Grassroots vs Roots!

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Root-rot is a generic term often used to describe roots that are found to have died and rotted away. But what is root rot exactly?

Recently Congressman Pete Sessions and Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D, Houston) spoke in the morning at the Dallas Health Care Forum. They called out their forces to attend this event and to show their support for them and Obamacare. The rent-a-supporters were to distinguish themselves from the mobs of “unruly radical tea-baggers.” Their plants…err plans in support of Obama’s Folly (after Hiring unknown numbers of ACORN and SEIU “supporters” and rent-a-dub duds) was to dress alike in white…the color of their essence and spirituality. After all the bad press, it appears the Democrats are now changing their normal protesting patterns and want to represent themselves as the Silent Majority….now this deserves our ridicule. Did the WH advertising department realize they had been exemplifying Alinsky’s RULE 7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag?”

They received their directives as follows, and most likely this will be happening across the country.

“The essence of the form of our counter-demonstration is to show the contrast between the raucous misinformation and fear-mongering of the opposition and the quiet rationality and determination of the advocates for health reform. We ask that people dress in plain white t-shirts – a clean, clear symbol of solidarity. People will hold signs with positive affirmations of health reform or corrections of misinformation. None of the nasty stuff. And people will have calm or pleasant facial expressions as they stand mute with their signs. Why? Because in front of them will be a banner with SILENT MAJORITY emblazoned on it, reflecting the TRUE INCLINATION of our country who silently cries out for reform every day.

We are going to let the FEARFUL scream and holler as the opposition of everything but the status quo squirms on the wrong side of history. We will be quiet, resolute faces as the world turns in our favor. Trust me, the teabaggers will be more irritated at silent opponents then they would be if we take their bait and get in a shouting match.”

My question is do these people know what the words “quiet rationality” mean? Can they spell either word? Are they keeping the rentals quiet because they don’t know the first thing about the health care bills, so they couldn’t talk about what is in the bill anyway? Obama can’t talk about it so anyone understands, therefore it follows that his minions certainly can’t. Did Obama forget Alinsky’s RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people. It results in confusion, fear and retreat.” Talking intelligently to the opposition about the bill would do just that …go outside their area of expertise! Their expertise was shown in their ability to shout three one-syllable words. Obama bombed in his death care presentations, so I guess his expertise is even more limited than we thought. I think it will be great that the real grassroots won’t have to listen to the rental’s rehearsed chants coming at them through a bull horn.

By golly, ridding themselves of their red ACORN shirts and their purple SEIU shirts does represent change. Do you think this change happened after their thug antics were splashed all over TV networks and You Tube? Did Alexrod or Plouffe come up with that advertising idea of putting them into “symbolic” white T shirts meant to show solidarity? (Who will translate this into pure and angelic?) I wonder if their dress will pass the Democratic fashion inspection monitors? Let’s see, Brooks Brothers vs white T shirts….let’s see how those fashion conscious journalists portray these bussed in rentals in upcoming articles.

Personally, I don’t think this change is because the paid supporters don’t want to be identified as Rentals. I think they should be identified as “withered, pruned, and decayed Plants…in other words, Rotten Roots.” Shortened, they are RR’s. This assumes we use to our advantage Alinsky’s RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Will their mouths be duct-taped too? We can only hope… Oh, see us squirm at their silence. Trying to change their stripes, err colors, err shirts, midstream is really too late, don’t you think? You Betcha!

Remember to be in charge and reverse this socialistic change that the RR’s want to implement, we must adhere to Alinsky’s RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

Hear our cry, “wee, wee, weed up” all the way home!”

8 responses to “Grassroots vs Roots!

  1. bridgette,

    I just noticed this post in the “drafts” folder, and I see you authored it 8/24. I apologize for taking so long to see it and publish it.

    I upgraded your privileges from “Contributor” to “Author”, so you should be able to publish your own posts now…

    • By the way, I was looking into “bylines”, so that when different people author posts WordPress would automatically show you who published the post. It may be that some themes show it (I’m not sure if some do) and others (like the one I picked for this blog) don’t.

      This is the only WordPress support page I found about bylines.

      I did manage to find and add an “Authors” widget to the right-hand column, but that just lets you click on an author and see which posts they’ve published. It doesn’t change the fact that when a new post is added to the blog it is not self-evident within the post itself who authored the post. Oh well, this is a work in progress.

      Great 1st post, Bridgette!

  2. Is it OK if we just point and laugh at them?

    (I hate to break it to them, but its not about them anyway).

    Good, let ’em wear white , it is also the global “symbol” for surrender.

  3. Strong post Bridgette–thanks.

    I wonder at what point in their act the Rent-A-Thugs slip on the white hoods that match their T-shirts.

  4. Great post Bridgette !

  5. Great post!! I just wonder how much the Rotten Roots in White are getting paid? Below minimum wage, I bet.

  6. Bridgette, I am happy to see that you’re authoring posts! Thank you for the latest gangland report.

    Mary lol, “I wonder at what point in their act the Rent-A-Thugs slip on the white hoods that match their T-shirts.”
    Love it lol.

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