Do Fear the Reaper

by Miri

It occurred to me, while watching Glenn Beck’s expose on Marxism and the Nazis, that at least Hitler didn’t make those he murdered pay for the gas and the gas chambers. Think about it:  They’ll force us all to pay for long-term care “insurance”, but who will own and control the facilities where we will be cared for? (But not long term. Insurance, it’s not, unless that means that you will assuredly die there, in “long term care.” They must lie awake at night thinking up this Orwellian language and then laughing at us when they use it to hide what they’re really up to.)

So who will control these “long term care” facilities? The government. In facilities staffed by SEIU thugs, no doubt. Run by the very people who will decide whether or not you’re worth keeping alive, long term or short term, according to the scheme that Ezekiel Emanuel and Cass Sunstein proposed–the Complete Lives System (aka, we decide when your life is “complete”).

It’s in Obamacare. The real death panels. As George Bernard Shaw the Marxist proposed: Evaluate people to see if they’re productive. If they’re not, do away with them, in a humane way, of course. If this isn’t chilling (and MARXIST), I don’t know what is: In an article published in the British medical journal Lancet, Emanuel and co-authors advocated health rationing that discriminates against older people.

“Unlike allocation by sex or race, allocation by age is not invidious discrimination,” they argued.  NOT invidious discrimination. Right. Okay, just watch that it’s not “invidious,” guys. Murderous, however, is peachy keen.

They invidiously blather on, “Treating 65-year-olds differently because of stereotypes or falsehoods would be ageist; treating them differently because they have already had more life years is not . . . [A]lthough life years are equally valuable to all, justice requires the fair distribution of them.”

Got that? Stereotypes are bad.  Rationing “life years” apparently is desirable, not discriminatory, because justice “requires” the “fair distribution” of LIFE YEARS!!!

So who will decide how many life years you get? Who will distribute these years, as if the years that you are allowed to live are a commodity that guys like Sunstein, Emanuel, and of course Obama get to hand out, like so many loaves of bread?

Who will play the Grim Reaper? “Don’t fear the Reaper.” He’s just meting out “justice.” And here, for millenia, we believed that God allots to Man the number of years he has on this Earth. More fool us.  That’s just superstitious claptrap, in Marxist philosophy.  The “opium of the masses.”

Here’s a good article that I stumbled across:

Long, but interesting, if you have the time to read it.

45 responses to “Do Fear the Reaper

  1. It also occurs to me that it’s guaranteed that all of the old, useless ones will wind up in these long term “care” facilities because if someone has paid for the “insurance” over the years that will certainly be the option of choice when the person’s alloted “life years” are up.

    Whose family will care for the person at home, when there’s a government facility, already paid for, that’s ready and more than willing to “care ” for that unproductive one?

    Added Marxist benefit: It furthers the destruction of that pesky anti-Marxist entity known as the extended nuclear family. Chairman Mao would be SO proud.

  2. Congress decided they are to good, to smart, and to valuable to be covered by their fantastic healthcare plan. Unfortunately, the rest of the 300 million people in the US, will be their lab rats or guinea pigs. They will be the Chief Eugenics Officials. Most are getting to the age that these death panels would affect them also…but that was to scary, so they opted out. Will their medical records be put on line too or did they opt out of that also?

    There must be hackers salivating at getting Obama’s medical records. I can’t wait to see if he was checked for HIV and under what name was he registered? Oh, how silly, he probably has already written an EO to have them sealed.

    • Oh, you better believe they won’t have THEIR medical records online or in a database. They’ll use national security as an excuse because they can be blackmailed.

      OT, but would it surprise you to learn that the guy who threatened the Republican Whip, Eric Cantor, a Jewish Congressman, is an Obama supporter AND a Muslim?

      Do you think Matt Lauer will make a connection between this leftist, Muslim Obot and death threats against Republicans or violence against Republicans, such as throwing bricks through windows or shutting down Karl Rove’s book signing? You know, the way he equated Sarah Palin with trumped up, non-existent death threats against supporters of Obamacare?

