Things Really Are Getting Crazy! Sarkozy Warns Obama Might Be Insane

By: Renee and Leza

The French President is now reported to be questioning President Obama’s sanity? Quite interesting to hear this. A maxi drama ?

There is one bit Leza found and we had planned to post it but both found our fruit had a worm, or a few. I guess now I am adding to readers to be so careful as you find bits on this story.

Keep this one updated please Leza. I thought they would get along, silly me. I do not like worms in fruit. That Michael Jackson song comes to mind about the one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch girl….

Things really are getting crazy !

281 responses to “Things Really Are Getting Crazy! Sarkozy Warns Obama Might Be Insane

  1. Is this real ? Has anyone else seen this ? From:CW

    This is repeated from the last thread.

    The following is an excerpt from a complete report I received 4-18-2010 on the progress of the Restore America Plan. The entire report complete with video links and related websites is posted on my blog. May God help this plan to slucceed!

    4/17 Restore America Plan !

    Definitive Analysis !!!




    Protective Intelligence and Assessment – Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment – Independent Intelligence and Information Warfare

    Thursday – April the 15th, 2010 – 1800 Hrs, m.s.t. (Arizona)




    Statement of Purpose:

    The content of this paper is deliberately intended to stimulate thought and discussion, as well as to inform. As with all White Paper Briefings, informational analysis comprising global security, national security of the sovereignty of the United States of America, economic forces as a dimension to national security, culture, freedom in human rights, defense and the rule of law are considered within the framework of this treatise. Additionally, the subject of America’s Christian Faith as a cornerstone of America’s ideals, and Christian teachings and beliefs as a significant influence upon American society are presented.


    The Restore America Plan is a bold initiative deeply rooted in Common Law, which law was a foundational principle to the Founding Fathers. The Restore America Plan further draws its’ guidance on another principle of the Founders; namely, the value system of the laws of nature and of nature’s God established in the Declaration of Independence. The courts of America, and elected officials, and most Americans consider such talk silly and not really significant. Most of America thinks the Constitution is independent of the Declaration of Independence. Many generations after the ratification of the Constitution, the Declaration was considered a primary guiding document in American constitutional government. Well into the twentieth century, the Declaration and the Constitution were viewed as inseparable and interdependent documents.

    “The Constitution cannot be properly interpreted nor correctly applied apart from the principles set forth in the Declaration; the two documents must be used together. Furthermore, under America’s government as originally established, a violation of the principles of the Declaration was just as serious as a violation of the provisions of the Constitution” (David Barton, p.251 Original Intent).

    The Constitution has been shredded by elites who have no interest in maintaining the government, the freedoms, the spirit, the Divine wisdom, the Common Law handed to us by the Founding Fathers. The Declaration of Independence has been relegated to a quaint old document with little relevance for modern America. These two foundational documents have meticulously

    been studied by the leadership of The Restore America Plan; taken off the shelf to serve as guiding principles for The Restore America Plan. Both of these Hallowed documents are again applied as Common Law guide, Divine Wisdom, and the voice of the Founders saying in unison: “America, WAKE-UP and return to the core values and guiding principles that made this country special, even during its’ infancy!”

    The Restore America Plan is accomplishing this through the means provided within the framework of these two documents. Putting forth these documents as the basis for establishing freedom from a tyrant king was a minor miracle in itself way back in 1776. Employing the same rights and privileges as inscribed in these documents today against a group of thugs who could care less about the people of America and her history, values and culture which derived from the Founding Fathers as much as the words: WE THE PEOPLE, is equally miraculous given the decay experienced in a government no longer responsible to those in whom are governed.

    The Restore America Plan is a Divine Appointment to reintroduce individual responsibility, and collective responsibility in communities, respect and responsibility for those serving as representatives of the people, and to re-establish individual rights, national sovereignty, Common Law, and the Judio-Christian Heritage from which America derived.

    The Restore America Plan, from all of my briefings and readings of the documents associated with the leaders of this plan, tells me that for America to have any hope whatsoever of surviving, it must return to its foundations, and return NOW. There is NOT a moment to lose. The damage to our Nation is catastrophic on multiple fronts. The leaders of this plan have return to the very principles and guidelines, the very “lawful” and ethical values written in the two documents I already have mentioned. The preponderant majority in Washington, D.C., regardless of party affiliation, no longer believed The Declaration of Independence or The Constitution for the United States of America could be put into play, so to speak. The elites in Washington, D.C., and those in public office around the country who bought into the corporate speak of Washington power, and give only lip service to these two Hallowed documents, are learning the Founders always intended for the will of the people to be the fundamental principle of all sound government. When those principles are routinely and egregiously abridged, and elected representatives no longer are protecting the sovereignty of the nation and the people to whom they report, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish the “corporate government” responsible for the abridgement.

