Insubordinate Military Commanders? No, Sir.

By Larry Johnson, NoQuarter  May 8, 2010

Posted By Bridgette

Obama and General McCrystal, Copenhagen Meeting October 2, 2009

US Military Hedges Bets With Obama

Readers of NoQuarter know that when it comes to my assessment of Barack Obama’s support of the military in the so-called “war” on terrorism I have given him high marks and credited him with being aggressive in going after terrorist cells. Well, the worm has turned. The military’s ability to confront terrorists, which already was limited because the terrorists don’t normally organize in ways that make them easy to hit with military assets, is now being further hindered by a combination of Obama actions and military caution. In essence the brakes are being applied and we are likely to see fewer results in the future. Why? Because the military no longer trusts Barack Obama.

Under George W. Bush a number of Top Secret orders were signed that gave the military permission to do a variety of things. I can’t go into the specifics because it would compromise classified info. During Barack’s first year in office most of those authorities remained in place and, as I noted in previous postings, the number of capture/kill operations actually increased under Obama.

That was then. Two things have happened over the last five months. First, many of those original authorities have been rescinded. So our military forces will not be acting against targets that they had permission to hit even one year ago.  Second, and more troubling, the military commanders are forcing Obama to sign off on every operation. Why? They don’t trust him. Evidence of this comes, surprisingly, from an Obama worshipper, Jonathan Alter: “A presidential dressing down unlike any in the United States in more than half a century,” is how Alter describes the October 2009 eruption.

The background: Gen. Stanley McChrystal had just given a speech in London in which he publicly rejected proposals to turn the tide in Afghanistan with more drone missiles and special forces, a strategy backed mainly by Vice President Biden. The President viewed McChrystal’s comments as a bald attempt to back him into a Pentagon-backed plan more reliant on troop buildups – and he soon ripped into top commanders for what he considered insubordination.

In an Oval Office showdown, Obama told Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Gen. David Petraeus that he was “exceedingly unhappy” with the Pentagon’s conduct, Alter reported, adding that its leaks to the press were “disrespectful of the process.”

“This was a cold and bracing meeting,” an attendee said of the encounter, where Obama demanded to know “here and now” if the Pentagon would be onboard with any presidential strategy. It apparently worked: Petraeus later described himself as “chagrined,” and both he and Gates “swore loyalty” to the president. They have seen how this arrogant ass operates and understand that he is loyal only to himself.

Accordingly, no one will take any risk or pursue any objective unless Barack puts his name to it. I do not blame them. These guys, like McChrystal, are no fools and understand that they can go from hero to goat in a heartbeat.

Obama eventually supported a troop buildup. Since then the military will not carry out certain types of sensitive operations unless Barack Obama signs off on them personally.

Unfortunately, with this super cautious mentality comes a dramatic slowdown in the counter terrorism operations. The men and women who are on the frontlines now understand that their so-called commander-in-chief is a coward and a self-serving toady. He is no Harry Truman. The buck does not stop with him. He is a buck passer.

I was planning to write this even before I saw the leak of the Jonathan Alter book. The White House decision to use the military as a foil to portray their smiling boy as a tough guy telling the military to fuck off convinces me even more that we have reached a watershed moment. The military is not going to take this lying down and, I suspect, will start leaking unsavory material that will cast Obama in the harsh light of reality.

What a shame. Barack had a chance to actually act like a leader and build on the early success of going after terrorists overseas. Not now. Key military leaders realize they can’t trust him and will take no action and no initiative unless Barack signs up first. No officers worth their salt are willing to become a sacrificial lamb for this clown in the White House.

The Author: Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, anti-terrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department’s Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics.
Photo: Official White House Photo Pete Souza

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  1. I don’t blame them…I don’t trust him either. I just wonder why I hear that Gates swore allegiance to him.
    I also read that Gates is a One World government guy since he was in the CIA working for HW Bush. So maybe thats why!

  2. The following are some “alledged” Skull and Bones/Bilderberg Group/Trilateral Commission/CFR members: note that almost the entire Government of the US is now controlled by the alledged Bilderberg Group- no more are they just in the shadows.

