Obama On Trial in Harlem, New York

The Verdict Is In!

Obama and Columbia University are GUILTY of ALL Charges !!

“Greatest Trial in American History”

Dr. James David Manning

Dr. James David Manning, The Atlah World Missionary Church, calls this the “Trial of the Century” and the “Greatest Trial in American History.” He says the proceedings are not a mock trial and are permitted under the U.S. Constitution.

In Devvy Kidd’s article, “Obama’s lies, fraud: Can Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald Open an Investigation?” she said, “The trial, which will include legal scholars and retired court officers, will examine several issues, including Obama’s birth place, his citizenship status, his academic credentials and alleged ties to the Central Intelligence Agency as a student.

Dr. Manning coined the term, The Long-legged Mack Daddy” to represent Obama.   Rev. Manning has intestinal fortitude in the face of adversity!  He stands on honor and principles,  and we should thank him for remaining steadfast in his beliefs and for having the courage to face the Obama machine.   This is one heck of a man with courage and convictions to spare. Obama’s Marxist agenda and Obama himself, can not prevail!  Let the trial begin,  and may they find Obama Guilty!  

The mainstream media is not covering this trial, and very little information is being reported. Conservative Monster is attending the trial and is blogging information  and writing the updates and his take on the trial.

Let’s help get the information out through emails, and whatever other ways are possible. I thought World Net Daily was covering this trial, but I haven’t seen any articles as of today.

The initial information will be presented and then  updates will be added in the comment section.  We appreciate the efforts of Conservative Monster for keeping us informed.  Please post any additional information that you might find.

Some of Dr. Manning’s Quotes

1. Obama is a criminal and we will prove that in this court room

2. Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and John McCain helped Obama win the election. Manning stated that a witness will testify that John McCain “took a dive” in the 2008 election.

3. The courts have failed and they are complicit, along with the media to cover up Obama’s alleged ineligibility.

4. Manning quoted a speech that he made at a Tea Party in June/July 2009 where he stated “We need to pursue Obama on his ineligibility, non natural born status rather than his policies, because health care will pass no matter how much you try to protest it.

5. God told me that “Our shoes are our weapons”. Meaning that we need to march and protest to show them that we will not be silenced.

Obama Trial - Atlah Church Sign in Harlem, NY

Day One, Friday, May 14, consisted of a protest march around Columbia. Later on, the indictments were read. The indictments were handed down via a grand jury and the subpoenas were refused by Columbia University and the Obama administration according to the testimony.

The Indictment Alleges:

1. Columbia University and Obama conspired to defraud and commit wire fraud and mail fraud

2. Columbia University knowingly concealed the fact that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen

3. Columbia University aided in obstructing justice

4. Obama fraudulently obtained office of the POTUS gaining access to sensitive materials, posing a danger to national security.

5. The prosecution dropped the charges of treason and espionage to avoid complications with a death sentence.

CIA - Trial for Obama  - Logo

Summary of Day Two of the Obama Columbia Trial

– Day Two of the Columbia trial started off with an alternate judge presiding over the case. Jan Johnson is one of Pastor Manning’s loyal church followers and she is also aspiring to run for Governor of New York. Judge Unger is reportedly returning for Sunday’s hearing.

– Judge Johnson then instructed the jury not to discuss the case outside of the court room and that they should remain to keep an open mind not to make a decision or final determination as far as a verdict.

– Pastor Manning then stated that George Washington never had the powers that Barack Hussein Obama has. Manning then mentioned that Obama has an ability to manipulate the media and people unlike any other politician today. This has given Obama even more power.

– Manning then suspiciously states that he would not be surprised if Obama sent a plant to infiltrate the jury, to undermine this trial.

12 Noon – The Bailiff swears in the jury and alternate jurors. Then, Manning plays a video of Lt. Col Lakin on you Tube explaining why he disobeyed his orders to go to Afghanistan. manning and the judge note that the video is for information purposes only and that it will not be submitted as evidence.

The FIRST WITNESS States that BO’s selective service card was created 6 weeks before it was requested.

Linda Bentley, the 1st witness is sworn in. Bentley is an investigative reporter from Arizona and she was a very impressing and convincing witness with her testimony on Obama’s selective service card. Bentely, also a former private investigator went into great detail how Steve Hoffman (an immigration agent) obtained Obama’s selective service records. Hoffman filed a request for Obama’s selective service records after he saw an interview with George Stephanopolous back in September 2008.

Obama stated during the interview that “he filed for selective service after he graduated from high school”. Bentley then noted that Obama graduated in 1979 and at that time there was no requirement to file a selective service card since President Ford ended that requirement back in 1975.

Bentley then stated that Hoffman noted that the filing date on Obama’s selective service card was just 6 weeks prior to when he obtained the requested information. The date filing date on the card was just two days after the Stephanopolous interview. There were many dates mentioned, but this is what your reporter is stating that he heard.

There was also an issue with the stamp on the document since there was only a two digit number year (80), rather than a four digit number (1980). Bentley questioned whether the number was made two digits to give the appearance that it was filed in 80, rather than 08 (1980 rather than 2008).

Social Security Numbers

Bentley then testified that Orly Taitz hired two investigators and they determined that Obama reportedly had over 30 different Social Security numbers that came up in the computer when his name was entered. Bentley then alleged that the number Obama is currently using is from a man that was born in 1890 in Connecticut. She then noted that Obama never lived in Connecticut and that the first three digits of the SS# came back to that state, rather than Hawaii.

Bentley also mentioned that if you ran Obama’s SS# in the computer, the results came up as Barack Obama, but the number did not belong to him.

Pastor Manning then called one of his elders, Jeff Smith to take the stand due to the fact that he is a Postal Worker the past 25 years. Manning then asked him about the controversy over the two digit and four digit years. Smith testified that the Post Office always uses four digits when they stamp documents and that he was unsure how Obama’s selective service card had only a two digit year stamped on it. The plot thickens….

Dr Ron Polland Video – Fraud in the USA

Manning then played a video of Dr. Ron Polland for the court where he showed in depth how the media targeted John McCain’s possible ineligibility issues due to the fact that he was born in Panama. In many instances, the video showed how the media was biased against McCain and for Obama.

It was also interesting to see that the attacks against anyone that questioned Obama’s ineligibility were brutal, but no attacks or name calling was used against anyone that questioned McCain’s possible ineligibility. The video also claimed that Factcheck.org was allegedly the instigator that started the name calling, and this is unusual since they are supposed to be non-biased.

Manning then submitted into evidence a notarized letter from Dr. Polland stating that his videos were true and that he owned them.

Cody Robert Judy
Cody Robert Judy was the final witness of the day. He was a candidate from the 2008 election that ran as a Conservative. He filed a lawsuit against John McCain and the RNC, because he questioned whether McCain was eligible to be president since he was born in Panama. His case was dismissed by the judge after McCain lost the election. Judy also stated that there was an attempt to change the requirement for Presidents to be natural born back in 2000 when McCain was running for POTUS. This did raise some suspicions.

