Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Obama

By Itooktheredpill

There are many, many examples, but here are just two…

Example 1:  Obama now:

If you have an objection about my health-care policies, then let’s debate the health-care policies. But don’t suddenly end up having a GSA administrator who is stuck in limbo somewhere because you don’t like something else that we’re doing.

Obama then:

Mr. Obama in late 2005 also put a hold on all Environmental Protection Agency nominees. Mr. Obama said he was trying to force the EPA to move more quickly to issue rules on lead-paint exposure.

Example 2:  Obama now:

Take a look at the long list of documents that were either never released or forged and later scrubbed in July 2009 (although some were reposted after the scrubbing was widely publicised by bloggers).

Obama then:

I remain distressed that the White House during this confirmation process, which overall went smoothly, failed to provide critical documents as part of the record that could have provided us with a better basis to make our judgment…


24 responses to “Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Obama

  1. Do as I say, not as I do.

  2. Seen this before?


    Home schooled? Forgot to mention the Indonesian schools where he was registered as Indonesian Muslim student Barry Soetoro.

    SAD learned Indonesian and Javanese at UH?

    Yet another name for Lolo: “she fell in love with a Javanese candidate for a master’s degree in geography named Soetoro Martodihardjo, who went by the Javanese nickname, “Lolo” Soetoro.”

    “The Dutch had ceded Western New Guinea to Indonesia, and geographer Lolo Soetoro returned to map the new divide between Eastern Guinea, which was under British/Australian control, and the Western portion.”

    “Maya and her mother returned to Honolulu in 1973 and, for three years, lived with Barack on Poki Street, just ‘ewa of Punahou School. . . . Dunham took young Maya back to Indonesia in 1976 to live with Soetoro’s mother, while Barack moved into his grandparents’ apartment on Beretania Street while he finished his high school years at Punahou.”

    Another link:

    “His mother’s passion for education led her to a painful decision to send Obama, then 10 years old, back to Hawai‘i to live with her parents so he might attend Punahou School. In fall 1971, Obama walked into room 307,Mabel Hefty’s fifth-grade class on the top floor of Castle Hall, where majestic, arched windows afforded a sweeping view of the elementary school grounds. Obama was one of a handful of new students that year, the standard entry point being fourth grade.”

    Well, in 1969, he was in 3rd grade in Noelani in Hawaii with Scott. Where was he for 4th grade? Miraculously, he was also in third grade in Indonesia, probably because it was too painful for his mom to be separated from him. Of course, it had to be yet more painful for little Barry, being in two places at the same time; but then, again, he is the messiah.

    “After Obama’s mother divorced Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan economist who died in 1982, she married Lolo Soetoro and had Maya in Indonesia. They moved to Honolulu where Obama was being looked after by his grandparents.”

    From this: http://cbs2chicago.com/politics/Maya.Soetoro.Ng.2.336990.html

    “After Obama’s mother divorced Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan economist who died in 1982, she married Lolo Soetoro and had Maya in Indonesia. They moved to Honolulu where Obama was being looked after by his grandparents. Soetoro-Ng said she lived with Obama in Honolulu from 1973-1976. After he moved in with their grandparents, she often visited with him until he graduated in 1979 and moved to the mainland.”

    Obama helped raise Maya; “they spent summers together in Honolulu, Chicago and Somerville, Mass.,” according to Newsweek:

    Somerville, Mass.?!! What’s there?


    From the above we learn that Michelle had her bridesmaids wear black gowns. Not really surprising, is it?

    The above link says Obama was at the memorial service for Toot. Was he?

    • Miri,

      Good post and links. On the last link of your post this paragraph caught my eye –

      Just before the election, Obama and his sister were confronted with the death of their beloved maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham — affectionately called Toot, short for “tutu,” the Hawaiian word for grandmother. In consoling Obama in the hours that followed, Joan said that he was comforted by his spirituality — knowing “Toot was watching over us.”

      Toot is short for “tutu” the Hawaiian word for grandmother.

      If this is the case why was Ann Dunham calling herself Anna Toot when she meet Barack Obama Sr.?

      Kenya: Special Report: Sleepy Little Village Where Obama Traces His Own Roots
      15 August 2004

      According to the family, Obama’s father travelled to America to study at the University of Hawaii in 1959. While there, he worked for an oil company and married his second wife, a white woman, named Anna Toot, and their union produced Barack


      And of course I dont belive a word allafrica.com has to say, so I looked some more and found it here also –

      According to family sources, Barack Obama senior traveled to America to study at the University of Hawaii in 1959 where he worked for an oil company and married his second wife, a white woman, named Anna Toot, and their union led to the birth of Barack Obama Junior.


      I researched a little more and found out Anna Marie Toot was Obama’s 5th Great Grandmother –

      The PEDIGREE of
      Anna Maria TOOT
      Born: Penn. abt. 1787 Died: 1841 Ohio

      U.S. President’s 5-Great Grandmother

      Husband/Partner: Lewis (Ludwig) WOLFLEY
      Child: George WOLFLEY
      ________ ________ _______ _______ _______ ____ ____ ___
      / — David TOOT (1727 – 1792 Penn.)
      / — George TOOT (Penn. 1759 – 1813 Penn.)
      / \ — Catharine
      – Anna Maria TOOT
      \ — Mary (Penn. 1756 – 1801 Penn.)

