If Only Dreams Could Come True

by Bridgette

In my dream, and I have very prophetic dreams, I saw the whole group of 400 fashionably dressed people sitting down to enjoy the Obama’s First Dignified State Dinner that was being held in a borrowed tent in November, in winter, with the temperatures hovering around 35 degrees. In the freezing cold, they walked from the White House across the lawn to the huge circus tent. Happily inside they saw dozens of patio heat lamps strategically placed throughout the tent to keep the temperature inside warm and cozy. Although the wind was blowing and snow was expected, the formally dressed partiers would be protected from the elements.

Mingling, greeting, and chatting as they do, they moved from table to table while searching for their tables and their names on place cards. Orchestra music played in the background as people roamed around the tent. Candles flickered on the autumn decorated tables set with presidential china from four presidents. Bowls of large, toasted and roasted acorns were surrounded by waxed autumn leaves creating a festive atmosphere. Indeed, this was a spectacular tent fit for a Prime Minister, his wife and all the presidential cronies.

People found their seats and the dinner bells were rung. As they began to eat their dinner of curry and whey, a huge commotion was heard, as all sides of the tent opened. With the flaps up, the winter winds were blowing across the room. Startled, people looked up with forks still in their mouths to see masses of uniformed officers surrounding them. The music stopped. Silence ensued. Someone called out his name. Obama thought they were surprising him with another award, and of course, he envisioned a stateside nobel prize dangling from his neck. With that vision in his head, he stood to greet these unexpected guests. As he stood, his neck stretched up straighter, thus lifting his nose to a higher angle than usual.

So as not to embarrass everyone in front of the visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife, officers quickly found them, and escorted them to the exit flaps of the tent. A little shaken at this early departure, the Singh’s were reassured that this was all being done for security purposes, and they would be taken to their hotel. Accompanying them were their uneaten meals that were nicely packaged and presented in a specially made White House doggie bag. The bag, colored black and white with a draw string at the top was made of a special burlap for strength and easy carrying. It was fashioned after those seen in markets throughout Asia. A special touch, which was an idea of Michelle’s, was that the name of “BO” be stitched on the front of the bag. On the bottom were the words, “Made in China” and “Approved for Dog Food by Zheng Xiaoyu, Food and Drug Safety Head.”

That was their hospitality gift personally chosen and now stocked by the Obama’s in the WH Gift Shop. They were supposed to receive the bag directly from the Obama’s according to Michelle’s Chief of Protocol. It was a nice touch that the officers were given that heads-up so they could include the Singh’s uneaten meals in the BO bag. It should be noted, that the Singh’s were already a little upset before they left the shindig, because they didn’t receive a bow from O. Later on, they summed up their trip to the US. It is reported they said all they got from their trip was a photo-op and a BO Gag Bag. (For the life of me, I don’t know what they were expecting. Did they feel slighted because they didn’t get a few CD’s with O’s speeches and some of his favorite Muslim music, or perhaps they wanted a toy Air Force One helicopter?).

After their departure from the tent, people were still wondering and looking around to see what would happen next. Michelle was frantically trying to signal one of her 22 assistants to see why the meal was interrupted and what was going on. A couple of people acknowledged her waves and shrugged their shoulders, and others ignored her. No one moved as officers went from table to table delivering formally written invitations for each lucky invitee. People smiled at each other and looked around for someone to give them instructions. They were so excited and couldn’t wait to open their presents. An officer went to the microphone, and told the partiers, they would be given further instructions in a few minutes. Anxiously they waited, as the anticipation mounted.

Mr. O was still standing surveying his subjects. His indignation was beginning to show as his nose rose higher in the air. His Cheshire Cat grin was starting to disappear. He still didn’t know what was happening, and Michelle didn’t either. He was wondering if they would get to him soon. He thought, “They should have come to me first. After all, I am the president.” As others were being served, he noted his teleprompter was no where in sight. He quickly realized he would need to improvise and give an impromptu thank you speech. Ummmm.

Officers swarmed throughout the tent, finally reaching Mr. O. In his usual off the cuff way, he gave a “shout out” to the huge officer who approached him. With a huge smile, the stupid grin we all have seen a thousand times, he was given his well earned prize. He opened his invitation, as he kept talking nonsensically. The grin and thoughts of a dangling new necklace disappeared as he was told to sit down, shut up, and lift his leg. The officer in charge of the operation walked in front of the microphone, and told the excited partiers, “You May Now Open Your Envelopes.” The sounds of envelopes ripping, giggling, and muffled conversations filled the tents night air.

