A Research Project For Texas Darlin Alumni to Review

By ITookTheRedPill

“Obama has been confirmed as Constitutionally eligible for the office he seeks”

Oh, really? Confirmed by whom? Confirmed by what evidence and what legal definition of “natural born citizen”?

Birth announcements from the Star-Bulletin (left) and Honolulu Advertiser (right), with Barack Obama’s announcement marked

Many of us here were regular readers and commenters at Texas Darlin’s blog and came here when she put her blog on break. She’s back now, and I’ll leave the following in a comment for her, but also want to have the TD almuni who are here take a look at a research project done by “ladysforest” about the infamous “obama newspaper birth announcements”:

Extra, Extra, Announcing Obama’s Birth

She left this link for me on my blog, but I don’t have time right now to do more than a cursory review. I found the following interesting:

The ONE and ONLY time that the two papers published the birth list, beginning at the first announcement, in order, was in the editions that obama’s birth announcement appeared.

I wanted to put this out there for the rest of you to review, and see what you think…

Update: Let’s go back and review what Ed Morrissey at HotAir.com said on July 23, 2008:

The only issue for which a birth certificate is germane is the question of Obama’s eligibility for office as a native-born citizen. Obama’s campaign already released a copy of their Certificate of Live Birth which shows his eligibility, and the blurb in the Honolulu Advertiser confirms the data on the COLB. Obama has been confirmed as Constitutionally eligible for the office he seeks.

1) Ed believes that the Constitutional eligibility requirement of “natural born citizen” is can be met by a “native-born citizen”. Ed gives no legal reasoning for this belief, even though from the founding of this country forward there have been legal writings that disagree with that view and state that being “native-born” is only one part of being “natural born”… the other part being that both parents are citizens, so there is no question of dual citizenship or divided loyalty.

2) Ed believes that the COLB produced at and by the Obama campaign headquarters is authentic. Even though the State of Hawaii has never verified that it is authentic, nor confirmed that all of the information on it matches an original birth certificate on file in Hawaii.

3) Ed believes that “the blurb in the Honolulu Advertiser confirms the data on the COLB”. Perhaps Ed should review the research done by ladysforest, and see if he still trusts that announcement.


If there is documentary evidence to prove every bit of the “Obama birth narrative”, then it should be a very simple matter to present it.

And if “natural born citizen” means nothing more than “native born citizen”, then it should be a very simple matter to show that with prior legal precedent.

President Ronald Reagan was famous for (among many other things) saying, “Trust, but verify”.

That is all we are asking for, as well.

Please support the efforts of this Lt. Col. to “trust, but verify” that his military orders, which originate from Obama’s decision to send troops to Afghanistan, are legal orders. If Obama is not eligible to hold the office of Commander in Chief, then those deployment orders are illegal orders originating from an illegal usurper of the office.

This Lt. Col. is asking something very basic, and he is being stonewalled. It’s downright criminal.


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  1. Pill, interesting that you post this. I wonder how this researcher came to own rolls of microfiche? So many searched for the originals and couldn’t find them and they did that way before March, 2010. Now this person has her own personal copies.

    “I (own a set of copies of both of these newspapers (from microfilm) that were personally collected for me by a close friend. The copies that I own are from both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin, and were collected from BOTH Hawaii libraries that have the micro films, the State Library and the University Library. These were collected early March 2010. I also own a set of these copies from the Library of Congress in Washington DC, that I personally collected in 2010. The dates for each set are from July 23,1961 through September 8, 1961.”

    She also claims that the Nordyke twins birth announcement was given to her by a “Citizen Investigator,” and she first published that image for public view. Did she then present it to WND? Why did Citizen choose her to expose that information if she did?

    A Citizen Investigator also gave information to The post and Email about the announcement being found in a library in Berkley. I wonder if Citizen can be trusted and how Citizen chooses the people to whom he will “give” information. And now someone puts this information on your blog.

    Obama’s Birth Announcement Confirmed

    “The new image was found in Berkley by a citizen researcher and given to John Charlton that he has shown on his website today.”


    Obama’s Lying Blue Lips


  2. Where is the Nordyke birth announcement?

    Well, maybe it got moved. To make room for another one….???

    Then the lists got combined, and it mixed things up a bit..

    Kind of like shuffling cards..

    hummm..Bridgette, good question..how does one casually become the owner of microfish ?
    Shuffle the cards B. The game tonight is “Go fish for microfish”

  3. I think what this writer is saying is that she has complete copies of all the birth announcements from 7/23/61 through 9/8/61, from both newspapers, taken from the Hawaiian state library (where Lori’s version originated, supposedly), from the U of Hawaii library, and also from the Library of Congress.

    She doesn’t have microfilm. She and friends apparently went to the libraries and made paper copies from the microfilms. Then she analyzed what she had.

    I think you’re right on in your analysis, Renee. Speculation: They replaced the Nordyke announcement with Obama’s. When Ms. Nordyke came forward to offer that she must have been in the hospital the very same day as SAD and even showed her own kids’ birth certificates, then people started asking where the Nordykes’ announcements were, given that they were demonstrably born in a hospital and their names must have been on that DoH list the same week as Obama’s (if his was EVER on any list) especially because their birth certificate numbers were lower than Obama’s. Conundrum!

