a fake passport as well as photos of bin Laden and of Arnaout “handling rifles, a shoulder-fired rocket and an anti-aircraft gun.”

            According to the affidavit, bin Laden associate Mamdouh Salim had “participated in efforts to obtain nuclear and chemical weapons for Al Qaeda.” It said that Benevolence had sponsored his visa for a visit to Bosnia and sponsored him for housing there.

            It said he was arrested in Germany and is currently awaiting trial in New York on charges of conspiring to kill Americans, and that he tried to kill a corrections officer while held there. While he was in Bosnia, he stayed at a hotel and was described in writing signed in Arnaout’s name as a Benevolence director, the document said.

            It said another individual, Mohamed Bayazid, “made efforts to get uranium for Al Qaeda to develop a nuclear weapon.” It also said that he obtained an Illinois driver’s license showing that the Benevolence office in Palos Hills was his home address.

            Bin Laden brother-in-law Mohamad Jamal Khalifa was arrested in California in December 1994 while traveling with Bayazid, the document said. It said a Khalifa alias, Abu Baraa, was found in Benevolence documents seized in the March raids in Bosnia.

            According to the affidavit, Khalifa had direct links with individuals involved in the World Trade Center bombing and the plot to kill the pope. It said that the documents seized in Bosnia include a letter written by Wali Khan, allegedly a key figure in the plot against the Pope, to Arnaout, seeking a transfer of money. It said writing on the back of the letter indicated that the money had been transferred.

            The document said that in March Arnaout told an FBI cooperating witness that he planned to leave the United States for Saudi Arabia and would not be returning. But he said that only a few days later he was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury and placed under continuous surveillance.


            • U.N. asked to punish two Saudi activists

              Bakersfield Californian 12/21/04 Edith M. Lederer – AP

              UNITED NATIONS (AP) – The United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia asked the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday to impose sanctions on British-based Saudi dissident Saad al-Faqih for allegedly providing financial and material support to al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden.

              The United States and Saudi Arabia also asked the council to impose sanctions on Saudi businessman Adel Abdul Jalil Batterjee, who was instrumental in founding the Benevolence International Foundation, an Islamic charity that the United States has previously deemed a global terrorist group.


  8. Top News

    U.S. Treasury lists terror associates

    Published: Nov. 7, 2001 at 3:07 PM

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 (UPI) — The White House and U.S. Department of Treasury on Wednesday released additions to the list identifying individuals, organizations and businesses with links to terrorist organizations. Those additions are:

    Aaran Money Wire Service Inc.

    Abbas Abdi Ali

    Abdi Abdulaziz Ali

    Abdirisak Aden

    Abdullahi Hussein Kahie

    Ahmed Nur Ali Jim’ale (a.k.a. Ahmad Nur Ali Jim’ale; a.k.a. Ahmad Ali Jimale; a.k.a. Ahmed Nur Jumale; a.k.a. Ahmed Ali Jumali)

    Al Baraka Exchange LLC

    Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Company Limited (f.k.a. Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry; f.k.a. Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Establishment; f.k.a. Himmat Establishment)

    Al-Barakaat (Mogadishu)

    Al-Barakaat Bank (Mogadishu)

    Al-Barakaat Bank of Somalia (a.k.a. Barakaat Bank of Somalia; a.k.a. BBS)

    Al-Barakaat Group of Companies Somalia Limited (a.k.a. Al-Barakat Financial Company)

    Al-Barakat Finance Group

    Al-Barakat Financial Holding Company

    Al-Barakat Global Telecommunications (a.k.a. Barakaat Globetelcompany)

    Al-Barakaat Wiring Service (U.S.A.)

    Al-Barakat International (a.k.a. Baraco Co.)

    Al-Barakat Investments

    Albert Friedrich Armand Huber (a.k.a. Ahmed Huber)

    Ali Ghaleb Himmat

    Asat Trust Reg.

    Bank Al Taqwa Limited (a.k.a. Al Taqwa Bank; a.k.a. Bank Al Taqwa

    Baraka Trading Company

    Barakaat Boston (U.S.A.)

    Barakaat Construction Company

    Barakaat Enterprise (U.S.A.)

    Barakaat Group of Companies

    Barakaat International (Sweden)

    Barakaat International Companies (BICO)

    Barakaat International Foundation

    Barakaat International, Inc. (U.S.A.)

    Barakaat North America, Inc. (Canada & U.S.A.)

    Barakaat Red Sea Telecommunications

    Barakaat Telecommunications Co. Somalia, Ltd.

    Barakat Telecommunications Company Limited (BTELCO)

    Barakat Bank and Remittances

    Barakat Computer Consulting (BCC)

    Barakat Consulting Group (BCG)

    Barakat Global Telephone Company

    Barakat Post Express (BPE)

    Barakat Refreshment Company

    Barakat Wire Transfer Company (U.S.A.)

    Barako Trading Company LLC

    Dahir Ubeidullahi Aweys

    Garad Jama (a.k.a. Garad K. Nor; a.k.a. Fartune Ahmed Wasrsame)

    Global Service International (U.S.A.)

    Hassan Dahir Aweys (a.k.a. Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys; a.k.a. Shaykh Hassan Dahir Awes)

    Heyatul Ulya

    Hussein Mahamud Abdullkadir

    Liban Hussein

    Mohamed Mansour (a.k.a. Dr. Mohamed Al-Mansour)

    Nada Management Organization SA (f.k.a. Al Taqwa Management Organization SA)

    Parka Trading Company

    Red Sea Barakat Company Limited

    Somali International Relief Organization (U.S.A.)

    Somali Internet Company

    Somali Network AB (a.k.a. SOM NET AB)

    Youssef M. Nada

    Youssef M. Nada & Co. Gesellschaft M.B.H.

    Youssef Nada (a.k.a. Youssef M. Nada; a.k.a. Youssef Mustafa Nada)

    Yusaf Ahmed Ali

    Zeinab Mansour-Fattouh

    • Eight year’s after 9 – 11, and public information – america welcome’s it’s own funeral by electing a man named – Barak Hussein

      I weep for my fellow man and their ignorance. You knew nothing about this man, his history nor his back ground, and you welcomed him. You welcomed the worst of all evil, shame.

    • whoa Leza I just saw the long list. I have found many shady Barakat characters,in Md. and ones in Canada doing some sort of food stamp scam and sending money to some terrorist group. Red Sea Barakat company sounds interesting doesn’t it. And Baraka Trading Company…

  9. From the Africa Thread –

    Leza | April 2, 2011 at 11:16 am | Reply
    Renee, Im going to list all the links here. Im still doing research on this and want to keep them (Links) together –

    Obama raised $1 million for foreign thug’s election
    Democrat joined Libya’s Gadhafi among top contributors to Odinga
    Posted: October 14, 2008 By Jerome R. Corsi

    NEW YORK – Sen. Barack Obama, with a donation of nearly $1 million, and a son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi were among the biggest contributors to the presidential campaign of controversial Kenyan leader Raila Odinga, according to an internal document obtained by WND.

    The memo was prepared by the head of Odinga’s campaign finance accounting section, Shakeel Shabbir, as an official report delivered to the national treasurer for Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement party, or ODM.

    Among the 72 individuals and organizations that contributed money to Odinga’s 2007 presidential run in Kenya, Shabbir lists “Friends of Senator B.O.” as having donated 66,000,000 Kenyan schillings, about $950,000.

    Snip ~

    The officials became disaffected with Odinga after confirming he signed a memorandum of understanding with Sheik Abdullahi Abdi, the chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, or NAMLEF. In the Aug, 27, 2007, agreement, Odinga promised that within six months of becoming president, he would “rewrite the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Shariah as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared religions.”

    Snip ~

    Odinga-Gadhafi alliance

    The ex-ODM supporters of Odinga also confirmed a long-suspected alliance between Odinga and Gadhafi that dates back to Odinga’s service as Kenyan minister of energy in 2001-2002.

    Shakeel Shabbir’s internal campaign finance memorandum was noted in Chapter 4 of “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” At the time the book was published, however, the authenticity of the memo could not be proved.

    Research conducted in Kenya by WND this month confirmed Shabbir’s funding memorandum had been smuggled out of ODM offices by Christian former-ODM officials who had turned on Odinga after the agreement with the Muslim leader was verified.
    While several Internet sources posting the Shabbir memo have been taken down since publication of “The Obama Nation” brought it to international attention, it can still be seen here.

    As energy minister, Odinga was introduced to the family of Sheik Abdulkadir Al-Bakri, one of the richest oil families in Saudi Arabia. Through his firm Pan African Petroleum Limited, Odinga is believed to have made millions on a concessionary petroleum deal he negotiated as a silent partner in the local arm of Al-Bakri International.

    Cont’s @ Link ~

  10. From the Africa Thread –

    Leza | April 2, 2011 at 11:17 am | Reply

    And This ~

    Raila A. Odinga: Astute Businessman or Corrupt Politician?
    Posted on 18 September 2007

    The sudden ostentatious display of wealth by Raila Odinga has left many baffled. Unbeknown to the public, Raila is a fabulously wealthy man in his own right with a personal fortune estimated to be in excess of Kshs. 4 billion. Read how the man who wants to be Kenya’s next president acquired his wealth which includes investments in the lucrative petroleum industry and in manufacturing.

    How Raila acquired his billions.

    Raila Odinga’s big break came in 2001 soon after he led his party, NDP, into a merger with KANU, the then ruling party. As Energy Minister in Moi’s government he was introduced to the family of Sheikh Abdukeder AlBakari, one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia with interests in petroleum drilling, petroleum exploration and export in the Middle East, Asia, USA and Africa.

    Through the Saudi contacts,Raila was initiated into the lucrative world of oil business and soon enough he had joined the league of gig independent oil importers via his firm Pan African Petroleum Limited.

    Industry sources say that one of the things that helped Raila make a quick buck in the oil business was a concessionary petroleum deal he struck with the Al Bakri Group where he was not only incorporated as a silent partner in the local arm of Al Bakri International but was also supplied with petroleum products from Saudi Arabia at subsidized prices which his firm would sell in the market at normal prices. That way,Raila was able to deftly beat the competition in oil business by occasional price undercutting.

    While still Energy Minister,Raila re-established and nurtured his links with the Libyan government of Colonel Muammar Gadaffi where again he not only did good business in oil importation but also got substantial material support during the 2002 general elections.

    Cont’s @ Link ~

  11. From the Africa Thread –

    Leza | April 2, 2011 at 11:18 am | Reply
    Odinga, Abdi & Obama: Which Islamic MoU is real?
    by Horatius on July 8, 2008

    Raila Odinga (pictured, right, with Barack Obama in 2006) has admitted signing a Memorandum of Agreement, on August 29, 2007, with Kenya’s National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF) promising to share government power in exchange for Muslim support in Kenya’s violently contested 2007 presidential elections. Odinga is a cousin of Barack Obama for whom Obama campaigned in 2006.

