Don’t Let Kids Grow Up to be Community Organizers


 Perry High School Massillion, Stark County, Ohio



By Bridgette 

Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to Be Community Organizers!

Feel the outrage and incredulity as Obama’s minions take another step forward in the Progressives/Communist’s vision for our Republic by actively seeking adolescents to become interns. Through this membership, the radicals will have clean, blank slates where they can indoctrinate “willing” and naïve youth. 


In her exclusive report, Atlas Shrugs reported on the outright audacity of the Progressives who are infiltrating our high schools by offering an internship to “special” students. Organizing for America sent information to high school students to recruit them for internships. Obama’s Organizing for America’s Internship Program will teach inexperienced, immature, adolescent students the basics of community organizing based on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. This is the Revolutionary’s play book, and in a normal society would be considered subversive material. Alinsky’s radical play book is what is being used to bring down our country in conjunction with Cloward-Piven’s “Strategy for Forcing Political Change through Orchestrated Crisis.” This strategy along with Alinsky training continues as the Left’s blueprints for some of their most ambitious campaigns to bring about the fall of democracy. 

Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs, has a copy of the application on her website. Their training outline shows their “recommended” reading list. This list confirms their intent. 

  •  Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky .
  •  The New Organizers, Zack Exley
  • Dreams of My Father, Chicago Chapters, Barack Hussein Obama
  • Obama Field Organizers Plot a Miracle, Zack Exley, Huffington Post
  • Stir It Up: Lessons from Community Organizing and Advocacy, Rinku Sen



If you want your children or grandchildren to learn how to bully, be aggressive, lie, cheat, and steal, then this is the group for them. They will learn all aspects of crime and corruption, money laundering, the ins and outs of cheating the government, voter intimidation, voter fraud, aggressive protesting, lying and deceit, to name a few. They will learn the fine art of anti-Americanism, the faults attributed to capitalism, and how to “redistribute” money they have not earned. They won’t learn that redistributing money is stealing. Stealing from anyone with wealth is condoned and applauded in the world of Progressives. 

They will learn the terminology and meaning of terms such as “public good”, “common good”, and “the collective”. These words are freely used by Socialists, Communists, and Fascists to warrant and justify the demolishing of individual rights and freedom. They will be provided with a new vocabulary that includes words or ideas such as “social justice” and “transforming America.” They will exalt dictators and murderers like Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Marx, Chavez, Castro, and Che. They will learn class distinctions, racism, how to demonize, demoralize, and marginalize anyone, any institution, and any tradition through whatever means possible or whatever works. 


How do you tell a Communist?
“Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. ” 

And how do you tell a Anti-communist?
“It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
— Ronald Reagan 

As we have learned throughout the last year from now famous people like Obama, who has made community organizing fashionable, they do whatever it takes to get their way by whatever means. They are devoid of integrity, honesty, and character. Obama has shown his brand of lying so many times, that it is known if he says it is one way, it must be taken as its opposite. At the meeting with the GOP he said “I am not a ideologue. No one laughed in his face. They should have done so. In other words, Obama is an ideologue. When he talked about health care being promoted by the Republicans as a Bolshevik plot and insinuating that it wasn’t, you can bet that it is a communist plot or strategy. 

Bertha Lewis, ACORN’s Chief Organizer, is another example of those who lost their way and promote the leftist radical agenda. Exemplified in multiple undercover videos late last year were various forms of criminality done by ACORN employees. The journalists documented ACORN’s corruption on many fronts. One example was their giving tax information on hiding one’s occupation and earnings if you happen to be a pimp or prostitute. They didn’t blink at the revelation these people were planning to transport children from foreign countries into the USA to enslave them as prostitutes. Another employee “knew” people that could help them in their endeavor. 


People who have come to hold prestigious positions in our country are prime examples of the criminal elements of society. They are the ones that we shun, and those who are usually caught for various crimes and jailed. They epitomize the dark side of society; its very slimy underbelly. These people aren’t helping the poor or middle class as they espouse, they are increasing the numbers of criminals through their activities, and are criminals themselves. They are making lawlessness a virtue rather than showing its immorality and contemptible nature. These perpetrators of criminal activity must be rejected, held in contempt, and prosecuted. By their continued exposure and disregard for civility, law and order, their depraved brand of ethics and values will add to the moral decay now infesting our lives and communities. 