The formal invitation had all of their names beautifully written on the envelopes. Inside, were matching subpoenas requested their presence at a Federal Court nearby for the charges of treason, perjury, racketeering, fraud, money laundering, election fraud, and other assorted crimes. These lovely subpoenas were marvelously scripted in calligraphy on paper fit for the occasion, and the specific meaningful words like “treason” caused deep gasps as envelopes were opened and read. A few fainted at the beauty of the paper and unbelievable words, while a few other’s heads were seen bobbing around in their soup bowls. Wine glasses were tipped and drunk, as others were pulled from their curry. It was noticed that Nancy Pelosi, emotionless, remained in her seat. Utterances about the CIA were overheard by those sitting close by.

After being given those delightful and unexpected invitations, the winners were each fitted with the newest GPS flashing ankle bracelets for monitoring purposes until the big day. Not only did these bracelets have electronic shock and surge controls, they were also fitted with multicolored lights of red, yellow and green. The red lights wouldn’t allow them to move their leg forward or backward or they would receive a huge shock. In other words, they are stopped in their tracks. The delightful lemon yellow warning light signals them if they are detouring from their allowed path. If they don’t check their movements, they will immediately see and feel the results of the red light. Red lights also have the added benefit of allowing them to see stars at any time night or day. The green lights signal them to maintain their walking speed or prepare for the yellow burning shock treatment.

As bracelets were fitted and engaged, hundreds of flashing different colored ankles twinkled on the floor of the big tent. This lighting ceremony certainly added to the festivities and the circus like atmosphere within the big tent. When done attaching the bracelets to hundreds of shaved, unshaved and hairy legs, the officers turned to leave, and told them to enjoy their last taxpayer meal. In unison with huge smiles that would put O’s smile to shame, the officers called out “Happy Thanksgiving.”

Groans, cries, screams, and a scrambling for the tent exits followed. People’s legs lit up the floor as people made their way to the tent exits. Scurrying and running, and then an abrupt return to slow walking was observed as their leg lights shown across the White House lawn like a long stretch of Malibu lights. They sped up and slowed down, and some were shocked to the ground. They tried to run, and were stopped in their tracks. Red, Yellow and Green never looked so good as these fashion plates tromped through Michelle’s kale and arugula on their way to the White House. They resembled frightened deer as they pushed past each other to try to get out to their cars.

Oh, just so you won’t worry, GPS Monitoring Systems and the Monitoring Companies were paid for in the Stimulus Bill, and were listed as Bracelets for Stay-at-Home Criminals. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported the request for $1.3 million in stimulus funds which would only cover 75 ankle bracelet monitors according to their calculations. Additional funding for the remaining bracelets will be taken from funds originally earmarked for community organizing groups. Legislative approval is pending. Quick passage of the legislation to redirect the funds all depends on how many blinking congressmen show up to vote. This is a fine example of our Stimulus Bill at work. This shows a community organized for the better good and how the funds will be put to good use. Also, jobs created and saved will be documented on the Recovery.gov website. Jobs lost will be reported on FOX in the near future. Watch for it. Also, CBS’s Katie Couric will be reporting from home as will NBC’s Keith Olbermann who will be busy counting down and trying to determine who is the worst person in the world.

And so ends the First and Last Dignified Obama State Dinner complete with presents to go.

This meal would be better named a barbeque.

Altogether now, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm.

Sometimes dreams do come true!


53 responses to “If Only Dreams Could Come True

  1. Wondering why 0’s first state occurred on the eve of Thanksgiving, I followed a hunch and looked up Muslim holidays for Nov, 2009. A very little bit of research revealed that the dinner was held two days before the major Muslim celebration of the Eid al-Adha.

    Eid al-Adha
    Meaning of “The Festival of Sacrifice”
    By Huda, About.com Guide
    What is Eid al-Adha
    At the end of the Hajj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca), Muslims throughout the world celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice). In 2009, Eid al-Adha will begin on approximately November 27th, and will last for three days.