    On February 24, 2008, I reported that the agreement Odinga signed was this one, in public circulation as early as November 9, 2007, posted on the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya’s website :

  12. From the Africa Thread –

    Leza | April 2, 2011 at 11:19 am | Reply
    Obama, Odinga & Kenyan Jihad
    by Horatius on February 25, 2008

    Last night, I reported on Barack Obama’s active support of Kenyan candidate and Obama cousin Raila Odinga. What escaped mention was Odinga’s explicit plan to turn Kenya into an Al Qaeda terrorist incubator. A close analysis of Odinga’s MoU with Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi shows that — if Odinga had been elected as Kenyan president in the fall of 2007 — he would have made it impossible under Kenyan law for “any Muslim arrested for or suspected of Terrorism” to be tried anywhere but Kenya under Kenyan law.

    Kenyan law, in turn, would henceforth be exclusively Shariah law in “Muslim declared regions” — the “coast” and “North Eastern regions” of the country – see the map, below — now visited by hundreds of thousands of western tourists each year. [See Odinga, Abdi & Obama: Which Islamic MoU is real? for an updated, detailed discussion of two competing versions of the agreement.] Obama and Odinga supporters want to label as a “lie” the MoU version discussed here. However, the evidence suggests the opposite is true.

    It is no coincidence that this area of Kenya borders Somalia – for many years an Al Qaeda stronghold — site of the Clinton administration’s Bay of Pigs-redux, in Mogadishu, the event that serves as the basis for the movie Black Hawk Down. Also noteworthy is Kenya’s proximity to Tanzania, focus of much of George Bush’s efforts to save Africa and, arguably, where Bush is today most loved in the world.

    In these “Muslim declared” regions, the Odinga-Abdi agreement would outlaw – among other things – Farmer’s Choice, pork, other “haram products” and “women’s public dressing styles considered immoral or offensive to the Muslim faith” for all women, not just Muslims. At the same time, Odinga would establish a Sharia law court in every Kenyan “divisional headquarters.” One foreseeable result of these machinations is that Al Qaeda would be safe-havened in Kenya, free to foment mahem and terror around the world. Little wonder that Louis Farrakhan has endorsed Obama for president.

    The question every Democrat should be asking is how any American president – as Barack Obama seeks to become – could support a scheme so obviously designed to further the global jihad? Restated: With Americans like Obama, who needs Al Qaeda?

  13. From the Africa Thread –

    Leza | April 2, 2011 at 11:20 am | Reply

    Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 January 2008, 13:24 GMT

    Odinga says Obama is his cousin

    Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has said he is a cousin of US presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

    Mr Odinga told the BBC’s The World Today that Senator Obama’s father was his maternal uncle.

  14. Much more Research on this – WTPOTUS Africa Thread

    Renee and I (all here at WTPOTUS) have been researching this for quite some time.

  15. I ran a search on something I found researching –

    Qaddaffi addressed obama as – Baraka Hussein Abu oumama

    I came across this – Ø Abou Oumama

    So I ran a search on – Ø Abou Oumama

    And found this –

    Citations de salafs sur le Qur’an + article – فَاعْلَمْ أَنَّهُ
    1 oct. 2010 … Ø Abou Oumama rapporte : « J’ai entendu le Messager de Dieu dire : « Lisez …. L’ Histoire du jeûne du jour de ‘Ashura (tiré d’une khotba) … article-celui-qui-aime-le-qur-an-allah-et-son-messager-l-aiment-artic le-58083886.html

    The French to English translation read’s –

    Quotes of the Salaf Qur’an + article – فاعلم أنه
    October 1, 2010 … Ø Abu Oumami reports: “I heard the Messenger of God say:” Read …. The History of fasting the day of Ashura (alleging khutba) …
    la route du / article-one-who-loves-the-Qur-an-allah-and-sound-like-the-messenger-artic le-58083886.html

    Also this –

    110 Ahadith Qudsiya
    Quelqu’un dit : ö messager d’Allah ! A quoi sert notre travail ? Il dit … (64) Abou Oumama rapporta que le messager d’Allah dit : « Allah dit :Ô fils d’Adam

    The French to English translation read’s

    110 Ahadith Qudsiya
    Someone said: O Messenger of Allah! What is our work? He said … (64) Abu Oumami reported that the Messenger of Allah said: “Allah said: O son of Adam

    Abou Oumama
    Translated from French is –
    Abu Oumami

    Maybe nothing, but to close to not post and have as referance to come back to later.

    • Leza – Read about Day of Ashura on either one of the articles about his scar.
      Posted information there today

      • I read that Bridgette, after I posted the above. Im going to look into that also. I believe that “may” explain the scar.

        I just found this –

        Abou Saïd Al Khodri (raa) rapporte que le Prophète (saw) entra un jour dans la mosquée et y trouva un homme assis du nom d’Abou Oumama; Il lui dit :”Ô Abou Oumama ! pourquoi te trouves tu dans la mosquée alors que ce n’est pas l’heure de la prière ? Ô Envoyé de Dieu, ce sont des soucis et des dettes qui m’ont contraint à y rester. Veux tu repris l’Envoyé de Dieu (saw) que je t’apprennes des paroles qui lorsque tu les prononceras, Dieu écartera de toi les soucis et effacera les dettes ? Dis le matin et le soir :”O Allah ! je cherche refuge auprès de Toi contre les soucis et la tristesse…” Abou Oumama ajoute :”J’ai invoqué Dieu, A Lui la Puissance et La Gloire, par ces mots et mes soucis se sont dissipés de même que mes dettes ont été épongées.” (rapporté par Abou Daoud)

        The French to English translation –

        Abu Saeed Al Khodri (raa) reported that the Prophet (saw) entered the mosque one day and found a man sitting by the name Abu Oumami; He said: “O Abu Oumami! why you find yourself in the mosque when this is not the time for prayer? O Messenger of God, these are concerns and liabilities which forced me to stay. Would you cover the Messenger of Allah (saw) that I teach you words that when you pronounce them, God will spread from you the worries and clear the debts? Say morning and evening: “O Allah I seek refuge with You against the worries and sadness …” Abu Oumami adds: “I prayed to God, To Him be Glory and Power, with these words and my worries were dispelled as my debts were written off.” (Reported by Abu Daoud)

  16. Ottawa dispatch

    Canada under fire as haven for terrorists

    The trial of an alleged bomber has thrown light on serious flaws in Canada’s immigration process

    Anne McIlroy
    Monday 19 March 2001

    Canada added to its growing reputation as a haven for terrorists and other criminals last week, amid serious revelations about the ease with which an alleged Y2K bomber got a passport using little more than a forged student card.

    Ahmed Ressam is on trial in Los Angeles for conspiracy to commit terrorism and smuggling unlicensed explosives. US officials suspect he was planning to blow up a major target in Seattle on New Year’s Eve 2000.

    Last week, the jury heard how simple it was for Mr Ressam, an Algerian, to become Canadian Benni Noris. A Montreal student who has already pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud said he had no trouble applying for six passports on behalf on non-existent people.

    All it took to give Mr Ressam a squeaky clean new Canadian identity was a fake student card and a forged baptismal certificate. It appears that passport officials did not even do basic checks that would have verified whether his documents were indeed legitimate.

    Mr Ressam appears to have used his new passport to travel to Afghanistan in 1998, where US prosecutors allege he learned bomb-making skills at a training camp run by Osama bin Laden. He is the wealthy Saudi militant blamed by the US government for several acts of international terrorism, included the bombings of two US embassies in Africa in 1998.

    Mr Ressam came to Canada in 1994, claiming persecution in his native Algeria. Within a few months he had been charged with the first of several criminal theft offences but, when he failed to show up in court, Canadian police and immigration officials were unable to track him down. US prosecutors say he was part of a Montreal-based terrorist cell.

    A suspicious US border guard stopped Mr Ressam when he tried to enter the United States at Port Angeles, Washington, from Victoria, British Columbia on December 14 1999. In his trunk were enough explosives and components to make three powerful time bombs.

    Government officials are scrambling to show some sceptical US legislators pushing for tighter border controls that Canada is not a haven for criminals and terrorists whose aim is to do damage in the United States.

    It didn’t help that last week also saw the Royal Canadian mounted police and the immigration department come under fire for taking more than two years to find an alleged Mafia hitman. The Italian government had requested that he be extradited from Canada to face trial at home.

    Gaetano Amodeo, who is accused of killings in Italy and Germany, enjoyed life in Montreal until January, even though the Italian government asked that he be arrested in 1999. During that time, his name twice appeared on his wife’s application for permanent residency. It appears the immigration department didn’t pass this information on to the police.

    Embarrassed government ministers will say only that Mr Amodeo could not be found until December of this year. It left them open to attack from opposition politicians, as they were unable to answer some pointed questions. “Who is responsible for Canada being considered as the Club Med for international criminals, as an immigration sieve?” demanded Bloc Québécois house leader Michel Gauthier.

    • Hows this for COINCIDENCE!! I new I had research the name soon as I saw it and LOOK at the connection that just came up!!

      Jill Kelley turned to friend — and Tampa FBI agent — for help [shirtless photo a gag]

      St. Petersburg – Tampa Bay Times ^ | November 15, 2012 | Times staff and wires

      Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 1:35:38 AM by Cincinatus’ Wife

      TAMPA — Frederick W. Humphries II helped make the FBI’s cases against a would-be bomber on the West Coast and a university student in Tampa.

      But the investigation he is most certainly going to be remembered for is one that led to the downfall of CIA director and retired Gen. David Petraeus.

      Humphries was revealed Wednesday night as the Tampa FBI agent who took the complaints from socialite Jill Kelley that started a cyberstalking investigation and uncovered Petraeus’ affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.

      Comment 24 By Cincinatus’ Wife

      “……..Concerned about the emails, Kelley contacted Humphries in June. The two had met at a 2011 FBI Citizens Academy, a program aimed at teaching the public and journalists about what the agency does and how it operates. Kelley was in the class, which Humphries lectured one night about terrorism, according to Natalie Shepherd, a Tampa TV reporter who was there.

      Humphries, a former Army captain who worked in military intelligence, thought the emails raised serious concerns because the anonymous author knew the comings and goings of Allen and Petraeus, a former general who had preceded Allen in Afghanistan. His report back to the FBI started the investigation that led to Broadwell and uncovered her affair with Petraeus.

      …..Humphries joined the FBI in 1996 and first came to prominence in 1999 after an Algerian man was arrested by U.S. Customs agents as he tried to enter Washington state from Canada by ferry. Ahmed Ressam had white powder, chemicals and homemade timing devices in the trunk of his car.

      Ressam claimed to be a French-speaker from Quebec. According to a 2002 Seattle Times story, Humphries, then the only French-speaker assigned to the FBI’s Seattle office, was asked to question him. As soon as Humphries heard Ressam’s accent and phrasing, he knew he wasn’t from Quebec and told his colleagues to arrest him, the story said. It was later learned Ressam was part of an al-Qaida plot to blow up the Los Angeles airport on New Year’s Eve 1999……..”