    So they had a “do over” and inserted the Nordyke announcement back into the papers, but in the next week’s issues, hoping that nobody would notice. They claimed it was there all along; nobody checked the next week, etc.

    More lies. All lies, all the time.

  4. Here’s some of my analysis of the research, which is very good, btw.

    It’s about time that someone did REAL research and offered their results, unambiguously, to the public, unlike WND, which shows only tiny snippets of pages from, e.g., a city directory, but not the page heading or the rest of the names on the page or any cross references. My thoughts, Red Pill, because you asked:

    I would like to know (if anyone knows) whether the “originals” from which they created these microfilms were older microfiche that had been made from newspaper pages. In other words, instead of filming the newspapers, they filmed microfiche.

    A precise summary of all pertinent findings would help because one is left to deduce the important discrepancies.

    Some pictures do not appear, so apparently there’s a problem with format. (The old “red x in a box” bugaboo.)

    Without ALL the documents that ladysforest examined, the rest of us can’t do our own analysis to supplement hers. What’s interesting, at first glance:

    * the disappearing/reappearing periods after one father’s initials

    * that fact that most other issues of the papers she examined did NOT print exactly the same announcements in exactly the same order

    * that in at least one case, one paper did not print an announcement that appeared in the other paper

    * that inexplicably, two (slightly different?) copies of page 23 (the page preceding Obama’s announcement) were on the films

    * the sudden and suspicious appearance of the Nordyke twins’ announcement in the next week’s papers, after months of searching for them by various citizens, none of whom found it and at least one of whom said he looked at the entire month’s films (this is based not solely upon ladysforest’s research)

    * the fingerprint that appears to have been on the paper document (not on the film itself)

    My opinion/analysis:

    It defies logic to think that nobody looked in later versions of the paper for the Nordyke announcement or, if so, it wasn’t found earlier.

    The two versions of page 23–that’s really interesting because of how many “reporters” and obots focused upon the “fact” that both papers printed the same announcements, in the same order, which supposedly “proves” that the announcements “must” have come from a list from the Dept. of Health.

    It’s entirely possible that someone made a new page 23 as well as changed page 24 (overwriting the Nordyke announcement?) and then inserted both pages into the microfilms. Why? In order to “prove” that the names came from the Dept. of Health, instead of perhaps being called in to the newspapers by relatives.

    btw, those announcements bear NO resemblance to legal announcements/vital statistics that I’ve seen in the course of other research. The child, who is the subject of the vital statistic, is not even named, nor is the mother.

    What’s up with that fingerprint? It sounds as if it MAY be evidence that someone printed an actual newspaper page and smudged the ink, leaving behind a telltale fingerprint. Then the re/printed pages were microfilmed and inserted into the microfilms at the library. It’s possible, but it makes no sense that it appears on only one film. Whose fingerprint is that? (I can guess, but I’ll keep that to myself.)

    The goal of Alinsky tactics is to confuse any issue to the point where people throw up their hands in disgust and proclaim that nobody could ever untangle the “facts” to arrive at the truth. This is what’s going on with the missing documents; the suddenly appearing documents and photoshopped pictures; the changing laws and policies governing DoH handling of vital records; the mutating, parsed statements from DoH employees; the various locations offered as the birth hospital; and the scrubbing of the Internet ASAP after discrepancies are noted.

    “The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had actually been destroyed. For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory?” from George Orwell’s book, “1984″.

    The gist of what ladysforest wrote is that there are curious similarities and differences among the various versions of the microfilms and that, unlike what WND said, the two papers didn’t always print the names in the same order.

    To me, a key difference is that one version of the announcement has periods after a father’s initials while another version has NO periods. That’s a huge difference. How the heck do periods disappear, just because something’s microfilmed, or even if the microfilm is copied and copied and copied again?

    It has been stated elsewhere, and I don’t know if this is true or not because it’s too difficult to learn the truth about anything Obama, that the system for the newspapers getting a list from vital records each week did not begin until 1976. So perhaps a loyal Obama acolyte made up that story about how the system worked in ’61 and fed that lie to Lori Starfelt and on to TD, or somebody simply assumed that the way it works now is how it worked THEN, OR someone deliberately obfuscated the facts in order to lead others to believe that how the system works now is how it worked then.

    According to ladysforest, in many issues of the papers, the names were not in the same order, and in at least one case, an announcement did not appear in both papers. This lends credence to the report that the system for receiving birth notices via a list from the DoH did not exist in 1961.

    If this assumption is wrong, then someone please point us to a definitive statement by someone who WOULD know and who speaks in their official capacity as an employee of the DoH OR the newspaper.

    I can attest (to second ladysforest’s contention) that in nearly EVERY library, historical society archive, and even state archive that I’ve visited to view microfilm (and there have been a lot), I COULD have switched out microfilm if I wanted to. Security ought not to be lax, but it IS lax. In most cases, we’re dealing with government employees, people. Enough said.