    I have a fifty that says mr and mrs b. hussein pulled off a very fast one. All those attending their “state dinner” were duped into celebrating a Muslim religious occasion. Our Thanksgiving holiday-prevented the from holding their little Muslim party on the actual date. So they once again flipped off Americans by trumping the quitessential American celebration, Thanksgiving, with Muslim garbage. Remember, 0’s one and only allegiance is not to the black people, who are merely politically useful to him, or even to Communism, but to Islam.

    Any takers?

    • Mary, Hi (big wave) how are you?
      I Have heard for year’s that the U.S. would be destroyed from within. I always felt this never could or would happen in the U.S. “until” this election. I like you realized right away what many people didn’t and still refuse to belive.It only took me one hour of research and a few time’s listening to his speeches on TV to figure this agenda of his out. It’s so sad that people don’t even realize who they are putting into office, the communist part, I belive a lot of his view’s/policy’s lean in that direction. But just like he used the minority vote to get into office I belive he also used the extreme socialist left for his stepping stone’s. And to the obot’s of course I’m talking about Mickey and the magic kingdom

      • Hi Leza,
        Hope you and hubby are fine.
        Yup, obama found his skin color politically convenient. It’s only Islam he cares about.

        Some of our readers may recall that several times at TD I predict obama would one day declare our country the Islamic Republic of America. Anyone still laughing at my prediction?

    • Exactly, Mary. That’s why he flinched when Major Garrett wished him and the little family “happy holidays.”

      • I think you’re on to it, Miri. I wish I had seen that interview.

        • Yeah, I wish you would have seen it, too. I wondered at the time whether Eid was taking place in the near future, remembering that it’s around the Christian holidays.

          I even went to Islamic websites to try to figure it out. Then it was reported that step-granny Sarah is making the pilgrimage this year, so I knew it was close to the present time.

          Obama may have flinched (stiffened, or whatever it was that I picked up on) because he wondered what Major Garrett was getting at.

          I thought it was odd that Garrett wished him happy holidays, because this interview was days before Thanksgiving. In my world, people usually don’t start saying Happy Holidays until at least after Thanksgiving.

          So now I wonder if Garrett WAS getting in a little dig of his own, especially since he seemed truly insulted by the “Fox News isn’t really a news organization” campaign put out by the WH.

          If so, way to go, Major! I bet there’s MUCH conversation around media water coolers, speculating about That One’s true religious preferences. If he has any, that is.

          • Oh, he has a religious preference, alright, though it has as much or more to do with his sense of peoplehood as with any theological convictions.

            If Farrakhan is wholesaling it around that obama is the Messiah, wecan be sure that other Muslims thinking along similar lines, perhaps with a wait-and-see attitude.

            • Maybe Farrakhan thinks Obama is the 12th Imam?? If they think he is the Muslim Messiah, then they believe he is the 12th Imam!

              • connie

                After contemplating this, it does get really scarry….illusions of grandaur?!! Past like a veiled illusion until he emerges onto the scene to save his people from nonbelievers…. There is even his own version of immaculate conception.

              • Right, Connie. For sure Farrakhan doesn’t think obama is theSecond Coming.

                btw, more and more Christian scholars are saying that the 12th , or Mahdi, is one in the same the Antichrist. Some here may recall I’ve been saying since the primaries that obama is the Antichrist.

  2. Bridgette, wow! great job! I hope you dream a sequel.

    Look at all the beautiful people that got doggie bags.


  3. I read your dream story and thought about it as I drifted off to sleep and visualized the White House lawn covered with all of the party guests frozen in mid stride, then toppling over.

  4. From about minute 2 of the nooze reports about the WH dinner crashers
    I thought, THIS MAKES NO SENSE

    We are asked to believe that the secret service, ready to arrest any of us at
    the blink of an eye, waved through some fraudsters to meet the prez

    Then the same secret service fesses up and sez it’s all their fault.

    No way! Absol-lucking-futely not credible.

    I smelled a rat but didn’t say much. It’s a bore to be on top of all these
    conspiracy theories.

    This is from http://www.wnd.com

    WorldNetDaily Exclusive
    White House ‘gatecrashers’ tied to terror sympathizer
    Salahi served in same anti-Israel group as Obama’s Palestinian professor pal
    Posted: November 29, 2009
    5:12 pm Eastern

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    Rashid Khalidi

    The Virginia couple who allegedly crashed a White House state dinner is tied to Rashid Khalidi, a pro-Palestinian professor who excuses terrorism and has been a close associate to President Obama.

