Obama Presidency Illegal ?

By Renee

I am hearing that all the grocery store check out  isles have this headline running. Funny, 2 years of people writing, talking, reading, yelling, and arguing and it finally hits the newsstands. Globe. Can you imagine the amount of tips that have been submitted to them from readers in the last 2 years ? Can you imagine what this means to the credibility of our media ? We will cover this little, front page here. Globe Magazine. Can you imagine that ?

hat tip: Leza

Obama Photo from Globe Magazine


45 responses to “Obama Presidency Illegal ?

    • I am unable to access this website,
      I get a permisiion denied error message,
      Can you snip out part of it and put it here?


      • Obama Presidency Illegal!

        It’s illegal for Barack Obama to serve as America’s President! That’s what critics are saying after a government records official revealed Obama was NOT born in the U.S. and there is NO birth certificate in Hawaii to prove his claims that’s he’s a “natural born” citizen as required by the Constitution! Find out all the explosive details – only in GLOBE!

        Front of Magazine – photo is above

        Obama was NOT Born in US
        *Presidency is illegal
        *No birth certificate
        *Gov’t official tells all, plus family photo that haunts him. [Picture of African family that was photoshopped.]


      • Dave m,

        Obama Presidency Illegal!

        It’s illegal for Barack Obama to serve as America’s President! That’s what critics are saying after a government records official revealed Obama was NOT born in the U.S. and there is NO birth certificate in Hawaii to prove his claims that’s he’s a “natural born” citizen as required by the Constitution! Find out all the explosive details – only in GLOBE!

  1. I feel sorry for him in this picture. He looks very sad. He has alot on his mind, and too much going on now. He is aging very quickly. Far too quickly. Can you imagine the stress levels at this point ?

    Globe Magazine. Imagine that….In every store in America now..4 th of July weekend here now..everybody goes to the store…and talks at picnics and fireworks…timing is everything….

  2. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Well, I don’t feel sorry for him. He wanted this position. He should have realized this wasn’t a high school student council presidency!

    And because the country:

    1) wanted anyone except Bush
    2) thought a 1/2 black president would be “cool”

    we are a rudderless nation subject to the whims of children and fools! He and his associates define the word inept!

  3. Rosemary Woodhouse

    And of course I know you are being facetious, Renee.

  4. If Obama’s “birth narrative” were true, then there would be a long form birth certificate.

    If there is no long form birth certificate, then Obama’s “birth narrative” fraudulent.

      • Another case of not reading the laws ? Like Az. ?

        Seems to be that the translation of our laws gets lost in translation alot with people from other countries…

      • This must mean they are closing in……
        You could almost feel the tension
        It sure took them long enough

      • Red Pill, I can’t listen to that man (?) talk anymore.

        Am I to take it that he is now referring to ILLEGAL ALIENS as “Americans?”

        I don’t care what they believe or what kind of “faith” they have, but I most certainly DO care if they have broken into our country, broken our laws, AND taken jobs from real Americans (as well as anyone who came here legally.)

        All of his high-faluting language is NOT going to fly anymore. The curtain has fallen away. The people, including many who foolishly voted for him, see this wizard for the fraud that he is. The emperor has no clothes.

      • Lordy, Lordy, he really did say that “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith!” He also included some biblical verses and closed that speech by another ‘faith based” biblical reference and then said, God Bless America.

        If illegals have faith in Obama, he will give them citizenship. No reason to check records, it will be all based on faith. Blanket amnesty for himself and others. Hurray for the Fraud, Undocumented Alien Marxist/Communist Obama. What a divisive man he is. Protect everyone and everything that is lawless and illegal..corruption reigns in the WH.

  5. Hollow eyes. This person is as void of any human emotions or connections as a tree stump. All I see when I look at him is introverted evil.

    It’s as though we are looking at a true case of a person that sold their soul to Satan. I find it chilling.

    Geez, I feel like a drama queen today! But it’s like there is nothing of human substance behind the eyes.

  6. The 60 Minutes/ Vanity Fair Poll
    August 2010 issue

    Do you think Barack Obama was BORN IN the United States, or do you think he was born in another country? Only 39% of Americans Believe that Obama was Born in Hawaii.”

    Hawaii 39%
    Kansas 1 %
    Someplace else in the U.S. 3 %
    Not sure which state 20 %
    Kenya 6 %
    Indonesia 2%
    Someplace else outside the U.S. 5 %
    Not sure which country 11%


  7. Has Obama himself ever publicly said where he was born?

    I know what his campaign said, and what Dr. Fukino said, and what the press said, but has Obama himself ever spoken about this in public?