As “normal” law abiding citizens look at government today, we are fully aware of the thugs that are in charge of our country. They said they would be the most “transparent” administration ever, and we can now agree that they are. We are seeing how the underworld operates and it is visible, clear, and translucent. They have shown us how bribery works in the most obvious ways, how votes are purchased, how payoffs work, and mainly how corruption has infected all branches of government. Power, greed, and control are visible and these representatives are the new brand of mentors. By their actions and activities, criminal behavior was exemplified and chronicled for all to see and judge. 


Forty million people watched Obama in his State of the Union address as he publicly chastised Supreme Court Justices for doing their job and rendering a decision not to his liking. Such disrespect for those we place on pedestals was Obama’s Revenge, and like others who follow his example and ideology, name calling, insult, and ridicule was on stage. This blatant loutishness was condoned by the Democrats who stood and clapped at this affront on members of the highest court. The world saw a dictator in charge, not a president of the US. How to humiliate, insult, and dishonor those who oppose your viewpoint was a lesson taught to millions by the US president. This is one of the Alinsky lessons he learned as a community organizer, and he has practiced and perfected it into an art form. He picked the target, froze it, personalized it, and polarized it. Alinsky would be proud. 


Belittling of opponents, damaging careers, destroying ideals, traditions, and people are a few strategies the Left uses to force their will on others. OFA interns will be taught that our Constitution is fatally flawed even though it has safeguarded our liberty and rights for over 200 years. Another lesson will be that free-market capitalism is the bane of our existence, and “collectivism” is the wave of their Utopian future. They won’t learn that communism has failed every time and every place it has been tried and implemented. They won’t be pointed to the atrocities committed to force people to believe in an ideology. They won’t be told the truth about Cuba, Venezuela, N. Korea, Russia or China where collectivism is enforced. 

“We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”
– Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959 


Parents and teachers rebelled last September when Obama tried to mandate his radical viewpoint into the schools by forcing them to watch a “welcome back” video he taped. As reported by World Net Daily in their article, “President Doesn’t Get to Speak to My Children Unchallenged,” parents and teachers across the nation rebelled against Obama’s plans  to spread his revolutionary ideas to children through the public school system. “The government also publicized a list of suggestions for students and teachers to do in preparation for the speech, including studying Barack Obama’s writings and presidency.”


Nationwide, parents objected to allowing this political intrusion on their children “without their presence, participation and approval.” Parents put schools on notice that their children were not allowed to be indoctrinated and their children would not be in attendance that day if the video was shown. The outrage was heard and many schools refused to allow or play the video, others sent home permission slips for students to watch or to be excused. Educated parents immediately recognized the similarity of Hitler’s Youth and his indoctrination of children to Obama’s ploy to insert himself and his views into the curriculum. The propaganda media dismissed and degraded those who were not going to go along with the Department of Education’s suggested Hitler like lesson plans. 


It is unknown if the targeted school in Ohio is OFA’s pilot program or if these OFA applications were distributed nationwide. The school that received the internship applications was Perry High School, located in Massillon, Stark County, Ohio. In the 2000 census there were 31,325 people living there. Who approved the distribution of these applications to students? Were they sent by mail or handed out in school? Was the principal of the school aware of this? Were tax dollars used to print and distribute these applications? Who are the OFA teachers and how are they paid? Was funding for these materials part of the Stimulus Bill or the Omnibus Bill? Are they associated with Americorp? We must get answers to these questions. 


This is no accident. This is not a mistake. This is deliberate! This was pre-planned, orchestrated, and targets our most valuable assets..our children. The poison and vitriol of these revolutionaries is being spread without your knowledge and without your consent. This is radical activism that will be taught by the perverse Alinsky indoctrinators whose aim is to destroy our country. One of the ways they will execute this is by infiltrating schools through its youth programs. Another way has been to change history books to reflect their thinking and their interpretations of events. Their interpretations reverse or erase pertinent historical events much like how Ahmadinajad, Iran, claims the Holocaust never happened. 