    I know of a case where the ONLY copy of a microfilm was stolen from a public library. History lost forever to the public, except I suspect that the film was stolen to be sold to the highest genealogy website bidder.

    If this can happen at the National Archives (remember Sandy Berger?) it can happen anywhere, especially when you have a candidate who has a campaign worker who was a big shot in the CIA and who just happened to own a company that happened to employ a contract employee who happened to “snoop” into the frigging STATE Dept. database of passport information, in order, as one anonymous source with knowledge of the State Dept. investigation told a reporter, to “cauterize” Obama’s files of “embarrassing” information.

    It’s a shame that people have to blog in order to present legitimate research and their own point of view because the lamestream media, even supposedly objective sites, prefer to avoid altogether the issue of Obama’s ineligibility for office.

    Red Pill, I read the comments on your story about Barney Frank asking for Djou’s BC. Sympathies! You have a severe infestation of obot trolls, but the fun part of this is that you can compile a list of IP#’s so that you know who you’re dealing with, a la Erica Thunderpaws. It’s really fun. I recommend it highly.

    Compliments to ladysforest. She may respond here, if she cares to, or at your blog, or at hers. I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

  5. Miri, thanks for explaining the situation correctly; I don’t ever post here, I followed the link from Ladyforest’s blog, but I am one of the “citizen investigators” referred to in her article, and I’m the one who “found” the Nordyke announcement. Here’s how that happened: I just wanted my own copies of the Obama announcements directly from the HI State Library, so (in Dec of 09) I went to my local librarian and requested about a weeks worth of HA “announcement” pages, starting with Aug 5 through Aug 31; (at that time the “common knowledge” was that they were published weekly, (which I found quickly was NOT TRUE), so I thought I would get about 4 weekends worth to look through for the Nordyke announcement, as well as get the Aug. 13 BHO copy. )
    The librarian (local) asked if there was a name I was looking for in the announcements….I panicked slightly because I really didn’t want my local librarian to know I was looking for Obama’s, so I said the first name that came to me, which was Nordyke, BUT I said I want all the dates copied even if they don’t find that name.
    SO, I was completely shocked when I got an email about a week later from the HI librarian, to my librarian, to me, saying “Hey we found the name your patron was looking for, does she still want the rest of the copies?” (paraphrased).
    I contacted “Ladyforest” because I was on a worksite/msg board with her and trusted her. I think I did try to contact WND also. No reply.
    The really weird thing was at almost the EXACT same time, Lucas Smith announced he also found the Nordyke announcements, at the California State Libraray in Sacramento (I believe).
    So, make of that what you will. I have no idea, that’s just how it happened.

    • SEO: Thank you for the information, and welcome. I had hoped that I analyzed this correctly. I was afraid that I misinterpreted some things. If so, please correct me.

      I neglected to mention another important finding: That crease across the film. Curious. Trying to blur the images to keep others from analyzing too closely?

      I’m happy for the background info because I see now that we ought to have compiled a timeline of these developments. However, I’m concerned about some facts, for several reasons, none of which are your fault:

      I would prefer to hear that the copies had NO intermediaries. I hate to mistrust librarians, but there you are, especially when the state library in Hawaii is apparently one of only two entities within the entire state that holds these records.

      I’m sorry, but I firmly believe some public employees would put their own political sensibilities above integrity. Meaning, that they may be complicit in a fraud, at the risk of their own jobs; but then, again, they may be totally innocent. If the films were switched out, they wouldn’t know it. Would they?

      As Renee reminds us, there ARE no coincidences anymore, with regard to anything Obama, so the sudden find of the Nordyke announcement by Lucas Smith in CALIFORNIA, concurrent with it being sent to you from Hawaii smells to high heaven. Did you go ahead and get the rest of the month’s copies from Hawaii?

      I thought from ladysforest’s article that people went to the library and copied the films themselves. Is that correct? Are the copies she posted made by trusted citizens, not having passed through the librarian’s hands?

      Too bad that they asked you for a specific name. That’s a red flag, in and of itself. You were specific in your request. You asked for the month’s announcements. I assume that you were reimbursing them for their time. That they wanted a specific NAME seems suspicious.

      It reminds me of how the Hawaiian DoH, when people sent UPI requests, tried to analyze what they were after, instead of simply doing their jobs and supplying the information to the public as they are charged by law to do. (Theirs is not to reason WHY.)

      It may be that the librarian was simply trying to save time and trouble, but it may not be.

      My library charges for time and for each copy. They never complain about how much I request. They make money off the deal. Suspicious.

      Who is Lucas Smith? I remember reading about, and we commented about, the discovery at the CA library, except I thought it was in BERKELEY. Red flag there (double meaning, too. RED)!

      Things that make you go, hmmmmmm, Renee. What ho?

      Don’t mind us, SEO. These are inside jokes. If you hang around long enough, you’ll understand.

      We have to laugh to keep from crying.

    • SEO..what state do you live in? Ok, so you went to your library and they ordered information from a Hawaiian library. It was the Hawaiian library that sent the copies then, is that correct? Or did they send the microfiche to your library?