    I don’ t think he has ever said anything even remotely close to, “I was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center in Hawai‘i at 7:24 PM on August 4, 1961.”

    • Not that I know of (except in his book)
      but he did once say he was Muslim…..but that was just a slip of the tongue…..”misspoken’

    • I never read that he said where he was born. He wrote that letter for the hospital stating he was born there, but voicing it..never. It would have made You tube.

      • Bridgette: Yeah. That letter. Except the WH and Gibbs pointedly would NOT state that he wrote that letter, sent that letter, signed that letter, stood behind that letter.

        In fact, the hospital pulled the letter off their website upon being questioned about it and after somebody pointed out that they were using it to raise money and if it turned out to be false, then the hospital was engaging in fraud.

        Abercrombie, his old pal, was up to his eyeballs in that escapade.

        I know you know all this, but it bears repeating for new readers and to refresh memories.

        • Neil Abercrombie wrote that letter.

          Neil Abercrombie sponsored H.Res. 593 which said, in part, “Obama was born in Hawaii”. Mere hours after the U.S. House of Representatives passed that resolution, Dr. Fukino issued her second news release, which finally said “Obama was born in Hawaii”. But Fukino’s second news release said nothing more than what Fukino received in two separate documents from Neil Abercrombie and Nancy Pelosi:

          1) Pelosi’s sworn, notarized document stating that Obama was “legally qualified, under the provisions of the United States Constitution”.

          2) H.Res. 593

          Neil Abercrombie now is running for Governor of Hawaii. What could he do to their records if he were Governor?…

      • I do recall an occasion while campaigning, during the democratic primary, where he did speak of his birth — actually, I recall he spoke of finding his birth certificate and mentioned the his d.o.b. and his weight (not sure if he mentioned his length). He may or may not have mentioned being born at Queen’s or Kapiolani at that campaign stop.
        I do recall he did actually say he was born at one of those — I don’t remember when he said it, but he did say it. I could be wrong, it was so long ago, but I could practically swear I heard him say it. He did.

        O/T The damn cat did it again — grrrrrrr

  8. Appeals panel considers whether Obama is even American
    Case challenges eligibility for failure to provide proof of citizenship
    June 29, 2010

    Three judges on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals are beginning to review a case that alleges Barack Obama is not eligible to be president and may not even be American.

    The federal court case, brought by attorney Mario Apuzzo on behalf of plaintiffs Charles Kerchner and others, had been dismissed at the district-court level.

    Arguments earlier had been scheduled for June 29 in the dispute, but a court order recently canceled the hearing and instead announced the case would be decided based on the merits of the legal briefs submitted by attorneys.

    A document from court clerk Marcia Waldron said the case will be decided by Judge Dolores Sloviter, who was appointed by Jimmy Carter; Maryanne Trump Barry, appointed by Bill Clinton; and Thomas Hardiman, appointed by George W. Bush.

    The filings were due on the day the hearing would have been held, but there’s no published timetable for a decision to be released.


  9. I have always noticed that he carefully avoids any direct mention of where he was supposedly born, and has never once claimed to be “natural born”. I figure it is so that if he gets outed, he can honestly say that he never made those claims himself.

    • But he claimed to be a constitutional “professor” instead of just a lecturer, and that constitutional tag would assume he knew the requirements for being president. Otherwise what was he teaching? Why have no students of his come forth to show what he taught? Were there students? Was there really a class? No documents, nothing, once again. He taught a class according to Univ. of Chicago…yet who has looked into those records and contacted students from that class? They would still have those records. All we have is a photo of him teaching Alinsky rules and writing on a chalkboard.

      I still have course notes from classes I took..but then again, I am a pack rat.

      He skirts any issue about his upbringing..unless they are the lies that he was caught in by bloggers.

  10. Redpill, There are a few names in here I have found before…now if somehow the Brits are asking for this money, and someone did not pay it, would someone float a rig to get even ? like a warning ? What do you make of this info ? I will get my shovel…got milk ?


  11. Open Letter to Members of Congress

  12. Redpill,

    I can’t find the video now, but there was a video of a child in a classroom asking him if he was born in Hawaii.

  13. I know one thing, I will pay to go to DC to watch them being evicted from the Whitehouse…this is something my twelve year old has wanted to see for umm 18 months now. What has taken them so long?

  14. Here’s some delicious irony for you to chew upon:


    In the above video, about the infamous Mel Gibson rant tapes, this ABC “reporter” defends Mel by pointing out that these tapes haven’t even been “authenticated” yet.

    So they subjected these tapes to thorough examination by forensic EXPERTS, who came to the conclusion that the tapes seem to have been “tampered with,” mixed, and heavily edited.

