“Anthropogenic Global Warming”

What are your thoughts on the topic of “Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming”?

Let’s keep comments on this post focused on this topic, and I’ll create another post as an “open thread”.


47 responses to ““Anthropogenic Global Warming”

  1. Over the last 18 months I’ve made a few posts about this topic on my own blog. But today, Ed Morrissey expresses my thoughts exactly, along with video evidence of political (not scientific) agenda:

    The global-warming movement isn’t really about climate. It’s about stunting the economic growth of the West. That’s why groups like Greenpeace like to “emotionalize” rather than conduct and promote actual science. They’re interested in specific outcomes, not scientific truth, and that specific outcome is statist control over energy production and economic activity to redistribute wealth.

    It’s not about environmentalism.

    It’s about communism.

    The Global Warming Hoax is a tool that the Democratic Socialists use as an excuse to block U.S. access to U.S. oil reserves (which are over three times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia!). There is no reason for the U.S.A. to import even a single drop of oil. We could be an oil exporter. We could even be the world’s #1 oil exporter if we chose to be.

    The world’s current #1 oil exporter is Saudi Arabia.

    The world’s current #2 oil exporter is Russia.

    Russia has been rebuilding using revenues from oil exports.

    The communists have a vested interest in preventing U.S. access to U.S. oil.

    The communists have a vested interest in keeping the U.S.A. dependent on foreign oil. A significant portion of our oil imports come from Venezuela. Our purchase of Venezuelan oil helps support Chavez.

    Why is it that we are not allowed to drill for oil of of our coasts, but the Russians are?

    Again, it’s not about environmentalism – it’s about communism.

    • While working on the drilling rigs around the North Slope of Alaska in the late 1960s I saw large chunks of sub tropical cotton wood trees wash up from the floor of the frozen sea in the drilling mud (it was actually heated brine water). That area of the sea has been permenently frozen for thousands of years. It seems that not only have some geological changes been made to the earth in the long distant past in that part of the world but also some climate changes have taken place too. Obviously what is now called the North Slope was once a temperate zone that supported subtropical growth of lush vegetation. Nothing there now except sand, gravel, and frozen sea water. Nothing stays the same forever, not even the earth or it’s climate, and niether Obama or Gore can change what God has set in motion. You are right, their global warming scham is all about control.

    • Freeman Dyson Takes On
      The Climate Establishment
      by michael d. lmonick

      Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson has been roundly criticized for insisting global warming is not an urgent problem, with many climate scientists dismissing him as woefully ill-informed. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, Dyson explains his iconoclastic views and why he believes they have stirred such controversy.


  2. Hey, I can’t say it any better than you guys. That’s exactly what I think.

    The science simply isn’t there. Ask any meteorologist. They know. Nearly all of them are skeptical about global warming.

    It’s a hoax and a farce. Gateway Pundit has a long list of links to scientific evidence against “anthropogenic” global warming.

    Based upon rudimentary college earth science courses, my diagnosis, if there IS global warming, is that it’s caused by sunspot cycles and the tilt of the planet. Not much that we can do about either of these factors.

    You gotta ask yourself why there’s global warming on Mars, too. Any SUVs or Americans up there?

    But these guys will never let a ginned up crisis go to waste. The one and only solution, in their minds, is for the U.S.A. to give up its prosperity. Besides which, that’s only “fair”, because we must level the playing field. It’s simply not fair for America to be so prosperous, because we have the freedom that leads to prosperity, while their socialist systems hobble their economies and demoralize and enervate their citizens.

    Too many countries, instead of emulating the U.S.A., seek instead to tear us down, out of envy. These people won’t be happy until every person in the world is similarly situated–that is, equally miserable.

    • Didn’t any of these guys ever take a Geology 101 class? It’s a pretty simple class – my 10th grader gets it. It’s a wonder we’re still here, when you start looking at how active and ever changing this planet has been and continues to be, whether we are here or not. Curly Q light bulbs aren’t going to do anything but enrich a bottom line somewhere!

  3. Based upon rudimentary college earth science courses, my diagnosis, if there IS global warming, is that it’s caused by sunspot cycles and the tilt of the planet. Not much that we can do about either of these factors.