Awake Citizens. This is your warning. Atlas Shrugs has exposed Organizing for America and their agenda. We must alert everyone we know to STOP THIS MADNESS! Our children are valuable, and they deserve an environment free from manipulation, free from communist elements, and free from exposure and intimidation by the warped elements in our society. Let your outrage be heard. Outrage was shown by the elections in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts. It has made a difference in having terrorists tried on our soil, stopping a government health care takeover, and stopping Cap and Trade. This sick program is their newest program that is sure to infuriate citizens. 


If you aren’t for our children and our way of life and don’t believe you are living in the greatest country in the world, why are you here? There is no justification for this attempt to subjugate and manipulate our children. This is incredible. This is toxic waste. This is poison. This is evil. This is exploitation. This is subversive. This is dangerous and its application and delivery are pure Evil. 


Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to Be Community Organizers! 

Take Action. Talk to your children, and make sure they know about this program and what its intentions are. Call the superintendent of schools, principals, teachers, NEA, NTA, and let them know this is totally unacceptable. Then send a loud and clear message to your Senators and Representatives 


Email addresses are below, If you would like to let the Perry School Administrators know your thoughts. 


Perry High School Administration 

Don Gregoire – Principal
Tom Ryan – Assistant Principal
Chad Merritt – Assistant Principal 




15 responses to “Don’t Let Kids Grow Up to be Community Organizers

  1. Good post Bridgette ! I came aross this group, and wondered what they are doing. Building school housing ? Interesting.

  2. She posted her article on Big Govt.

    Obama Recruiting Radicals in High Schools
    by Pamela Geller

    Barack Obama is using our public school system to recruit for his Alinsky-inspired private army. Organizing for America (OFA), formerly Obama For America, is recruiting in our high schools to “build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda” – that is, his agenda of socialism for the United States of America.

    And what is the point of all this propaganda and community organizing? To elect more Democrats, of course.

  3. Remind me: Didn’t they try to keep Newt Gingrich from bringing his history-related programs into public schools?

    Can you imagine them allowing a similar program based upon conservative values–something put on by the Heritage Foundation or Hillsdale College? (This is worse because We the People are being forced to pay for our own downfall.)

    Imagine a program based upon the Constitution and/or the Founders, like I had to study when I was a kid. They’d be howling.

    Great post, Bridgette. He’s certainly supremely confident, if little else. He takes such delight in hiding his true beliefs in plain sight. He believes that he’s such a mesmerizing magician that he can stick his finger right in the opposition’s eyes and they won’t even notice. Idealogue. Yep. Bolshevik. Ditto.

    The Republicans might not have jeered, but to paraphrase “Mac” from the movie “Predator”, We the People “see you,” O’Bobblehead. We won’t get fooled again.

    Did you happen to see the photo of O’Bobblehead with his feet up on the Oval Office desk? That sums up his attitude about the United States of America. I said the other day and I’ll say it again, he’s not, at heart, an American.

  4. Who is this Lame Cherry guy?
    He seems to know too much.

    This fits here

    It is about mind control.

  5. The coming attack, a prediction
    of a series of severe attacks from that Lame Cherry guy.

    You don’t think we sent a whole bunch of weaponry to the Gulf this week to actually help Isreal, did you?

    For safekeeping, I put Mr. Lame Cheery’s article here:

  6. don’t type in the dark,

    to actually help Israel …..

  7. The Lame Cherry warning reiterated,
    I think take it seriously,
    Ties in with other stuff going on this month

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010
    Knock, knock, knockin’ on Obama’s Door
    Uncle Leon……………oh sorry, for those who do not know, that is our Uncle Leon Panetta who is Director of the CIA, had one of his assessments leaked this past few days and it really did not bide well for Americans in the policies of booger picker Obama and snot licker Napolitano.