      • See how the story morphs. First they were “threatening” emails telling her to stay away from “my guy”. Then they were emails simply criticizing her for being a seductive social butterfly who flaunts herself all over the Base (true, from what I perceive). Now they’re just suspicious because the emailer knew the comings and goings of generals. Well, who attending those events would NOT know? So did Ms. Jill also try to insinuate herself into the life of an FBI agent who’s particularly assigned to counter-terrorism? Now weren’t we told the investigation began in May? Now it’s June?

        • Miri, I looked into Ahmed Ressam because of the similarity’s regarding passports and how they could be fraudulent entering the U.S. through Canada even to terrorist.

          I think this connection to Frederick W. Humphries arrest of Ahmed Ressam, a Al-Quida terrorist and now Humphries tied into the Benghazi scandal is no coincidence.

          There’s something bigger than Benghazi going on.

          What really scary to me? is the fact I was originally connecting with my research Ahmed Ressam and how he got into the U.S. and the possibility of how Barry got his passport b/c.

          • Good thoughts. I’d also like to take issue with them calling Humphries the hero in this incident. The REAL hero in the incident was the female customs official who first suspected Ressam and brought him to the attention of people like Humphries.

  17. Leza posted a link to FBI files on the SDS/Weatherman/WUO/PFOC obtained via FOIA. For future reference, I picked names out of the file:

    Kenneth Cloke SDS LA
    James Fite
    Sharon Fite
    John Johnson

    Nadine Cohen Ithaca NY SDS

    Lou Cole NY SDS Columbia 1968 riots
    aka Lewis Cole

    Thomas Cook WUO Massachusetts
    aka Thomas Brainerd Cook/e
    aka Tom Cook/e

    Edith Crichton WUO Chicago SDS Weatherman

    Mona Helen Cunningham, aka Mona Helen Mellis, aka Mona Cunningham (wife of Dennis Dickson Cunningham) WUO/PFOC NY

    John Davis SDS Ohio WUO/PFOC

    Vernon Grizzard SDS

    Michael Deutsch, aka Mike Deutsch, a lawyer who represented WUO members William Willet, Leonard Handlesman, Daniel Howard Cohen; member PFOC Chicago

    John Dewind NY WUO/PFOC Venceremos Brigade

    Marc Kay Dinsmore Days of Rage riots Chicago

    Jennifer Ellen Dohrn, aka Jennifer Melendez, aka Mrs. Mickey Melendez, aka Jennifer Ellen Ohrnstein (sister Bernardine Rae Orhnstein Dohrn Ayers) PFOC

    Dianne Donghi, aka Dianne Marle Spiegel, aka Dianne Donghi Oberman, aka Dionne Donghi Days of Rage Chicago Columbia U SDS NY Weatherman Ohio

    Dr. Dorothy Jane Dube, Alabama WUO

    Barry Phillip Stein WUO

    Karleton Armstrong Wisconsin bombing

    Robert Eugene Duggan LA SDS WUO Chicago Days of Rage

    Andrea Boroff Eagan WUO NY SDS NY

    Richard Mathes Eagan WUO PFOC NY

    Allen Robert Emkin WUO PFOC LA

    John Allen Fuerst Weatherman, aka William Allen Friedman AZ

    Terri Ann Volpin Weatherman

    Howard Joel Emmer Ohio SDS Kent State

    David Dellinger

    Melody Kay Ermachild, aka Melody Ayers, Melody Chavis, Melody Thonson, Karen Joyce Krogstad, Melody Kilian “married” Richard James Ayers WUO PFOC San Francisco

    Linda Sue Evans, Iowa Days of Rage Chicago WUO Michigan

    Marian Rita Feinberg WUO PFOC Massachusetts Weatherman

    Stephen David Fitch Days of Rage Chicago

    Brian Donal Flanagan NY WUO Days of Rage Chicago

    Eldridge Cleaver

    Stewart Albert

    Jerry Rubin

    Reinhard Wolff

    Marc Lee Fliegelman (brother of Ronald) WUO PA Days of Rage Chicago

    Russell Todd Neufeld

    Laura Foner Chicago

    Molly Spender Frankel San Francisco

    John Frederic Frappier (wife=Nancy Barrett Frappier) WUO/PFOC Michigan, Chicago, Wisconsin, Ohio; Dorhns seen leaving Nancy’s residence in Berkeley 1971

    Nicholas Albrecht Freudenberg NJ SDS Columbia U

    Donna Futterman PFOC NY

    Vicki Levins Gabriner Chicago Days of Rage, WUO Boston

    Brian Gerald Glick Chicago WUO SAN Francisco PFOC

    Joyce Greenways Michigan WUO PFOC

    Morris Grossner, aka Morris Older DC SDS Chicago

    Diana Oughton SDS Michigan

    Jeffrey Herbert Haas, Georgia lawyer WUO Chicago PFOC

    Robert Colby Hackman, NY Shelley J. Hackman’s brother

    Leonard Handlesman

    Ann Marie Hathaway Michigan

    Judith Lee Hemblen, aka Judy Clavir, aka Judy Gumbo Canada

    Timothy Leary

    Stewart Albert Berkeley associate of Hemblen

    Thomas Emmett Hayden, SDS founder lived with Hemblen and Albert

    Clayton Van Lydegraf associate of Gumbo and Albert

    Nancy Kurshan, Judith Hemblen and Robert Greenblatt were in Cuba in 1970

    Hemblen and Albert met Eldridge Cleaver in Algeria

    Kurt Groenwald NYC and with Ellen Ray, Hemblen, and Albert in 1975

    Marguerite Joan Hope aka Meg/Mary Jane Hope PA SDS Chicago Michigan

    Lenore Ruth Kalom, aka Margaret Ann Williams, aka Leba Kalom, aka Nori Kalom, aka Susan Price, aka Lynn Flickes Michigan Chicago

    Eleanore Renee Kennedy, wife of Michael Kennedy NJ

    Bernadine Dorhn possible alias Lorraine Jellins

    Michael John Kennedy Spokane WUO

    Martin Herman Kenner WUO Chicago SDS

    David Benjamin Klafter Chicago Michigan

    Karen Jo Koonan, Georgia CA UCLA Communist SDS Indiana U SDS; worked at Anderson, Litt (Barrett), Lund and Tockman LA lawfirm

    Jeff Jones

    Cathy Wilkerson

    Nancy Sarah Kurshan, aka Nancy Rubin, aka Mrs. Howard Emmer NY (common law wife Howard Joel Emmer) SDS, ex-wife of Jerry Clyde Rubin

    Nancy Hoffman (wife of Abbie)

    Jonathan David Lerner, aka John W. Goyne, aka Sunny Daze DC WUO SDS Chicago

    Karen Lee Lieberman, aka Karen Lee Wald SDS UO NY Chicago, claimed to be a journalist “Daily Californian” UC Berkeley

    Constance Irene Long, aka Constance Irene Ullman, aka Roni Ann Gonzer WUO NY SDS Chicago Michigan; was married to Gerald Long; lived with William Francis Willett in San Francisco CA; photo of her in “Granma” newspaper 1967 “Connie Ullman”

    Gerald William Long, aka Jerry Long Chicago WUO Weatherman; photo in Granma communist paper

    Roger Taus, Coordinator of SCTC (took students to Cuba)

    Claude Daniel Marks PFOC San Francisco; Venceremos Brigade

    Charles Clark Marshall III, aka Chip Marshall Cornell SDS

    Cathleen Clair McGhee, aka Cathleen Clair Rini, Cleveland WUO DofR Chicago

    Howard Jeffrey Melish, aka Jeff Melish Chicago SDS

    James Gerald Mellen, LA WUO Weatherman DofR

    • More names for future reference; these I derived from stories about the Brinks Robbery:

      Kathy Boudin

      David Joseph Gilbert, aka James Lester Hackford (stolen identity from a policeman), aka Lou Wasserman

      Samuel Brown

      Judith/a A. Clark

      Marilyn Jean Buck, aka Nina Lewis

      Kathy Boudin, aka Lynn Adams (lived with Mrs. Rita Jensen, a reporter for Stamford Advocate, in CT, in 1981, earlier at the Paterson Evening News in NJ, wrote stories about BLA and Chesimard (!) but claimed to not know about Boudin’s activities.) Lawyer Martin Stolar represented Jensen and BLA members, too.

      Joanne Chesimard

      Patricia Hearst Symbionese Liberation Army

      Eve Rosahn, her lawyer Susan Tipograph, also represented Puerto Rican terrorists (FALN?)

      Nathaniel Burns, aka Sekou Odinga

      This is from a story about the Midwest Academy:

      Paul Booth SDS and his wife (founders of the academy) Heather Booth

    • thanks, this is great. Has anyone come across any Delgato names. It was a code name to Mexican, Cuban embassies and those embassies in Canada for the WUO to get info in and out of the countries or to get in touch with people by.

  18. Note: Some of alfy’s comments have my avatar because they were moved by me to this thread. Miri

    alfy said: Hey you don’t reckon in this video when it shows Mark Rudds in the line up photo, the one sliver of the girl beside him to our right is Ann D.? They skip over to some other people.
    It would make so much more sense why Obama “pals around with terrorists” as they say , because he did just that.

  19. its this one with Mark Rudd and weather underground. Scratch the above one, it goes back to your Larry grathwohl one.

    • I remember this stuff like it was yesterday.

      They’re running everything. They have something going on right now.

  20. You have some good eyes, there, alfy. 1:02 into the video? It does seem to resemble her. Could be Dorhn, but the eyebrow looks different. So does the angle of the jaw. Dohrn’s is more square. I don’t think that’s Mark Rudd. I don’t know who he is. If we could id him, it might help.

    What gets me is that when this film was made, Rudd ADMITTED that he founded an organization COMMITTED TO THE VIOLENT OVERTHROW OF OUR GOVERNMENT and yet, he’s NOW free as a bird, teaching our kids at a community college. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

    • I was thinking in the video with Mark Rudd talking the vid reverts back to a guy making a revolution speach and says the F word. That’s the same guy in the photo line up and the way it seemed to me several places is this was the yound Mark Rudd. I’ll have to look back and see.

      • Ah ,while looking for more on radical terrorist lineups I found this. Remember we wondered just how Marilyn Buck made it out of prison sooner. Well, you’ll never guess,…..right?//////! It’s good

      • OK, the guy on the beginning up top in the Vid. is Mark Rudd with that number across his chest. Your right, that’s a different guy in the line up.That could be Bernardine in the sliver ,but It sure made me wonder. I’m still going to look around because there was an Ann Dunham with the SDS, and even though she may not look like the Dunahm person that has been presented to us, she could have been a person that their fake story was build around?????

