Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish

Joe Medicine Crow Being Given the Medal of Freedom

By Bridgette

Remember Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish?    In May 2008, that was the adopted name given to the pResident by Hartford and Mary Black Eagle, Crow Reservation, Lodge Grass, Montana during an adoption ceremony. “One Who Helps People Throughout This Land” was the translated meaning of Obama’s new identity. The adoption of Obama by the Crows has been a mystery to us. This adoption took place prior to the election, and according to their traditions the adoption linked Obama to five generations of Native Americans.   Sasha and Malia were told they were being introduced to their grandparents when meeting the Black Eagles. On one hand, that is a good thing, as we know Obama’s father and step-father had died;  so Black Eagle could fit into the slot of their deceased relatives, Obama, Sr., Lolo Soetoro, or great grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Little did we know that like the many before her, Grandma Madelyn Dunham would pass away before she could witness the elevation of her grandson to the presidency.

We were told by the Obama press that Grandma Madelyn passed just before the election, yet Obama didn’t choose to celebrate her life by attending a funeral for her because it would have interfered with the post election celebrations.  The woman that cared for him, supported him, and loved him was put into a casket and left alone in some morgue somewhere. According to news reports, she was placed into a closed casket to be mourned by others in a public memorial service in Hawaii.   Common decency and respect for the dead were put aside so Obama and Michelle could relish their day in the sun and treasure their momentous victory. While sucking in the adulation of their fawning supporters who voted him to victory, Grandma was either in her casket or put on ice.
We really aren’t sure if Grandma died. Yet to diminish suspicions, there was a photo-op of him supposedly spreading her ashes over the ocean in late December while on his vacation trip to Hawaii. One wonders why grandma wasn’t laid to rest next to her husband as that is the normal custom of Christians. We would assume that Madelyn buried her husband and fully expected to lay beside him when she died. No, Madelyn was not laid to rest next to the man who was her daily companion for 52 years. Instead, she was consumed by fire and her remains thrown over a rocky cliff into the ocean in a less than solemn situation. You see, not surprisingly, Obama invited reporters to photograph the event. For prosperity, and ever more, that photograph is supposed to prove that he tossed his loving Grandma’s dust to the waiting fish.   Curiously, no records of Madelyn Dunham’s death and cremation have been found. Yet, we know there is a photo of her dust.

One could think in very sinister terms, that grandma was cremated, so that no DNA could be traced to the Dunham family if one needed to exhume the body.  If tested, the body might prove that Obama was not related to the Dunham family.   Although I know nothing about genetics, it has been noted that many criminals have been released from prison in the past year because their DNA didn’t match the evidential properties found at a crime scene.  With all of his relatives deceased, there is no trace of Obama’s true origins, or is there?  Wouldn’t he have some of the same or matching genes like his Uncle Charlie or his half brother, Mark?

In one of my dreams of audacity,  I had lunch with Obama. After the meal, when everyone was shaking hands, unobtrusively I grabbed his napkin, glass and fork from the table and shoved them into my purse. In another part of the country, my accomplices were interviewing Uncle Charlie. They did the identical thing that  I had done. They snatched the coffee cup, water glass, and a spoon that Uncle Charlie used while being interviewed, and put them into a sealed plastic evidence bag. Both my accomplices and I sent our valuable samples to a famous lab for comparison genetic testing. The evidence was to be scientifically tested and the results would be the proof needed to either confirm or deny Obama’s relationship to the Dunham family.   Weeks later, with the investigation completed of the comparisons between the samples, we received the news. With trembling hands, I read the report. It read, “No Match.”

With no match of Obama’s DNA to Uncle Charlie’s, the testing proved what others have been unable to do through legal means. Without a genetic tie to the Dunhams, his fraudulent relationships, photographs, and lies would finally be undeniably exposed. We can dream audaciously, now can’t we?

Now, if I were backed by a major media outlet, I would be on the first plane to Lodge Grass, Montana to do some real investigative research and reporting. I would be seeing if there were any new schools, roads, hospitals, or homes being built or were built in the last year? Has Grandma Mary replaced her traditional elk tooth coat, made of deep-pink wool, with others?    Does she now wear shoes instead of moccasins, and does her closet have shoes that would put Imelda to shame? Have they recently renovated their home and is it newly  furnished?   Like Grandma Sarah in Africa, have they created an “Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish Trust Fund”?   Have they started or are they promoting a Crow Foundation that was created and is now funded by mysterious donors? Next, I might investigate how much money from January’s non-Stimulus package allocated to Indian tribes was approved for the Crows to stimulate OUR economy. Oh, the questions, I would ask, and the evidence I would document!

