Eric Massa Will Not Go Quietly !

By: Renee

Rep. Eric Massa, Dem. N.Y.  may reverse his resignation by 5 PM today. He claims he is being set up in a recent scandal due to the fact that he was to vote “no” on healthcare. He says if this is allowed to happen, there will be no one brave enough to vote “no” on the healthcare bill. He has commented that the only way to stop this corruption is to go national with his story. This is all over the web. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds, as everyone is paying attention to it.

31 responses to “Eric Massa Will Not Go Quietly !

    • “I was set up for this from the very, very beginning. … The leadership of the Democratic Party have become exactly what they said they were running against.”

      “There is not a single member of the Democratic freshman class who is going to vote against this health care bill now that they’ve got me” …

    • First of all, if this is true, it proves a very fundamental flaw in the operation of Washington. Congressman represent their constituents and should be free to vote according to their best judgment. The intimidation of any representative by powerful Washington insiders (ie, the President’s chief of staff) is despicable.

      Second, it really speaks to the lack of character of Rahm Emanuel. I mean, approaching a man in the shower room with no towel?!? That’s just gross on many levels!

      UPDATE: I replaced the link to the sound clip for a fresh Youtube video. You can now watch the video from this page.


      • This is gross. To approach a professional in a shower room naked is a form of sexual misconduct in it’s self is it not ? Alot worse then a few curse words to a staff member if you ask me. A form of “naked threat”
        I know it is serious. I am not laughing. Sexual misconduct by Emanuel. So creepy…….

        From above again;

        Massa also reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel visits the congressional gym to intimidate congressman into supporting the President’s agenda. One such occurrence, according to Massa, included Emanuel approaching him nude in the shower room with a verbal tirade (BTW, The Huntsville Patriot finds this very gross and disturbing!).

        • An old mob tactic…get them in the microphones, no cameras, no one to say it transpired. The art of total intimidation! The Godfather…remember was Obama’s favorite book! His pals are mob members…SEIU, and Alexi G. in Chicago.

          The thugs and mob are in the WH!

  1. They even dragged that Alan Colmes on to Fox
    to help slime the guy.

    There’s a Lame Cherry take on this, of course,
    but here is my opinion.

    Whatever the Congressman did, will be the subject
    of an ethics investigation, like C. Rangel.
    While that runs it’s course, the Congressman is free to
    cast his vote, as is Rangel.

    Let the Congressman cast his vote.
    There is a justice procedure, and it does not dismiss the Congressman before it concludes.

    Anyone ever heard of a certain Larry Sinclair?
    Just askin’

    • He’s being blackmailed. They have something more on him and they probably have something on every other person who might oppose them. I predicted this days ago, somwhere on this blog. They will make an example of him and every other Congressperson or Senator will take notice. Lose your job now or MAYBE lose it later, when you run for re-election. btw, if you don’t vote our way, we’ll make sure you lose because you’ll get NO money for re-election. Chicago, mobster thugs. But the lamestream media, even the WSJ, say NOTHING. O’Reilly says he “doesn’t believe it.” The usual meme is out there: “Massa is crazy; he’s unhinged; he’s (gasp) gay.” Where’s their precious tolerance now? They set this guy up, no doubt about it. Just like they set up that guy who ran against Gephardt. I love that quote about Rahm strapping his kids to a locomotive. I could do without the image of the former ballet dancer approaching other men in the shower. Was that really supposed to be intimidating? I would have laughed.

  2. Eric Massa could be the whistleblower against the Democratic party. When he voted against Cap and Trade, Rahm called him and threatened him. He will expose the deadly game being played. The WH is smearing him to take our eyes off Healthcare, their bad judgment on terrorism, national security, education, and deficits.

    Massa spoke inappropriately at a wedding, but does that equal what Charlie Rangle has done? Tim Gueitner? Nancy Pelosi? The bribe makers and takers?

    Union leaders threatened him and said they would not support him financially if he didn’t support cap and trade.

    “The nation is being destroyed from within! said Massa.

    This man is being smeared and destroyed by the Democractic party. I hope he opens up and tells all.

    • Sometimes wishes do come true. I just turned on Beck’s show. Massa will be on Beck’s show for the entire hour tomorrow…SPILLING ALL!

      Note: The WH has ordered 1,000 boxes of Depends for the occasion. UPS, brown, will be delivering by overnight appropriate. The WH theatre has been reserved and an overflow of viewers is expected. Invitation only? Porta Potties will also be placed on site.