  6. hummmm…

    The really weird thing was at almost the EXACT same time, Lucas Smith announced he also found the Nordyke announcements, at the California State Libraray in Sacramento (I believe).
    So, make of that what you will. I have no idea, that’s just how it happened.

    Funny SEO that you mention the names Lucas and Smith…both are in my digs-ALOT…odd…
    Miri, is it a coincidence ? LOL !

  7. Lucas Smith Affidavit now filed with the US – American Grand Jury

    As of today, September 4, 2009, this Affidavit has been filed with the United States District Court in Southern California ~ represented by Orly Taitz.

    This is a legal affidavit that declares Lucas Smith to be of sound mind and judgment. Lucas can go to jail if he lied on this affidavit.

    The document (Certified COPY of Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate) you see here, once it is validated by the court, is pretty much the proverbial “smoking gun.”


    • Thanks, Bridgette. I forgot about him being involved in the eligibility suit, Kenyan BC, etc. I didn’t remember his name in association with the Nordyke announcement. Memory fails, but I seem to remember that it was an anonymous poster on some blog (RSOL? Where?) who reported getting a copy at a library in CA (Berkeley OR Sacramento, but whichever, was waiting for the other library to respond or to go there, too).

  8. I completely understand the suspicion and skepticism.
    Ladyforest, being a VERY enterprising and dedicated researcher, got (or had someone get) her copies directly from the libraries she mentions in her article.
    I just went to our local library and filed an ILL (interlibrary loan) request, originally to borrow the actual microfilms, but they told me they could only send me copies;
    I can’t be absolutely sure of course, but I felt very confident that the local librarian had no idea why I was requesting those particular issues. My assumption is she heard “birth announcements” and thought “genealogy project” and wanted to be helpful.
    I think those of us “involved” in this issue tend to think that a lot of people actually know what is going on with this, but my experience is most have no clue beyond a vague notion of what a “birther” is.
    It is hard to believe that the Hawaii State Librarian by this point in time didn’t know exactly what I was looking for however; She must have dealt with that request several times, but she did not let on. So, who knows?
    Again, maybe I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, but when I requested almost an entire months worth of birth announcements I thought I was asking for about 4 issues, total. The HSL librarian, on the other hand, knew that the announcements appeared almost every day and maybe was being helpful by trying to narrow down my search (and knowing that it would take 2-4 copies per page at 1.25/copy to get all of those announcements on paper).
    bridgetteb: I don’t want to sound too “mysterious” but I don’t really want to give my state. 🙂 It’s in the US southwest/rocky mountain area however, and our library did NOT have the hawaii papers, they just were the go-between with the Hawaii library.
    BTW, I found out after this instance that I could go directly to the HSL for copy requests.

    • Not to worry! We’re not suspicious of you–just the circumstances and the people who have tried for months to stymie us. (Is that racist? 🙂 Sorry. Not meant to be by any means.)

    • SEO, now this is new information. Like you, I thought they announced only on weekends. Sunday and Monday. Then somebody said Wednesday, too. I didn’t realize they ran them every day of the week. Or that there were two versions of each daily paper. That is a lot of copies! So maybe the Hawaiian librarian was on the up and up.

      I wasn’t suspicious of your librarian. Just the Hawaiians. They know what’s going on. That’s for sure.

      Maybe s/he was trying to save you money. But if I remember correctly, there was also a suspicious thing going on with Lori’s libarian at the HSL. She got the information for Lori and then another person (another “coincidence”) supposedly asked for the same record and the HSL librarian told her something like, “someone else just asked for that and I still have it here on my desk in a folder.” But you’re probably right that, with us being so engrossed in this situation, we are more likely to be overly suspicious.

      • She got the information for Lori and then another person (another “coincidence”) supposedly asked for the same record and the HSL librarian told her something like, “someone else just asked for that and I still have it here on my desk in a folder

        Whoa ! Too much coincidence here.Who is Lori ? Maybe she got the tip from the Lucas Smith person indirectly from someone else that heard it from him, and beat him to the library that day. It probably would not be important, but are they connected by a common person ? If so, why not work together ? This sounds a bit odd. Do you realize the odds of going to a library for birth announcement records this long ago and the librarian telling you that the folder is on her desk as someone else just asked for them and returned them ?
        That is just a no fly to me. Not unless Lucas Smith and Lori have a common person they know or talked to. Someone got a tip off. This part is troubling to me.

        • Renee, there is some confusion here. Lucas was the one that went to Kenya and got the birth certificate. He had nothing to do with the birth announcement.

          Lori is the one that originally posted at TD’s with the birth announcement from that advertiser. I think she was the original obot plant. We put that whole thing to rest at TD’s after viewing the differences in the font, and the splice where the information was added for Obama, etc. The new one appeared when it was “found” in Berkley..the post and email reported. For an advertiser sheet to make its way from Hawaii to Berkley was suspicious to me.

          Miri, I also remember it being a weekend publication but who knows where that info came from. I got the idea it was like a greensheet…an advertiser, with limited news.

          SEO, what else is on the full pages you received? Deaths? Marriages? I wonder if Stanley’s death was recorded or Madelyn’s was recorded in it. Perhaps it is no longer being published.