Prompted by my own question about the Stimulus, I read through some articles. The long neglected Indian tribes throughout the US were afforded the opportunity to apply for the approximately $3 billion allocated to them in the Stimulus Package. These funds were to be used for infrastructure projects and to assist domestic economic growth during these hard economic times.

Greg Guedel, from Native Legal, reported that Montana’s Crow Tribe was given $1,033,610 for the first phase of a sewer lagoon that would serve 564 families.1

Reznet News reported on May 27, that $250 Million was pledged for tribal housing. Additionally, they added, a statement by Crow Chairman Cedric Black Eagle who said, “You can tell my brother we are glad he has not forgotten us.” According to that same reporter, on Obama’s trip to receive his official adoption recognition by the Crow reservation, Obama “pledged, if elected, to improve reservation housing and work more closely with tribal leaders than previous administrations.” 2

Nationwide, the Department of Justice was awarded more than $224 million in stimulus funds and is using that money to help tribes curb crime on their reservations.  (How many jobs would that produce?)    I didn’t find specific information related to the Crows as recipients. There is another proposal by 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Montana, being considered worth $24,977,000 to provide advanced broadband services to tribal areas where there is limited access. [They don’t have sewers, but they will have the internet!]

Bresnan’s Proposal for $70,007,425 is to develop a fiber optic network statewide. They are working in conjunction with the State of Montana & the Tribal governments of Montana’s 7 Native American Reservations, i.e., Crows.

Not to slight the Crows in any way, since all of these projects are important. It is just very interesting that they are so well cared for in the Stimulus Bill that is to create JOBS.

Dreaming doesn’t take away my suspicions nor those of millions of citizens. The questions remain,  why would Obama would be accepted by the Crow tribe as an adopted son? This popped into my consciousness again today when I read John Carlton’s article,  “Obama concedes he’s not a Natural Born Citizen, in Obama vs. Keys 2004 Debate.”  He wrote, “In course work assigned by Lecturer Obama to his class, they were required to read Vattle’s “Historical Foundations” that talked about Indian rights and involved questions of native born and citizenship rights. Without having access to that historical paper, I wonder what else Vattel discussed about Indian rights and adoptions that might be applied to this Obama’s background scenario?   Would this adoption supercede or take priority over those arrived at by birth? Would the proxy adoption cover Obama’s birth issue if he indeed was someone who came to the US via The World Adoption International Fund, and would this old law cover him now?” 5,6,7 .

We want to know why the Crows adopted Obama. Then what promises were made by Obama to the Crows for their assistance in giving him an assumed lineage. Are these the adoption papers that are being held in Hawaii that are meant to satisfy the requirements as a natural born citizen? Does he think that we would be hoodwinked into thinking that this adoption satisfies the requirements of a natural born citizen if his parents are not who he said they were?

If we find the answers, will the Crows be guilty of a Pay-to-Play scheme designed specifically to give cover in some strange way to the pResident? One is also left to wonder why Obama claimed in one of his books that his great-grandmother Leona McCurry was half Cherokee, when genealogists have been unable to verify the fact.   More questions and thoughts to ponder about the real identity of the person dodging and lodging in our White House.

After writing about this a week ago, it was interesting to see our pResident’s inappropriate address to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow-High Bird after a Tribal Nations Conference at the White House on November 5. Embarrassingly, Obama stated that Dr. Crow was the recipient of the Congressional Metal of Honor when it was the Medal of Freedom Award that Obama himself had placed around his neck last August. Surely, Dr. Crow deserved a mature and dignified announcement in front of other tribes for having received the honor. Instead his honorable mention consisted of a juvenile, and undignified statement, “ I want to give a shout-out to Joe Medicine Crow.” This from one with whom he now shares familial ties. The insult of misinformation and disgrace is levied against the speaker and not the receiver.