    Richard C. Holbrooke (Obama State Department Special Envoy, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR)
    Alan Greenspan (Obama presidential Advisor, Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, CFR)
    Richard M Haas (Obama State department Special Envoy, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, President Council on Foreign relations)
    James Steinberg (Obama Deputy Secretary of State, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commssion)
    Robert Gates (Obama Secretary of defense, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission)
    Admiral Dennis C. Blair (Obama Director of National Security, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commssion)
    Paul Volcker (Obama Chairman Economic Recover Commission, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission)
    Henry Kissinger (Obama State department Special Envoy, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission)
    Gen James L. Jones (Obama National Security Advisor, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commision)
    Susan Rice (Obama UN Abassador, trilateral Commsion)
    Hillary Clinton (Obama Secretary of State, Bilderberg Group)
    Timothy Geither (Obama Secretary Of treasury, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission)
    Barrack Obama (42nd President, Bilderberg Group puppet) Austan Goolsbee (President Obama’s Staff Director, and Chief Economic Advisor)
    George H.W. Bush (41st President, Bilderberg, CFR and Trilateral Commission member until 1980)
    George W. Bush (43rd President)
    John Kerry (U.S. Senator from Massachusetts)
    William Jefferson Clinton (40th President, Trilateral Commission)
    David Boren (U.S. Senator from Oklahoma)
    William H. Taft (27th President)
    John Sherman Cooper (U.S. Senator from Kentucky)
    John H. Chafee (U.S. Senator from Rhode Island)
    Potter Stewart (Supreme Court Justice)
    Winston Lord (Chairman of the CFR, Ambassador to China and assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton administration)
    Henry Stimson (Secretary of State for President Herbert Hoover)
    Robert A. Lovett (Secretary of Defense for President Harry Truman)
    McGeorge Bundy (National Security advisor for President John Kennedy)
    Archibald MacLeish (founder of UNESCO)
    W. Averell Harriman (financier, governor of New York, and advisor to various Democratic presidents)
    Harold Stanley (investment banker, founder of Morgan Stanley)
    Dean Witter, Jr. (investment banker)
    Henry P. Davison (senior partner of Morgan Guaranty Trust)
    J. Hugh Liedtke (co-founder of Pennzoil Corp.)
    William P. Bundy (editor of the CFR’s journal Foreign Affairs)
    Henry Luce (founder of Time/Life magazines)
    Russell Wheeler Davenport (of Fortune magazine)
    Richard Ely Danielson (of Atlantic Monthly magazine)
    William F. Buckley, Jr. (of National Review magazine)
    Alfred Cowles (of Cowles Communications)
    William Sloane Coffin (President of SANE/FREEZE, Phi Beta Kappa)
    Gifford Pinchot (father of the Environmental Movement)

  3. The name Bridge, the name…Ellen Starr-Gates at Hull-/Hall House in Chicago w/ Addams. Remember ? Dohrn and Ayers-the parents used to take them for games there and it was close to grandpa’s plumbing store…That was a fun place. Frank Marshall Davis and Helen Canfield Davis went there alot. There were artists galore, homeless, odd folks and party people there. Daycare, school, etc…A place for vagrants, hobos and rich people ! Partee baybeee !!! Kind of like a bit neater version of the Dill Pickle Club.. ?? remember when I did those a long time ago ? It was close to the Armor meat factory and the steel mill I think…HUGE place. Left to Addams by her wealthy uncle.

  4. A few on that list stand out for me so I will see…
    First :

    Richard M Haas (Obama State department Special Envoy, Bilderberg

    • [PDF]Elise Stern Haas Family Papers,
      Title: The Appreciation of Quality: Elise Stern Haas Oral History,. Identifier/ Call Number: BANC MSS 80/68 …… Elsie de Wolfe, Inc. 1936-38 folder 33-35

      Howard Stern, what happened to Anna Nicole Smith ?

      • Elsie Stern, Grandmother of Robin Haas. Helene Axelroth, Aunt of Elie Axelroth.

        • Elsie Stern, Grandmother of Robin Haas. Nita Kasavan, Sister of Helene Kasavan. Harry Braver, Father of Margaret Lindt

          Lindt Chocolate ? I love chocolate. Ducky loves chocolate too. Comes from Switzerland I think. Ducky if you come play we will give you chocolate ! You cute little Ducky ! Are you a beautiful Swan or Swanson yet ? Silly Ducky !

          • Love those Wolf kitchen appliances, especially in Europe. Stern-Haas gang lived close to Sherman-Dennison-Denton, Tx area Bridgette. Need to ask Texoma Ed. Right by that lake too.
            They could hit a target like nobody’s business ! Long ago…

  5. And:

    Gen James L. Jones (Obama National Security Advisor,

    • House in Hawaii where birth announcement gave as address.

      Thelma JONES Lefforge YOUNG and Orland SCOTT Lefforge lived there. Need paper towels ? Scott paper towels absorb more !
      Then we can read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Zelda is in the institute so it is quiet…

  6. And:

    Susan Rice (Obama UN Abassador, trilateral Commsion)

    • Anne Rice: Interview with a Vampire. An old aristocratic family of mulatto’s in New Orleans..
      Plantations on the islands..? voodoo ? Rice..that is a big family..I read all of those books..

      I have a Jerry Rice rookie card too..It is mint.
      I love rice. Do you ?

  7. Also:

    John Sherman Cooper (U.S. Senator from Kentucky)

    • Sherman, Texas..Bridgette were you looking there a few months ago ? I love Bobby Sherman, remember him ? Maybe Anderson can cover that town. Just North of Dallas. By Dennison. Maybe Gloria and Aunt Thelma would like to come along. Maybe not Aunt Thelma after all..sorry.