    Michaele and Tareq Salahi met Obama in a receiving line at last week’s event, with a “deeply concerned and embarrassed” Secret Service stating it never checked whether the two were on the White House guest list.

    Tareq Salahi served on the board of the American Task Force for Palestine, where Columbia University Professor Khalidi served as vice president. The American Power blog noticed both Salahi’s and Khalidi’s names have been scrubbed from the Task Force website, although Salahi’s bio still comes up on a Google cache search of the site.

    The Task Force lobbies for a Palestinian state and demands the so-called right of return for Palestinian “refugees” – a formula Israeli officials across the political spectrum have warned could destroy Israel by population genocide, with the Jewish state forced to accept millions of Arabs, thus diluting its Jewish majority.

    Khalidi is a harsh critic of Israel. He has made statements supportive of Palestinian terror and reportedly has worked on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was involved in anti-Western terrorism and was labeled by the State Department as a terror group.

    (Story continues below)

    During documented speeches and public events, Khalidi has called Israel an “apartheid system in creation” and a destructive “racist” state. He has multiple times expressed support for Palestinian terror, calling suicide bombings a response to “Israeli aggression.”

    He dedicated his 1986 book, “Under Siege,” to “those who gave their lives … in defense of the cause of Palestine and independence of Lebanon.” Critics assailed the book as excusing Palestinian terrorism.

    Obama, Khalidi closely tied

    According to a professor at the University of Chicago who said he has known Obama for 12 years, Obama first befriended Khalidi when the two worked together at the university. The professor spoke on condition of anonymity. Khalidi lectured at the University of Chicago until 2003, while Obama taught law there from 1993 until his election to the Senate in 2004.

    A special Whistleblower magazine report – “THE SECRET LIFE OF BARACK OBAMA”

    Khalidi in 2000 held what was described as a successful fundraiser for Obama’s failed bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, a fact not denied by Khalidi.

    Speaking in a joint interview with WND and the John Batchelor radio show, Khalidi was asked about his 2000 fundraiser for Obama.

    “I was just doing my duties as a Chicago resident to help my local politician,” Khalidi stated.

    Khalidi said he supported Obama for president “because he is the only candidate who has expressed sympathy for the Palestinian cause.”

    Khalidi also lauded Obama for “saying he supports talks with Iran. If the U.S. can talk with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, there is no reason it can’t talk with the Iranians.”

    Obama also sat on the board of the Woods Fund, which in 2001 provided a $40,000 grant to Mona Khalidi’s Arab American Action Network. The fund provided a second grant to the network for $35,000 in 2002.

    Speakers at network dinners and events routinely have taken an anti-Israel line. The group co-sponsored a Palestinian art exhibit titled “The Subject of Palestine” that featured works related to what some Palestinians call the “Nakba,” or “catastrophe” of Israel’s founding in 1948.

    In 2003, Obama delivered an in-person testimonial for Khalidi, who at the time was departing the University of Chicago for a new teaching position at Columbia University in New York. At the 2003 event, poetry reportedly was read comparing Israelis to Osama bin Laden and accusing the Jewish state of terrorism.

    In May 2008, WND noted, Obama termed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a “constant sore” in an interview just five days after Khalidi wrote an opinion piece in the Nation magazine in which he called the “Palestinian question” a “running sore.”

    In his piece, “Palestine: Liberation Deferred,” Khalidi suggested Israel carried out “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians and Western powers backed Israel’s establishment due to guilt of the Holocaust. He lamented the Palestinian Authority’s stated acceptance of a Palestinian state “only” in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern sections of Jerusalem, and he argued Israel should be dissolved and instead a binational, cantonal system should be set up in which Jews and Arabs reside.

    White House ‘gatecrashers’ posed with Obama in 2005

    Salahis and Obama at state dinner
    The Salahis and President Obama at state dinner

    Meanwhile, a statement issued by Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan said the agency was “deeply concerned and embarrassed by the circumstances surrounding the State Dinner” and added that “the preliminary findings of our internal investigation have determined established protocols were not followed at an initial checkpoint, verifying that two individuals were on the guest list.”