Following this inappropriate, happy, announcement, a seemingly unemotional and detached Obama segued into an message to the nation that a tragedy occurred at Ft. Hood. “As some of you have heard…” Two announcements were made into one.   Dr. Crow deserved special recognition apart from the Ft. Hood announcement, and certainly the nation deserved a separate forum concerning the terrorist attack on our soldiers at Ft. Hood by a Muslim jihadist. Both announcements were artificial in their delivery, and disturbing for their content and treatment. Neither were respectful of those in attendance or who were watching and listening for a response from the president about the terrorist massacre in Texas.

The questions remain: Who got what in the agreement between Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish and the Crows? Is this another backdoor way for Obama to redistribute our wealth and bankrupt our economy? How do the Native Americans fit into his Marxist scenario? Why did they adopt him and what are they getting in return? We will continue to look for answers to these questions, as well as to seek out the authentic and legitimate identity of Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish. When we find that answer, we will have something to crow about.

1. http://www.nativelegalPosted on July 13, 2009 by Greg Guedel
3. http: //

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  1. Bridgette, here is the latest push from the little adopted one — we are now to subsidize the healthcare for all his fellow illegals

    Napolitano Announces Obama Administration Plan to Give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

  2. Great post Bridgette 🙂

  3. I believe this adoption plays a major role in Fukino’s second News Release…

    Red Pill’s “Amplified Version” of Fukino’s 2nd News Release

  4. There is a mystery regarding which hospital, in Hawai’i, he was born in. If it was the Queen’s hospital, Kapi’olani, the reason for the mystery could be something as simple as the fact that the land the hospital was on belonged to the Queen/Indigenous People (never ceded by force or choice) to the US government. In Hawai’i whether land is non-ceded by choice or lack of force is of no import. Those pieces of soil are not part of the United States of America. Like RESERVATION LANDS around the USA, they are sovereign Nations. Would be kind of “tough” to tell a reservation-born American Indian that he/she is Constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS.

  5. There is a mystery regarding which hospital, in Hawai’i, he was born in. If it was the Queen’s hospital, Kapi’olani, the reason for the mystery could be something as simple as the fact that the land the hospital was on belonged to the Queen/Indigenous People (never ceded by force or choice to the US government). In Hawai’i whether land is non-ceded by choice or lack of force is of no import. Those pieces of soil are not part of the United States of America. Like RESERVATION LANDS around the USA, they are sovereign Nations. Would be kind of “tough” to tell a reservation-born American Indian that he/she is Constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS.

  6. Those pieces of soil are not part of the United States of America. Like RESERVATION LANDS around the USA, they are sovereign Nations. Would be kind of “tough” to tell a reservation-born American Indian that he/she is Constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS.

    If they are sovereign nations, then they are sovereign nations. You can’t have it both ways (both a sovereign nation and part of the U.S.).

    Someone born on non-U.S. soil is not a natural born citizen of the United States.

    And yes, that includes John McCain. Born in Colon, Panama, John McCain was made a U.S. Citizen by statute, and he is not a natural born citizen of the U.S.


  8. heads up

    The subscription only branch of debka reports
    that obama has given up on his negotiations with
    iran and has given the go ahead to Israel to attack iran.

    France will provide back up if necessary.

    Obama turns to mopping up the repercussions.

    When? Imminent.

  9. Excellent article Bridgett. Good luck and keep digging.

    dave m, what is debka reports?

  10. Wouldn’t that make him a “natural born American citizen”? ( isn’t that what doh called him?)

    or would he then be an unborn American Indian!

  11. Doesn’t make sense that the passing of H RES 593 on July 27th is what triggered the DoH press release the same day? This res was sponsored by Ambercrombie who probably emailed Fukino as soon as it passed. Inouye’s Res 225 passed the very next day.

  12. Bridgette! Thanks for bringing this back to the forefront.

    Grim Reaper strikes again. Wonder what secrets this poor soul held or what was it that he refused to go along with:

    RIP Carl Venne, Tribal Chairman

    • Good grief, wow isn’t that something. Great Find Papoose. Venne attends the inauguration and bites the dust about 3 weeks later. The Tribal Chairman, Venne, is replaced by the Vice Chairman Cedric Black Eagle who made that statement.. “tell my brother [Obama] we are glad he has not forgotten us! Anything for a bro. Of course, this is just a coincidence. Isn’t it?