      That ugly duckling became a beautiful Swan…Swan’s food too ? Ducky are you in there ? You silly Ducky ! Maybe the baby Duckie is a boy. Would he be called Swanson ?
      You silly Ducky ! Are you hiding again ?
      Ducky, where are you ? You cute little Ducky you !

  8. Bilderberg Group

    Hotel de Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, the Netherlands – scene of the first Bilderberg Conference in 1954.The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are people of influence in the fields of politics, banking, business, the military and media. Each conference is closed to the public and the press.

    Because of its secrecy and refusal to issue news releases, the group is frequently accused of secretive and nefarious plots.

    Bilderberg founding member and, for 30 years, a steering committee member, Denis Healey has said:[23]

    To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.

    • “WE felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”

      WE felt. WE felt. WE felt.

      That’s it in a nutshell. They think it’s the ultimate and utmost purpose of their existence to feel and then to DECIDE for the rest of the ENTIRE effing world, for EVERY DARNED INDIVIDUAL in the entire WORLD.

      AS IF the rest of the individuals in the world have no God-given rights whatsoever to life, LIBERTY, or the pursuit of happiness.

      NO individual rights. No siree, Bob. They’re the elites, so they WILL decide for the rest of the world what’s to be and what’s not to be.

      Where the EFF do they get off, anyway? Don’t you love the way they talk about it so freely? So guilelessly, as if it’s self-evident.

      Not that the TRUTHS recognized by our Founders are self-evident. No, that THEY have been chosen to RULE the rest of us because they (why can’t all of us peons see it?)–they are better, more intelligent, more noble than we are, so by rights they ought to be able to decide what’s best for everyone.

      Noblesse oblige. All over again.

      • I know Miri. They inherit huge globs of money and still everything they touch turns to crap. How stupid is that ? Arrogant ? Big shots ? Only in their own minds. They are freaks. It is our money, they need to keep their slimey hands out of it. Is this not the way of past history of the world. Read up. They used to chop off their heads in the olden days, lock them in towers and dungeons…guess we can comprehend the anger the peons felt they screwed the
        servants…I have to laugh, as they never learn.
        They just slither to another country and get a new “office name” No wonder reptiles hide under rocks, otherwise they are exposed and dry up in the sun. Let the sun shine. We do still have heroes. Let them shine the sun once again in history. Not many of them but alot of us peons ! Miri, we need a voters list badly now. We need to look at everyone. The votes tell all. We need a list of past records as well as now. No playin good ole boys just at voting time anymore. Miri, will you do a proof is in the pudding kind of a post with voting records ? A running list of every one. It is nothing about party, it is all in the pudding. Follow the money too. That is the other true map of greed.
        By the way, I was reading up on Greece today.
        They must repay Euro 9 billion-US 11.4 billion in expired debt loans to the IMF. (They are around every dark corner too) This debt is the result of YEARS of OVERSPENDING and FALSIFIED ACCOUNTS. They are now again raising the VAT tax on the broken people to pay for years of OVERSPENDING and FALSIFIED ACCOUNTS.The poor people will pay again…sound familiar ? Now with this oil spill, we are alot like Greece in many ways..GREECEY !
        This is where we will soon be or worse, unless some heroes sprout some ba%#s. No wonder George Soros is pushing meth globally. You must be in lala land to roll over and get the shaft. Too much inbreeding and V.D. causes complete insanity, not to mention the meth !
        I read the elite and royals have always had this problem big time…Explains their problems pretty well no ?

  9. Potter Stewart (Supreme Court Justice)

    Martha, Why did you turn your back to the reporters when you did pics at Christmas by the Mao Christmas tree in the White House ?

    Why Martha ? You have never been shy before Martha …

  10. Hahhaahha ! Need I say more here ?

    Harold Stanley (investment banker, founder of Morgan Stanley)

  11. Robert A. Lovett (Secretary of Defense for President Harry Truman)

    Think Julia Roberts liked his hair too ? Maybe he had a better do then Lyle…

  12. Think Phyllis GEORGE and Ted Bundy…

    McGeorge Bundy (National Security advisor for President John Kennedy)


  13. Henry Kissinger (Obama State department Special Envoy, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission)

    hummm…listed as part of MK Ultra…

  14. He sooo looks like S.A.D.

    John Kerry (U.S. Senator from Massachusetts)

  15. Ever shopped there ? Lord and Taylor ? Bet Elizabeth Taylor gets a good discount there….

    Winston Lord (Chairman of the CFR, Ambassador to China and assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton administration)

  16. Did he see the exorcist with Linda and Tony Blair ? Maybe they watched the Blair Witch movie together instead…

    Admiral Dennis C. Blair (Obama Director of National Security, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commssion)

  17. Robert Gates (Obama Secretary of defense, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission)

    What was the name of the cloned animal at Texas A&M University in Bryan College Station again ? Bob ran that school in between jobs for a while didn’t he ? Wonder if he ever showed Bill Gates around that vet-animal husbandry school there ?

