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April 1, 2010 6:30 a.m.






An unknown source called a surprise White House Press Conference for 6:00 am this morning. Robert Gibbs is being questioned and has no answers as usual. Reporters documented the grand exit through the back door. It is trash day. Obama’s Blackberry and infamous teleprompter were impounded. The teleprompter will issue a statement later today on his web site.

Michelle Obama will be following very shortly; she can’t decide what fashion statement she wants to make today. No worries. Silver, bold handcuffs will make the statement for her. The children will watched over by Grandma Mary Robinson. In all the excitement, BO, made a no, no, on his namesake’s shoes. (Slip sliding away….)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General Eric Holder were arrested and held by the Secret Service at undisclosed locations.

Emergency measures are in force. For the interim term and until a new election is held, Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is being sworn in as president by Chief Justice John Roberts. To my knowledge, a vice president hasn’t yet been selected. The Presidential Succession Act determines who would take over as Commander in Chief. Of the eight persons in line, five were arrested: Joe Biden; Nancy Pelosi; Hillary Clinton; Timothy Geithner; and Eric Holder. Robert Byrd, age 93, third in line, is suffering from ill health and is unable to serve. That left Robert Gates or Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior.

In an extremely well coordinated effort, many Congressional Representatives and Senators are being awakened at their residences and hauled away. Criminal charges are to numerous to mention. Newspapers are scrambling to get information and articles printed for their late, really late editions. Internet bloggers are shooting the information worldwide. NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN and other alphabet media outlets are replaying non-stop weather reports. Conservative radio shows are broadcasting the news! FOX and Friends are showing the arrest and White House departure of the imposter. Tweets and twitters are jamming the lines. Those on the West Coast are being awakened at 3:30 a.m.

On the East Coast, there is jaw dropping, laughing, crying, and extreme jubilance everywhere. There is spontaneous dancing in the streets, people are screaming from rooftops and mountain tops, horns are honking, and phones are ringing nationwide. There are morning celebration drinks; alcohol and champagne are flowing in every unlawfully opened bar and in hotels. Airlines have delayed all departing flights, and arriving and waiting passengers are giddy. The lame street media is gasping for breath and words; their silence is golden. All government offices were declared closed for the day! Schools are being closed nationwide, as well as stores and shops because this day, April 1, 2010 is a perfect April Fool’s Day!

It can’t get better than that!

Have a Great April Fool’s Day!

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131 responses to “APRIL – MARXIST FOOLS MONTH (Open Thread)

  1. The United States should immediately seek to beef up our border security with personnel and advanced technologies that cross government disciplines. It means utilizing the Border Patrol, U.S. Customs, other Homeland assets, the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, and even the Department of Defense, all in a coordinated and defined mission.

    If we can send troops and deploy unmanned Predator Drones to secure the borders of foreign lands, then we can surely deploy them to help secure our own.

    Although governors have the power to deploy National Guard they do so at their own states cost and expense. Securing our nations borders are NOT the responsibility of the governor of a state, it is the obligation of our president and commander-in-chief.

    All the president need do is sign a presidential order authorizing the deployment of troops to aid civilian and law enforcement agencies in the mission of border security.

    For the past year, governors from New Mexico, California, Arizona and Texas have requested military to assist with border security, however, the Calvary never showed up. As a result of non-action, violence has escalated and more and more illegal immigrants cross into our country with impunity.

    We need a military-style precision operation to effectively secure our borders. It is not about “militarizing” our borders, which our president finds offensive. It is about keeping America safe.

    The president took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the mation. He better start preserving, protecting and defending our borders from those who seek to do us harm by using all the assets available to do so.


    OT: Read on Fox Nation that Ron Paul says “O is not a socialist”…”he’s a corporatist” ! OK, old man, now go away! Wasting his time and money, IMO. The last two conferences that had him so high in the straw poll was because he paid his clan’s tickets to go there and who knows what else! Typical politician…buy the vote! Oh, and didn’t I hear a little rumble that he is NOT a friend of Israel ?? Again, go away, old man! (Sorry, I’m usually not so mean, but….a little touchy these days!)