It was also stated that: Obama’s certificate of live birth was printed by a laser printer, but then stated that there were no laser printers back in 1961.

The serial number was blacked out on the document as to hide the date that it was actually filed.

Manning also stated that the COLB was altered and it states on the document that “any altering will make this document invalid.”

Pastor Manning said that there was some more disturbances last night in front of the Atlah church by people in the community that are upset about the trial. There were police barriers in front of the church this morning, but there were no protesters.

Now a recap of the trial from Sunday May 16, 2010:

The media is suppressing the news, just like in the USSR (Fox News included). The news media has all of their credibility invested in this cover up and they are desperate to make this eligibility issue go away. Would the media cut Palin or Bush the same break that they are cutting Barry?

– Pastor Manning stated that he has documentation that he will submit into evidence from a former CIA agent that was also a KGB spy. He did not explain further, so we will have to see what that is about tomorrow (Monday).

– Also, Wayne Allan Root, a former student from Columbia University will testify via Skype video on Monday.

– Pastor Manning played his interview with Dr. John Drew, a former friend of Obama from Occidental College.

The Manning March Around Columbia University on Friday, Mar. 14.


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  1. bridgetteb // May 14, 2010 at 8:52 pm (transferred from another thread)

    Manning’s website said information would be available on Twitter..didn’t see a word. Also he said that World Net Daily would be there. I haven’t checked WND tonight. Found this below..limited info.

    Latest on Reverend Manning and “trial”

    Video of a confrontation between the church’s pro-Obama neighbors and the assembled birthers.

    3:45 pm Manning brought up the Illuminati. Also: Howard Dean, the Clintons. Also: McCain lost the election on purpose, to allow Obama to “waltz into the White House.” (Man next to me, softly: “Oh my god.”) Manning: “We’re not talking about whether or not Obama stole a car!”

    3:30 pm One juror wants to know why we’re not going to prosecute Obama for treason and sedition. Manning: “To prove treason would not be the most difficult thing in this trial” but he is convinced that the American people will uphold the results of this trial, and they will demand Obama’s imprisonment. If he’s convicted of treason, the American people will demand his death. ”

    65 people registered to be jurors. At the end of the day, there were 13 people sitting on the jury.


    Day 3
    In this interview Dr. John Drew stated:

    1. Dr. Drew was the founder of the Marxist Organization at Occidental College.

    2. Obama was a radical Marxist revolutionary that constantly preached about redistribution of wealth and transformation of the political system.

    3. Obama had no black friends, they were only white and foreigners (Middle Eastern)

    4. Obama wanted to overthrow the wealthy

    5. Obama had no girlfriends and that he was not a hard working student that hit the books hard. He liked to party more than study.

    6. Islam and Marxism fit together perfectly and that is why leftists and the Muslim students mixed very well.

    7. Obama was always dressed very nice, had designer clothes and drove in a BMW. Obama’s friend Mohammed Chandoo from Pakistan seemed to be rolling in cash and Obama was not struggling at all. They spent their money on partying, pot and hotel rooms.

    Pastor Manning then stated that Dr. Drew was a tremendous find, because of his close association with Obama and his radical views from his college days. Dr. Drew mentioned to Manning that he “tried to get the word out about Obama’s radical views prior to the election, but nobody would listen to him.”

    Witness Anthony Jones:

    – Anthony Jones is an attorney and a member of Pastor Manning congregation. Jones is a former Democrat that got his law degree from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee and a degree from Union Seminary school as well. He also attended Columbia University and Manning questioned him whether anyone at CU knew of Obama or went to class with him. Of course the answer was “no”.

    – Manning then mentioned that countless CU students have come to Atlah for research on Pastor Manning, Harlem and the church for their PHD thesis. Jones agreed that “he had witnessed many students come to Atlah to make appointments for research purposes”.

    – Manning then asked Jones if he had any knowledge of Obama meeting any of the community leaders or pastors in the CU area or in the Harlem area. Jones answered, “no, not that he ever heard of”. James Cone and Cornel West were also influential during the 1981-1983 era that Obama allegedly went to CU and again, there is no evidence that they assisted Obama in any research of thesis.

    – There is no evidence that Obama frequented the Harlem area and he barely made any mention of this in any of his writings as well. Manning stated that Obama did mention one particular church in Harlem, but only that he sat in the back row once to listen to the choir music. Central Park was mentioned also, but nothing about Harlem.

    Manning also stated that there was a liberation book store that was very popular at that time and again, Obama never mentioned it and there is no proof that he ever went to that book store like most CU students do.

    Manning then asked Jones if the CIA ever recruits from college universities and Jones stated, “yes”. Then Afghanistan and the war with Russia was discussed briefly and then the witness testimony ended. Jones was another intelligent and credible witness that Manning put on the stand.

    I am a retired cop and I must say that I am impressed by Pastor Manning’s method of questioning and presentation. He is doing an amazing job. I also want to add that his congregation is made up of the most well mannered people that I have ever met. They are surrounded by God and that speaks volumes for their Pastor, James David Manning.

    It is an honor that I am sitting in this court and exclusively reporting on this trial.

    Testimony was also taken regarding Obama’s days at Columbia University–or I should say his absence from Columbia University where he was supposed to be a student.

    Dr. Manning also announced that he will introduce into the evidence testimony from a former CIA agent who served simultaneously as a KGB spy. That information will be presented on Monday

    -Conservative Monster

  2. We the People Witness Poster
    (Photos of people at the site)

    Lee C. Bollinger
    Marcus Brauchli, Executive Editor
    Richard C. Gilman, (President of Occidental College 1965-88)
    Condoleezza Rice
    Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski
    George Stephanopoulos
    Gov. Rod Blagojevich
    Phil Oboerner, Obama Roommate
    Michael I. Sovern (Chancellow Kent professor of Law; Pres. Emeritus of the University)
    Marty Ryan (Exec. Producer, Fox News Political Programs)
    Wayne Allyn Root
    Douglas A. Chalmers
    Andrew Nathan
    James W. Morely
    Richard Pious
    Flora S. Davidson
    Sohale Siddiqi
    Brian Conerly
    Louis Farrakhan
    James Cone
    Jesse Jackson
    Cornel West


  3. None of this is true. Obama was born in Hawaii, as his official birth certificate shows. He never became a citizen of another country. He attended Columbia and graduated from it, and there are plenty of people who remember him at Columbia.

    For more information see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama_citizenship_conspiracy_theories

    • Ellen,

      Thanks for your input. But I do believe you need to do more reading. I don’t believe that Wiki is a reliable source for information about Obama. If you notice, there is no negative information allowed there. It is edited by Obots. Others who have tried to add contrary information have their information deleted.

      “official birth certificate?” If that was shown there wouldn’t be a court martial against Lt. Col. Lakin. The official one hasn’t been seen.