    So the tapes haven’t been “authenticated.”

    Arlo West, the authenticating expert, actually states, “To authenticate a recording, it MUST BE THE ORIGINAL. . . . It can’t be authenticated because IT DID COME FROM A SECONDARY SOURCE. . . ”

    Gee, there’s an ORIGINAL thought: To even be subject to authentication, something must be the ORIGINAL and it must come from an ORIGINAL source. (For example, an original, long-form birth certificate from the Hawaiian Dept. of Health, as dredged up out of their ORIGINAL 1961 files–typewritten, with doctor’s name and hospital on it, signed and certified by the registrar.)

    A guest on the show goes on to talk about the “court of law” and the “court of public opinion.” She says (paraphrasing) a court of law wouldn’t accept as evidence something that had been tampered with. In the court of public opinion, this woman says, tampered with, unauthenticated tapes would “raise red flags.” (So one would think, similarly, that the LACK of an original, authenticated birth certificate, in paper form, from and certified by the Dept. of Health, would raise a multitude of red flags in the court of public opinion, but especially in the media, including this “reporter” at ABC.)

    They go on to talk about how neither Mel nor “his camp” (oh, the irony of that choice of words) has addressed this issue, wondering why he doesn’t speak out to defend himself. (Similar to how Obama has never, to my knowledge, said one word about that online COLB–posted on a campaign website and so nothing more than a campaign advertisement. And we all know how ACCURATE and FACTUAL campaign ads are. Obama has said not one word about that digital image’s authenticity or its provenance. Instead he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and wasted the time and resources of the taxpayers (who do fund the court system, after all) to avoid having to produce an original document or even having to testify about the “facts” of his birth.)

    Oh, IF ONLY some “reporter” would subject that alleged Certification of Live Birth, purporting to belong to Barack Hussein Obama II, to the same scrutiny.

    Wouldn’t you think that authenticating the eligibility of the POTUS–the most powerful man in the world–would be MORE IMPORTANT than whether or not Mel Gibson ranted at his former paramour? ABC devoted OVER 7 MINUTES of air time to this story.

    All told, in over two years, how many SECONDS has ABC devoted to REPORTING ON AND EXAMINING THE AUTHENTICITY OF the Obama COLB?

    Please leave out any seconds, minutes, hours spent castigating those PATRIOTS who simply asked that their laws and the Constitution be followed and that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II (or whoever he is) PROVE to We the People that he’s eligible to serve us.

  15. Thanks, guys. It was SO ironic that I could not resist blathering about it. How do these people manage to live with their own hypocrisy? I’d think that they would suffer mightily from cognitive dissonance. Maybe they’re so hypnotized that they will never, ever notice that their dictator has no clothes (until it’s too late).

  16. Isn’t it ironic, part two!

    Here’s an amusing email taken from JournoList, part of what was released yesterday at The Daily Caller concerning these asshats’ discussion about Sarah Palin’s child Trig. This “reporter” (from Talking Points Memo) pondered whether or not they ought to report the rumor that Sarah’s daughter is really Trig’s mother. I added emphasis to the most ironic parts. Begin snippet:

    Kathleen Geier
    Aug 30, 2008, 9:13am
    Obviously, neither Obama nor any other Democrat should touch this story. At all.

    But — and that’s a big but — if it’s true, *of course* IT WOULD BE AN ISSUE. AND SHOULD BE! Forget the issue of whether or not she denied her daughter the choice of ending her pregnancy — that’s not the issue. The issue would be IF PALIN IS LYING to the McCain’s people, AND VOTERS, AND BASICALLY THE WORLD, by trying to pass off a child as hers, if it really wasn’t. Your kids are as much a part of YOUR BASIC LIFE STORY AS WHEN AND WHERE YOU WERE BORN, who you married, and WHERE YOU WENT TO SCHOOL. If she’s trying to pass off a child as her own, when that child is actually her granddaughter — that is A HUGE FREAKING DEAL.

    Now, that said, this does sound like a pretty wacky conspiracy theory. If there’s no evidence to it other than the fact that Palin allegedly did not look pregnant, and her daughter was allegedly absent from school, that’s an extremely slim reed to hang a story on.


    But it’s such a wild story I seriously doubt there’s much to it. On the other hand, I thought the idea that John Edwards would risk having an affair and a love child in the midst of a campaign for president was preposterous as well. SO YOU NEVER KNOW . .
    End snippet

    Yes, my dear Ms. Geier–you never know, especially IF you don’t bother to investigate; IF you don’t bother to find those documents that would prove, for example, where someone was born, to whom, when and where that person went to school; IF you don’t bother to look for eyewitness testimony from medical professionals (or absent a living witness, a certified document signed by that medical professional).

