Obama and Joyce Foundation Pay to Influence the Supreme Ct.

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The Joyce Foundation, in collusion with Obama and other Joyce Foundation Board members, used their corrupt ways to take advantage of unsuspecting people, including law students and money starved universities. This eye-opening article, “Joyce Foundation, Obama, and Heller v. D.C” tells how the Joyce Foundation tried to influence Supreme Court Second Amendment “Right to Bear Arms” cases and, in particular, the “District of Columbia vs Heller” case, and gives us a way of looking at how other democratic organizations operate and how far they go to “persuade,” and control outcomes. The fact that the Joyce Foundation bought and paid law students to do their bidding is criminal. This is another version of “pay-to-play” the Chicago way, and these people are pros.

While Obama was on the Foundation’s Board of Directors, from 1994 through 2002, the Joyce Foundation gave huge grants to major universities to have students write law briefs supporting their leftist ideology regarding gun control. After giving universities substantial grants, Joyce would then tell them which legal position to take in their review. Those pro-Joyce positions were written and published in academic law reviews. These reviews would later be pulled for information and used in case investigations by Supreme Court Justices. This was done in an attempt to influence the Supreme Court when cases before them involved the First and Second Amendments.

Obama’s Friend’s in 1998. The photo from left to right, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Professor Edward Said, Columbia University, and Mariam Said at a May, 1998 Arab community event in Chicago at which Edward Said gave the keynote speech.  The video of this event where Israel was allegedly degraded was never released by the LA Times.

How much influence did they have over any legislation that then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama was supporting or passing during these years? Anti-gun legislation that Obama supported was also backed through his association with the Joyce Foundation.

Supreme Court Justices who might have been affected by Obama’s and the Joyce Foundation’s influence peddling through law reviews from 1994 through 2002:

Former Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist
Justice John Paul Stevens
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
Justice David Hackett Souter
Justice Clarence Thomas
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Justice Stephen G. Breyer

This is more evidence of the crime and corruption of the Joyce Foundation and Obama. Not only are they involved in what Glen Beck calls “Crime Inc.”, the global warming scam and scandal that involves Obama, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Joyce Foundation, other CCX partners, and Shorebank, we can now see how they have been trying to influence our US Justice Department and obtain their ultimate prize by influencing the Supreme Court Justices.

Will there be someone that can investigate and file suit against the Joyce Foundation before the universities they fed are discredited for being involved in this foundation’s illegal activities, strategy, agenda, and future plans? We can only pray we can expose them and put a stop to their criminal behavior. If you are alumni of these named universities, perhaps you might consider making contact with them. They should be examining how they might be affected if lawsuits are brought against Joyce Foundation for their unlawful and criminal activities.

Below is the original article written in October, 2008 that summarizes the lawsuit. It is a must that you read “Joyce Foundation, Obama, and Heller v. D.C.”

Behind the guise of a philanthropic group are criminals, scammers, and radicals. This adds another layer of criminal activity to their growing resume of illegal activities. It is guaranteed, you will be appalled!

To think that Obama, presently the most radical president in our US history, was trying to undermine our judicial system through the Joyce Foundation lends more credence to his lack of integrity, honor and shallow character. Most unfortunate for US citizens is that the reporters and media were so enthralled with the marketed version of Obama that they did not do their job of vetting the man that now sits in our White House. They aided and abetted an anti-American radical and criminal. Because of them, we are the ones that are paying for their irresponsibility and negligence by allowing this con-man to be elected. Those so called journalists should hang their heads in shame for they violated our trust. They betrayed our country, America.  We will remember.   We will not be forgiving.

Obama’s Constitutional Subversion

October 08, 2008

A new report (PDF) written by Second Amendment lawyer, Dave Hardy of Arms and the Law finds that while constitutional law professor Barack Obama was serving on the Joyce Foundation’s Board of Directors from 1994-2002, Joyce set out to corrupt the availability of academic scholarship concerning the Second Amendment. The goal was to control published research so that the U.S Supreme Court would be influenced as much as possible by the overwhelming preponderance of recent scholarship favoring the collective rights interpretation favored by gun control advocates and firearm prohibitionists.

Hardy summarizes:

The Joyce Foundation years ago realized that a Supreme Court case on the Second Amendment was likely, and decided to use its millions to buy the case indirectly. It created a supposed academic research center as its wholly-owned subsidiary. It corrupted law reviews, dictated their content, and even tried to dictate who could speak at universities accepting Joyce’s money. It laundered its money through its Center and through a University’s Foundation.

An attorney named Barak Obama was right in the middle of the plan.

The Foundation poured millions of dollars into buying influence in cash-starved law reviews, foundations, and universities, providing that they would only publish the collective rights interpretations approved by Joyce, and that they would refuse to publish scholarship that provided an individualist rights interpretation.

This underhanded attempt by Obama and Joyce to influence the Supreme Court–essentially attempting to “buy” an anti-gun interpretation of the Second amendment by manipulating legal scholarship– flies in the face of the revisionist history recently offered up by Annenberg’s FactCheck.Org., which recently and dishonestly portrayed Obama’s newly-minted individual rights interpretation as authentic. It is also a tactic that Joyce continues in Obama’s absence, as the list of university and “public heath” grants targeting firearms on the Foundation’s own web site reveals.

How far was Joyce willing to go under Obama’s leadership to provide the Supreme Court with slanted scholarship?

According to Hardy, Joyce paid Ohio State University to create a Second Amendment Research Center, and used the Center to manufacture scholarship only favorable to the collectivist interpretation. Joyce then used OSU’s Center as a shell organization to purchase influence at other law reviews, including Fordham and Stanford. Fordam and Stanford then dedicated review issues to articles advocating the collectivist, anti-gun scholarship. In short, constitutional scholar Obama attempted to undermine the interpretation of the Constitution.

The Hardy report is just the latest in a disturbing trend of information trickling out about Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama that suggests he is not only radically aligned, but that he is comfortable with using subterfuge to undermine both the Judicial and Executive in the pursuit of political power and influence.

Stanley Kurtz has done, and continues to do, yeoman’s work in sifting through the available archives trying to uncover exactly what transpired before and while Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama was the chairman of the failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (hereafter, “Challenge” or “CAC”) began as a successful grant application from University of Illinois at Chicago education professor Bill Ayers. Outside of Chicago, Ayers is best known as a domestic terrorist who operated in the late 1960s and 1970s as one of founders, leaders and reputed bomb builders and designers of the Weather Underground.

The Annenberg Foundation (yes, the same parent group that funds FactCheck.org and misrepresented Obama’s Second Amendment record), provided the Challenge with a charter grant of $49.2 million in 1995, and the Challenge raised and spent more than $100 million in total with Barack Obama as the CAC Chairman. The tens of millions of dollars raised by the Foundation was funneled, not into proven educational programs, but laundered into grants for radical left wing organizations that spent the money on efforts to agitate and indoctrinate students and their families to use them as cannon fodder in a battle Ayers and his ideological allies were having over the fate of Chicago’s public schools with the teachers union and school administrators. By any measure–and most tellingly by the Challenge’s own research arm–the Challenge was a educational failure.

The failure of Chicago Annenberg Challenge under Barack Obama and it’s laundering of funds to further the goals of aging radicals instead of improving the Chicago Public Schools, as was their promise, has been avoided as much as possible by most media organizations who don’t want to jeopardize his candidacy with the inconvenient record of his failure as an executive.

Barack Obama’s willingness to scheme in an attempt to corrupt scholarship and deceive the Supreme Court, his role in laundering money to aging terrorists (while stealing the education promised to a generation of schoolchildren), and current bid to impose totalitarian free speech restrictions indicates that Barack Obama is precisely the kind of deceptive authoritarian thug liberals claim to see and hate in President George W. Bush.

Barack Obama has thus far spent nearly unimaginable amounts of money in an attempt to wrest control of the First and Second Amendments. If he becomes President in November, will any of the Constitution be safe?


Please Read This In Its Entirety.
Joyce Foundation, Obama, and Heller v. D.C.


Supreme Court Opinion on “District of Columbia v. Heller”


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  2. Bridge— wow
    recall the Chicago-Kent law review article on amending the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution”.

    Click to access Herlihy.pdf

    was Sarah Herlihy associated with the Joyce Foundation? I believe she had a connection to a law firm where Obama once worked or was associated with.

    • Investigation Proves Obama’s Eligibilty For Presidency Is Highly Questionable
      Saturday, May 1, 2010

      A twenty-six page article written by Sarah P. HERLIHY was published in the Chicago-Kent Law Review, Volume 81:275 titled “Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement: Globalization as the Impetus and the Obstacle.” The date of publication is 22 February 2006, although the article appears to have been written by HERLIHY in late 2005.

      As the title implies, the author argues that Article II of the U.S. Constitution inhibits “globalization” of the U.S. She further opines that the provision is discriminatory, outdated, and undemocratic. On page fifteen of her article, HERLIHY references several hypothetical arguments that bear an eerie likeness to the not-so hypothetical implementation of policies we are witnessing under the OBAMA administration.

      The “HERLIHY BRIEF,” as I have labeled it, is interesting on several levels, but relevant on one level in particular: HERLIHY was employed as an associate by Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, a Chicago, Illinois based law firm with offices worldwide.

      Further investigation found that a senior partner of that same firm, Bruce I. ETTELSON, was a former member on the finance committee of Barack Hussein OBAMA II when he was a Senator in Illinois. Could this be a mere coincidence, or perhaps an attempt to break psychological barriers while grooming a future President?

      That, combined with legislative efforts during the 2008 campaign involving McCAIN’s eligibility (as documented in Part I of this report), appear to suggest a broader level of knowledge among individuals that the issue of eligibility as it relates to the U.S. Constitution, might present a future problem.


      Would be interesting to see if Joyce awarded Chicago-Kent Univ Law Review a grant or if Sarah was a member of their law review.

