Amy Bishop, Suspect in University of Alabama Shooting

By: Renee

……………………..Bishop home in Cohasset, Massachusetts…………..

There has been a new story. I find too many connections to stop reading this one.

Amy Bishop. Daughter of Samuel S. and Judy S. Bishop. Samuel, a Professor at North Eastern University. Judy- Judith ?, if she is the same, is a pretty important person at Microsoft Research. I will see if she is the same lady, and update this story as I can verify it all. Amy killed her brother Seth it seems with a shotgun. Judy, Amy’s mom was a witness, and the case was closed as an accident. Some say, way too quickly. That was in 1986. Braintree Ma.

Now fast forward to the present. Amy has 4 children and a husband Jim Anderson. He is a also being questioned and I believe was held for a while but I am unsure of his status at this point.

Amy Bishop, University of Alabama-Huntsville, Faculty Photo

Some reports say Amy shot fellow employees at the University of Alabama  Huntsville over tenure.   Jim works as the head of Cherokee Lab Systems in Huntsville. He and Amy also were both inventors of a new cell growth incubator in the mechanics of cell generation.  InQ?   Not sure yet what the story is there yet. Hummmm….Pretty deep work.

Amy also has a connection to Neil R. Cashman whom she won an award with in 2003,  I think it was. Sigma Xi Research Day; First prize for  Induced Adaptive resistance to Oxidative Stress In The CNS.    Also see Bishop Lab.

I smell HUGE coverup. I smell HUGE connections. We need to keep up with this story.

I also found a Samuel Bishop online with a 2 million dollar waterfront home at 127 Nichols Rd.   Not bad for a Professor’s salary. I will post the links of the places I found that have information on this story as it develops. I already have some on other threads.   I smell cover ups, connections and a BIG story here, although a VERY sad one. Please everyone, pitch in on this one too, as I have many pieces flying together right now at a very fast pace. Too many shootings, suicides and heart attacks these days that seem unrelated, but ARE.



155 responses to “Amy Bishop, Suspect in University of Alabama Shooting

  1. True weirdness. I just bought a paperback book at Barnes & Noble by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill, Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob (2000). Norfolk County, Mass., DA William Delahunt (now Congressman) is featured as he knew a number of the “players” in this charming tale of FBI informants gone way off the reservation and sanctioning the evildoings of the notorious South Boston drug lord and killer James “Whitey” Bulger, whose younger brother Billy was President of the Massachusetts Senate and then President of UMassBoston. Last I heard, Delahunt was not going to run again. Now this (murder charge vs Amy Bishop) shows up!

  2. Obama-obsessed ex-professor serving life for murder avoids charges for shooting her brother
    10/01/2012 Snips

    A Harvard-educated former biology professor convicted of killing three people and injuring three others during a 2010 faculty meeting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) will not face an additional murder charge in Massachusetts for the 1986 shooting death of her brother.

    An Alabama court recently sentenced Bishop, 47, to life in prison without parole.

    On September 10, jurors deliberated for just 20 minutes before returning a conviction, according to the Los Angeles Times. Bishop had already pleaded guilty to the charges against her, but under Alabama law defendants must stand trial for capital charges.

    Bishop’s guilty plea in Alabama spared her the death penalty.

    In a 2010, the Boston Herald reported that an anonymous family source called Bishop “a far-left political extremist who was ‘obsessed’ with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.”

    According to the Associated Press, police investigator Charlie Gray testified that Bishop had denied killing anyone. In court, she shook her head whenever the judge or prosecutors characterized the shootings as intentional.

    Gray also testified that police determined that anger was Bishop’s motive. She had recently been denied tenure and, thus, her career at UAH was likely over.


    After she was arrested for the UAH shooting, Massachusetts authorities reopened the investigation of brother’s death. Bishop shot her brother to death at the Bishop family’’ Braintree, Mass home in 1986. At the time, he incident that was ruled an accident.

    The Norfolk County District Attorney eventually indicted Bishop for her brother’s murder.

    Bishop attempted suicide in June 2010 while she was detained in Alabama a few days after the Norfolk County indictment.

    Bishop was also suspected in a mail bombing attempt against Dr. Paul Rosenberg in 1993, according to the Boston Herald. Rosenberg, a Harvard Medical School professor and a physician, supervised Bishop at a neurobiology lab at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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