The Winds of Change are Shifting

Are the news journalists smelling the wind coming in now ? Have they finally finished living in denial and are looking around and seeing that they are motionless ? With all of this news and flurry around them ? One can only hope. I see a new flurry. A very good one.


86 responses to “The Winds of Change are Shifting

  1. TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (April 9) — Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, targeted for defeat by tea party activists for his crucial role in securing House approval of the health care overhaul, said today he would retire from Congress this year.

    The wind is blowing….

  2. Princess bunny Cleo big ears Raintree

    Yes…. The times they are a changing….it’s blowin I
    the wind!!!!

  3. And a little twirl here, and a little twist there ! Let’s all dance the Cotton Eyed Joe !

    • Wow, everything but the girl !

      From above link at the t room (Cute name);

      Rumors have been flying on the Dem side of the aisle suggesting Joe is stepping down and Hillary is taking on VP. Other rumors suggest they end up swapping out there positons VP to SOS and SOS to VP, respectively. Other pundits have gone a bit further suggesting Joe would be stepping down soon due to an inoperable brain tumor (we pray this is not true), while another suggested his recent family challenges are serving as a distraction and he should therefore consider stepping down.

      Then we have surrogates like David Gewirtz who have decided to “read the 2012 tea leaves” and tell us all what he’s learned in an Anderson Cooper 360 guest post –

      “First, who (after Obama) has more star power in the Democratic party than Hillary? Not Nancy Pelosi. Not Harry Reid. Hillary.

      Next, who can bring more juice, excitement, and support to a party that’s kind of lost some of its juice and excitement? Not Pelosi. Not Reid. Not some governor from the sticks. Hillary.

      What if Sarah Palin is nominated on the GOP side? She’d automatically grab a lot of the women’s vote. Who can counter that, has comparable star power, and also show a tangible difference between “momma grizzly” and world-wide policy experience? Hillary.

      And, finally, what if Obama’s numbers go low enough that another Democrat tries to unseat him in the primaries? Is there any Democrat who stands even a tiny chance? Yep. Only one. Hillary.

      Here we have some very compelling reasons for Hillary on the ticket. 1) she has star power, 2) she can bring excitement and loyalty back to the party, 3) she adds the women’s vote element, 4) she has wide foreign policy experience, and 5) she could otherwise be a possible competitor.”

      Gee Wirtz, here’s a big newsflash. States are passing “proof of eligibility” laws by all candidates with many adopting the laws prior to the 2012 cycle. There are rumbling’s of a Constitutional Convention which many fear, but Article II could not be changed before 2012, so my thinking is the field is going to wide open to any Dem to run, and if I were a betting lady, I’d bet gold that Hillary will make a run. She’d be rather foolish if she didn’t; especially given all of this newfound “star power” and “juice”.

      Besides “star power” Hillary is eligible to serve under Article II of our supposed constitutional form of government, and given the fact more military are defying orders, more criminal complaints are being filed, treason complaints are making their way to court, petitions are being signed and rally’s and protests are growing by the numbers, I’m thinking Obama won’t last 18 more months. In case you haven’t heard, 63% of the electorate now doubt Obama’s nativity story. This growth in just 20 months! Can you imagine what this number is going to look like by 2012?

      If there is a moron left in 2012 who believes in Obama’s innocence following four-years of evasion to produce a factually substantiated answer to a simple and basic question, after spending millions in campaign funds and now taxpayer funds (DOJ), and after belittling people who love thier homeland I’ll be shocked! But I digress…

      Getting back to Hillary replacing Biden by 2012, former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder also weighed in by describing Biden’s shortcomings as a “legendary” gaffe machine who lacks the confidence of the American electorate to serve as President in this OpEd piece –

      “Even recently, he has continued to undermine what little confidence the public may have had in him.

      During Biden’s June trip to Florida, for example, the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink, was so upset that she told POLITICO the whole trip was a “screw-up” and she was “embarrassed” by his speech. The Democratic Party is trying to elect this woman governor of a swing state — one Obama will need in 2012 — during the middle of the oil spill crisis in the Gulf. No vice president should leave such ignominy in his wake.

      A few weeks later, Biden comes south and says at a fundraiser, “[T]he heavy lifting is over,” and now the campaigning can begin.

      Really? Has the crude oil off the Gulf Coast disappeared? Is the unemployment rate back to its mid-1990s lows? Is the deficit magically under control? Are the president’s approval ratings in the mid-60s? Do large majorities of Americans believe we are on the right track?

      I don’t think so. But none of that seems to matter to Biden. People around this country are hurting, and Biden has told them Democrats in Congress and the White House have done all they can or will for them.