    • Robert GatesNov 8, 2006

      Robert Michael Gates was born on 25th September, 1943 in Wichita, Kansas. While studying at the College of William and Mary he was active in the Young Republicans. He was also the business manager for the William and Mary Review, a literary and art magazine. He graduated in 1965 and the following year he obtained a degree in history from Indiana University. Later he obtained a Ph.D. in Russian and Soviet history from Georgetown University.

      Gates joined the Central Intelligence Agency while at university. However, before taking up his post he spent two years in the United States Air Force. This included a spell in Vietnam. Afterwards he worked for the CIA as an intelligence analyst.

      In 1974 Gates joined the National Security Council staff and worked for President Jimmy Carter. He left in 1979 and rejoined the CIA as executive assistant to Stansfield Turner, the CIA director.

      Read more…

  18. Eating peanuts and watching old Turner cable movies .Now that lady with those twin girls.The lady that showed her daughter’s BC. Remember her ? She had big teeth like Jimmy. Remember her ?
    Maybe she dressed those twin baby girls in Carter baby clothes. See, you used to get a discount coupon for Johnson and Johnson baby products sometime when you bought Carter baby clothes… I got one, a long time ago.
    Peanuts are not the only game in town….

  19. Senate votes to examine Federal Reserve lending
    May 11 07:10 PM US/Eastern Snips

    Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Richard Shelby, R-Ala., at a news conference…

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate voted unanimously to peer into Federal Reserve decision-making Tuesday, authorizing an
    examination of the central bank’s emergency lending to financial institutions in the months surrounding the 2008 financial crisis

    Separately, Democrats rejected a Republican plan to end the government’s support of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—a financial rescue that now stands at $145 billion. Instead, the Senate voted to instruct the Treasury to study and recommend how the government can end its relationship with the two housing finance companies.

    Passed 96-0, the Fed measure requires a one-time audit of the central bank’s more than $2 trillion in lending and the disclosure of all recipients of that assistance. A proposal for a broader review of the Fed failed.
    “The Fed can no longer operate in the kind of secrecy that it has operated forever,” said Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., the main author of the audit amendment.

    Sanders narrowed his proposal to a single audit carried out by Congress’ investigative arm, the Government Accountability Office, and covering a period beginning in December 2007. The GAO was specifically directed to examine potential conflicts of interest between the Fed and the banks receiving assistance.
    A proposal for a broader audit failed 62-37, with bipartisan opposition. Meeting privately, Bernanke told lawmakers Tuesday that the Fed will begin to issue public reports on its efforts to contain the European emergency. He said the Fed would identify the amount of dollars shipped abroad, broken out by foreign central bank.

    By voice vote, the Senate also moved to place new controls on the $700 billion fund that the government used in 2008 and 2009 to rescue banks, automakers and the government-supported mortgage giants. The amendment by Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Col., would require all new repayments of the money from banks to be used for reducing the deficit, not new programs. It also reduces the size of the bailout fund to $550 billion. Currently, the Treasury only anticipates using $537 billion from the fund, with $496 billion already committed.

    On the dueling amendments on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Republicans failed to win support for a plan that would have ended the government’s support of the companies in two years and would have repealed their mandate to promote affordable housing.

  20. US says Pakistani Taliban “May Go” on terror list
    May 11 Snips Quotes are mine.

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The government may add the Pakistani Taliban to a terrorism blacklist that would impose travel and financial sanctions on members of the group, which officials believe is linked to the failed Times Square car bombing.

    State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Tuesday the U.S. already was considering designating Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP, a “foreign terrorist organization” before the May 1 incident in New York, but the process has accelerated since the failed attack.

    ….Adding or removing a group from the list is a “lengthy, deliberative process” that must follow strict legal guidelines, Crowley said. He added that the interrogation of the man accused in the New York incident, Faisal Shahzad, had provided additional information about the Pakistani Taliban and its potential threat to the United States.

    U.S. officials have said the Pakistani Taliban provided financing and training to Shahzad, who spent five months in Pakistan prior to the attack. Although the group has been active since roughly 2001, it has not been included on the terrorism list because officials had not determined it met the criteria.

    Crowley rejected suggestions that the group’s absence from the list implied the U.S. had been lax in dealing with it. He noted that
    some of its leaders had been reported killed in covert U.S. airborne drone strikes.

    Earlier Tuesday, at least five senators, including all four from New York and New Jersey, sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton asking that the group be added to the list. The move would freeze assets the group has in U.S. jurisdictions, make it a crime for Americans to offer it material support and prohibit its members from traveling to the U.S.

    “The Pakistani Taliban is a murderous organization dedicated to killing civilians, harming U.S. interests in the region, and has even
    taken credit for terrorist acts committed on U.S. soil,” the senators wrote, arguing that the group meets the legal criteria for the
    designation. “Designating the Pakistani Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization would be an effective means of curtailing support for their terrorist activities and pressuring other groups to withdraw their logistical, financial and political support for this terrorist organization,” they said.