  21. .looks like I ‘m not posting in the right place but tried to find where to put it. Yes, pretty sure that Is Mark Rudd, of course now he’s a fuller dude, but that is him….but you do see what I was talking about.
    I keep thinking this girl is going to just pop up accidently in one of the WU vids. Another thing I have been noticing, is that as more photos show up of Ann, some of them look like they could have photo shopped parts of Maya, and parts of other people more and more.Sometimes she looks like she had surgery on a damn hairlip with a chin from Mars and a football players neck, daintly small hands to whoppers. Lets see that one in a bikini with those giant knees ,maybe unkinky hair, and a mouth large enough to sip from a straw. Gosh, how I’d love to see who is beside this guy in the photo.
    I have another affliction today. I meant to say something earlier, but someone asked one day about where does he sound like he is from. Well, although he is very well practiced there’s no paticular dialect of any particular region, there are a couple of things he does and says that remind me of a Massechusetts accent with a Southern influence(NC., Georgia, Louisiana in particular). Alright I am tempted to retract this foolish sounding statement , but there are just some words that slide out sometimes that give it away. You ever smell something and you can almost be reminded of something familiar, but you keep smelling trying to figure out what it is? Crazy analogy….but it’s sorta like that……………. One thing we have all heard over and over if we watch many videos is his statement used before lots of Birther videos…. “The only people that don’t wanta know the truth are those with somethin to hide.” Any of you from Massechusettes notice? It’s how he says the word something. You don’t get this accent by going to school for a short time at Harvard. There’s other things he does as well,but maybe we can all put our ears together and start trying to hear his inflections , reverting back and forth in his caloquialisms(sp). I think we might suprise ourselves what we hear……….. His brother Mark’s speech and accent are so practice perfect ,(he sure didn’t spend lots of Africa time)there’s no detection of Africa at all.

    • The guy I thought isn’t Mark Rudd is the one who’s next to the slice of the unidentified woman at 1:02 on the video. If anybody knows who he is, then possibly we can find the source for these images and determine who’s next to him.

    • I’m guessing that Mark spent far more time in the USA, growing up, than they want us to believe. So he might have gained an American accent, although if taught English in Kenya, maybe they focused on diction, but seems more likely he’d sound British.

      What I notice sometimes about Ann is that right nostril–how it is so different from the left. Sometimes. Other times, symmetrical.


        of course, they all come to America for their pedigree.
        The one in Texas, who is into survelliance, and who “is not related” to him but is the spitting image of him. Joe Cool

        This article declares Mark is 47. mmmkay..

        • As Alfy said NSA Security ? What does that stand for Papooski ?

          • Renee, although I don’t have it right in front of me, I believe Joey’s (actually,now it looks to be his wife Dora’s business) Is DHS security. I hope I’m not wrong so we don’t have too much wrong info out here. I’m pretty sure it’s DHS. Not NSA security.

          • Oops, DHS. My mistake Alf. Thank you.

          • It is possible that Joey , if he’s really any kin to Ruth could even be a grandchild.I have reason to believe this is a possibility.

        • Right Mark’s 47 , David ? and Joseph I believe is 31. So Ms. Ruthy has Mark around 1965ish and little Joey comes along in 1980 with the stranger Ndesandjo feloow SIXTEEN years later. Wow such an age jump. Mark is a rough looking guy. So many scars on his face. And they don’t look like all of em are acne scars either.
          I’m going back and look for police lineups of Weather comrads.

          • actually Mark would be at least 48 by now. He’s been 47-49 years old since about the election. And no story seems to positively pin down the year he was born, does it? and he won’t tell us.

          • And that makes Ruth HOW OLD when Joseph was born? 43 or so.

          • Exactly Mire. While I’ve told myself,yes, it’s possible, but the odds are this lady Ruth is getting up there in age for baby Joey. Gotta remember too, that she supposedly (stories very of course) was a graduate, a teacher already, so she wasn’t a spring chicken when she would’ve left for Africa around 1965. One story says she followed him back, and they married about a year later.She’s got to be at least 25 whan all that happens and possibly older. The probablities in these stories get slimmer by the day don’t they. I tried to say this last year,but then it’s only conjecture ,or theory on my part cause we don’t know the truth about any d.. thing.

          • Ok, now this is the Weatherman (Weather Underground) thread and we’ve gone off topic and are discussing Ruth. So, anyway, here’s a link to the thread where Papoose told us who Ruth is; maybe it would be best to take this discussion over here:

      • the right nostril that’s almost clipped out in a couple photos,and a crooked (forget what you call that area between her upperlip and nose. It’s a funny name. Mark spoke his Chinese with all the right perfect dialect as well. Very practiced or very comfortable speaking it. He’s the weirdest of them all.

  22. that chocolate article ~~ I especially loved the facts depicted:

    1. Ruth Nidesand, emphatically

    2. Children took the name of her (unknown) husband. Ndesandjo hah!

    Its a beautiful thing to have this history written in Snickers Bar clay tablets.

  23. Patrolman Willard J. Wolff
    Cleveland Police Department
    End of Watch: July 23, 1968
    Age: 30

    By: Anne Kmieck, Cleveland Police Historical Society

    On the evening of July 23, 1968, Cleveland Police Officers, Louis Golonka and Williard Wolff, and Lieutenant Leroy Jones were killed following their response to an “all units” call to a gun battle along Lakeview Avenue between Beulah Avenue and Auburndale. Between 8:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. seven people lay dead and fifteen others wounded, ten of whom were police officers. This was the first of five days of racial violence in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood. Unlike other riots in the United States during the 1965-1968 Civil Rights movement, black citizens in Cleveland fired directly at police.

    According to “Shoot-out in Cleveland: Black Militants and the Police, July 23, 1968, Report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence,” after extensive investigation, the question, who fired the first shot, remains unanswered. Also, the report noted that the fighting that erupted in Cleveland’s streets could have happened in any American city.

    Snip ~

    Shortly after midnight, Fred Evans, leader and founder of a black nationalist organization called New Libya, gave himself up to Sergeant
    Ronald Heinz and Patrolmen David Hicks and John Cullen. The Cleveland Press reported the next day that fifty-one persons were arrested, three of whom were youths occupying a second floor room with three rifles and two hundred rounds of ammunition. Mayor Carl B. Stokes said he believed that this tragedy was instigated by a small organized group. The Plain Dealer reported witnesses described the gunmen as black nationalists who began firing on a police tow truck crew in an unprovoked attack. Residents said they were alarmed by the presence of the armed men in their neighborhood. Police officers said gang members were armed with automatic-firing Army carbines.

    Snip ~

    According to the National Commission’s Report, “the State introduced two hundred sixty-six exhibits and called eighty-six witnesses in order to prove circumstantially, if not conclusively, that Ahmed Evans, with four other co-defendants, was guilty of conspiring to murder on July 23, 1968. The State built their case on the testimonies of approximately eight gun dealers who sold guns to Ahmed, and the testimony of Robert Boone, a neighbor, who said that he saw cars with out of state license plates delivering guns to Ahmed’s house. The prosecution demonstrated that Ahmed had the funds necessary to make these purchases by calling DeForest Brown, Director of the Hough Development Corporation, who testified that Ahmed’s group had received a grant of ten thousand, three hundred dollars from Cleveland Now.”
    Carl Stokes

    Carl Burton Stokes (June 21, 1927–April 3, 1996) was an American politician of the Democratic party who served as the 51st mayor of Cleveland, Ohio. Elected on November 7, 1967, but took office on Jan 1, 1968, he was the first African American mayor of a major U.S. city. Fellow Ohioan Robert C. Henry was the first African American mayor of any U.S. city (Springfield, elected 1966).

    Snip ~

    As mayor, Stokes opened city hall jobs to blacks and women. Though he was not known as a strong administrator, he was remembered for his vision and motivation. Stokes feuded with City Council and the Police Department for most of his tenure. He also initiated Cleveland: Now!, a public and private funding program aimed at the revitalization of Cleveland neighborhoods. When the Glenville Shootout occurred under Stokes, it was discovered that Fred (Ahmed) Evans, one of major characters in the conflict had received some $6,000 [actual figure was over $10,000] in funds from the program. As a result, donations began to sink. However, Stokes pulled through and was reelected in 1969.

    After being privately advised he would be indicted by the Federal government for corruption while mayor, but would not be if he declined another term,[citation needed] Stokes chose not to run for reelection, and Ralph J. Perk became his successor.

    After his mayoral administration, Stokes lectured to colleges around the country. In 1972 he became the first black anchorman in New York City when he took a job with television station WNBC-TV. While at WNBC New York, Stokes won a New York State Regional Emmy for excellence in craft, for a piece about the opening of the Paul Robeson play, starring James Earl Jones on Broadway. After accusing NBC of failing to promote him to a national brief, he returned to Cleveland in 1980 and began serving as general legal counsel for the United Auto Workers. From 1983 to 1994 he served as municipal judge in Cleveland where he developed a reputation as a fair judge with a common sense approach to the law. President Bill Clinton then appointed him U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles. He was awarded 12 honorary degrees, numerous civic awards, and represented the United States on numerous goodwill trips abroad by request of the White House. In 1970, the National League of Cities voted him its first black president-elect.

    In the summer of 1968 Ahmed’s group received a grant of
    $10,300 from “Cleveland: Now!” funds to develop African crafts. From this benefaction, channeled through the Hough Area Development Corporation.

    Full text of “Shoot-out in Cleveland:

    Full text of “Shoot-out in Cleveland: black militants and the police; a report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence”

    • hummm…those names Leza…

    • Carl Stokes was the brother of Louis Stokes

      More on who worked for Louis Stokes

      Maxine Isaacs

      Maxine Isaacs, 69

      The American Studies program was the best thing about Skidmore in those years. After graduation I moved to Washington, DC, where I went to work for Congressman Louis Stokes, then chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, eventually becoming his speechwriter and a legislative aide. I stayed with Rep. Stokes until 1973, when I became Deputy Press Secretary to Senator Walter Mondale. I left Mondale’s staff in 1975 and worked for a year as a freelance reporter, but when Carter chose him as his VP nominee, I joined the campaign. When Carter and Mondale were elected in 1976, I was Mondale’s Deputy Press Secretary in the White House until 1981. I then spent two years working in financial public relations in New York. In 1983, I became the first woman Press Secretary to a major presidential candidate. After Mondale was defeated in 1984, I got married, had a son and went back to school. I received my Master’s in International Public Policy at Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies in 1988. During that time, I was a Fellow at the Institute of Politics at Harvard, where I fell in love with teaching. I decided to get a PhD so I could teach in a serious way. I received my PhD from the Maryland School of Public Affairs in 1994. My research was on the relationship between elite and mass opinion on American Foreign Policy. Since 1994 I have been an Adjunct Lecturer at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard where I am currently teaching a course on “The 2000 Presidential Campaign and Election.” Through all these years, my approach has been America-centered and multi-disciplinary, very much on the American Studies model.

      • Jim Johnson and Maxine Isaacs — one of Washington’s top power couples

        Just ten days ago, the two hosted their annual Kennedy Center Honors brunch and attended the star-studded awards show together. But a split was quietly in the works: She moved into a Georgetown townhouse last
        week; he’s staying in their $5 million penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton. Johnson and Isaacs declined to comment.

        They have been fixtures on Washington’s A-list, with ties to the political, business and cultural life of the city. For seven years in the ’90s, Johnson was chairman of Fannie Mae — and at one point, also served as chair of both the Kennedy Center and the Brookings Institution, causing Harold Ickes to nickname him “chairman of the universe.” Isaacs, with advanced degrees in international policy, is a lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and serves on several arts and policy boards.