      • LOL ! Good one Bridgette !
        Maybe TD, Atlas or Citizen We lls will have pizza delivered and supply the TP. Maybe a few friends will send over extra TP and make their trees cute ! We used to do that in elementary school. Back in the days when we stuck out our tongues like Rahm. Maybe Kate can send over the booze to go with the pizza. Oh I forgot, Nancy has lots of that….leftovers from flights in the past maybe ?

  3. Massa: Rahm Emanuel “Would Sell His Own Mother” For Votes
    March 8, 2010
    “Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn, Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) said. “He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.”

    Rep. Massa describes a confrontation with Emanuel in a shower: “I am showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me.”


  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I read on Drudge that Massa will not rescind.

    Whenever hope is dangled, like a carrot, someone snatches it away. I’m still hopeful though. I will not jump on the pity party bus, and I trust most of you shall not board that particular bus, either!

  5. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Message to LameCherry (for whom there is no contact information for reasons that are quite understandable)— I feel it too.

  6. Typical Left Alinsky style…label and destroy..
    today he is paranoid…Hopefully, coming back at ya today!

    Massa Drama: Democratic Congressman Muddles Rahm’s Message

    “Self-contradicting, borderline paranoid ramblings need not necessarily be taken seriously, even when uttered by someone who, until now, held a seat in Congress — or who was part of Rahm Emanuel’s crop of “Fightin’ Dems” back in 2006. (They got the fighting part right.)

    But the difficulty for Democrats is that Massa’s conspiracy theories take on just a whiff of believability after deals so famous that they instantly earned nicknames.

    And in Emanuel, Massa is naming a scapegoat who was vulnerable even fully clothed, in a town that’s in a scapegoating mood at the moment. This is a (shower?) curtain the White House didn’t need lifted this week.

    Context just might make this bigger than it would otherwise be: “Conservatives have complained about other examples of what they see as illegitimate deal-making to secure votes: what they call the ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ and the ‘Louisiana Purchase’ in the Senate to line up Sens. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) and Mary Landrieu (D-La.), respectively, and Obama’s appointment last week of a Utah professor — the brother of Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah), an opponent of the health bill — to the federal appeals bench,” Paul Kane writes in The Washington Post. ”

  7. Right in line and prior to Beck’s show today The Washington Post is now saying that Massa was being investigated for groping 3 staff members. Amazing that this leak appears an hour before Beck’s show. I don’t believe one word that comes from the WH at this point.. smear and destroy!

    How far can they go with an ethics investigation when he is no longer a representative? Will we know the name of the staffers or will they remain anonymous to cover their payments for misinformation?

    Did those cartons of Depends arrive at the WH?

  8. Watched Massa on Beck. Disappointing to say the least. Certainly seems as if they got to him. Beck should have taped the show last night before announcing to the world that Massa would be on his show.

    As Glenn said towards the end of the show, Massa backtracked. He re-characterized Emanuel’s behavior. He wouldn’t be specific about any allegation of corruption, simply said it’s all over Washington, in both parties. That there’s arm-twisting by lobbyists, unions, and business interests on all sides and that politicians spend most of their days fund raising. He said Emanuel wasn’t threatening or harassing, just, more or less, in his face. He denied that he was forced to resign. Said it was his decision. He resigned because he was to blame for his own behavior, even though he asserted that he did nothing criminal or sexually harassing.

    He went so far as to say his blame was not in what he did but in how it was perceived by someone else. That’s the biggest crock I ever heard, but it goes right along with typical, PC, leftist thought–a hate crime or harassment occurs not based upon the thoughts or motivation of the “perp”m which could be totally innocent, but instead on the perception (no matter how wrong or warped) of the “victim”.

    When Beck pressed Massa further, all he said was generalized blather, such as “the people have to support Democrats who vote against the health bill” or “the people have to push for campaign finance reform.”

    All of this sounds so suspiciously like the talking points we hear on O’Reilly–straight from his special contact in the WH. Last night, remember, O’Reilly said he didn’t believe Massa. Beck certainly seemed to believe him, especially about Emanuel. Does anybody doubt that the shower incident happened? I don’t.

    Massa said people have to stop calling other Americans names. I thought he meant how the Democrats call anybody who disagrees with O’Bobblehead radical, right-wing extremists. But, no! He mentioned the Tea Partiers by name and said that they have to stop calling politicians socialists or communists.

