Obama Mystery Theater: Kezia’s Baby

© Miri WTPOTUS November 14, 2011

When Barack Hussein Obama Senior (BHO Sr.) flew from Kenya to attend college in Hawaii, supposedly in the summer of 1959, he left behind his Kenyan Luo wife, Kezia, who was then 3 months pregnant with their second child, daughter Auma.  Their son, little “Roy” Malik Abongo Obama, was a toddler, a little over a year old.   Auma was born  in January, 1960.  By the following September, her father had met Stanley Ann Dunham at the University of Hawaii. Just two months later, if you believe Barack Hussein Obama II’s admittedly fictional memoirs, Stanley Ann was pregnant by BHO Sr.  The following February, 1961, BHO Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham were married.

All this is relatively well known, so far as the story goes. What seems not as well known is one reason why BHO Sr. pursued Ms. Dunham and married her in short order. 

According to a biographical history of the Obama family, written by Peter Firstbrook, The Obamas: The Untold Story of an African Family (2010), BHO Sr.’s good friend Leo Odera said that BHO Sr. learned, while studying in Hawaii, that back in Kenya his wife Kezia was seen “out and about,” dancing in nightclubs, in the company of other men (page 207).  Up to that point, BHO Sr. had remained in touch with his wife and children, via letters; but when he learned from friends in Kenya that Kezia was stepping out, he became, shall we say, disenchanted. He eventually stopped corresponding with his wife altogether when he learned through friends that she was pregnant by another man. He wrote to Odera:

She has disappointed me because she is expecting another child

Odera explained to Firstbrook:

It is this that put the final nail in the marriage, and he decided now to look for another

Apparently, that other was to be with Stanley Ann Dunham.

If you refer to BHO Sr.s’ immigration records, by April 10, 1961, he was telling the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) that he had divorced Kezia, explaining that all he had to do to accomplish this was to tell her so and that the divorce would be legal in Kenya.   He was prevaricating, of course. This is the method that a Muslim uses to divorce a wife, but biographers state that BHO Sr. was no longer a practicing Muslim.

A later INS memo, from April 1964, stated that “Harvard” believed then that BHO Sr. still had two wives.  If one believes the stories, he had NO WIVES in April 1964 because he told the INS in 1961 that he’d divorced Kezia and his divorce from Stanley Ann Dunham was finalized the previous month, March 1964.

So no wives.  Unless …

Oddly enough, the April 1964 memo refers to a “wife in the Philippines,” which should not be Stanley Ann Dunham, because they were divorced by then and she was allegedly at college at the University of Hawaii, not in the Philippines.  Since Stanley Ann’s pre-1965 passport records seem to be missing and since there’s a strange disconnect concerning the true date of her marriage to Lolo Soetoro, nobody can be certain of where she was that spring.  In fact, according to her adopted daughter Lia Soetoro Sobah, Stanley Ann was in Indonesia in 1964.  Possibly she was in transit, staying for a time in the Philippines.

But back to Kezia’s baby:  Kezia must have become pregnant before BHO Sr. impregnated Stanley Ann, in November 1960, certainly before he married Stanley Ann in February 1961. That means that Kezia gave birth to her child (by the other man) sometime within the first half of 1961, plus or minus several months.

Who is that child? We’ve never been told.  The next child of Kezia’s who is ever mentioned is Samson Nyandega (Abo), born in 1968, allegedly the son of BHO Sr., born after he and Kezia reconciled  in Kenya. (Now we have a clue concerning why Aunt Zeituni and others from BHO Sr.’s clan did not believe that Kezia’s sons Abo or Bernard (born 1970) were truly BHO Sr.’s sons.)

What was the law in Kenya in 1961?  Would BHO Sr. be named the father on the child’s birth certificate, because he was still legally married to Kezia, regardless of whether or not he was the biological father?

Firstbrook says (page 201) that BHO Sr. never divorced Kezia, which means that BHO Sr. was definitely lying (or at least obfuscating) when he told the INS that he and Kezia were divorced.

