What Happened to Miss Tickly’s Blog?

What Happened to Miss Tickly’s Blog?

Many have asked, and I’ve yet to see an explanation.

If anyone has information to share, please share it here.  I think some of the other admins have her email address (I don’t think I do).  Has anyone heard from Miss Tickly, or know why her blog was deleted?

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  1. I just got this from a workgroup that I’m part of, but it leaves me with more questions than answers. I pray that her and her family are safe.

    epicurious posted a message: Message from MT
    My husband was injured the other day and I found it was time I made a choice….slipping into anonymity=)

    Apparently she deleted the blog. At least we know now.

    • Kathy,

      Do you or anyone else know where Epicurious, Nellie and others from Miss Tickly’s blog are now posting or coordinating?

      They are wonderful, committed people.

      • I do know that Epicurious posted in the comments section of Post & Email back in December of 2009. It just so happens I read his comment and then clicked here and ran into this question.
        stay strong,

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I appreciate that update.

    That leaves us with the impression that MT believes that her husband’s injury may have been caused by those who oppose what she has written on her blog. If it had been purely accidental, she would have been more likely to say something like, “I’m chosing to spend time with him rather than blog”, rather than, “slipping into anonymity”.

    It’s odd that she would say, “slipping into anonymity”… she may be anonymous to us, but she’s not anonymous to the Hawaiian officials to whom she made inquiries.

    Perhaps Miss Tickly was too close to the truth.

    In my opinion, it appears that this is another instance of something I’ve said many times:

    Those who can’t handle the truth,
    try to silence those who speak it.

  3. I did find that if you google Misstickly and click on the “cached” version of her site, you can at least still see her posts…if anyone wanted any information from them. Unfortunately you cannot get to the comments (at least I couldn’t).
    I still find it hard to believe that she would (voluntarily) delete the whole blog; although I guess if it has your “name” on it, and you don’t intend to participate, you might not want it still “out there” and out of your control.

  4. She is fine. She has a project for her job to do. She has a boss like everyone with a job. She has a real life, and life happens. It is hard to keep up with it all. She just got busy with life and it’s drama. She is just fine. I had the same problem when I first started reading. I still had all the old responsibilities on my back, and had to balance well to find time for my reading. An ongoing thing. She will be back soon, I am sure. I just wish she would have let her readers know. Would save on theories, worry and drama.
    Lets not start drama where there is none. She is fine.

    • Thanks for that update. Have you heard anything about how her husband is doing? I’m glad to hear that she is fine, and I certainly understand the demands of life and the challenge of balancing blogging with the rest of life. I’m just surprised that she 1) gave no warning, and 2) deleted the blog entirely. I don’t think she’ll be able to get the contents back, unless she saved copies of everything before she deleted it. I’m surprised she didn’t just password protect it like TD did. Oh well. I’m glad she’s fine, and I hope her husband is, too.

      • I agree. She should have let her readers know. Letting the information go like that when people contribute, deleted, no explaining ahead, well, she will have to explain that part. Odd, but it is not for me to say. I cannot explain for her. I just do not know…..??

  5. A very tantalizing comment was posten on Leo Donofrio’s blog on the 5th of November:

    “Larry Says:

    November 5, 2009 at 7:38 PM
    Dear Leo,

    Not to bother you with unnecessary replies, but in case you are not aware, TerriK today posted a DoH denial of access to a request related to an amended birth date for BO. Like your response that you posted here, it only has one box checked, which seems to mean that such an amendment exists.

    It looks like you both uncovered the certain existence of a piece of information regarding his birth: 1) that something exists in the state records indicating a record of birth dated Aug 10, 1961 or earlier (your work), and 2) BO’s date of birth has been amended in a state record (TerriK’s work).

    I hope I have represented you both accurately. If I have, do you have any thoughts that you would wish to share on the meaning of both pieces of information together?

    As always, many thanks for all your work.

    In other words, this looks like the birth certificate HAS BEEN amended, after all. When I read this, I, of course, immediately clicked on Miss Tickly’s blog. And you can imagine my disappointment that it was gone. I am very much interested in the latter that she received and other people’s comments around it. I wish the comment section weren’t deleted so that we knew what was going on. This seems like a major development to me.

  6. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Are you certain it isn’t June 6, 1966? LOL

    • Actually, Rosemary, I wouldn’t mind laying money on 6/6/66.

    • Hi Rosemary,

      You’re always so timely. If I remember correctly Rosemary’s baby was born on the 18th of June…no matter, the date as “they’re all in it together”…

      – insofar as MissTickly, I for one am done with that…its all too mystically mysterious. Fade to black…blip.