    Sullivan suggested that the couple had been screened for weapons, but should not have gained entry. “That failing is ours,” he said.

    Reached by telephone Friday evening, the couple’s attorney, Paul W. Gardner, declined to comment. In an e-mail to Bloomberg News, Gardner added, “My clients were cleared by the White House to be there.”

    Yet, a June 2005 photo from Polo Contacts Worldwide shows the Salahis with Obama at a pre-event to America’s Polo Cup. Others in the photo include American Idol’s Randy Jackson and members of the rock group Black Eyed Peas.

    Salahi & Obama
    Obama with Salahis and Black Eyed Peas rock band


    This is Obama in Scare Farce One, buss bombing NYC.

    This is a set-up.

    Nothing this evil illegitimate prez-o-dent should be taken at face value.
    He is a total lie.

    The worst thing about this Barry guy is that he is happy to sacrifice the careers of several secret
    service officers to have his little joke.

  5. Salahigate,

    Lame Cherry makes it make sense:

    More than you know,


    world exclusive

    While it is a running joke in the Obama hand sex campaign with Mrs. Salahi in the White House guest line, what is starting to come out in other sources and will be exclusive here is not so amusing when you find out what the Salahi’s are connected with and that Barack Hussein Obama was posing with the bottle blonde in 2005 at a Polo Event.

    Michaele Salahi is not just a rich Virginian, but was part of a group of powerful people backing the Philistines and going under the name of American Task Force On Palestine.
    To make the point, Condi Rice and Gen. James Jones drop everything and speak at their galas, and their big shot running the show Ziad Asali testifes before Congress and happened to be the leader of the delegation from America for the death of pedophile pervert Yassir Arafat’s funeral.

    Apparently Obama just showing up at a polo event with that no talent Randy from American Idol and the Black Eyed Peas with the Salahi’s just gets more interesting all the time as one finds out that the American Task Force on Palestine is pushing the United States government to force the Jews to accept a Palestinian state as the only peaceful solution.

    Go there and read the whole thing, Don’t wait
    for Studio B to tell you, or you’ll be waiting a
    long time.

  6. And why?

    Lamecherry’s conclusion,

    go read the whole blog, there are several stunning entries


    See the Salahi’s are on their own attention whore mission like Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame in being close to the cause, but not high enough in the global cause to get the seats at the main table.
    Information from American intelligence is going to have to be more in depth, but when the Salahi’s are part of a group which was run by an Obama terrorist in Mr. Khaladi, meant to circumvent Jews out of their territories for a Philistine state, the Salahi’s are the sexy 5th column to what CAIR is doing through Junior Ellison in Congress.
    See Tareq Salahi is what Americans can understand, and is they mission they will sign off on, because just like Joe Biden was horn dog over her, the current Obama voter who was wet pantie over him, can say that good Hugh Hefner sex is good no matter if it is getting bushels of Jews slaughtered and bushels of Gazites under rubble.

    So when Mr. and Mrs. Salahi say they were on the guest list, it means they have the influential terror backing friends who are the same friends who built Barack Hussein Obama from his communist organizer kit.
    Stevie Wonder suspicion though leads one by the Secret Service reaction in begging the puppy press to figure this story out as beyond a security issue, that the Salahi photos were just as planted as Obama’s showing the shoe to Jews photo was.

    It is a well known fact that Mr. Obama used Twitter with the Iranians to foment a revolution there, so that Iranian Patriots would be exposed to be captured and executed.
    The Greeks discovered this same Twitter sphere was being used against them by Muslims. Yahoo is now being source for the same upheavals.
    So is it just chance that people connected to the Philistine takeover of Israeli territory and Jerusalem, happen to get into the White House, happen to be photographed with important Jew Rahm Emmanuel drooling over Mrs. Salahi, find themselves fondled by Joe Biden and then the Obama White House releases a photo of Mrs. Salahi having hand sex with Obama as the husband glowingly pimps his wife who is clearly in control of Barack Hussein Obama………..

    OK now in this photo op, just what message did Bearick Obama send to his Palestinians and Muslims worldwide as they released the photo deliberately. Bowbama wasn’t bowing this time to a Saudi King, he was being hand serviced by the harem girl in an oasis of ecstasy.