      Please read articles on our blog pertaining to Natural Born Citizen. If you have proof of your statements regarding Columbia, do let us know. “Plenty of people?” Dr. Manning is right there holding the trial and would like their names.

      • A video of Bill Hemmer, 2008, Fox News, was played at the trial today. Four Hundred (400) people were interviewed at Columbia and no one ever heard of Obama.

        • Hey, Bridgette: You have brought out the obots again. Weren’t the infamous ANNs from the same general area, spouting the same boilerplate, cut-and-paste bull?

          Smrstrauss, too? The hubby.

          Ellen, please do read and educate yourself.

  4. Obama eligibility ‘trial’ set to launch
    Academics, citizenship to be investigated
    May 12, 2010


  5. Dr. Manning: We have proof of Obama’s ineligibility
    April 27, 2010


    Dr. James David Manning
    Update on Columbia Trial
    May 13, 2010


  6. Obama’s lies, fraud: Can Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald open an investigation?
    By: Devvy
    May 14, 2010


  7. Wayne Allyn Root: Why I decided NOT to Testify at the “Obama Trial”
    May 17th, 2010 · 13 Comments
    By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

    I am a patriot. I love my country with all my heart. I am not a fan of President Obama. I have legitimate concerns about his agenda, as all Americans should. I also have legitimate questions about his past, because studying where he came from might shed light on where he’ll be taking America in the future. We all have a right…even an obligation…to question, debate and investigate the man who has his finger on the nuclear button, who controls the U.S. economy, and in many cases the fate of the free world in his hands. When Pastor Manning called to make a personal plea for me to testify at a mock “Obama Trial” to find the truth about President Obama, after much thought (3 months worth) I agreed to testify if it would help to shed some light on President Obama’s past (and therefore the decisions he might make in the future). I felt that simply telling the truth about what I know could be helpful to this country.

    But I explained to Pastor Manning the circumstances of any testimony I would provide: I am NOT a “birther.” I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. I actually think that wild conspiracy theories detract and discredit any serious attempt to ask legitimate questions about the background of our President. I explained that I do NOT believe there is any cover-up by Columbia University administration. I explained that I am a supporter of my alma mater and proud to be a graduate of one of the great Ivy League education institutions in America.

    All I can testify to is that I was a member of the Class of ’83- just like Obama. And that I was Pre Law and a political science major- just like Obama. It was a small class- about 700 students. Political science majors would be an even smaller group. Therefore it struck me…and many others…as strange that I never met Obama at college, never saw him, never even heard of him in my time at Columbia. And that more importantly, I don’t know any classmate to this day who ever met or heard of a classmate named Barack Obama or Barry Obama or Barry Sotero.

    Even stranger still, the Wall Street Journal reported in its editorial pages back in 2008 that Fox News called 400 of my classmates and they could not find one student who had ever met Obama at Columbia. Adding to the mystery is the fact that President Obama has sealed all of his college records at Occidental and Columbia. All of this should be troubling to every American, no matter what your political beliefs.

    I told Pastor Manning however that none of this is factual proof that Obama did not attend Columbia. Nor do I believe my university would ever participate in a cover-up. I have simply been asked by many in the media for several years now if I knew my famous classmate and I’ve always answered honestly. I’ve always stated publicly that my assumption is that he went to Columbia, but probably rarely (or never) attended classes. Perhaps he was too busy pursuing a radical political agenda. Perhaps he was too busy hanging out with his radical friends plotting the destruction of capitalism or the overthrow of America. I assume he spent most of his time at Columbia off campus and took what is often called at Ivy League colleges a “Gentleman’s C” for simply showing up for final exams. I thought perhaps that my testimony would help to fill in the blanks and create a clearer picture of the man sitting in the White House.

    Unfortunately I had a chance today for the first time to read about the highlights of the first day of the “Obama trial.” I found myself uncomfortable being involved or associated in any way with the wild charges, claims and conspiracy theories that have been publicly aired by this mock trial. I believe these wild charges and claims actually damage any future legitimate opportunity to question President Obama’s background. This forum has an agenda and I have come to the conclusion it is not my agenda. I called Pastor Manning personally this morning to explain why I’ve decided not to participate. He understood completely. We wished each other well.

    I believe any association with this trial would discredit the opportunity to have a fair, open and balanced discussion or debate in the future. I want to be part of any such future opportunity. I have much to say about President Obama, and many questions about his past and present actions, but I’m more comfortable airing them in a mainstream media forum. More importantly, I’d rather spend my time discussing, debating and questioning Mr. Obama’s current policies that I believe are toxic to America, the U.S. economy and capitalism, than spending my time debating his past.

    I’d rather spend my valuable time in the media on educating voters about the dramatic expansion of government under Obama; the nonstop violations of the Constitution; the deadly expansion of deficit and national debt; the political payoffs disguised as stimulus and bailouts; the lack of transparency of this administration; Obama’s pro union agenda at all costs- no matter what damage is done to the economy. All of these are far more important to America’s future than Obama’s past. We cannot change the past, but we can change the future direction of this country away from Obama’s dangerous agenda- if we are not distracted by wild claims and conspiracy theories.

    I intend to be Obama’s biggest critic on a national stage for years to come. Being associated with the extreme agenda and wild charges of a mock “Obama trial” can only detract from my goals. I do want however to make it clear that all of us have a right, duty and obligation to question our President, as well as all politicians on their past. The moment a politician decides to run for office they have given up a right to “seal records.” They are now a public figure, and the voting public has every right to question and investigate anything and everything that shines light on who will be representing the American people.
    Wayne Allyn Root


  8. Here’s a link I found at CW:


    This is off topic, but it was written by the politician that I talked about here before. Federer is one of the first Republicans that I know of who saw his campaign destroyed by Democrat dirty tricks and a complicit lamestream media. He’s the one who was marching in a parade when a minion of his opponent, Dick Gephardt, got in his face with a camera, then took a pratfall, and then pressed charges against Federer. Ever biased, the lamestream media made out as if Federer had assaulted the man. In the end, nothing came of it, but the relentless negative media stories caused Federer to lose the election. He was the first person to actually have a chance against Gephardt. They’ve done similar dirty tricks in Chicago (illegally accessing Ryan’s divorce papers) and Florida (trashing Rubio), because it works.

    The media also falsely accused Federer of being a Nazi because some website was selling Federer’s AMERICAN HISTORY book but also “white supremist” books. By that standard, Bill Clinton and Obama are Nazis because Amazon sells their books as well as “white supremist” books.

  9. From the Left…Salon appears to be covering the story. If “covering” the story means making snide remarks, ridiculing and giving no information.. by Alex Pareene.

    Barack Obama will surely be pleased to know that the Rev. Dr. James David Manning does not plan to personally execute him at the conclusion of the trial he’s holding in his Harlem church. Make no mistake — Reverend Manning does think the president should be “hanged from his toes,” but he is sure that the American people will recognize the legitimacy of the verdict and demand that a punishment be enacted, and he recognizes that some may be uncomfortable with the idea of executing an American president.