    I agree. And since we’ve been in a sunspot minimum, we’ve actually been experiencing slight global cooling recently. That’s why those who promote the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hoax have changed their tune to say that global warming is temporarily on hold. Once the sunspots pick up again, and we experience slight global warming again, they’ll claim that AGW is back.

  4. Why is it necessary to bring ourselves and our society down to be the same as third world nations, supposedly making things more fair and even? Instead, our country should be the best it can be in every way. If we can take care of our own energy needs, not only will we be less dependent, but there will be more natural resources to go around. Instead of holding ourselves down, we should be lifting ourselves up and helping and lifting up other nations and societies. The regulations regarding energy development and land use and the environmental regulations which we have now are unreasonable. We need to have reasonable guidelines and regulations. Is it impossible to use the natural resources of our country while still encouraging environmentally friendly land use? I don’t think so. The environmentalists have been so emotional and unreasonable in their discourse for the last 50 years. It is time for the citizens of this country to start talking with each other about reasonable, logical, scientific, and yes, environmentally friendly ways of using our resources. Leave the earth worshipers out of the conversation because their earth worshiping religion prevents them from logic and reason. It appears to me that such people hate humanity.

    • Great comment, JT.

      Why is it necessary to bring ourselves and our society down to be the same as third world nations, supposedly making things more fair and even?

      Because that is the way socialists think.

      We all want “fairness”, but that word means different things to different people.

      Capitalists think things are “fair” if the starting conditions are equal. Equal opportunity. Even playing field. But then go out and compete, and those who are better servants (those who better serve the needs of the marketplace) will be better rewarded (more people will voluntarily spend their own money for your product or service). The capitalist system rewards people unequally… those who best serve others end up with the most rewards.

      Socialists think things are “fair” if the ending conditions are equal. Equal outcomes. Redistribution of wealth. Those who have the most are assumed to have gotten those rewards by taking advantage of those who have the least, so the socialist sees it as their moral imperative, their “Social Justice”, to take from the “rich” and give to the “poor”. They think Robin Hood was a hero, while capitalists see Robin Hood as a Robbing Hoodlum. The socialist system rewards people equally… so there is no incentive to work harder to better serve others. Why work harder when the government is going to take the fruits of your labor away from you and give it to someone else who didn’t work for it?

      Government can’t give anything to anyone without first taking that something away from someone else.

      When someone gets “something for nothing”, someone else got “nothing for something”.

      The only “equality” that socialism brings is to make everyone (except the party bosses) equally poor.

      AGW isn’t about environmentalism, it’s about socialism and communism.

      (Lenin himself said that the goal of socialism is communism.)

    • Leave the earth worshipers out of the conversation because their earth worshiping religion prevents them from logic and reason. It appears to me that such people hate humanity.


      …we have a planet to save.

      -Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
      August 3, 2008

      Connect The Dots…

      Socialism is the only route to the salvation of the world.

      -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
      September 25, 2008

  5. Global Warming or Climate Change flows right into Sustainable Development which I thought was very different from what it really is.

    Read This article that explains just what Sustainable Development is:

    Sustainable Development 101


    • Excellent article about sustainable development! I work in real estate sales in a rural area. In my state officers from the various counties in the state get together for regular meetings where they discuss the latest trends in sustainable development, ect. They all go back to their counties and pass regulations in an attempt to keep up with the latest sustainablilty trends. It doesn’t seem as though private property rights enter into these county officials thought processes. Ordinary citizens are not paying attention and have no idea about how their rights are violated until they try to sell their property or attempt to make use of their property. It is a mind boggling job to try to keep up with all the regulations even at the city and county level. At the state level, I once went to a state hearing concerning a property rights issue. I made comments in defense of private property rights to the committee made up of our state senators. One of the senators said, ” You Realtors never want any regulation. All you care about is making money!” I was so shocked that he would dare to disregard an entire group of constituents because of their occupation. There was the same contempt for ranchers because they, too, were constantly speaking up for private property rights. If we don’t speak up, who will? Too many people in government jobs do not seem to care about what the constitution says or what the rights of the people are.

      • Forgive me for reposting this video (I previously posted it in an earlier thread).

        It’s just so relevant to the discussion of property rights…

        Listen to what Ed Morrissey has to say about the Constitution and some of the principles upon which our nation was founded:

      • In my city there was a item before the city council to cut back on the buildable square footage of city lots to meet a density criteria so vacant land in town could be built on.