  2. If I lived in the state of Illinois, I would move far, far away!! This is just getting to be too much!!!

    The University of Illinois Alumni Association recently awarded it’s “International Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievement” to the current President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa Delgado. Since the University of Illinois is the premier university for the state of Illinois, let’s see the list of accomplishments President Correa can boast of while claiming this prestigious award:

    Transparency International listed Ecuador as one of the world’s most corrupt countries under Correa.
    He has seized numerous TV and Radio outlets in his country.
    He has jailed reporters critical of his government.
    Organzied crime has had a magnificient rise during his reign.
    He has rammed through constitutional changes to increase his power and extend his term of office.
    He was found to have FARC terrorists fund his campaigns.
    Documents found by Colombia show that he has actively worked with FARC terrorists. FARC has also been involved with kindnapping Americans.
    Ecuador has provided a safe haven for FARC terrorists to launch attacks on Columbia, an ally of the United States.
    Ecuador has ties to both Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and has increased ties to Iran.

    You could see awarding an individual responsible for the above antics (and more) at, say, Berkeley, but in the midwest? Then again, this is the same university system that employs and granted tenure to Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

    An interesting connection is that Loren Tayler, the President of the University of Illinois Alumni Association is the son-in-law of Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MA), the Democratic House Majority Leader.

    It’s not a stretch to suggest that there is liberal bias in academia. However, to award the leader of one of the world’s most corrupt countries, one that is waging an open war on the free press in his country, who is allied with Iran and openly aiding attacks against an American ally, who is sponsoring a terrorist group that has kidnapped Americans, defies logic.

    At a time when the University of Illinois is facing severe budget cutbacks, perhaps its time Illinois taxpayers consider whether or not they wish to fund a University that honors people who are involved in attacking Americans. This award is the kind of mind-boggling lunacy only possible at a big government university.


    Unbelievable !!!!!!

  3. It was ironic, as so many things are these days; that today I watched Link TV (far, far left) for about 10 mins. while a ‘John Perkins’ spoke about his book “Economic Hit Man’ and how he/someone approached one of the best presidents Ecuador ever had and told him plainly (paraphrase) ‘I have 100 million dollars in one pocket and a gun in the other. It’s your choice, do it our way or you know what will happen.’ President J. Roldos Aguilera made his last speech in May 1981, still standing strong to not allow the big corporations to come in and take the oil profits from his people. He died in a plane crash (hmmm) shortly afterward.

    Of course, Perkins has been called a lunatic for his crazy rantings.

    Then, he started talking about the fraud/theft of the 2000 election and praising the left….click.

  4. While only 6,000 strong, DSA has considerable strength in the labor movement, non profits, education and inside the Democratic Party. While Marxist based, DSA’s innocuous sounding name, allows the organization to operate in ways and places that their allies in the the Communist Party USA cannot.

    After using its clout to push through “healthcare reform” DSA is now using its influence in the giant union SEIU, to promote “immigration reform”.

    On April 6, 2010 at the McShain Lounge in McCarthy Hall Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. the DSA controlled Dissent magazine sponsored a seminar “Labor, the Left, and Progressives in the Obama Era”, summed up as follows:

    After the success of health care reform, what’s next on labor’s agenda? How can the labor movement grow and engage with a progressive movement that speaks to the Obama era? What is the role of younger workers, workers of color, and women? Is there a new “New Deal” on the horizon?

    Panellists included:

    Barbara Ehrenreich, a writer/activist and formr DSA co-chair.

    Christopher Hayes, Washington editor of the the DSA infiltrated Nation magazine and former writer for the DSA dominated In These Times.

    Gerry Hudson, executive vice-president of the SEIU. A long time DSA member.

    Michael Kazin, co-editor of Dissent magazine and co-author of a history of American communism with DSA member Maurice Isserman. Kazin traveled to Cuba in 1970 to cut cane for Castro, with the infamous Venceremos Brigade.

    Harold Meyerson, columnist for the Washington Post. A DSA vice chair.

    Liz Shuler, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO

    The seminar worked on ways to sell “immigration reform” to workers – a tough job, especially in a time of high unemployment.

    Read more, (also has utube of Gerry Hudson (“white…racists”)

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