Ronald Reagan, Tea Parties, and the Next Reagan(s)

By Itooktheredpill

I believe he would embrace the Tea Party Movement, if he were alive today, and support the work of Sarah Palin, Scott Brown and others who espouse conservative principles, who are opening up the eyes of the public to what is happening to our nation. Unlike my brother, I campaigned with and for my father in 1976 and in 1980 — and I feel more qualified to say what he would and would not have supported. He would be applauding the grassroots organization of this country and Sarah Palin for making herself available to elect conservative candidates.”

Wednesday night I watched the Republican National Convention on television and there, before my very eyes, I saw my Dad reborn; only this time he’s a she.

And on a related note, someone else has been called “the next Reagan” by someone who was very close to the original Ronald Reagan…

Governor Huckabee has probably inspired me as much as Ronald Reagan did. I’ve looked a long time to find a candidate like that… A lot of people walk around talking about the Reagan days and the next Reagan. I was with the old Reagan and I can promise you that this man comes as close as anyone to filling those shoes.

I am personally committed to criss-crossing this nation campaigning for strong conservative candidates who support lower taxes, balanced budgets, life, marriage and a strong national defense. Huck PAC has already endorsed 23 candidates and I plan to campaign for as many of them as I can.

In that same link, he has some interesting things to say about the “Green Police” Superbowl commercial. Many try to smear Huckabee as “nanny stater”, but here’s what Huckabee has to say about the “nanny state”:

A car company had a commercial that had an interesting reference to Green Police giving people tickets for their lifestyle choices. For some of us that’s not too far of a stretch for a government growing bigger and bigger by the day under this administration and this Congress.

In fact the Cap and Trade legislation passed by the House (really Cap and Tax) would have some form of a “green cop” in order to monitor companies. It’s a terrible bill and one that would cut into businesses large and small. At a time when we need new jobs, why would we try and penalize the job creators?

Well no one said this Congress was smart…

What we really need is a cop to rein this Congress and administration in. Someone or something to check their power grab and protect the taxpayers of this nation who don’t want their hopes and dreams crippled by a burdensome national debt.

I believe our best chance to stop the madness are the critical November elections.

I think the two former Governors (Huckabee and Palin) would make a fantastic pair for the 2012 Republican Party ticket. Most people are familiar with Sarah Palin’s book and her stand on the issues. For those who weren’t following the Republican primary in 2008, here is an archive of Huckabee’s stand on the issues. I’d love to see either a Palin/Huckabee or Huckabee/Palin ticket in 2012. A recent poll of Alabama Republicans: Huckabee 33, Palin 23, Romney 12.

P.S. For those not familiar with the “Green Police” Super Bowl ad, Michelle Malkin did an excellent post about it.

P.P.S. Here’s the picture of the Reagans that Renee requested…

………………..Ronald and Nancy Reagan, 1985 Vanity Fair Cover Photo……..


12 responses to “Ronald Reagan, Tea Parties, and the Next Reagan(s)

  1. What a beautiful picture of the man,
    and no I ain’t gay.

  2. I visit Orly Taitz’s blog.
    There’s usually interesting stuff.

    Today I found this:

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010 7:25 PM

    View contact details
    Ok, Beck And Oreilly, which one of you is man enough to eat crow first? Judge Lambert in Orly Taitz’s quo warrento pleading has given your loved one,Obama, untill March 29th to produce proof that he’s legal. Otherwise–bye-bye art olszewski pittsburgh pa

    I have no idea where to go to verify this statement/
    But it is interesting, no?

    If anybody comes across this court date, please let me know.

  3. The Sarah Palin attack has begun. You know it is
    co-orfinated when even Fox News host Chris Wallace rolls his eyes at the end of his interview with Sarah. He did so do it.

    Kame Cherry often posts about a new world order cartel, you can go there is you want to read about it.

    His conclsion is that the owners of Obama, the owners of Glenn Beck, are more afraid of Sarah Palin than anyone else.

    The less dangerous article about Sarah Palin:

  4. Sleuth, It is soo pretty ! Pill don’t we make our castle here look pretty ? Sleuth, I have a pretty one too in Sandcastles. They are dancing, Ronnie and Nancy Pants. My fave of them.Will you post it too please ?
    Pill, great post.Very thought provoking !

  5. That optimism that Reagan rekindled is not dead. The Tea Party is just the latest manifestation of America’s tradition of eschewing collectivism for individual liberty, and it will prevail eventually over the Chicken Little progressive agenda in the long run.

    Speaking of eschewing collectivism…

    Guess which collectivist said it…

  6. Young Ron chimes in…

    btw, I do believe Hillary Clinton quit in Denver when New York’s delegation came to the floor…

  7. The US left hates the ‘Tea Party’ movement – which proves it’s the Best Thing to Happen to American Politics for Decades…by Trevor Loudon

    Vice chair of the Communist Party USA and numero uno Obamaphile, Jarvis Tyner flays the “Tea Partyers” in todays People’s World

    Here’s some choice quotes from Jarvis;

    After watching the Nashville convention of the tea party movement, it is clear that they continue to be a racist, red-baiting movement against health care reform, jobs for all, an end to war, and economic and social justice.

    They are out to bring down Barack Obama because they see him as a force for progressive change and they are against progressive change. They are a movement to take our country back to the policies of Reagan, Bush or worse.

    Jarvis plays the race card;

    As the conference showed, they have few people of color in their ranks. That is because, while they say they are “color blind,” they are against any measures for racial equality and inclusion.

    The opening speaker at the conference was none other than the notorious right wing bigot, former Congressman Tom Tancredo.

    Tancredo told the nearly all-white gathering that the reason Obama was elected was because people voted for him “who could not even spell the word ‘vote’ or say it in English.” Tancredo went on to call for bringing back literacy tests.

    Tancredo’s despicable proposal would bring back what was a vicious method of denying the franchise to Black voters and is now illegal, as a way to prevent the election of an Obama type candidate in the future. Looking at his audience, it wasn’t a surprise that his remarks were greeted with cheers and loud applause.

    Please link to read more of the ‘race card plays’ and the ‘dump on Sarah card’

    • Here’s some choice quotes from Jarvis;

      “After watching the Nashville convention of the tea party movement, it is clear that they continue to be a racist, red-baiting movement against health care reform, jobs for all, an end to war, and economic and social justice.”

      What an idiot. Taxpayers are racists, don’t need health care, don”t need jobs, want to succumb and submit to terrorists, could care less about US solvency and do not provide billions upon billions of taxes to pay for non profits?

      What’s red-baiting?~ sounds like Bill Ayres and Barack Obama. Anybody check out his administration lately? Did Senator John Kerry not vouch for Ayres/Dorhn to enter into Egypt as peacekeepers?

      He’s just pissed that TEA party participants weren’t all dressed up like Lady Gaga ready to play Let’s Make A Deal. Jodi Evans wasn’t the keynote speaker this time.

  8. For those of you that did not see parts of CPAC, please go to and view it there! It was very inspiring! George Will, Lecturer and Author, should include Comedian in his resume! He kept them all laughing, just speaking the plain ole’ truth! There was an award given to an older black gentleman whose name I’ve heard before, but since it is now almost daylight again, I can’t recall it now. But he was fabulous! Try to view if you can! Interesting speakers for tomorrow and Saturday also! Bet CSpan won’t show Atlas! Hope I lose that bet!

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