        Their names are all over town — literally, carved into walls — thanks to a long list of philanthropic donations. Most notably, they created and underwrote the Kennedy Center’s free Millennium Stage and gave $1 million to Arlington’s Signature Theatre, which named the Max Theatre after her.

        The couple met while working on Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign: Johnson was the campaign’s manager; Isaacs served as press secretary. They were married in January, 1985, with a toast from Mondale at the reception: “Some people really don’t understand what the campaign was all about,” he told the guests. “It was really a front operation for Maxine and Jim to get to know each other under extreme conditions of stress.”

        Johnson made his fortune at the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), where he worked from 1991 to 1998. By the time he left, he was making $7 million a year and donating millions as head of the Fannie Mae Foundation. According to property records, they own two multi-million properties near Palm Springs, Calif., and a spread in Montana, in addition to the Georgetown Ritz condo — and recently sold a home in Woodley Park for $4.2 million.

        The couple remained deeply involved in Democratic politics, donating several thousands to candidates and campaigns. In 2008, Johnson led Barack Obama’s search for a vice-president until the worsening financial crisis — and questions about whether his stewardship at Fannie Mae contributed to the sub prime mortgage scandal — caused him to step aside. He now works as vice chairman of the private investment firm Perseus LLC.

        No divorce papers have been filed. The couple has one adult son.

        • Yet another Obama “Bundler” caught with his hand in the DOE Loan “Cookie Jar” – to the tune of $50 Million!

          by Ken Posted October 29, 2011

          Another Obama “bundler” is investor in car company that won federal loan

          James A. Johnson, one of many un-indicted creators of the “housing bubble” and the failure of Fannie Mae which led to the financial collapse, and an Obama “insider,” is vice chairman of company winning $50 million in loans from Obama Department of Energy

          Washington Post
          By Carol D. Leonnig, Published: October 28

          An investment firm whose vice chairman has been an adviser and fundraiser for President Obama saw one of its portfolio companies win approval this year for $50 million in loans from the administration’s clean-energy loan program.

          Washington-based Perseus says its affiliation with James A. Johnson, a major fundraiser for Obama’s campaign, played no role in persuading the Energy Department to award the loan to Vehicle Production Group, a Miami start-up that is manufacturing wheelchair-accessible cars and taxis.

          Johnson headed Obama’s vice presidential selection committee in 2008 and is the former chairman of housing mortgage giant Fannie Mae. He was listed as a campaign fundraising bundler for Obama in the 2008 race, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and
          committed to raising $200,000 to $500,000 for the upcoming presidential race.


        • hummmmm….


    I found this book today and it has some pages viewable, so if you want to look up some of your favorite domestic terrorists, have at it. Nathaniel Burns was my interest, this time.

  25. Osawatomie: the Weather Underground newspaper

    Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    Zomblog has obtained an extremely rare copy of the first issue of Osawatomie, a newspaper published by the Weather Underground in 1975. Noteworthy passages are reproduced below, along with exact transcriptions. The full pages, with each passage in context in high resolution, are found at the bottom of this post.

    Much of Osawatomie, which was written at a time when the Dohrn-Ayers wing of the Weather Underground was transitioning from terrorism to “working from the inside” for revolution, concerns itself with the need to encourage “organizers” who will work in “communities” and use “audacity” to bring about “socialism” in America.

    Don’t believe me? Read the quotes for yourself, and see them in context on the full pages below.

    Rather than analyze the significance of the parallels between the ideas in Osawatomie, Barack Obama’s personal history as a “community organizer,” and the strategies, slogans and goals of his campaign for the presidency, I will let you the reader decide for yourself.
    The following quotes are scanned directly from Osawatomie, with a transcription below each image.

    There are serious antiracist organizers building a revolutionary base in working class communities — in neighborhoods, shops, mills, mines, social institutions. There are those who are working among women, GI’s, vets, prisoners, among youth, students and the unemployed in every part of the country. There are some who have been at it for years and some who have just begun. Thousands more are needed; and each particular piece of work will have to be linked up into a whole. We need to out-organize the sophisticated and well-financed forces of George Meany, Louise Day Hicks, Ronald Reagan, George Wallace and Albert Shanker. Organizers need to crush this reactionary leadership with a revolutionized torrent of people.

    But revolutionaries expect adversity, expect to be fought every inch of the way by an entrenched ruling class, expect to confront danger and demoralization and overcome it, with creativity and audacity.

    Theory and ideology are important tools, and we should make study of Marxism-Leninism an important part of our work.

    Organizers must be intimately aware of every problem and each injustice, and they must show that underneath each particular problem lies another problem, and another and another until you reach the system of imperialism itself. The system is designed to create problems for poor, Third World and working-class people. Organizers need to find small solutions to small problems and great solutions to great problems. Our solutions should be drastic.

    We need to build a successful struggle, strong organization and a winning revolutionary party. This is a process, which will not emerge full-blown from our minds. It will emerge and change and grow from practice. We know where to begin.

    It is with all this in mind that we have created OSAWATOMIE, the revolutionary voice of the Weather Underground Organization.

    Left analysis is seen mainly in papers circulated among leftists, left solutions are heard mainly in meetings of the left. And what a shame! Because some of that analysis and some of those solutions make sense, describe concrete conditions, prescribe real remedies. Some of that interpretation of events could provide needed leadership in struggle. But isolated from the people, the makers of history and the carriers of change, it is useless.

    The immediate task for the left is this: organize the masses of people against imperialism and for revolution. Pull together friends and comrades, whether three or thirty. Explain the roots of the current economic and social crisis. Fight for jobs and for funds for urgent relief programs. Wealth should be taken from the Pentagon budget and used to rebuild our cities, schools and hospitals.


    Now comes a time of decision for the left. Can we overcome the small points that divide us? Can we come together to confront the enemy? Can we build a revolutionary practice firmly rooted among masses of people? Can we transform our lives in order to play our part in the developing storm?

    These are the questions that press in on the left today. These are the questions because of this contradiction: millions of people are suffering from the crisis and conflicts generated by the imperialist system, and yet the left is small, dispersed and divided, not a visible force in the lives of the people. Revolutionary politics do not have a strong voice. The left is not situated to fulfill its historic mission — to focus and lead and make sense of mass discontent — to carry the present situation to its furthest limits.

    … the system itself is inhuman, and socialism is a real alternative; the energy crisis is the fault of Rockefeller and the oil companies, not the Arab people; unemployment is caused by capitalism not “illegal aliens” stealing jobs; war in Indochina or the Mideast is part of the problem, not the solution; political and social action can change things.

    … the Weather Underground Organization’s development. Like all our work, OSAWATOMIE is guided by a commitment to struggle, a determination to fight the enemy, the certainty that we will see revolution in our lifetime…

    Here are the cover and three interior pages from the first issue of Osawatomie, from which all the the excerpts depicted above were taken. Click on each image to see it in high resolution: [at link]


    Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn have recently written a new book, Race Course Against White Supremacy, which will be published in June, 2009:

    In the center of the book’s cover is a hidden design which seems to be an homage to their Weather Underground logo of years past:

    Note: The newspaper Osawatomie was named after abolitionist John Brown, whose nickname was Osawatomie Brown. (Commemorative t-shirts here.) John Brown is one of the two figures on the cover of Ayers and Dohrn’s new book.

    John Brown (abolitionist)

    John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) was an American abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States.[1] During 1856 in Kansas, Brown commanded forces at the Battle of Black Jack and the Battle of Osawatomie.[1] Brown’s followers also killed five pro-slavery supporters at Pottawatomie.[1] In 1859, Brown led an unsuccessful raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry that ended with his capture.[1] Brown’s trial resulted in his conviction and a sentence of death by hanging.[1]
    Brown’s actions prior to the Civil War as an abolitionist, and the tactics he chose, still make him a controversial figure today. He is sometimes memorialized as a heroic martyr and a visionary and sometimes vilified as a madman and a terrorist.[7] Historians debate whether he was “America’s first domestic terrorist”. Many historians believe the term “terrorist” is an inappropriate label to describe Brown.[8

    • The Osawatomie Coincidence

      Trevor on December 8, 2011 – 6:58 pm

      Why would Barack Obama choose to give a controversial speech attacking American capitalism in Osawatomie, Kansas?

      Hang on? Where have I heard that name before? Osawatomie? ….back in the ’70s? Weather Underground terrorists… Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn. Didn’t Obama used to hang out with those guys?

      I remember! Osawatomie was the publication of the Weather Underground!

      • John Brown Farm and Gravesite

        US Interior Department names 27 new landmarks

        Associated Press – Thu, Oct 18, 2012

        WASHINGTON (AP) — A Kansas battlefield where forces faced off over slavery several years before the Civil War, two New England churches, and several sites associated with indigenous North American cultures are among 27 places designated new National Historic Landmarks by the U.S. Department of Interior.
        —Black Jack Battlefield, Douglas County, Kansas. A June 2, 1856 conflict took place here between abolitionist John Brown’s forces and a pro-slavery contingent led by Henry Clay Pate, predating the Civil War.

        All just coincidences? I think NOT!

        • I have a comment in moderation. only two links, why would it end up in moderation?

          • No clue why that one was in moderation this morning. I released it. The ways of WordPress are mysterious. 🙂

            Good work on that connection to Osawatomie. We discussed it also here:

            Reading through all this, I was struck by how the likes of Ayers and Barry are the true conservatives. The world has passed them by. It’s as if they didn’t notice that socialism and communism were proved to be a FAILED SYSTEM over the past decades. They want things to be static. As if this is still the 1960s! The world has moved on and these aging “revolutionaries” haven’t noticed. They’re still stuck in the 20th century, while even Russia and Red China are embracing the very concepts they reject. Unions are dead or dying. The old ways are gone. Yet, so stuck in their brainwashed ideology are they that they cannot think differently.

          • Thank you for releasing me Miri, and also to where Osawatomie was previously talked about. I guess I missed that one. Barry want’s too be King, a dictator and we the people his slaves. His way of accomplishment too his goal is through communism. Ayer’s was/is his stepping stone, the one person that could help him achieve his goal. But also, I’d like too one day see all the dna of everyone ever involved in the weather underground/panthers/ect. compared too Barry’s. Ayer’s or his underground may not just be a stepping stone. But we’ve talked about that here in the past. Too put Barry even close too being conservative make’s me cringe. 😦 sorry, maybe I didn’t get the jest of what you were sayin’, I’m in a hurry…will be back tonight too re-read what you wrote, if I re-read later I’m sure I’ll get it, the part about what you were saying “Ayers and Barry are the true conservatives”.

            • No problem. There’s a lot of Weather Underground stuff at that link that probably should be on your Weather post, so this will serve to link back to it.

              I meant “conservative” in the sense that that’s how some interpret the word–that a “conservative” is set in his ways, shaped by his environment during his “formative years” and then resistant to “change”. Seems to me that it’s these 60s radicals who are trapped in the past and don’t know which way the wind’s blowing. THEY need to realize that the Iron Curtain came down for a reason and the Soviet Union collapsed for a reason and that this is now the 21st century. SOCIALISM is a failure, always has been and always will be. Same for communism.