  10. Harlem’s Pastor Manning Puts President Obama On Trial
    by Madeline Brooks
    May 18, 2010

    Black on black criticism! That should get past the bogus charges of racism leveled at Obama’s many critics.

    Pastor James David Manning is the black pastor of Atlah Ministries in New York City’s Harlem, a predominantly Afro-American neighborhood. He has become a controversial figure with his outspoken YouTube videos debunking Obama as the “Long Legged Mack Daddy,” black street talk for a pimp.

    But that is just the beginning. Pastor Manning has serious criticisms of Obama’s integrity and policies, enough to stage a citizen’s trial of him.

    From April 14 – April 19, Pastor Manning will be staging a trial, complete with witnesses and a jury. At issue will be Obama’s Marxist background, his fraudulent use of multiple social security numbers, his allegedly fabricated attendance at Columbia University, the complicity of Columbia University in covering up Obama’s non-attendance, and what Obama was really doing those missing years – training under the CIA in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And more.

    It is doubtful that the mainstream media or even many blogs will touch this story. However, The Weekly Blitz will carry coverage of this trial in the next issue.


  11. Bridgette: Google misdirects people away from the multiple Obama Social Security numbers stories and now the lamestream media are out in full ridicule mode.

    This shows more than anything else that there MUST BE something to all of this. If there were nothing to any of these allegations, they’d ignore them. But by ridiculing, they’re increasing the attention. Why would they risk doing that? Because they really have no other choice. The facts are the facts and they cannot refute them, so they MUST ridicule, misdirect, and set up strawmen–anything to keep the facts from coming out.

    I used to believe that the SS# thing was some kind of quirk in the databases, etc. But I don’t believe that anymore.

    No, because they have pulled out the stops on this issue, just as with the NBC issue, I’m convinced that he really does somehow have all those numbers.

    I hope Dr. Manning can provide us with more truths to use in our quest to save our Republic. God bless him.

  12. You know, when I read the AP story about the new Miss USA, Rima Fakih, I ought to have been able to predict these facts:

    1. She’s a prize-winning stripper and pole dancer,


    (but no doubt, breaking with precedent, this one won’t have to give up her crown)

    2. She’s a Muslim, and

    3. Her family’s connected to Hezbollah!


    From the AP story by Oskar Garcia:
    “A 24-year-old brunette from Michigan has beaten out four blondes . . . ”

    Do any of you react to that high-fiving, RACIST braggadocio from Mr. GARCIA the way that I do?

    She’s from Dearbornistan. Where else? She stumbled on the way down the runway, but never you mind, she won, anyway. So now we have our first Muslim Miss USA to go along with our first Muslim POTUS.

    Miss Oklahoma, the first runner-up, was asked a completely political question about the AZ immigration law, which she said she supports. So, that’s how they rigged the results for Ms. Fakih. Sound familiar?

    • Funny, I was thinking the exact same things…They were also posting around the net on how sleezy the contest is becoming also. My neighbor was howling about all the silicone boobs too..Natural has become a silicone word…fake.

      • Oh, yeah. I did notice those totally fake, perfectly round, silicone boobs. So much for natural beauty. Did they syphon away some of the money for terrorism to pay for plastic surgery?

        • Really a stripper, is a new Miss USA ? Really are you kidding me ? No way ! She will loose her crown. Remember Vanessa Williams and the nude photos ? This girl will horrify people to think the Miss USA Pagent has become so sleezy…

  13. Can you believe that the guy who asked Miss OK the AZ immigration question was one Oscar Nunez? Oh, that wasn’t a set up, was it? Just like Perez Hilton deep-sixing Carrie Prejean. They can’t allow anything to be fair anymore. Elections or now, even, beauty contests.

  14. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Oh man, Miri. The fix sure was in!

    The video of the march around Colombia shows a small turnout. I hope this is not the case.

    • That was the first video to come out. Haven’t seen any other ones, nor “real information” as to how many people have shown up. Exasperating.

      Interesting that the Left is covering it and one lone conservative guy….Must be something to it for them to get out so they can smear the participants.

  15. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Seriously, we’re leaking our “American-ness” by the day. If something isn’t done soon to staunch the flow, we really are headed toward an irreversible decline.

    Muslims& Marxists= America’s downfall.

  16. You know, “memories” of people who claim to have been his friend mean nothing. We’ve debunked so many bogus memories here that we can’t even keep track of them, Ellen2.

    How about some OBJECTIVE, THREE-DIMENSIONAL, able-to-be-authenticated PROOF? Huh?

    How about a real birth certificate, with a doctor’s signature on it? How about anyone who will come forward and swear on a stack of Bibles (or Korans, whatever the case may be) that they will stake their life on it when they claim that he’s eligible for the presidency? Why, even his own lawyers won’t do that. Why do they only cite a political, partisan BLOG or campaign ads to judges, instead of producing the contemporaneous documents that will PROVE what you believe to be true, because he said so?

    Don’t you ever wonder WHY, if he was born at Kapiolani in Hawaii, he won’t simply end all this rigamarole and produce the damned document that all of you obots claim exists? It makes no sense.

    What kind of man, what kind of “leader”, would allow Lt. Col. Lakin’s career to go down the tubes, perhaps let him, a TRUE PATRIOT, risk imprisonment, simply because, FOR NO DISCERNIBLE, LOGICAL reason, Obama doesn’t care to show We the People the PROOF of what he already has said is true?

    WHY, ELLEN2? Why?

    Riddle me this: ANSWER this one simple question–IF the birth certificate exists (and it does because he says so; he mentioned it in his own book), why won’t he simply show it to everyone and be done with it?

    Why won’t he release his college transcripts, as others have done? Why won’t he release his medical records, as others have done?

    Why, why, why, Ellen2? Talk about blind faith.

    Educate yourself. Don’t waste our time.

    • Miri, I suspect this is just another version of the SmrStrauss family. Remember Anne1 and Anne 2! Isn’t it just like a progressive to change their name if they are outed!

      • Bridge, she sure gets around: Arlington, VA; Sparks, NV; Chicago, IL. I can’t keep track of them all. She’s Ann, Ann1, Ann2. Now she’s Ellen2, EllenBarron, etc. Oh, yes. The same folks. Must really be stirred up by Rev. Manning, to waste their time regurgitating to us. We’re smarter than you think, “Ellen”.

      • We need to link her to the Obama Files and that new Key Wiki you told us about. 🙂

    • > Obama said that his father was Kenyan in his book and the debate ends right there, he is NOT a natural born citizen.

      This also answers the question – put forth above – about “why oh why doesn’t he release his birth certificate”. He knows that it wouldn’t change a thing.

  17. I posted this over at Chronwatch and strata-sphere,
    Great reporting,

    We are almost out of time.