  3. Another historical coincidence.

    Documents of Auschwitz death camp doctors found
    Mar 22, 2010

    WARSAW, Poland – Food coupons for some of the notorious Nazi doctors at the Auschwitz death camp — including perhaps the sadistic Dr. Joseph Mengele — have been found in the attic of a nearby house, where they had lain unseen for decades.

    Doctors and pharmacists at the camp conducted pseudo-medical experiments on the inmates and helped select Jews arriving at the camp for either labor or death. Mengele escaped after World War II and evaded capture for the rest of his life.

    Between 1940 and 1945 more than 1 million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz or died of starvation or disease while forced to perform hard labor at the camp.

  4. These are all side shows,
    this is the main event:

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010
    Obama the Confederate
    Dear Lame Cherry,

    As a head of state, I would appreciate your being the genetic parent of our nation, for no one is so transcendentally gifted to produce a generation of offspring to lead the world into the 22nd century.

    Sincerest regards,

    name withheld

    You know folks, the globalists had this all about cooked in the American frog in the international frying pan, until Barack Hussein Obama came along.
    The internationalists about had the United States in the North American Union, America was being bred out of existence with illegals and Americans had their pockets picked clean with the BATF beating sons of liberty over the head in intimidation, and the along comes Obama and turns the flame up too much and instead of frogs on the fire, it is Tea Party on the fire, turning up the heat on traitorous Democrats.

    Barack Obama for his communist cause is thee greatest catastrophe for the left in world history. He is like marrying a burka girl in Tehran and unwrapping her to find she is a hairy guy named Ahmed who cooks and cleans well.
    You know in the American old west, the military employed a number of laundresses who were big ugly women, a Soldier would marry one and sometimes it was found out the big ugly woman was a big ugly Mexican guy when they died. Hard to believe but some of them married troopers……..which is about as odd of financial don’t scratch and don’t yell policy ever heard of.
    In those days though when the husband was found out, he simply shot hisself as people had morals of some sort back them.

    Of course in this big ugly Obama world where Obama plays the girl and Muchelle is the hoeing gardening man thing, Obama doesn’t even realize that he is on a suicide mission. One has to understand that the globalists never make mistakes as everything is calculated to their best advantage.
    The send Obama in on a suicide mission, knowing full well he might get everything and he most likely instead will cause a bigger catastrophe in a rebellion, but in that, the Rothschilds have this panned out too.

    When Obama pushes America enough and she begins to fragment, which is exactly what is occurring as more states daily are joining to sue the American Obama system, that is exactly the chaos these Europeans set up in 1860 for the Civil War. This financial cartel meant to destroy the American economy and create a massive war debt they would hold on America, and thereby enslave America to the European system.
    Abraham Lincoln defeated this scheme by selling bonds to fund the war.

    Obama though with his benefactors have factored this in, in ruining the bond markets, ruining the US Treasury and ruining America’s debt equity.
    To further enslave America, Obama has put in all of these massive stealth taxes in Obamacare. I heard one American note a reality that insurance providers are being forced to eat losses this entire year. This makes sense as AT&T was to eat 1 billion dollars in health costs in the first quarter which would factor in 4 billion for AT&T losses in one year alone.
    All of these companies are sitting on massive debt structures which they can not absorb, which as this blog noted will create massive inflation spikes as they start passing this onto consumers.
    If the insurance industry has to sit on losses for a year until after Democratic elections so the Obama fraud of “no price rises” will be maintained until after the elections, they will in January start spiking premiums to make up for all their losses the previous year.

    This stands to be an even greater massive inflationary spike than the one in Obama looting the Treasury. No one has factored this in, the puppy press is covering this up, Obama is lying about it and Americans are going to see massive price rises for years to come.


    My opinion?

    Nuclear weapons make debt irrelevant.
    Brussels can enslave no one, nor can the Rothchilds,
    if neither Brussels nor the Rothchilds continue to exist.

