Compare and Contrast Two “Champions”

Teddy Kennedy has been declared the “champion” of “liberalism”:

So with the death of Ted Kennedy last night, liberalism in this country has lost its champion; the person who, in the modern era, personified liberalism to a greater degree than anyone in Congress;

To many people, Ronald Reagan was the “champion” of “conservatism”.

Anyone who reads my blog knows what I think about Teddy Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, but I’m curious to hear what everyone else thinks.

Please compare and contrast these two “Champions”.

-Red Pill

13 responses to “Compare and Contrast Two “Champions”

  1. I grew up in a family that consisted of staunch Democrats. I was a staunch Democrat until this last election, in particular, the Democratic Primary. I was appalled at the events that took place regarding the way votes were tossed around like poker chips.

    That said, my feelings towards Ted Kennedy are mixed. I try not to hold his rich upbringing against him, he had no say in who his parents were and the amount of money he was surrounded by. Considering his elite upbringing, I think he did a lot for the underprivileged, the middle class, and senior citizens. His speech on the floor when he was fighting for a raise in the minimum wage still sends chills up my spine, it was amazing.

    On the other hand…his role in the death of Mary Jo and how he got away with it because of his station in life has always stuck in my craw. Any other average person who did what he did would still be sitting in jail today. The only thing that keeps me from totally condemning the guy on this issue is that my Catholic upbringing and continued faith teaches me that only God could look into his soul and decide his punishment at this point. It’s in God’s hands. I’m trying to backtrack a little from my initial reaction to his death and just try to remember that he has family that is grieving and who’s hearts are broken….they deserve the respect to have their time to mourn.

    I doubt very much , considering his deteriorating health, that he read the new health care bill that Obama is trying to peddle and if he did I think he would have taken Obama aside and told him to scrap it and start over.

    Regarding Reagan—I didn’t vote for him, never liked him and refuse to look at him as some kind of hero, either. Although the one good thing I could say about Reagan, he did work well across the aisle…nothing like either Bush Prez and absolutely nothing like Obama who will cut anyone off at the knees who disagrees with him.

    IMO, there are no hero’s in politics, only self-serving men/women who are hungry for power and money. At least that’s the way I see it now and the only reason I didn’t see it before is because I was too young and naive to look deep into the bowels of the hell that is our government.

    • Nunly,

      Your final paragraph is so right on.

    • It’s just that sometimes we don’t see the whole picture. It is so easy to think someone did a lot to help others but what exactly did Teddy do?

      We see only small pieces of his picture. The picture shown to us by the media. His political affiliations, Senate victories and some defeats, family gossip, tragedies and disasters are shown to us.

      We have to crane our necks to see his whole portrait, the portrait with light and shadows, his famous brothers’ shadows, Mary Jo’s shadow, many shadows falling across the canvas of his life.

  2. RP,

    To compare to two “champions,” I begin by asking myself what each one championed. Reagan stood for national security and responsible capitalism in which there was opportunity for all to succeed who were willing to try. Kennedy stood for the underclasses–as long as he didn’t have to live next door to them. Reagan’s message was, truly and nowdays ironcly, “Yes you can.” Kennedy’s was “No, you can’t–only overnment can do it for you.”

    Though they may have been scandal about Reagan’s personal life, I don’t remember any. I know of little besides scandal in Kennedy’s : serial cheating in college, lifelong womanizing and sexual arrogance (like his brother John), repeated bouts of hard drinking, and manslaughter, if not second-degree murder, topped off by perjury.

    Reagan vs. Kennedy: Individual Responsibility vs. Big Government; Personal Honorableness vs. a Decadent Lifestyle . Who is the Champion?That depends on one’s values.

  3. I was of from work one day this week and I heard that the secret service were seen at Terdy’s house even though the creep in chief had no plans to visit…I said, sheesh, Uncle Terdy s probably gonna be dead by midnight…

  4. “off from work”, as a matter of fact I was here that whole day, I see.

    insofar as the late, great senator is concerned, ho hum, I hope he goes down in history as the person who tried to usher communism in to our Republic and hijacked our Democratic Party.

    I am a life long liberal democrat and the people in the oval office and all it’s orifices are not democrats…no way. no how.

    • LOL !!! A very high class woman told me years ago that class rarely had anything to do with having money. She was spot on. Here is proof. HAHAHAHA ! This girl is gross and very base. Like the bottom of my garbage can. The bottom of the barrel of women. She reflects very poorly on her parents. I have girls, and we are not rich people, but my girls have class. I would put them beside this freak any day of the week. This person (cannot remotely call her a lady) needs like 20 pounds of class, and 10 years of charm school. If I were her mom, I would be totally humiliated. What a nasty piece of work she is.
      Truly, she let us see her real character. Zero.
      Remember the old saying “What is in a name ?”
      Obviously, nothing……She is proof.

      • Ya know what struck me? How much this little brat resembles her grandmother Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. She would not be proud.

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