    That Salahi message was seen all over the Middle East Islam connect and it’s message was Muslims and their cause are in control of the White House Oval Office, Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

    Weigh the depths of this though in this was the Palestinian Islamomarxist cause invading the Hindu Indian main event. The Indians are in a terror war within their nation and against Pakistan.
    The Indians are running their own terrorists against Muslims, and here is Barack Hussein Obama, having the blonde benefactors of the Palestinian mandate fondling themselves all over the Indian state dinner.
    Nothing in this news media happens unless it is generated by the patricians. The Salahi’s could have had their pictures online for a 100 years and if the White House didn’t want the story run, that story would have been shut down by the puppy press.
    This was a directed event of manipulation, cover up, lies, and this blog concludes a desperate plea by loyal security service members who know exactly what this 5th column of Obama has been up to.
    What Nidal Hasan did in Fort Hood is what Tareq Salahi did with a slinky red dress in the White House.

    There is definitely security personnel who are begging for someone to expose this full story who are loyal to the United States. They know a whole lot more what the Salahi event is about as the tip of the iceberg and more is to come if someone bothers to do the digging.

  7. Dave M: My sentiments exactly. It’s as bogus as the balloon boy. It has setup written all over it. There’s a reason they were let through, without an invitation. My guess is because certain persons are untouchable. In the same way certain persons are “un-background-checkable”.

    Up until now, I couldn’t figure why they’d do this, other than as another Alinsky-like distraction. And to keep That One’s face on TV.

    If they got away with crashing the gate, as they obviously did since they were photographed with all the powers that be, then how did they get exposed as gate crashers in the first place?

    Who brought it out and why? It makes no sense. Unless it was a staged thing. Which I believe. Like Scare Force One, which still hasn’t been satisfactorily explained. Maybe the Salahis were on that plane, too.

  8. Bridgette: Another great post and an entertaining story, too. Love it!

  9. Did you notice where Obama’s eyes were gazing in that 2005 polo photo with the Salahis?

    I’d be interested to know if invited guests to State dinners go through background checks and whether there’s a special list for the Secret Service of “friends of the O’s” to specify those who are not to be “offended” by being checked upon entry to the WH. One wonders whether, for example, JFK had a list of starlets who passed right on through security so that they wouldn’t miss one moment of the pool parties.

  10. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/11/04/AR2008110403492.html

    Ms. Salahi is a former Redskins cheerleader and now a “Richmond lobbyist”!

  11. Dave

    I also take the party crashing non-incident far more seriously than a prank or hoax, which would imply something clever and/or humorous. It was a set-up, as Dave says. First, it was meant to create fear and trembling for the poor vulnerable black man—another manufactured crisis to slow his descent into being the most hated man in America. And mainly, I believe the following to be one of the major reasons for the phony party-crashing.

    obama means to stay in power. As rapidly as his popularity is waning, just as rapidly is he creating incidents so he’ll have an excuse to replace existing personnel at all security agencies with staff fanatically loyal to him or to a cause he champions. That will include Farrakhan’s violent, vicious disciples, who have been brainwashed in and out of prison to believe that obama is the Muslim messiah. It will also include Black Panthers and SEIU gangsters, such as the polling-place and tea-party intimidators, as well as islamofascists, who share obama’s goal of Islamicizing America.

    obama is already staffing Homeland Security with self-confessed “devout Muslim” administrators. He is paving the way for them to infiltrate our innermost security operations.

    This non-incident at the state dinner will be one of many to replace American security personnel with obama’s people so he can complete his coup when his approval rating crashes.

    • Spot on, as usual, Mary.

      This has been as plain as that mobile mole on his face.

      Black Liberation “Muslimship” American style. Wait til the real deal Middle Eastern get a clue he’s using them too so he can dominate and subjugate the World.
      What a jackass. He’s not going to get away with this charade. My new Faith. Imustbelieve.
      His goony beard will payu the price for her betrayal as well.

      xo patti

      Let’s get a FOIA on the Blackberry. Ha!

  12. The whole tent thing along with the Saladi affair does seem to say a message has been sent.
    I still am not sure who was sending the message, who was receiving the message and what the message was.
    The tent thing reminded me of Omar when he made that visit last month.

  13. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I KNEW that was going to be the outcome. May it be prophetic sooner rather than later.

    Someone in our military has to have the cojones to do it.

