by Bridgette

“A Celebration of the Most Vacuous Campaign and Presidency in American History” is the headline on the website where a photo of this poster was found.

Los Angeles, the home of the Obama White Face Poster is again a happening place for an outspoken and anonymous artist. Posters on billboards are popping up all over LA. All the Who’s from Whoville are involved: Who designed it? Who is plastering these posters all over town? Who is printing them? Then there are the what’s. What does the poster suggest? And finally, what does “TWAP” mean?

Obama is seen as a Medieval Court Jester with the label of “TWAP”. The artist doesn’t define TWAP, so no one except for him or her knows the meaning of TWAP. One can certainly see that the artist shows his displeasure and discontent with the inexperienced usurper in Our House.

While Obama is seen as a jester because of the hat he wears, other names such as joker, jokester, fool, clown, comedian, entertainer, comic, prankster, and buffoon are a few other applicable plays on the word jester. Defining their commonalities, these characters are out to entertain, trick, hoodwink, dupe, con, deceive, bamboozle or pull the wool over our eyes. These various job descriptions seem most appropriate and fitting for the poser on the poster.

Let’s look at a little history of Jesters. In medieval times, British and European monarchies employed these talented people to entertain the king, queen, their court, and guests. Most jesters would use music, juggling, clowning, story and riddle telling, to entertain their royal masters. The fool enjoyed some status among a royal household, but not much. Most often he was considered the lowest of the low within the courts hierarchy. Oft times, he was the one to deliver news to the king that others were afraid to do for fear of being killed or thrown into a dungeon. Without real status in the royal household, sometimes the king used the jester as a sounding board when he had a difficult decision to make. The jester was perceived as having no ambition to overthrow the king, so he could be trusted during those times.

Jesters usually wore brightly colored, often gaudy, costumes with hats. One such costume was a coat adorned with a donkey’s tail, and a hood decorated with an ass’s ears. ( What a perfect fit!   It seems  on, so far !) The identifiable jester hats were made of cloth and were triangular in shape with three points trimmed with jingle bells.  According to Wiki, this hat also represented the donkey’s ears and tail. Perhaps the artist thought that the yellow and orange hat was suitable to represent both the hat wearer and the Democratic party.  Our jester- in- chief does seem lacking, and the ass hat analogy certainly fits. One might go a step further and say that the majority party are a group of Jack’s.   Then again, my interpretation might be wrong.  Instead of seeing a jester in the poster, perhaps it is a fool.

Jesters were also called fools by their masters and others. The root of the word “fool” is from the Latin word “follis” that means “Bag of Wind” or that which contains air or breath. (Now we’re getting somewhere!).

In Tarot cards, the Fool is often shown as a man dancing along a mountain side with a dog nipping at his heels egging him on. The fool is totally oblivious to the cliff being there, and it looks like he will dance right off the edge ending in his demise. When I interpret the Fool in a reading, he is seen as one who sees not ahead or behind, nor what he is doing or where he is going.   In other words, it is a card depicting pure folly with looming, far-reaching, disastrous consequences ahead. Thus far, if I am analyzing this correctly, the poster depicts a donkey- eared clown who is a bag of wind that doesn’t know what he is doing. Do you think I am evaluating this correctly?

Also in the tarot, the Fool card is signified by the number  0. Mathematically, zero plus zero equals zero, and zero multiplied by zero also equals zero.   Easily, we can see that zero is nothing and can never be anything but zero. No matter what is added to it, the result will always be the same, zero. In other words, Zero has no substance.   (I think this is all adding up.).

Just to be sure my calculations or definitions are correct, Wiki , the well known website, was consulted for their expert judgment on the subject of zero. “As a digit, 0 is used as a place holder.” Okay, that works, zero is holding onto and is in possession of our place. In our English language “0” can be called zero, oh, null, nil, or nought, depending on the context. Well, I certainly think this sums it up. The big Oh is really a zero, null and nill.  I could not have said it better.

Surprisingly, The Urban Dictionary contains six definitions of TWAP.  The highest one rated by its users was that TWAP is an acronym for “The Worst American President.” They even used the word in a sentence, “Obama is a TWAP”.  ( How did that get into the dictionary so fast?).

Therefore, using the above definitions, symbolism and interpretations, the following is most likely a true and simple analysis of the TWAP poster. Obviously, the poster depicts a maladjusted jester who is a donkey-eared bag of wind who doesn’t know what the heck he is doing. His talent lies in being a consummate liar and story teller.  He lives up to those job descriptions by using trickery, duping, conning, deceiving, and fabricating. Eventually, he might go off the deep end, and may even end up in a dungeon.  Moreover, he is a fool whose talent is laughable, and who will never add up to anything other than zero. He is considered null, nil and nought. Finally, the pompous, arrogant jester is a TWAP!

The game of “TWAP” begins. What do you think TWAP means?

Today’s Winning Entry for the meaning of TWAP is: “Traitor Without American ParentSssss”

Congrats Papoose!