        • Sorry, Renee. I was referencing the Lori Starfelt acquisition of Obama’s birth announcement from the Hawaiian State Library. She got it and nearly the same day, if not the same day, someone on another blog reported it (wish I could remember the name; it was someone who I believe TD had a spat with) and she said that the librarian sent the copy quickly because she still had the folder on her desk from Lori’s request. This sequence of events reminded me of the Nordyke announcement coincidences. It probably had to do with an argument about who got the “scoop” first. I think it was all planned to break by the people who rigged up the announcements in the first place. Not meaning I implicate TD or Lori or the other person. Just that the ball was started rolling.

  9. hummm..Lucas Smith gets around..

    Lucas Smith Affidavit now filed with the US – American Grand Jury

    As of today, September 4, 2009, this Affidavit has been filed with the United States District Court in Southern California ~ represented by Orly Taitz.

    • Lucas was the person that contacted World Net Daily, and they tried to get an original copy. They researched and found him and his background. Then later on he went to Orly with what they say is the original birth certificate and she filed it with one of her lawsuits. He also made a couple You Tube videos of how he got the birth certificate. Then there was some falling out over something. Still he signed an affadavit.

      He was saying he just went to Kenya and asked for it. This was after Jerome Corsi had gone there and was jailed when he was looking for information. That is why WND was so interested in how he got the BC.

  10. Hi everyone, I decided to pop round and post about a few of the questions ya’ll have.

    SEO is correct in that I personally collected the paper copies from the microfilms housed at the Library of Congress. I took the photo of the box and the film with the slice down the center with my cell phone. I have other cell phone pics of the boxes/viewers that I didn’t post.

    I had a very close friend that I trust implicitly visit both of the Libraries that house the films in HI and make paper copies from the microfilms there.

    I at no time obtained the actual microfilms-I hope no one got that impression! Perhaps a bit of a re-write in spots would be in order.

    SEO did provide the first Nordyke twins announcement (paper copy)to me to be posted on my blog. It was indeed the first time it had been publicly posted. That is not the same copy that I have the PDF with the fingerprint of.
    It was her having received it that got me started on my project in a serious way.

    To clear up a few things. The announcements in the Honolulu Star Bulletin are not posted on particular days only. They are not posted every day, but are posted on every day of the week. I hope I’m not confusing anyone.

    In the 10 day sample I compared, 8/8 through 8/18 the HSB published birth announcements in seven editions, the Honolulu Advertiser published them in nine editions. So yes, they publish the lists regardless of the weekday.

    I will estimate that in the ten day range 50% (roughly) of the births announced were not cross published. In particular they were not cross published “same day”, “day before”, “day after” the sister publication even that frequently. I am still waiting for the math stats to come back-I needed those to be accurate-and I’m not the best at math.

    When my copies were done in HI, I provided my friend with an instruction folder, and (certain) 2nd generation copies of mine from the Library of Congress so that he could be more efficient as he had only a couple of days.

    I provided him with example copies to show how I wanted the copies to include the top of the pages, or any special odd things: page 23 being double filmed is an example of this. In that way I could be sure that his copies would be as close to mine as possible in the way that they were copied.

    None of the copies on my post were collected by “staff”. I needed to make certain that I had control of the material.

    If anyone has particular questions, just ask.

    • Great work, ladysforest. Seriously great. I couldn’t have done it better myself! 🙂

      Thanks for the clarifications. Can’t wait to see your math stats. You seem to have blown the “story” about the papers posting the same announcements, from a DoH list, in the same order, right out of the water. Good show!

      Welcome, btw.

  11. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed the work, it’s fascinating.
    Just so that you all know:
    The story doesn’t end at the bottom of my post. Another blogger that is involved (as seriously as I) in researching the newspaper angle, will likely do a blog post on aspects of the newspapers copies that I do not cover. While I do have a lot to add to my post, most importantly the math stats, there are a lot of interesting and compelling facts that I didn’t even touch on. As I said, there is a surprisingly huge amount of information connected to this subject.

    I don’t know how soon that will be up. It will be fine stuff though.

  12. OK, just looked at my online PDFs for the Library of Congress-Hono. Adver. No “periods” after the A M Hatchie announ. (two below obama’s). At 400% blown-up there are no “periods”. In the copy from the HI University Lib. they are crystal clear at the size the PDF opens in. In the HI State Lib. Honol. Adver., the periods appears to be there as well, though harder to make out. Since that is the most “degraded” of the microfilms, if those are visible there, they should be on the Lib. of Congress copy also. So, again-clear differences between the copies at different locations.

  13. Ladysforest, I am very happy to meet you again. We met at Kate’s last year and she commented that she was hoping we would meet. I searched around for you again later on, but never located you.We worked on something at the time that was closely related. Forgot what it was exactly, maybe this. We are thrilled to have you both here. We have worked on alot of the same info, so hopefully we can help (as soon as I get these facts and story back down in my head properly) We worked on this 2 years ago. Tons of information has hit my brain since then. It does come back to me when I take time to remember or dig out notes. On the missing periods, I would guess that someone recopying got lazy and too much in a hurry. They obviously did not plan on you two ! LOL !
    The thing I picked up on was the name Carter for a second name for one of those twins. That and the Carter chompers on the mom of the twins….I found that a big possible Carter connection, so maybe….? By the way, Mi casa is your casa, we all welcome you. We have a very sharp and wonderful group here and we have stuck it out together for over 2 years. Anything we mention that you do not comprehend, just ask, we forget others cannot follow our lingo sometimes. Again, welcome.