  13. Yes, I remembered this because Renee gave me the job at TDs. There is a lot. That One campaigned in (Hardin?) Montana in May 2008 and Chairman Venne was in complete headress.

    Q. Did the Chief bestow a medallion on the Candidate that day?

    Q. It is Hardin, right? I need to doublecheck…Hardin is ringing bells – like the place where they have that secret police dept, maybe. That is something else that needs to be followed up on.

    Q. Max Baucus has been in the Senate for a mighty long time. What’s his deal?

    Sticky web.

    Granny did not pass on 11/2; it was out there on 10/22 as well…her “birthday party”… Barky was there a few days before on a rush visit…Hubby rests in Punchbowl and she’s strewn? Baloney.

  14. Bridgette,

    Thanks for the splendid reporting. The Dunham part falls into place if we go back to my oft-posted comment: this thing usurping the WH is not the real bho, but some creature who was given the dead bho’s identity.

  15. Here’s an e-mail I got tyesterday from the one cousin (anti-oilsoc) to whom I still speak, the others being bots.

    Well, boys and girls, today we are letting the fox guard the henhouse.
    Tomorrow, the wolves will be herding the sheep!
    Obama Appoints two devout Muslims to homeland security posts. Doesn’t this make you feel safer already?

    Obama and Janet Napolitano Appoint Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development Source for announcement: Homeland Security Press Room.

    The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is proud to announce that the DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

    NOTE: Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a
    devout Catholic, Jew or Protestant…?
    Just wondering
    Doesn’t this make you feel safer already??
    Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions?
    That should make our homeland much safer, huh!!
    Was it not men of the “Devout Muslim Faith” that flew planes into U.S.
    buildings not too long ago. What the heck is this president thinking?
    This announcement was made on Aug 20. Why are we just now hearing about it???

  16. Hi guys
    …………Now “lets not jump to conclusions.”
    thanx Bridg and Papoose and Mary
    How many sudden deaths does that make? ….but who’s counting

  17. Hey A, and lets not forget the poor chump in the passport breach…

    ~~ about that Little Big Town

    Oh, this nothing. Really old news. Move along.

  18. I love the irony of brass balls:

    The Pledge is taken by AmeriCorps Members, who promise to uphold the duties of their position, and reads as follows:[23]

    I will get things done for America – to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier.
    I will bring Americans together to strengthen our communities.
    Faced with apathy, I will take action.
    Faced with conflict, I will seek common ground.
    Faced with adversity, I will persevere.
    I will carry this commitment with me this year and beyond.
    I am an AmeriCorps member, and I will get things done.
    If passed, the 2002 Citizen Service Act (HR 4854), introduced by Representatives Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) and Tim Roemer (D-IN) on May 24, 2002, would have added references to God and the Constitution to the pledge. AmeriCorps members would be called upon to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States…without any mental reservation…So help me God.”[24]

    Those who supported changing the pledge argued that taking the new pledge would be voluntary for AmeriCorps members, and that it was similar to the pledge taken by all federal employees. However, the proposal stirred an outcry among current and former participants in the federally supported community service organization, who argued that the proposed pledge was divisive, “militaristic and religious,” and might deter recruitment.[25]

    Although the Citizen Service Act was approved by both the Subcommittee on Special Education and the Committee on Education and the Workforce in June 2002, the House of Representatives took no further action on the Measure, and the pledge remains unchanged.[26]

    [edit] See also
    Youth service

    Yo, Walpin: Bye-So Long; Good Luck! Take Care! If I don”t see you through the Spring, I’ll see ya through the Mattress!

    • Papoose,

      America’s enemies–oilsoc being public enemy #1–hate freedom, hate democracy, hate the Constitution, and most of all, hate God.

  19. Great, great article, Bridgette! Job well done, patriot!

  20. Maybe the real translation of that Crow Indian name is, “Black man speak with forked tongue.”

  21. Fabulous post, Bridgette! Great comments, everybody.

    This is off topic, but a little levity. The jellyfish are coming! The jellyfish are coming!

    And it’s ALL OUR FAULT! Global warming, you know.

    • Miri,
      Since AP is also under orders to obama’s puppet masters, we have further proof that the Evil Ones are scared to death of Palin. Let’s pray that the Repub. Old Boyz club has the courage to put country before party and gender, and support Sarah Palin, whom Red Pill long ago called the anti-obama.

