“The Justice Department Defends Terrorism”

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From: DrKate’s View. I have Kate’s permission to cross-post this new article she has just put up. It is a very important issue, so I would like to add it here.

Senator Chuck Grassley is making known his displeasure with the number of lawyers in the Justice Department who have represented and advised known terror suspects accused of attacking the United States.

In an article called “Nameless Abettors”,  American Spectator reports:

But DOJ sources say there may be as many as 16 political appointees — including Holder — who represented detainees, worked on or signed onto amicus briefs on detainees’ behalf, or provided legal counsel to organizations that actively sought to reverse Bush Administration anti-terrorist and detainee policies. These groups included the leftist organizations Human Rights Watch and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

From American Spectator:

Ironically, say DOJ sources, while Holder and his staff continue to work hard to protect the identities of those attorneys who provided legal advice to suspected or convicted terrorists, several of the attorneys in question are believed to have been instrumental in the efforts of Human Rights Watch and CREW to leak to the media and Democrat supporters on Capitol Hill, the names of CIA interrogators of enemy combatants and suspected terrorists, as well as the locations of foreign-based U.S. secure holding facilities and various interrogation techniques used on terror suspects and enemy combatants.

Sounds like Holder should join “Naps” Napolitano in the crowd that should resign or be impeached for incompetence and betrayal of America.


11 responses to ““The Justice Department Defends Terrorism”

  1. Senator Chuck Grassley gets a hug today. He seems to be a “stand up” sort of guy. Go Grassley, and thank you for having the *%@^’s to ask the right questions. We need more like him ! Grassley=Patriot. Those that truly love America, stand up and take note. This man is actually doing his job well !

  2. Dubbed the Al Queda Seven…who are they? Liz Cheney’s new group is trying to find out who those 7 justices are that represented terrorists and who are now in the employ of the Justice Dept. Keep America Safe is the name of the organization. New video message slams so-called Al Queda 7. Liz et al want to know who they are and if they are terrorists sympathizers. They hold important posts and how they handle situations is important.

    Justice Department, Holder, released the names of only two of these people. Won’t tell who the others are. They are putting pressure on Justice Dept. to get the information.

  3. Today, FOX News revealed the identities of these seven DOJ attorneys who represented terrorists before joining the Holder Justice Department.
    [Holder named two already.]

    1. Jonathan Cedarbaum– now an official with the Office of Legal Counsel
    2. Eric Columbus– Senior counsel in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General
    3. Karl Thompson– Office of Legal Counsel
    4. Joseph Guerra– Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General at the Justice Department
    5. Tali Farhadian– now an official in the Office of the Attorney General
    6. Beth Brinkmann– now Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department’s Civil Division
    7. Tony West- the Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Civil Division

    Keep America Safe released this statement following the disclosure of the terrorist attorneys: “Today, after much public outcry, the Department of Justice finally and reluctantly disclosed the names of the Al Qaeda Seven. We regret that they still refuse to tell the American people whether any of these lawyers are currently working on detainee issues inside the Department…………


  4. Barack Obama is a fraud.

  5. The unique United States of America


  6. The Left is on another destroy mission.. This time it is Liz Cheney. Liz and her group wanted Holder to disclose who the attorneys that Holder hired were. Those attorneys defended terrorists. Holder was refusing. Now they are tying Liz to McCarthyism. We should be more concerned with Holder’s connections to CAIR and other terrorists that he protects along with ACORN, Black Panthers, and his ruling on having terrorists tried in NY.

    Holder doesn’t like being put under the microscope and that is exactly where he belongs. Watch him closely. Judicial Watch already labeled him as one of the “most wanted corrupt politicians.”

    Well, McCarthy was investigating Communists…
    and there certainly are Communists in the WH!

    Fear on the left of being so labeled and exposed…so they target another and label them.

    Shine the light Liz!


    • Yep. Even the WSJ ran an editorial criticizing Liz. I wonder if they regret that now, considering revelations about Holder hiding information and how some lawyers illegally sneaked banned “how to complain that your rights were violated” literature to their Islamist terrorist “clients”?

  7. Janet Napolitano scraps U.S.-Mexico fence



    Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 5:04:46 PM by Sub-Driver

    Janet Napolitano scraps U.S.-Mexico fence

    By JEN DIMASCIO | 3/16/10 7:14 PM EDT

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has put the brakes on SBInet, the $3 billion plan to build a virtual fence along the U.S. border with Mexico.

    “Not only do we have an obligation to secure our borders, we have a responsibility to do so in the most cost-effective way possible,” Napolitano said in a statement Tuesday. “The system of sensors and cameras along the Southwest border known as SBInet has been plagued with cost overruns and missed deadlines.”

    With that in mind, Napolitano is withholding funding for the program’s first deployment until a review she ordered in January is finished. And she’s taking away $50 million in stimulus funds from the Boeing-managed program. Instead, that funding will be put toward “other tested, commercially available security technology along the Southwest border.”

    Remark # 30 by Regulator

    This bi*ch is doing this so that for the next two years at least millions more illegals can invade the US and become Democrat voters in 2012.

    Umm, yeah. And she’s been on this track for a decade.

    But people – even here on FR – actually seem surprised that she has no intention of doing her job.

    She’s doing exactly what she came to do.

    But it’s not just Democratic voters. Her mission is to fundamentally change the United States, because she hates what it was. This goes well past votes. She could just import Eastern Europeans if she just wanted to impose Socialism. There’s lots of them that still believe in that.

    Nope. Jihad Janet is out to bury the Evil Americans in a sea of aliens: because she’s an alienated Dyke herself.

    Never in American history has a bigger freak been elevated to such office….oh wait, there’s this Kenyan guy from Indonesia….

    30 posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 5:29:55 PM by Regulator (Welcome to Zimbabwe! Now hand over your property….)

    LOL……….Right on Regulator!!!

  8. Muslims admit they are training for an “American Jihad” right under our noses and federal officials will not touch them.

    New MOA Terror Training Video Exposed


    $1.2 billion to Pakistan –

    A new understanding for the U.S. and Pakistan?Feb 11, 2010 News & Events, Pakistan

    (this is a pakistani news blog found on the web)

    And recently, President Obama asked Congress for an additional $500 million to support Pakistan. If approved, the ‘Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund’ would jump to $1.2 billion in the fiscal year beginning on October 1, 2010, and the money under the fund would be used to train and equip the Pakistan military to fight militants more effectively along the Afghan border.


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