The Magnificent Creation .. Embarakonic Stem Cell

Embarakonic Stem Cell

Was He the Creation of Malignant Minds?

By Bridgette

Those of our readers who aren’t familiar with the investigative work of Don Nicoloff  and his series “The Three Stooges Go to Washington” should supplement their reading with his revealing articles.  His work was exhaustive and enlightening to those of us who have hunted, researched, and exposed the fraud, lies and cover-up about Barack Obama’s background, family, colleges, and all records including his faux Certificate of Live Birth.   We know he isn’t a Natural Born citizen.  How is an Embarakonic cell classified according to our Immigration Service?  How does someone magically appear out of nowhere?    The questions remain; who is he and where is he from?           

Interestingly, in my article  February 21, 2010, “Obama’s Lying Blue Lips,” it stated that John Samson, a former Immigration Officer and currently a private investigator in Colorado,  used his password and logged into the database “Intelligator’ in November, 2009.  He printed a document showing Obama’s immigration record.  It showed a birthdate of  08.01.61. In the area of Ethnic Origin for Obama, it stated “Equatorial Guinea.” Three months earlier, in September, 2008, Don published his report stating “Considering the “Obama” name is Maluku in origin and his physical traits, BHO was likely born in Papua, New Guinea—not Hawaii.”

Don’s work, arguments, and research make more sense to me than any of the other propagandized articles that were authored and published as part of a vast marketing program aimed at the unknowing  public  by the Obama machine.   Those puff articles were ripped apart through research and proven as bogus again and again.  Facts and truth stand up to scrutiny.   There isn’t one thing about Obama that stands up to scrutiny.  Nothing adds up.  To any rational, logical, thinking person, when nothing is added to nothing, it is still comes up, Zero!

Kiddingly, I often say Obama was produced in a petrie dish..and that just might end up being the truth!  That would mean he is an alien, an undocumented worker, illegitimate, a criminal, and indeed a product of his sterile, controlled environment.  That huge scar on his head, also lends itself to questions.  Is there a mechanical part inside his head?  Is that how “they” program him?  What outside forces are pushing Obama’s buttons?

Anyway you write it or say it, he is ineligible to be serving in our White House.   He has no documents.   According to our federal immigration laws, he is a felon, and he has overstayed the visa he never had!  Deport him?  But to where?

Upon stating his final analysis and conclusions about Obama, Don’s final statement summed up his thoughts, “Therefore, all parties who aid and abet in this fraud upon the American people (and the whole world) are equally culpable and should be immediately removed from office and/or positions of power—forever.”

And I say, “Millions of Americans concur.”

The Creation of an Usurper: A Crash Course

March 24, 2010
By Don Nicoloff

In light of the ever-present confusion presiding over dialectical arguments concerning the origins of the current U.S. president and the resultant political coup currently transpiring in Washington, D.C., I offer an abbreviated summary—supported by several years of research.

The following is a condensed version of my genealogical and forensic research on “Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.”

All of my research on “Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.” (BHO) which is contained in my serial articles, “The Three Stooges go to Washington,” posted on my web site, published in The Idaho Observer, and on thousands of independent and alphabet-agency web sites, totally debunks any claims of U.S. citizenship and the fulfillment of constitutional eligibility to campaign/serve as president of the United States.

BHO was likely born of the seed of Michael Rockefeller and DNA extracted from the sarcophagus of Cleopatra, former two-time Queen of Egypt. I discussed the overwhelming evidence that the technologies to create such a creature existed in Austria as far back as 1926 and was accomplished, at least, by 1952.  Rockefeller’s faked disappearance in 1961, the alleged year that BHO was ‘born’, itself, a sequence of implausible events and cover ups, was designed to prevent anyone from ever learning the truth about available technologies and how those technologies were being used.

The Nazis, the Soviets and others, on behalf of the Illuminati, worked together to accomplish their goal: the creation of a New World Order, founded on a hybrid personality programmed to do their bidding.  Parts 7A and 7B of the above articles specifically reveal this aspect of BHO’s ‘family’, faked photographs and video productions, and the trail to how BHO was created.  My conclusions are born out of the previously undisclosed facts about Rockefeller’s ‘disappearance’ and the ever-present involvement of the Rockefeller-created “Dunham” clan—all Rockefeller agents.

Malignant Flagrant Embarackyoyos

The following are my deductions and conclusions, both before and after my research:

• BHO was not born in Hawaii. The ‘documentation’, ‘photos’, and biographies presented for public consumption have all been fabricated.