    Uncle Leon basically assessed the situation as this:

    First, Obama had imported more terrorists to America than oil.

    Second, Obama’s terrorists are going to strike inside America with certainty in the next 3 to 6 months. That would be August as the latest.

    Third, the terrorists look like Americans, are sleeper agents, and the attack or attacks Uncle Leon, is looking for shoe bomber lone wolves.

    Fourth, Mr. Panetta in disclosing what he did, revealed that he is telling Congress that America can not stop this slaughter, has allowed in piles of terrorists and his information is inept as Sheik bin Laden is not going to shoot his load with Nigerian condom bombers.

    I had hoped, as Mr. Panetta, was the best of the dregs which Barack Obama picked, that with his DOD military intelligence background, that there was something in him of vinegar to keep America safe.
    While I do not lay this all at Mr. Panetta’s feet, because he has had Eric Holder making war on him, and has had Obama and Clinton telling the CIA to make nice to terrorists in not offending them, with the addition that Obama has been nursing terrorism around the world, Leon Panetta has had the horrid position of serving Obama while Obama serves the terrorists.

    Uncle Leon might have 10 digits on his hands, but Obama has been poking hundreds of holes in the dam Panetta is supposed to be keeping from leaking.

    Uncle Leon’s boss, snot licker, Janet Napolitano has sat on her dyke ass for all of 2009, wiping snot on her clothes, terrorizing Americans with Obama Flu, putting American Veterans and Christians on watch lists, was harassing lawyers who were seeking Obama birth documents, has been stalking bloggers and people like James O’Keefe and literally did not implement Obama’s torture squad he mandated and undid the security measures for airports.

    Janet Napolitano gave more succor to terrorists around the glove in one year, than Osama bin Laden. She is a politically correct, incompetent, leftist ideologue who failed at the high tech lynching of Clarence Thomas and has failed in protecting Americans from Muslim terrorists.
    After the Muslim terrorist Flight 253 attack, she literally was caught lying to Congress.

    In short, from Eric Holder’s criminal legacy, Rahm Emanuel’s thuggery and Janet Napolitano’s terror succor, these people should all be fired immediately for the murderous disaster they have just sponsored against the Citizens of these United States.

    The entire rules which American intelligence are operating under from Obama consists of Americans are the enemy, terrorists have a right to be furious and they should be understood in why they murder Americans, and it is now an “ask don’t tell” for Muslim terrorists.

    This is what Uncle Leon in his Clintonesque leanings of not understanding the real situation. Mr. Panetta would be alright with proper protocols, but in his laying out the disaster which awaits these United States, it his red warning light that the entire Obama regime has created this complete terror picture in bringing the war on terror inside America.

    I do not believe for an instant that Mr. Panetta is correct in his assessment that this will be an attack or lone wolf type attacks, for the simple reason, the last thing al Qaeda is going to do is light up the grid with piecemeal operations which only train western security.
    In simple protocols of war, it is an established fact that one pronounces blitzkrieg to stun the system and the populace, and then one brings the sappers in the wire to harry the opponents lines.

    Logic dictates that as 9 11 was airliners for visual effects which were to be followed up by later airliners sabotaged and the real punchline of a nuclear glow in New York and DC, that Sheik bin Laden will once again mount such a campaign.
    His terrorist bloggers do speak of airliner events as Flight 253, but there are intelligence hints of public gathering type attacks, to produce the visual terror this group wants played around the globe. In addition to this, they are speaking of botox and anthrax, which as this blog has laid out, would be the delayed festering sore which would terrorize Americans for the next year to come, sending a shock wave through the economy as people did not trust the food or water stores, and, thus complete 9 11 par dux.
    To make the point, NCIS on CBS actually utilized a botox bomb in their programming. It noted that coy fish were killed in a pond by botox. Ponds are water, so comprehend the situation which was being spoken of in methods of poisoning.

    I highly doubt they are going to put this into the air, as the heroin attack in Scotland reveals the propensity for contamination and self ingestion. It could be imported clothing made in Asia laced with anthrax as it seems the pepper poisoning was, or it could be botox salted in plastic food bags where the distribution would be a disaster in containment.

