Crazy People and Cover-ups

Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) talked about “people carrying around crazy signs” and said:

But we have to say that’s crazy. Those who say the president was born anywhere other than Hawaii are crazy.

Well, Senator Graham, those who are crazy are those who willfully ignore that Obama was born a British subject, and never question how a natural born British subject could be considered a natural born Citizen of the United States.

Those who are crazy are those who willfully ignore the what appears to be a cover-up bigger than Watergate, currently underway in Hawaii in order to protect the man currently acting as President…

Hawaii AG Mark Bennett Approved Fukino’s
Natural-Born Citizen Statement;
All Records Should Be Made Public According To Law.


6 responses to “Crazy People and Cover-ups

  1. I found this video today, which is yet another blast from the past and turns out to be pertinent to this “Crazy” post:

    Spot the Looney!

  2. Miri! Good One!

    Bridgette I made a comment on your thread! But its not there.
    Great stuff.How many TelePrompters did you need???
    Toot-Toot!! Chug a thug, chug a thug,

  3. Agree, the only crazy ones are the ones allowing this too happen. Love the site. Miss TD’s. Hope she is well.

    • Why don’t ya come with us little girl, on a magic carpet ride ? Hold on to your hat ! This weekend will be amazing ! Thanks Connie ! Stick around…..

  4. FYI, MissTickly (a.k.a. TerriK) now has her own blog:

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