Inside the Pantry (Open thread)

By: Renee

A place for assorted staples, this pantry is stocked. Take a peek. Add to the goodies too.


140 responses to “Inside the Pantry (Open thread)

  1. Is the left dredging up information about a suit that went nowhere to destroy Brown’s and destroy still their mission. They aren’t concentrating on Sarah anymore?

    The Scandalous Scott Brown Lawsuit that No One Told You About

    A 2000 article in the local paper, the Sun Chronicle reported that Brown had denied the charges; for her part, Firth said she felt that filing the suit was “the only way I could stop this.”

    The case then took a strange turn. Two days after the lawsuit was filed, Jennifer Firth’s lawyer, Harvey Schwartz, filed a motion to withdraw as her counsel, saying that “to the best of [Schwartz’s] knowledge, information and belief, the above allegations [by Firth] are not supported by ‘good grounds.'” The next day, Jennifer Firth withdrew her suit. It was dismissed with prejudice, which means it can never be re-filed.

    • But why did Democrats and members of the national press fail to even bring up the fact that Scott Brown had once been accused of sexual harassment and defamation in the myriad stories about him prior to Massachusetts’ special election in January? Google it. The entire incident is conspicuously absent.

      The doors is all in a name…The right names and connections. On the right, left or center. It doesn’t matter. It is all in the names.
      The roads are paved for some…always has been this way.

      • The case file didn’t have much in it, is my guess why it wasn’t reported. Somebody eventually looked up Firth and called her attorney, Harvey Schwartz.

        Anybody can file a suit against anybody for any reason. When the case was quickly withdrawn it lost its credibility. They story about the case was based on the plaintiff and her attorney’s statements to the press.

        Look around online to see if you can find the case documents. I bet they are online where you can read them.

  2. During his confirmation hearing, Eric Holder omitted a legal brief on Jose Padilla, American, suspected terrorist, captured in the US. Holder didn’t include the brief, and now says he didn’t remember it; although, this was the most important, high profile case that he was involved in. He was representing his own views in the case, and his views were presented in that case. His views on national security, documented in the brief, are different than those he now espouses.

    Fox News..

  3. In another article on Free Republic, Blago suggests that Rahm may take Alexi’s place and run. What does Blago know that we don’t?

    Boston Blackie’s owners arrested in check-kiting scheme

    A father and son who operated the Boston Blackie’s burger restaurants were charged Thursday with ripping off nearly $1.9 million from two banks in a check-cashing scheme, and authorities said they arrested the father on the U.S. border as he was trying to enter Canada.

    The allegations caused a new round of political embarrassment for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, whose family owns Broadway Bank and has long known the father and son.

    The Blackie’s operators are accused of writing bad checks from their accounts at Broadway to other banks as part of their alleged scheme. Longtime Blackie’s operator Nick Giannis gave Giannoulias more than $114,000 in campaign contributions for his treasurer and Senate campaigns.

    Broadway Bank is listed in the bankruptcy case as an unsecured creditor, owed $1.6 million for a commercial loan to the Boston Blackie’s restaurant in Lincoln Park.

    Broadway Bank was not a victim of the scheme nor was it accused of any wrongdoing, prosecutors said.

  4. Interesting classification of Suspect as a natural born citizen!

    US terror suspect in Yemen worked at 5 nuke sites [in US] Snips

    HADDONFIELD, N.J. (AP) – Before he was rounded up in a sweep of suspected al-Qaida terrorists in Yemen, Sharif Mobley was a laborer at five nuclear plant complexes in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Authorities are investigating whether he might have had any access to sensitive information that would have been useful to terrorists.

    The NRC says a laborer typically would not have access to security-related or sensitive information.

    Officials also say he passed screenings before he could work at the plants. The NRC says the screenings include criminal history checks, drug testing, psychological assessments and identity verification. The background checks are to be performed by either the nuclear plant operators or their contracting companies.

    The plants also run behavior observation programs in which employees are taught to recognize and report suspicious activities.