    Logic states that only after the main contamination occurs, that then the diversion of lone wolf condom exploders will be enacted to magnify their random events on the mass scale of responding to the WMD attacks.
    Attacks as in plural, as Obama has allowed in hosts of terrorists into America.

    As this is an emergency for America, the above enablers of terrorism should be fired immediately. To appease Obamalings as they would not trust Cheney types who America desperately need now to fix this, I would submit that Richard Cohen who served under Bill Clinton head Homeland Security with the mandate that Americans stop being spied on in tapping resources, and full resources put into going after terrorists.
    With that oversight, and informing the CIA that it stops trusting terrorists, Uncle Leon should be able to run his agency better before it is too late.
    I have to apologize to Obamalings as this is too important and I recommend Dick Cheney’s daughter, the non Napolitano type, to take over as Attorney General to fix things Holder has deliberately bungled.

    It is unacceptable that a current Director of the CIA has given up and stated that terror attacks will happen inside America, because terrorists are flowing in like cold air from the Arctic.

    This is going to disrupt commerce this time. This time Obama will manage the crisis for his political benefit unlike President Bush who was dealing with this as a safety concern, and, this time the terrorists will not be using standard communications which is what bin Laden gave up doing to keep his turban on.

    If al Qaeda initiates what I believe they have planned, this is going to be a festering sore, and frankly, knowing Obama, he is going to be the second problem Americans are going to have to deal with in his politics and grabs for power.

    Strange is it not in all the “protect America sites” which accused Bush Cheney of the worst things that never manifested, and here Obama has literally let terrorist into America as Clinton did, and not one alarm is going off on those same radio programs or internet sites.

    America is really in trouble

  8. Check out their database screen shots and how they mobilize people quickly. OFA is the same database Obama used to get elected!

    An Inside Look at Obama’s Organizing for America Part I

    Obama’s “permanent campaign” Organizing for America has managed to skirt campaign finance laws while continually providing the unprecedented “opportunity to help the president.” Countless emails fill boxes across America with the sender name President Barack Obama.

    Organizing for America has kept a high profile and played a key role in the healthcare debate. Obama’s managed to turn his extraordinary campaign model into a post-election campaign/organizing website where OFA honed their method of using the internet to reach progressives to push through his increasingly unpopular agenda.

    And almost immediately after Mr. Obama was elected, the name of his campaign tool “Obama for America” was changed to “Organizing for America.” Here is a screen shot:

    Part II will reveal reveal the ACORN connection through a variety of “partner” and affiliate organizations created to deceive America about who is really pushing the Obama Agenda.

  9. ** Using Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm our system ?!

    In 2008, the Forest Service issued a land use plan that environmental organizations didn’t like. The Earthjustice Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of four environmental groups. The suit took 15 months. The bill to the federal government from Earthjustice was $279,711.40. The Western Environmental Law Center filed another lawsuit challenging the same land use plan. They represented 15 environmental groups and sent the government a bill for $199,830.65. These two outfits claim that seven attorneys spent more than 930 hours (working full time, that’s 116 days), at rates between $300 and $650 per hour.

    That’s good work if you can get it.

    Think that’s bad? Read on.

    In September of last year, the Wildearth Guardians sued the Federal Emergency Management Agency, asking the court to prohibit FEMA from issuing flood insurance to private citizens on 52,535 structures that may lie within the range of an endangered species. The group could not sue individual land owners unless they could prove that the structure caused the death or “harm” to any endangered species. This suit is designed to block the use of privately owned land, and to collect a handsome fee from the government for doing it.