  7. I should have checked in with you guys earlier. My husband had an accident that has temporarily left him blind in one eye. He was already blind in the other. Obviously, I had to step up for him.

    It wasn’t due to any person commenting on my blog or due to anything that I was blogging about. I just shut down. I had to for my own reasons. I am VERY sorry to have alarmed you nice people. I hope you can forgive my rudeness.

    • Thank God you are OK! I wish the speediest recovery to your husband and full restoration of vision.

    • It’s great to hear from you directly. I hope and pray (literally) that your husband recovers quickly and completely.

      I understand how things can be when responding to an accident in the family, and I can understand why you shut down your blogging. Before you deleted the blog, though, did you happen to save copies of your pages? I don’t think WordPress will let you recover them after you delete the blog…

      It’s a little frustrating for people who contributed a lot to comments at a blog (both at Texas Darlin’s and at your blog) to see those contributions “lost” or inaccessible. But yes, I for one can forgive you for deleting your blog without warning. You are welcome to comment here if/when you have any updates on your requests for information from the State of Hawaii.

      God bless you and your husband.

  8. MT

    Wishing you and your husband all the best in his recovery

  9. There are few of us working feverishly on DoH and OIP requests/complaints. Nothing definitive yet has been exposed.

    I apologize that the workspace is not public; I just think it best to work behind closed doors and not tip our hand to the enemy before the cards are shuffled and dealt.

    When and if anything materializes, one of us will bring everyone up to speed in regard to our findings.

  10. MT,

    Glad to hear you are okay and I wish your husband a speedy recovery.

    At least we now know you weren’t captured and interogated by the CIA…:>)

  11. Tsukiyama resigns from Hawaii Office of Information Practices

    November 16, 2009 by John Charlton

    by John Charlton

    (Nov. 16, 2009: 7:30 PM ET) — The Director of the Office of Information Practices (OIP) in Hawaii resigned quietly from his position on Nov. 6th and where he went is unclear, according to Hawaii government personnel.

    The OIP is charged with receiving UIPA requests or complaints, from citizens who have requested publically available documents in accord with Hawaiian Statutes, when the State department or agency from which these were requested, has not responded or refused to disclose them.

    The OIP office entered the national spotlight in September when the inquiry begun by a citizen going by the nik, TerriK or Miss Tickly, sought information regarding the vital records of Barack Hussein Obama II.

    This story was previously covered by The Post & Email in a series of reports and editorials beginning on September 23rd.

    Since it is a recurring theme with government officials who are in a position to expose Obama that they resign or get removed, or are promoted out of the way, I was intrigued to learn today of Tsukiyama’s resignation, when I spoke with the OIP office by phone.

    Don Shimabukuro of that office, in passing, mentioned to me that the director, Mr. Paul Tsukiyama took another position with the state, and had resigned from his position of Director of the Office of Information Practices on Nov. 6th. Since Nov. 9th the acting director is Cathy Takase. When asked what position Mr. Tsukiyama had taken, Mrs. Shimabukuro was unclear where he had gone.

    I contacted the Office of Governor Lingle, on the hunch that it was the governor who nominated or promoted the former Director. That office too was unclear what position he had taken, saying that they had never heard of Paul Tsukiyama. Mrs. Queenie, at the Office of Constituent Affairs, expressed surprise at Shimabukuro’s lack of awareness of her former Director’s new position, saying, “And that office wouldn’t tell you where he went?”

    Since the Office of Information Practices has only 4 staff attorneys, Director Tsukiyama’s departure will slow further response to UIPA requests conducted by that office. Shimabukuro also stated that acting Director Takase will be out of office until November 23rd.


  12. One of the last comments on Ms Tickly’s blog – under Aloha referred to a “phone in” as respects the infamous non-bc. What was that about?
    Just want inquire before its a blip on the radar.
    I actually have the comment as it was emailed to me. It came in the last day, apx 11/7/09 about 4pm.

    Who phoned in what to whom?

    • Someone phoned in information to substantiate testimony on a name change or something related to O’s birth?

      Tickly followers must know the answer. Keeping this live for a response.

  13. From comments I made on Michelle Malkin’s post: How do you say “You lie!” in Mandarin?

    With a straight face, Obama lauded political dissent and told Chinese students that he welcomed unfettered criticism in America.

    EPA Employees Silenced for Criticizing Cap and Trade

    Fierce opposition, he said, made him “a better leader because it forces me to hear opinions that I don’t want to hear.”

    Questions Obama doesn’t want to hear:

    1) Where is the initial birth certificate with the doctor’s signature and hospital name?