  5. I’m worried about this man, one of the good guys

    #certifigate: HI Officials Don’t Like Questions; Stats In; Complaint Filed; Attorney: Questions OK
    Thu, Mar 11, 2010 | 16 Comments

    Thursday, March 11, 2010 Update:
    I’ve been a bit under the weather of late, but I wanted to include a few interesting excerpts from Nellie’s blog concerning Terri K’s communications with a staff attorney at the …
    is his website and that was the last time he posted.

    He had also started a news site and that too is quiet.

    Does anybody know this man?
    Can anybody find out if he is still OK?


      Dave: He’s bugging out, as so many others have done. Says it’s to spend more time with the family. He says he may guest author at Post and Email News. He was letting the blog and the news site wind down for weeks. I don’t know why. We still don’t know why TD disappeared her archives. I don’t think you need worry about either of them.

  6. You have to wonder,

    If you take a real conspiracy website like
    they’re still ok
    but for those who seem to get close to evidence based fact,
    I think he has been told to shut up.

    On another subject, Who are these Convenient Christians who have
    bobbed up just in time to change the subject?

    As Drudge says, Big Sis….

  7. Dave, I guess we’re nobody ’cause nobody told us to shut up yet. We’re evidenced based, aren’t we?

    I don’t know what to think. Certainly Phil has a full life and one could tell that it conflicted with the time needed to maintain a well-read blog. He had lots of readers and had to moderate on account of a bad infestation of trolls. Selfsame trolls have tried to infest us, but we’re not as nice as Phil. We ban them. We won’t let them waste our time. It’s a double-edged sword, having lots of traffic. The good with the bad. Some of the buggers out are back, but I’m not going there. We’ll do our thing here and let them do theirs.

    Are the convenient Christians those militia guys? Those guys have been around for years. What’s convenient is the sudden decision to do something about them.

    Now, if they can bust these clowns, why can’t they bust any of those well-known Muslim jihadi training camps on the east coast? Huh?


    “Last October, the Yemeni government came to the CIA with a request: Could the agency collect intelligence that might help target the network of a U.S.-born al-Qaeda recruiter named Anwar al-Aulaqi?

    “What happened next is haunting, in light of subsequent events: The CIA concluded that it could not assist the Yemenis in locating Aulaqi for a possible capture operation. The primary reason was that the agency lacked specific evidence that he threatened the lives of Americans — which is the threshold for any capture-or-kill operation against a U.S. citizen. The Yemenis also wanted U.S. Special Forces’ help on the ground in pursuing Aulaqi; that, too, was refused. ”
    Aulaqi was allegedly the “handler” for Nidal Hasan (FT. Hood terrorist murderer) and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up that Detroit-bound airplane. Why didn’t they do anything about HIM? Huh?

    Ignatius explains, “any use of lethal force against a ‘U.S. person,’ such as Aulaqi, requires White House review.”

    I suppose the WH didn’t think Aulaqi is worth pursuing.

    Let’s not jump to any conclusions about Muslims. “Christian” milita members, however, are guilty until proven innocent.

    Different strokes for different folks. And so on and so on and shuby duby doo.

    • Dave, I guess we’re nobody ’cause nobody told us to shut up yet. We’re evidenced based, aren’t we?

      Miri, I think we are protected by our small readership,

      The O Org realizes we are too small to be a threat.

      TRSOL was getting too big.

      So is Pamela Geller, but she has chutzpah like Obama never
      ever had

      • That’s probably true. Maybe we need to get more readers? I really don’t miss the 0bots at RSOL. I used to spar with them, but it got old because all they did was cut and paste or repeat the same old stuff, without EVER addressing the points made by those they disagreed with. ESPECIALLY when a person made a good point. Then they’d bury the site with comments, to bump the more legitimate comments onto an older page. I recognize some of them, popping up elsewhere. It must be frustrating to them that Phil shut down because now they have no place to bloviate. Some went over to Gateway Pundit.