    At the end of the interview, Beck admitted that he just wasted an hour of the American public’s time. I thought he could have pushed Massa more. I don’t know why he didn’t. He certainly did waste an hour of my time. I expected more.

    I’d be willing to bet the farm that they got to Massa. He was probably threatened with more smears, possibly even criminal charges. That’s what I suspect. Don’t you?

    • I think both men were muzzled in some way. It certainly wasn’t Beck’s best was off, and not normal. He would say we will pick this subject up after the break..and then didn’t. There was no continuity with the questions and answers. Massa was waiting for pertinent questions.

      The blogs are really after Massa now..making the issue even bigger. The corruption allegations were still there!

      The Got ya Game is in full force.

      • Bridge: I didn’t hear Beck say that about being out on a limb. Unless you mean when he talked about how his whole family is at risk and how he expects they will take him down one way or another, sooner or later. I thought he meant in general, because he speaks out–there and everywhere–not that he was on a limb with FOX, in particular. Is that on those clips? I must have missed it. I figure that whoever muzzles O’Reilly muzzles Beck, too. I suspect that’s why O’Reilly goes out on tour with Beck, to provide “balance.” To watch over Beck, like a nanny. O’Reilly sounds more and more like a tool of O’Bobblehead’s. He HAS to have words put into his mouth because the alternative–that he’s so absolutely blind to the reality of who and what O’Bobble is–is simply too unbelievable. Whatever O’Reilly is, he’s at least reasonably intelligent. How can he state the things he says? Like, O’Bobble’s not a socialist? Or that he outright doesn’t believe what Massa says about corruption or Emanuel? I was extremely annoyed when they went to the break and Beck said that when they came back he wanted specifics about corruption, but then nothing. Did you hear how he started to say something about Obama and then backed off? Frustrating. Maybe Beck will have more to say tomorrow, on the radio.

        • Miri,

          Those were my words and I can see how you read it. It was a really bad sentence in how it was written. What you said is a correct regarding his show and his family. I removed the sentence so no one else will think that Beck said that…those were my words.

          • No problemo. 🙂

            I thought I missed something. It wouldn’t surprise me if FOX dumped Beck.

            If he seems to be towing some imaginary line, it’s probably something that’s in his contract. He sometimes looks as if he’s thinking hard and fast, pondering what to say next or how to say it.

            He probably has to worry about every loophole in his contract.

            Remember when the libs attacked him for once being a spokesperson (or not) for one of his sponsors? The ones who sell gold? They tried to say it was a violation of his contract. Anything to get FOX to dump his show. It didn’t work, but I remember Beck being concerned about it.

  9. They are in seek out and destroy mode.

  10. The 3 videos of the Massa interview with Glenn Beck.

  11. Did you hear that now Sestak won’t speak any more or give any details about that WH offer to give him a cushy job in return for not running against Specter? Isn’t Specter doing a wonderful job toady-ing for O’Bobblehead? Did they get to Sestak, too?

  12. The Lame Cherry snipette of the day:

    I will be blunt in the Congressional and Executive leadership ranks of America are demonic influenced and controlled. I have made note of this in Mr. Obama’s “charms” are earth based sorcery and his infamous monkey in his pocket is the chief quasi male female demon hanuman of India.
    Want to know why Rahm Emmanuel is performing sexual assault on Eric Massa naked in a shower? Emmanuel is getting a dose of what Obama has in his pocket which he is rubbing on. Demons key up power in willing conduits and the Obama bunch is willing to the extreme.
    These NeoProgs are all liars and the father of lies is the devil.

    The manifestations of what Obama is conducting in political insanity is equal to the insanity of Ahmadinejad casting about with his moon demon and princely mahdi to return.


    I understand Glenn Beck apologized to America for his
    show interviewing Massa.

    My question: Why just that one?
    You have been co-opting us for a year at least.

  13. Former Shipmates are speaking out. Who to believe? this a continuation of the search and destroy mission that the Democrats are well known for doing?

    Salty Massa’s Shipmate Speaks Out on ‘Lt. Commander Massage’ and ‘Meat-Gazing’
    Peter Clarke, former shipmate of ex-Rep Eric Massa, told the world about Massa’s “snorkeling” expedition. He’s been telling anyone who’d listen about Massa for years. All he wants in return? To warn future victims. And to be on Howard Stern.

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