      • Oh, for sure, they’re scared to death of her. The sheer number of recent articles in the last-legs media that trash Sarah’s book prove that.

        And then there are the many, mostly men, across the political spectrum, who say she’s “a joke” (David Brooks) or has no chance to become POTUS.

        Whatever Sarah does now or in 2012, it will drive these jerks crazy, which makes me love her all the more.

        They just don’t get it, do they? The more they attack and try to diminish Sarah, the more we are drawn to her. Especially the women of America, who know only too well that sexism is alive and well in political circles.

        As for the Repub. Old Boyz, they had better wake up. They’re already lining up behind the same old, same old, “pretty boyz” like Romney, who is NOT the “anti-obama”.

    • That was so funny – 11 writers to dissect Sarah’s book… and find anything to use against her in their ongoing campaign. Such vermin. Why don’t they try reporting on the real problems we are facing? Newspapers are looking for a bailout..can’t wait for our money to help them spread the progressive word. Shut up collective fools and believe what we tell you to believe. How many reporters does it take to hide the news?

      Basement obot dwellers are earning their $8.00 an hour now–so much to spin, so little time.

      • Sarah’s comments:

        “The book tour starts this week, and I look forward to it! I’m most looking forward to meeting many of you, shaking your hands, and telling you,”Thanks for loving America.” I’ll give you a scoop here and tell you what’s on the book’s Dedication Page – it’s dedicated to you – Patriots – who love the U.S.A. as much as I do. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, the AP somehow nabbed a copy of the book before it was released. They’re now erroneously reporting on the book’s contents and are repeating many of the same things they spewed during the campaign and afterwards. We’ve heard 11 writers are engaged in this opposition research, er, “fact checking” research! Imagine that – 11 AP reporters dedicating time and resources to tearing up the book, instead of using the time and resources to “fact check” what’s going on with Sheik Mohammed’s trial, Pelosi’s health care takeover costs, Hasan’s associations, etc. Amazing. We’ll keep setting the record straight, and we’ll keep reminding some in the media that Americans are very tired of their non-objective reporting. A great, recent post that accomplishes this is a Conservatives4Palin post. It’s got some nice fact checking included. As always, they did a great job holding some of the media accountable for spreading more misinformation and for making things up. You can read it here.
        Enjoy! And I can’t wait to see you! God bless the fight for freedom! Keep up the great work, Patriots who love this country. – Sarah Palin”

        I hope Sarah-cuda doesn’t mind that I swiped her post in its entirety.

        Sarah, as usual, is so correct! IF ONLY the AP would task 11 reporters with investigating ACORN’s corruption or Hasan’s connections. If only.

        This morning yet another so-called conservative, David Frum, trashed Sarah Palin on Laura Ingraham’s show. He apparently agrees with that other RINO, so-called-conservative David (Brooks) that Sarah’s a “cancer on the Republican party.” Frum also laments the existence of true conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, so Sarah’s in good company.

        Why am I not surprised that this “moderate” is from Canada?

        With “allies” like this, the Repub. Boyz Club doesn’t need any more enemies. “Moderates” like Frum and Brooks (both MEN, btw) just might ruin Republican chances in 2012, not Sarah Palin. That is, if they don’t wise up, and fast.

        Brooks and Frum, like McCain, glory in the attention they get from the last-legs media, so long as they keep trashing conservatives the media love to hate.

  22. It might be interesting to think about why Obama went to China and proceeded to embarrass the Chinese officials by demanding personal liberty and human rights for all their citizens and for the Tibetans too.

    This is perfect Obama.

    He does the thing that all good liberals want him to do. In fact you can’t talk against it. But what happens next?

    Obama is not stupid. He knows that his budget deficit is an order of magnitude greater than the Bush administration and the US can no longer sustain that level of debt. According to Glenn Beck, our credit rating will start to fall in a couple of years after which we will only be able to borrow money at high interest rates or print it.

    So who was still buying US Treasury bonds?
    So what to do?
    Go over there and really make them angry,

    A superb Cloward-Piven moment?

    You decide.

    • Collapsing the economic system…isn’t that what they want to do?…what better way than to get China upset so they immediately stop buying our debt. Scary thought. Don’t they then lose if we can no longer buy their many contaminated exports. There is no winner in this game of his.