  8. Do you think it’s coincidence that Obama schedules his presser for the same time as Beck’s show?

  9. He’s such a lying Marxist Communist jerk!!

    Heritage President Ed Feulner Responds to President Obama’s Claims
    Posted March 30th, 2010

    President Obama this morning cited The Heritage Foundation’s research in an attempt to sell his health care package as a “middle of the road, centrist approach.” We take great exception to this misuse of our work and abuse of our name. This is but the latest act in a campaign to sell this big-government program as a moderate law that incorporates conservative ideas. Americans should not be fooled.

    Let’s be very clear: We oppose this new law because it is a radical new intrusion into the daily lives of all Americans and a massive takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy. We view the President’s health care law as inimical to our national interests and offensive to the historic American dedication to the principle of self-government.

    Our research has shown that President Obama’s health approach is financially unsustainable and will ultimately lead to health care rationing, a lower quality of care and a greater degree of dependence on government. We deplore those outcomes and are committed to making the intellectual case for this law’s repeal.

    What part of that does President Obama not understand?

    Specifically, President Obama told NBC’s Today Show host Matt Lauer that a centerpiece of his health care package, “in terms of the exchange, just being able to pool and improve the purchasing power of individuals in the insurance market—that originated from The Heritage Foundation.”

    But the President knows full well—or he ought to learn before he speaks—that the exchanges we and most others support are very different from those in his package. True exchanges are simply a market mechanism to enable families to choose their health insurance. President Obama’s exchanges, by contrast, are a vehicle to introduce sweeping regulation and federal standardization on health insurance.

    Moreover, we completely disagree that President Obama’s law improves the purchasing power of individuals in the insurance market. On the contrary, it will create a staggeringly complex and costly insurance system that will drive up premiums for Americans.

    The President’s health care law is only eight days old, and already it has cost our economy billions of dollars. Late last week, AT&T alone took a $1 billion charge because of the impact of the bill, and the consulting firm Towers Watson told the Wall Street Journal that the total hit this year will reach nearly $14 billion. It is sad, given the present state of our economy, that the President’s party in Congress has reacted not by trying to find ways to spare the jobs that will be lost because of this law. Instead, they are trying to intimidate companies that take such charges with threats that they will be hauled in before the Energy and Commerce Committee.

    It is also revealing that President Obama is still struggling to sell the American people on a bill that he and his party rammed through passage by a narrow margin in the face of bipartisan opposition. It is a sign of desperation that he, his handlers and the media echo chamber are reverting to the campaign practice of selling the President and his policies as centrist, middle of the road and aisle-crossing. As the country has found out the hard way in the past 15 months, they are none of those things.

    The President has made a habit of using conservative talking points when trying to sell a liberal ideology because he knows that this is a center-right country that rejects his agenda when articulated honestly. His supporters have even tried to pin the blame of the potentially unconstitutional individual mandate on us. This approach brushes over the details of our research and ignores our ability to evolve past further developed research.

    Over 16,000 new IRS agents will be hired by the government to enforce the President’s mandate on the American people. The President’s health care plan also raises premiums, taxes, and costs while lowering quality, and expanding Medicaid. These are not conservative ideas.

    And let’s be clear, these are not ideas Heritage has ever, or would ever, support.

    We made every effort over the past year to share our ideas for better health care reform with the President and members of both parties in Congress, but were not invited behind the closed doors. Now, after the bill is signed, it seems the President wishes we were along for the ride. We were not. We remain fervently opposed to the President’s partisan plan, and urge its immediate repeal. This is not common politics, it’s common sense.

    Had President Obama limited his bill to centrist elements, he would have won wide bipartisan support for effective reform both within Congress and among the American people. He would have won it, too, at a fraction of the cost of this intolerable, huge and intrusive legislation. He would not now be facing popular rejection by the American people. And he would not need to misrepresent Heritage policies and positions in an attempt to give his radical health plan the patina of respectability.