    We were about to lose, forever, the sovereignty of our great Nation. Mr. Obama was scheduled to sign a series of International Treatise last month, and again this month, which would have forever changed our national sovereignty. The leadership of our combined Armed Forces, and all Justices of the United States Supreme Court recognized the gravity of the situation, and the radical manner in which our country has been run the past 16-months. With learned assistance, research, and constitutional guidance, The Restore America Plan came to life. This plan has been following a most specific, and detailed course of action. Not deviating from precepts which are “lawful” v. those deemed “legal” The Restore America Plan has moved quickly and quietly to restore the Republic of America, and return lawful constitutional government to this nation.

    This restoration process has been, one, and the same time, simple and difficult. Simple because following the “lawful” provisions outlined in the aforesaid documents provides a clear and straight path in establishing a government of the people and for the people. Difficult because leaders in power during the 41st Congress in 1868, and other diabolic scoundrels, deliberately and willfully altered the foundation by which our country was established, and for all the years since, our country has steadily moved further and further away from the original intent of the Founding Fathers. We have now a government the Founding Fathers would not recognize as the one they so carefully crafted and handed to us to take care of…to nurture…and to protect.


    The 41st Congress in 1868, created a corporation named “the U.S. Corporation,” and a jurisdictional area 10 sq miles by 10 sq miles = 100 square miles named: the District of Columbia. This same congress seductively altered the title on the original or organic Constitution from: The Constitution “of” the United States of America to The Constitution “for” the United States of America. Without consent of the governed, the 41st Congress created a corporation. You can see this at: 28 U.S. Code 3002 which defines the United States as a corporation. This alteration of the original document and the original intent of the document known as the Constitution, gave jurisdictional authority to Congress for the District of Columbia and any future territories seized or obtained by Congress, but not the original states and those contiguous states which comprise the nation known as America.

    In addition to the District of Columbia, the territories of: Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Americana’s Island come under the direct jurisdiction of the United States Corporation. This sets up a critical clash between the two jurisdictions. As long as no one knew the difference, ignorance was bliss. The original Constitution remains the document of record for America – not the corporation.

    But one day, storm clouds would have to appear – and they have. You can not have a house divided and expect it to stand.

    The 14th Amendment is a good example of the deceit perpetrated upon WE THE PEOPLE all these years. Many believe, and having been taught, the 14th Amendment has to do with setting free the slaves. Rather, it has to do with enslaving a nation. Upon passage, all citizens became “14th Amendment Citizens” with their loyalty to the Corporation legally known as the United States. The day before this amendment passed, Congress passed another law giving people a choice to opt-out; in essence, they had the right to choose whether or not they would remain citizens of the corporation. They would have to give their consent. This small political battle became known as the “Ex-Patriation Amendment”. The devious and diabolic acts of Congress were present then, too. Congress did not tell the people. They purposefully hid this truth. So…if you are an American, you are not a U.S. Citizen as we all have been taught down through time. And if you are a U.S. Citizen, you are not an American. U.S. Citizens are those who recognize the authority of the Corporation of the United States, whose only legal jurisdiction is the 100-square mile radius of the District of Columbia, and aforementioned territories. Americans enjoy the 50-states coast-to-coast, and border-to-border, and the rights and privileges of the two Founding Documents: The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.


    Another example of the deceit from forces of darkness that have been present since the birth of our Nation: The 16th Amendment was NEVER ratified. It is a totally illegal amendment that has taken on a life of its own throughout all the years. You would better know this amendment as the creation of the Federal Income Tax and the bureaucracy known as the Internal Revenue Service. Knowledgeable individuals within The Restore America Plan are presently in discussions with the IRS Commissioner, and others, to teach and demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt, the illegality of the agency and its’ assignment. Stay tuned.

    The Restore America Plan will reset the proper form of government none of us has known. It already has stopped some of the “rape of America” at the hands of Obama and his thugs.

    1. As of March 30th, 2010, all 50-Governors were hand served by a courier correspondence outlining The Restore America Plan, the definition between “law” and “legal” actions, the altering of the original Constitution, and the appeal for each Governor to take an Oath of Office to support and defend the original Constitution, not the altered one of 1865, which was altered further in 1933. The Governor’s were further informed that the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all Justices of the Supreme Court were supportive of this action to restore America.

    2. As of March 30th, 2010, each member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Supreme Court were also served correspondence similar to that of each Governor.

    3. The FBI was fully briefed the last week in March, 2010, having met with two of the leaders of The Restore America Plan. During these meetings, documents, and the lawful actions stipulated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were reviewed, as well as the correspondence to the Governors, Joint Chiefs and Justices of the Supreme Court. The FBI rendered the official opinion: No laws are being violated. The procedures to-date have been lawful and absolutely correct. The FBI did voice their concern associated with “spin-off” violence from groups not committed to lawful acts. The FBI did not view the leadership of The Restore America Plan as militant, extremists, or a threat to anyone’s personal or national security. The FBI continues to remain in the loop.