    IF you don’t do any investigation whatsoever, why you (and the rest of the world) WILL INDEED NEVER KNOW. Will you?

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/07/26/raw-journolist-emails-on-palins-downs-child/2/#ixzz0uuC3YRPH

  17. Not new, but worth repeating:

    Elections official hits TV to affirm no Hawaii birth
    Tells network affiliate hospital certificate nonexistent, cites racism for controversy

    Obama’s Eligibility: It’s a Matter of Faith

  18. I can’t resist. More priceless snippets, all from the above linked story. I added credentials when I could find them, emphasis where noted, and left their errors intact, so one big SIC for everything below, written by so-called WRITERS!

    Katha Pollitt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katha_Pollitt
    Aug 30, 2008, 11:07am (of The Nation, among others)

    It would be quite astonishing if the gov of alaska, a person in full view of the public, could perpetrate this deception. SOMEBody delivered a baby after all — there would be medical records, hospital admissions, etc

    Mark Kleiman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_A.R._Kleiman (UCLA professor)
    Aug 30, 2008, 3:16pm

    The press release said something about wanting the kid to be “Alaska born.” Is that a legal status having to do with the right to collect a share of the oil royalties? If so, the present value of $3000 a year for life for the kid, in a family that’s apparently not wealthy, might have been a significant consideration.


    Ryan Donmoyer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_College_Program (congressional and White House correspondent for Bloomberg News; this guy was really pushing the story)
    Aug 30, 2008, 3:58pm

    . . .One other question: Does it up the stakes here IF RECORDS WERE FALSIFIED? I.e., THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, etc. Goes to a pattern, perhaps, of using higher office for personal purposes . . .
    Why this all may matter:

    1) It goes to her personal story. If she’s a grandmother raising her daughter’s child, WHY NOT BE UPFRONT ABOUT IT? . . . [emphasis added]

    Rich Byrne
    Aug 30, 2008, 4:52pm

    I’m a bit skeptical of this whole rumor because it would be the audacity of dope. But c’mon, the FALSIFICATION OF PUBLIC RECORDS [emphasis added], the reflection (warranted or no) on parenting skillsm, the sustained and public falsehood…. If it’s true, it would make her candidacy

    Lindsay Beyerstein http://bloggasm.com/interview-with-lindsay-beyerstein-from-majikthise (writer, blogger, photographer, wrote article for Salon)
    Aug 30, 2008, 5:23pm

    If a grandmother wants to legally adopt her daughter’s child, that’s wonderful. However, the ADOPTION SHOULD BE LEGAL AND ABOVE-BOARD. FALSIFYING PARENTAL RECORDS IS WRONG. [emphasis added]

    Bob Mackey http://twitter.com/RobertMackey (NY Times reporter/blogger)
    Aug 31, 2008, 11:05am

    . . . I think the big issue is WHETHER PALIN USED HER POSITION, AUTHORITY, AND THE TOOLS OF GOVERNMENT TO COVER UP A PERSONAL “SHAME” [emphasis added]. . . then we have a pattern of governmental abuse for personal gain. And I think that is the only reason that it should be discussed in a negative manner.

    Shannon Brownlee http://www.newamerica.net/people/shannon_brownlee (writer, essayist, erstwhile senior editor at US News and World Report; particularly nice, given her comment)
    Sept 1, 2008, 7:58am

    I’m with Ezra on this — there’s no good outcome to going after this story . . . is a distraction from what really matters: This woman has almost NO EXPERIENCE AND EXTREMIST VIEWS on many fronts. AMERICANS SHOULD BE AFRAID of a McCain-Palin White House and the possibility of her having to step in as president. So WE SHOULD BE SOWING FEAR [emphasis added].

    Moira Whelan http://www.huffingtonpost.com/moira-whelan (many other interesting connections, besides huffington; she wins my asshat award)
    Sept 1, 2008, 8:49am

    I dont think anyone from this list is running with it, but as I see it, the task is to set the frame that the Palin pick showed bad judgment on McCain’s part. That way when/if it does pop, it gets into that meme without people having to express outrage.

    The task of this list “is to set the frame,” to set the “meme”. Got it, asshats.

    I’ll stop there. Read the rest at the link below, if you can stomach it. I’ll bet some of these people have heartburn at the moment, seeing as how their true colors had been exposed. Way to go, Tucker!

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/07/26/raw-journolist-emails-on-palins-downs-child/14/#ixzz0uuYES3qW

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