      • Bridge
        this is getting way too weird
        check this out

        Sarah Herlihy
        Chicago-Kent Law Review, Executive Articles Editor
        Law Clerk to the Honorable Michael M. Mihm United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois,
        2005 – 2006

        USAID Honors Judge Michael M. Mihm

        Judge Michael M. Mihm
        Washington, D.C. — US District Judge Michael Mihm was honored Friday evening , August 6, 2004, by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USDAID) at an Outstanding Citizen Achievement Citation Ceremony in the Robert H. Michel Student Center at Bradley University. This event culminated a number of activities to honor the voluntary service Judge Mihm has given to support the rule of law and judicial development over the past 10 years in Russia.


      • From the link above:

        Click to access JoyceCornellHeller.pdf

        Joyce Foundation Begins By Buying Law Reviews

        Joyce’s effort begins in 1999, when Joyce issued an $84,000 grant to Chicago-Kent Law Review. The Review then produced an issue that included only anti-individual rights articles, edited by Carl Bogus. Bogus was neither a Chicago-Kent student nor a faculty member: he was a professor at a different school in Rhode Island. He was, however, on the national advisory board of Violence Policy Center, which itself was a Joyce creation, and
        had previously been on the Board of Handgun Control Inc.. The arrangement would not be unlike NRA giving a large grant in exchange for one of its directors editing the Law Review. Needless to say, the issue of the Review contained nothing but articles arguing there was no individual 2nd Amendment right.

        Later, questions about this arose on an email list of legal academics (I have the originals), after it was discovered that the authors were paid to write…….snip…………Bogus initially ducked the issue of how much they, and he, were paid.

        He later acknowledged that each author had been paid $5,000, and other sums had gone into printing and distributing extra copies of the review (presumably to courts).

  3. Good question. She was with Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Chicago. I saw that firm was mentioned often with Joyce.. but I didn’t read further. Since Joyce raised funds, K & E might be a donor or there could be a more professional relationship. As I recall Sarah was a student…and Joyce liked having students write reviews to fit their vision. I can see a connection in how they could attract law students who just happened to be working with a law firm. ..and she just happened to write a review on how to amend the natural born citizenship requirements for the constitution.

    Sure makes sense to me. I didn’t read the pdf..is it dated as to when she wrote that?

  4. Sarah graduated law School in 2005 and then went to clerk for a federal court judge 2005-2006

    ‘She didn’t publish the article until 2006 in the Chicago- Kent Law Review

    2005, Illinois
    Law Clerk to the Honorable Michael M. Mihm, United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois, 2005 – 2006

    Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law, J.D., 2005 with High Honors

  5. Supreme Court shooting down D.C. gun ban triggers GOP criticism of Obama.
    June 26, 2008 by Lynn Sweet

    In 2001, The Joyce Foundation Provided Almost $1 Million For Anti-Gun NAS Study

    “The NAS Study Will Receive $109,000 From The Prohibitionist Joyce Foundation, Which Lavishly Funded The Chicago-Kent Law Review’s One-Sided Anti-Second Amendment Symposium Last Year [2000], And Which Has Contributed Generously To Gun-Prohibition Groups.”

    (David Kopel and Glen Reynolds, Op-Ed, “Political Science,” National Review, 8/29/01)

    Check out all of the anti-gun causes that Joyce supported. Obama was there during this time, and he tried to say he supports the second amendment? Who is he kidding?


  6. Saul Cornell responds re: Joyce Fdn buying law reviews
    David Hardy · 8 April 2005 SNIPS

    For anyone who’s interested … I found some interesting notes on Joyce Foundation’s funding of the Chicago Kent issue…

    Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001
    Sender: Discussion list for conlaw of firearms
    From: “Carl T. Bogus
    Subject: Answer to Eugene and Glenn’s Query

    ….. In the case of Second Amendment symposium, however, a grant from the Joyce Foundation enabled the law review to supplement somewhat its usual honorarium rates, hold a live conference, and distribute copies of the published symposium issue to constitutional law and legal history scholars and some judges.

    Eugene writes that Chicago-Kent’s Second Amendment “symposium was intentionally designed to consist only of pro-collective-rights works.” That may not be far off the mark but it isn’t exactly how I would put it. We felt that, for a variety of reasons, the collective rights model was under represented in the debate, and wanted to give scholars an opportunity to enhance or further illuminate the collective rights position.

    Sometimes a more balanced debate is best served by an unbalanced symposium. I did not, therefore, invite anyone who I knew subscribed to the individual rights model.

    June 21, 2001

    The Joyce Foundation approved a grant of $84,000 for the Second Amendment symposium at Chicago-Kent. Only $73,758 of the grant was consumed, and the College returned $10,242 to the Foundation.


    On the URL above, it shows the project information and the grant proposal and Q & A’s that show how Joyce wants the reviews written.

  7. News,

    It looks like Aone found a connection..Sarah P. HERLIHY and she was published through Chicago Kent…where it shows they were getting grant money from Joyce. Further, she was then connected to a judge who is connected to USAID.

    • Yes, and way back at TD’s we came across Sarah Herlihy, because of her brief on the Natural Born Citizen issue, without realizing that the Chicago Kent Law Review in which she was published was paid for by the corrupt Joyce Foundation, which we didn’t realize was corrupt.

      We also didn’t realize the judge for whom she clerked, Judge Michael M. Mihm, was a USAID member “who has given to support the rule of law and judicial development over the past 10 years in Russia.”

      We just thought she had leftist legal opinions.

  8. How many of these universities were given grants by Joyce?

    Published academic scholarship on the Second Amendment

    Last updated: June 18, 2006


  9. “[Between 2000 And 2004], The Joyce Foundation Has Provided Over $15 Million In Funding To Radical Gun Control Organizations Such As The Violence Policy Center And The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

    The Joyce Foundation Is Tightly Linked To The Soros Open Society Institute — An Extremist Group That Advocates A Worldwide Ban On Civilian Firearm Ownership.”

    (Illinois State Rifle Association, “ISRA Blasts Candidate Obama On His Record Of Hostility Toward Law-Abiding Firearm Owners,” Press Release, 8/4/04)


  10. Really good post B. Really good one. Should we move some of the Joyce info from the Shore Bank thread over here ?

  11. I thought ACORN was bad and now there is the Joyce Foundation. What other Marxist Foundations and non-profit organizations are out there secretly working the same agenda to turn the USA into a Communist country?

    • Every single one that has Soros connected to it…and there are hundreds, upon hundreds. They have invaded every organization, our schools and churches. I suspect there are more sheep than leaders.. most have no understanding of the ultimate goals, they are just worker bees. I don’t think the union members know what their membership dues pay for or what they really support. The money is just taken from their checks.

  12. Thanks. No need to move that information. They are intertwined anyway. Hope you read that pdf file…it is easy reading, and will knock your socks off. As Newsleuth said, the very audacity of Joyce…

    It will leave you spitting or speechless or both.

  13. Bridge News
    I am on my way out but found this…….it may be very interesting about Carl Bogus

    Click to access july03.pdf

    also check the note about the author of the article that has ties to Indonesia and USAID

  14. One more little tid bit before I go!!!

    Statement of Cynthia J. GilesHearing on Nominations
    Committee on Environment and Public Works
    United States Senate

    “Thank you Madam Chairman.
    I would first like to take the opportunity to thank you, and Ranking Member Inhofe, for holding this hearing, and Senator Whitehouse for his kind introduction.
    If I may I would like to introduce my family. My husband, Carl Bogus, is here…….”

    Click to access 2009_0428_cjg.pdf

  15. Two disturbing bits. From: CW

    Grandfatherjwv // May 27, 2010 at 8:13 am

    News Flash

    Two news stories have just broke which may be related. The 1st from Christopher Story of worldreports.org stating a German paper is saying that the CIA is counterfeiting US currency and then shift blame to North Korea. The 2nd from Benjamin Fulford of benjaminfulford.typepad.com stating Ben Beranke says Federal Reserve is out of money!

    Since this is open thread I’ll post this again, thanks, by the way check out Citizens Mobilization Well Report

  16. Joyce Foundation
    70 W Madison St #2750, Chicago, IL 60602,
    Issue: Philanthropies
    Alliance for Better Campaigns (defunct), merged into Campaign Legal Center’s Media Policy Program. Contact Vidya Krishnamurthy;
    Donors Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network, Pew Charitable Trusts, Ford Foundation, Joyce Foundation

    Campaign Finance Institute
    1990 M St NW #380, Washington, DC
    Donor: Joyce Foundation
    Same contact info as above.
    merged into Campaign Legal Center’s Media Policy Program

    Center for Responsive Politics,
    Freedom States Alliance,
    Michigan Campaign Finance Network, (MCFN)
    Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort


    • Joyce seems to be set up just like ACORN. Enter one name and they are affiliated with more. Enter one of those affiliates and they show their affiliates. If one changes names, it morphs or merges into another organization. I looked at the main six listed under Joyce and it kept going and going on. The main donors to each of them seems to be one or a combination of organizations related back to Soros and team.

      I only showed one example above, but it is worthwhile looking at it to see how their operations work. I clicked on all six above and would estimate there are over 100 affiliates.

      They have perfected a business model that scams government and everyone else while appearing to be organizations that “help” and support others.

  17. Off topic: Are you listing to the asshat taking credit for overseeing everything BP has done, including plugging “the damn hole?”

    I can’t help listening, although I’m ready to PUKE from hearing his voice. I want to hear what sort of questions the lamestream media ask.

    About Sestak?

    I’m with Carville: Why hasn’t Obama had the Navy down there, skimming the oil out of the ocean? (He doesn’t care about poor white folks, that’s why.)

    35 plus days of this crap spewing, while he plays golf and points fingers.

    WHY, if BP couldn’t cap the well quickly, didn’t Obama at least deal with the oil floating on the surface of the water?

    I’m no engineer, but even I know that oil and water don’t mix. Therefore, scoop it up. Let it separate. Drain the water out the bottom and refine the oil.

    Any kitchen cook knows this. Maybe they should have asked Rick Bayless for advice, while he was cooking Obama’s Wagyu beef.

    Can you say “gravy separator”? DUH!!!!!!