  14. Yep, I think it was when I had the Nordyke twins announcement waiting to go up. I was trying to find anyone who recalled or could provide a link to accounts of the researchers who had attempted to search for the twins announcements and were unsuccessful. I never was able to find any thing of substance-it (the internet) had been scrubbed.

    And thank you very much for the warm welcome.

  15. Are you saying that the OB announcement was put in the place of the Nordyke twins announcement….. The only birth certificate that was made public? The is too much for me to believe.

    I believe that the microfilm could have been tampered with …. That would have been relatively easy for them to do.

  16. Just meandering about looking…


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  18. Well, well, well Miri. I was just skipping along and find this. One of those Miri, yes, again..Funny, finding that Singer name and those sewing machines again…Back in a circle I go…great items for microfinance in poor countries, I have said it 2 years..then you can buy the stuff they sew cheap and make alot of money !
    Danzinger. Daisy Danzinger again..
    Daisy Danzinger-CANFIELD. Suspicious death on Mullholland Dr. Daddy built the mansion. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Silver Lake ? Remember Sleuth ? Got turned into a girls gone bad home and then a haunted recording studio. Daisy Canfield Danzinger I think. She was one of my faves. He (Moreno) was a silent movie star.They were divorcing and she went “poof” Daddy built alot in L.A.


  19. Nordyke Publishing Company
    1943: Nordyke Music Publications, 6607 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.
    1948: Nordyke Publishing Company, 6601-6611 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 28 Calif.
    early ’60s: Nordyke Music Publishers, 6000 Sunset, Hollywood 28 Calif.
    1965: Nordyke Songs & Music Publishing Co., 6000 Sunset, Hollywood 287 Calif.
    mottoes: “The World’s Most Colorful,” “From The Heart And Soul”

    During the 1940s and early ’50s, you could scarcely open a pulp magazine without tripping over an ad for Nordyke Publishing Company. They were the dominant force in the song-poem industry.

    Founded in 1943 by 32-year-old Mortimer Singer, the Hollywood-based Nordyke (originally named Nordyke Music Publications) was a well-oiled song factory. Singer capitalized on the glut of amateur lyricists whose patriotic sentiments burst forth during World War II, using that stream to rev his assembly line to full speed almost as soon as Nordyke opened for business. Sample titles from the wartime era include the oxymoronic “The Fighting 4-F’s,” the oddly jingoistic “The Man In The Moon’s An American,” a Rosie-the-Riveter type of thing entitled “Mom’s Building Bombers Now,” the hair-themed “Baldheaded Guys Are Fearless Guys” and its opposite number, “I’m All Tangled Up In Your Hair.”

    Although Nordyke maintained a small recording division named Century Records, their output was primarily in the realm of printed music. Singer hired top song-a-minute guys like David Hall, Lew Tobin, the Richard Brothers, Ronnie Buck, Bob Carleton and J. Chas. McNeil to come up with the tunes. These shirtsleeve songsmiths worked on a freelance basis, literally mailing their music in from their respective spots on the national map. Interestingly, many of these fellows ran song-poem companies of their own; thus, Singer was powerful enough even to employ his own competitors, casting doubts on the efficacy of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

    In the sheet music branch of the song-poem industry it was even easier to get away with song recycling than it was in the recorded end, and Nordyke relied heavily on that scheme. Many of their tunes were vaguely reminiscent of familiar melodies, yet were at the same time instantly forgettable. At best they were simplistic and dull. More striking was their cover art, which achieved some sort of benchmark for brazen cheesiness. The illustrations for 1946’s “Dear Old Mother Of Mine,” seen at left, look as though they were scratched out in minutes. Later Nordyke turned to clip art, but judging from the thematic stretches they made in the 1964 examples seen below, they must have maintained a very limited supply of clip-art books.

    Nordyke’s output peaked in 1948 when they registered over 2500 songs for copyright, an average of ten songs for every business day of the year. Sample titles from this period include the immortal “Oh Mama Don’t Let That D.D.T. Man Get Me,” and that abiding plaint of the inveterate song-poet, “You Just Furnish The Dough.” But recordings were fast overtaking the sheet music side of the industry, and those who failed to make the switch were about to be trampled by those who did so in earnest.

    Singer cast his lot with what he knew best, and stayed behind with printed music. Even more than his laxity, it was legal troubles that ultimately did his company in. Almost right from the start Nordyke suffered from a hail of prosecutions, litigations and recriminations. After winning a federal mail fraud case in 1951, Singer quietly sold Nordyke to Julian Wright. Singer re-emerged later in the decade with Film-Tone, among other song-poem enterprises. His son, Stephen F. Singer, founded Star-Crest, known to afficianados as Star-Crust due to its dated sound. The two Singers and Wright all experienced ongoing legal problems throughout the late ’50s and early ’60s, and none would ever again be a major player in the song-poem marketplace. Mort Singer took his final case as far as the U.S. Supreme Court, where in 1965 he lost to Archibald Cox, himself a few years away from frying much bigger fish as the first Special Prosecutor for the Watergate scandal.