        One well spoken hugely pregnant lady said,
        “I want to enlarge my house. I am expecting a baby and I need a larger house. You want to take my buildable square footage and give it to someone else. That is stealing. If you take something from me without compensation it is STEALING. Are you going to pay me, personally compensate me for my buildable square footage, is the city going to pay me, are the developers going to pay me? I didn’t think so. You are STEALING from me.”

  6. Anybody who really understands science knows that the debate is NEVER over. In fact, just about every discovery ever made is does little more than drive a formulation of a hypotheses or theory. Nothing is declared a “law” until it can be demonstrated and reproduced repeatedly.

    Does Anthropogenic Global Warming or Climate change fit that model? Hardly!

    I work in an industry intimately related to this “science”, and the people who are true scientists (not their spokespeople) just shake their heads when asked about AGW. They confirm that there’s no doubt at all down on the ground that the hype is for some deceptive, disingenuous purpose.

    I’m convinced that the hype is for the express purpose of ginning up legislation designed to lower our standard of living and funnel money away from the middle class. The people who have made the Earth and its environment their god are the same ones who believe the population needs to be greatly reduced.

    Check this out – it might be a good event to tell people about.

  7. Has anyone seen The Great Global Warming Swindle? It came out summer of ’07 on DVD, and you can see it on YouTube (divided into several parts). It’s the answer to Gore’s film. You kind-of reminded me to get it together and go watch it 🙂

    • Sonic Ninja Kitty,
      Welcome Aboard!

    • Yea!!!

      • Newssleuth – have you found the boat of your dreams yet? Ya know, the one to escape to the sea on?? 😉

        • A Cal 34 that needs lots of TLC. Sea Lions were lounging on it. It is now covered in orange netting with a big inflatable shark jutting off the cabin top.

          On Tuesday I am going to Monterey to get a rebuilt Atomic 4 engine from a guy who is going “green” and removing the engine from his newly acquired Triton sailboat.

          He ‘s going to get one of those little electric motors that are usually used on small sailboats. His boat is on a mooring. There are no electrical outlets in the middle of a bay, so he’s getting solar panels to use as his main source of electricity in Monterey, where the sun hardly ever comes out. I bet he ends up with a big diesel generator.

          • Hubby and are are laughing at the guy in Monteray and cheering you on – very nice!

            • Got the engine. The Monterey guy was a really nice young man but he didn’t want to spend a bundle on engine maintenance and gas where there is almost always wind for sailing, unlike So. Cal. He figures he can use his re-chargeable $2,000 motor that is small enough to carry around in a backpack, recharge at home and use in both his dinghy and sailboat. He said he would eventually need batteries, solar panels and maybe a small outboard. He has emergency escape plans too.

  8. 1. Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” = Al Gore’s Convenient Lie. In 2000, he was worth $1-2 million. Now he’s worth $20o million. Now, where you suppose that money came from?

    2. Planet Earth is about 14,000 years overdue for its next ice age. Overthe past 20 years, I’ve noticed certain phenomena–like snow in Southern CA, and I don’t mean in the mountains–that lead me to believe it’s beginning. Also, although there is some evidence that the Arctic polar ice cap is melting, Australian scientists have reported an increase in the Antarctic ice cap.

    3. I’ve noticed certain changes this summer in the local insect life which may indicate cooling. If the changes continue through October, I’ll report back.

    • And you know what, Mary, every creature adapts! It’s amazing what the Lord hath wrought.

      For those who believe that we humans are changing the climate and causing the polar bears to disappear (not true, there are more now than before), I have a question:

      Did polar bears only just evolve since the last warming period around 1300 A.D.?

      If not, then how did they survive that warm period?

  9. For discussions that need science, let me introduce
    you to the most excellent science fact based
    political website I have found.


    The author doesn’t post a lot, but every thread is
    buttressed by well documented science and research. It is, imho, a joy to read.

    Alec Rawls has three favorite topics, global warming, the flight 93 memorial project (which is a giant islamic crescent pointing exactly towrds mecca), and deciphering the real Obama agenda.