    Oh, but he’s such a genius! Yet he can’t even figure out the FACT that oil separates itself from water.

    The only explanation is that he WANTED the crisis. He WANTED the environmental destruction. He WANTED everyone upset about the environmental damage to the Gulf shores. Why? So he can use their anger as an excuse to destroy the oil industry and RAM THROUGH his Marxist cap-and-tax rules. ASSHAT!!!!!

    He says this was his number one priority for the past month. Oh, yeah? Then how’d he find time to golf and raise money for Barbie Boxer? Did I say ASSHAT?

    November can’t come soon enough.

    The asshat just said that they’ll take advice from anyone. NOT. Not if you’re a Washington University professor who years ago wrote politically incorrect comments about homosexuals.

    You know what he’s gonna do with this press conference? Remember the 17-minute answer to one question? That’s what he’ll do. He’ll filibuster and say nothing. Nobody will get a chance to ask him about Sestak. Asshat.

  18. Anyone come up with anything on
    Cynthia J. Giles
    she is in the EPA
    wife of Bogus
    from Rhode Island
    What exactly is her job???? Oil spill disasters ?

    • Aone, both of your finds are very interesting. I read your info, but I am working on the tentacles of Joyce right now. I wonder if she got the job with Obama’s administration. Her husband wasn’t cowed by the intimidation techniques and threats against the university by the state democrats. Tying the Bogus’ to Obama..another twig on the branch.

  19. Sorry. My spell check acting up again!

  20. Cynthia Giles
    Current Position: Assistant EPA Administrator For Enforcement
    and Compliance Assurance (since May 2009)

    Boss:  EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

    Called a “bulldog” by a former colleague  , it appears that Giles has been true to her word as the EPA’s top cop in an administration seeking to curb greenhouse gas emissions and force polluters to pay their fair share of cleanup costs.


  21. great post Bridgette!

    Just an FYI:

    Katie May 27, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    If any of you are following the progress and activity of the Continental Congress, there’s a show on tonight at 8:00 pm CT.

    “We have an exciting line-up for this week’s Walls In Our Minds. The newly elected slate of Officers and Committee leaders of the Third Continental Congress will be discussing the mission of the Third Continental Congress and how we are going to save our Constitutional Republic from the grip of the globalist elite. Dan Gonzales, President; Dr. Kate, Secretary/Treasurer; David Helms, Sergeant at Arms; Gene Brokaw, Admin Committee Chair; Kath McCubbins, Rules Committee Chair and other delegates will be joining your hosts Red Beckman and Terry Dodd, the new Vice President of the TCC, for a candid discussion on the state of our country and what we must do now to keep it. Call In Line 347-838-9176 Phone lines will be open during the second hour for questions and a little brainstorming.”


    I think Katie’s from Heyoka Patriots. Really nice site.

    Revolution Radio, is really great!

    Stop Them Cold.

  22. Bridge,

    Tk U, Hug’s!

    Excellent research and articles.Your all doing such a fantastic job! I found the following and I hope it help’s –

    Joyce Foundation

    02/08/02 NEWS RELEASE Center files complaint with IRS against Environmental Working Group Group calls on IRS to revoke non-profit status for unlawful lobbying and political action. Joyce Foundation grant is a material factor in EWG’s unlawful lobbying.
    Joyce Foundation
    70 W Madison St 2750
    Chicago,IL 60602
    Telephone: (312) 782-2464
    Fax: (312) 782-4160
    Contact: Lawrence N. Hansen, Acting President
    Website: http://www.joycefdn.org/
    Type of foundation: Private
    1999 Assets: $1,009,755,735
    EIN: 36-6079185
    EGA Member

    THE JOYCE FOUNDATION was established in 1948 by Beatrice Joyce Kean of Chicago. The Joyce family wealth came from the lumber industry (Tremont Lumber Company), including family-owned timberlands, plywood and sawmills, and wholesale and retail building material distribution facilities which were located in the state of Louisiana and the Midwest.

    Projects: The foundation emphasizes environmental, campaign-reform, and gun control issues, with education and culture programs.

    Joyce Foundation Board of Directors
    Chairman John T. Anderson
    Vice Chairman Richard K. Donahue
    Robert G. Bottoms
    Carin A. Clauss
    Charles U. Daly
    Anthony S. Earl
    Roger R. Fross
    Carlton L. Guthrie
    Marion T. Hall
    Barack Obama
    Paula Wolff


    • USCAP consists of market leaders Alcoa, BP America, Caterpillar, Duke Energy, DuPont, FPL Group, General Electric, Lehman Brothers, PG&E, and PNM Resources, along with four leading non-governmental organizations — Environmental Defense, Natural Resources Defense Council, Pew Center on Global Climate Change, and World Resources Institute.
      Who’s orchestrated CCX?

      Why, the Joyce Foundation – here’s CCX blurb on that. And another blurb HERE

      Joyce’s top “environmental” program priority is: Energy from Clean Coal. Because fossil fuel emissions create pollution and foster climate changes that threaten the Great Lakes, the Foundation has a long-standing interest in the energy infrastructure of the region. Investment and policy or regulatory decisions about proposed new coal-burning power plants will shape not only our electricity system for the future, but the future of the Lakes as well. We are committed to promoting policies that encourage (through incentives and regulatory structures) the development of clean coal technologies and to ensuring that state agencies approve only those projects that meet state-of-the-art standards for minimizing air pollution and have significant promise for reducing or capturing carbon emissions. The Foundation supports efforts to engage state officials and power plant developers to build the cleanest possible plants to meet the regionâ??s electricity needs.

      And who has Joyce funded to promote coal gasification (IGCC)?

      $3 million in Joyce Grants to boost clean coal

      Once more with feeling… how much did they get?
      Natural Resources Defense Council: $437,500
      And it’s $7 million over three years! Here’s that announcement

      Here’s what Environmental Defense has been doing to make IGCC a household word:

      EPA Settlement re: IGCC – Coal Gasification

      Whatever are they thinking? What do they know about IGCC? It’s apparent what they don’t know, i.e., cost, water contamination, and that the emissions profile is not something to write home about. But here’s their handout, where they claim that “COAL GASIFICATION IS CLEANER.” Uh-huh, right…

      Anyway, apparently USCAP is getting dissed about something. I’d guess, from the parts I’ve highlighted above, that this is another toady “organization” supporting IGCC, coal gasification! If that’s the case, they should be dissed!


      • PPI | Model Initiatives | September 5, 2003
        Trading in Carbon Futures

        Many state and local governments have launched efforts to fight global warming. But severe budget shortfalls and the lack of federal mandates and funds are making the job difficult. The newly formed Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is filling the breach through a combination of private sector, nonprofit, and government resources and expertise.

        Last January, 13 of the nation’s largest greenhouse gas emitters — including DuPont Co., American Electric Power Co., Ford Motor Co., and Motorola Inc. — joined with the city of Chicago to establish CCX. It marked the first time a large U.S. city and major companies made a binding, voluntary commitment to use a rules-based market to reduce carbon dioxide and other gases implicated in climate change. The participants pledged to reduce their emissions by 4 percent from an average of their 1998-2001 emissions, between 50 and 60 million tons, by 2006.

        CCX is the brainchild of Richard Sandor, a Northwestern University expert on extending the principles of commodity trading to environmental protection. Funded through $1.1 million in grants from the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation, the exchange is modeled on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Acid Rain Program, a “cap-and-trade” system to reduce electric utility emissions linked to acid rain.


        • WRI (World Resources Institute)
          Is connected to the Joyce Foundation –

          WRI Gratefully Acknowledges Our Donors
          October 1, 2008–December 31, 2009

          WRI’s work is made possible through the generosity of a growing number of partners and supporters that share the Institute’s goals and objectives, including private foundations, corporations, individuals, and agencies and cooperating organizations. We are pleased to acknowledge the special role these supporters play in WRI’s successes.

          Strategic Relationships
          Alcoa Foundation
          BP and BP Foundation
          Caterpillar Foundation
          Citi Foundation
          NewPage Corporation
          SC Johnson
          Shell International and Shell Foundation
          Toyota Motor North America
          UPS and UPS Foundation
          Wal-Mart Stores


          • Joyce Foundation

            The Chicago-based Joyce Foundation targets its philanthropy in large measure toward organizations dedicated to the agendas of radical environmentalism, “social justice,” prison reform, and increased funding for social services, particularly for minorities. From 1998 to 2001, Illinois state senator Barack Obama served as a board member of this foundation.

            During Obama’s years on the board, the Joyce Foundation made grants to such organizations as the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Children’s Defense Fund of Ohio, the Jane Addams Resource Corporation, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the World Wildlife Fund, the National Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club Foundation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Izaak Walton League of America, the Union of Concerned Scientists, SUSTAIN, the Tides Center, the Environmental Working Group, the World Resources Institute, the League of Women Voters Education Fund, the Democracy 21 Education Fund, the Brennan Center for Justice, the Brookings Institution, Alliance for Justice, the Council on Foundations, the Center for Community Change, the National Network of Grantmakers, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, the Nine to Five Working Women Education Fund, the Rockefeller Family Fund, Environmental Defense, the World Resources Institute, and the Urban Institute.

            (World Resources Institute)


            • Also under the above link for –

              WRI (World Resources Institute)which is connected to the Joyce Foundation notice Sea Change is listed.

              Sea Change is a Micro Finance Coporation in Haiti with MANY connections, along with other Mico Finance’s in link below –

              Sea Change Foundation

              Microfinance and Economic Justice in Haiti
              By Bryan Schaaf on Saturday, July 5, 2008.
              see more topics in: CNP FAVACA FINCA Floresta Fonkoze Grameen Bank
              Lambi Fund Microcredit
              Sea Change Foundation
              Small Business Development
              Unibank World Concern

              One must be entrepeneurial to survive on less than a dollar a day. A wide variety of organizations throughout the world are using microfinance, the provision of small loans, to tap this entrepeneurial spirit and help rural women improve their livelihoods. Pioneered by the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, this pro poor model has been proven effective again and again in India, Rwanda, Haiti, and elsewhere. The number of organizations offering micro-credit in Haiti has grown considerably but there is still a need for expansion.

