Birth Certificate thread

By request, here’s a thread for the birth certificate/eligibility issue.


18 responses to “Birth Certificate thread

  1. Where is it?

    57 Reasons

    1. It can’t relate due to a profound identity crisis
    2. It’s on a small boat to China
    3. It forgot it’s deodorant
    4. It ran away with the circus
    5. It’s Momee said it can’t come out today
    6.It joined the Hari Krishnas
    7. It rude, crude and unattractive
    8. The cat peed on it
    9. It’s a figment of your imagination
    10. It’s on vacation
    11. There was a death in the family
    12. It’s mother said, “No”.
    13. It’s indecent
    14. It’s taking a shower.
    15. It would be considered impolite
    16.It has detention
    17. It has halitosis
    18. Its a bald, big-nosed ,beatty-eyed bastard
    19. Its fallen and it an’t get up
    20.It would be considered forhright and natural
    21. The neighbor borrowed it
    22. It was hijacked to Venezuela
    23. You’re using it as a coaster
    24.It is on appointment
    23. Absense makes the heasr grow fonder
    24. Its against your religion
    25. It in the Hall of Fame
    26. Its running late
    27. You don’t have a stamp
    28. It missed the 3:05 and will be there soon
    29. It has a pimple
    30. Its shy and doesn’t like to be seen
    31. Its hanging out with Scott in Jupiter
    32. Its against the 5th Amendment
    33. It’s agrophobic (sp) who cares?
    34. It doesn’t feel well
    35. Its stranded on a desert Island
    36. Its not in good taste
    37. Its playing Hide-n-Seek
    38. You sold it to Blago
    39. Its on the border of Pockeestan and AfNam
    40. The UFO took it with them
    41. Its waiting for a transplant
    42. There’d be nothing to blog about
    43. Its sleeps with the fishes
    44. It was just here a minute ago
    45. It has the sniffles
    46. It can’t do a thing with its hair
    47. Its too loud
    48. It could be telling
    49. NEA is working on it
    50. It would be embarrassed
    51. Hallmark’s closed
    52. It ran out of ink
    53. It would rather sleep on a cement slab
    54. It got cold in here
    55. Its a sin
    56. Its scheduled for a Geraldo Extravaganza
    57. It saw a ghost

    It has a hang-over?

  2. Where the hell is it and why can we not see it first thing in the morning?

  3. Loved those ideas…they are great! A couple more to add.

    It was written with invisible ink.

    It was full of crap and tossed in the trash.

    The maid sucked it up with a vacuum.

    It was tossed into the ocean along with grandma.

    It was hidden beneath an old oak tree and will burst forth as an acorn

    How can you find what never was?

  4. I have been away. What’s going on?

    I found this at Orlys

    I was very busy flying red eye 5 times in so many days: twice to GA, once to DC and back and didn’t have time to respond to all the slander and defamation on the Internet.

    Arlene Williams, who has a web site and Phil from TheRightSideofLife were defaming me, claiming that I lied about Judge Carter’s order. Please, look at the order page 2 line 3. It states”… Court encourages the parties to begin discovery before the scheduling conference” (scheduling conference is on October the 5th).

    why is judge Carter saying that- because I have to give Obama 30 days +3 days for mail and there is no reason to wait. On Sunday I submitted to the department of Justice electronically a proposed schedule of discovery. 33 days fall on October 17, I proposed deposition for October 19th Monday and left 4 weeks open, when I am available every day :weekdays and weekends, I will come to DC if need to be, to accommodate Obama and other defendants and witnesses.

    In response US attorneys representing the defendants have filed a motion to stay the discovery, meaning to stop it. The fact that they filed it, doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean thet judge Carter will grant it, that he will say yes. As a matter of fact time and again in court, on the record judge Carter stated that he believes that this case needs to be heard in open court on the merits, that it should not be dismissed on technicality, that there is jurisdiction.

  5. Dave,

    What did you find at Orlys? I have trouble getting on that site. Laptop freezes up…

    I am still under the impression that everything is on for the 5th of October.

