Trust, but Verify

by ITookTheRedPill

In a post on Obamacare, Ed Morrissey says:

… Obama wants them to trust him? … Take Reagan’s advice. Trust — but verify.

Ed should take his own advice.

What has Ed Morrissey done to “Trust, but verify” that Obama’s birth narrative makes him Constitutionally eligible to serve as President? Obama’s campaign admitted that Obama had Kenyan citizenship. Read their web page: “his Kenyan citizenship“. How can someone who has ever been a subject or citizen of another country be considered a “natural born citizen” of the United States? That’s a legal question, not a “birther conspiracy”.

Secondly, what has Ed Morrissey done to “Trust, but verify” that Obama’s birth narrative is actually truthful?

If any aspect of the Obama birth narrative is not true, then Obama is guilty of fraud.

I suggest Ed read this and take the very action that he recommends to others:
Trust, But Verify

9 responses to “Trust, but Verify

  1. March 08, 2010
    Guess Who’s Coming to Your House! SNIPS

    It’s all supposed to be voluntary, those “home visits” that are tucked into the mammoth Obamacare bill. The bill provides for federal funding and supervision for this vast expansion of government intrusion into family life. This is the Nanny State on steroids. Is your family being “targeted” for such home visitations? Let’s see if you fit into one of these very broad categories:

    •Families where Mom is not yet 21. (No mention here whether she is married or not.)
    •Families where someone is a tobacco user. (Does this include the White House? Watch out, Sasha and Malia! Does Grandpa, whom you love and have taken in, enjoy his after-dinner pipe?)
    •Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities.

    As if that list were not wide-ranging enough, here’s the net that can encompass tens of millions:
    •Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments outside the United States.


    Check out those lying polls. Only Rasmussen tells the truth.

    Red Pill, it never hurts to remind everybody that it’s not solely about the missing birth certificate. It’s about the FACT that he’s not a natural born citizen because of his allegiance to at least one other country, if not three. Allegiance AT BIRTH.

    Bridgette: Did you see that Sen. Graham, along with Chuckie Schumer, proposes a way to make sure that illegal aliens don’t get hired? A universal ID card, for ALL, with BIOMETRICS! Isn’t that special? Big Brother, courtesy of someone who claims to be on our side. Here it comes again: Comprehensive immigration reform. Amnesty. Change you don’t want to believe in.

  3. Miri,

    I can’t wait to be chipped along with every dog and cat! I believe I read they are trying to make it a federal mandate. May that be Obama’s only accomplishment that will define his presidency…

    I wonder which congressman is involved in the company that came up with the biometric answer to illegal aliens. Just like who was involved and invested in the company that developed all of the body scanners for the airports.

    Immigration Reform quickly…they will need the votes in November!

    Never been on the side of the ACLU until today when they are against the biometric card for all Americans…oh, I see a new industry sprouting up on how to forge those cards. Carry the card for a job, like having to have “papers” in Nazi Germany. It will hold all your personal information, lose it, and then what? Lindsey siding with Schumer …oh it is sure to be a great idea. Progressives both.

  4. My guess: GE

    Didn’t someone say one of Hitler’s first initiatives was a national ID card?

    • Thank you quickly I forgot about GE…the light just went on!

      Yes, you are right about Hitler. A photo of Nazi card on this URL.

      After Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, the Nazis issued every person a permanent identity card. A “J” on the cover indicated that the person was Jewish. Each Jewish man’s name was prefaced with “Israel” and each woman’s name with “Sarah.” Permanent yellow armbands were issued at a later time.

      The card has probably already been designed…let’s see if we can guess how it will look and the colors used. Most likely, it would be Obama’s logo – you know the one.

      • Will we get a “T” for teaba**ers? 🙂 I know what O’Bobble’s will say, “A” for . . .

        • They may not give a card to right wing extremists! The categories are already decided..and are probably those listed in Naps Homeland “security” Report. Another version of the Scarlett Letter. How about a national tattoo..oops, easily forged too. But then there are numbers they could use for identity purposes…it was done once before.

  5. Here’s a 2007 article about “Real ID ” and other attempts to pass national ID legislation.

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