              The phrase “micro-credit” is everywhere now and people have been using it to describe a wide variety of activities. As the Grameen Bank describes it, “…Grameencredit is based on the premise that the poor have skills which remain unutilised or under-utilised. It is definitely not the lack of skills which make poor people poor. Grameen believes that the poverty is not created by the poor, it is created by the institutions and policies which surround them. In order to eliminate poverty all we need to do is to make appropriate changes in the institutions and policies, and/or create new ones. Grameen believes that charity is not an answer to poverty. It only helps poverty to continue. It creates dependency and takes away individual’s initiative to break through the wall of poverty. Unleashing of energy and creativity in each human being is the answer to poverty.”


              • I wonder if they pulled out after the the catastrophe there. Or are they there helping the Haitians rebuild.

                Corruption reigns there. Clinton has a personal interest there and has for years, yet very little changed for all the money that went to Haiti from the US govt.

                Is a branch of Grameen Bank in Haiti? Or is a branch of Shorebank there?

                Micro-finance has to be a scam..not just on the people they “help” but on those that they get to fund their organizations. Those duped people are who they hide behind. Who can make money on a $100 loan? What they are really up to?

              • After much research last night on Sea Change Micro Finance Coporation it seem’s that they are not just into Micro Finance.
                Sea Change Finance is also –

                Sea Change International, Inc
                SEACOR Environmental Inc
                Eastbourne Capital Managment

                Amended Statement of Beneficial OwnershipUNITED STATES
                Washington, D.C. 20549

                1. Names of Reporting Persons.
                I.R.S. Identification Nos. of above persons (entities only).
                Eastbourne Capital Management, L.L.C.

                1. Names of Reporting Persons.
                I.R.S. Identification Nos. of above persons (entities only).
                Eastbourne Capital Management, L.L.C.

                1. Names of Reporting Persons.
                I.R.S. Identification Nos. of above persons (entities only).
                Richard Jon Barry

                1. Names of Reporting Persons.
                I.R.S. Identification Nos. of above persons (entities only).
                Black Bear Offshore Master Fund, L.P.

                4. Citizenship or Place of Organization Cayman Islands
                (a) Name of Issuer
                SeaChange International, Inc.

                A. The names of the persons filing this statement are:
                Eastbourne Capital Management, L.L.C. (“Eastbourne”)
                Richard Jon Barry
                Black Bear Offshore Master Fund, L.P. (“Black Bear Offshore”)

                (collectively, the “Filers”).


                • Which also has a large share of stock in –

                  Eli Lilly, Amylin


                  Dident they have a hand in making the H1N1 vacine?

                  • Also connections to –

                    International Alliances with Kellogg School of Management


                    • Carl Icahn

                      Michelle Anderson, Esq.
                      Chief, Office of Mergers and Acquisitions
                      Christina E. Chalk, Esq.
                      Special Counsel, Office of Mergers and Acquisitions
                      Division of Corporation Finance
                      Securities and Exchange Commission
                      100 F Street, N. E.
                      Washington, D.C. 20549
                      Re: Eastbourne Capital, L.L.C. Request for No-Action Letter Concerning Rule 14a-4(d)
                      Further to our conversations with Ms. Chalk, we are writing on behalf of our client, Eastbourne Capital Management L.L.C. (“Eastbourne”), to request that the Staff of the Division of Corporation Finance confirm, under the circumstances described herein, that it will not recommend that the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”) take any enforcement action against Eastbourne for violations under Schedule 14A or Rule 14a-4(d) under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”) if, in connection with its solicitation of proxies to vote in the election of directors at the 2009 annual stockholders meeting (the “2009 Stockholder Meeting”) of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (the “Company” or “Amylin”), Eastbourne, in addition to soliciting votes for its own nominees, seeks authority to vote for nominees named in the proxy statement of a group of entities affiliated with Carl Icahn

                      Click to access eastbournecapital033009-sec14-incoming.pdf

                    • Kellogg is the business school at Northweatern…. Major connections to Tom Ayers ……..Bill’s father

                    • Carl Icahn

                      In 2008 his net worth was US$14 billion, putting him in an eight way tie for the 46th richest man in the world.[22] In 2009 Forbes recalculated his net worth as $9 billion, and in 2010 it was revised upward to $10.5 billion, making him the 59th richest person in the world.[23]


                    • SEACOR Environmental Services Inc. – Environmental

                      SEACOR Environmental Services specializes in environmental needs consultation, mitigation, response, and preparation.


    • Leza,
      Great find!

      I wonder who it was that filed against Joyce, as it says “Center.” Did Joyce keep their non-profit status? Obama was involved that year too.

      • Thank You Bridge,

        Great questions, I’m still digging. Hopefully one and all of us finds everything to connect this scam and bottom scum together!

      • SEACOR Holdings Inc. is a diversified, multinational company that owns and operates … energy commodities, and provides environmental response solutions to governments and …


      • Kellogg is the business school at Northweatern…. Major connections to Tom Ayers ……..Bill’s father

        I know AOne!!

        This is HUGE!!

        Please help!! I’m going to busy the rest of the day…This is the top of the Ice burg!!

        • There was another guy on the board with Tom Ayers………it may have been Leonard Boudine father of Kathy Boudine. (weatherman)
          I am doing this from memory but I thinknhe was the one who took all those trips to Cuba

          Do you remember this News???

          Dohrn (ayers wile who raised boudines son, worked at northwestern . I think theywere involved in that student legal organization that represented protesters arrested in sit -ins

          round and round we go—////
          this came from last years search so it’s from a rusty memory

          • Leonard B. Boudin (July 20, 1912- November 24, 1989) was a prominent civil liberties attorney and left-wing activist who represented Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame and Dr. Benjamin Spock, the author of Baby and Child Care, who advocated draft resistance during the Vietnam War. Other opponents of the Vietnam war whom he represented were Julian Bond, William Sloan Coffin, and Philip Berrigan.

            He also represented other controversial clients including the Church of Scientology, Judith Coplon, the post-revolutionary government of Cuba, Paul Robeson and others (such as persons subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee) thought or known to have Marxist views or Communist affiliations. Boudin was counsel to the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee and a member of the National Lawyers Guild. He was the law partner of Victor Rabinowitz, himself counsel to numerous left-wing organizations and individuals.

            Boudin argued and won unanimously the first case in which the United States Supreme Court invalidated a federal statute under the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment, Lamont v. Postmaster General. He also argued and won the landmark case Kennedy v. Mendoza-Martinez, in which the Supreme Court held that draft dodgers could not be stripped of their citizenship without being criminally prosecuted and afforded the protections promised to criminal defendants in the Fifth and Sixth Amendments.

            Leonard Boudin was the nephew of Louis Boudin, a labor lawyer and professor of constitutional law at Yale University. His brother-in-law was influential left-wing journalist I. F. Stone. Leonard fathered two children, Michael and Kathy, who achieved recognition in later life. Michael Boudin became a jurist and is currently the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. Kathy Boudin was an activist and co-founder of the 1960s radical group the Weather Underground, who served 22 years in prison for her role in a 1981 robbery that left two police officers and a security guard dead. His only biological grandson, Chesa Boudin, Kathy’s son, is now a student at the Yale Law School.


          • Chesa Boudin, a chip off the old ‘Weatherbureau’ block
            Sunday, December 22, 2002

            WASHINGTON – In three days time it will be Christmas, a time when most of us will be happily observing long-honored traditions with families and friends, complete with carols, trees, decorations and packages. In the spirit of the season, we offer a story of the past, with a loud message for today.

            First, a brief trip down memory lane:

            On Oct. 20, 1981, Sgt. Edward O’Grady, Patrolman Waverly Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige were gunned down in Rockland County, N.Y. by heavily armed terrorists. The half dozen gunmen — all Americans — were members of the Weather Underground, a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society and the Black Liberation Army, formed from members of the Black Panther Party and the Republic of New Afrika.

            These improbable violent coalitions were committing armed robberies (this was number 19) to finance their “revolution.” At stake that day was an armored truck with $1.6 million in cash. Thanks to the bravery of the dead officers, the terrorists failed; but left behind were three widows and nine children, like most victims all largely forgotten.

            Read it all:

          • Early timeline for Obama…

            This post was written with information based upon open FBI files, news reports [i.e. NY Times] other articles on the internet. The Freedom of Information Act released approximately 10,000 pages of FBI files, mostly censured, but there could be many more.


            • News
              thank you for these sources. That was the most comprehensive account I have seen.

              It should be written on the front pages of our newspapers and in our history books…….

              “guilty as he’ll, free as a bird. Isn’t America great”
              Bill Ayers

              do you have any more info on Micheal Boudin (chief justice). What a grat country we have…zzthere are no li
              it’s on how high you could climb reguardless of family ties but we also Do not impune guilt by association………not even if you are actually IN the
              .organization…….uh….er. …. association. ….. For example the SDS or the Weather Underground

    • Leza, you’re really on a roll. Good work.