• BHO was not born anywhere in the continental U.S.

• BHO was not born in Kenya. The ‘documentation’, ‘photos’, and biographies have all been fabricated and do not hold up to scrutiny, nor to logical or methodical forensic examination.

• BHO was not born to an American mother and a Kenyan father.  “Stanley Ann Dunham” was not an American and “Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.” did not attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa, nor Harvard University.

• The “Dunham’s,” alleged ancestors of BHO were not born in Kansas or anywhere else on American soil. The “Dunham” name was borrowed from the husband of (Emma Bernice (Bishop) Dunham, a Hawaiin relative and royal-family heiress who married an American ship captain, John Dunham, who had dealings in the Port of Chicago.   Bernice’s uncle, Charles Reed Bishop founded the Bank of Hawaii and trained Madelyn Dunham (aka Magdalena Maduna) in the intricacies of escrow accounting and mortgage lending.  Charles Reed Bishop was likely a Rockefeller agent.

• BHO’s alleged “Dunham” ancestors were Soviet agents (spies) working with the CIA/Mossad and were brought into the U.S. via a phony “rescue of WWII refugees from a fictitious Italian concentration camp” and taken to Fremantle, Australia by passenger ship.  Their surnames were “Maduna” and were also aliases. Their numbers on the ship’s passenger list were “0436, 0437, and 0438.”   The list was found by researching the serial number, “YA-438,” (i.e., Yugoslavia-438″) found on one of three pornographic photos of “Stanley Ann Dunham” (aka “Sofiya Maduna”). “Stanley Armour Dunham'” (aka “Mr. Al from Chicago and Lebanon”) was listed as “Friderick Maduna.”

• Fremantle is located on the Indonesian side of Australia, which gave the Dunhams the opportunity to set up future operations in Papua, New Guinea (the future location of Michael Rockefeller).

Michael Rockefeller’s ‘disappearance’ and subsequent ‘rescue operation’ in late-November, 1961 was a staged media event, as analyzed in the above-mentioned article. Subsequent media productions and biographical accounts in books, magazines, TV shows and movies still dispute each other’s accounts, further adding to the fraudulent ruse orchestrated by Michael’s father, former NY governor and Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller.

• BHO was not ‘adopted’ by a “Lolo Soetoro” nor anyone else.  The “Soetoro family photo”—the only one—was also faked.

BHO’s appearance permitted him to pass as a Moluccan (from Maluku), and he would have been raised as such.

• Claims that the “Soetoro” family existed and lived in Jakarta are false (i.e. the Hawaii/Kenya dialectical argument).

• BHO likely spent his early years on the island of Bali, Indonesia. (Recall the Bali nightclub bombing, 2004.)

BHO’s actual birth records are hidden in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. The 2004 Indonesian tsunami was an artificial event orchestrated to blackmail officials into complying with his request to hide his birth records. The earthquake that spawned the tsunami killed 146,000 occurred one day after a child sacrifice that occurred in Maryland on December 25, 2004, the 110th anniversary of the death of  “Charles Rolla Payne,” (another alias for a Rockefeller agent) and “Madelyn Dunham’s” alleged father and BHO’s alleged great-grandfather.   The infant sacrificed, “Renee L. Abena Obama,” was BHO’s and lived 56 days.   All of the numerology of these events symbolizes the number “11,” an Illuminati magical number symbolizing “the end of all things.”

• BHO’s claims to have been ‘schooled’ in Jakarta are false. Documents and photos are all fabricated, and no one recalls ever seeing or meeting him or anyone else in the “Soetoro” clan.

• BHO’s claims to have been ‘schooled’ at The Punahou School, Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard University Law School are also false.  No one recalls him having been at any of those schools, and any ‘records’ that may exist will have been fabricated.

• BHO’s biographical claims, whether authored by him or William Ayers, have been substantially disputed and debunked in the serial articles, “The Three Stooges go to Washington, Parts 3-7B.”

• The name, “Barack Hussein Obama” is a word puzzle. “Obama” is derived from two Moluccan words, “O,” which is a vocative, and “Bama,” which means, “when.”  “Obama” means “O, when?” The first time this name was employed was in conjunction with the creation of this artificial, pseudo-biological being.