    The government keeps no record of these “environmental” lawsuits. Payments, however, are made from a single budget line item called the “Judgment Fund.” The Budd-Falen Law firm in Cheyenne, Wyoming has done a yeoman’s job in researching payments made from this fund to environmental organizations. They include:

    2003 10,595 payments made
    Total paid: $1, 081,328,420

    2004 8,161 payments made
    Total paid: $800,450,029

    2005 7,794 payments made
    Total paid: $1,074,131,007

    2006 8.736 Payments made
    Total Paid: $697,968,132

    2007 6,595 Payments made
    Total paid: $1,062,387,142

    During these five years, tax dollars have funded environmental groups to the tune of $4.7 billion dollars in attorney fees alone. Another $1.6 million was paid between 2003 and 2005 from the Equal Access to Justice Act. These funds come directly from the agency that loses the suit. This doesn’t begin to include all the direct grants and contracts that are awarded to dozens of environmental groups.

    Please go here to read more:

    There is a strategy that has been known and used in history to explain exactly what the Obama administration is doing.
    “….strategy is called “Revolutionary Parliamentarianism” and is well known in modern totalitarian circles. William Z. Foster, national chairman of the American Communist Party from 1933 to 1957, identified this strategy by name in his 1932 book Toward a Soviet America……..”

    Click to access Pincers_Strategy.pdf

  11. Great article from Trevor Loudon who gives us a little more history out of the Windy City. O’s File 94

    Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism is one of the US’s most significant Marxist-Leninist parties.

    The organization was born in 1992 out of a major split in the Communist Party USA, incorporating Trotskyites, former Maoists, socialists and anarchists to form an entirely new party.

    The party has strong ties to Cuba , Vietnam, Venezuela and the communist parties of France and the former East Germany.

    Committees of Correspondence, was and is strong in Chicago. I have written here how two leading CoC members have worked closely with Barack Obama.

    Committees of Correspondence leader Manning Marable wrote in British Trotskyist journal Socialist Review in December 2008;

    What makes Obama different is that he has also been a community organiser. He has read left literature, including my works, and he understands what socialism is. A lot of the people working with him are, indeed, socialists with backgrounds in the Communist Party or as independent Marxists. There are a lot of people like that in Chicago who have worked with him for years…

    He was almost certainly referring to his Chicago CoC comrades.

    I have in my possession a Chicago Committees of Correspondence “Membership, Subscription and mailing list” dated October 14, 1994.

    Of the nearly 400 names on the list, many have been identified as CoC members from other sources.

    The list does not prove CoC membership per se, but it does indicate some degree of contact with the organization.

    What struck me as significant were the names of several people who have promoted, or impacted on the political career of Barack Obama.

    They include;

    Carl Davidson Now one of four Co-leaders of the Committees of Correspondence. Davidson worked with Obama in the radical New Party in the 1990s. He later helped organize the famous 2002 peace rally in Chicago’s Federal Plaza where Obama first became famous as an opponent of the Iraq War.

    Danny Davis An Illinois Democratic Congressman and a member of Democratic Socialists of America with proven ties to the Communist Party and CoC.

    To read more:

  12. Another good one by Trevor Loudon.

    O’s File 95 – O’s Socialist Advisers Push Immigration Reform….

    Speaking of Latino voters, Medina said “when they voted in November, they voted overwhelmingly for progressive candidates. Barack Obama got two out of every three voters that showed up”

    So I think there’s two things that matter for the progressive community.

    Number one, if we are to expand this electorate to win, the progressive community needs to solidly be on the side of immigrants, that we’ll expand and solidify the progressive coalition for the future…”

    When you are in the middle of a fight for your life you will remember who was there with you. And immigrants count on progressives to be able to do that.

    Number two.

    We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. Can you imagine if we have, even the same ratio, two out of three?

    If we have eight million new voters who care about …… and will be voting. We will be creating a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.

    There you have the strategy. Fight for the illegal immigrants, grant them citizenship, then exploit their gratitude in the form of votes to create a “governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle..”

    Who is Eliseo Medina?

    As vice president of the radical SEIU, Medina has been the US’s most effective immigration “reform” activist. His union, SEIU is also the major backer of the Gutierrez bill.

    Selling the legalization of millions of illegal workers to the US labor movement has always been an uphill battle.

    It was a huge turnaround in February 2000, when the AFL-CIO reversed its longstanding anti ‘illegals’ policy, calling for a new amnesty for millions of undocumented workers and the repeal of the 1986 law that criminalized hiring them.