    Here’s the thing, If a muslim jihadist ever got elected to be our
    president, how would he destroy our country?


  18. Would you have guessed that Auntie Z has been granted Asylum by the courts? Who would have guessed that this was going to happen! I am soooo surprised! Now listen here, the White House had nothing to do with this case. They said it, so we must believe it. Sure. Bunk is bunk, and the lies continue!.

    Welcome to the USA Auntie. Enjoy your entitlements from the US taxpayers! We love paying for your housing and food! And medical care too. We are pleased to shell out cash to someone that refused to leave our country when the courts deported you! Lawlessness is now allowed and promoted under your nephews reign. Again, congrats!

  19. I’m SOOOOOO surprised about Auntie Z. Oh, let’s roll out the red carpet.

  20. To Ellen, Ellen2, Ellen3, Express1, Express2, and any other pseudonym of the day: I will answer your eejit-cy in good time. I’m eating my dinner at the moment.

    Yes, we “little people” tend to sup early. Can’t get away from that redneck, agricultural-based tradition. We working folks, we blue-collar factory folks. You know who we are–the ones who cling to our guns, religion, and xenophobia. Yep. That’s us–We the People of the United States of America.

    More later.

  21. Rosemary Woodhouse

    As an aside, if anyone watched Beck tonight, he invoked the expression “like birth pangs” things are going to speed up and intensify. Hmmmm. Interesting choice of phrase.

    • Yes, interesting choice of words! I didn’t hear that…what was he referring to? I was putting out the dog, I think.

      Got this information though.
      Another major scandal set to explode:

      Rep. Issa (R-CA) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R- Utah), House Oversight Committee have started an investigation into Fannie and Freddie (the democratic stronghold).

      Beck …Couldn’t file a FOIA on Fannie and Freddie.
      Judical Watch couldn’t get the information either through FOIA.

      Obama’s group filed a suit in court not to disclose information because Fannie and Freddie aren’t a “full-fledged government entity.” (filed in the past 60 days).

      Chaffetz found that F & F have another patent too..a lock of some sort.

      Why would Fannie and Freddie need that patent along with the other Cap and Trade patent?

  22. Rosemary Woodhouse

    @ Ellen- Growing desperate much?

  23. Day 4 of Trial, brief updates

    Pastor Manning states “Obama never had a relationship with Harlem or Columbia University.”

    Witness Al Landry states that the Public Service Registry of Pakistan said 44th President Obama (Kenyan born) WOW

    Witness Sabbath LaFleur states that nobody in the Columbia Univ. Political Science Dept. knew of Obama. No results for BO

    Wayne Allan Root stated that “Obama’s photo never appeared in the Columbia University yearbook.” Nobody knew Obama

    Video played of Bill Hemmer from Fox news, report on how 400 ppl interviewed at Col. Univ. never heard of Obama, 2008

  24. Day Four Update:

    First, I want to say that I believe Pastor Manning and his witnesses are proving without a doubt that Obama did not ever attend Columbia University physically. Some of Pastor Manning’s witnesses are members of his congregation, but they have been very credible with their testimony. It is their community and they know every nook and cranny of their neighborhood, unlike Obama.

    Obama stated in his book “Dreams From My Father” (rumored to be written by Bill Ayers) that he briefly lived at 109th Street and Broadway in Spanish Harlem while he says he attended Columbia University. The only problem is that address in not located in Spanish Harlem and for someone to say that after living in the area and attending the University shows that they do not know the area. So, you figure that one out.

    Remember that the purpose of this trial is to prove that Obama never attended Columbia University and that his degree that he obtained was allegedly bought, not earned. Columbia University refuses to comment on this issue or respond to questions. What are they so afraid of? Do you mean to tell me that these records are also sealed? Interesting…

    Dr Allan Keyes and Wayne Allyn Root

    Pastor Manning stated that he had spoken on the phone with both Dr. Keyes and Wayne Allyn Root about their possible assistance with this trial.

    Dr. Keyes stated that his lawyers advised him not to testify and pastor Manning understood completely.

    Wayne Allyn Root, was supposed to testify on Sunday, but there was a mix up and he did not. Mr. Root was willing to testify, but Pastor Manning felt that it was not necessary due to the testimony from Sunday by witnesses.

    Plus, there was a massive smear campaign on the Internet by fellow Libertarians that were shouting the “bither” name at Root for even thinking about participating in the Columbia trial. Glenn Beck has many of the libertarians split on this issue and I am sure that Barry and Soros are very happy for Glenn’s assistance in undermining the eligibility movement.

    Fox News video

    Pastor Manning then submitted into evidence a documentary done by Bill Hemmer of Fox News on Obama, prior to the election. The video stated that “over 400 students and faculty were questioned and not one of them knew of Obama or the fact that he even attended Columbia University”.

    1. The video also showed Obama’s school records from Indonesia where it stated that his name was Barry Soetoro and that his religion was Islam. Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website once stated that Obama never was a Muslim, but this school records proves that to be untrue.

    2. The Fox News documentary stated Obama lived in 96th Street and 1st Ave in NYC, but that seems to contradict his book where he states that he lived in 109th street and Broadway.

    3. Obama traveled to Pakistan when he was just 20 years old (more on this later)

    4. Obama’s roommate was an illegal alien (Pakistani) named Saddiqi.

    Witnesses Sabbath La Fleur and her sister Precious La Fleur

    Both testified that they checked the Columbia University archives and yearbooks dating from 1980-1985 and they could find no evidence or photos of any Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro. They also testified that they could not find any Phil Bonner either. Obama stated in his book that Bonner was a friend of his that attended Columbia University with him, after a transfer from Occidental College.

    1. The professor that Obama named in his book also could not be found in the archives accorded to their testimony.

    2. Nothing related to Obama’s name could be found in the Political Science dept.

    3. Teachers spoke of Obama in his elementary school, his High School, Occidental College and Harvard as well, but no professors have ever mentioned him from Columbia University.

    4. Obama stated that he used to hide in the Butler Library, but the witness stated that Library is a major meeting place and it is always very crowded. There is no way to hide there without meeting someone. Yet, nobody ever saw Barry in the Butler Library.

    5. There was also a theory that Obama attended the Latrice Mudumba school in Moscow during that time he claimed he was in Columbia, but this has never been proven. This school was created by the Russians to teach radical Marxism to students to help spread communism throughout the world.

    6. No photos of Obama taken at his Columbia graduation.

    Witness Al Landry – Investigative Reporter

    1. Al Landry states that Passport office was broken into on March 21, 2008 and that the operation was amateur compared to the Wategate break in. This break in involved the passport records of Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama. It was interesting how at first the report did not include Obama in the report of passports that were breached.

    Landry believes that this break in was possibly done to cleanse Obama’s passport records or possible evidence.