It’s said that BHO Sr.’s marriage to Kezia was a “tribal marriage,” which entailed the giving of a bride price to her father.  That reportedly happened.  It seems, however, that no matter how the marriage took place, Kenya considered it legal:  Kezia was referred to as his “widow” when his estate was administered by the Kenyan courts in October, 1985.

What was Kezia’s baby named?  When was the baby born?  In the appendix of his book, Firstbrook refers to the birth of Abo and states that Abo is Kezia’s third child and second son.

So what became of her pregnancy by that other man?  Firstbrook never says. Odd that he mentions the pregnancy but forgets to tell us how it all turned out.

Below are some excerpts from a book about the “Airlift” that brought African students to the USA to study in the late 1950s. This book is referred to in Firstbrook’s book. Some pages of that book concern BHO Sr.:

Obama also came to the attention of two American women working in Kenya, Mrs. Helen Roberts [a writer] of Palo Alto [California] and Miss Elizabeth Mooney of Maryland, a literacy specialist. They recognized his intellect and thirst for further education and helped him take correspondence courses, to which–for the first time–he applied his full efforts and skills. According to Olara Otunnu, an advocate for children in armed conflicts and a former undersecretary-general of the UN, who as president of the student body at Makerere University in Uganda met Obama then, the Kenyan was “brilliant, well read, brimming with confidence.” Obama Sr., Otunnu remembers, gushed with enthusiasm for going to the United States, inspired by Tom Mboya’s efforts to garner the first students and scholarships for the 1959 airlift. Prior to this, most of the few Kenyans who had gone out of the country for their higher education had attended Makerere or a school in Great Britain. … But Mboya … had been working since 1956 with a white American industrialist, William X. Scheinman, and with a few other Americans, white and black, to send Kenyan students to the United States.

Since 1956, the Mboya-Scheinman program had brought to the United States a handful of individuals at a time. But for the academic year that would begin in September 1959, the Kenyan community knew, Mboya and his associates in Nairobi were expanding the program to assist eighty-one individuals–the number of passengers that could fit on a single chartered plane.

This information electrified Obama Sr., and he applied to more than thirty U.S. colleges, many of which were historically black or were those in the San Francisco area that were recommended by Mrs. Roberts. Most were unable to accept him. The reasons remain unclear, but it may have been because he did not complete his secondary education at a school, although he had taken correspondence courses, or because he did not yet have a Cambridge A-Level certificate, the British diploma that could only be obtained after passing a rigid national examination, although according to Otunnu he did have a lesser O-Level certificate, as did most of the other candidates for airlift seats in 1959. Obama appears not to have applied for any advanced schooling in the USSR or in the Communist satellite countries; Oginga Odinga, also a patron of his, was recruiting for such schools in 1959.

The University of Hawaii was willing to accept Obama Sr. for reasons that also remain unclear but that were likely connected to Hawaii’s just becoming a state in 1959. He was an otherwise-attractive, well-recommended candidate who would be Hawaii’s first-ever African student, a circumstance that intrigued him. As far as can be determined from incomplete records, Mrs. Roberts and Miss Mooney paid his fare to Hawaii and provided a partial scholarship. Mboya, while unable to transport the twenty-three-year-old, did put him on the AASF list to receive one of the handful of scholarships contributed by the former baseball star Jackie Robinson, which the Scheinman foundation was administering, and encouraged him to look to the AASF for further help if needed, which he later did.

Obama Sr. continued at the University of Hawaii, and the AASF continued to send him checks, in increments of $50 or $150 for expenses, $243 for tuition. He was mostly supported by Mooney, who in 1960 had married an expatriate American, Elmer Kirk, and shortly moved with her husband back to the United States. Mboya forwarded letters written by Obama Sr.’s Kenyan wife, which she had handed to Mboya in Nairobi, along with his own notes urging Obama to get back in touch with his Kenyan family. [emphasis added]

Reading between the lines: Kezia sent her letters through Mboya because BHO Sr. was ignoring her. Why?  Because he’d learned from others that she was pregnant, an apparent impossibility given that he hadn’t been back to Kenya, so everyone would know he was a cuckold.  Leo Odera, his friend, confirms that he stopped writing to her when he found out.