            • “a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.” So in the case of the 60s radicals, they’re stuck in the past and want to preserve the “traditional values and attitudes” of 60s Marxists, Red Diaper Babies (who raised them), and the old Soviet Union; and they NEVER change the communistic philosophy they were weaned upon, despite that history has proven it an abject failure.

    • Great find Lesa and the connections related to Osawatomie. I remember Obama giving a speech there and us discussing it, but I didn’t know about the newsletter by the same name written by the radical terrorists of the 60’s.

      How often do we read about the White Supremacists ….only from the Commie Left as they keep the meme going to further their agenda. I wonder what else they (Ayers and Dohrn) called themselves being white themselves. Now they are “respectable”? They are the sickest of the sick.

  26. deja vu …

    where’s chesa boudin these days? under the underground?

    just wondering

    • Love Jack Cashill’s first two paragraphs!

      With his capture Friday evening in Boston, terrorist bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev would seem to have abandoned all hope of ever amounting to anything useful. He may, however, be selling his adopted country short. In America, at least in certain quarters thereof, our fellow citizens have a history of rehabilitating terrorists and restoring them to places of honor.

      President Barack Obama knows something about this. It was no more than fifteen years after Bill Ayers walked away — “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird.” — from his 1970’s career as an underground bomber that he became Obama’s mentor, political adviser, and literary ghost. Ayers went on to become a distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois and a much-sought after speaker at educational conferences around the country. Chin up, Dzhokhar!

  27. these people have known each other all of their lives. FLO is the link to the political rise.. bernardine probably held barky as a baby if the truth were known.

    what was barky doing when this article was written 20 years ago. what was the wife up to then…. hmmm we have a new timeline.

    Thanks Bernadine! Good Article!
    51 in ’93. hmmmmm

  28. Thanks for the links Papoose! is it any wonder why we question everything that happens within Obamanation?

    ACLU Eyes Boston Bombing Suspect’s Miranda Rights
    BOSTON April 20, 2013

    The American Civil Liberties Union says it’s concerned the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect will be questioned by investigators without being read his Miranda rights.

    • Connect the dots…

      The lawyer for Haji Juma Khan, who is being tried for drug trafficking for the purpose for supporting terrorism, is Sabrina Shroff, a member of the National Lawyers Guild.

      The lawyer for Aafia Siddiqui, “the female Osama Bin Laden,” is Elizabeth Fink, a member of the National Lawyers Guild.

      The lawyer for terrorist suspect Syed Fahad Hashmi is Sean Maher, a member of the National Lawyers Guild.

      In 2003, a controversy arose around the case of National Lawyers Guild (NLG) member attorney Lynne Stewart, who was charged with transmitting terrorist communications from prison for Omar Abdel-Rahman, her former client and mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. Stewart was ultimately convicted of the charges and sentenced to 28 months in federal prison “Lawyer Gets Prison Term in Terrorism Case.” The NLG supported Stewart, condemning the charges and the conviction

      The pattern is undeniable, and it gets even more sordid. Bernadine Dohrn, wife of Obama supporter William Ayers and believed to be the mastermind behind most of the Underground Weathermen’s anarchist activities, moved to New York in 1969 to work for the National Lawyers Guild, an organization with which the Weather Underground and the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee worked very closely with in the following years. Weather Underground, a group that employed the anti-personnel bomb-making talents—or lack thereof—had as the lead defense in the case of terrorist Kathy Boudin, prominent “Guild” member Leonard Boudin (her father), Kathy Boudin received a 20-years-to-life sentence for her role in the 1981 Weatherman Nyack, New York Brinks robbery-murders.

      The National Lawyers Guild in the old days was frequently identified as a legal front organization for the Communist Party. Sidney Hook described the individuals who founded the NLG as “not being capable of taking any stand that conflicts with the CPUSA (the Communist Party of the USA)”. In the 1950s the National Lawyers Guild refused to purge its members who were members of the Communist Party. Today there are Guild members who are cadres in a variety of communist groups along with a majority of unaffiliated members.

      Michelle Obama and Bernadine Dohr worked for the same law firm, Sibley and Austin. One of the first organizational meetings for Obama was held in the Ayers-Dohr house. Obama has worked on several committees with Ayers.

      The connection is clear and should be a red flag for all those who believe that Barack Obama’s relationship will Bill Ayers and his wife, is casual and insignificant.

      • Civil Liberties Advocates

        Snip ~

        No pantheon of civil-liberties icons would be complete without the self-proclaimed “radical human-rights attorney” Lynne Stewart, a devoted Maoist who has defended such notorious figures as Weather Underground bomber Kathy Boudin and Black Panther Willie Holder. She also has gone on record saying that, if given the opportunity, she would defend Osama bin Laden.

        Stewart made national headlines in April 2002 when she was arrested for providing material support to the Islamic Group, an Egypt-based terrorist organization with close links to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network. After Stewart’s arrest, a litany of leftwing civil-liberties organizations instantly rushed to her aid. These included International ANSWER, the National Lawyers Guild, Refuse and Resist, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Center for Constitutional Rights. Moreover, Stewart became a cause celebre of the left; she was invited to speak not only at college campuses all across the United States, but also at such forums as the Socialist Scholars Conference in New York.

          March 8, 2005

          Before the case of Lynne Stewart, the radical lawyer and now convicted accessory to terrorism, disappears from view, note should be taken of one of her more prominent financial backers.

          As National Review recently reported, the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee received a $20,000 gift of support from none other than George Soros, the multi-billionaire who spent upwards of $20 million last year trying to drive President Bush from office.

          Soros’ Open Society Institute, according to records filed with the IRS, made the donation in order “to conduct a public-education campaign around the broad civil-rights implications of Lynne Stewart’s indictment.”

          In fact, Soros’ foundation funded the defense committee’s Web site. And an official of the Open Society Institute publicly hailed Stewart — the legal mouthpiece of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, whose followers bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 and who was sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to attack other New York landmarks — as “a human-rights defender.”

          Soros has long had a problem understanding terrorism. Last year, his venomous Bush-bashing led him to compare the Abu Ghraib prison-abuse scandal to the 9/11 attacks, adding that the president’s “War on Terror converted us from victims into perpetrators.”

          At some point, the Democratic Party is going to have to explain to the American people how it can in good conscience remain in a political alliance with this gazillionaire crackpot.

          Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, for example, once declared, “We need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.”

          • He’s got the dinero to fund just about anything, too.

          • Barack Obama’s Close Encounter with the Weather Underground [1981 NYC]

            October 29, 2008

            Barack Obama’s Close Encounter with the Weather Underground

            Did the presidential candidate and the revolutionary terror group cross paths at a violent 1981 anti-Apartheid protest?

            Barack Obama would have you believe that the bombings by the radical domestic terrorists known as The Weather Underground were something that happened “when I was eight years old” and with which he had absolutely no connection. And while it is true that their bombings started when Obama was eight years old, they actually continued until he was twenty years old. And, incredibly, the life of Barack Obama and the terror campaign of the Weather Underground nearly intersected on the evening of September 26, 1981 at an anti-Apartheid protest which turned violent at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

            Snip ~


            • Obama Became Involved With Anti-Apartheid Protests and Embraced Far-Left-Wing Politics While at Occidental College

            • Obama in New York at Columbia: What Little We Know

            – Journalistic frustration: The media hits a blank wall about Obama’s New York years

            – Did Obama move around frequently, or stay in one place?

            – Was Obama a member of the radical Black Students Organization, or not?

            – Was Obama active politically, or did he live a solitary life?

            • The Anti-Apartheid Protest at JFK Airport Against “The Springboks,” the South African National Rugby Team

            – Acid-throwing incident at John F. Kennedy Airport

            • The Connection Between the Springboks Protest, the Brinks Robbery, and the Weather Underground

            • Bonus Links

            Snip ~

            The Lynne Stewart Connection

            The Kennedy Airport incident and the Brinks robbery were also connected in another way: Some of the defendants in both cases were represented by radical lawyer Lynne Stewart. In fact, according to her testimony in a much later unrelated terror trial (on pages 7498-9), it was how she got her start as a radical lawyer:

            Q. Now, did there come a time when you began to get experience representing people who were charged with conduct that they, the defendant, said had a political motivation?
            A. Yes.
            Q. And about when was that?
            A. I would say, in the early ’80s. I was — wanted to reach out to the political community that I had been part of during the ’60s, the antiwar movement, the people who were trying to make change. Let’s define it that way. And I have — I was busy earning a living. We had been busy earning a living, my husband and I. By the ’80s I had run into a friend that I knew from state court and I knew she was involved in representing people accused of crime who were asserting some political defenses. And I mentioned to her that if there was a case and they needed a lawyer I would be interested in doing that case. And would she please contact me. That was Susan Tipograph. And sure enough a little while later she did contact me.
            Q. And do you remember what that first case was that was of that nature?
            A. I remember it very well. It was a case where there had been a demonstration at Kennedy Airport against the Spring Box, which was a rugby team from South Africa that had toured the United States to tremendous amounts of disapprobation. Demonstrations weren’t able to take the field in certain places because it was, of course, in those days, an all-white team from this country that was so blatantly practicing apartheid. The demonstrators, a number of them had been arrested —

            Earlier in the same testimony, on page 7475, Stewart says:

            I had learned in other cases where the media was very, very high, cases that I had handled in the Bronx involving Larry Davis, cases up in Rockland County involving the Brinks hold-up and the subsequent accusations of murder of political people who were arrested at the scene; all of these cases had had a suffocating media, almost.

            And this site notes:

            In 1981 Stewart began to combine her law experience with her political concerns. That year several of her friends were arrested at JFK Airport for protesting the arrival of the South African national rugby team. Objecting to the team’s presence in the US was a significant action for anti-apartheid activists. The same year members of the radical Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground killed two policemen while robbing an armored car in Nyack, New York. Stewart decided to represent two of the defendants. One client was acquitted; the other’s guilt was never in question. Stewart used the opportunity of her defense to elucidate the elements of US politics and society that the radical groups felt compelled to attack.

            So, to summarize the connections:

            Some of the same people participated in both the airport anti-Apartheid attack and the Brinks robbery, and some of them had the same lawyer. And the earlier Schenectady rugby club bombing, which was also due to the anti-Apartheid protests, was connected to the Brinks robbery because the construction and deployment of the bomb bore the trademarks of other Weather Underground bombings. So it is certain that all three incidents were closely connected. And since we know that the Brinks robbery was a Weather Underground operation, we can say for certain that the JFK Airport anti-Apartheid acid attack was a Weather Underground operation as well.

            Continues at link ~


            Black Students Organization connection with Holder

            Eric Holder’s Radical Past Uncovered

            October 16, 2012

            Affiliation with violent Black Panthers while in college may explain AG’s anti-white bias

            By Pat Shannan

            Attorney General Eric Holder’s reluctance to prosecute criminal behavior on the part of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election apparently has its roots in his own affiliation with the group as far back as 1970. While a freshman at Columbia University that year, Holder participated in a five-day, armed protest and occupation of the university’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building organized by the “Black Students’ Organization” (BSO).