    • I’ve long felt that the Clintons represent the interests of the Chinese communists, while Obama represents the interests of the Russian communists.

      And you’ll note that the Russians are observers of the “57 state” OIC, while the Chinese are not.

      It’s no surprise to me that the Russians, via Obama, are trying to make the Chinese angry.

      The Chinese also don’t generally like the Japanese, and I believe that angering the Chinese was just one more intended effect when Obama bowed so low to the Japanese Emperor.

      Yes, making the Chinese angry enough that they stop buying so much of our debt would be a Cloward-Piven moment.

      Everything about Obama and his cronies is Cloward-Piven.

      • Wow. Interesting take. Yes, the Russians and possibly Obama want to destroy our economy. They would also want to hurt the Chinese. Whatever, we MUST become independent of China. It’s INSANE to give them so much power over us. Simply INSANE. When is Congress going to grow some?

  23. dave m.: I heard on the radio this morning that Obama is creating 3000 green jobs using the stimulus money. The only problem is where the jobs will be: CHINA!

  24. U.S. Will Settle Indian Lawsuit for $3.4 Billion
    December 8, 2009

    WASHINGTON — The federal government announced on Tuesday that it intends to pay $3.4 billion to settle claims that it has mismanaged the revenue in American Indian trust funds, potentially ending one of the largest and most complicated class-action lawsuits ever brought against the United States.

    The tentative agreement, reached late Monday, would resolve a 13-year-old lawsuit over hundreds of thousands of land trust accounts that date to the 19th century. Specialists in federal tribal law described the lawsuit as one of the most important in the history of legal disputes involving the government’s treatment of American Indians.

    The dispute arises from a system dating to 1887, when Congress divided many tribal lands into parcels — most from 40 to 160 acres — and assigned them to individual Indians while selling off remaining land

    For example, one 40-acre parcel today has 439 owners, most of whom receive less than $1 a year in income from it, Mr. Haynes said. The parcel is valued at about $20,000, but it costs the government more than $40,000 a year to administer those trusts.

  25. It isn’t clear if this suit covers just the Blackfeet or other tribes as well.

    Obama Administration Agrees to Settle 13-Year-Old Indian Lawsuit for $3.4 Billion
    December 10, 2009

    Ending one of the longest and most complicated lawsuits ever brought against the U.S. government, attorneys representing American Indians have won a $3.4 billion settlement from the Department of the Interior. The suit was brought because of allegations that the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for decades had cheated tribal land owners out of money paid from leases for mining, livestock grazing, timber harvesting and drilling for oil and gas.

    Each member of the class action lawsuit is expected to receive about $1,000 from the settlement. The agreement won’t be finalized until Congress and the federal courts sign off on it.

    The suit was originally filed in 1996 by Elouise Cobell, a member of the Blackfeet Nation in Montana, on behalf of 500,000 Native Americans.

  26. Mary first learned that her family was about to grow as she was on a long drive to Arizona. Her son, Cedric, vice chairman of the tribe, was on the cellphone.

    “I was already around Wyoming someplace. He called me and said we’re going to have to rush right back,” Mary said. “He said, ‘You’re going to have to adopt Barack Obama.’ ”

    They were tentative about taking on the sudden responsibility. “I couldn’t comprehend it for a while,” Mary said.

    On the day Obama arrived at the reservation, she froze.

    “When my alarm came on, I didn’t want to go through with it. ‘I would like to go sleep another eight hours,’ I said. ‘Not me. I don’t want to go,’ ” she recalled telling Hartford. But, “my husband got after me.”

    Why was Mary forced against her will to adopt Barack Obama?

    I think it is quite possible that the reason she “had to” do this was because Obama was not born at a medical center in Hawaii (if he was, let him release the long-form birth certificate to prove it), and this adoption is Obama’s only claim to being an “American citizen”.

  27. Redpill,

    ‘You’re going to have to adopt Barack Obama.’ ”


    • On the day Obama arrived at the reservation, she froze.

      “When my alarm came on, I didn’t want to go through with it. ‘I would like to go sleep another eight hours,’ I said. ‘Not me. I don’t want to go,’ ” she recalled telling Hartford. But, “my husband got after me.”

      Redpill, Now if new energy were to go on reservations, and indians got a tiny profit, then wouldn’t that be what the Chief meant when he said he had to think of future generations ? Really shocking !
      Did he not die just after the adoption ? Was that the same man ? The man who died ?