  23. Laurence N. Hansen ( Isn’t that a big corporation ?)
    Pulls him up in here.

    Abraham Lincoln Association


    2003 Members by Category

    Sherry Binkelman, Asheville, NC
    Mrs. Charles F. Becker, Springfield, IL
    Robert S. Eckley, Bloomington, IL
    Charles C. Patton, Springfield, IL John R. Power, Jacksonville, IL
    Louise Taper, Beverly Hills, CA
    Gordon and Evelyn Thomas, Springfield, IL

    Randy Mitchelson, Ameren CIPS, Springfield, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Morton D. Barker, Springfield, IL
    John R. Chapin, Springfield, IL Tom and Mickey Faller, Springfield, IL
    Hanson Professional Services Inc., Springfield, IL
    Ms. Georgia Northrup, Springfield, IL
    Benjamin Shapell, Beverly Hills, CA

    Kenneth L. Anderson, Highland, IN
    Dan Bannister, Springfield, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bartholf, Bonita Springs, FL
    Martha L. Benner, Elkhart, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Blythe, Springfield, IL
    Dr. Roger D. Bridges, Bloomington, IL
    David F. Brown, Evansville, IN
    Michael Burlingame, Mystic, CT
    Nick and Marilyn Cagnoni, Springfield, IL
    Donald S. Carmichael, Lyme, NH
    Robert and Malinda Church, Springfield, IL
    Robert S. Cohen, Springfield, IL
    Cullom and Ann Davis, Springfield, IL
    Duane Downey, Avon, CT
    Albert Eck Jr., Springfield, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Enlow, Springfield, IL
    Mrs. Don E. Fehrenbacher, Stanford, CA
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Funk, Springfield, IL
    Benjamin I. Green, Boulder, CO
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hart, Springfield, IL
    Earl W. Henderson Jr., Springfield, IL
    David R. Herndon, East Alton, IL
    Jim Herron, Springfield, IL
    Robert M. Stephenson, Glenview, IL
    Dr. and Mrs. Wallace F. Strow, Sr., Springfield, IL
    Mark J. Sullivan, Palm Springs, CA
    Stephen and Neta Tagge, Springfield, IL
    F. John Taylor, Virginia, IL
    Richard Wm. Thomas, Springfield, IL
    Adm. and Mrs. N. R. Thunman, Springfield, IL Dale Hershey, Pittsburg, PA
    Walter Hill, Beverly Hills, CA
    Fred B. Hoffmann, Springfield, IL
    Lynn N. Hughes, Houston, TX
    Dr. Todd J. Janus, Valparaiso, IN
    Thomas S. Johnson, Rockford, IL
    Ron Keller, Lincoln, IL
    Robert and Jeanne Lanphier III, Dawson, IL
    Robert J. Lenz, Bloomington, IL
    Marshall R. Martinez, La Habra, CA
    Judge Richard Mills, Springfield, IL
    Saul J. Morse, Springfield, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Narmont, Springfield, IL
    Harold Niehaus, Whiteland, IN
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Oakley, Quincy, IL
    Paul L. Pascal, Bethesda, MD
    Senator James “Pate” Philip, Wood Dale, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Potter, Springfield, IL
    Priscilla Reyhan, Springfield, IL
    Logan H. Schlipf, Springfield, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. William Schnirring, Springfield, IL
    Bernard H. Sieracki, Springfield, IL
    John B. Simon, Chicago, IL
    Mark E. Steiner, Pearland, TX [End Page 119]
    Don Tracy, Springfield, IL
    John T. Trutter, Northfield, IL
    Jane Van Hoos, Springfield, IL
    Mrs. A.D. Van Meter Jr., Springfield, IL
    Cesar Vidal, Madrid, Spain
    Ronald C. White Jr., La Canada, CA
    Robert S. Willard, University Park, MD

    Charles W. Adams, Springfield, IL
    Bryon C. Andreasen, Springfield, IL
    Dennis Antonie, Mequon, WI
    Tom Appleton, Springfield, IL
    Neal Baker, New York, NY
    Willis C. Baker, Champaign, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barker, Springfield, IL
    Paul Barker, Chicago, IL
    Mrs. Floyd Barringer, Springfield, IL
    Richard J. Behn, New Rochelle, NY
    Daniel Bellemare, Ottawa, ON
    Carolyn and Rich Berning, Springfield, IL
    Richard C. Bjorklund, Chicago, IL
    Robert Blaemire, Bathesda, MD
    Marvin W. Block, Tinley Park, IL
    Thomas J. Booth, Springfield, IL
    Thomas Brodd, Madison, WI
    Theodore Brown Jr., Marietta, GA
    Willard Bunn III, Lake Forest, IL
    Dr. Kevin G. Burns, Orland Park, IL
    Sally Cadagin, Springfield, IL
    Martin C. Carlino, East Patchogue, NY
    Richard Carlson, Chicago, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chapin, Chatham, IL
    John R. Christian, Phoenix, AZ
    Patrick Coburn, Springfield, IL
    Brian and Carol Cross, Springfield, IL
    Roland R. Cross, Springfield, IL
    Dr. John E. Daly and George Anne Daly, Rochester, IL
    Dr. and Mrs. John A. Davidson, Springfield, IL
    Brooks Davis, Chicago, IL
    Rodney O. Davis, Galesburg, IL
    Duane Norman Diedrich, Muncie, IN
    Nicholas DiGiovanni Jr., Marlborough, MA
    Mrs. John B. Dixon, Springfield, IL
    Fred Dolan, Normal, IL
    David Herbert Donald, Lincoln Center, MA
    Bob Jampol, Waban, MA
    Mrs. Daniel J. Janus, Springfield, IL
    Dr. Robert W. Johannsen, Champaign, IL
    Thomas C. Johnsen, Belmont, MA
    Mrs. Norman P. Jones, Springfield, IL
    Charles Keaton, Indianapolis, IN
    James Keeran, Bloomington, IL
    Oliver J. Keller, Atlanta, GA
    Robert J. Killewald, Ypsilanti, MI
    Bob Kjellander, Springfield, IL
    Regina Kovach and David Steward, Springfield, IL
    Holly and Walt Kropf, Bloomington, IL
    Tom Lalicki, Briarcliff Manor, NY
    Robert M. Lawless, Las Vegas, NV
    Danny J. Leifel, Bloomington, IL
    Lincoln Museum, Fort Wayne, IN
    Tom Londrigan, Springfield, IL
    William J. Lorenzen, Brooklyn, NY
    David Lusty, Chicopee, MA
    Dr. P. F. Mahon, Springfield, IL
    Michael Malorny, Lake Forest, CA
    George Martinez, Phoenix, AZ
    Michael A. Mattingly, Morris, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCord, Springfield, IL
    Mike McGeever, Bloomingdale, IL
    Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce McMillan, Springfield, IL
    Lee B. McTurnan, Carmel, IN
    Dr. Vicki Megginson, Pawnee, IL
    Peter C. Meyer, Cherokee, AL
    Dixie L. Mills, Bloomington, IL
    LaVerne R. Millstead, Napa, CA
    Susan Mogerman, Springfield, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Montague, Springfield, IL
    William D. Mulliken, Chicago, IL
    Edith M. Myers, Springfield, IL
    James J. Nance, Loveland, CO
    Dr. and Mrs. Larry M. Newell, Springfield, IL
    Tony and Signe Oakley, Quincy, IL
    Thomas B. Orlando, Chicago, IL
    Nicholas J. Paola, Fanwood, NJ
    Marty Parkes, Stewartsville, NJ
    Donald H. Partington, Pensacola, FL
    Annabelle L. Patton, Springfield, IL
    Goeffrey Perret, Beverley, England
    Jeanne and Glen Pittman, Springfield, IL
    Mark Plummer, Bloomington, IL
    Robert Provost Jr., Camarillo, CA
    James Pyne, Frankfort, IL
    Jerome D. Quinn, Vero Beach, FL
    Scott Ralston, Bloomington, IL
    James A. Rawley, Lincoln, NE
    Dr. and Mrs. Morris Wiener, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Douglas L. Wilson, Galesburg, IL Chriss H. Doss, Birmingham, AL
    Dow Agrosciences, Midland, MI
    Philip M. Dripps, Saint Charles, IL
    Richard Dyke, M.D., Indianapolis, IN
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Eberle, Springfield, IL
    John M. Field, Winnetka, IL
    Jon M. Franchino, Denver, CO
    Malcolm Garber, Seattle, WA
    Joseph E. Garrera, Newton, NJ
    E. Phelps Gay, Matairie, LA
    John R. Gehlbach, Lincoln, IL
    Renee Gentry, San Jose, CA
    Jeff Gibbs, Springfield, IL
    Larry Gibbs, Crete, IL
    John C. Greco, Manhasset, NY
    Clifford and Shirley Greenwalt, Springfield, IL
    Dr. Allen C. Guelzo, Paoli, PA
    Mr. Maksim Gumeni, The Lincoln Center, Tirana, Albania
    Wendell Hahn, Springfield, IL
    Allen O. Hale, R.Ph., Dupont, WA
    Wilmer E. Hall, Akron, PA
    Charles and Susan Hammond, Springfield, IL
    Gerald and Margaret Harbin, Paradise Valley, AZ
    Thomas J. Harbinson, Savage, MN
    Julian N. Hartt, Charlottesville, VA
    Darrell L. Hartweg, Bloomington, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes, Springfield, IL
    Norman D. Hellmers, Springfield, IL
    Stan Herrin, Springfield, IL
    Betty Hickey, Elkhart, IL
    Bob Higley, Thornton, CO
    Shelley and Ken Hoffman, Chatham, IL
    Peter and Joan Hood, Urbana, IL
    Bob Huddleston, Northglenn, CO
    Daniel W. Hynes, Chicago, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. John Irwin, Pleasant Plains, IL
    Richard A. Jamison, Westmont, IL [End Page 120]
    Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Raymer, Springfield, IL
    Mrs. Aida Repishti, The Lincoln Center, Tirana, Albania
    Ralph S. Riffenburgh, MD, Claremont, CA
    Susie Ripka, Springfield, IL
    Ruth P. Roberts, Springfield, IL
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Rohs, Springfield, IL
    Rev. David F. Ryan, Des Plaines, IL
    Nicolas Sacarelos, Maywood, IL
    Mrs. Robert J. Saner, Springfield, IL
    Alfredo M. Santos, Franklin Park, IL
    Joseph and Catherine A. Schaller, Pickerington, OH
    Mr. Paul Schanbacher, Springfield, IL
    John S. Schier, Hudson, OH
    Molly M. Schlich, Springfield, IL
    David W. Scott, Springfield, IL
    R. Stephen and Lynn Scott, Springfield, IL
    Bernard Shaw, Washington, DC
    Bruce Shevlin, M.D., Springfield, IL
    Thomas L. Shriner Jr., Shorewood, WI
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Simpson, Springfield, IL
    Paul F. Skirtich, Alexandria, VA
    Carl Smith, Fresno, CA
    Jack L. Smith, South Bend, IN
    Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Sneller, West Des Moines, IA
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Snyder, Springfield, IL
    John and Mary Staudt, Springfield, IL
    Brandt N. Steele, Greencastle, IN
    Adlai E. Stevenson III, Chicago, IL
    Nicky Stratton, Springfield, IL
    Robert A. Stuart Jr., Springfield, IL
    James R. Stultz, Moundsville, WV
    James Sullivan, Springfield, IL
    Alex K. Taft, Springfield, IL
    D. Clay Taylor, Hopkins, MN
    Robert T. Taylor Family, Baton Rouge, LA
    Sarah H. Thomas, Springfield, IL
    Gary Thompson, Springfield, IL
    Bruce Tobis, Farmington Hills, MI
    Mr. and Mrs. William Trapp, Springfield, IL
    Russell Troutman, Winter Park, FL
    A. D. Van Meter Jr., Springfield, IL
    Anita and Bob Walbaum, Springfield, IL
    Richard L. Weidenbacher Jr., Elizabeth, NJ
    Daniel R. Weinberg, Chicago, IL [End Page 121]
    Randall F. Witter, Springfield, IL
    Harlington Wood Jr., Petersburg, IL
    Michael D. Zecher, State Center, IA

    • Renee,

      Lawrence N. Hansen, is the vice president, of Joyce Foundation, Chicago


        • Jezzz, Renee I’m so sorry….Ok, I see what your saying above.