      Her 2-Great Grandchild: Rolla Charles PAYNE
      Her 5-Great Grandchild: Barack Hussein (Jr.) OBAMA


      I’ve searched online, Not one place can I find where it says –

      Toot is short for “tutu,” the Hawaiian word for grandmother, where it doesn’t have Obamas name attached.

      Even if this were the case, why was Ann Durham calling herself Anna Toot, which was the name of Obamas 5th grandmother?

      Papoose // February 16, 2010 at 6:13 pm

      Thank You Papoose, like you said –

      The Title says it all, Liar……….Liar’s every one of them.

      O’Sama – the biggest fraud that has ever happened to America.

      • Leza, That link is on Sandcastles 1. I posted it a few months ago. This one goes with it. Note George “Toot” Osmonovich. His wife was Angeline M. There are alot of other connections in there too. Osmond-Osmonovich…same name maybe ? Russian..


        • Renee,

          I knew you had the info. posted somewhere here but I could not find it so I looked it up. I was so tired last night when I posted that, sorry I did not give credit where credit is due. I was going to add I knew you had done the research on the “Toot” name as you have A-Z research on this fraud here at WTPOTUS it’s just a matter of finding the link. Im not sure if the name Toot is Russian, every single name search looking under the meaning of a name I have done on every nationality shows no Toot listed.

  3. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/264103

    Leza, the above is an interesting story about the memorial for Toot, which was 2 months after she died. There was another memorial service that Obama didn’t attend, which was held right after her death. Notice how story mentions that few made donations to charities in Madelyn’s name. Ya think maybe they didn’t believe she died? That other story makes it sound as if Maya’s mother-in-law was with Obama when his grandmother died. Nothing hangs together when you look at Obama and his life stories. Renee has looked into the Toot issue for a while. Why would she use an alias? That’s the question. Of course, it’s possible that the African reporter heard Obama refer to her as Toot and assumed that was part of her name. Sort of how we can’t figure out for sure what Lolo’s name was.

    What’s interesting to me is the grade school timeline. He’s reported to be in 3rd grade, in Noelani elementary, in ’69, when he was 8 (although he looks older). But he’s also reported to have been in 3rd and 4th grades in Indonesia, which would be ’69 and ’70, because most stories state that he didn’t come back to Hawaii until he was 10 and then one story I linked claims that he went to Punahou in the 5th grade, although most kids enter that school in 4th grade. This was in the fall of ’71 so they imply that he went right into Punahou because prior to the fall of ’71, he wasn’t 10–he was 9. So, they deliberately left out Noelani, where he supposedly also went to kindergarten, except the records are lost.

    Why leave that out–that he went to 3rd grade at Noelani? The only explanation I can come up with is that he really went to Noelani with Scott earlier in ’71, not ’69, because he had to catch up before being accepted to Punahou. Otherwise, they’re lying about when he returned to Hawaii.

    The messiah being behind in school doesn’t fit with the genius meme, so maybe that’s why he leaves out that part of his life story.

    Did you notice that he lived with SAD and Maya from ’73 to ’76, when SAD took Maya to Indonesia to live with HER grandmother–Lolo’s mom?

    What a pattern:
    Marry a guy
    Have a kid
    When kid’s a toddler, or earlier, separate from father
    Dump kid on grandmother when kid’s 10

    Same pattern for both kids.

  4. From Kates. Redpill, she has another great thread going over there now also !


    This is a great one !

  5. “State law allows birth certificates to be issued to family members, legal guard- ians, representatives of a person’s estate, or by court order or other legal purposes.”

    Gee, I’d consider proving one’s eligible to be POTUS, proving one meets the requirements set out IN the Supreme Law of the Land (that being the CONSTITUTION) would meet her “legal purposes” standard.

  6. Read the texts of these bills now pending in Hawaii:



    Note how cleverly they’re trying to prevent people from EVER seeing all of the “vital records” for O’Bobblehead.

    They have strict requirements for when they will allow a person to view a “birth certificate”: the person can look for 15 minutes, only after giving up 2 types of photo id. and all the while being videotaped. And they can’t photograph the birth certificate.

    Ironic, isn’t it? We the People, his employers, would like to see one piece of identification for O’Bobblehead, but if we want to see his birth certificate, if they ever deem us eligible to see it, we’ll have to jump through new hoops.

    Notice the clever way they exempt ALL vital records except the birth certificate. And remember that they already redefined what a birth certificate is–just for O’Bobblehead.

    So if multiple vital records( such as affidavits, supplementary reports, prior birth certificates, amendments, witness statements) are on file, only the final “birth certificate”, now known as the “original birth certificate”, will be made available for viewing.

    Any document that was filed to cause a change to whatever was originally filed, is off limits. Only the end result will be open to whichever member of the public is able to jump through their new hoops.