    There are currently 45 groups on the blacklist, including al-Qaida, its affiliates and numerous organizations in the Middle East.

  21. CNBC’s Rick Santelli Rips Key Democrat For Ignoring Fannie/Freddie Reform. Dems’ Financial “Reform” Leaves Taxpayers on the Hook for Government Mortgage Giants

    May 11 Snips

    Democrats still don’t get it, and they refuse to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government mortgage companies that sparked the meltdown by giving high-risk loans to people who couldn’t afford it. Standing up for American taxpayers, CNBC’s on-air editor, Rick Santelli teed off on Rep. Paul Kanjorski’s (D-PA) claim that Democrats’ couldn’t reform Fannie & Freddie in their financial regulation bill because it was “too complicated,” asking: “It’s too complicated? You think taxpayers that go to work to pay the money you are subsidizing, it will end up a half a trillion, do you think they think complicated is an excuse?”

    “Fannie Mae said on Monday it would need an additional $8.4bn in aid, as the US government-controlled mortgage finance company continued to suffer heavy losses on its bad loans…Fannie Mae’s appeal for help comes on the heels of a similar plea last week by smaller rival Freddie Mac, which asked for an additional $10.6bn cash infusion. The latest requests for aid bring the total amount of taxpayer dollars drawn down by these companies to $148bn since the 2008 government-led bail-out.

    For years, Republicans raised red flags about Fannie and Freddie’s financial condition and proposed responsible reforms only to be
    thwarted by Democrats who have deep political ties to the worst offenders. These same powerful Democrats are now pushing for a financial reform bill that doesn’t even address the need to fix these government mortgage companies. As the Wall Street Journal wrote last week, “reforming the financial system without fixing Fannie and Freddie is like declaring a war on terror and ignoring al Qaeda.”

    House Republicans’ plan would phase out taxpayer subsidies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over a number of years and end the current model of privatized profits and taxpayer losses.

  22. Elena Kagan Argued to Ban Political Pamphlets

    This nominee for Supreme Court has problems with free speech.

    • Her argument will be that since she’s the government’s lawyer, she has to argue their take on it, whether she agrees with it or not. However, a person of integrity would resign rather than to stoop to making a clearly unconstitutional argument.

  23. Twenty eight years of corruption and he is OUT! It’s another win for We the People!

    West Virginia’s, Alan Mollohan, 14th term Democratic Socialist member of US House of Representatives.

    Kicked to the curb by we the people.

    It was a Great day for WV!

  24. CYA is the name of this game! Robert Bauer (husband of the Mao lover, Anita Dunn and O’s personal eligibility lawyer)

    Obama waives ethics rules for eligibility lawyer
    White House: Restrictions on top attorney ‘not in public interest’
    President Obama has waived ethics rules for White House counsel Robert Bauer, his personal and campaign lawyer – and the same attorney who has defended Obama in lawsuits challenging his eligibility to be president.

    Late last year, Obama installed Robert Bauer – top lawyer for Obama, Obama’s presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee and Obama’s Organizing for America – as White House counsel. Bauer had been a partner at the law firm Perkins Coie.

    However, Executive Order 13490, “Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel,” prohibits political appointees from participating in any matter involving specific parties that is directly and substantially related to former employers or former clients. The rule typically expires two years after the date of appointment.

    According to the ethics waiver posted May 7 at 5 p.m. on the White House website, Bauer is now exempted from the requirements of the ethics pledge “solely with respect to his former client the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and with respect to his former employer Perkins Coie LLP (Perkins Coie) in its capacity as counsel to the DNC and to President Barack Obama in his
    personal capacity.”

    The waiver suggests the ethics rules would have prevented Bauer from working on Obama’s financial disclosure forms or issues related to the Democratic National Committee. The document states, “Before his service as Counsel to the President, Mr. Bauer and Perkins Coie represented the President in his personal capacity, and Mr. Bauer’s former firm continues to represent the President on such matters. If the ethics pledge were literally applied, when representing the interests of the President and the United States as Counsel to the President, Mr. Bauer would not be able to advise the President appropriately on particular matters that are directly and substantially related to Perkins Coie’s representation of the President in his personal capacity.”

    The waiver allows Bauer to deal in an official capacity with Perkins Coie and remain involved in Obama’s personal legal matters. The document also states, “Mr. Bauer does not have any continuing financial interest in his former client the DNC. His only continuing financial interest in Perkins Coie is the repayment of his capital account pursuant to his partnership agreement.”

    Politico reported Bauer earned $959,000 from Perkins Coie in 2009, and the firm currently owes him another $216,000. The Federal Election Commission shows “Obama for America,” Obama’s 2008 political campaign, has made regular payments totaling $2,877,083.56, or $2.9 million, to Perkins Coie since Jan. 1, 2007 – the month Obama formed a presidential exploratory committee and only weeks before he formally announced his candidacy for president.