    2. Lt. Harris found murdered (gun shot) on April 17th, 2008. Lt. Harris worked for the State Department and he was in charge of the Social Security numbers and passport information. Harris was supposedly cooperating with investigators about the break in. Landry suggests that Harris was “at the wrong place at the wrong time”. The Harris murder has never been solved.
    3. Landry then states that it was interesting that Obama’s mother Stanley Dunham Soetoro lived in Pakistan for 5 years in an exclusive Hotel called the Hilton International. Obama most likely set up his mother with a job working for the Asian Development Bank. Pastor Manning alleges that this Bank was a front for the CIA.

    4. SHOCKING DETAIL – Landry states that he read the Public Service registry in Pakistan and on that registry it stated – “44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama and in parenthesis it said (Kenyan Born).

    Video on Obama’s Community Organizer days

    Manning stated that he wanted to submit this video as evidence due to it’s claim that Obama handed in many resumes during the two year span after he claims that he graduated from Columbia University.

    Pastor Manning then questions “Why is Columbia University so silent on this issue?” I am sure that we all know that answer.

    Tuesday, Day Five update:
    1. The trial will begin at 9:30am
    2. There will be a march at 116th Street and Broadway in NYC (Across from Columbia University) at 7pm

    Conservative Monster

    • Do you all remember when we saw that Pakistani directory online? A big, long list of all sorts of world politicians? Is this the one Landry saw? Did he see it in print or online? Wasn’t it scrubbed off the Web or explained away as a transcription error, after people started questioning it?

      • I thought of that too. I know I kept the information, but not on this computer. Yes, it was a list of world politicians. I looked for that directory yesterday and didn’t find it under the name used. Will see if it is in saved emails.

        • You tube of the Pakistani Registry.

          “I was directed to check out a site in Pakistan while looking at Orly Taitz site. This is what I discovered. They seem to know Soetoro was born in Kenya.”

          This was in my notes. I don’t know now if it is the real name of the Pakistan Directory.

          Botschaft der Islamischen Republik Pakistan

  25. More on that Google incident:


    “It said it had been using a fleet of camera-equipped Street View vehicles, which take pictures for the group’s imaging services, and had been at the same time using the cars to assemble a database of electronic WiFi addresses intended to improve the functioning of its maps and other location services. Google said the project leaders ignored that the vehicles were also taking in snippets of activity on the WiFi networks.”

    Uh, I don’t think they need to be mapping WiFi addresses, either. Do you?

    • Amazing !

      Uh, I don’t think they need to be mapping WiFi addresses, either. Do you?

      Nope !

      • Google has a legitimate reason to map the WiFi networks. They wish to provide a database of free networks, based on GPS location. Since these trucks are already driving in many of the more populated areas and already have power and accurate GPS access, this fleet of trucks is the easiest place to track it.

    by Sharon Rondeau

    Dr. James David Manning is acting as prosecutor at the Columbia Trial in New York, where testimony and evidence are being presented refuting Obama’s claim of having attended that institution

    (May 17, 2010) —The following is an interview with Miki Booth, a first-hand witness to the Columbia Trial being held in Harlem, NY by Dr. James Manning, Ph.D., as previously reported by The Post & Email here.

    SHARON: Tell me about your day in New York – how it started and what you heard as far as testimony.

    MIKI: We went to Columbia University right outside the main gate and we assembled there because Rev. Manning was going to start the march at 9:00 a.m. We got there at 8:30 or so and people kept arriving, and we saw some people with American flags, so we knew they were part of us. There were quite a few of the area people and those associated with Rev. Manning’s church, and they’re all black. There were probably about 50 of us, and about half were black and half were white. It was great. When Rev. Manning came, he and his wife Elizabeth, he was wearing a long white robe and he did a wonderful prayer to start, and then we all walked by twos, holding hands, whites holding hands with blacks, and a lot of guys from my neck of the woods that some people would call “redneck” whom I call patriots and fighters for our freedom.

    Anyway, there were some little black ladies, and there was one lady I met who was 90 years old. We walked for just about an hour; I can’t tell you how many miles it was, but there was a hill that we had to climb at one point, and we had to stop to get our breath. This was the fourth day of the trial, and so they’ve had two previous days of testimony which I missed. After the march ended, we all went to the church and there was quite a bit of testimony and we watched two documentaries because right in Obama’s own voice, he was making statements that were misstatements or just outright lies, I guess.

    SHARON: Were these statements made recently or during the campaign?

    MIKI: One of them was a documentary with Bill Hemmer of Fox News and I don’t remember specifically what we gleaned from that, because there was so much. There was a lot that I didn’t know, and yet I feel as if over these last two years being involved in all of this, I thought that I had heard it all or knew it all, but what really made an impact on all of us was there was an investigator named Al Landry who called in on Skype, so we were able to see and hear him answer Dr. Manning’s questions. He found out that Stanley Ann Soetoro lived in Karachi, Pakistan for five years at the high-dollar Hilton Hotel.

    SHARON: Did he present proof in the form of documents or some other evidence?

    MIKI: He was testifying by Skype, so he was just saying this as if it was in his head, and he didn’t have the notes in front of him but was just relating what he had discovered. There is something interesting that he said: in Pakistan there is a log or journal of all of the heads of state; kings, queens, that sort of thing, and he found on that list “Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States” and then “(Kenya)”. So we don’t know what that means, but that’s a matter of record; people can go and look at that. As far as what we’d interpret from that, we’ve been hearing that he was born in Kenya and now that we know that Stanley Ann Dunham was in Karachi for five years working for Asia Development Bank, and at the same time that she was there, her mother was vice president of Bank of Hawaii.

    And now because we know that he has used about 44 different social security numbers attached to his name, oh, and Asia Development Bank is a front for the CIA.

    SHARON: It is?

    MIKI: Yes. So these multiple social security numbers is a way of laundering money. That’s how it’s done; it’s the most common technique for laundering money – having fake social security numbers. So these things are found out, but that really surprised me about her being in Pakistan and working for this bank. It would be common sense that she had a passport from Indonesia so she could travel freely to Pakistan. Same thing with Obama having a passport from Indonesia so he could travel freely also. The investigator said that he traveled many times back and forth to Pakistan.

    SHARON: Was this when he was a young man?

    MIKI: When he was Pakistan, it was the years when he said he was attending Columbia University, so that was 1981-83. At Columbia, Rev. Manning put on the stand several members of his congregation here, because over the past two years, they’ve been doing some investigating by going over to Columbia because it’s right down the street, right in their neighborhood, and there are two sisters, one of whom is named “Precious,” and I can’t think of the other’s name right now. But they had been going in to the library and they testified that they were very noticeable when they went there because you just didn’t see many black students there. They went through every record that they could spanning those years as well as the years before and after that. They went through all of the yearbooks, and the year that Obama was supposedly a graduate, there is absolutely nothing. There’s nothing, and they tried all of the different names and everything. In Obama’s book, he says that he and his friend, and “darn me, I didn’t take notes and write down his name,” that they both transferred from Occidental to Columbia, so they also checked the name of that person and there was absolutely no record of him, either.