    2) There were 1,075 people who were involved in the Electoral College vote, the Congressional certification of that vote, and your swearing-in. Those 1,075 people represented every state and every branch of our federal government (538 Electors, 435 Representatives, 100 Senators, 1 Vice-President, and 1 Chief Justice). All 1,075 of them swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, which includes the phrase “a President shall have qualified“. Why is it that not a single one of those 1,075 people personally inspected an official birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, to prove that Obama was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center, as he has claimed?

    Why was Obama’s birth location originally claimed to be the Queen’s Medical Center?

    Why was that claim latter scrubbed from the Internet?




    Could this be the reason?…
    Queen Emma Kaleleonalani left the bulk of her estate, some 13,000 acres of land on the Big Island and in Waikiki on Oahu, in trust for the hospital that honors her.

    I’ve read elsewhere, but don’t know whether or not it’s true, that this Queen’s land was sovereign territory, like an American Indian Reservation. If true, that would mean that no child born there could be a “natural born citizen of the United States of America”.

    Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawai’i? (Paperback)

    I won’t concede that Obama was born on U.S. soil until a hospital birth certificate is made public.

    McCain released his. Why won’t Obama?

    Even if born on U.S. soil, the next question is how can someone born a subject of a foreign country be considered a natural born Citizen of the United States of America?

    Obama’s web site admits he was born a British subject because his father was a British subject.

    Why was an opinion from the Hawaii Attorney General necessary in order for the Hawaii Director of Health to make her July 2009 statement that Obama is a “natural-born American citizen”?

    Why is that Hawaii Attorney General’s opinion being kept secret, when Hawaiian law requires that it be made public? (Since the AG’s opinion was used to make a public statement, the AG’s opinion must also be made public… it is no longer subject to attorney-client privilege once the client makes the conclusions public).

    Why did the Hawaii DoH say that Obama is a “natural-born American citizen” instead of a “natural born Citizen of the United States of America”?

    Does it depend on what the meaning of “is”, is?

  14. The numbers of people involved in this are astounding! We think of a few…yet the numbers grow…someone has to leak the real information soon. This won’t continue. Payoffs are hard to shield… Life and limb are involved, no doubt. Shrinks will be handling those with a conscience who no longer can keep the information secret.

    Isn’t it a pity that we have to dissect one sentence to understand what it “really” means; and that a hyphen can change the meaning entirely.

  15. I believe that it is going to bust wide open…..It is amazing that we are almost a year out and we still have no real answers……..
    Lots of sudden deaths….WE here all know what is going on….I can’t believe it has gone this far…Some are plain ignorant and haven’t a clue and others simply don’t care…..
    What gauls me is the education level of those who lead the ranks……What are they thinking????
    Do they really think they can escape what is coming down the pike if this continues? I cna’t believe that they wish to live at the level of 3rd world countries just to “wvwn things out”

  16. that weird word is “even”

  17. Isn’t is uncanny how they cleared the skies this morning just on time for the anointed ones return?!
    There are no coinkidinks!

  18. so now we know where he went

    “Mr. Paul T. Tsukiyama, ex-Director of the Office of Information Practices (OIP) in Hawaii has been appointed Vice-President & Director of Human Resources at Hawaii Health Systems Corporation………
    ……….Now The Post & Email can report that Tsukiyama got promoted, “big time”, from overseeing and office of 4 lawyers, to managing in a key position the personnel at one of the major corporations in Hawaii, the quasi-governmental agency which oversees 5 public hospitals and 9 public medical centers/facilities. The corporation is controlled by a foundation known as the Hawaii Health Systems Foundation. The latter’s governance section is styled the Hawaii Governance Academy of the Governance Institute, evidently on account of it being a quasi-governmental agency.”

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  20. Wow! Leo’s back in a BIG way along with Steve Pidgeon. They have joined forces to expose the FRAUD obama representing chrysler in bankruptcy court and In the DC Court filing a Quo Warranto. I knew Leo was a game changer!

  21. Snips
    HI Department of Health Publicly rebuffs inquiries for Obama’s vital records. Dossier of Excuses Appears on the Web in the Last 6 hours?

    (Dec. 18, 2009) — The Hawaii Department of Health has just published a dossier of excuses to rebuff public inquiry into the vital records of Barack Hussein Obama, which the Office of Health Status Monitoring alleges to maintain.

    The new web page appears at http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/obama.html

    My overall observation is it is an attempt by the DoH to deter citizens from making requests for Obama’s birth records and for government records the agency uses in its discharge of its functions.

    First, the dossier makes a point to name Barack Hussein Obama II, “President.”

