The Show-Me State Shows Obama

by Miri

The St. Louis Arch

Some snippets from yesterday’s appearance in MO, as heard on radio and gleaned from newspapers and TV reports:

About 400 invited guests attended O’Bobblehead’s event; over 5 times as many citizens turned out for the Republican townhall the same day.

Four hundred astroturfed minions versus over 2225 concerned American citizens who came out on their own, in grassroots fashion, to oppose O’Bobble’s socialist schemes.

Then you have the fundraiser last night:  A [generously counted] 200 paid 0bot/HCAN reform advocates were there to picket, versus 2500 O’Bobblecare Opponents/Tea Partiers who filled the streets of St. Louis.

Way to go, St. Louis! People came from all over the bi-state area (IL and MO).

Of course, the lamestream media made it sound as if the groups were equal in number. They had a very tight shot of the Tea Party protesters on one corner (but they stretched way down the street) and then they panned over to the tiny pro-O’Bobble contingent of paid minions on the opposite corner. They reported “hundreds” for each side, when in actuality, it looked like no more than 40 Obot minions versus over two THOUSAND O’Bobble opponents (aka patriots).

There was one photo of the protest in the St. Louis Post-Disgrace: A cropped photo of ONE Tea Party protester carrying “Don’t Tread on Me” flags. They made it a point to say that he declined to be identified. See more at:

It will warm the cockles of your heart.

O’Bobble’s newest meme: We’re going to audit Medicare for fraud and save billions in “waste.” He signed an “executive order”. He’s going to set up “payment recapture audits” that will let government HIRE private contractors to audit for fraud and KEEP a share of the “improper payments” that they discover. So now ACORN is going into the Medicare audit business? Or will that be SEIU? Surely they will ALL belong to a union. So O’Bobble will save “$2 billion in taxpayer money over the next three years,” according to the Post-Dispatch. Money that he can put towards his new socialist O’Bobblecare scheme.

Now, putting aside the curiosity that he somehow already knows exactly how much money is currently “wasted” via fraudulent payments from Medicare/Medicaid over 3 years, one has to ask O’Bobble:

Since you’ve been POTUS for 14 months already, WHY DIDN’T YOU SIGN THAT EXECUTIVE ORDER ON January 20, 2009?



BTW, coincidentally or not, Dems in the House want to change the earmark process for FOR PROFIT companies, but not not-for-profit entities.

Amazingly enough, Democrats like Rep. David Obey and even Sen. Dan Inouye oppose it as an executive branch power grab. Obey explained, “the fact is without the earmarking process, the White House and its anonymous bureaucrats would make every single spending decision in government.” [O’Bobble might respond, “Yah, so what’s wrong with that? I am a Marxist dictator, you know.]

“I don’t believe this policy of ceding authority to the Executive Branch on any spending decision is in the best interests of the Congress or the American people. In my view, it does not make sense to discriminate against for-profit organizations. I am not sure why we should treat for-profit earmarks any differently than non-profit earmarks,” Inouye said in a written statement, according to this story:

Gee, Senator Inouye, where ya been? We the People can think of plenty of reasons why O’Bobble wants to treat not-for-profits differently. Don’t ya know that Marxist/Communists hate free enterprise, capitalism, and private, for-profit companies?

Did ya ever hear of ACORN? Wake up and smell the TEA, Senator. Be a patriot. You’re on the right track. You ARE supposed to look out for “the best interests of the . . . American people,” after all. You got it. Stand up before it’s too late. Please.

The best quote of yesterday came from U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, representative from St. Charles, who said, O’Bobblecare is “a threat from within and a danger from Washington D.C.”  Way to go, Rep. Akin. Calling it like it is. He GETS it, America.

This from the Post-Dispatch: “One noticeable absence was Democratic Senate hopeful and Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, who has attempted to distance herself from Obama.”  I can’t believe the reporter reported that FACT!