Yet Mboya URGED BHO Sr. to contact Kezia. Kezia was apparently clever enough to plead her case with Mboya and get him to lean on BHO Sr., to persuade him to contact her again.  She must have known that if she sent the letters through Mboya, that would get her husband’s attention.  This story reports that in

May 29, 1962, Obama wrote his sponsor Tom Mboya: “You know my wife is in Nairobi there and I would really appreciate any help you may give her.”  Here Obama is talking about his wife Kezia, whom he left in Kenya.

BHO Sr.’s rich and connected benefactresses (not to mention Mboya and Odinga) would probably know how embarrassing this situation might be for their “brilliant man” when he returned to Kenya to take his place in the government. How could he return to Kezia, when she had a child by another man during his absence?

One can imagine him writing to Kirk, Roberts, and Kiano, as well as Odera, asking advice about what to do, without necessarily apprising them of his most recent marriage to Stanley Ann.  A desire to hide his marriage to Stanley Ann from his benefactors may also explain why she and her son Barry aren’t mentioned on his INS records. Perhaps it also explains his abandonment of them.  But there could be other explanations.

Kezia’s baby would have been born while he was still married to her; he did not return to Kenya to legally divorce her.  Would the child be legally his child, even if everyone knew it could not be his child?

In her desperation to save her marriage, might Kezia have agreed to have the child and place it with her husband’s stepmother, Sarah, for adoption?  Last year, Sarah said that she has worked with orphans for over 40 years. Could it have been perhaps a bit longer? How did Sarah get into the orphanage business, anyway?  In the context of receiving an honorary doctorate for her work with orphans in Kogelo, Sarah said that

even the US president passed through my hands.

What EXACTLY did she mean by that statement?

Could BHO Sr., back in Hawaii, have confided his dilemma to his friend Stanley Armour Dunham? Could Stan, wanting a son, having a daughter, have arranged a quickie marriage between BHO Sr. and his daughter, in order to facilitate an international adoption?

This possibility may also explain why it’s said that nobody saw Stanley Ann pregnant during the summer of 1961, why the baby was older than he should have been when Mary Toutonghi babysat for him in Seattle, how Stanley Ann could have traveled to Seattle so soon after the birth, and why the couple never really lived together as husband and wife.

It’s also possible that BHO Sr. hid his marriage to Stanley Ann by living on his own, perhaps because his wealthy benefactors might not approve and also perhaps because Mboya expected him to stay with Kezia.  Why would Mboya involve himself in BHO Sr’s estrangement from Kezia if not to encourage him to keep his marriage to her intact?

Barack Hussein Obama II has said that he felt an instantaneous bond with Auma, and he’s also close to Malik–both the children of KEZIA. There are photos of Obama, when he was in Kenya, hanging out with Kezia’s sons Abo and Bernard.  However, he’s not close to Ruth (his father’s other American wife) nor to her children by BHO Sr., Mark and David (now said to be deceased). Nor is he close to George, BHO Sr.’s last child, with his last wife Jael.

Even Stanley Ann was unusually fond of Kezia.  Might there be a special reason why Kezia felt particularly close to Stanley Ann?  A special reason why Barry visited Kezia in Kenya and in the UK, many times?  Why Kezia visited Barry in America?

Could there be a particular reason why Kezia and Stanley Ann wrote to each other “often?”

She came to Kenya after Barack Snr died and she and I became great friends. She was like a sister to me. … when Ann died of breast cancer in 1995, it was Kezia who formed the link to Barack’s past; Kezia who now takes pride of place at special family gatherings and Kezia who was there to celebrate Barack Jr’s 2005 inauguration as an Illinois senator.

Why did Stanley Ann go to Kenya to become like a sister to Kezia AFTER BHO Sr. was dead?  Why is Kezia now like the matriarch of BHO II’s family?  A  photograph in the above article shows that Michelle Obama is quite fond of Kezia, too.  Why Kezia, and not Ruth Obama?  Oddly enough, the article also says this about BHO Sr.:

throughout this time he had written regularly to Kezia, even sending pictures of Ann and Barack Jr.