  1. The Wise Ass POTUS.

    Bridgette: You’re SO funny!

  2. “The jester was perceived as having no ambition to overthrow the king, so he could be trusted during those times. ”

    Yep. So who’s the king?

  3. Bridgette, I’d like to nominate this post for the Nobel Prize for Literature. You are on a roll, girl.

    Alas, poor Yorick.

  4. TWAP is an acronym for “The Worst American President”.

    Yes, and


    is an anagram of


    * (an anagram is a rearrangement of the letters to form new words)

  5. Treacherously Wicked Antipathetic Parasite

  6. Make your flight plans soon…mass US exodus to Indonesia to see the butterfly!

    Introducing the Obama Statue…In Jakarta, that is…
    Dec.9 2009 Snips

    A statue of President Barack Obama as a 10-year-old wearing shorts and a T-shirt has been erected — not in any of Washington, D.C.’s historic parks or traffic circles, but in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he lived as a boy.

    The statue was built at a park there to inspire children in the country, officials said Wednesday. The almost life-sized bronze statue, to be unveiled Thursday by Jakarta’s governor, shows the young Obama smiling at a butterfly that has landed on his upheld left thumb.

    “We welcome the statue, which is designed to give Indonesian children the spirit to reach their dreams,” Central Jakarta Mayor Sylviana Murni said.

    Obama has described his Indonesian experience as both exotic and enlightening. He had a pet monkey, and baby crocodiles swam in a pond behind his house. But he also saw Third World poverty and disease.

    The statue’s pedestal carries an paraphrased quote from former U.S. first lady Eleanor Roosevelt reading, “The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.”


  7. President Obama’s greatest hits and biggest misses for 2009

    He’s been in office less than a year, but it’s been a particularly eventful time for President Obama. From beer summits to birth certificate questions, to a Nobel Peace prize and nuclear weapon shield disarmament, Obama experienced many ups and downs. Yet he still found time to kill a pesky White House fly.

  8. Teleprompter Without A Plan

  9. Treasonous Worm AntiAmerican POS

  10. Great article, but one little nitpick. You wrote “Mathematically, zero plus any number equals zero”. That is not correct. Zero plus any number equals that number. This is the additive identity and is expressed: x + 0 = x. (or: 0 + x = x).

    An great and fun article though. The Worst American President is an honor he certainly deserves more than any Nobel prize.

  11. I must be old school in math.

    I was taught that ZERO plus any number is the number. The answer can ONLY be Zero when you have Zero + Zero.

    So in addition, a Zero can make no change in the value.

  12. Nice article. TWAP is a Zero. President Obama is TWAP. Thus Obama is Zero.

    As identified on Dec 7th at ARRA News Service the poster and content originated from a TownHall site called Penetrating Insights Into The Obvious . TWRP was clearly defined as “The Worst American President. ”

    People may download up to an 11″ x 17″ version of the poster at the site. Also be sure to check out the image of American Exceptionalism which lines up four jesters in a row – Reid, Pelosi, Obama & Waxman.

  13. A TWAP’s Wife… I guess she’s going green! What a fashion plate!

    Michelle Obama at Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony
    Dec.10, 2009 10:11:48 PM by Justaham

    My drycleaners told me my drapes were missing. Now I know who the culprit is.


  14. Traitor Without American ParentS. Shhhhhhh

  15. To Wipeout American Population ?

    It take’s everything in me just to look at the fool in the jester costume, remind’s me of the devil.

    Has anyone read this? Doe’s it start with 6,000?

    A Stability Police Force for the United States
    Justification and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities.


  16. Jimi Hendrix “All Along The Watchtower”

    “There Must be some kinda way out of here,” said the joker to the thief.

  17. What you always wanted to know about the TWAP’s and didn’t care to ask…but Oprah does…not. Another “in-depth” interview.

    Perhaps the reason they don’t give gifts is because they changed religions since their childhood. But it certainly is nice they have fond memories of their favorite gifts. We don’t want to spoil the kids so we ‘ll go to Hawaii instead. They are just teaching them “limits.” To bad the TWAP’s weren’t taught limits.

    Obamas, Who Don’t Gift Daughters at Christmas, Recall Favorite Childhood Gifts — for Oprah Dec. 13

    “Bo has a stocking. Of course he does.”
    “How lovely,” Winfrey notes.
    “Santa loves Bo too,” the first lady says.


    • L I A R S and stoooopid liars at that…even I remember them bragging about their not giving their children Christmas gifts.

      Stockings brimming with bullcrap.
      Guess who all is going to Hawaii for 13 days…they are sickening.

    • I heard Michelle refer to Bo as her “son.” So that would make him . . .

  18. Tyrannical Wuss Acting Presidential (or not).

  19. GuardSGT: “The answer can ONLY be Zero when you have Zero + Zero.”

    Or, when one of the two numbers is a negative number of the same number.

  20. TWAP is a CUFFU. He cannot even report the news accurately when he’s on vacation.

    Complete Utter Failure —- —

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