“I am a former Democrat, and I voted Republican in 2008”

– by ITookTheRedPill

I was born and raised a Democrat.  I went through both a spiritual and political conversion as an adult, and I was the only one among my siblings and parents who didn’t vote for Barack Obama. 

I know that many of the readers at Texas Darlin were lifelong Democrats who voted Republican for the first time in their lives in November 2008.

If that description fits you, I’d like to use this post for you to share your personal story. 

Why did you vote the way you did?

What has been your experience with family members, both then and now?

I am not trying to be partisan (Lord knows there are plenty of problems within the Republican party that need to be addressed), I’m just interested in some of the personal stories behind what I consider to be an “awakening” in this country.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was considered the party’s best-run organization as it oversaw pickups of 14 Republican seats in 2006 and 2008. But through August, the DSCC had raised just $27.5 million, a drop of more than 25 percent, or $9.2 million, from the same point two years ago. While donations from special interest political action committees have increased, individual donors are disappearing at a rate that has alarmed party leaders: The DSCC’s contributions from individuals was $18.5 million through August, a drop of $12.6 million, or nearly 40 percent, from two years earlier, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.


20 responses to ““I am a former Democrat, and I voted Republican in 2008”

  1. It was 1966, living in Chicago I considered myself a hippie.
    The Democratic convention. Most kids that lived in Chicago desperately wanted some fun. Chicago is a vast city and most of it bleak. There are some nice bits along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. When we heard there was some big protest thing happening in the park, we all went down there.

    You can find me in a book called the Walker Report. I am sitting on a rock with a big acoustic guitar with wire rimmed sunglasses, a Beatles haircut, and a Bob Dylan harmonica.

    Did I go anywhere near the Jerry Rubin protests against the police? Heck no. The Chicago cops, you simply did not mess with. Anyways I grew up kind of not political.

    My work eventually transferred me to England where I fell in love with an English girl and married and stayed.

    In 2001 we traveled back to Chicago to see my parents. We stayed in a Chicago Loop hotel. It was hot. Thunderstorms were all about. Eventually we took Amtrak to San Fran and after a few days rented a car. Left SF for Lake Tahoe and stayed in a log cabin motel.

    The next day we set out for Las Vegas. It’s a long long drive across the silver deserts of Nevada. We couldn’t make it before night. We stopped in Tonopah, Nevada. It was September 10.

    The next day changed my life. It took an hour to understand what I was seeing on the TV with my coffee.

    Then I heard the Bush speech about the unmarked grave of history. The hairs rose on the back of my neck.

    And I was no longer apolitical.

  2. sorry about the typos – it is the middle of the night here!

  3. dave m,
    I tried to straighten things out for you.

  4. great job – thanks!

  5. I voted Republican when I realized the Republican candidate had more integrity than the Democrat although I had only voted Democrat all my life. I realized I had been naive for 50 years.

  6. I’m a former democrat who voted Republican, although had I known that McCain was not a natural born citizen either, I probably wouldn’t have voted for either party.

  7. dave m,
    What does your English wife think? Have her views changed as well?

  8. I voted for John McCain although I am a lifelong Democrat because I couldn’t vote for Hillary. I didn’t believe at the time, and I think its been proven to be true, that Obama had the necessary experience and ability to fix this country. As Hillary said, she had 30 years of experience, McCain had 35 years, and Obama had a speech he gave in 2002. We are now paying the price for his inexperience. All of my family either voted McCain or not at all except my mother, who voted for Obama. She now regrets it, but she still doesn’t think McCain would have been any better. Will I vote for another Republican in 2012? Depends on who they nominate. But I KNOW I won’t vote for Obama, so I probably will simply not vote at all.

  9. I voted at 18 and pulled the lever for McGovern. Worked all my life in Dem politics as well as Women/ Social Justice issues. I was devastated when HRC conceded at the convention. I voted for Sarah Palin without hesitation.
    Last September I ran away from home leaving behind my beautiful house and a basement filled with entitled Obots.

    They were so shocked because they took me for a liberal due to my life’s work. Sadly mistaken, they didn’t realize #1. I am a true blue American and #2 that I am not and never was a commie with a small “c”. #3 I am still a Democrat and those in power today are not. NO DEAL!


    • Papoose:
      I voted the first time (democrat) in 1956 and voted democrat until 2008 when I voted for John MacCain. Old habits are hard to break-NOT!. I am a full fledged racist because I was born in the south and picked cotton (when I was a kid) alongside the negroes and drank from the same water dipper the negroes drank from and weighed my cotton on the same scales the negroes weighed their cotton on. I wore WPA union-alls and still remember all the bridges that were built in 1936 (the year I was born) that were symbolic of the Great Depression, that was etched in concrete on all the American highways. As a matter of fact I pulled (not picked) cotton for a black cotton farmer. But today I am a racist because I do not agree with the man in the oval office, and never will. However, one thing is for certain, today’s democrat party is not you grandfather’s democratic party. Amen!

  10. Newsleuth,

    My wife, her name is Anne, thinks Obama is probably dodgy,
    but most Brits think all their politicians are dodgy.
    They are pretty sophisticated and don’t even pay attention to the news.

    Having said that, she thinks I pay too much attention to him and should have more fun.
    Is she right?

    Time will tell.

  11. http://www.therightsideoflife.com/?p=7364

    No long form birth certificate exists for “Obama”

    We were told this would all play out in October.

    No long form certificate exists because “Obama” was not born in HI.

    • For those who would view the Christian Bible as the oldest relevant source of the history of mankind, it would seem this “one world order” was first introduced by the usurper, Nim Rod . However, the Christian God of creation, and all that is in it, including life, seen fit to put a stop to the usurper and his ungodly agendas.

      Genesis 11:6-8 “And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Come , let US go down there and confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city.”

      All bible scholars know that was talking about the Tower of Babel, and that “babble” means “confusion”. It seems as if there is another usurper whoes double-speak is all confusion. And if HE did it once , HE will most likely do it again and send the usurper back to the continent of Africa where the usurper can practice voodoo, IE confusion.
      The god of creation never gave up on His chosen and He will not give up on Ephraim and Mannaseh, the fore-runners of the Britts and Americans, the dominant Tribe Ephraim, and half Tribe Manesseh, of the Children of Israel. Lame Cherry has it right-once again.

      • The Bible is a wonderful text to gain knowledge and insight, Wes. It’s filled with revelations and illuminates the present day agenda of those who strive to rule the world and subjugate peoples. This illustrious text is the reason why power mongers and meglamaniacs want to squash the Word of G-d and and turn peoples away from having faith. They want all. Lame Cherry has a way of keeping us on board in this modern day of slavery.

  12. I was a lifelong Democrat until 2008. I was so upset about the democrats and the way they tried to force Hillary from the race. I left because of the Democrats silence on the sexism experienced first by Hillary Clinton and then the Democrats active use of sexism against Governor Palin.
    I will never again vote Party I am a proud PUMA.

  13. http://drkatesview.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/the-crossing/#more-892

    Highly recommended, about the 9 12 march and what it means

  14. New Climate Data
    There is No global warming,
    not in the last 100 years. It just isn’t happening.

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  15. Iam maintaining my registration as a Democrat. I hope to skew their numbers in doing so. I no longer vote party. In fact, I look forward to voting against them one by one. Changing over to Independent would just put me in another category that would give them a factor to consider in their tallies.
    PUMA, still.

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