    The year that Obama supposedly graduated, there were only about five pictures per page in the yearbook, so it was pretty easy to go through and be pretty accurate, and they never found anyone who looked like him. They went by looks; they went by all the different names; he was just flat not there.

    The year that he supposedly graduated, there were 42 law school graduates, and only two of them were black. So they were saying that had he been there, people would have noticed him, and the two girls said that by all means, they would have noticed him because they think he’s good-looking and all…and a lot of people do. And she said that even when they were in there, they got noticed, and somebody came over and asked if they needed help, and when she said what she was looking for and the employee thought that they were researching Obama, he was very unfriendly and unhelpful, and then he left and a woman came on and was very friendly and helped them to find whatever they needed.

    SHARON: But they never found any trace of Obama at Columbia?

    MIKI: Nothing, nothing at all.

    SHARON: And Columbia doesn’t have a plaque saying that the 44th President of the United States, a black man, graduated from this institution?

    MIKI: Nothing.

    SHARON: So these two ladies testified today?

    MIKI: Yes. And then they showed the documentary, the one done by Bill Hemmer of Fox, and I think it was George Stephanopoulous originally who originally broke that story about no one knowing him from Columbia. Then Fox picked it up and said that they interviewed 400 students and not one remembered him.

    SHARON: Has the theory come out yet as far as testimony or evidence as to where exactly Obama was during those years if he was not at Columbia?

    MIKI: No. It just came out today with Al Landry, who said that he found out about the mother. I was thinking then that Stanley Ann’s mother worked at Bank of Hawaii at the same time that she was working at the bank in Karachi, and he did make that connection. I had already made it because I know about her working at Bank of Hawaii. In Hawaii we call it “Bankoh.” Anyway, they brought up that connection. I know that it’s just speculation on Rev. Manning’s part, but he was saying that the grandmother broke her hip and was in the hospital and somebody interviewed Michelle Obama and asked how the grandmother was, and she said, “Oh, she’s fine; she’s leaving the hospital today,” and that was about the broken hip. And didn’t she die of cancer about two months later?

    SHARON: I believe that’s what the reports said.

    MIKI: This is all just so curious.

    SHARON: I read an article last week that said she died “after a long battle with cancer,” but we had never heard that before until after her supposed death the day before the election.

    MIKI: This is all too curious. And she voted on an absentee ballot; I remember reading that.

    SHARON: And Auntie Onyango was granted asylum today, too.

    MIKI: Who?

    SHARON: Remember the aunt or step-aunt…?

    MIKI: Oh, you’re kidding…they granted her asylum?

    SHARON: That’s what the AP is saying, and it’s all over the internet this evening. Even though she was ordered deported in 2004 and didn’t leave, and then she was staying in public housing in Boston at taxpayer expense, she got an attorney and there was a hearing, and the judge granted her asylum.

    Switching topics, have you heard anything about testimony scheduled for tomorrow?

    MIKI: They’re going to put me on the stand first thing in the morning and I’m going to show the various birth certificates.


    • Amazing !

      Stanley Ann Dunham was in Karachi for five years working for Asia Development Bank, and at the same time that she was there, her mother was vice president of Bank of Hawaii.

      And now because we know that he has used about 44 different social security numbers attached to his name, oh, and Asia Development Bank is a front for the CIA.

      SHARON: It is?

      MIKI: Yes. So these multiple social security numbers is a way of laundering money. That’s how it’s done; it’s the most common technique for laundering money – having fake social security numbers. So these things are found out, but that really surprised me about her being in Pakistan and working for this bank.

  27. We were waiting for this:


    Chris Matthews, obot/tool in chief, says Obama should nationalize the oil industry.

  28. They’re baaaaaack:


    And they want an apology from Obama. Great info here: The Salahis had to prove who they were to the Secret Service:

    “Nobody realized this but we were asked for our social security number, our date of birth, our full legal name and our citizenship for clearance for the White House state dinner. Not for a breakfast. Not for a VIP tour. Not for a luncheon. Specifically, in writing, for the White House state dinner evening activities. We did not go back and say here is our information. They asked us for our information so the Secret Service could vet us.”

    Uh, OBAMA, can we have all that IN WRITING from YOU, please?

    • Why can’t they say who invited them? Were there two people..Michelle Jones and another person? Why do they want an apology from the Obama’s if they weren’t the official inviters? I thought they were just let in…now it says they had to give information to the Secret Service?

      “Revealed a senior White House official, who they won’t name, invited them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, during a conversation that took place at the dinner.

      Fingered top Pentagon official Michelle S. Jones, special assistant to the Secretary of Defense, who serves as the Pentagon’s White House liaison, as the source who invited them to the event. Ms Jones has flatly denied she promised them admittance.

      Confirmed their ties with Jones, who they met through participation in America’s Polo Cup events. “

  29. DAY FIVE of the Columbia Trial, the jury will get the case shortly.

    Pastor Manning states that Obama used a Kenyan passport to travel to Pakistan in 1981

    Pastor Manning states he was informed that a hit was placed on his life in Sept. 2009. Demands investigation by Justice D.

    Pastor Manning requests that the charge of sedition be re-instated. Approved by Judge Unger.

    Pastor Manning “If a guilty verdict comes out of this church, it will rock the world.”

    About 3:30 pm Waiting on the jury for over 3 hours…

    -Conservative Monster

  30. Testing comments today not properly ending up at the end of the comments section. It is still happening. Comments aren’t appearing either. Sending information to support for help. All is slow.



  32. Miss Runner up could end up as the winner for the USA crown!

    President O ignores Specter in his PA senatorial race…why is that. Does he think of himself as a jinx?

    Kid scammed his way into Harvard and took them for over $40,000 in grants etc. Did he take lessons from the affirmative action president?

  33. This is another test to see if the comments are appearing in date /time order.

    • Thanks Blue Ohio, Are you sure you don’t want to turn red?

      Photo of Barack Obama with Pakistani friend, Sohale Siddiqi, on the couch, in the fall of 1981. and Phil Boener, his other friend.

      Barack Obama’s addresses as a student were listed in Columbia directories? I wonder why the trial group couldn’t find Obama’s names listed in anything.

      “The 1982-83 student directory shows Mr. Obama living in his senior year at Apartment 6A of 339 East 94th Street.

      SUBLET AVAILABLE: Three-room railroad flat, third floor, West 109th Street. Near Columbia University.

      The apartment they shared, however, took some getting used to, Mr. Boerner recalled: 3E at 142 West 109th Street, a five-story building between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues.

      Copied and pasted these addresses to check against those in the article. Like other deals with Obama, those directory inserts could be fake and most likely are.

      • Another incarnation? Not Blue Ohio–Blue Danube, as in Strauss.