This would have been during the time that BHO Sr. was at Harvard, after Mboya had told him to contact Kezia.  Why, given that he’d left “Ann” and Barry behind in Hawaii, would he have been sending Kezia photos of Ann and Barry?  Why would he be sending her such photos?

So the mystery this week is: What became of Kezia’s child by the man who was NOT her husband?

Update: 01/09/2014 – Could the birth record for a child born in Kenya in 1961 to BHO Sr., which was found in the British National archives, have belonged to Kezia’s child?

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212 responses to “Obama Mystery Theater: Kezia’s Baby

  1. Barack Obama’s stepmother comes up trumps for David Cameron
    Although David Cameron may not be popular in Europe, he has a bingo-mad granny in Bracknell to thank for improving his special relationship with Barack Obama
    13 Dec 2011

    David Cameron may not have quite as many friends in Europe’s citadels of power as he once had, but Mandrake fancies that a bingo-mad granny from Bracknell in Berkshire may just have helped the Prime Minister to endear himself to the present incumbent in the White House.

    Kezia Obama, President Barack Obama’s much-loved 68-year-old stepmother, tells me delightedly that she has just been granted British citizenship after living here for almost 10 years. “I am so happy, because I have been waiting for it for a long time,” she said. “I am so proud.”


  2. Theories, speculation. Is there simething invalid about the Supreme Court decision, Minor v. Happersett? (1875)

    Sure, we know Obama is all of the above crimInal, but we only need to focus on the fact that he was/is not “nbc”.
    If everyone of our investigators focused on that one thing, we might get some closure on this in our lifetime.

  3. i still have that lingering nag that Stan the Man is his father. and the sister got stuck with it. The mother was probably one in the party crowd.

  4. Nothing will surprise ME!!!!

  5. Tick Tick…. gifted & blessed…. to crack …. “his game” …. wide OPEN
    & stay alive…. It’s REALLY getting exciting…. NOW!!!!
    The horse going …4 the triple… CROWN……. ‘I’ll HAVE ANOTHER’
    (named that since his wife baked a mean cookie..) Digin’ in our feet…
    The race is REALLY on…. who gets the credit ? … WE ALL DO!!!!!

  6. The facts. First Obama Sr is not the dad out # 64 on the Topeka HS football team the 1961 yearbook only shows his left arm with the replacement Robinson pasted over him and all that ca be seem in =s his arm and name not listed as he was off the team over the gossip over the interracial relationship with Ann and they were a couple in Topeka ks. he was murdered din a racist attack on both of them and Ann pregnant at the time. Three died and Ann, 15 and hurt had the authorities trying to find relatives and verified Dunham wasn’t even the family name and finally located my parents her dad, Daniel wayne Pope “s aaUncle and aunt. SO the murders were covered up to be added to the disappeared of Topeka ks in those times until the bodies washed up about mother;s day of 1962 but still no real investigations ever done. and no closure on it. My mother and I got the gdnshp papers singed over form fred Phelps at westboro baptist on 4.24.61 and soon after Ann;s dad called form Africa? to say he had a man who would marry Ann and give the baby a name and that was Obama Sr. Pres Obama born at Forbes air force base hospital on 8/4/61 and my mother was resent and took her to he hospital The Obamas did not live together in Topeka ks. I don;think they ever did afterward as witnesses at mercer island know her as single parent and another cousins wife they were close to and the only ones they were ; cousins wife baby sat as she finished HS there. and graduated n 63 entering U of Hawaii in fall of 63. remember the grandmother Tut has no id before 1944 when she married Dan my first cousin. that we had been able to find. T a whole family;s id appears to have been taken not jut the id of Stanley Dunham by a 14 year old to go to WWII and did. Has any one every known Tut or mrlyn as known in the family before she became Madelyn lee Payne married Daniel Wayne Pope and later had a baby she called Stanley Ann? sh;e;s the real mystery and she kept her family isolated form my entire extended family. Ann didn’t even know her grandparents were Pope of HOLyoke colorado a they had only seen ann once as a baby. until then.. Linda Joy Adams

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