            It has not been ascertained whether the AG was ever a card-carrying member of the Black Panthers. However, he was an active member on campus of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS) that released a statement supporting the efforts of 21 Black Panthers charged with plotting to blow up a police station, department stores, railroad tracks and the New York Botanical Gardens.

            News stories from BSO’s defunct website show that it wasn’t the first time. Gloating over a 1968 confrontation with police the paper reported:

            “Armed with guns, the students took over Hamilton Hall, and locked the building from the inside. After some time the black students told the white sympathizers, many of whom were members of Students for a Democratic Society, to leave and contribute by taking over other buildings on campus. They did, effectively shutting down the university. The president of the university ordered the NYPD to smother the protest by force, aided by white athletes and members of the ROTC. Ironically it was the white students in other buildings who bore the brunt of the police storming. Had the police broken into Hamilton, they may have suffered casualties at the hands of the sisters and brothers inside.”

            Two years later, Holder was among the leaders of the SAAS that were demanding the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge” in honor of the early Black Muslim leader who was assassinated in 1965.


          • From you link Miri –


            Lynn Stewart, 70-year-old radical lawyer, sentenced to 10 years in prison for aiding bomb plotter

            Lawyer Lynn Stewart outside of Federal Court in 2009 before turning herself in.

            Radical Lawyer Lynne Stewart must serve a decade in prison – a sentence that could keep her behind bars until she turns 80.

            Flanked Thursday by family and supporters, Stewart, 70, quietly wiped away tears as U.S. District Judge John Koeltl handed down his decision to give her 10 years and a month for helping a blind extremist cleric relay messages to terror cohorts in Egypt.

            The stiff sentence was four times what she originally faced.

            Koeltl said Stewart had “abused her position as a lawyer” and that her original sentence was “not adequate.”

            The controversial civil rights attorney was convicted in 2005 of helping Omar Abdel Rahman pass messages from prison.

            She had represented him after the feds charged him with plotting to blow up city landmarks. Stewart was initially sentenced to 28 months.

            In an unusual move last year, the federal appeals court ordered that she be re-sentenced because the judge in her initial trial did not rule whether she perjured herself.

            Stewart was shocked by the new sentence.

            “I’m somewhat stunned by the swift change in my outlook,” Stewart told the judge. “We will continue to struggle on, and we will take, of course, all available options to do what we need to do to change this.”

            Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, her co-counsel in the terrorism case, called the sentence “a travesty, a total injustice.”

            Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, her co-counsel in the terrorism case (from above)

            Former US attorney-general visits Hamas leader in Gaza


            Ramsey Clark, a long-time critic of US foreign policy who served on Saddam Hussein’s legal team, meets with Haniyeh.

            Former US Attorney-General Ramsey Clark is in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on a solidarity mission.

            Clark met with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Wednesday to kick off a three-day visit. He’ll also meet with human rights activists and visit relatives of people killed during Operation Cast Lead two years ago.

            Clark did not comment to reporters, but Haniyeh’s office says the two discussed Israel’s blockade of Gaza and recent escalations in Israeli-Palestinian fighting.

            The visit places Clark at odds with American foreign policy, which shuns Hamas as a terrorist group. A longtime critic of US military policy in the Middle East, Clark served on Saddam Hussein’s defense team.

            Clark was attorney general in the mid-1960s.



            Obama Approves Direct Funding For Hamas


            Hat tip has to go to Spellchek for this little tidbit of information. In all of his infinite wisdom and glory, President Barack Obama has waived restrictions placed on the direct funding of the Palestinian Authority. If you remember, this is the group that is run by Hamas. Going further back in your memory, you will recall Hamas is the terrorist organization that has refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. In fact, their charter calls for the destruction of Israel.


          • Obama Signs Executive Order, Sends $500 million to Terrorists

            july 27, 2013

            Citing “national security interests,” President Obama effectively sidestepped Congress by signing an executive order which enables him to send $500 million to fund Muslim terrorists in the West Bank.

            The executive order, addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry, was quietly signed Friday afternoon, as the media’s full attention was focused upon a royal birth.

            In the order, President Obama writes, “I hereby certify that it is important to the national security interests of the United States to waive the provisions of section 7040(a) of the Act as carried forward by the CR, in order to provide funds appropriated to carry out chapter 4 of part II of the Foreign Assistance Act, as amended, to the Palestinian Authority.”

            The move comes on the heels of a 2012 executive order in which Obama waived a congressional ban on funding the Palestinian Authority and sent the Hamas terror led organization $147 million American taxpayer dollars.


            • That’s probably Barry just acting on his own to help the middle class. Laws mean nothing when a “president” can just ignore them at will. Now the ball’s in Congress’s court. Will they stand up and DEFUND this initiative?

      • Any relation to Sohale?

        • Similar plot first uncovered in Philippines, says police chief

          A terrorist plot similar to this week’s attack in New York and Washington was first uncovered in Manila in 1995, Philippine police said today.

          The statement came amid a warning by the senate’s vice chair for national defence that Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect in Tuesday’s attacks in the US, could try to slip into the southern Philippines where he maintains contacts with Muslim separatist rebels.

          Chief Superintendent Avelino Razon said a plot called “Project Bojinka” was uncovered by Philippine police in 1995 after arresting terrorist Abdul Hakim Murad in a Manila apartment where he was plotting to assassinate visiting Pope John Paul II.

          Murad “is part of a terrorist cell established by Ramzi Yousef under the direction of Osama bin Laden,” Razon said. Both Murad and Yousef were then wanted by US authorities for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

          “In the course of the investigation, we found out through a laptop computer confiscated from Murad that they were also going to implement a terrorist plot called Project Bojinka,” Razon, formerly Manila’s police chief, said.

          The plot called for the hijacking of US commercial airliners, bombing them or crashing them into several targets including the Central Intelligence Agency.

          “Murad admitted that when he was being questioned that he was being trained for a suicide mission. We were able to find out that they had some targets already,” Razon said.

          Murad was later extradited to the United States, where he and Yousef were later convicted for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center with the help of Philippine police who testified.

          Razon said Project Bojinka had been in the planning stage as early as 1994, when the terrorists carried out a test mission by exploding a bomb on board a Japan-bound Philippine Airlines jet, killing one passenger.

          Razon said US federal officials were aware of Project Bojinka and that the Philippines’ crack terrorist team was continuing to work closely with them.

          He said there could be no doubt that the attacks on the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon were carried out by bin Laden’s men.

          “I remember that after the first World Trade Center bombing Osama bin Laden made a statement that on the second attempt they would be successful,” Razon stressed. He said they could have chosen to carry out the attack on September 11, to mark the anniversary of Yousef’s conviction for the first attack several years ago.

          Meanwhile, Senator Rodolfo Biazon, a former military armed forces chief, warned that bin Laden could try to slip into the country if forced out of Afghanistan and other Middle East countries amid US pressure.

          He said bin Laden was known to have direct contacts with the Abu Sayyaf Muslim group, now holding two US and 16 Filipino hostages in the south.

          If the Saudi dissident is expelled by his hosts, “the possibility of Osama bin Laden seeking refuge among his allies the Abu Sayyaf exists.”


    • Hiya Leza,

      thank you! for your tireless efforts. I look forward to seeing your name on the roster when I get in at night. I know its gonna be a good find.

      I love your work!

      • Papoose, thank you so much. You have no idea how just your few meaningful word’s mean. My time researching has been cut so short, because I now have too work more hours too make the same money. Just like most people over the last 5 yrs.

        I have much more I have too post regarding the info. above. I’ll get it posted sometime this weekend. xoxox, love ya!


    That’s a link to a discussion of the Weather Underground and how the NY Times covered up Barry’s connection to Ayers.

  30. This one is puzzling, Leza. I’m trying to figure out WHY NOW?

    How Obama Obstructs Justice in the Search for a Communist Terrorist .. By: Cliff Kincaid

    If the FBI wants to find Joanne Chesimard, who has just been added to the “Most Wanted Terrorists List,” it could begin by wiretapping President Obama’s friends, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and other members of the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground helped Chesimard—a convicted cop-killer and terrorist—escape from a New Jersey prison in 1979 and flee to Cuba.

    Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, was involved in the “execution style” murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster. The attack on Foerster in a gun battle also took the life of Chesimard’s associate, Zayd Shakur. Ayers and Dohrn named one of their children after Zayd Shakur, who now goes under the name of “Zayd Dohrn,” and is a playwright.

    The doubling of the reward from $1 million to $2 million for information leading to her capture and return to New Jersey was made on the 40th anniversary of Foerster’s brutal murder.

    However, Chesimard is still today being protected by a support network of “progressive” activists, lawyers and the Cuban government.

    Alluding to terrorist support networks for Chesimard in the U.S, Aaron Ford, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s office in Newark, New Jersey, said, “We would be naïve to think there’s not some communication between her and some of those people she used to run around with today.” …”

    Other choice tidbits from the article:

    “However, the role of the Weather Underground in helping Chesimard go “underground” for more than four years in the U.S., and then escape to Cuba, is being conspicuously ignored in most of the stories about her being named as the first woman added to the Most Wanted Terrorists List.

    Raising the stakes, Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, said at Thursday’s news conference on this matter that they have “reason to believe she has established associations with other international terrorist organizations.”” [Does THIS explain WHY NOW? Boston?]

    “This case is just as important today as it was when it happened 40 years ago,” says Mike Rinaldi, a lieutenant in the New Jersey State Police and member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in Newark. “Bringing Joanne Chesimard back here to face justice is still a top priority.” [Really? Maybe in NJ STATE police circles, but in Eric Holder’s DOJ?]

    Wiretaps on Chesimard’s associates in the U.S. could be justified, but are not likely, since Eric Holder, a former “black power” activist, runs Obama’s Department of Justice. He was deputy attorney general in the Clinton Administration and was involved in pardons for members of the Weather Underground. As Attorney General, he approved the early release from prison of communist terrorist Marilyn Buck, a member of the Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army involved in Chesimard’s escape from prison. The Obama/Holder Justice Department falsely claimed that Buck had repented for her terrorist ways.”

    “Rather than crack down on Cuba, Obama has facilitated travel to the Communist island through such venues as the Venceremos Brigades, a means by which the Castro dictatorship recruits Americans as agents of influence, trains them in guerrilla warfare tactics, and puts them in touch with international terrorists.

    Bernardine Dohrn arranged Veneceremos Brigades trips to Cuba.

    Chesimard has an American attorney, Soffiyah Elijah, who serves as Deputy Director of the Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School and has traveled to Cuba on many occasions, including as a member of the Venceremos Brigades.

    The Director Emeritus of the Criminal Justice Institute is Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. He mentored both Michelle Obama and Barack Obama during their respective periods at Harvard.

    In a move that ignited controversy among law enforcement, the White House in 2011 hosted a rapper who had performed a song praising Chesimard.