    Though it is the Flight 93 memorial that arouses most of his effort, today there is an excellent article at the top of the blog about how the cash for clunkers program is driven by “the big lie”

    Here is a sample for openers:

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009
    Cash for clunkers: two crimes, justified by a lie
    Crime 1: Another multi-billion dollar subsidy for Government Motors.

    When Obama stole Chrysler from its stockholders and gave it to his union cronies, we knew he would take every opportunity to waste taxpayer dollars trying to keep this lead balloon afloat. The Cash for Clunkers subsidy is just particularly egregious, since it works by subsidizing the last people in the world who need a subsidy: those who are well off enough to buy new cars in the midst of a deep recession. Talk about a middle class welfare program!

    Crime 2: Eliminating Government Motors’ competition by gratuitously slagging an expected 750,000 perfectly good used cars in the sub-$4500 price range.

    The Obamacrats aren’t just subsidizing cars for the well-to-do. They are destroying the cars that the less well-off are in the market for, driving up used car prices as part of their effort to make new cars more attractive:

    Some parts may be kept but the engine and drive-train must be destroyed. Specifically the engine will be injected with a liquid glass solution to permanently disable the engine and it will be the responsibility of the dealer to make sure this is done to the engine.

    Injected with liquid glass? Sounds like a Quentin Tarentino murder fantasy, and the reality isn’t any prettier. Witness Obama’s procedure for destroying the would-be cars of the non-wealthy:


    Check it out.

  10. I am thinking I should explain better what the persuasive argument is that errortheory puts forth.

    It is this, Carbon Dioxide emissions show no correlation with average temperature. The Earth was warmer than it is now during the medieval period.
    In fact we are now entering a cooling phase, exactly the wrong time to make energy scarce and expensive.

    There are some easy t o understand graphs here:

    you have to scroll down to the last article in this particular archive, (NASA admits a new sunspot minnima is upon us)

    There is very strong correlation between the level of sunspot activity and our temperature. I’m not going to try to explain it, read the article if you are interested enough. But the conclusion is that it is
    solar magnetic activity that correlates with our planets average temperature, and NOT CO2 emissions.

    The Left, which has always hated itself and the richness of the first world, are using this sham of a lie to punish us into a much poorer existence, which they feel will be morally good for us.

    However the cooling phase is happening now, and if you remember last winter, you won’t need too much convincing.

    Anything this administration passes will need to be repealed in 2010 and 2012. It is a matter of life and death.

    • dave m, Good find. Graphs are so useful to get the big picture. Cooling period. Interesting. I wonder if all our politicians look at graphs and facts.
      Maybe if you have time dave m, you could sum it up in a nice post with more graphs, addl. info. etc..as a topic for a thread. Redpill, what do you think ?

      • Sure.

        Three options:

        1) dave m gets the info to an administrator who posts it
        2) dave m is made a “contributor” who can create his own posts
        3) dave m is made an “administrator” who can create his own posts and help administer the blog.

        Dave, do you have interest in being an administrator or contributor?

        • I just looked at the WordPress User Roles:

          Dave M could be made an Author.

          What are your thoughts?

          • Redpill, I vote dave m as an author in as well as Bridgette. I need her assistance with some of my things. Then we have 2 authors as well as the rest of us. I am thinking that if we get busy, we still have an adequate group to handle the whole baby. Sounds really good ! I think this gets us an interesting mix of topics, interests and views too.
            Dave m are you game ? Bridgette ?

            • I just sent a WordPress invite to both Dave M and Bridgette. They will need to have a WordPress Username and password before they can be given a role. When they set that up, they will be given the role of “Contributor“. After that, an Administrator can change their role to “Author“. I’ll post a short comment in the Adminstrator’s Thread about how to do that.

              • One other point of interest… it appears that the WordPress Theme that I chose for this blog is fairly “minimalistic” and doesn’t seem to show the author’s name on posts. For example, the “Hawaii” post was authored by Renee, but doesn’t seem to indicate that. As we add more people who are authoring posts, we may want to either switch to a theme that display’s the author’s name, or have authors indicate within their post that they are the author.

  11. and this is one of the sun watchers. Currently we are at a solar magnetic minimum.
    They are watching for the appearance of a new sunspot.
    That would indicate solar activity is again starting
    to increase. The solar sunspot cycles have an 11 year
    period of repetition, but sometimes the quiet time
    can extend fora hundred years or more. That heralds the onset of a dramatic cooling spell. So that’s why people are watching and holding their breath:

    August 21, 2009
    Forty One days and counting
    Here is the latest update from Joseph D’Aleo at ICECAP yesterday.