    4. Not one Governor has released any portion of the correspondence they received. Each Governor is under a “Gag-Order” to the same.

    5. The week following each Governor’s receiving this correspondence there was a slight news flurry from government controlled media wherein they attempted to “spin” the actions of the week prior. The slight media attention was based on verbal reports, rather than a review of the actual documents hand delivered to each Governor by The Restore America Plan. There have been no media announcements or coverage since.

    6. Absorption of all bonds for each state, and for the federal government, was not accomplished until March 31st. In essence, each Governor by position of office as the Chief Executive Officer for the State is the keeper of the Great Seal of the State. Among the responsibilities for the keeper of the Great Seal is to maintain a bond providing protection against suit or lien of any state property. Similar to a contractor carrying an insurance bond against suit for acts done or left undone, for negligence, for harm, etc. without these bonds the state is vulnerable to liens being filed and/or litigation. Likewise, the arresting of these bonds creates serious and significant concerns in all financial transactions, as well as loans or other funding sought by the state, especially reaching out to the private sector. In essence, without holding a bond the state is extremely vulnerable and handicapped in business and financial transactions.

    7. The Governor’s of the Great States of Michigan, Nevada, and Louisiana each have told The Restore America Plan they do not place any credence or value in what has been accomplished.

    8. The bonds of the United States Corporation were likewise arrested. While this concept is most difficult for Americans to grasp, the principle of this is not lost on leaders from Nations of the World. The week of April 4th, 2010, Mr. Obama attempted to arrange several trillion dollars by “floating a bond” in Switzerland, and the offer was not entertained and turned down! Informal notice has also been sent to Washington, D.C. that Obama has, and is, running out of favor in many sectors of the world. The world leaders are awakening to the reality that Obama and crew have lost credit by the seizing of the bonding authority, and they have lost personal credibility in many, many regions of the world community.

    9. The World Court meeting in Hague has been working with the leaders of The Restore America Plan.

    10. The countries of China, India, Mexico, Germany, and Canada have all sent communications in support of The Restore America Plan. Other countries have begun to look into the activities taking place with this plan. The Nation of China has made it clear that while there remain philosophical differences between our two Nations, the Chinese very much support The Restore America Plan because they see this plan as the only mechanism that might bring economic stability to America, and to the world. China admits it has a vested interest because of loan amounts to America, and the need for their country’s manufactured items to be purchased in America to maintain the Chinese economy.

    11. A dimension of The Restore America Plan is to rid American government of the egregious criminal and selfish acts perpetrated by those in positions of service. It has become known that 135-Congressman pocketed funds from the various BAILOUT schemes rushed through Congress. These “Representatives of the People” took funds and deposited them in various accounts across the world. The Chinese Government, demonstrating support for The Restore America Plan, took the lead investigating these despicable acts. All funds deposited have been located, the accounts have been frozen, and the names of those serving in Congress who deposited these funds into personal accounts are known! They are currently petrified that their names will be released.


    Much has been accomplished with so much more needing to be put into place. In a way, there is a race between two opposing forces; just so happens if one force wins the race, a nation goes down and ceases to exist as we have ever known her; while, if the other force wins the race, a nation is saved from imminent collapse and prayerfully restored to a proper form of government that hasn’t been seen in our life-time. Make no mistake, both forces are dedicated to their beliefs, and this will not be an easy or quick race. The opposition to limited and representative government has much to lose, and their arrogance and distaste for America will force them to throw everything and anything in the path during this race.

    There was another group long time ago who also threw everything they had at America, and Americans. This group, like the bunch now in power at several levels of government, wanting to control, to put down any who would dare raise the subject of independence and freedom as God

    gave freedom to every man, woman and child. That group, similar to what we have taking place in America today, did not want to hear anything from the multitudes. Well…that didn’t fly, and a small but determined group of Americans set-out to shut them up, kick them out of positions of any authority, and to establish a nation built on what is lawful not merely legal; to build One Nation under God with liberty and the pursuit of justice for all. The Founding Fathers were passionate about protecting against despotic rule; against tyranny, against a totalitarian ruler or pockets of rulers.

    Samuel Adams, a leading figure among the Founders, wrote: “In all good government, the Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary powers are confined within the limits of their respective departments. If therefore it should be found that the constitutional rights of our federal and local governments should on either side be infringed, or that either of the departments aforesaid interfere with another, it will, if continued, essentially alter the Constitution, and may, in time,…be productive of such convulsions as may shake the political ground upon which we now happily stand.” Sam Adams: writings to the Legislature of Massachusetts on January 19, 1796.

    • From Kates place;

      April 19, 2010 at 10:18 am
      “A Chief Executive of a Corporation signs “executive orders”. A President of a constitutional REPUBLIC does not.”
      Wow, another Constitutional V-8 moment for me!

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