    Eliseo Medina was one of the chief instigators behind that resolution.

    That fact is recognized by Democratic Socialists of America, the Marxist organization to which Medina has long belonged.

    Read more info:

  13. Obama, like most Progressives, seems to have a problem identifying the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution, Nazis, and the Corpse Man Snips – good article

    First of all, Obama, like most Progressives, seems to have a problem identifying the U.S. Constitution. In his State of the Union address, Obama stated that “We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal….”

    Darn near made me want to stand up and salute, (something our POTUS could use some lessons in, by the way). There’s a problem here, however. It turns out that “the notion that we are all created equal” is not “enshrined in our Constitution”—it’s from the Declaration of Independence.
    Doesn’t say much for Obama’s grasp of the Constitution, when he confuses the U.S. Constitution, with the Declaration of Independence

    The Progressives, and their Islamic buddies, are still showing a fondness for equating conservatives with Nazis. It has been repeatedly pointed out to them, that conservatives are not Nazis—that if anyone’s a Nazi, it’s them. All to no avail.

    Fascism and Communism are closely related, and Progressivism has links to them both. So you Progressives can take back your swastikas, Hitler moustaches, and “Sieg heils.” They’re yours, and always have been. Here—don’t forget your arm-bands.

    The inextricable link between the Nazis and Progressives, helps to explain the Progressive’s fondness for abortion, euthanasia, and population control. It’s nothing more than the “same old, same old.” The same old Nazi song and dance, hidden behind new names, new “clothes,” and the passage of time.

    It is no coincidence that George Soros, the most visible of the puppet masters behind the modern Progressive movement, and founder of “Project Death in America,” was once a Nazi collaborator. The Progressive’s link with the Nazis also helps to explain their ever-increasing anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist stance

    The other day Obama repeatedly referred to a U.S. military corpsman, as a “corpse-man.” The use of such a misnomer needs to be nipped in the bud, before it catches on. Yelling out “Hey, I need a corpse-man over here!” in the thick of battle, would not only prove unnecessarily alarming to any wounded, but would be detrimental to troop morale as a whole. Someone needs to inform the POTUS that corpsman is pronounced “core-man”—with the “p” and “s” being silent.

  14. It looks as if the Community Organizers have been NO help at all in the Detroit school system. This is an example of who is leading our schools and being “in charge” of students having a “quality” education.!!!

    As if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems these days, the president of the city’s school board offered the shocking admission that he can’t pen a coherent sentence.

    Otis Mathis, who oversees the academic future of 90,000 public school students, told the Detroit News that he’s a “horrible writer” after reports surfaced that he sent a Feb. 29 e-mail to the financial manager of Detroit Public Schools that was rife with spelling, punctuation and usage errors.

    “If you saw Sunday’s Free Press that shown Robert Bobb the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, move Mark Twain to Boynton which have three times the number seats then students and was one of the reason’s he gave for closing school to many empty seats,” the e-mail read, according to the paper.

    Mathis, 56, of Detroit, has had difficulties with language as early as fourth grade, when he was placed in special education classes. His college degree was also held up for more than a decade due to repeatedly failing English proficiency exams required for graduation from Wayne State University, the paper reported.

    Some parents are now questioning whether Mathis is fit for his role.

    “It’s kind of scary to even talk about,” Patrick Martin, 49, a Detroit contractor whose 12-year-old son is a student at Noble Middle School, told the paper. “If this is the leader, what does it say about the followers? It explains a lot about why there’s so much confusion and infighting with the board and Robert Bobb.”

    Mathis has also worked as a substitute teacher in Detroit schools, which are ranked among the lowest-achieving metropolitan public school districts in the country. But he told the paper his story is about someone who has managed his limitations.

    “Instead of telling them that they can’t write and won’t be anything, I show that cannot stop you,” Mathis told the paper. “If Detroit Public Schools can allow kids to dream, with whatever weakness they have, that’s something. … It’s not about what you don’t have. It’s what you can do.”,2933,588138,00.html

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