    Nearly $2 million, or $1,941,381.04, of that sum was paid to Perkins Coie since questions about Obama’s eligibility were raised in June 2008 while Bauer was a partner (until Bauer’s departure in December 2009). “Obama for America” made another payment of $261,206.69 to Perkins Coie during the period of Jan. 10 to March 31, 2010, after

    Bauer left to become White House counsel. Perkins Coie continues to represent the Obama campaign, the Obama family and the DNC.

    As WND reported, in April 2009, Bauer sent a letter to plaintiff Gregory Hollister, a retired Air Force colonel, of Hollister v. Soetoro, threatening sanctions if he didn’t withdraw his appeal of the eligibility case that earlier was tossed by a district judge because the issue already had been “twittered.” “For the reasons stated in Judge Robertson’s ruling, the suit is frivolous and should not be pursued,” Bauer’s letter warned. “Should you decline to withdraw this frivolous appeal, please be informed that we intend to pursue sanctions, including costs, expenses and attorneys’ fees, pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 38 and D.C. Circuit Rule 38.”

    Bauer also represented Obama and the DNC in Philip Berg’s eligibility lawsuit and various other legal challenges. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Bauer functioned as an “attack lawyer,” threatening with FEC complaints groups wanting to run anti-Obama television ads.

    Also during the 2008 presidential campaign, Bauer as counsel for the Obama campaign wrote letters to television station managers and to Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General John Keeney arguing that airing an anti-Obama ad pointing to the known association between Obama and Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers would violate federal election rules. Additionally, during the 2008 campaign, Bauer intervened on behalf of Obama to block the California-based American Leadership Project from running a television ad campaign over support from unions, including the Service Employees International Union. Again, Bauer filed a complaint with the FEC alleging that the union-funded television campaign the American Leadership Project planned to run in Indiana against Obama was illegal under federal election laws.

    In addition to representing Obama on eligibility cases, Bauer also served as legal counsel to represent the president in the criminal probe into the activities of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and he was asked to lead the search for Obama’s new choice for the Supreme Court justice this year.

    White House ethics lawyer Norm Eisen, who works under Bauer, signed and posted the ethics waiver online, stating that the White House was doing so “in the interest of transparency.” Since the posting of the ethics waiver, blogger reaction has been mixed. Some comments include the following:

    Eligibility issues seem to be heating up, especially since Arizona passed the law that candidates have to show a birth certificate. This is likely why they need to retain Bauer on the issue – trouble for 2012?

    Look, all they’re doing is dropping the pretense of being ethical. Only the MSM uses the word “ethics” and “White House” in the same sentence, and even they know it’s just hype.

    Sure would be nice to know how much of the $959K (and counting) was paid to Bauer for his representation of Obama/Soetoro in the various eligibility suits, and what part of Perkins Coie’s payments were for Bauer versus other attorneys in the firm.

    Would he be able to testify against Obama, should any case come up, as personal attorney or counsel?

    In this case, the waiver does make sense, but only because it indicates a deficiency in the way the ethics rules were made initially.

    If I were to advise Obama on the matter, I’d tell him to revise the rules to make them more clearly delineate appropriate from inappropriate behavior and to stick to them strongly.

    Just another part of the most ethical and open administration to ever occupy the White House.

    Ethics “waivers” are the essence of the Obama administration.

  25. Intel briefs: Obama priorities include Navy cuts
    ‘Some tough choices are going to have to be made’
    May 10, 2010

    Posted: May 10, 2010
    10:57 pm Eastern

    U.S. Navy carrier

    The Navy is about to have its future ship options dramatically cut due to mounting budget constraints and President Obama’s nuclear disarmament goals, and the moves could affect the ability of the United States to respond to future crises.

    The decision will have an immediate impact on upcoming orders for new-generation submarines and aircraft carriers.

    U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is to decide on the future of the U.S. Trident ballistic submarine fleet that also will have

    repercussions on the future of the British submarine program. He is about to announce that the U.S. will not purchase a new class of ballistic missile submarine to replace the existing Ohio-class boats carrying the Trident nuclear missiles. The British Trident submarine program is dependent on the future of the U.S. program.

    Gates may scrap the $80 billion plan to purchase 12 new submarines due to cost and Obama’s intention of cutting nuclear weapons. According to Gates, the high cost for submarine replacement “will suck all the air out of the Navy’s shipbuilding program” by the end of this decade.

    • Secretary Gates to Slash Pentagon Budget in Search of $10 Billion in Savings
      Updated May 08, 2010 Snips

      ABILENE, Kansas — Warring against waste, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday he is ordering a top-to-bottom paring of the military bureaucracy in search of at least $10 billion in annual savings needed to prevent an erosion of U.S. combat power.