    Sun Run of 41 Days Without a Spot Now Among the Top 10 Longest

    …Thursday, August 20th marked the 41st straight day without a sunspot, one of the longest stretches this solar minimum.

    In fact it rises into 10th place among all spotless periods since 1849 (first table here). The total number of spotless days this transition from cycle 23 to 24 is now 694 rapidly approaching the approximate number leading into cycle 15 in the early 1900s (below, enlarged here).

    • Dave M.: Off topic reply, but you might find a partial answer as to why you were banned from TD’s blog within the text of jbjd’s latest post. That’s the name of the wordpress blog: jbjd.

      Apparently PUMAs are supposed to (ordered to?) march in lock step and leave their independent thoughts at the door.

      • Maybe that’s not fair to say. Maybe they weren’t ordered to drop the issue of the bc, but why then would they ban jbjd from their blogs, after great services rendered? It’s not very open minded of them.

        I’m so happy that we have a community here (and formerly at TD’s blog) that respects honest debate and draws contributors who don’t demonize each other simply because we may disagree on some issue or other. Even our Founders didn’t agree on everything.

        • Miri, Exactly. I just went over there and did a bit of reading. Really sad. jbjd is a real sweetheart.

        • Well said, Miri.

          I’ve only banned one person from my blog… and I was verrrry patient with them before I did so.

          It was only after 30+ comments of nothing but insults that I banned him.

          I’m not saying that we have to be that lenient on this blog, but I don’t ban people just for speaking their opinions intelligently.

      • Miri,
        Thank you for the link to jbjd.
        I couldn’t get it at the time. It seemed so unlike
        anything I thought the site stood for.
        I fully realize that the ineligibility question may not come
        to a conclusion.
        The awesome thhing is how many people are in on the fix.

  12. Yeah. I’m sad about the sunspots ’cause it means fewer Northern Lights episodes. I’ve only ever seen them once and that was last September. I’d like another chance, and another chance for a much more spectacular show. Of course, there’s always the Southern Lights, if I ever make it to Antarctica. 🙂

    About graphs, yes, the AGW-advocates do use them, but they cut them off at the “inconvenient truth” points in time, to eliminate prior warming periods from view. In other words, they LIE with their graphs. Case in point: the infamous “hockey stick” graph.


  13. I will be honored to help in any way that I can,
    Please let me know if you would like me to administrate or author.
    I am not sure that I am as good as someone like Drkate,
    but I will do what I can in this time of extreme danger.

    Thank you somuch everybody.


    If you sent me an email, that is my office email, so
    I won’t see it until Monday.

    Thanks to ya all

    Dave M

  14. OK ITTRP, I did that,
    I had to create my username as davem2
    There already was a davem – though that is probably me as well, I think I signed up a couple of years ago in order to be able to comment on Pamelaa Geller’s excellent site Atlasshrugs –
    and I’ve long since forgotten the password.
    Anyways dave m is davem2
    I could use a few sentences on how to insert
    text and images into a submission.
    (I write posts over at chronwatch and they use html tages like for example [image]stuff[/image]
    though I’m not wanting to clutter up your blog with trial and error.
    Many thanks.

  15. OK, did that.
    Created an account.
    I had to sign up as davem2

    davem was already taken (by me I think years ago and I have forgotten the password. Needed it for commenting on Atlasshrugs.

    Anyways saw the dashboard but need a little tutorial on how to write for submission, especially how to embed graphics.

    So if you see davem2, that’s me. And a version
    of this message is in moderation, presumably because the computer thinks davem2 is a new

    Thanks lots.

    • Yes, the comment from your davem2 id was in moderation because it was the first submission from that id. Since I had previously checked the “Add user to my blog as a contributor” checkbox when I sent you the invite, your new davem2 id was made a “contributor” when you created the id.

      I just upgraded that id from “contributor” to “author”. User roles are explained here.

      The top-level page for WordPress support is http://support.wordpress.com/

      A page specifically to help you learn about writing posts is http://support.wordpress.com/posts/

      Take a look at that first, and if you have questions after that, I’ll be happy to try and help you.

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