  14. It was about six months ago when I said to expect
    an outbreak of stupid murders.
    I said that following a couple of extremely ridiculous
    murders blamed on “the Right”.
    One involved a guy who thought the “Feds” were
    going to take his guns, so he called the cops and when they showed up, started shooting them. Golly!
    Another involved the killing of a museum guard,
    for no explainable reason whatsoever.

    The man who calls himself Obama cannot feel
    sure that his plans, as Mary succintly outlined
    above, can succeed if Americans still have the
    means to resist him.

    Obama is already history. His fightback must
    be the disarmament of America.

    Be aware, Iran has been so provoked that
    Debka reports it has decided to activate it’s terrorist
    cells throughout the US and the UK. There is going
    to be a lot more violence soon. There is also going
    to be a lot more violence blamed on “The Right”,
    but none of that will be true, anymore than
    global warming is actually real.

    This is Team O, in a fight with us, to our death,
    if Team O gets his way.

    We have speculated for a while. We know Obama
    is a total manchurian candidate, but whose?
    I am now pretty sure that whilst Bilderberg and
    their rich but occult organizations think that he
    is their servant, they have been duped. Obama is
    the quintessential islamic jihadist. Everything he
    does is a lie. Bilderberg thinks he just wants to
    destroy Capitalism and see it replaced with a new
    world odor, but they are wrong.

    If Obama gets his way, he will destroy all the
    infidel countries, and Bilderberg will go too.

    I don’t think we have had a US President before
    who sought our death. Remember the color scheme
    of the clothes that Obama wore on the night of
    his inauguration. It was so very very sinister.

    My wife who is British and doesn’t agree with me
    much about stuff like this picked it up and said
    “How weird”.

    What was that about?

    You have all been warned.

    • Obama is the quintessential islamic jihadist.

      Is it just “coincidence” that when his book was published in the world’s most populous Muslim nation (Indonesia), is wasn’t published with the straightf0rward translation, but rather a translation that suggests:

      Jihad: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse

      Obama spent several formative years growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, including going to a Christian School but registered as a Muslim, so he attended Koran study classes, not Bible study classes.

      On a related note, there is only one Christmas special that I know of that recites the Bible story of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:1-14). Is it just “coincidence” that Obama has planned a speech that would “bump” this particular Christmas special off the air?

      Even the Drudge Report thinks this is worthy of a top headline:


    • ” Obama is the quintessential islamic jihadist”

      Bingo, Dave.

      The Karan teaches Islam will destroy the infidels from within. It doesn’t get any more “within” than the Black House White House.

      btw, the Tacoma cop killer is one of Farrakhan’s prison converts to nation of islam. These psychotics, brainwashed in and out of prison to believe that obama is the messiah, are even now being trained as obama’s storm troopers.

  15. As I feared, Black Muslims celebrate the murders of police:


    Terror attack #2 on Obama’s watch?

    • Miri,

      See my reply to Dave, right above your comment.

      • Yep. GatewayPundit, as of yesterday, qualified it as unconfirmed. Of course, no matter the truth, we won’t hear it from the last-legs, PC media. They don’t even report much on this story in the first place.

  16. Anyone remember last Spring when that pos had a shoot out with cops in Oakland CA? The creep’s supporters were marching in the streets in his pathetic Defense.

    And, remember that Widow and Patriot who led the Families of Sept 11th that was killed in a plane crash just after meeting with Barry Soetero? Was the main event his going to Georgetown as a useful stage sans the IHS? I forget…but it reminds me to ask, let’s remember that Lady. She was murdered along with many others…the old icy wing trick as Maxwell Smart would say.

    Anyone remember her name? She was a rock for her 9/11 Family.

    NWO now stands for New World Orchestration.

  17. BOgus already gave the taleeeban enough time to bunker down in Afghanistan before winter sets in…probably another one if his Pillars.

    He sure doessss enjoy hissself.

    • Just what I’ve been saying, Papoose . His alleged “indecision” WAS the decision. Give the Taliban time to dig into those caves and establish impregnable strongholds.

      And now he’s sending just enough just enough troops to appease the generals, but not enough to get the job done. In other words, he’s setting up of boys and girls to be murdered.