    Mobley is a 26-year-old natural-born U.S. citizen who grew up in Buena, N.J., and later lived in Philadelphia and Newark, Del. A former neighbor said he moved to Yemen about two years ago, supposedly to learn Arabic and study Islam.

    He was among 11 al-Qaida suspects detained this month in a security sweep in Yemen’s capital of San’a this month. He was taken to the hospital over the weekend after he complained of feeling ill. Yemeni officials said he snatched a gun from a security guard and fatally shot one guard and wounded another before being captured.

  5. Islamic group protests Obama’s visit to Indonesia

    JAKARTA, Indonesia – Thousands of followers of a conservative Islamic group held peaceful demonstrations Sunday in several Indonesian cities against the planned visit of President Barack Obama.

    Men and women wearing black veils held up yellow banners reading “Reject the visit of Obama” as they marched in the streets of the two larger cities.

    “He doesn’t work for a peaceful world … on the contrary, Obama is the same as George Bush, who has destroyed the Muslim world in Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore we have to reject the visit of Obama to Indonesia,” said Nasrudin, who, like many Indonesians, uses only one name.

  6. I guess we aren’t in an economic downturn and NEW crystal is very, very important!

    Hill’s $nub of US companies in purchase of crystal stemware is clear

    WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department is spending $5.4 million to buy fine crystal stemware for American embassies — but it won’t give the US economy much of a boost.

    The contract was given to a tiny Washington, DC, interior designer, which in turn subcontracted the crystal work to a Swedish firm — snubbing such US companies as the famous manufacturer in Clinton’s own back yard, Steuben Crystal of upstate Corning.

    Ironically, under the no-bid contract, some of the crystal is to be custom-crafted to include the seal of the United States, although Swedes will do all of the manufacturing.

  7. Could this ad be Reid’s downfall?

    Strategist who took down Dukakis targets Senator’s link to Arab money
    Mar. 14

    Now a pair of political-action committees have hired Brown to create a new series of independent-expenditure advertisements that allegedly expose Reid’s record of political corruption and ties to Arab money.

    Specifically, the commercial responds to an ad launched last fall that included the CEO of the MGM Mirage casino in Las Vegas, James Murren, praising Reid for calling banks and pressuring them to finance the casino’s failing $8.5 million construction project called City Center. Murren claims Reid’s efforts saved over 12,000 Nevada jobs.

    Brown’s ad, however, points to Murren’s business partner, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The ad claims Al Maktoum used slave labor to build similar structures in Dubai and that the slave-labor bosses and union-labor bosses are now working together to get their financial friend in Washington re-elected.

    “The ad focuses on the close relationship between triad Reid, Al Maktoum and the CEO of MGM Mirage, CEO James Murren,” said Brown in a statement. “The bottom line is that the taxpayers and citizens of Nevada pay a terrible price because of the collusion between this corrupt triumvirate.”

    The advertisement boils down the collusion charge to the statement, “Slave labor in Dubai, union labor in Las Vegas – and both the slave bosses and the union bosses want Harry Reid re-elected. Go figure.”

  8. Interesting that IDC (International Data Corporation) is also the name of a fictional company in the Remo Williams satire/adventure books. Symbolism? IDC is a subsidiary of a global company, IDG. Involved in intelligence research.

  9. this seemed to get lost on another thread but it is worth reading

    “Obama to Israel: ‘Drop Dead”

  10. Red States’ Eric Erickson joins CNN as a political commentator. There is no doubt now that his intentional banning of birther commentaries had to do with his contract negotiations! How timely “conservative” Eric..I guess money talks!

  11. All it took for Kucinich to flip on his vote was a ride on Full of Air Force One? Wonder what else he was offered in those 45 minutes? We will see, won’t we! He was holding fast for the No vote because it didn’t have the public option…until, yes until he took a ride. Dennis said it was a conscience vote…sure, Dennis.