      He took aim what he called a bloated bureaucracy, wasteful business practices and too many generals and admirals, and outlined
      an ambitious plan for reform that’s almost certain to stir opposition in the corridors of Congress and Pentagon.

      “The Defense Department must take a hard look at every aspect of how it is organized, staffed and operated — indeed, every aspect of how it does business,” he said in a speech… at a ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender in World War II.

      Gates said he had recently come to the conclusion about the urgent need for big cuts in light of the recession and the likelihood that Congress no longer will give the Pentagon the sizable budget increases it has enjoyed since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

      “The gusher has been turned off and will stay off for a good period of time,” he said. In earlier remarks to reporters, Gates said it was clear that defense budgets will be tight “for as far into the future as anyone can see.”

      The current defense budget, not counting the cost of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, is $535 billion; the administration is asking for $549 billion for 2011.

  26. By golly, Obama had a real job…he scooped ice cream!
    “Investigators: Obama Using Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number – 3 Experts Insist White House Answer New Questions About Documentation”
    May 11, 2010 Snips

    “Two private investigators working independently are asking why President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for
    applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state. In addition, the records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and 1979, yet Obama’s earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin & Robbins ice cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii.

    WND has copies of affidavits filed separately in a presidential eligibility lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia by Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels and Colorado private investigator John N. Sampson.

    The investigators believe Obama needs to explain why he is using a Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants that was issued at a date later than he is known to have held employment. The Social Security website confirms the first three numbers in his ID are reserved for applicants with Connecticut addresses, 040-049. “Since 1973, Social Security numbers have been issued by our central office,” the Social Security website explains. “The first three (3) digits of a person’s social security number are determined by the ZIP code of the mailing address shown on the application for a social security number.”

    Daniels and Sampson each used a different database showing Obama is using a Social Security number beginning with 042.

    WND has further confirmed that the Social Security number in question links to Obama in the online records maintained by the Selective Service System. Inserting the Social Security number, his birth date and his last name produces a valid Selective Service number. To verify that the number was issued by the Social Security Administration for applicants in Connecticut, Daniels used a Social Security number verification database. She found that the numbers immediately before and immediately after Obama’s were issued to Connecticut applicants between the years 1977 and 1979.

    “There is obviously a case of fraud going on here,” Daniels maintained. “In 15 years of having a private investigator’s license in Ohio, I’ve never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.”

    Does the Social Security Administration ever re-issue Social Security numbers? “Never,” Daniels said. “It’s against the law for a person to have a re-issued or second Social Security number issued.” Daniels said she is “staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama’s use of this Social Security number is fraudulent.”
    There is no indication in the limited background documentation released by the Obama 2008 presidential campaign or by the White House to establish that Obama ever lived in Connecticut.”

    • Obama’s mama planned to “return to Kenya” with Obama and his father…
      May 9, 2010

      Obama’s mom planned to “return to Kenya” with Obama and his father per Obama’s book Dreams from My Father. To return to somewhere, you had to have been there first. In Obama’s biographical book Dreams from My Father, on page 126, Obama tells the account of Obama’s mom telling him that some day it was intended that all three of them were to “return to Kenya”, i.e., his father, mother, and Obama. Therefore, to return somewhere you must have been there first. Thus all three of them were there before, i.e., when Obama was born. 😉 Hat tip to an anonymous poster.

      See quoted page…

      And as we know from prior readings in Obama’s book Dreams from My Father, per page 26, he had in his possession a copy of his birth certificate circa 1982 along with his vaccination forms. So he should show us and also some controlling legal authority that BC and vaccination docs (to see where they were done) instead of a 2007 internet image of an alleged Hawaiian computer generated 2007 COLB. See the BC quote in this image.

      CDR Charles Kerchner

  27. The year is 1907, one hundred and 3 years ago.

    Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

    ‘In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.’

    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

  28. Raging Muslim students in Sweden attacked artist Lars Vilks during a free speech lecture in Sweden. 15 Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar” rushed the podium, headbutted Vilks, broke his glasses and tackled him to the floor.

    The whole assault was caught on tape:

  29. Today, I happened to listen to Karzai’s and Obama ‘s press conference after their “friendly” meeting. I am still appalled that they laid out the red carpet for him, yet treated PM of Israel, Gordon Brown, and the Dali with such disrespect. How humiliating to those who were snubbed by letting it be known they were treating Karzai so well. Karzai thanked the American people for supporting Afghanistan…we support 80% of their economy! He praised us and of course the usurper standing next to him. This was the man that came to Washington for more aid money and yet threatened a month or so ago that he was ready to side with the Taliban when Obama was pressuring him to do as he wanted.

    • A reporter is asking a question of both Karzai and Obama regarding Civilian Casualities.
      I was aghast at what I heard from the Usurper’s mouth.

