The Lights are On, but NOBODY is Home! (Open Thread)

Obots, Aren’t You Proud?

Your Multiple Votes Gave US This!


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199 responses to “The Lights are On, but NOBODY is Home! (Open Thread)

  1. More videos here showing attacks on Israeli soldiers along with more information. Along with this fact: “Enough goods have been delivered over the last 18 months to provide every man, woman and child in Gaza with ONE TON of humanitarian aid each.” !!!!

    Israel expected protestors, but found terrorists

    Only after the Israeli troops realized they were under life-threatening attack did they request authorization to use their sidearms in self-defense.

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi debunked claims that Israel was the one bent on violence by pointing out that the other five ships were seized without a shot being fired.

    Why was the Marmara different?

    So, why did a violent confrontation take place only on one of the ships, the Miva Marmara?

    The answer was made clear later in the day when it was revealed that the Marmara was controlled by and carrying most of the activists belonging to the IHH, a violent Turkish organization that supports Islamic terrorism.

    The IHH, it turns out, had co-sponsored and organized the flotilla along with the Free Gaza Movement. This video shows IHH activists and their supporters chanting violent anti-Jewish slogans prior to the flotilla’s launch from Turkey:

    Also, 2 More ships headed out to challenge Israel again.

  2. HUH ???

    The White House may have to negotiate with former President Bill Clinton and a Senate committee to resolve concerns about releasing files from Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s past.

    White House Counsel Bob Bauer says a Clinton aide is reviewing Kagan’s files from her stint in his administration to see whether any of the 160,000-page trove of records should be kept secret.

    In a letter to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Bauer said if Clinton decides there’s material that should be kept confidential, the White House would work with his staff to try to accommodate the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Sessions, the top Judiciary Republican, had expressed doubt that the documents could be produced in time for senators to review them before the panel’s June 28 confirmation hearing date.

  3. Sessions, the top Judiciary Republican, had expressed doubt that the documents could be produced in time for senators to review them before the panel’s June 28 confirmation hearing date.

    Sooo sneaky huh ? The new trend. Vote before you know what you vote for…

  4. Obama is on the warpath again…damn the torpedoes except for the ones that N. Korea shot at a S. Korean ship. Damn BP, and sue them into bankruptcy, and lets get the other oil companies too… raise those taxes! Get those evil oil companies! Send Holder to set up the criminal lawsuits. Today, he sent a film director, James Cameron, to figure out how to plug the hole! (Now that is laughable! Payback to Hollywood!) Now is the time to sell his global warming crap. He says we need clean energy! Damn the Republicans for sitting on the bleachers and not supporting his policies. Damn AZ for daring to protect their borders, and keep up the good work all leftist protesters – they get a hidden salute from the community organizer in chief. Silence and procrastination regarding Israel because the US has no specific policy regarding them. Except their silence and especially his not condemning the set-up by the faux humanitarians, shows his inability to lead and his policy. Continue on pro-Palestinians and if there is an all out war between Middle East countries, so be it. He’ll go to the UN Security Council and see what they want to do. Then he will think about it. Maybe he’ll know what to do 2 months from now. After all, it has been 44 days for the oil spill..and had to get all the facts before he could speak on day 40 perhaps. Such incompetence..Jimmy Carter is levels above him.

    • Bridgette, Did you pick up on FOX today mentioning that another” humanitarian aid ” ship going next is flying an Irish flag ? Remember all the Aussie and Irish names I have continuiously found for 2 years ?
      That was a HUGE red flag for me. Keep ears open on that…Old feud with the Irish and Brits…
      Found the name Wallace-Wallis alot…do not forget this part. I have a strange feeling that this info will make big bits of info connect very soon…Luck of the Irish again..Everything is green and gold remember ? I need a 4 leaf clover about now, or a rainbow, maybe even a pot a gold…

      Parteee ! Riverdance anyone ? !!!!!

      Riverdance-Ewen McGreggor..

      Daisy McGreggor-Soros…

      Parteee ! Riverdance !

  5. CNN Video – Did you get that …CNN!

    Part II–Pres. Obama makes a surprise visit on fan shuttle buses after rained out Memorial Day speech on May 31, 2010. No way he could miss hearing them.

    Obama is speaking on the bus.. Passengers are saying..
    Impeach Obama, impeach.. Impeach Obama!

    When are you going to quit?…

    Obama saying how much he appreciates them. “Thank you guys, God bless you all.”

    Liar, Booo!

  6. Bridgette, Will you please make another one for them ? (thread) It needs attention.

  7. Why was my comment scrubbed????

  8. ooops found it

  9. “Drill baby, drill! ”
    Or, “Shoot Jed, shoot!”
    Money For Nothing Beverly Hillbillies, really cute video.

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