  12. Try to watch Brett Baier on FOX interviewing Obama…contentious Obama who wouldn’t answer even one of Brett’s questions. He kept telling Brett to stop interrupting him. What an arrogant SOB is the Usurper. Pure unmitigated gall and arrogance is on full display and the questions apparently not given to Obama ahead of time, frustrated him. He didn’t get the soft ball questions usually given to him by the lame stream media. Obama couldn’t give answers to what was in the bill and what wasn’t, i.e., Louisiana, Nevada, and Connecticut. He hid the answers. This was a no win interview for Brett, and all Obama did was infuriate anyone that watched since all Obama wanted to do was to stall, evade, and dismiss questions from 18,000 people who sent in email questions. To Hell with We the People..all Obama did was to give the normal talking points that he has espoused in every single gagging speech we’ve heard all year. The stupid people don’t understand the bill…but we will. The stupid people don’t care about the process. To think this fraud is supposed to represent us. I hope the media slays him for a change..he deserves it. For sure the people will be doing so.

    Double talking about Israel…our relationship is sacrosanct he said…then why did Obama escalate the crisis?

    His lying blue lips kept on movin’ and it appeared he left the interview in what appears as a huff.

    He stuck to his message and had no answers for those that wanted to listen. He was on the defensive the entire time. That alone is worthwhile to see. Way to go tried, he wasn’t expecting such questions and had no answers. He stuttered, stammered, and used talking points to evade and dismiss. He was shown up for what he is and what he really isn’t. He had no SEIU signs or paid Obots to cheer him on.. What a disgusting display..

  13. He evaded Brett, then got mad ! I saw it. He several times resented being asked the same questions-you could see it- he was pissed. He never answered because he is CLUELESS to the answers…..or he does not dare answer ..which is it ?

  14. Thanks bridge & renee for the update, working and missed it…caught some @ FR’s link..When it hits You tube will one of you please post it, Thank You.


    CLUELESS to the answers…..or he does not dare answer ..which is it ?


  15. New photographs of Barack Obama’s childhood in Indonesia emerge.

    Meet the ‘chubby boy with the curly hair’:

    By Mail Foreign Service
    Last updated at 12:42 PM on 17th March 2010

    Read more:

    • Emerge? Emerge? A new word for photoshop? Well, looks like Ducky lost his job for these! I think the AP needed to present something positive to Indonesia prior to his arrival, especially since they are protesting against Obama in Jakarta. Information is the same from both photos. Look at them closely. I’ll add these to the mug shots.

      Menteng Delam
      ÿØÿí BPhotoshop 3.0 8BIM n © AP 8BIMí

      Kid in Jakarta 1971
      ÿØÿí BPhotoshop 3.0 8BIM n © AP 8BIMí

      Menteng Dalam. Another head just popped on the body. The other boys have necks…I guess O was playing neck and no definition of shirt collar. Why are the dots on the shirt different than the ones on the sleeve? A couple big flowers by his neck?

      Kid in that another leg under his chest? Was his head just placed on the body? What happened to the kid’s leg on the right? That is really deformed.

      • LOL………To funny bridgetteb!!

        His head also is way too big for his body…

        I wonder if they will welcome him as Bobblehead..Hmmm, maybe trutle jerk!!

        Great catches bridge!!

  16. Great catch, Leza. These lines from the article are interesting:

    “Ahead of the visit, Mr Obama’s former teacher Israella Pareira, described the neighbourhood’s reaction to the youngster’s arrival.

    She said: ‘His mother was white, his father was Indonesian, and here was a black, chubby boy with curly hair. It was a big question mark for us.”

    HIS FATHER WAS INDONESIAN? His FATHER? Yeah, it’s a “big question mark for us,” too.

    “Soetoro got a job working for an American oil company. Dunham found work teaching English at the American Embassy and shared company with a mixed Indonesian, expatriate academic and artsy crowd.”

    EXPATRIATE. Surely.

    Did we hear before that she worked at the American Embassy? All the easier to fake documents, my dear.

    “‘After these years I can still see her clearly among the people at the party,’ said John McGlynn, a long time Jakarta resident. ‘More than anything she was a person who stuck out from the crowd.'”

    Would that be the COMMUNIST party? 🙂

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