TD’s Blogroll & Google Cache

As most of you know, I created this blog when Texas Darlin put her blog on “pause“.  None of us know how short or how long that pause will be, and while part of the intent is to create a place for long-time TD commenters (and contributors) to continue to meet, this blog will be missing at least two key elements that helped make TD’s blog great… namely TD herself and Dr. Kate (who now has her own blog). 

I expect the comment section here to be as lively as ever (I’m very pleased with how more TD friends are finding their way here every day), but the content of new posts will be as good as we choose to make it.  Any person who is currently an administrator is welcome to create a new post when they see fit.  That might be the result of a themed post, or merely a new thread when comments on the current thread exceed some sort of threshold (maybe  100?  … I remember that people on dial-up don’t like it when a thread has 200+ comments and takes a long time to load…)

I’m creating this new thread to share two things:

1) Links to Google for TD’s 2008 and 2009 postings.  If you find a post title that you remember and like, you can click on Google’s “Cached” link for that post.  It’s not the best way to access TD’s site, but currently it’s all we’ve got.

2) TD’s Blogroll: 

10 responses to “TD’s Blogroll & Google Cache

  1. RP,

    Thanks for the valuable blogroll. One teeny correcion: the last entry, Uppity, should be Uppity Woman.

    • Thanks for the input, Mary. I had copied the blogroll directly from the cached version of TD’s “Blog on Break”. I guess TD called her by the short name “Uppity”, but I just made the correction you suggest to reflect the blog’s actual name.

      On a separate note, rather than add all of these links to the blogroll of wtpotus, I just added a single link called “TD’s Blogroll”, which links back to this post.

  2. RP, thank you very much for this site. I will visit often and post as well. Good work!

    • Dr. Kate,

      Thank you for your kind words. It is so good to see you here, and we welcome both your comments and your posts!

      Red Pill

      P.S. Please confirm that you can log in as an administrator here. You should see recent post for “Private: Administrator’s Thread”, and you can leave a comment there to confirm.

  3. Found my way here via Mary who informed me that the TD gang is hanging out on this blog and a few others.

    Not sure if you’ve seen me around, Nunly here from the former Divine Democrat, and present Bad Habit.

    Hope you don’t mind me hanging out. 😉

  4. It was kind of circuitous to find this blog.
    But good it’s here.
    I tried to acces TD Blog tonite, havent posted there in some time, but read at least monthly.

    Be checking back to see how this develops. Thanks

  5. what happened? I moved, finally got hooked up for reading blogs and now my favorite, Texas Darlin is GONE????

    When? Thank you for setting this up! Why?

    Texas Darlin, you were a voice of sanity in this scary world. Thank you Dr. Kate and Itooktheredpill for this blog!!!!!

    • Welcome aboard, abby!

      Like you, Texas Darlin is moving. She at first put her blog on “pause”, and then made it password-protected. We do expect her to return, but don’t know when.

      I didn’t want to see the TD community left “homeless” in the meantime, so I created this blog for the TD community. It’s intended to be “ours”, not “mine” (I already have my own blog). There are a handful of people authorized as administrators and authors, so no one person has to shoulder the burden of administering the blog.

      What we don’t have here are the excellent posts by TD, but we do have many of the commenters who were regulars at TD’s blog.

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