          Read it……tied together like a tight rubber band arent they!!

          • Leza, I did that list above too in the last few days. Flagged the parts I noticed in earlier digs. That list is around one of these threads..

            • On the Shore Bank thread, under these posts. It gives the condensed list.

              Renee // May 25, 2010 at 6:34 am | Reply

              Current members of the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation are: John T. Anderson, Chairman, Ellen S. Alberding, President, Robert G. Bottoms, Michael F. Brewer, Charles U. Daly, Anthony S. Earl, Roger R. Fross, Howard L. Fuller, Carlton L. Guthrie, Marion T. Hall, Valerie B. Jarrett, Daniel P. Kearney and Paula Wolff.

              The Joyce Foundation has a staff of about 27, whose names are listed on its website.

              The Foundation’s management and program staff consists of:

              Ellen S. Alberding

              Vice President
              Lawrence N. Hansen

              Vice President of Finance and Administration
              Deborah Gillespie

              Director of Communications
              Charles Boesel

              Director of Investments
              Jane R. Patterson

              Director of Strategic Initiatives
              Gretchen Crosby Sims

              Program Officers

              John Luczak, Program Manager
              Angela Rudolph

              Whitney Smith, Program Manager
              Jennifer Phillips, Senior Program Officer

              Stephen Brick, Program Manager
              Molly Flanagan

              Gun Violence
              Nina Vinik. Former program officers include Roseanna Ander.

              Money and Politics
              Lawrence N. Hansen

              Michelle T. Boone

              Previous notable board members include US President Barack Obama who served on the board from 1994 through 2002.[4

              Renee // May 25, 2010 at 1:06 pm | Reply


        • Renee,

          From your link above –

          I looked and found this –

          Generation Investment Management LLP Snip

          Gore buys his carbon off-sets from himself—the Generation Investment Management LLP, “an independent, private, owner-managed partnership established in 2004 with offices in London and Washington, D.C.” of which he is both chairman and founding partner.

          • Generation Investment Management LLP

            Ok So,,,,,,,

            Al Gore set up a company called Generation Investment Management which was a company to profit on the sale of Carbon Credits.

            He conveniently set it up off shore in London to escape SEC and IRS issues and it’s now worth over 2 Billion. One of the co-founders was Hank Paulson who later became the US Treasury Secretary.

            At the time he was the head of Goldman Sachs as well as another Goldman Sachs executive named David Blood and between them they have generated over $200 Million in seed money to get his fleecing company off the ground.

            There are at least 7 major Goldman Sachs executives on the board of Generation Investment Management funneling money into this company.

            It is essentially a brokerage house that extorts companies for Carbon Credits. They were and are banking on Cap and Tax making this into a $10 Trillion a year company making them Billions. This is what Global Warming is about and all that it is about.

            Generation Investment Management is the company which launched the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and is the largest investor outside of Goldman Sachs.

            The CCX has now branched into sister companies which are now headquartered in both CA and NY taking advantage of their Cap and Tax laws.

            If this law is passed throughout the entire Country these companies stand to make fortunes beyond anything the world has seen.

            Everything we buy, eat, and drive will have a bill attached directly from CCX / Gore. There will be no escaping it, and the structure is in place to take everything we have / earn will go into his greedy conglomerate.
            (Maybe I should have posted this under – ” Obots, Aren’t You Proud? Your Multiple Votes Gave US This!”)

            • Exactly Leza.

              (Maybe I should have posted this under – ” Obots, Aren’t You Proud? Your Multiple Votes Gave US This!”)

              LOL !

              And the census workers report chaos and nightmare now too…never ends..
              This is a game Leza. How to take down all of our sectors ASAP.

  24. Seedco -Im still looking into them, but stink’s!

    Seedco Financial to Partner With Goldman Sachs: 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative

    New York (PRESS RELEASE – November 27, 2009) — Seedco Financial Services, Inc., a financial services organization providing funding and resources to support economic and social development, today announced a five-year grant partnership with Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment Group will provide $20 million in financing for underserved small businesses through Seedco Financial’s newly established “NYC Small Business Support Initiative.” Seedco Financial will also receive philanthropic support from Goldman Sachs to fund capacity building and technical assistance. The program’s financing and technical support initiative for small businesses is expected to lead to job creation and retention.

    “Critical to the success of small businesses is access to capital in addition to high-caliber professional advisory and technical services,” explained Lesia Bates Moss, president of Seedco Financial. “Our program is innovative in that it combines financing with the deep functional expertise of seasoned management consultants, financial, marketing, operational and technical professionals along with mentoring and coaching by successful corporate executives who provide strategic guidance to help small business owners navigate challenges.”

    With the Goldman Sachs funding, Seedco Financial will initiate two programs to support small businesses. The organization will expand the scale and reach of its small business lending platform for businesses that operate in underserved, low-to-moderate income communities of New York City. This platform also helps minority- and women-owned business enterprises. The additional loan capital will enable Seedco Financial to also develop place-based, micro-targeting strategies in commercial and retail corridors which do not traditionally qualify as areas of economic distress, but where there is demonstrable need as well as a viable economic rationale for loan deployment.


  25. Sleuth, Wake up ! Remember my first Mucky looking map ? This is the perfect one to make for real. This link has a good quick list of the connections.


  26. Bridge,

    Before I go I forgot to post this!!

    From your article @ the begining of this post –

    The Joyce Foundation, in collusion with Obama and other Joyce Foundation Board members, used their corrupt ways to take advantage of unsuspecting people, including law students and money starved universities. This eye-opening article, “Joyce Foundation, Obama, and Heller v. D.C” tells how the Joyce Foundation tried to influence Supreme Court Second Amendment “Right to Bear Arms” cases and, in particular, the “District of Columbia vs Heller” case, and gives us a way of looking at how other democratic organizations operate and how far they go to “persuade,” and control outcomes. The fact that the Joyce Foundation bought and paid law students to do their bidding is criminal. This is another version of “pay-to-play” the Chicago way, and these people are pros.

    I found this –

    Symposium on the Second Amendment: Fresh Looks Location: Illinois, United States
    Conference Registration Deadline: 2000-04-14 (Archive)
    Date Submitted: 2000-02-25
    Announcement ID: 125444

    Symposium on the Second Amendment: Fresh Looks
    Friday, April 28, 2000, 9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m.
    Richard J. Ogilvie Auditorium, Chicago-Kent College of Law, 565 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois

    Major funding provided by the Joyce Foundation.

    This program is free and open to the public. Please register by April 14, 2000 (see below).

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
    —Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

    The federal courts have long accepted a “collective rights” interpretation of the Second Amendment, which holds that citizens have a right to bear arms only within the context of state-regulated militias. Last April, however, in a highly controversial case that may soon reach the Supreme Court, a federal district court declared in United States v. Emerson that the Amendment protects an individual right to possess firearms. Two weeks later, the shootings at Columbine High School returned the issue of gun violence to the center of the nation’s political agenda.

    In this symposium, ten leading historians and constitutional scholars will explore what the Second Amendment meant at the time it was adopted, and what it should mean today. Proceedings of the conference will be published this fall in the Chicago-Kent Law Review.


    From above link –

    3:15-3:45 What, if Anything, Does the Second Amendment Mean
    Michael C. Dorf, Columbia University
    And this –


    Michael C. Dorf*



    Michael C. Dorf


  27. bridcge
    Keeping some type of perspective…..You asked

    Micro-finance has to be a scam..not just on the people they “help” but on those that they get to fund their organizations. Those duped people are who they hide behind. Who can make money on a $100 loan? What they are really up to?”

    well in the underdeveloped countries what do they need? Support of the MASSES……CONTROL
    who again wrote that book ” it takes a village?”
    How better to get contro than by giving conney to women for nothing really…… They are in debt to you…… A friend for life….. And they teach it unto their children that YOU are the ONE that saved them
    it’s like what Acorn essentially did here…….. Give money to the poor. …… And when the time is right they will rise up under YOUR leadership. ….. And VOTE
    let’s all go to the front lawn of the executive of the banks house… Step right up. Bus leaves at 10 am

  28. What have we here

    “Joyce foundation
    Projects: The foundation emphasizes environmental, campaign-reform, and gun control issues, with education and culture programs.”

    gun control= take our guns away
    environmental control= take our money away

    And we have the worker bees setting it up—–
    Carl Bogus. —- setting up the Supreme Court
    His lovely wife Cynthia Giles= controlling
    CorpOration and individuals through EPA

    it’s all about Power in the right places
    “King of the World”
    The EPA to extract money from t

  29. As Dean, Elena Kagan Moved Harvard Away From Requiring Law Students to Study Constitutional Law
    Friday, May 28, 2010 Snips

    Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama’s choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, is best known for moving Harvard Law School away from the 100-year old “case-law method” of legal study.