    We the People are smart enough to KNOW that these provisions are being proposed especially for O’Bobblehead, because everyone suspects that he’s hiding the contents of the “vital records” (PLURAL) upon which the DoH opined.

    The other bill deals with “vexatious requesters”–those people who keep asking Okubo and Fukino to follow Hawaiian law.

    • I think it is quite possible that his birth was reported in Hawaii by a relative, not a hospital. That’s why the COLB said “date filed” not “date accepted”. I think that his adoption by the Native American Indian chief is quite possibly what made him a U.S. Citizen. And I think that they used H. Res. 593 as a “witness statement” that “Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961”. Fukino didn’t say “Obama was born in Hawaii” in her October 2008 statement. It was not until a few hours AFTER H. Res. 593 passed that Fukino released her second statement, saying “Obama was born in Hawaii”.

      More here:
      Which Government Organization Was The First To Say, “Obama was born in Hawaii”?

      • Pill,
        I think you are right. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a deep dark, undocumented secret as to the hospital he was born in.. It would be a matter a fact, no speculation, thus, no such thing as a “birther”.

        And, then again, could just be that all the nefarious efforts to keep the hospital a deep, dark, undocumented secret is that his name is not Barack Houdini Obama II.

        Hypocricy and Lies because he is a bona fide fake, phony, unAmerican enemy of the State.

        Liar. Beggar. Fool.

      • Hawaiian statutes allow for an adopted person to get a new “original birth certificate” that says he was born IN HAWAII, even if he wasn’t. I don’t know about the Native American adoption, but if his mother pulled multiple shenanigans with the vital records, the end result might be an “adoption” that specifies birth in Hawaii. They don’t want anyone to see all the machinations that his vital records went through. He’ll probably end up with a “birth certificate” that WILL match whatever that bogus COLB says.

        Perhaps. It will still have to say “amended.” That’s still in the law. Although, if it’s an adoption, then perhaps not.

        Maybe BHO Sr. came to Hawaii in 1970 to “adopt” his own son, because Lolo adopted him previously. Who the heck knows? That’s the entire point.

        We have an UNDOCUMENTED person in the Oval Office.

  7. DNC denies that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen

    Feb. 19, 2010) — Everyone and his uncle, by now, knows that to hold the office of President you have to be a “natural born Citizen” of the United States of America. It’s written, right there, in the U.S. Constitution: Article II, section i, clause 5:

    Many do not know that a “native” U.S. Citizen is a larger class of citizens who do not necessarily have U.S. Citizen parents but who are born on U.S. soil. Native citizens are thus not eligible to be president.

    But the Democratic National Committee wants you to tell all your friends that Obama is not eligible to be President. They do this at the website for Organizing for America, which is an official project of the DNC, wherein they proclaim that Obama is a native born citizen:

    Smears claiming Barack Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate aren’t actually about that piece of paper — they’re about manipulating people into thinking Barack is not an American citizen.

    The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America.

    Next time someone talks about Barack’s birth certificate, make sure they see this page.

    The Post & Email is doing its part to make sure you see that page. Here is the link:

    In recent years the U.S. Supreme Court has also defined what a native born citizen is. In the case Rogers vs. Bellei, April 5, 1971, the Court ruled:
    3. Apart from the passing reference to the “natural born Citizen” in the Constitution’s Art. II, 1, cl. 5, we have, in the Civil Rights Act of April 9, 1866, 14 Stat. 27, the first statutory recognition and concomitant formal definition of the citizenship status of the native born: “[A]ll persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States . . . .” This, of course, found immediate expression in the Fourteenth Amendment, adopted in 1868, with expansion to “[a]ll persons born or naturalized in the United States . . . .” As has been noted above, the amendment’s “undeniable purpose” was “to make citizenship of Negroes permanent and secure” and not subject to change by mere statute. Afroyim v. Rusk, 387 U.S., at 263 . See H. Flack, Adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment 88-94 (1908).

    Therefore, how can it be that Obama’s own party proclaims that he is ineligible to hold the office of President and yet recognizes him as such?

    The only possible conclusion is that they must no longer regard the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land!


  8. Obama Pathelogical Liar: Obama has lied to the Press for 3 decades


    February 19th, 2010
    The Post & Email has received from a private citizen-researcher, PDF copies of AP News Stories which paint a picture of Obama, one which we know today is false.

    These additional AP reports corroborate the allegations that the AP in 2004 claimed Obama was born in Kenya. They do this, because they confirm that the AP was willing to say anything about Obama, so that readers would feel connected to him.

    Previous Posting:

    AP declares Obama “Kenyan-Born”!

    UPDATE: Federal Court requested to investigate AP Story
    Oct. 14, 2009

  9. Just these few tidbits among many, many others is enough for Barry Dunham Soetero to wnat to set the record straight for the “common good” of the people of the United States of America.

    But then again, he perpertrated these lies and the people of the Unites States are nothing but a pile of dogshit with cash to him.

    He could end this if he wanted to, but he’s happy with the outcome. Better to get the citizens up in arms against one another. Its his goal in life.

  10. OK, please do tell.

    What is this?

    A new logo?


  11. Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

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