Carnahan, the daughter of a former MO governor and a former U.S. senator, and sister of a current U.S. representative, hopes to cast herself as an “outsider.” GET REAL, ROBIN!

She’s distancing herself from O’Bobble, but she supported the stimulus and supports everything else he proposes. McCaskill isn’t up for re-election this year, so why a fundraiser with O’Bobble? The answer was provided in yesterday’s Post-Dispatch: McCaskill hopes for the proceeds of last night’s fundraiser with O’Bobble, which Robin wouldn’t attend, to go towards ROBIN’S senatorial campaign. She won’t associate with him or be seen with him, but she’ll take the money he raises for her. That’s what I call a Washington outsider.

Finally, here’s an instructive quote from That One, spoken to his minions at the $25,000-a-plate dinner:

“I don’t get worn down. I wear them down. Don’t give up on me now–We’re just getting started.”

That’s how he thinks of YOU, AMERICA. To him, you are just “THEM.”

He’s not working for you. He’s not one of you. He’s not your servant. He doesn’t answer to you.  You are “them.”  You are his enemy.  You are those people in his way.  The people he has to wear down, to bully, to dictate to, to run right over, if he has to, whatever it takes to get what he wants–the “fundamental transformation of America.”

He’s the BULLY IN CHIEF, who will keep at you and keep at you until you surrender.

NEVER surrender. NEVER give up. Semper Fi. We can’t let him get started and certainly we can’t let him finish with his fundamental transformation of America. We’re talking about nothing less than the future of our beloved Republic. Let’s SHOW HIM that WE the PEOPLE of these United States will NEVER give up.

WE’RE the ones who are just getting started.  Keep protesting.  Keep writing your so-called representatives.  Work against the election of anyone who supports this Marxist takeover of our government.  Work FOR the election of anyone, no matter his or her party, who will restore our country to fiscal responsibility and who respects the Constitution and the Republic envisioned by our Founders.

20 responses to “The Show-Me State Shows Obama

  1. Thanks. You know who you are. 🙂 Gee, I love that Bobblehead doll. Will it be half price at Wal-Mart?

    Sorry about the crummy photo. Best I could do without stealing somebody else’s work.

    • When those O’Bobbleheads don’t sell they will donate them to a charity in Kenya.

      • They won’t want them in Indonesia. Look what they did with his statue.

        • I like the photo!!

          • “Goofy aspect ratio,” she said, as if she knew what she were talking about. : )

            • It looks great.

              Lets go to Famous Barr then to Busch Gardens and then to Gaslight.

              • You’re a regular riot, Alice! Famous-Barr–defunct. Busch Gardens? That’s in Florida, isn’t it? Never been on a brewery tour, though, so that might be fun. They give you free beer! Gaslight–LONG defunct. I was known to frequent that place, in a past life. Did you know Streisand sang there when she was a nobody? Smothers Brothers got their start there, too. It was a wild and crazy time.

  2. Wow Miri, good commentary!

    • I love it, though, that Obey and Inouye (of Hawaii!) think O’Bobble’s on an executive branch power grab. Didn’t Hannity and/or Beck tell everybody in Congress that by supporting O’Bobble they’re making themselves irrelevant? Case in point.

      Maybe if Inouye is upset enough, he’ll pry loose some of those original vital records for us.

  3. Here’s Orly Taitz explaining on Russian TV why Obama isn’t the President:

    RT Today is a global broadcaster, I get it live on my satellite box.
    Well done Orly, forget Fox.

    Keep going, don’t waste any more time with our courts.

  4. Courtesy of Dana Loesch of DanaRadio. Check this out. It’s unbelievable:

    Astroturfing and community organizing you can believe in. Talking points for trolls without a mind of their own. You gotta love it. And they think WE’RE stupid.

  5. Great post Miri! What is wonderful is to know that the Tea Partiers are out numbering the red and purple shirts! That has to be getting on their nerves. I wonder what happened to their idea of having them all in white to show their “angelic” side. They did that in Dallas once…I guess it didn’t go over.