      Obama/Karzai Press Conference Part 4 of 6

      President Obama and President Karzai held a joint press conference in Washington. Read about it at http://www.fugumble

  30. Holder admitted today that he hasn’t read Arizona’s Immigration Law! Yet he thinks it is a slippery slope! WTH????

    I hope they grilled this sucker in the hearings today about terrorism.

    Fire Him!

    • Bridgette, It looks like the trouble starters are stirring up others in other states against Brewer. We need a list of them on a thread just to find out what is in it for them. Betcha a dollar to a donut that these cats against enforcing proper laws have already been mentioned here before, betcha. The 6 million dollar question is “What is in it for them ?” Besides money of course…

    • All for the votes of the Hispanics! He knows whatever Alexrod’s talking points were…that is how he formed his opinion. This person is the top attorney in the US? Get him out! They manage to rile up the country and he doesn’t even know what is in the law??? He said it could lead to racial profiling Too? Another affirmative action person in power that has always just gotten by with no substance, no morals, no principles, and no ethics!

      Holder hasn’t read Arizona law he criticized
      May 13, 2010

      Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., who has been critical of Arizona’s new immigration law, said Thursday he hasn’t yet read the law and is going by what he’s read in newspapers or seen on television.
      Mr. Holder is conducting a review of the law, at President Obama’s request, to see if the federal government should challenge it in court. He said he expects he will read the law by the time his staff briefs him on their conclusions.

      “I’ve just expressed concerns on the basis of what I’ve heard about the law. But I’m not in a position to say at this point, not having read the law, not having had the chance to interact with people are doing the review, exactly what my position is,” Mr. Holder told the House Judiciary Committee.

      This weekend Mr. Holder told NBC’s “Meet the Press” program that the Arizona law “has the possibility of leading to racial profiling.” He had earlier called the law’s passage “unfortunate,” and questioned whether the law was unconstitutional because it tried to assume powers that may be reserved for the federal government.

      Rep. Ted Poe, who had questioned Mr. Holder about the law, wondered how he could have those opinions if he hadn’t yet read the legislation. “It’s hard for me to understand how you would have concerns about something being unconstitutional if you haven’t even read the law,” the Texas Republican told the attorney general.

      The Arizona law’s backers argue that it doesn’t go beyond what federal law already allows, and they say press reports have distorted the legislation. They point to provisions in the law that specifically rule out racial profiling as proof that it can be implemented without conflicting with civil rights.

      But critics said giving police the power to stop those they suspect are in the country illegally is bound to lead to profiling.

      Mr. Holder said he expects the Justice and Homeland Security departments will finish their review of the Arizona law soon.

  31. Just dropping by to relate the latest news before heading out!


    Haven’t heard all the details, but Fox & Friends reported on Rolling Stone article that the General has made some comments that doesn’t sit well with the Admin. “….the wimps in the White House…” was one I caught !!!

    This is a good article to read concerning what appears to be another disaster costing the lives and livelihood of our brave troops who sacrifice for the people of Afghanistan who know we will not remain there and they (Afghans) will return to what has always been ! We (the USA) CANNOT fix everyone and everything ! I’ll just leave it at that…I am very upset about our precious men and women who are in harm’s way !

    God Bless the USA, Israel and all our soldiers around the world

    • McChrystal tells it like it really is…he may lose his job, but I’d side with him over the WH anyday…Would like to see the Rolling Stones article. Why would a leftist magazine be chosen to interview McChrystal?

      White House summons general over remarks
      Rolling Stone quotes McChrystal aides mocking Biden, envoy Holbrooke Snips

      WASHINGTON – The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan has been summoned to Washington to explain derogatory comments about President Barack Obama and his colleagues, administration officials said Tuesday.

      President Obama was described as “furious” about the remarks …

      The first victim in the growing controversy was the Pentagon’s PR official who set up the interview with McChrystal. NBC reported that Duncan Boothby, a civilian member of the general’s public relations team was “asked to resign.”

      The article also reported:

      McChrystal has seized control of the war “by never taking his eye off the real enemy: The wimps in the White House.”

      One aide called White House National Security Adviser Jim Jones, a retired four star general, a “clown” who was “stuck in 1985. It quotes a member of McChrystal’s team making jokes about Biden, who was seen as critical of the general’s efforts to escalate the conflict and who had favored a more limited counter-terrorism approach. “Biden?” the aide was quoted as saying. “Did you say: Bite me?” Biden initially opposed McChrystal’s proposal for additional forces last year. He favored a narrower focus on hunting terrorists.

      In the interview, McChrystal he said he felt betrayed by the man the White House chose to be his diplomatic partner, Ambassador Karl Eikenberry.

  32. Gibbs says McChrystal made an “enormous mistake”. Probably the general’s aides were saying it the way it is.

    McChrystal supposedly voted for Obama.

    Rush was saying, can you imagine being a warrior general and finding out that your boss was just a community organizer and someone that voted against the military for years.

    Apparently Obama was intimidated by being surrounded by a group of high ranking military officers!

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