      As BP chief executive, Tony Hayward said he wanted his life back, then went off on his yacht. The BP board wisely replaced him. What’s so different about Biden saying, in the middle of several crises, that he wants to get back to politics when the people are craving leadership?

      Has Biden ended these 18 months with the stature of a man ready and able to be president should the moment call for it? The answer, sadly, is “no.” (ed – OUCH!)

      I say none of this to detract from Biden’s service to the people of Delaware through his many years in the Senate. But these times demand our country’s best. If Democrats and the president don’t see this, the people will look elsewhere.

      Can all the president’s political ills be laid at Biden’s feet? No. But Obama must look through his administration and make a wholesale change. The vice president should not be immune.

      Clinton is better suited as the political and government partner that Obama needs.

      I suggest this as one who vigorously supported Obama over Clinton in 2008. In fact, I campaigned across the country and engaged in spirited debates with former colleagues. I don’t regret any of that. Yet, now I think Clinton brings bounty to the political table that few can match. (ed. – I bet he does)

      If both John McCain and Obama were given a sip of truth serum, both would admit they made serious mistakes in choosing running mates in 2008.

      McCain can’t do anything about his blunder. Obama can and should.” (emphasis added)

      Several others have also delved into this conversation lending their points of view here, here and here.

      Fascinating how many different rumors and viewpoints are weighing in on this topic. Comments and suggestions run the full spectrum, but I might suggest it is all for not. Biden nor Hillary are going anywhere. They appear to have settled into their current roles rather comfortably, and I don’t see either one of them making a move anytime soon. Then again…

      But, let’s talk about Hillary’s future for a minute. If she runs for President, how does she explain to the electorate her own duplicity in this criminal act? Yes, by now we all know the Democratic Party leadership, which she is one, deliberately and intentionally foisted upon the Party faithful this very likable yet constitutionally ineligible man. The DNC leadership whose hubris has brought our nation to a brink never seen before, has repeatedly told their minions to ignore, negate, dismiss and minimize our “Republic’s” constitutional law by playing with mere words. Only the learned know the difference, which is why, in the end, we will win. Not because we are spiteful or angry or mad, but because it’s the law. Period.

      I’ve witnessed this firsthand. How this spin is working? A former D friend of mine is connected, let’s say, and one afternoon following lunch she asked me why this “piece of paper” (the US Constitution) meant so much to me. Yes. This Democratic insider asked me why the ”US Constitution” meant so much to me. Flabbergasted by the question and the way in which she phrased it, I hesitated and then went into a litany for my reasons why. How does one ask why the US Constitution means so much to an American?

      Her asking me this question has gnawed at me for sometime now, because this ”D” is bright, very well connected and campaign savvy, yet embodied in her question was this sense that our form of government no longer mattered so why be bothered by it, and then it was the way she asked it, so cold and matter-a-factly. That is when it dawned on me that this must be a similar attitude other’s within the upper echelons of the Democratic Party must be taking.

      Therefore, with Hillary being a DNC Leader, she too must be taking a similar position that of which is anti-constitutional!

      The mess we mortals make.

      This is what I do know. Whoever is tasked with the messaging for Hillary regarding this pickle will instantly become a master spinmeister if he’s able to convince the masses of her innocence. If successful, this individual’s rates will quadruple overnight! Opportunity awaits for the right wordsmith so we’ll have to wait and see who that may be. When it unfolds, oh, it will unfold, it will be true theatre just watching, and damn near worth the price of admission.

      So how does Hillary untangle and extract herself from this boiling cauldron? How does she explain her duplicity to you and me, the voter?

      The way I see it, Hillary appears to be the one holding all of the cards. Now that the dust has settled and routine has kicked in one can clearly see the hand she’s holding and it’s powerful. It’s the kind of power that is tangible, the kind that is earned and used judiciously, while at the same time, being certain to send clear signals to those who should never bother. The kind of power she is holding is earned and when wielded, watch out, winner takes all. And to make matters even more intriguingly complicated, she’s at that time in life where she probably just doesn’t give a damn. What mattered ten years ago that shaped her opinions, beliefs or actions no longer carry the weight they once did. So, we’ll see how this all plays out, but for now, I’d suggest Hillary do what ever the hell Hillary wants to do and damn the consequences. She’s earned it.

      And for once, I’d like to see a Hillary that exercises her political prowess in a manner that catapaults her and other women into the political, powerful, lofty halls she strolls in. This very act could very well be her greatest legacy to you and to me.

      I await with baited breath!

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