    Three Demorat Congressmen up for election from Missouri didn’t show up to bow at the feet of Obama in St. Louis. Could it be that they are superstitious? Do they think Obama’s lucky monkey in his pocket won’t work for them?

    I saw snips of the snake on TV and he looked like a thug, no suit, white shirt, sleeves rolled up. He was campaigning. He was no president. What an embarrassment. Do they hold up signs to say clap or smile to get the obots sitting behind him to react? It was a staged show once again. The marketing no longer works Axelrod!

    • Oh, it was great. That day, it was unusually warm for March. Over 70 degrees. The newpaper said it was very stuffy in the place where he spoke. I wonder if some comic on the janitorial staff turned up the heat and closed the ventilation shafts? I would have, given the chance. On the other hand, maybe they thought they were being welcoming, making the environment more like what he’s accustomed to. Doesn’t he keep the heat cranked up at the WH?

      Any speculation about why O’Bobble’s changing his trip? I don’t believe it’s on account of his need to twist arms to pass O’Bobblecare.

      No word yet if his itinerary will change. Which country might he cut out? Afraid to go back home to Indonesia? Will he “punish” them by his absence because of their recent crackdown on Islamist terrorists?

  6. You’ve heard that ACORN is changing their name..but I would bet they will somehow get in on “finding” the medicaid fraud. From protesters to a bounty hunters! Collection agencies for the government made up of unionized Acorn and SEIU members. Those are jobs now aren’t they! Nancy Pelouzy said 400,000 jobs will be created by healthcare you think these disgraced Acorn and SEIU people will be given these new jobs?

    We must remember all of the connections, organizations, committees, and vendors that were promised “something” if healthcare passed in the first stimulus, i.e., electronic medical records and database entries. The Committee for the Death Panel advisory board is also operational (forgot its name). Wasn’t there a doctor’s fix bill that also passed separately.

  7. I read today that ACORN is banned in Ohio and cannot reconstitute under another name. Although how they will police that remains to be seen.

    The fraud audit was one of the Republican ideas that came out of their “bipartisan” healthcare meeting. Never one to waste an opportunity, O’Bobble took the idea and made it his own by figuring out yet another way to redistribute wealth and reward his cronies in the unions and, no doubt, ACORN.

    It goes hand in glove with the elimination of earmarks, but ONLY with regard to for-profit entities. Supposed not-for-profits will get the no-bid contracts. What a deal!

  8. A Judicial Watch report about ACORN and how O’Bobble’s Justice Dept. failed to investigate:


    Posted on Friday, March 12, 2010 11:33:43 AM by cycle of discernment

    Alinsky-style out in the open!

  10. The Left’s “grass root” answer to tea parties…without ACORN or SEIU…they got Zip involvement! What a hoot! Three people showed up in Obama’s neighborhood! What happens when nobody comes to your party?

    Guess how badly anti-tea-party movement flops!
    Miniscule crowds show up for National Coffee Party Day
    Mar. 14

    If “scale” is indeed the measure by which the Coffee Party will be graded, however, today’s cup-o’-Joe kickoff has earned a resounding “F.”

    Despite a news-media buildup over the past few weeks from CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, National Public Radio, Washington Post, Seattle Times and dozens of other outlets, the estimated 350 coffee houses hosting events around the country today welcomed mostly miniscule crowds.

    By contrast, Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller reports showing up to a Washington, D.C., coffee party at Peregrine Espresso in the Eastern Market area today, “only to find a small gathering of five activists huddled at a small table.”

    The San Francisco gathering lists 15 attendees; Blacksburg, Va., lists 6. The coffee party at Hyde Park in Chicago, where President Obama lived for years, apparently only managed three.

    Judging by the numbers that showed up for today’s events, however, the coffee in America is still a far weaker brew than the nation’s tea.

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