The name “Barack,” also a ‘new name’ on the planet, is a conjunction of two names: “Barry Rockefeller,” i.e. “Bar(ry)” + “Rock(efeller)” = “Barack.”

• The two names say, “Barry Rockefeller, O, when?”

Summarily, any official requests for BHO’s legitimate birth or school records have been met with denials, obfuscation, and political/ media ‘spin’ and/or condemnation.   Official bureaucratic agencies and educational institutions cannot produce what does not exist. Therefore, all parties who aid and abet in this fraud upon the American people (and the whole world) are equally culpable and should be immediately removed from office and/or positions of power—forever.

Any more questions?

© 2010 by Don Nicoloff / Direct Light Productions

Additional Reading:

Obama’s Lying Blue Lips

31 responses to “The Magnificent Creation .. Embarakonic Stem Cell

  1. O K. ….. So where does one go from here???!!!

  2. Bridge. Renee
    We now really do know the answer to our questions of what really is going on…….. We are all caught in a spider web created by the one world obots. We could throw a shoe at him , but he would take down all of our institutions with him…..
    This is what they all know…… GB included…..”hold on.. This is going to be a rough ride”
    This last bit really mades it very clear……
    We are being threatened with a complete collapse.
    All the pieces are in place
    only question left….. Is this CHECK. or
    ………..Check mate………????

  3. Ooops
    two questions left:
    Where is MAD???
    Where is SAD???

    Maybe we should just shadow Maya for awhile to find out the answers!!

    • It is assumed that MAD’s remains were tossed into the Pacific and eaten by fish. SAD supposedly died from cancer, but no hospital records have been found. Her sweet son hasn’t let anyone know where he dumped or tossed her. I think she survived and now has a new ID because she married another fake foreigner. Auntie Z is being paid off for her silence by allowing her to stay in the US and live off us taxpayers in public housing. How she got into public housing is the question…I do believe it is fraud as US citizens are eligible, not deportable illegal aliens. Someone signed all the bogus papers for her..who? No social security number…call the “relatives,” they know how to get those. There was one good investigative reporter that found her..where is he/she? What stopped them from getting further info? Maya is enjoying all the pomp and circumstance by living in D.C…there are perks for collusion. Maya probably only knows her part in this drama. I wonder how much cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf, really knows too. Then there is Uncle Charlie that Michelle didn’t acknowledge in France, yet she sat next to him at the ceremony. Was he a paid prop?

  4. humm..remember that huge hunk of money that just popped up in Somalia ?
    SAD=Frederick Maduna, MAD= Magdalena Maduna and Stanley Ann=Sophia Maduna…
    humm…Somalia huh ?

    LOL ! A city inSomalia is Maduna…

      • A massive Sh164 billion in hard currency has found its way into the Kenyan economy — and the government is unable to explain its source.

        The $2.1 billion inflow has left government statisticians and donors scratching their heads for answers, fuelling concerns that Kenya may be turning into a money laundering destination by Somali pirates.

        The large foreign currency injections are captured in the latest balance of payments statistics published by the Central Bank of Kenya.

        Ransom money

        It is all happening against a backdrop of intense speculation that millions of dollars in ransom money paid to Somalia-based pirates end up in Kenya. Profits from smuggling and other suspect foreign funds in the economy of the lawless state may be another source of the money.

        In addition, the large Somali Diaspora around the world could be remitting the money, which ends up in the property sectors of Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. In January this year, the matter prompted the Office of the President to order investigations into trends in property purchases in Nairobi.

        On paper, the massive figure is reflected in the books of the government as ‘errors and omissions’ on the capital and financial accounts. But in reality, this huge figure is the total of the large foreign currency inflows, whose sources the Central Bank of Kenya cannot explain.

      • From link above;

        Penuell Maduna throws in the towel
        October 12 2003

        Penuell Maduna, the embattled minister of justice, says that he will not be available to serve as a minister in President Thabo Mbeki’s cabinet after next year’s elections.

        Maduna’s statement, made during an exclusive interview, follows a series of allegations against him that range from spying for the apartheid regime to nepotism and corruption in his department.

        Maduna acknowledged that the African National Congress had been torn apart by allegations that Bulelani Ngcuka, the national director of public prosecutions, had been an apartheid spy.

        Maduna’s extraordinary pledge could make him the first victim of the escalating political row sparked by the Scorpions’ investigation into whether Deputy President Jacob Zuma solicited a R500 000 bribe from a French arms company bidding in the multibillion-rand arms deal.