        “At this writing, they are using Ohio (clearly this state has special meaning to the Strauss’s) as a moniker and two new emails.” Courtesy of Jefferson’s Rebels.

        Isn’t it so very curious, Bridgette, that they never show the entire page of any of these snippets of “facts” from so-called original documents? For example, letting us see the names of other people on the same page, so that we can contact them to see what they remember about Obama, Siddiqi, and Boerner? They inform us of the name and date of the document, but they don’t show the heading from the page, which would confirm that information.

        • So Miri, Are these people coming here over and over with alias names to post misleading and bogus information ? These are the same people that others on the net are complaining about too ? They keep coming back still ? Really ? Thank Goodness the spam-trash mail catcher keeps catching their trash. No time for games here. Maybe they need a day job huh ? Oops, maybe this is it.Who do they work for and who are they again ? Don’t they know about blogs and spam-trash catchers being automatic ? Seems like such a waste of their time to me.
          The real question is why ? What is in it for them ?

          • Oh, yes, Renee. We have reached the big time now because we have our own set of resident trolls. Welcome, trolls, out from under your bridges. Do you look like Shrek, too? I digress . . .

            Renee, Erica Thunderpaws outed these people. They are the same. What’s in it for them? Probably our dinero. Ouch. Is that racist? I ask because a resident troll, Mike, no doubt tasked to monitor our blog, said this about us:

            “Couples racism and ignorance along with the deep-seated, ineradicable smugness and confidence displayed only by the truly ignorant. The comments are especially revolting.”

            So, not only are we judged racist, we are also smug, ignorant, revolting, and (gasp) confident. Sounds like Obama, but, again, I digress . . .

            Mike, what’s it to you? You live in England, as do so many other of these lurking eejit trolls. What’s in it for YOU? Why do you care about our politics? Whose payroll are YOU on? Can you say, Soros?

            As for being ignorant and racist, isn’t that what y’all say about Sarah Palin? Well, that puts us in good company, so I’ll accept your compliments.

            Because my momma raised me to be polite, I won’t call you what I think YOU are.

            If we’re SO “revolting,” why don’t you take yourself elsewhere, Mike?



    The verdict is in – the jury found Obama and Columbia University GUILTY of ALL CHARGES.

    -Conservative Monster

    I assume there will be a summary of the days activites later on.


    The past few days have been very intense on all of us that took part in this very interesting event. The jury deliberated for over 3 hours until they came up with the verdict. The defendants were found guilty on all charges and there were so many, but I will basically give you all a quick review.

    Mail fraud, wire fraud, Obstruction of Justice and Sedition were the main charges. I would have found Columbia University not guilty of any charges that involved them knowingly undermining the country. I just do not think they knew back in 1981 that they were taking part in a conspiracy to undermine the Government. Their silence about Obama attending Columbia University during his campaign does not meet that level of conspiracy in my opinion. I do not think that was proven, but they can appeal it if they like.


    Witness Miki Booth

    Miki Booth is a Hawaiian born native that is running for congress in Oklahoma, District 2. Booth held up birth certificates that were real long form birth certificates from Hawaii. She then explained the difference between a Certificate of Live Birth and a Certification of Live Birth (what Obama posted on Factcheck.org).

    Booth testified that anyone could get a Certification of Live Birth, it does not prove ANYTHING. Then she discussed the birth announcements and she stated that anyone could put that in the paper if they want to notify the town about a new baby in the family.

    Wayne Allyn Root

    Manning discussed his phone call with Wayne Allyn Root and about the article that Root posted on the Internet. Many libertarians attacked Root for even considering to testify at this trial. Also, many Columbia University Alumni contacted him as well. What are they afraid of? Root said he never saw or heard of any student named Barack Obama at Columbia University at that time that Obama claims he attended the school. Root had the same major as Barry, but still never heard of him.

    Manning submitted the article as evidence.

    Next, Manning described a letter that he got from a former KGB agent that was also a double agent with the CIA. The informant Mike, stated that Obama worked with the CIA for 4 years (1981-1985) in Pakistan assisting the Mujahadeen fighters during the Soviet-Afghan war.
    Manning then stated that factions of the CIA and the KGB are working together to install a socialist government and that Bill Clinton, Leon Panetta, Rahm Emanuel and Obama are all in on it. This means that there has been a conspiracy for at least the past 20 years to create a super spy agency. This spy agency would blackmail and assassinate the opposition, the Republicans were targets.

    This was called “The Professional System”. A KGB like security force that will undermine freedom and elections in the United States, to shove this nation into a socialist state.
    This KGB agent claimed that the CIA was more interested in American citizens, rather than foreign enemies. Basically he is saying that they have been compromised by the enemy.

    Manning – They put out a hit on me

    Pastor Manning then stated that he was informed by a disgruntled CIA agent that a hit was put on his head by the CIA. This was by an anonymous caller and it was just two days after the CIA, Homeland Security and the NYPD visited Manning’s church. Manning claims that the hit was called off when the assassin refused to accept the order to kill Pastor Manning. Pastor Manning is calling for the Justice Department to investigate this alleged conspiracy to assassinate him.

    Manning then claimed that the CIA Operative told him to dig into Columbia University rather than the birth certificate issue, because it was clear that Obama never attended Columbia University, because he was working with the CIA in Pakistan at the time that he was allegedly attending the University.

    Pastor Manning then stated that “Columbia University did not cover their tracks well”. Then he commented “If John McCain is not qualified, I know for sure that Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified for the office either.”

    Obama said that his father was Kenyan in his book and the debate ends right there, he is NOT a natural born citizen.

    Manning also stated that Obama traveled to Pakistan with a Kenyan Passport, not a Indonesian passport that has been speculated the past 22 months.

    Obama’s records are not sealed by the courts, they are sealed by the CIA.

    Manning then shouted, “What are you hiding Mr. Obama? The people need to ask this question. Only criminals hide themselves and Obama is the most notorious criminal that ever walked the earth.”

    Then Manning solemnly said, “My life was challenged by MY GOVERNMENT. Obama is a Muslim and the Church failed this nation to allow this to take place.”

    Pastor Manning then told the jury “If a guilty verdict is rendered today, it will rock the world. You will save this nation, save my life and the lives of YOUR CHILDREN. Every dollar that Obama has collected was under fraudulent pretenses, because he is not a natural born citizen.

    The Verdict

    I am sure that Pastor Manning will release an official copy in the near future of all of the charges and the verdict. The church erupted with applause and cheers after the final guilty verdict was announced. Pastor Manning was very excited and he did an excellent job with this entire trial, aided by his assistant Anthony Jones (an attorney).

    Manning will most likely submit all of the evidence and the verdict to the US Attorney General and demand that they investigate, validate the decision by the jury and move forward with possible arrests. I do agree that fraud was committed, Manning proved that to the entire audience and the jury.

    – Conservative Monster

  36. Here’s the link to Rev. Manning’s video regarding the trial May 21, 2010. It is about an hour long, but very interesting.


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