  20. I have a request for you all. If anyone is willing, please consider posting links to my research piece. My little blog is relatively unknown, so I’m worried that this information won’t reach enough people. Thank You!

    As to Col. Lakin, boy, I am just heartsick on hearing that. I just can’t even find words right now.

    • ladysforest,

      I’m willing to submit a comment at MichelleMalkin.com to link to your post, but since there’s only one chance to make a first impression, I think it might be best if you did the following first … (I hope you don’t mind this constructive criticism) …

      1) Start off with a one paragraph summary of not only why you initiated this research but also short, bullet item summaries of the top 2 or 3 most significant findings of your research.

      2) Fix the broken links for some pictures (which show up as boxes with a red “X” in them)

      I really do want to promote your work, but since some people will only visit 1 time, please try to do as much “tweaking” as possible before we attract a larger audience.


      • Hi Redpill,

        I’ll post this on your blog as well…

        I believe I have things tweaked so that this presents better. I’d welcome your input. LOL-I’m not a “bullet-point” kind of gal by nature.

          • Thank you for helping so much to get the word out!

            • It all looks good Ladysforest. It is a bit confusing though so you may have to explain again some. I love the interesting bit of that lone fingerprint ! Wish someone could check fingerprint databases on it…. Malikin will get fast traffic. Large volumes. We will continue digging here too with you. Have you thought to put it up at Citizen Wells and a few other high volume sites also ? If you want quick exposure to large numbers of readers put it all around. Everywhere. Let alot of people run it around in their heads..

              I happened to notice that off to the side a few columns over was what looks to be a fingerprint. It’s in scale with the newspaper, not the viewer. It’s NOT in the copies from each location. The theroy is that these came from a master reel-all of the microfilms. When a “fingerprint” is in one, it should be in all. Yes?

  21. EEk! I will try to fix the boxes-where are they? They don’t show up on my system. If they are after the twins mention, I think I know what happened. I’ll try there first.

    Give me a couple of hours to get the fixes in.


  22. OK, I think I’ve fixed the boxes. They were actually bungled attempts I had made while trying to post images and PDFs. I am not fantastic with things technical yet, but I’m trying. The images and PDFs those represented are actually in place and functioning. …let me know if I’ve missed any!


  23. It is out there already getting comments.
    From: Citizen Wells.

    yo // June 3, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Good work by ladysforest on the birth announcements.

    If you here someone ridicule it, just consider the source.
    kittycat // June 3, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    I thought there was good work done on the birth announcements. Very interesting, and I’ll also have to go back and reread it again.
    jbjd // June 3, 2010 at 7:02 pm


    yo // June 3, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Good work by ladysforest on the birth announcements.

    If you here someone ridicule it, just consider the source.

    kittycat // June 3, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    I thought there was good work done on the birth announcements. Very interesting, and I’ll also have to go back and reread it again.
    There is no ‘birth announcement.’ Ha, you would have us waste our time and energy investigating minutia from an electronic image for evidence of… what? Even BO’s attorney, Bob Bauer, provided with the opportunity in Hollister to establish his client’s legitimacy, did not claim there was a birth announcement. No; instead, he cleverly asked Judge Robertson to take judicial notice, APFC “noted” a contemporaneous birth announcement. And, of course, they did; right on their web site. That is, they “noted” they pulled the image they posted of that announcement; from the td blog, where it was posted originally, anonymously. http://jbjd.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/counsel-for-dnc-services

  24. Renee, and everyone, please let me know the most confusing bits, and I will do my best to clarify.

    I am dyslexic and tend to write the way the thoughts pop into my head. LOL. Hard for many to follow I suspect.

    • Ladysforest, I do not think there is a less confusing way to explain things. Some info is just “confusing” Just punt and go with the flow and you will be fine. Things get easier to understand once one re-reads them a few times. It is just confusing info by nature, all of this is. Some bits more then others. I write like that too, as it pops up in my brain. I make people dizzy when I do it, but is how I connect information so I can relate. Just hang in and ride the wave. People will finally get it after digging a bit. I am reading it around already, so the horse is on the track. Lets see it run…This will be a cool adventure. Do not let people get you off track either. They try to do that alot ya know….Stay focused.You will be just fine.

  25. Obama Birth Announcements Forged

    All of the forged and faked ‘Obama’ genealogy documents are aligned on an August 4, 1961 birthdate. Just WHO was born in Hawaii on that date that Obama is assuming their identity is TOP SECRET. Birth announcements for that date were forged in the microfilm records of two local papers at the Honolulu Library by the Nazis using the name Barack while the alleged father was Barrack Obama without the Senior added. An investigator found the address listed was never occupied by the Obamas. Alleged sister Maya Soetoro shows no resemblance to Obama AND has produced no photos of her mother, father, Obama, and herself together or separately.