        The row reached new heights when ANC veteran Mac Maharaj supported claims that Ngcuka, the Scorpions’ chief, was an apartheid spy.

        ‘They can’t take it any longer’ This week a judicial commission, appointed by Mbeki and headed by Judge Joos Hefer, extended its mandate to include an investigation of Maduna as the minister with line responsibility for Ngcuka’s national prosecuting authority.

        In an interview held at a Cape Town hotel, Maduna told of his anguish and frustration following accusations from mining magnate Brett Kebble that he had abused his office as the minister responsible for the national director of public prosecutions; claims by a senior official in his department that he was guilty of nepotism and corruption in the liquidation section; and continuing charges by Patricia de Lille, the leader of the Independent Democrats, that he was on a list of ANC apartheid spies.

        Maduna, clearly at the end of his tether with the barrage of allegations made against him in recent weeks, said he had promised his family that he would quit his high-profile position.

        “I told the president my family is saying I should resign because they cannot take it any longer,” Maduna said.

        “Just this morning one of my brothers-in-law, Sandile Mshengu, phoned me and said all my in-laws would be very happy if this noise stopped. I repeated the promise to him.”

    • OK, I need at least one laugh at the pictures of O in the petri dish or swimming around as a cell! Even knowing you smiled will work!

      • Ya know B, when I look at that picture I do laugh as you have been saying those words for 2 years. Born in a Petri you always say !

    • Link now says “forbidden” – what was on the all africa link?

      • Bridge
        BuaNews (Tshwane)
        South Africa: Maduna to Visit Xaba Family in KZN
        Edwin Tshivhidzo And Wisane Mavasa29 January 2003

        Pretoria — Justice and constitutional development minister Penuell Maduna is today expected to visit the Xaba family who lost seven of their members during an attack by unknown gunmen in Kwamaye, Bergville in KwaZulu-Natal last week.

        Minister Maduna, accompanied by senior officials from his department and law enforcement officials, is expected to address the local communities on crime related issues.

    • I can still pull it up B. It is paid subscription for the whole story but here is part.

      Maduna to Visit Xaba Family in KZN
      Edwin Tshivhidzo And Wisane Mavasa
      29 January 2003

      Pretoria — Justice and constitutional development minister Penuell Maduna is today expected to visit the Xaba family who lost seven of their members during an attack by unknown gunmen in Kwamaye, Bergville in KwaZulu-Natal last week.

      Minister Maduna, accompanied by senior officials from his department and law enforcement officials, is expected to address the local communities on crime related issues.

  5. Magdelina Maduna=Madelyn Payne Dunham ?
    Search of Elina Ford gets alot of people named Warren…

  6. Maduna forgotten..
    Viktoria Maduna.With the other 3 on the ship.
    Ana-Anne also ?

  7. Ridge
    Is leza gone for good or is she still lurking?

  8. I wonder if this information matches Debbie S’s information. Wasn’t she the first to get a copy of the fake form in Chicago. Now people are finally looking into it. I wonder if these investigators are the same people.

    U.S. Selective Service in Obama cover-up?
    Mysterious Social Security Number now wreaks havoc in online search

    May 23, 2010 Snips

    Is the U.S. Selective Service System now blocking access to President Barack Obama’s online registration records? Members of the public searching the federal database for the commander in chief’s registration are suddenly finding new difficulty, possibly due to the startling revelation of Obama’s alleged use of a Connecticut-based Social Security Number.

    On May 5, WND entered the criteria for President Obama, using his date of birth as Aug. 4, 1961, and his Social Security Number, which begins with the Connecticut-issued prefix of 042. The Selective Service database instantly issued a “matched record” without a problem that day, indicating Obama’s Selective Service Number is 61-1125539-1. It lists date of registration as Sept. 4, 1980.

    Selective Service Record Search Results
    Search Criteria
    Last Name: Obama
    Social Security Number ***-**-XXXX
    Date of Birth 08/04/1961

    Matched Record
    Selective service Number 61-1125539-1
    Date of Registration 9/4/1980

    However, when WND re-entered the same information on May 20, the database did not provide the matched record, but instead posted a message, stating, “Error. Sorry, your request cannot be processed at this time because you have exceeded the daily limit for the verification of these credentials.” WND asked Selective Service what was causing the sudden problem in retrieving records. Amon said it’s likely because many people across the nation are now searching for Obama’s records.

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