  6. Good to see you back with us, dave m. Hope you got lots of rest and had some fun!!

    Too bad about the decision in Ga. case but it was expected.

  7. Dave M: I cannot figure out whether or not Orly gets discovery before Oct. 5. The GA case was dismissed by an obviously unprofessional and biased judge, who actually used terms like “birther” in his order. In addition, he falsely claimed that Obama’s short-form bc was made available to the public (at his headquarters in Chicago). NOT. What member of the public other than 0bots from FactCheck were ever given access to that document? Why didn’t Obama’s lawyers produce that supposedly real document to any of these judges?

  8. from

    Friday, September 18, 2009 4:17 PM
    This sender is DomainKeys verified
    This is unverified, but it is a blog entry that was just posted today on RepubX:

    “I work for a major news company, however, I am unaware of the canadafreepress story that you refer to. I am forced to use masked, out of country, anonymous internet proxies just to post this blog. I don’t know whose lives are at risk, I don’t know the names of all of the lawmakers involved in the case. I have only been given vague information and that information has nervously come in bits and pieces from several credible sources and one lawmaker. I do know that, according to my sources that, the Barack Obama presidency is in serious question. My original source has become sources, and now more people are talking. Most of the insiders in Washington, California and Texas will shape how this will play out with Carter, Orly and Keyes. The Rhodes case is a last resort, a southern court, a southern judge, and a military officer refusing to deploy is a problem. But if Obama has any hand in dismissal, it will be known, and the bribed will be sought. Keyes vs. Obama will be the case I can most assure you. You have to understand that even though most of the concerned citizens want the story to come out now, there are federal agencies, and sectors within those agencies, who thankfully are currently disconnected from control and influence of the White House, who’s work is not finished. Most conservative and even liberal journalist alike are very desperate for the story, many of them want it to save their own careers which they know are now in question. I am getting hints that this all plays out in late Oct. I do however; expect to see more Obama documents released in the next 30 days.”

    Stay Tuned

    Godspeed Orly

    • I wonder who this person could be? One of those investigator guys, former Government Agency guys, that work in the TV news business? I know one or two. They are kind of paranoid but have really good contacts.

      Or a wanna-be former Government Agency guy with no contacts? Hmmmm…

  9. Wow Dave m ! Great catch ! Looks like a real interesting trick or treat !!! Hope you had an awesome vacation !

  10. I am spooked by that post.
    I realize this: If Obama is on the verge of being
    found out, no way are his handlers going to accept a disastorous sceneario where truth is revealed and the wholle corrupt
    Soros /Alinsky movement is revealed/

    I suspect that his handlers would do anything to avoid that moment.

    So if something bad happens, know it does not come from us,
    his principled opponents. I fear the worst.

    You know what Marxists say – the end justifies the means.
    Hang on, its going to be a very bumpy ride from here.

  11. dave m,

    I share your concern. Pelosi’s “tears for fears” appear to be setting the stage. There was no violence at the 9/12 Tea Party in Washington, D.C., so what is she crying about?

    I, like you, fear that they (the Democratic Socialists) are planning something, and plan to blame it on conservatives.

  12. Though many may not share my views, that is what makes our country great. I want to share part of the song that has been constant in my head and heart today.

    One day at a time, sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking from you, help me today, show me the way, one day at a time.

    I agree with Renee, the post shared by Dave M. could be trick or treat. I too feel something is about to happen. We all must be prepared in all ways for what may come. My thoughts have not changed from my post at TD a few months back. A very serious cyberattack which would cripple our nation and/or an EMP attack. EMP if directed even a third of the way into our nation from out-at-sea would take all of us possibly back to the good ole horse and buggy days. Take a moment now to think about this scenario. This warning was given to us 3 or 4 years ago but was brushed aside due to “more urgent matters”. Living in this news 24/7 world, as we see today with the avalanche coming from DC; the amount of news and events are bombarding us so much that we forget what happened just a few days ago. I will try to find link for EMP and provide.

    Just please be prepared. Always.


    God Bless the USA and our brave men and women who keep us free

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