    • HAVE to?!!

      Of course, the payoff is the settlement of that case for $3.4 billion. Chief interested in coal and environment and other energy issues? They’re going to consolidate lands and then what? Future generations get “the wealth?” THEN we’ll finally drill, baby, drill?

  28. Prosecution gets tribal expertise
    Two attorneys with Indian Country experience joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Thursday.

    Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull administered an oath to practice in federal court to Dawn Bitz-Running Wolf, an assistant U.S. attorney in the Great Falls office, and to Diane Cabrera, the Crow Tribe’s prosecutor.

    Cabrera’s position as a special assistant prosecutor is new. Cabrera has been the Crow Tribe’s prosecutor since 2007. She has a law degree from the University of New Mexico School of Law with a certificate in Indian law. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Hawaii and taught kindergarten in Hawaii.

    Before working for the Crow Tribe, Cabrera was an assistant public defender and then assistant attorney general for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

    Cabrera will have the authority to seek grand jury charges for federal cases. She will be handling cases from the Crow Reservation, Mercer said.

  29. Get this..they Finally win billions due them after 13 years. Meanwhile the IRS is auctioning off their land The IRS sold it for half of what it was worth! Is Timothy Geithner involved in this? Who wanted this land? Who was the purchaser?

    Tribal land sale precedent alarms Herseth Sandlin
    Dec. 11, 2009

    U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is questioning the Internal Revenue Service’s unusual move to auction tribal land on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation, saying she is concerned about the precedent it sets.

    About 7,100 acres, or 11 square miles, of tribal land was auctioned by the IRS on Dec. 3 to settle overdue employment taxes it claims are owed by the tribe. The land, valued at an estimated $4.6 million, sold for $2.6 million.

    The tribe has gone to court to try to stop the auction, but U.S. District Judge Roberto Lange allowed it to proceed. However, the judge agreed to allow both sides to make their arguments in March court date. The land would not change hands officially until after the court date.

    The land is owned by Crow Creek Tribal Farms, a corporation formed under tribal laws which filed for bankruptcy in May, according to records from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Dakota.

    As of August, the IRS claimed the tribe owed roughly $3.1 million in back taxes, penalties and interest. The tribe maintains that the corporation is not delinquent on any taxes and the IRS has no right to auction the land in order to settle the tribe’s tax bill.

    A little more 10 years ago, the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe acquired the land back. The reservation is located in Buffalo County, the nation’s poorest county, where the per capita income was $5,213, according to the census.

    Law experts have said it is a rare situation that the IRS would auction property on tribal land to pay off a tax bill.

    “What is scary to tribes is the prospect of having lands that they own being auctioned off for back taxes,” Getches said.

    IRS sells SD Indian tribe’s land to settle debt
    The tribe filed a lawsuit Monday in U.S. District court in Pierre seeking to block the sale. Judge Roberto A. Lange declined their request but promised to schedule a trial to hear the tribe’s arguments.

    The land in question was part of the tribe’s original reservation established in an 1868 treaty, and was held by the federal government in a trust for the tribe. But it was eventually allotted to individual tribal members, who then sold it to non-Indians, putting it outside the tribe’s legal jurisdiction.

    The tribe bought the ranch back in 1998 but the Bureau of Indian Affairs did not put the land back into trust, which would have protected it from seizure, Tribal Secretary Tommy Thompson said.
    Members of the tribe have used the land and lived on it for a long time, according to the suit. “Members died and were buried on the land. Indeed, the lands were considered so important to the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe that the Tribe went into debt to acquire the land as part of its land consolidation effort to enlarge the Crow Creek Indian Reservation,” it contends.

  30. They have a per capita income $5,213
    and they are building a $20 M building?

    Crow Tribe works toward new facility Snips
    [Tribal Headquarters Bldg.]. The presence of asbestos is just one reason why the tribe hopes to build a new headquarters on land east of the Crow/Northern Cheyenne Hospital in Crow Agency

    To launch the project, the tribe will use one-third of the $617,937 it received from the Montana State Tribal Economic Development Commission this year for the building’s planning and design. Each tribe got the same amount from the commission as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, said Shawn Real Bird, head of the tribe’s Economic Development Office.

