9/11 – Eight Years Later

Remembering both the known victims and the unknown victims.

Michelle Malkin: Eight years later: Remembrance and resolve

Ed Morrissey: Remembering 9/11: a view from the heartland

Allahpundit: Remembering 9/11


5 responses to “9/11 – Eight Years Later

  1. One cannot have witnessed that day’s destruction then, or think about it now, without beng somehow changed.

    Except for the demonic usurper in the White House and his monstrous wife: hussein obama showed his contempt for those who died when he and McCain visited Ground Zero on 9/11/08 by throwing, not placing, a flower at the site. Whereas Cindy McCain attended and reverently placed her flower, me-me-mechelle obama made her contempt fot America clear by not showing up at all. She lied her way through with contradictory excuses–first she couldn’t come because the children were starting school, but then she couldn’t come because she had church business.

    May the souls of those who were martyred on 9/11 be at peace. May the souls of hussein obama and his wife, along with their fellow islamofascists who murdered 3,000 people, know eternal torment.

  2. This might be the right place to post this breaking news:


    According to a commenter at Free Republic, one home raided was on 147 street, near Parsons. I’m not familiar with that city; does anybody know what’s on that street?

    Obama was in NYC today, with Bill Clinton.

    I wonder what this raid concerns? Congress is supposed to be briefed soon.

    Convenient timing to draw attention away from ACORN and Obama’s falling poll numbers? Something to give him “cred” on the War on Terror, which Gibbs recently CALLED the War on Terror?

    With this guy, everything is Kabuki theatre. Nothing would surprise me.

  3. If any U.S. citizen had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks,
    you know who is the most likely suspect?

    Think about it…

    Someone who had previously bombed the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol building.

    Someone who, as an admitted revolutionary communist, had a reason to target the most visible symbols of capitalism in the U.S. … the World Trade Centers.

    Someone who just happens to be “family friends” with the current (not former) President of the United States.

    I challenge anyone to disprove even a single one of the truths here:

    A Different “9/11 Truth”

    Connect the dots…

  4. Just to clarify for those who don’t know, I’m “mirig” too.

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