    Second, the dossier omits mentioning the Hawaii Statute which allows the Department of Health to release vital records to the public, when sufficient public interest warrants it.

    Third, the dossier publishes the index records for Obama, which are allegedly extracted from the vital record which the Department alleges to maintain on file.

    Fourth, the dossier mentions laws which have no direct bearing on Obama’s birth story, unless they apply to him: http://gen.doh.hawaii.gov/sites/har/admrules/default.aspx

    These records consist of:
    Public Health Regulations Chapter 8 (Vital Records Regulations and Records)

    Public Health Regulations Chapter 8A (Delayed Birth Registration)

    Public Health Regulations Chapter 8B (Vital Statistics Regulations and Records)

    Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 11 Department of Health Chapter 120 (Foreign Born Persons Adopted in Hawaii)

    Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 11 Department of Health Chapter 123 (Names of Natural Parents in Birth Certificate of Adopted Person)

    Is the Department of Health saying that Obama was foreign-born or adopted? It is not clear.

    What the Department of Hawaii does not say in the dossier, also seems to be significant. Notice how they present the Index Data information:

    The index data regarding President Obama is:

    Birth Index
    Obama II, Barack Hussein

    Index data should include the date of birth, but the dossier omits the date of birth. This is both revealing and troubling. Evidently the Department will not confirm publicly that Obama was born on the date he claims: Aug. 4, 1961. Index data should also include the type of event. The event is not named. It should be named “birth” if it was a real birth. Is it an adoption, which caused an entry into the Birth Index?


  22. Bridgette: That’s very interesting. On another thread, I speculated yet again about why Abercrombie is suddenly resigning from Congress and running for governor of Hawaii.

    To wrest control of the DoH from Lingle, a Republican? To bury those records where the sun will never shine? Were they worried that the other Democrat candidates couldn’t defeat her?

    About the supposed law making him a NBC if his birth was illegitimate: If a father is named on the birth certificate, then it won’t make a difference if his parents were legally married or not. Since the birth announcements, his COLB, and his books proclaim that BHO Sr. is his father, then logically that’s his LEGAL father. (Of course, those claims may all be untrue, since nobody knows for sure what his birth certificate says.)

    If BHO Sr. is on his birth certificate, as his father, then he’s not a NBC because he was born a British subject, with allegiance to Britain. Dual allegiance. Therefore, not a NBC. Simple.

    But we still don’t even know WHERE he was born.

    If he was born before he claims he was, then it’s possible it was before Hawaii was even a state. Would he be a US citizen?

    Everything about him and his past is so complicated; he likes it that way. He doesn’t want any light to shine on his past. Why? I believe the answer is obvious. Not a NBC.

    Thanks for finding this story. It will take a while to read and digest the entire thing. Why now? Because the O’s are heading back to Hawaii? For what reason?

    • Miri,

      They cited 3 interesting paragraphs …why not all paragraphs if these don’t pertain to him..delayed birth registration, foreign born and adopted. I remember the date information from Leo’s and they don’t reference back to what the index is about whether birth, adoption or whatever. They’ve had so many inquiries, they decided to charge people to answer questions?
      They are saying this is all we have, so leave us alone. The records of whomever classified him as a natural born person are now private, but shouldn’t be according to their statutes. I guess he will get it all straightened out over Christmas vacation. I wonder what the Dept of Health will get as a gift? Maybe the paparazzi will get pictures of him making a visit to that building.

    • Lingle is from a connected family who had car dealerships in Las Vegas then opened one in Hawaii. I found that out investigating the murder of one of her dad’s business partners, Vic Weiss.


  23. HI Department of Health refuses OIP’s request

    (Dec. 22, 2009) — By now it is 5:00 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii. And the offices of the Department of Health are closed. So The Post & Email can go public with the fact that the Department is in open violation of Hawaii Law regarding the request made by its editor, Mr. John Charlton, on Sept. 27, 2009, and which on Dec. 8, 2009, the Office of Information Practices warned them of the violation and demanded they respond to the request by Dec. 21st.

    The request I made did not regard Barack Hussein Obama’s vital records. And that is what makes Dr. Fukino’s refusal to respond to it all the more revealing.

    What my request did refer to, was documentation which Hawaii Law clearly indicates must be disclosed to the public; documentation, which regards the manner in which the Department of Health conducts its public business.


  24. Brigetteb;
    They at some point apparently changed the statute on what “Index Data” are; it no longer includes a date just name, gender and event (which is almost totally useless information); But I agree that “birth index” is not naming the event, it is only naming the Index under which it is listed

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