    The other two-thirds of the Crow portion of the money will be spent on building boat ramps and picnic areas at the Willow Creek Dam and for two weatherization projects.

    The building would house the executive branch of the Crow government, he said. A second phase would bring the legislative and judicial branches, both housed elsewhere in Crow Agency, closer.

    The idea for a new building originated with the LATE chairman, Carl Venne, among others, said current chairman Cedric Black Eagle, who wants to keep the project going. The overall cost of a new complex is estimated at $20 million. It could go up higher, depending on fund raising efforts,”

    Black Eagle said. “We have a lot of friends around the world that might contribute.”

  31. Indian land trust abuse and the woman who finally got US to pay up
    December 10, 2009
    Bozeman, Mont. Snips

    Obama spurred the parties to action.

    The pivot point may have been candidate Barack Obama’s campaign visit to the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. While there, he was symbolically adopted into the tribe by two elder members, Hartford and Mary Black Eagle, ” who spoke to him of the Cobell case.” After Obama became president, he instructed Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to make Cobell’s case a priority! Mr. Salazar alluded to Mr. Obama’s sense of urgency Tuesday, in announcing the agreement.

    “I heard from many in Indian Country that the Cobell suit remained a stain on the nation-to-nation relationship I value so much,” Obama said Tuesday in a statement. He called it “an important step towards reconciliation.” The settlement must be approved by a federal judge and Congress.

    • “Symbolic?” I wonder how symbolic (versus legal) it was.

      Remember that the lady was rushed into adopting him. She HAD to do it. Why?

      Tit for tat?

  32. Did you ever see the movie “Thunderheart”? This all reminds me of that movie. In it, competing factions of Native Americans on a SD “rez” fought over whether or not to open the lands for uranium mining. There was another storyline, based on the Leonard Peltier incident, concerning a murder of FBI agents on the reservation.

    Like Bridgette, I wonder what’s on that land; where it is, exactly; and who bought it from the IRS. The one thing we can take from this is that somebody bought a heck of a lot of votes.

    • South Dakota senators Tim Johnson and John Thune both said Thursday they had hoped an agreement could be made, but did not want to speculate on an ongoing court case. Who are they working for really?

      I wonder about Judge Roberto A. Lange too. He quickly settled the case for the government. What is more important to the Crows..the money or their land? How could they owe so much tribal money to the government..unless there is a casino there?
      Otherwise, I think they are exempt from taxes. This is all to strange.

  33. Crow Tribe begins producing natural gas
    Thursday, August 6, 2009 SNIPS

    The Crow reservation is on the remote northern edge of the Powder River Basin, which produces nearly half the nation’s coal and hundreds of billions of cubic feet of natural gas annually.

    About 50 Crow leaders, tribal members and representatives of Ursa Major, the Oklahoma-based company, gathered outside at the Venne-Old Elk compressor station, one mile east of Interstate 90 on Sarpy Road, south of Hardin. Production from seven wells drilled by Ursa Major officially began on Friday.

    Over the course of the natural gas partnership, the tribe could receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties. (That’s it… $$ not millions?..did they get taken?)

    The compressor station is named in honor of Chairman Carl Venne and Secretary Andrew Old Elk, two deceased Crow leaders who helped spearhead the natural gas project. Old Elk died in 2007 and Venne died in February.The two men were “instrumental in putting this particular project together,” Black Eagle said

    Drilling of exploratory wells started in December 2007. By the fall of 2008, Frankenberg said, the company figured out what it had and chose to go forward.

    Afterward, Black Eagle said the venture with Ursa Major is just one of several energy projects the tribe is involved in. Along with working with the Australian-American Energy Co. on the $7.5 billion Many Stars coal-to-liquid plant, the tribe and the energy company are discussing coalbed methane development in the southeast corner of the reservation.
    “Realistically it will take probably 12 months to start putting an agreement in place,” Black Eagle said.

    The tribe is also looking at leases for crude oil development in the Pryor area, on the western edge of the reservation.

    In addition, Black Eagle said, the Crow Tribe is partnering with The Australian-American Energy Co., Montana State University, Idaho State University and the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls to develop a college of technology at Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency.
    Once construction begins on the coal-to-liquid plant, it will require 4,000 temporary workers and 900 permanent employees, Black Eagle said.

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