    But in the process, critics say, she moved the nation’s premier law school away from requiring the study of constitutional law towards the study of the laws of foreign nations and international law. As dean, Kagan won approval from the faculty in 2006 to make major changes to the Harvard Law’s curricula.

    “My understanding is that she instituted three new courses to the required curriculum and, in so doing, got rid of a requirement to take constitutional law,” Robert Alt, senior legal fellow and deputy director of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation, told CNSNews.com…

    Currently, at Harvard, constitutional law is not required for first-year law students, or even for graduation,” Alt added. Indeed, according to Harvard documents, constitutional law is not listed among the law school’s academic requirements, though the catalogue for 2010-2011 does list more than a dozen elective courses dealing with some form of constitutional law. Currently, at Harvard, constitutional law is not required for first-year law students, or even for graduation,” Alt added.


    Harold Koh…I think that is how his name is spelled…the wacky attorney that wants everything to go through the World Court. He was one of Obama’s appointments.

    • It makes me want to barf………sorry

    • As Dean, Elena Kagan Moved Harvard Away From Requiring Law Students to Study Constitutional Law
      Friday, May 28, 2010 Snips

      It is so smart ! Can we all say SSSSSOOOO SMMMARRRT ?
      Like a school for chicken farmers being led to study chicken farms with no chickens.
      They are soooo smarrrt !

      I would roll on the floor laughing if it were not so serious !

      As Dean, Elena Kagan Moved Harvard Away From Requiring Law Students to Study Constitutional Law….
      Lawyers not needed to study our laws…
      Fearing future legal representation and experts ? not the sharpest tools in the shed ?…oh boy !
      Maybe Harvard was not capable of having students with real passing grades with real law to study..

      I have no chickens, but wanna buy some eggs from me ? I have no chickens, never have, but I have a Harvard degree in chickens so I am a Harvard Chicken expert..Pay me money, trust me and I will show you how smart I am. Pay me up front though, in case you become disappointed later in my knowledge of REAL chickens…sorry about no eggs too…not my fault. It is Bush’s fault I have no real eggs..Don’t ya know, everything these days is Bush’s fault..
      Soooo Smart !

  30. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I am sorry to stray from the brilliance that is this thread, but thought I’d share a quote from Gateway Pundit’s blog,

    May 28th, 2010 | 11:33 am | #20
    “This Sestak thing may not have had anything to do with Obama himself but when he went to lunch with Clinton yesterday he inserted himself in the middle of this.

    I would like to know more about Gov. Patterson in NY. Obama wanted him to quit the race in favor of Cuomo. He refused and suddenly there were all these charges against him. Patterson’s wife had said that Obama was throwing the Black Gov. under the bus. Cuomo is now the candidate.

    Then we have Roland Burris who was pressured until he decided not to run for Obama’s old seat. The candidate now is Obama’s friend Gianulous.

    Florida is an interesting case because Meek, the Dem seems to be receiving only tacit support from the White House in favor of the erstwhile Republican Charlie (sic) Christ.

    There is definitely a pattern him. Its up to the Republicans to investigate this.”

    • Rosemary, didn’t they use Blagojevich’s brother as a go-between, too? Just like with Sestak? Talk about a pattern.

      How in the world can the lamestream media sleep at night? How can they BE so lame?

      Blagojevich is going to jail for the exact thing that Rahmbo did with him and now with Sestak.

      Sestak knows what job they offered him but he knew not to tell. He had to wait for them to tell him (through his brother) what the “yeah, that’s the ticket” cover story (read LIE) should be.

      How in the world did they drag Clinton into this? Do they think Obama will benefit from Bill’s “cred”, as if he has any? I don’t believe this lie for a NY minute.

      AND, it doesn’t matter if the job was advising the president, only sitting on some intelligence board (as if we believe that).

      Tell me that not one red cent of taxpayer money pays for anything to do with WH advisors. It’s ludicrous. They spend our money even if they don’t get a salary.

      It’s still offering something in return for a political act. It’s still a crime.

      Now the lamestream media are actually spinning for him by saying that to not enter a race isn’t an “act”. I beg to differ. Not acting because you were bribed is an act, in and of itself. Doing nothing is still an act.

      You know, it all depends upon what the meaning of “act” is. I guess that’s the Clinton connection. Nobody knows how to lie and spin like Clinton.

  31. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Miri- That’s why I posted it here. No individuals are better at connecting dots and discerning patterns than all of you @ WTPOTUS!

    I only wonder why Clinton is falling on his sword for O, unless it’s because he is unimpeachable and certainly can spin, as you duly noted. Let’s see which words are chosen to parse now. I doubt it would be “is”. 😀

    • Rose, From above:

      How in the world did they drag Clinton into this? Do they think Obama will benefit from Bill’s “cred”, as if he has any? I don’t believe this lie for a NY minute.

      Cherry says it’s so Hill can be Prez…shushhh!
      It is supposed to be secret you know…
      Bill is such a sly, silver fox and O gang is maybe now in his noose. Shushhhh ! Rose, we are supposed to busy forgetting all this for the holiday weekend… I wonder how those information water baloons dropped on busy Friday’s keep popping back up… ?? They forgot that people talk alot on picnics huh ? Shame…..

      • Rose, From the other thread.

        dave m // May 29, 2010 at 2:35 pm | Reply

        Is Hillary poised to soon be president?

        Itsa Lame Cherry article, but I like this guy best when he proposes totally alternative interpretations of mindless mainstream media (mmm) stories:

        Mrs. President Hillary Hamrod Clinton

        How stupid do you have to be B. Hussein Obama in sending out Bill Clinton to bribe Joe Sestak?

        This is Hillarious in what the Clinton’s have set up in Hillary got Bill to be humiliated in sending him off to North Korea, but payback is a bitch, because the Clinton’s hung around the White House as “trusted” comrades, just long enough for a felony to occur.

        Rahm Emanuel, two M’s if you adore the lovely Michelle Malkin, in Rahm Emmanuel is busy chattering to David Axelrod, Val-erie Jarrett and B. Hussein Obama. In the meeting, it was decided that Bill Clinton would be the conduit to offer the bribe as Emmanuel learned his lesson in the Blagojevich affair.

        So off goes Bill to perform a Larry Sinclair on Joe Sestak, to which Sestak gets the job offered to him for Sec. of Navy.
        Sestak goes wild in exposing this and on the Memorial Day weekend document drop, the White House tries to cover this all up as a non event.


        Obama meets Bill Clinton and coordinates the response.


        Obama promises FOX that a coordinated response was coming, exactly at the time that Sean Hannity stated it would come to be buried on a holiday weekend.


        Obama swoops down to the Gulf to look hands on, after Obama has a press conference spinning all of this.

        What was an original felony in a bribe violating federal law, now has become a Watergate gushing fountain of felonies as the White House has now engaged in a cover up, tampering with witnesses in Joe Sestak and Bill Clinton, and, the higher crimes of obstruction of justice by Eric Holder and Robert Bauer.

        I can tell you this right now that the person in the catbird seat is Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton literally is now part of a cover up. By keeping silent, he has either extorted the Vice Presidential slot for Hillary in 2012 or literally she will become President, with the caveat that she will pardon the criminal Obama mob if Clinton talks.

        See Clinton can claim, “Well hell, I am just an Arkansas boy and when the White House Attorney in Bauer says Obama can send me off to bribe folks, I got to believe that bright boy Obama knows the legalities as he is a Harvard lawyer”.

        Yes Bill and Hilllary Clinton now hold the hangman’s noose in this scenario and are twirling it like Scarlet does her fan waiting for Obama to be gone with the wind.

        This is exactly Watergate in what took down Richard Nixon. Amusing in this is Patrick Fitzgerald tried to nab an innocent George W. Bush in such a coup, but Bush’s people weren’t crooks.
        Instead, it was Obama not only engaged in the Blagojevich bribes with Emmanuel. Then it was Tim Johnson selling his vote to Obama so Sippy Cup Johnson, (his son) could accept the bribe of US Attorney. Then it was Ass. Chief of Staff Jim Messina offering bribes to Senate candidate Romanoff out west who has named names, declared the what and were, and is another felony on Obama.

        Then this comes to this Joe Sestak who just finished off his entire career and is now a felon, because he just lied in assisting Obama to cover up the felony bribe he was offered.

        There are absolutely no doubts in any of this. Felonies were committed and Bill Clinton knew this was a felony. He can now parlay this into Hillary ending up as Vice President, if not President.
        The Clinton’s are supreme at this, and Bill Clinton in intrigue is not going to have his legacy further ruined for that “bright boy “as Bill refers to Obama.
        The Clintons are already getting something out of this cover up and it is not a hot tub for Hillary’s office.

        Any contact, promise, favor, reward or benefit in any political office is a bribe covered by the US codes. It does not have to be Obama or Emanuel. It can be conduit Clinton. It does not have to be a paid job. It simply is a reward and a spun non paying job is a reward.
        This is a felony crime by Barack Hussein Obama.

        This can and will build to the resignation of Obama, whereby the Clinton team will immediately take the White House.
        Joe Sestak is now a liar, is in a felony cover up and has just ruined his political career.

        Bill Clinton can testify to gain immunity, but the criminals are indeed Barack Hussein Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Bauer and Eric Holder. There is no doubt in any of this.

        What does Aaron Burr Biden know and his conduct in these felony events?

        Just as Hillary Clinton is without doubt positioned in this Obama coup to be President of these United States, all because B. Hussein Obama is the biggest idiot in thinking he could handle the Clintons.

        As Sean Hannity speculated, there is more to this in another shoe to drop. David Axelrod stated there is “no evidence” of the crime, but now we know that there are phone records, staff meeting records and notes which backed all of this Sestak, Johnson and Romanoff impeachable crimes.

        David Axelrod knows exactly what went on here, and his staff knows the complete issue. All of these people need to be put under oath before a Grand Jury.

        This is Obama’s Watergate. No doubts about any of this in any Obama, shape or form.