    Chesimard also has supporters in the media, such as HuffPost Live anchor Marc Lamont Hill, who regularly appears on the Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” program.” [!!!! I didn’t know that. Why would O’Really continue to have on his show someone who supports a cop killing domestic terrorist?]


    Terrorist Bill Ayers Defends Weather Underground Bombings, “Not the Same as Boston Bombings”

    … Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were accused in 2009 of bombing a police station and killing Sgt. Brian McDonnell. …

    Bill Ayers says people can’t equate the bombings that he and others in the Weather Underground did 40 or so years ago with the April 15 twin bombings in Boston that killed three people.

    Ayers, a keynote speaker at Saturday’s annual May 4 commemoration of the National Guard shootings at Kent State in 1970 that left four students dead, spoke briefly after giving his talk before an estimated 350 people on the university’s Commons.

    There is no relationship at all between what Weather Underground members did and the bombings that two brothers allegedly committed on April 15 in Massachusetts, Ayers said in response to a reporter’s question. No one died in the Weather Underground bombings. [HE CLAIMS! But they did die.]

    “How different is the shooting in Connecticut from shooting at a hunting range?” Ayers said. “Just because they use the same thing, there’s no relationship at all.””

    What can I add to that?

  32. Ashcroft nails Clintonite in setting blame for 9-11

    World Net Daily 4/14/04 WND

    9-11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick wrote a 1995 memo that established a “wall” between the criminal and intelligence divisions, hindering the ability of the U.S. government to detect the Sept. 11, 2001, plot, according to testimony today by Attorney General John Ashcroft. The document by Gorelick [pdf file], who served as deputy attorney general under President Clinton, helped establish the “single greatest structural cause” for Sept. 11, which was “the wall that segregated criminal investigators and intelligence agents,” Ashcroft said in his prepared statement

    Gorelick was a Democratic appointee to the commission probing how the government handled the threat to terrorism leading to the 9-11 attacks.

    “Government erected this wall,” Ashcroft said. “Government buttressed this wall. And before September 11, government was blinded by this wall.”

    The attorney general, who declassified the document for the commission, said he believed panel members were not aware of it, even though it was written by one of their own.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2004 10:45 p.m. EDT

    Morris: Gorelick U.S. Official Most Responsible for 9/11

    Former chief White House political adviser Dick Morris charged Wednesday night that 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick is the U.S. public official “most responsible for 9/11 happening.”

    “Of all of the public officials in the Clinton administration and the Bush administration, the one who is most directly, in my judgment, responsible for 9/11 happening is Jamie Gorelick,” Morris told Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes.”

    Morris cited the now notorious Gorelick memo, a document she issued in 1995 while serving as deputy attorney general that impeded the U.S.’s war on terrorism.

    “This woman is bad news,” Morris charged. “She ran the Justice Department for three years – Reno was a figurehead during that period.”

    The top political consultant said that it was Gorelick’s “invention to set up this wall that separated investigators from intelligence gatherers.”

    Morris cited the arrest of the so-called 20th hijacker, Zacarias Moussaui, whose computer contained the names of some of the Sept. 11 hijackers and the flight schools they attended.

    While prosecutors pursued Moussaui on an immigration violation, he said, “they couldn’t let the intelligence types look at his computer.”

    “Jamie Gorelick is more responsible than anybody for [the] 9/11 [plot] going undetected,” Morris concluded.*/

    The original Gorelick memo can be found at –

    Click to access document_1995_gorelick_memo.pdf


    John Kerry & Samuel R. “Sandy” Berger

    Berger Is Fined For Smuggling Classified Papers 9-11

  34. Clinton Era “Good Will Ambassador” Arrested

    multi-sourced 9/29/03 vanity

    Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, a Board member of the American Muslim Council, and co-founder of The American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans’ Affairs Council,was arrested on as-yet-unspecified criminal charges at Dulles International Airport,after returning from London.

    The American Muslim Council has been under investigation for furnishing money to terrorism, and the Veterans’ Affairs Council, which helps the US military select Muslim chaplains,has become part of a broadening probe into the activities of Muslim service members at Guantanamo Bay, and elsewhere.

    Al-Amoudi was identified in a 1996 Wall Street Journal article as a member of Hamas, and that had collected funds for the defense of one of the accused World Trade Center bombers. Nonetheless,according to author Steven Emerson,Hillary Clinton “worked closely with al-Amoudi”.

    The close relationship between the Clintons and al-Amoudi was traced back to 1995,when al-Amoudi was appointed a “Good Will Ambassador” to the Middle East. Once overseas, al-Amoudi was quoted as being thankful he could now speak freely, and he engaged in violent anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric. Despite this, the Clinton administration gave him high marks.

    • And the Fort Hood Terrorist was a??????

      • a special character?

        • “The American Muslim Council has been under investigation for furnishing money to terrorism, and the Veterans’ Affairs Council, which helps the US military select Muslim chaplains,has become part of a broadening probe into the activities of Muslim service members at Guantanamo Bay, and elsewhere.”

          So. back when this article was written muslim chaplains were being looked at; move on to the psychiatrists where no one was looking, perhaps?

  35. Full text of “Hearings Regarding Communist Activities in the Territory of Hawaii. [microform] : hearings before the United States House Committee on Un-American Activities, Eighty-Second Congress, first session, on July 6, 1951”


    From what I understand, at that time Jack Hall was again a mem-
    ber of the executive board; and I was a member of the executive


    board; John Reiiiocke [John Reinecke] was a member of the executive board; Charles
    and Eileen Fujimoto were members of the executive board; Jack
    Kimoto was a member; and Ariyoshi, editor of the Honoluki Record.

    Eileen Fujimoto was related to Sun Yat-sen
    (listed to the far right of the family tree)

  36. Miri, i’m not sure if this is a fyi or a head’s up. An Islamic Communist elected as CEO of National Newspaper Publishers Association four months before elections? Somethings up/Someone is up too no good? I don’t think it’s any coincidence.

    Chavis Named NNPA Interim President and CEO

    Jun 26 2014

    PORTLAND, OREGON – (NNPA) – Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. a global business leader, educator, and longtime civil rights activist, was elected interim president and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association at the group’s annual meeting in Portland on Wednesday, NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell has announced.

    Chavis is president of Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp.), the premier provider of online higher education for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). He is also president, CEO and Co-Founder with Russell Simmons of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN), the world’s largest coalition of hip-hop artists and recording industry executives. He serves on numerous boards, including the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO).


    National Newspaper Publishers Association

    The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), was founded in 1940 when John H. Sengstacke of the Chicago Defender organized a meeting with other African American publishers designed for “harmonizing our energies in a common purpose for the benefit of Negro journalism.” The group decided to form the National Negro Publishers Association. In 1956 the trade association was renamed the National Newspapers Publishers Association.

    Today the NNPA is composed of more than 200 black newspapers in the United States and the Virgin Islands. They have a combined readership of 15 million and the organization has created an electronic news service, BlackPressUsa web site, which enables newspapers to provide real time news and information to its national constituency.


    Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.


    Benjamin Chavis is one of the saddest examples of how a clergyman can get mixed up with the Communist Party USA and its fronts, and later end up a Black Muslim, while still remaining a hardcore marxist. He really came to the nation’s attention when arrested on arson charges in Charlotte, North Carolina in 197?, becoming part of the Communist-given name, the “Charlotte 10.”

    Over the years, some of those arrested were released from jail or found not guilty, while others, including Chavis, were convicted on several charges and served jail time. They were eventually released, in part, due to some legal problems with the police and/or prosecution.

    In the meantime, the CPUSA managed to get very close to Chavis, who was then a key leader of the far-left Commission for Racial Justice, United Church of Christ, led by Rev. Cobb. Chavis eventually rose to become the leader of the CRJ/UCC(as listed in the “Guardian”, June 17, 1987, p. 17.

    The CPUSA recruited him into their front, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression , which came out of the old Angela Davis Defense Organization and the Angela Davis Defense Committee. He remained a Vice-President of the NAARPR for over a decade before moving on to other organizations, including becoming the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP in 199?, and later he left it to become a significant member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam .

    National Anti-Imperialist Conference in Solidarity With African Liberation

    Ben Chavis of Commission of Racial Justice, United Church of Christ was named as a sponsor of the Communist Party USA dominated National Anti-Imperialist Conference in Solidarity With African Liberation held at Dunbar Vocational High School, Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, October 19 to 21 1973.

    Chavis Joins the Nation of Islam

    A story in the February 25, 1997 edition of the Washington Times was headlined as “Chavis now member of Nation of Islam: Ex-NAACP leader to follow Farrakhan.” It revealed that Chavis had joined the Black Muslim Nation of Islam (NOI), led by Minister Louis Farrakhan, which is based in Chicago.

    Key elements of the story of Chavis’ career and how he ended up with the NOI, included

    “was a minister in the United Church of Christ (UCC)
    “named executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 1992…He was dismissed in August 1994 after a 16-month tenure for committing $330,000, without board approval, to settle sexual harassment claims against him”
    “Since then, he has been a frequent Farrakhan ally and played a major role in organizing the October 1995 Million Man March on Washington.”
    He holds “a doctorate of divinity studies from Howard University”.

    As to why he joined the NOI, Chavis was quoted in the article as saying:

    “I have spent the last 40 years of my 49 years working in the civil rights movement to build black unity” (“Mr. Chavis told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).” “So this is a convergence where a Christian minister and a Muslim minister have decided to work together, and I intend to help build a new nation, not a new church and not a new mosque. I still believe in Jesus Christ.”

    Chavis was quoted as saying “I’m turning to Allah, God bless you,” to a crowd of 6,000 who turned out to hear a speech by Farrakhan the previous Sunday, i.e. “Savior’s Day”, which was “celebrating the founder of the National of Islam.

    [KW: Also in the article it was noted that “Mr. Farrakhan visited Col. Gadhafi last year and again last month” referring to Farrakhan’s DSavior’s Day speech remark that “Yet Farrakhan can accept no aid from nobody who is considered a rogue nation.”

    The relationship of Chavis to Farrakhan and NOI strongly parallels that of Pres. Obama’s 20 year minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was also a close friend of Farrakhan and later left his United Trinity Church in Chicago to reportedly join the NOI as a member or as a close associate, the relationship never being officially stated. Wright was also a radical leftist and a reported marxist (for an unknown period of time), and he participated in both the Black extremist “reparations” movement as well as in Black Marxist organizations such as the Black Radical Congress (BRC)

    (did my first attempt go into spam? It disappeared. Will attempt posting once more, if it turns out to be a double posting please delete one of the postings, ty)

    • Nothing like being separatists. Good find, Leza. Thanks for the heads up. Off hand, I’d say it’s an attempt to organize and coordinate ginning up the “base” of blacks, like they did in Mississippi against Cochran. You know this is IT for them. Their last gasp. If the Republicans take the Senate and keep the House, then it’s over for now for the “progressives” and their “fundamental transformation” of the USA. There will be even more massive vote fraud, lying, cheating, character assassination, maybe even REAL Breitbarting, than seen in the last election.

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