  18. Mary,

    This is excerpted from that Lamecherry blog,
    about the true motive behind Obama sending more
    forces into Afghanistan, (he doesn’t want to win)

    I was listening to a Mother and wife of a Soldier recently as she spoke about Obama deploying her husband. She related that her daughter now wakes up screaming from nightmares in fear what is going to happen to her Dad.
    A note of history in this, there was no problem when this Soldier was deployed by President Bush.

    People really need to understand how cold, calculated and deliberate this was by Obama and his globalists with the only reason being to so scar the American psyche that Americans will never liberate any enslaved people ever again who are being sheared by the cartels and shackled by Islamic regimes.

    Review in this how this blog exclusively noted that Obama dithered while Pakistan drove it’s terrorists out of South Waziristan and in Afghanistan’s south with is mountain forest hell and is perfect for IED’s to murder US Soldiers.
    Now that the terrorists are in place in Obama’s Afnamistan, he is now not just surging troops in, but he is ram jetting them in. Yes, now that Christmas is here, Obama is jetting men and munitions into his venereal disease war.

    For those who do not comprehend operations in Afghanistan, there is the spring campaign by the terrorists and then there is the terror campaign until winter, when they usually shut down as the Khyber and other passes are not amusing to re supply through.
    But here is Barack Hussein Obama, dumping in frenzy, over 30,000 US Soldiers into a winter war, which is one of the most heinous warfares on the planet, because it is hell to fight in, equipment is worn out quickly and because of the momentous efforts it requires in expulsions of energy to fight in below zero temperatures.
    No one fights wars in winter, and yet there is Mr. Obama sending in American Soldiers into this beastly environment where fatigue, cold and boredom breeds hopelessness, lonesomeness and despair.

    Mr. Obama and his terrorists he is negotiating with have created a kill pit for Americans which will do absolutely nothing to end terrorism.

    Remember the Obama war doctrines now:

    No Soldiers can raise their rifles at terrorists unless the terrorists raise their rifles first.

    No Soldiers can surprise terrorists in villages without warning them a search is coming.

    No Soldiers can search a village without Afghan police who are corrupt and inept.

    No Soldiers can fire on terrorists if they have already laid an IED and are walking out of a field.

    With those Obama battle plans, what good is it going to do to dump 30,000 more Soldiers into areas where they can not search without warning terrorists, who will now just have to sit back and wait for Americans to come to them, plant booby traps and murder Americans while looking innocent.

    This is criminal by Barack Hussein Obama and is conclusive proof what this blog has alone exposed in Mr. Obama and his globalists are conducting a war on US Soldiers meant to destroy their morale, and this winter deployment which ENDS WHEN SUMMER BEGINS is exactly designed to do that.


    • Dave,

      Seems that lame cherry and I are both picking up identical vibes. The excerpt from her blog says the same thing I’ve been staying : obama doesn’t represent the 50 US states, but the 57 Muslim states he boasted of having visited.

      Having gone a long way toward taking out the American electorate by bankrupting it, he and his NWO puppet masters are now going after the military, the only ones they have left to worry about.

      His plan in Afghanistan is strictly in accordance with Alinsky. He will try to bring down the military through humiliation, confusion, and–unless I’m very much mistaken–fomenting rebellion among the rank and file soldiers, primarily along racial lines. Remember those young black soldiers with whom he was playing basketball in Kuwait? They were looking at him like he was a cross between Santa Claus and Jesus Christ. They have weapons, and they’ve been expertly trained to use them.

      • It remains to be seen whether or not the military in this country will be diverted by the war he’s giving them to play with, which is nothing more than a bone for the military to gnaw on.

        There are no patriots in Congress or in the Judiciary. May God Almighty inspire patriots in the military.

      • The cadets and troops HAVE to notice how Obama’s people salt the dais and the front rows with, and give special access to, African-Americans. You’re probably correct, Mary, that it’s part of the plan to divide the military. But on the other hand, it might be just part of his ego-trip. He needs adulation, and he’ll get more from African-Americans than others. He’s also driven to create a elite caste in this society–consisting of “his” people.

        Did you hear that Chris Tingle referred to the cadets at West Point as Obama’s “enemy camp?” Nice. In a way, it negates any positives Obama might have received for choosing West Point. The troops hear what his minions say. They know they were being used, and they know HOW he really perceives them.

        What disturbs me most is how Congress sits on its hands and allows this to go on, and on, and on. Every one of them is responsible. Every one, unless they speak out and act NOW.

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