  32. SEACOR Holdings Inc. is a diversified, multinational company that owns and operates marine and aviation assets primarily servicing the oil and gas, industrial aviation and marine transportation industries.

    SEACOR also owns and operates bulk commodity barges along the U.S. Inland River Waterways, specializes in the purchase, storage, transportation and sale of agricultural and energy commodities, and provides environmental response solutions to governments and industry.

    Corporate Headquarters:
    SEACOR Holdings Inc.
    2200 Eller Drive, P.O. Box 13038, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

    Board of Directors

    Charles Fabrikant is Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer and has been a director of the Company and several of its subsidiaries since its inception in 1989.

    Mr. Fabrikant is a graduate of Columbia University School of Law and Harvard University.

    Mr. Fabrikant is a director of Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc., a contract oil and gas driller, and MC Shipping Inc., a company engaged in transporting liquefied petroleum gas.

    He is also President of Fabrikant International Corporation (“FIC”), a privately owned corporation engaged in marine investments.
    FIC may be deemed an affiliate of the Company.

  33. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Thx, Renee! xoxox

    I adore Lame Cherry’s insightful perspective. He has a unique lens.

    I hope all of the WTPOTUS regulars/contributors/researchers extraordinaire enjoy Memorial Day Weekend. I know that those who post here will not forget the meaning of the holiday!

  34. Now they want to “influence” gun control! Sounds familiar!

    Journalists for hire, ethics be damned: Anti-gun Joyce Foundation grant funds media “studies” pushing gun control

    June 12, 2010 Snips
    by Chad D. Baus

    The three-part series is entitled “Overrun by guns”by Theodore Decker…

    Some background: this special project is made possible by grants from the Joyce Foundation and the David Bohnett Foundation.

    That’s right, in addition to his normal income from The Dispatch, Thomas Decker was paid up to $5000 by none other than the anti-gun rights Joyce Foundation – the same organization that has funded the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence to the tune of $688,200 over the past ten years[1], with millions more going to the Million Mom March Foundation, the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Educational Fund, the Handgun Epidemic Lowering Plan Network, the Council Against Handgun Violence, Legal Community Against Violence, Handgun Free America; the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, the Coalition Against Gun Violence, and the Violence Policy Center.[2]

    It is also the same organization who once counted as a board member none other than the avowed anti-concealed carry President Barack Obama (Obama recently named a member of the Joyce Foundation-funded International Association of Chiefs of Police to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives[3]), and the same organization that counts among its six main Giving Programs the goal of seeking “to drive small gun dealerships out of business by placing the firearms industry completely under consumer product health and safety oversight.”[4]

    When you can’t get the anti-gun news coverage you want for free, buy it

    Apparently not satisfied with the anti-gun rights bias already present in the news media, or perhaps more concerned that the old media’s waning resources will prevent the anti-gun rights bias from being promoted as it has in the past, the Joyce Foundation has set out to buy the “news” it seeks.

    From a John Jay College of Criminal Justice press release, dated May 4, 2010:

    May 4, 2010, New York, NY – The Center on Media, Crime and Justice (CMCJ) at John Jay College has garnered $780,956 in research grants during the first half of 2010. These grants will allow the Center to expand its mission of promoting and developing high-quality criminal justice journalism in the United States.

    Most recently, the Center received a one-year $79,950 grant from the Joyce Foundation for an innovative project aimed at developing in-depth and data-supported journalism on issues related to gun violence in the Midwest.

    In addition to buying the “news” in Columbus, the Joyce Foundation grant money was funneled through the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to fund articles at The Chicago Reporter, Minnesota Public Radio, Chicago Sun-Times, Grand Rapids Press, Chicago News Co-operative, and Chicago Public Radio.[6]

    If it isn’t already clear about how they were hoping these articles would turn out, consider that grant recipients attended a “skills workshop” on November 15, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois, where they were indoctrinated with speeches by spokespersons from Joyce Foundation-funded anti-gun rights organizations including Legal Community Against Gun Violence and the Violence Policy Center.[7]


    • Anti-gun Joyce Foundation grant funds media “studies” pushing gun control
      June 12, 2010 Snips

      Just found that name in the past this am and posted it. Let me find it.

      • Modern CULTure or Just Born This Way ? | Wtpotus Research Blog#comment-23999#comment-23999#comment-23999#comment-23999#comment A Hasty Bunch with James Joyce’s printer Maurice Darantière in Dijon in 1922, he founded the Contact Publishing Company in 1923 using his father-in-law’s money. Lasting until 1929 the Contact Editions brought out books by Bryher (Two Selves), H. D.’s Palimpsest, Mina Loy’s Lunar Baedecker, Ernest Hemingway’s first book Three Stories & Ten Poems (1923), poems by Marsden Hartley, William Carlos Williams (Spring and All, 1923), Emanuel Carnevali’s only book during his lifetime (The Hurried Man), prose by Ford Madox Ford, Gertrude Stein (The Making of Americans, 1925), Mary Butts (Ashe of Rings), John Herrmann (What Happens), Edwin Lanham (Sailors Don’t Care), Robert Coates (The Eater of Darkness), Texas schoolteacher Gertrude Beasley’s My First Thirty Years and Saikaku Ihara’s Quaint Tales of Samurais. McAlmon paid for the publication of The Ladies Almanack by Djuna Barnes.
        One of McAlmon’s most important and best-received works is Village: As It Happened Through a Fifteen Year Period (1924) which presents a bleak portrait of an American town. The book shows his love for Eugene Vidal (Eugene Collins in the book), Gore Vidal’s father, with whom he grew up in Madison, South Dakota, which is documented in Gore Vidal’s mid-90s memoir, Palimpsest.

        *JAMES JOYCE*

    • http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304259304576375961350290734.html?KEYWORDS=guns+mexico
      “The U.S. was the source of at least 70% of 29,284 firearms recovered by authorities in Mexico in 2009 and 2010, according to new U.S. government figures. … The ATF said it traced the guns based on information provided by Mexican authorities. The Mexican government doesn’t submit every firearm it recovers for tracing.[WHY NOT?] … ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson provided the data to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.), who requested the information. It represents the first such analysis to be made public by the agency. … Sen. Feinstein, chairman of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, said in a May letter to Mr. Melson that ‘military-style weapons are arming Mexico’s brutal drug trafficking organizations at an alarming rate. Releasing data on firearms recovered in Mexico that originate in the United States will ensure that the American public and policymakers are aware of the severity of this problem.’

      The figures prompted strong reactions from advocates on both sides of the U.S. gun-control debate.

      Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, said he doubted the ATF figures. He said given the ample resources of drug cartels, traffickers easily import weapons from Russia, China, and Central America, rather than risk trying to smuggle firearms from the U.S. ‘I think all these numbers are phonied up for politics,’ Mr. LaPierre said in an interview. ‘The law enforcement people I talk to tell me this doesn’t make sense.'”

      These are just excerpts. Do read the entire thing. When I read it, I immediately wondered about the accuracy of their numbers and the timing of this release. The NRA doesn’t believe the figures, either. With Diane Feinstein involved, who wouldn’t question the numbers?

      Notice that the Mexican government supplied the weapons that they decided to report, but they don’t report ALL weapons recovered. I’m sure. First they eliminate all the weapons they know came from Russia, China, and other foreign countries. Anybody BUT the USA. So, of course, then the percentage of the number that they did submit to the US for tracing was certain to be higher for US origin and would therefore give Feinstein and her ilk the numbers they wanted. Truth be damned. By any means necessary. What was it Mark Twain said about statistics?

      “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” ALL ARE LIES, but statistics can be the worst kind of DAMNED LIES.

      This is what the Mexican government wants and also what the progressive anti-gun politicians want: to be able to blame the USA and especially our Second Amendment rights for drug cartel violence in Mexico. They’re rigging the figures to make it appear as if what they said before is true, when of course it’s not.

      But even if it WERE true, the solution is to CLOSE the freaking border, enforce the current laws against gun trafficking AND drug trafficking, and let Mexico solve its own criminal problems. We’re not to blame for their drug gangs. Or for the RAMPANT corruption in their government and society, which allows drug violence to fester.

      Their statistic is meaningless because we don’t know, first of all, the TOTAL number of weapons seized by the Mexicans. Only when EVERY gun seized from the cartels is traced and then compared to the number of that total that were traced to the USA, can there be an accurate snapshot of where they get their guns.

      Some interesting links about Mr. Melson:
      http://www.firearmscoalition.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=562:issa-threatens-batfe-head-with-contempt-citation&catid=50:reports In a dispute with Congressman Issa about refusing to answer congressional subpoenas.

      http://www.whorunsgov.com/Profiles/Kenneth_E._Melson He’s “committed, along with the administration, to stop the gun trafficking going south. And we’re going to do whatever we have to do with our resources or with additional resources that we may be getting from Congress and the president to go ahead and stop this gun trafficking.” What I said, by any means necessary.

      http://www.law.gwu.edu/faculty/profile.aspx?id=3241 He used to be a law professor.

  35. John Stanislaus Joyce (4 July 1849 – 29 December 1931) was the father of writer James Joyce, and a well known Dublin man about town. The son of James and Ellen (née O’Connell) Joyce, John Joyce grew up in Cork, where his mother’s family, which claimed kinship to “Liberator” Daniel O’Connell, was quite prominent.

    Following his father’s death in 1866, John Joyce inherited substantial property around Cork, but soon after he moved to Dublin, where he worked for several years as secretary at a distillery company. He was also noted as a fine tenor singer, although he never pursued a musical career. On 5 May 1879, Joyce married Mary “May” Murray. The next year, because of his work supporting Liberal candidates in the General Election of 1880, Joyce was given a post in the Dublin customs house.

    In 1882, his son James was born, the first of ten surviving children. Over the next ten years, Joyce gradually ran through his property. A supporter of Parnell, Joyce was crushed by what he saw as Parnell’s betrayal and death following the revelation of his adultery with Kitty O’Shea. By the time of Parnell’s death in 1891, Joyce had spent most of his inheritance and had been pensioned from his post at the customs house.

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