  10. They’re on a big offensive to make him look presidential. Have you noticed? The Commander in Chief in Afghanistan. Matt Lauer tingly-leg interview where he sounds, oh, so soothing and intelligent and moderate and not-scary. Dropping names like the Heritage Foundation. Oh, he’s just a moderate. And now he’s doing a presser with Sarkosy. Remind me. Wasn’t it Sarkosy who called him, basically, an adolescent? They know they overreached and they know people are upset and are listening to the Tea Partiers, so he, his minions, and the lamestream media are doing their utmost to assuage the fears of everyone who’s not really paying attention and doesn’t know the “man” (and I use the term advisedly) behind the mask.

    • Presidential?? After 1 1/2 years Axelrod thinks a new marketing technique will “sell” him to the public. Good luck on that! We’ve got the Slug’s number and it is zero. Perhaps by leaving his suitcoat on as he traverses the US still selling the benefits of the socialist program will add to his image remake…Did they call in a “Dress for Success” consultant, and are they going to help the female (fashion icon) in the household too?

      Compare the meeting with Sarkosy with that of the PM of Israel last week, Gordon Brown, and the Dali Lama! If O gets upset will Sarkosy leave by the back door and the trash? Will he leave Sarkosy dining by himself? Stay tuned. We know that daily photo ops are starting again..after all we might not recognize him if he took a month off.

      Sludge is slime, and they can try to clean it, but it still remains the same. It is an environmental hazard and needs to be put wherever they put those toxic materials.

  11. Obama thinks the Tea Party Movement started before he was elected! “There are those that think I wasn’t born in the US or that I was a Socialist!” Obama dismissive of Tea Party Movement. This is a portion of his interview with Matt Lauer..if you want to gag, you can view the rest of it in segments on the propaganda network. …especially the parts where he wants to work with repubs…and always has. There are consequences to elections. Smirk.

    Obama Says Tea Party Is Built Around Core Group of Birthers
    March 30, 2010

    Remember… He’s a uniter not a divider. President Obama today told the state-run media that he believes the tea party is built around a core group of birthers The “spread the wealther” also claimed he was not a socialist.

    The AP reported: President Barack Obama says he believes the Tea Party is built around a “core group” of people who question whether he is a U.S. citizen and believe he is a socialist. But beyond that, Obama tells NBC he recognizes the movement involves “folks who have legitimate concerns” about the national debt and whether the government is taking on too many difficult issues simultaneously.

    In an interview broadcast Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show, Obama said he feels “there’s still going to be a group at their core that question my legitimacy.” But he said he didn’t want to paint Tea Party activists “in broad brushes” and he hopes to win over members who have “mainstream, legitimate concerns.”

    Of course, the socialist label is something he’s worked hard to earn. The birther label is just another instance of this hard core leftist smearing those who oppose his disastrous policies and record.

    See Video

    • He’s telling the truth: He’s not a socialist. He’s a Marxist Communist.

      He’s distancing himself from the minions he sent out to declare that Tea Partiers are racist bigots and violent terrorists-in-the-making.

      That’s what he does. Others do the dirty work at his behest. He stands above all, pretending that his hands are oh, so clean. Like Pilate he is. Washing his hands of responsibility for the crucifixion of our Republic.

  12. Do see the Farrakan C-span video transcription that I put on another thread. “Obama was selected, before he was Elected. ”

  13. So much for Easter services for Obama…but will there be an annual Easter Egg hunt for special kids?

    Obama and wife Michelle have just released a presser saying that they won’t be joining a church in the DC area because they realize how disruptive their visits are for others.

    My, my aren’t they just the most thoughtful Christians. (The real reason, they didn’t lay palm leaves in the streets this past Sunday for him to walk upon.).

    He added that he enjoys getting daily scriptures to read via his Blackberry. Plus, when they go to Camp David, they like the chapel there.

  14. Bridgette, I heard that, too. Saw a clip of Matt Lauer and slug zero on the news. As if we don’t know why he REALLY doesn’t go to church on Easter. I was amazed that Lauer dared to ask the question. Again. Same answer. Again.