    The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 5
    How Old Is ‘Obama’?
    By Jon Carlson


  26. Hello everyone,

    I posted the raw data for the comparisons on the frequency of cross posting the birth announcements. Still waiting on my charts and graphs-but I think the raw data is written in a fairly straightforward and easy to understand way.

    • Ladysforest, What if there was an orphan flight and a list of babies? What if they got sifted into the birth announcements like this ?

  27. Actually we know that some of the announcements are from a couple of other islands. An associate did look into that. She’s also doing a post on her blog soon.
    I believe Citizen Investigator 🙂 looked into whether or not newborns put up for adoption were “announced” with their adoptive parents names in an ad. I believe she could find no evidence that this happened. I may have those researchers mixed up, LOL, there is so much to this all.
    See, clearly the woman wasn’t pregnant, so folks would know if they were adopting, and a “birth announcement” in the paper of that sort wouldn’t have been appropriate-especially back then. Parents did, and still do, send round nice announcements with the newborns picture. Newspaper birth announcements were basically just “social” filler.
    Not that it couldn’t have happened, I personally just feel it was very unlikely.
    When I had my boys, there was a person that came round with a card. She got the babies/parents info for the paper and I signed the card to give permission for it to be published in the paper. That was in the late seventies.

  28. Yes, indeedy, Renee. And Free Republic has been offline, unavailable ALL effing day. I wonder why?

    Did you read ladysforest’s article carefully? The key microfilm rolls are either missing (right!), unavailable because they’re in “special storage” for some inexplicable reason, or the staff simply won’t give them to library patrons. Instead they shout about the topic the person is researching. Then somebody strangely sits right next to the researchers as they look at the only films they have been given.

    So, my take: Shout to alert whatever Obot is tasked to watch the library for “vexatious requestors”. Then the Obot is tasked to monitor whatever that requestor does. That’s best case scenario.

    Worst case, the Obot is really CIA or FBI or DHS and they are monitoring/following/spying on We the People of these United States in order to protect this bogus, asshat, ineligible, taqiyya POTUS from exposure.

    What happened in Nov. 1993 that they’re hiding from the public, but that ladysforest and butterdezillion appear to have discovered? I can guess. Can’t you? We SEE you, o’bogus.

    Also, what happened in April 1961? Remember our theory that he was really born earlier in ’61 and not in August, which explains how mom can be at college in another state supposedly only days after giving birth?

    An early ’61 birth comports much better with the FIRST story put out by that equally bogus babysitter.

    If they’re taking down Free Republic, the shite is fixin’ to hit the fan. Pardon my English.

    Thanks for linking to this, Renee. I had been wondering what’s up with FR. Now I know. Sabotage.

    They cannot let this go viral. They know what it means.

    The lamestream media just may be starting to get disgusted with their messiah and may become less LAME pretty darned soon.

    We can only hope and pray. God save our Republic.

    • Miri,

      I was able to get onto Free Republic only “once”. I pulled the below story up and after that I could no longer get back onto Free Republic. aol kept re – directing me to this (website cannot be found) and aol’s search page.

      The one article I was able to pull up –

      Sen. Kyl: ‘Obama Says No Border Security Without Amnesty’ (Obama Holds Nat’l Security ‘Hostage’)
      Human Events ^ | Sunday, June 20, 2010 | Connie Hair

      Posted on Sunday, June 20, 2010 3:10:41 PM by kristinn

      In a stunning revelation at an Arizona town hall meeting this past Friday, Republican Senator Jon Kyl told his constituents that President Obama privately insisted that he will not secure the border until amnesty for illegal aliens passes first. According to Kyl, Obama argued that Democrats would lose their bargaining chips for any type of amnesty if the government beefs up its presence on the chaotic border. “The problem is,” Obama allegedly told Kyl, “If we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.”

      Transcript (at 3:21):

      SEN. JON KYL: I met with the president in the Oval Office, just the two of us… Here’s what the president said. “The problem is,” he said, “If we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.”

      [gasps from the audience]

      KYL: In other words they’re holding it hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform. I explained, “You and I have an obligation to secure the border. That’s an obligation. It also has some potentially positive benefits. You don’t have to have comprehensive immigration to secure the border, but you have to have a secure border to get comprehensive immigration reform. You may be surprised, maybe you don’t think that there’d be any more incentive, but I’m not so sure that that’s true. In any event, it doesn’t matter we’re supposed to secure the border.”

      That’s why this is being done. They want to get something in return for doing their duty. And that’s—

      AUDIENCE MEMBER: Chicago politics.

      KYL: Yeah.

      H/T: Scott McKay, The Hayride

      Click here for YouTube video of Kyl remarks at townhall meeting.


      A few of the comments by freepers –

      Sounds like outright treason to me. Putting his agenda ahead of national security and the laws he swore to uphold.

      Article IV – Section 4 – The United States shall protect each of them against Invasion

      Am I the only one who sees this putative Obama statement as treason? As a reason for impeachment?

      The last comment on this article was entered @ Sunday, June 20, 2010 3:32:57 PM

  29. BC info but from Orly..

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