    What struck me about his explanation was how he talked about the prayer group of diverse pastors, ministers, reverends who meet weekly to “pray for” him. No mention of HIM praying to Almighty God–that Power higher than himself. No, the group meets to pray FOR Obama. He must have misspoken. Probably meant to say that they pray to him.

    You’re so right. This is another “charm offensive” but the snake is trying to be the charmer.

    Which reminds me that when Dave M. linked us to that hideous photo of Obama pointing menacingly on the other thread, it reminded me of this quote:

    “And, you know, the thing about a shark… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white . . . ” Quint, from the movie JAWS.

    They are lifeless, aren’t they?

  15. Do you remember there would be many stupid murders or crimes?
    Plots that make no sense like some guy who is worried that his guns
    would be taken away so he shoots some cops.

    I said these are organized, with subtle skill,
    never traced to anything.

    Now this:

    This blog was moved immediately in scenting something was Obama wrong in the Hutatree event, which has now transformed into the Hutatree Conspiracy from Obama Inc. in daily new information is leaking out proving this was an Obama set up event and with the fingerprints on this from the Clinton era, it is evident this is Jamie Gorelick compartmentalized and being run directly out of the White House.
    From the silence of Direct Mueller of the FBI, it is evident that he has been isolated as much of the FBI has and this is running through a directive in who this looks like in Janet Reno’s tenure in this is all Eric Holder.

    Read the rest,
    smells wrong


  16. It does stink. If anything, they simply moved on these guys who they’ve probably been watching for years, but they did it NOW to add to the meme. There was a totally off the charts story in my newspaper today about the sudden, scary rise of militias. They quoted the usual suspects: The ridiculous Southern Poverty “Law” Center, which claims they follow and document violent groups. However, as I wrote in another thread, after looking closely at their website, I found NOTHING with regard to Islamist violent groups or the Mexican groups at the border, both of which are greater threats to this country than a bunch of clowns like those guys in Michigan. I predict that nothing will come of this. There will be a big media splash, but when the guys get released without charges, the media will either not report it or they will bury the story. So far, my paper still hasn’t reported on the Muslim Obama supporter who threatened Rep. Cantor. Doesn’t fit the meme. btw, I heard that the militia guys pleaded not guilty. I’ll go read LC now.

  17. LC thinks it was a setup and the person instigating plans for violence was a plant. Sounds right to me. Wait and see. Nothing will come of it except the bogus publicity they want.

  18. Read recently how Putin made a pact with the Russian people to “forgo” some of their liberties (how many did they have TO forgo, one wonders?) in return for him being very tough on domestic Islamist terrorists. He’s currently strutting around, acting as if HE himself is going to pull those terrorist bombers out of the sewers. Obama learning from Putin, the “strongman”?

  19. Sounds like Russia is getting their “Patriot Act” now too…..
    This is all starting to get the same crappy odor huh ?

  20. Miri, Arizo needs lawmen and help at the borders now. They are being flooded.

  21. Renee, synchronicity. I was just posting this story over at drkate’s but I put the Gateway Pundit story; didn’t know FOX covered it. It’s about time somebody reported it, but it won’t affect the immigration debate because the lamestream media won’t report it. They can’t report anything that interferes with the Joker’s plan to remake America.

  22. The real chippies in 36 months ?


    Odd. I keep finding Polish people in my digs and now the Prez of Poland is killed in a plane crash in Russia…….

    • hummmmm……

      Polish and Russian officials said no-one had survived after the plane apparently hit trees as it approached Smolensk’s airport in thick fog.

      Poland’s army chief, central bank governor, MPs and leading historians were among more than 80 passengers.

      They were flying in from Warsaw to mark 70 years since the Katyn massacre of thousands of Poles by Soviet forces.

      The BBC’s Adam Easton, in Warsaw, says the crash is a catastrophe for the Polish people.

      He says Prime Minister Donald Tusk was reportedly in tears when he was told.

      Mr Tusk, who runs the day-to-day business of government, has called an emergency meeting of ministers.

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